Grant County news. (Canyon City, Or.) 1879-1908, January 22, 1891, Image 3

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Thursday, thin. 2.
Wratlmr prwwnt like spring
tJ 1. O. 0. K. Social.! ntnl Boll
Frtoay evening. Jan. 2.1,halwmpnst-
"Htiuttor UUckntan it wwkitiK liartl
ftir wam riwd up prop lions for this
nountr ami 1 1 it rimy.
leo moiunm r full People Upkeep
'! nmt summer ne.titli..taniliiig
jioHUenl or other tjnostiwts of ititrnt-st,
Thwe, U room yet for hundreds of
fatuities In Grant comity, and mp
should T ) 'iit ihing to i. 'itinvc hn
inlgvn'n ti.
li i you hoar that man swear! Nev
er min I, though, hn h.ut oily fallen
flown M.iii i f tlx numerous steps in
the shlt-walk.
Tt .!-sw in to Uitf that Mr. I). It.
Ufnehtrl iImm not allow whijIo to S
M mitif at ft owe without apples nml
Tib excellent cider.
Oirotiit court for Malhmir county
lvsted only two days, and all the husi
Jm wr wound up. Not a criminal
chargs npnml on tho docket,
yCj I is surprising to i the groth
tliftt grnst hiti attained in thin vicinity
where tlif ifmiuiil it moist. Anil this
in tntd-wiutnr, loo.
A petition umi ilmft of n charter
for the incorporation of Utnyou City
hits been forwarded to Otir sotutor mid
representative at Salem.
'Ilio present legislature in making
for itself a record for prompt dispatch
of btt&iimKK, man though it nmy ilo
something foolish Iwforo adjourning,
.Mr. John llollis hai gone lclow to
secure treatment ty n specialist for
deafness. Ho was undecided whether
to stop in Portland or journey on to
Son Fmucitco.
Mr. violin liny him lioon suH'oring
from it enncer on his face for .i your or
two, hut lie in now pronounced enroll.
Unulien Fields gave him u promrutiou
that knocked it.
.lohn ilurburgor's family whoso
nioiubcrs were uflliclod with it mild
form of dipthcria Imvo recovered and
tlio disease hits notlieou communicated
to any neighboring family.
Solitude, where nro thoso charm
that sages have scon in thy foeol If
tho sugos had been running uow.Mpa
pars in a snmll town thn Kolitudo
would not hiiii nppoiirud to charming,
hut rathor their agony would havo
htnukod up.
Mr. .lohn SVgordahl informs us that
hn saw two dill'urunt llroks of wild
grow living scuth ouo day last wi'iik.
'I'lipy were loinowlmt hclatt'd in thuir
jnurni'y to the Runtmor land, ulthough
they wuro not such rcoho hut what
they knuw tlunr Imsinoss.
liy tho inooiionition of Uatiyon
Oity, I'inirif City and Long Oiifk,
llrant county will loso the lovonuo
dofivod from the liccnso of six naliKinti,
uniouiiting to $'2, 100 annually. Tho
city government will hau all liipior
liettiuo lnihinesH nt their own dinp)Mil.
Our lUuidhud coms)onili:iit t!iin!;s
tho ('anyou City iiiuruhauU hIioiiIiI
roiluco their iricM. Well, wo know
to n i-i'l Utility that during tho past
fow nmnthti our mnrchauU liave m.tde
groat reduction in tho prjen of thuir
fjOod proUibly since Mr. liuukhoru
uus in town.
'I'liii ri'inonstmiu'iig nguinst the jmw
ngo of an enabling net nlrmidy forvuir
dtxl to our Kunator and reproxent.itive
oontainoil tho nainoi of over wiven hun
drod U'gul votw, representing ?i(?7,
000 of taxable property. 'o undnr
kt.uul there itro other lemoiihtntneeK
btill out tlwt will bo M'nt down.
W'e nro in itn-eipt of a l!ttutiful
oomniunieittion from l!nr valley. It
i not piinttnl in this iKuo for the
huoi t rending reuou that the writer's
(until doun not tt'.'conipituy tlm manu
oripU NVe hIihII iukixt on knowing
who our I'ontiihutom aio, an by that
ooumi) alutie cult publikherH protix-t
tluiiiinilv.'s nguiiut fraud.
Ilitiuiltoii Shephunl who was in jail
awaiting trial for larceny g.tte ciuh
Uiil louie tiinn ago in tlm sum of f-UO
mill ktarttxl on foot to claim on
HUde eioek over on Middle Foil;, lie
wni mn by the tngu tlii tor about
tho pltM'i! ti hero ho would leave tho
I'ox valley rund for the trail dcrotm
tho ni'MinUiiu, and rn'iieo thiiii nothing
tav 111 hu.trd of him. An ho had
ojKMnio-i a tragody lnui boau tmrinUod,
Men are nlwoy prone to bono w
''j trouble from the futuio. If it don't
, , tnow or ruin the country will dry up
. noxt summer. Some tiimw one oxti erne
J follow aiiutlnir. The winter thus far
lin boon ttiti'in and dry, but tthnt iu
' hinder tho pring from ldng unusually
niluyl Ut us lioK) it will In, and
not worry over tho prolmbility of a
dry wt son, always ruiuemUiing that
line ymtr ago the Know wo doup and
ninny utoekiiien in liastorti Oregon lot
nil timy lutd.
Many Uxiwiyeni and totr in tlrunt
county did not sign either tho M'tition
or reuionstntnue, but stinxl neutral.
And a groat numU'i- of taiNtyuro, o
poeittlly in the John Day valley am
women, and of course not voters.
'I'lienfoie 700 tottir roprnsuuting
A07,OOO on the remoiutroneo has
uoiisidf ruble weight when tve take in
to uni.leratioii th" f.ft that tvomeu
from h ie to th htd of ihe t alley are
t.tpaeis, w.ine of them ri-iresenting
as hi ih a- '.',0ii0.
Tho Court honso wns rdnsurwl
Cw tho sum of 10,000 for tho term
of throe year, premium $-120.00-
Now bouiHliuiiH wcro crentetl for
roml (liBtricls No. (t, 7, 20 and 21.
Tho following rood suHrviora
tvora ajKintl for the vnriotiH dia
tricte from 1 to 21, in tho order
unmet, and amount of bonds:
T. J. Smith, Canyon CUv .VX)
S. V. MorKim, John Dttv" 20J
II. Uhmon, Ilig Pino ' UK)
Cnl JohiiBon, Straw lwrry 200
Snm Hough, 1'rnirif City 200
Wm. hue, f.urp Hist. 2tX)
U. 1C. Damon, Middle 200
Tom llylnnd. South I'nrk 200
W. It. Wurren. Itock A- Mtn. 100
J H. Huller, Shoo Fly 100
Warren Cnrsncr, Haystack SNX)
Jon'ph I'lttnnin, Monumont 200
J. X. Hamilton, Hamilton 200
Dnn Morrow, Long Cmk 200
W. O. (iontrv, Vox 100
(!. L. Skinner, Kilter 200
John Morrison. Suiinnvillo 2tK)
James Difl'rn, Olivn 200
I'nul Vnllin. (Iranito 200
David IHantoti, lkar valloy 2lK)
James Wii-kicr, Rosebud 2K)
Tho juiy lift lor IS'JI, consisting
of 2W naiuoft, watt drawn.
Inlln amounting lo?7,lSS. :t wero
allowed ami warrants ortleted drawn
for tho same.
I'k.ukii; Citv, Jan.
folks aro all on
Sheep are looking (hie in tlnwo
Al Slmw is talking of making his
homo in our town thin winter.
lieu I'arret is di.thingout whiskey
and ciyarH to the boys at Joe'n.
Joe Itates has got in a good Hup
ply of ice for next summer use.
AIox McKenna in in town to
night. Ho in very handy with the
Miss Minnie McKntiro took her
departure ti fow day a ago for Haker
News is Hcarce nround here.
Times are dull; no money in the
Mrs. J. K. Masterson and daugh
ters were up here visiting relatives
for u fow days.
Chits, (lunther has oponotl up his
blacksmith shop in the Haseho
building in Prairie City.
Major Magono has one of Mo
ll aloy's pigs that ho intends to fat
ten. It only weighed live hundred
K)iinds when tho Major took it away
last week.
CoyoteB tire plentiful in this part
of the valley. A good trnper could
make a few hog dollars trapping
them for the bounty on their scalps.
Hut he would have to bo an expe
rienced baud at the business.
Dave Taylor has ipiit the detec
tive business and gone to work at
hard labor for tho balance of the
winter. The detective work par
took of too much of a daring nature
anyhow, for a man with a small
I did think that I would toll come
of the readers of your valuable pa
per how tho winter was going to
terminate, but I have made up inv
mind not to say anything about it
until spring, and then I will tell
them all about it.
The citizens of this place aro talk
ing of organizing a company of statu
militia to ward oil' any hostile In
dians that may come prowling
around next summer if there is an
outbreak. So the loys concluded
they wouhl try their baud at the
soldier business last night np in
Chinatown. They llretl a few shots
to keep the town from having a dull
Jon Lots.
Judgo Sols deHtitHl for Salem last
.Miss Maggio Daly of Prairie Oity is
governess in Mr. Joo Oliver's family.
Mj. Miione is attending the legis
latuio, a delegate from tlm Iwautiful
John Day t alley.
Thus far 1015 monntires bavo been
. i i . .i i ... i
iiurouiieou in me iet;isiauiro ami
f l.'l,(HXJ asked fur wugon roads.
Some of our obscure country uvehau
guii soeiii to U terribly agitated Uioauite
tint News did not "take sides" in the
late agitation,
Mr. J. M. lluUdiiugx informs us
that while Miming brush roeuutly a
SiO gold wiiU-h drnppml from his pock
et into tlm lire and wus ruined,
yA stock company has Umiii formil
In this city, wo are Informed, for the
erection of a public- hall :lUKU fiet, as
soon as himlmr can bo obtained in tho i
Sherilf Ciena p slotted below Satur
day morning with Judgo Clillbrtl.
UnsHip will attend tho slierilfN omit en.
tion at Suleiu mid Clillbrtl will hold
oouit at Pendleton,
Cattle know their enemies, A ly
and horse and a calf came through the
street. 1 he Ixiy was ridmi; the horse
and loading the calf. The ealf saw
Butcher Hill Gray unit took after him.
Hilt turnud to run and the calf assault
ed him. The horse laughed.
The matched hunt it few weeks
ago was it pleasant affair fur the Uys
nugngod. We loam, however, that
two whoso field of operation was down
the river, hired u couple of fellows to
help them make a score. 'e hope
this is not true.
Mitchell for Oie U. S. Stnatc.DItpestnK
of limine KapUly-.A few
Of The IHlls.
As soon its an organisation wm
ierfected tho member vototl them
selves ent-h tho usual $f worth of
stamps and paper to match; also n
copy of 1 1 ill's cwlo to each tnemtwr,
price t:i.
Jo Simon of Portland tvm elect
etl president of tho Senate nml Ciecr
of Marion county swnkcr of the
Almost the ilrat work done was
that of choosing the I'. S Senator.
A joint caucus committee nominat
Oi J. II. Mitchell of Portland by
1 acclnmution, and the usually Hilb
cult job was over.
l'ollowing are it few of the hill
introduced, particularly thoso affec
ting thin jtortion of Oregon:
Hy Watkins To maintain jwrl
age railways at ceitaiu ointson the
Columbia river.
Hy IDackman To provide 15000
for wagon road from Monument
to John Day in (Irani county.
Hy Hlnckmau To InenrKrale
Prairie Citv, in (Irani county.
Hy Jennings To create the office
of precinct assessor and nlwdish
county nssofwr.
Hy (lanilwo Kopiiring plilion
for new roads to bo published.
Hy (lamhec Asaenient bill, ex
empting indrbtetlness, except mort
gages, similar to the California htw.
Hy Harneti To tax stock teiniK)
rurily graeti or pasturetl.
Hy Moore To display Oregon'
rtWurces at the world s fair, on it
half mill tho first and the snmo the
second year, about $1 1 l,(KHJ.
Hy Thomas Itttjiiiring a $o do
jKMii't bv the plaintill' and i2.50 by
the defendant InMore county clorkt
could be recpiiretl to file jMijiers of
Ilv Story To establish the atato
mining bureau.
Hy Welch Amending the license
law allowing no license tor Ices timo
than one year.
Hy Mousdorfl'er Making theaale
of property on the installment plan
a misdemeanor.
Hy Welch Making tho legal rate
of interest li per cent.
Hy I Justin To incoqiorato IJtig
Hy McCoy To prevent tho herd
ing of stock on tho public highway.
Hy Dodson To incrense tho com
pensation of judges of the sixth jit'
dicial district.
Hy llichey--Kor S'Jo.OOO (which
is surely an error) for a wagon road
from John Day to Long Crook.
Hy Jennings To make the kill
ing of deer or benr, etc., a peniten
tiary ofl'enso.
Hy Hutler Creating tho oflieo of
countv instead of district nttornov.
Hy'Dustin For .f!0,t)00 for 'a
road" between Malheur and Ilaruoy
lakes and a bridge across "tho nar
rows." Hy Carlield To tax church prop
el ty"
- Attorney Punish ami ttifo sUiUtl
on a trip to Poitland last Tuesday.
It looks as thoti;h snow would lw
as scarce this tt inter as it was plenti
ful last.
Uollin .1- .McKarlnnd believe in the
use of pi inters' ink nt all seasons. See
their new ltd.
Don't eMvt the cry of hard tiniM
to cease till we produce our own staple
hi tides of food.
tio to tho Red Kront Billiard
Hall, Canvon City, for lluo wines,
liquors and cigars.
The hostile Dakota Indians have
alxiut sun endured to lien. Miles, An
Indian generally knows which side of
his bread has the buttor on it, espe
cially in the winter time.
If Drowsey precinct and Silvies
t alley hato uimniiitotuly jwtitionwl -at
we learn they hate to be wt hack
into tlntnt, etery tnxmyor should de
light in seeing their doniies gritutotl.
Wo need moie UunbLt pi'ojtorty.
People who contempUte working
hydntulic diggings in this section next
summer will come out in the fall with
a sure cure for the whiskey habitno
oali -we are afmul, unless the aspect
of till
to uoutliur soon chanues.
I'lie mountain Utck of Marysville is drilleil inU) by Mr. J. A. Whit
man who is iudusti iously eude.ivoiiug
to roach what n remises to Ui a rich I
golil-boariug ledge. Mr. Halm in also
doing home projecting in the same
Kemarks tho ICansas City Star:
''A (ircen county fanner who deeded
all bis properly In his children is
hauling rails for :i living." A fath-
; er can support twelve children, but
twelve children sometimes find it
quite dillicult to support one small
When you send away for goods
remember the firm of Collin A- Mc
Karlnnd at Heppnor. They not on
ly guarantee you first elasa'goods at
lowest prices, but they pay mail or
express charges on same to any
stage olhcu m Grant or Harney
counties. See their new "ad" for
further particulars. '
There will bo services at the John
Day M. K. church next Sunday
January 2.'), nt 1 1 a. in. Hev. C. 1.
Luce will conduct the services. In
this city at 7 p. in. the Pastor will
deliver a lecture to the young. Sub
ject, "Hohoboani." The choir will
furnish imiMc appropriate to the oc
casion. All arc welcome.
W. I). OIHccr, Jainea nrilibteaiMl
vent I more of the Uys aro looking
after the wild ami wooly long homs
that roam the classic brakoe of I5in
igrnnt creek.
Air. U. C. Btucgs, foreman for D,
: Magill, sUrte I last Krhlay with a
; crew of men to ride tho lower Honlh
j Fork and Murder creek country, af
ter stray cattle.
I Mr. V.-et. Gilbert in comixuiy with
I Mr. Boston Dunton has Wn buying
j some rattle in too Hpner John Day
j country. Wo failed to leant tlio
number purehaned.
Mr. Joint P.iinton who has been
afllictetl with rheumatism for tiro
jmisI year, will leave soon for Port
land to consult some eminent Phy
sician and try to get relief.
Mr. C. K Iswis, one of the jolli
est Wys of llosebiid, has erecteil a
neat little cottage on his ranch near
the mouth of Smoky creek. Dame
Humor y that ho contemplates
sleeping double ere many moons.
Mr. If. Snmnierville, Host-bud'
heavy-weight, is off to the Willam
ette for the winter. To judge by
the many improvements which he
has made of late one would suppose
there would ho a change from a
"Hatch ranch.''
Mr. W. P. Lewis has sold out his
interest in the cattle business to his
brother, and is now gathering up
the hand of horses ho has been run
ning on tho shares, and will turn
them over to Mr. C. W. Honlmtn.
The merchants of Canyon City
show a little more enterprise.
The fees in Justice court cases
come out of litigants ami not out of
the county.
Tho Court house stay whoro it is
till we get out of debt and become
better able to go to tho expense of
building another.
Tho News boom Grant county
nnd try and induce soma of tho
many emigrants to settle in Ibis
part of Hod's country.
The assessment list go higher nnd
tho rate lower. It wouhl do more
for Grant county than the rojwal of
the mortgage tax and usury laws.
Some citizen of Canyon City do
something unexpected to relieve the
monotony we would suggest to the
men hauls to mark their goods
down. It would certainly bo a sur
prise to their customers, ami an
agreeable one, too. Try it
Thau Blvkoun.
Ur.tsp the opjioituitity mid subscribe
for tho Nkws.
Tlm Pacific Brewery's Celebrated
Boor, the best in ICastem Oregon, is
now kept constantly on tap at the
Red Front Billiard Halt.
In the recent prize fight at New
Orleans Jack Detnpsey was knock
ed out in tho l".(h round, the Aus
tralian proving too heavy for him.
The late run of measles treated
Mr. Chambers of the New Restau
rant very badly. For several weeks
ho has scarcely lcen able to leave
the house.
England has submitted the Behr
ing sea dispute to tho supreme
court of the r. S. for a big bluff or
otherwise. The supreme court, it
is thought, will dispossess itself of
the case without action.
The old Indian war claims will
eventually all be paid bv the gov
ernment. An order has been made
allowing tho heirs of old man scrtig
gins of Ung Creek something over
seven hundred dollars on nn ancient
Tho proprietors of ICastem Oregon
will be eomjielled to try tho cfllca
cy of artesian wells to secure water
for irrigation after a fow more dry
seasons. John Day valley farmers
even will be looking for water else
where than in the river.
Tho secretary of tho Interior
says it is all I to in about the In
dians boint driven bv slnnation
to hostilities. lie Miys "for l'J
tears have tho while people been
taxed to support these Indians in j
idleness." - That they sH'iid their !
time in idleness, t icioutdy fiielii,r
fault with the got eminent ami in
dulging in d minis ofiapiueuud
slaughter, and it is about r i mi.
that the government houhl cease
to fostor idleness at the cxju-tise of
the white laborers.
Don't be n chump. Subscribe
for your home pajH.'r. There may
occasionally he things in it that
yon do not' like, but these same ar- j
tieles will please some one eUc who '
has the wimo interest in the paper
that you have. Would you lefiue
to trade at a storo because they had
some goods that you did not wish, 1
or quit boarding nt a hotel becaiiM
there was a dish on the tublo that j
other boarders wanted but you
didn't like. Don't bo a clam, i
Tako your home por and keep j
k'.tetl on what it going on around
It is vsry lmjoraUit in this age of I
vast material progress that a remedy j
U- pleasing to the eye, eusily taken,
acceptable to the stomach and heal
thy in its nature and effects, Pos- '
nesting these qualities, Syrupuf Figs
ii. tie oin p. ifi it 1 1 x.ttit c and ino-t
gentle diuretic knottn. I
I'ltTITIOX.- -Tho people of Drcwoy ami a jwrlion of Silvio valley who wcro mturested in
mi 0ft more bewuiiitf roi'donts of Grant county llavo circulated tho following petition in their neighbor
hood, which wo iimlcrfitnud has been almost unanimously signed:
We the undomguod your jwtitionors must rcscctfully represent as follows:
That we aro each and all inhabitants and legal voters and the large majority of us taxpayers
of that portion of Harney county herein asked to be cut oil' from said County and placed in Grant County.
That the present boundary line between said Grant and Harney Counties is indefinite and
uncertain by reason of the Act creating said Harney county being ambiguous and on account thereof cor
tain of us are unable to determine which of said Counties tve are residents, legal voters and taxpayers of.
That to the majority of us our interests and means of communication with tho County Seats
of the two Counties are such, that we greatly prefer to be residents and taxpayers of said Grunt County.
That if the line between Grant and Harney Counties was so changed and established an to
commence at the present South-west corner of said Grant County at tho South-west corner of Tp 18, SR 2(1
KWM nnd run thence ICa-4 on said Township lino between Townships IS and PJ South to the South-west
corner of Township IS S R 111 1C and run thence South on the Twp line between Ranges !I() and III 1C to
the South-west comor of Tp 21 S R .".! 1C and thence run Fast on the Tp lino between Tps 21 and 22 South
and on said lino extended to the ICast lino of what is now Harney County, the same would include our
homes in said Grant County, and wouhl be of great advantage to us financially and of benefit to us na a
That tho present line between said Counties as well as being indefinite and uncertain cuts in
twain tho Silvics Valley and Drowsey Settlements which aro comparatively large, while the lino herein des
cribed nml tho establishment of which is asked, will avoid such division of settlements, and will in the main
follow tho unsettled mountain ranges and water sheds.
Wherefore your Htitioners most respectfully pray that you our representatives lo tho Legis
lature of Oregon will introduce al the USUI Session and most earnestly supxtrl and cause to bo passed a
bill so changing and establishing the lino hot ween irnid Grant and Harney counties as hereinbefore desig
nated, And embracing us in said Grant County.
There nro no delays of justice
in Canada by enabling murderers
to carry appeals to nil tho courts,
as is tho etui) in this country.
When a criminal U convicted by a
jury in Canada there is no appeal
except to the I'Aceutivo power,
which interferes with the enforce
mciit of the laws only upon the
pltu'im-t necessity.
Caul of Thanks.
To our friends who so kindly aid
oil us during our late illness we ex
lend our heartfelt and most sincere
thanks. More especially do wo
thank Mrs. Hachenv, Mr. and Mrs.
Segcrdahl and Mr. John Luce, who,
forgetful ol self, manifested their
friendship to us.
JuiiN I iKitni iioKH iv Family.
Canyon City, Or., Jan. 20, I Sill.
I inn now prepared to furnish the
Clerks of tho various school districts
of Grant county with the necessary
Isxiks and blanks for their olliee.
Many of the rural. districts aro so
small in school imputation that one
Record !ook ami one Register is
sulliciint for two or three years.
Therefore, owing to a scarcity of
said ImhiIes 1 shall send them only
to those sending Bocinl orders for
the same. All other blanks will be
sent in due time.
M. N. Bon ii a. m.
Co. School Supt. of Grant county,
Long Creek, Jan. 12th, LS1.
County Supirtlntemlcut's
Report of Institute I'unJ.
icei:ivi:! or
Mrs. Mary J. Wnddell for .'Id
Grade Certificate f
Mr. Waller Seward, 2nd "
Mrs. W. F. Dollina, erniit
Miss H. Jane While "
Mr. J. L. Collins
Miss Addie Kicfler "
Mr. W. V,'. Wood
Mrs. Lucy Armstrong "
Miss Annie Brierlv "
':! Gr. Cer.
" Rowciui hasswell "
" Addie Kiellor 2nd "
Mr. W. W. Wood 1st
2. .10
2 f.0
2.. VI
2.. VI
1. (HI
2. .10
Miss Ida Limbeck crmil
I'olal $2(5.00
Tho abovo amount received mid
paid to tho countv treasurer of Grant
county Oregon, as required by Sec.
2.1 ol Oregon school laws.
I hereby certify that the above
report is correct.
M. N. Bo.MUM.
County Supt.
Dated at I .mi Cn i k. Or , Jan.
1st l-'.M
Both the method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken j it is pleasant
ami refreshing to tho taslo ami acts
gently yet promptly on tho Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses tho sys
tem effectually, difpcls colds, head
aches and fevers and ciucs habitual
ooustipatioji. Syrup of Figs is tho
only remedy of its kind ever iiro
ducod, pleasing to tho tnsto and ac
ceptable to tho stomach, prompt in
its action ami truly hem-ficial in its
eflecU, its many excellent qualities
commend it to all. It Is for ado in
.10c ami $1 bottles hy all loading
uHuf AoiuHto ONiy ur mi
lovmiiu, Ht. - hlW )VM, H. 1
Y-.-u. Ay m .-." lfc. r.
Of the Hotel l'ottUml-.llow She Was
Cured of Rheumatism hy Urn,
Uarriu'a Klcctiic Cute.
A C.titn. I have been sullering
for a long lime with rheumatism in
inv right shoulder and arm. It be
came so bad it was with great dilli
cultv 1 could use mv arm. It was
helpless and painful. In this con
ditiou I came to Drs. Darrin for ic
lief. 1 went under treatment three
weeks since, and am now happy to
say I am completely cured by elec
tricity. Can be referred to at the
Hotel Portland, Portland, Or.
Nim.i.ik Kkown.
An Open Letter.
Drs. Darrin Gentlemen: I now
take the pleasure of writing youthat
after a full course of your electro
magnetic treatment I am entirely
cured of pain in my chest, which
has troubled me for over eight years.
Having been under treatment of
doctors of LiverK)ol, Glasgow, Cal
cutta and Sun Francisco, none of
them did me any good until 1 came
under your treatment, which I am
sure has permanently cured me,
for which, gentlemen, I beg to re
main yours gratefully,
William Lirn.i:.
Seattle, Wash.
Ocafncss CurcJ in Ten Mlimlei.
Mr. ICditor Dear Sir: I reside
in North Yakima, Wash. 1 con
sulted Drs. Darrin for deafness
over three years ago. My left ear
was totally deaf. With one opera
tion of Dr. Damn's electro-magnetic
euro, often minutes, I was made
to hear as well us ever in my life.
It remains permanent to this day.
I was also cured of a fleshy growth
over my eye. Can be referred to as
to the truth of my statement.
C. V. Fowi.Lit.
Drs. Daiilue.iti bo consulted free
at 70 Washington stiuot, Portland,
ftom lOu. ui. to K p. ui. daily. They
troat all ciiiiihlo chronic, acute and
piivnto dinea-es, and will send their
circulaiH, question blanks mil reme
dies to any mail or express iiiIiIichh.
Drs, Dsn in Imvo lecn pniotjcjiif;
their peculiar olnetiiu tieatmetit fir twonty-Hovon years, ami that
thoy do euro tvhuio all other moth
ods fail is shown by the above ro
uiai kablo cures.
AH tliso knotting theiiiseltiMi in
debted to the I'Utnte of II. It. Holt by
note or account wilt please settle the
tame at once, or cmts will be added,
Mas. Lotns.t Snus,
Flour, Gnihaiu, Barley, (either
ground or whole) ('hicken feed, Rye,
Middlings, limn, SboiU, Ac, Ac, at
'utility win mitts taken at jwr at
this olliee for suhsci iptiou and ailtcr
tiling account. s,
Call and Settle At Once.
This is to give notice that I have
placed all my accounts in the hands
of S. S. Denning for collection. So
como settle the same at once and
save costs, lli'iin Smith.
Canyon City, Or., Jan. 10, lsill.
Notico is hereby givui that I have
Ibis day appointed the following per
ionn deputy slock inspectora for
Grant county, Oregon;
L II. Jollll'iOII,,
win-on ici:.
Dayt illo.
John Dav.
... . . Lon;; Cioek.
IVnhio City.
W. W.Hintox.
for Grant Co., Or.
John II. Bukor,
John C. Luce,. . , ,
John Blaokwoll,..
Woods Carter,., .
Wm. Hall,
R. S. Black well,.
L. M. Johnson. . .
ISenj. lliiusakor, .
Lovo Bailey
K(fwl: InunrtMm-
I May 7th, 18U0.
lloliiiOH ltUMlnrxM ('Ollrgtt Of
Poitlamt will upon SopL 1st, J. A.
Wcsco, tho leading penumn of tho
coast, has bocouio a p.trtuor in thin
school and will muko it tlm loading
Business College. Send for catalogue
li -m
jy.' ix tt x x xi x a n ,
Canvon Citv
IUhiIi at Muni m.,U tu ucjfr. ar nxll) t.( lit.l.
All Work WurmuUiI Flnt-tiluu.
First) NflTioNAL )Rank?
or xxoppnoi'.
l'lvsidenL NMco PiMident.
(humoi; W. Oonbi:u, Cashier.
J. V. Illll-.A, T. A. lllll'.A, I. T. D0D80X,
Transacts a (Irueml iluiillnir Buslncs.
on alt pai Is of the world
Collections made at all points on
Reasonable Terms.
Money loaned at from one to ten
per cent.
($500 REWARD! )
I'or anything in Blacksmithing that
Bill McChuo can't do. At the Sam
French much sot on mill's ulioto Piai-
rio City.
Horse .shoeing u Sn'OKtlh-
'(igon Jinking Done.
Canyon City, Oukoon,
Travolmi; men will find this a
pleasant ami desirable place at
which to stop.
(Jlto iih a Cull
Canyon Oily, Or.
77 .v popuhtr resort has
been reopened lo the public,
and note, its in the past,
keeps nothing but the best
Wines, Liiuors f' Cigars-
ti. I). ICM'K.iltl), fropr.
Canyon City, Or.
Jackson Cham tiers, I'ropr.
This Restaurant has recently boon
opuucl, uud will furnish .Meals or bod
ying at living rates.
A tpecial feature about this house
is that no Chinese cooks tiro employed
in the kitchen. Give the Restaurant
a trial, Jackson- Ciiamuuiis,