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Thursday, Jan. l-.
Uto new ndvmtUrinrnts.
Stockmen in thin valley are lauy
gathering ntnck and foliiff.
Vb m plan god to note any vvoik of
fiMfirovorooiit in town or county.
UmnUlit and Wiim Spring Indian
are about to jc to glHMt dancing.
'Ilifl UU tax !vy liaa Iwen ftMl at
four find tweUo tJiiily -fifth milk
Capitol in the inlaw of Gnin't nntl
Gtwthori will hurry up uVvelopiireiit
of Umtc onm,
Har' ii y-ar cotntn .ii .il!..n; tin
Nkw. u ploiaud I) rvjfiw iUon fioin
your iit'iitiWhouil.
The- rnm.dtwlfv f th CotimiiaieiiiH
or crtotrt jrt-1 iMJing. will lm putrlUh
ed itmt Wwk after tuit adjourn..
t.nh Kfiie Musk of Truirie
City mi l Mr. Homy ChatulxMi fomi
erly a rtilitnt of Unit platt, were
Hurried at Burns week.
Thn county iwor - BrutHsy, Ijiw-rn-e
and Mrmmin worn oniivcynl
f.vm l'.-urie) City to their now home
wayupthcet-cck last Pnttirdity.
A letter in the Now York World
wiiltrii fioni Neh:il(!in, Oregon, fctrong
ly nilvoeatc. Governor I'otinoycr in
the democrwtic nominee for president
in 1JD2.
Idaho rweUvI 21 new churches nnd
m-eivod l!WI new church tnciidurs
List year. Therefore thu RoUo Statis
Uiau nays tin) devil may as well take a
lank; tout.
Unless plenty of soldiers watch the
raservatiftni all the Indian tribes in.iy
turn loose for u general cleanup of tho
wliitus nnd gut thonnelves cleaned up
whim spring couie.
If Grant' county is to have a county
ItnU contest at the present timo that
fact i"i to he deplored for Kuvoinl ro.i
. sou!, chief' of" which is that all is to
loo and nothing (o lt gained ly the
Wo will shortly begin tin- publica
tion of i "brand column." All sub
criben; to the Ni:us in Grunt county
who send us a deseiiptiou of their
stock hrand may have tho same pub
lished in the column free of charge.
'I'lio reappointment of Walker Mill
ion to thu ollice of stock inspector is
satisfactory an near ns we can learn.
Ill conveifntion with men from dillcr
ont parts of the county wo gather tho
information that he has made a good
Wit are in r.veipt of a couiuiunicti
tion fro i ft Savannah, (in., asking in to
publish a half -column of tilt- dotinitioti
of I'.ildo words, aoiiio of which we
would nr.t permit in our columin. No,
m a decline the roquuat with thanks,
Mr. Long.
A hill has been prepared to present
U) the legislature, changing the time of
holding couit in this district. If it
becomes n Uw circuit coutt for Grant
county will U huld on tho drat Mon
day in May and aocond .Monday in
Oclolier. For Harney county it will
In two weeks later.
in c.vsc of an Indian war next sum
mer Grant county should have a well
drilled company of State militia. .Most
every other county has one or moie.
Some of you valiant Inn mm who thirst
for uiwasli gore ought to organize u
company. Apply to Gov. l'unuoyor
for arm and uniforms,
There is an abundance of low grade
silver ore and som exceedingly rich
in Grant county to tho uoith of us,
us well iu licli oU ledjit. In a ury
few yeiiih that country will liao mil
communication nnd nwixo an inllut
of ctrpitul. Thou will prin into ex-ist-nco
ono of tho tidiest mining cities
in Uie world.
Kierietnve in Grant county has
proven that hlitiep vuuso to thrie when
fed ft few weeks on timothy or wild
I lay. Alfalfa alone teeuu to wes
nory nutritious propel ty mvejiary
to their K'Miunil healtli. .Some of the
nheepnieu down the alley are well
nupplic l w itli ulLilfa liny, having cut
as inuy a thrau oropi rroiu thu miui.
ground thu post lonii.
We liMtni that 1. .Mann of llakur
Oity,' reproMiiting easturn capitalists
ha hottded the i'huuix miliu near
Ivoli1wtoiiillo, owned ly Iterry Huh.
Ikmiett, for the miiii of $'fi,00O.
lie nivw to put work U the valuo of
un the prnH!ity whuthor it is
taken or nut. Ore from this mine o
fafR drelojnnl is very tich, and our
Informant was of the opinion that a
wns wnt iin.
15l Allen spe.iking of "the tiny,"
ay: "They ar tho kanie ring that
puUi)ic pi ecus purportinl to Ihi homo
lionwit liloiiumont tax-jiiiyor or Day
villt) voter." I'M khowK symptoms of
ItjtlruphoMii. If it was any other dis
onse a good noikiug of his heud uiiht
nflbnJ R'lii f. lie moms to imagine
Gut lie represents the entire otiug
pepul ice of Grunt county. The com
innnicatioiui that we have published
were voluntary contiihutioiu from
ivpii'ti'ritative inon of Monument and
li.iy ville, and if ocoasion rispiinxl we
itouhl kho'w Uieir signature to any res
ponsililn man. Othurwiso their iden
tity will bo prtered snurihl. As to
tlio 'huFj' u have novur yet unit thu
urut'i. Tlw UltANT Uoovrv St.n has
nut publi.hed a communication that
was not f;cnuiiiH, and does not uopoe
to wu do not conduct u deceit simp.
Kui thernuire we have never Imhiii io
ijuwUod to by the "ring."
In the matter of the cnreoftlio
county jvoor for tlio current year tlio
following Lids wero received:
H. O. .SUnsell ? I.OOjHjr week.
Stephen Tucker M.i.'i per week.
J. W. llutefl ".00 jht week.
.1. C. Gillenwuter I'l.W jht week.
Mr. Stmiscll Ik'ing the lowest hid
tier the contract was awarded to
him, lie being required to enter into
an olllcinl undertaking in the mini
Fred Perkins wn? granted n li
cense to .ell liquors in John Day
precinct for the period of six months.
V. V. 1 1 it) ton was reappointed
Htock inspector and lequired to exe
cute nu ollicinl uiidertukitig in the
sum ofS'.'Ooa
W. 0. ticntry, ('. T. Williains
and (Jeorgo ltowm.iii were ajijioiiited
viewers and J. V. Mack surveyor
of the proMHel change of county
rontl from Vox valley to Hamilton.
J. M. H.iy a short time ago full a
lnrge iine tree across a new shed
that ho had just completed. The
shed collapsed together like a Long
Creek biscuit.
J. 11. Mellaley had a line half
i breed l'erchuron stallion to ilie last
week with the llatulent colic. This
disease is generally caused by the
animal eating a large quantity of
coarse fucd, then drinking a large
quantity of water which washes the
food out of the stomach into the in
testinal canal which is clogged.
Gas forms in the stomach. The
stomach bursts and the death of the
animal is the result, as was the case
with Mr. Mellaley's horse.
Regarding the county seat ques
tion Mr. "A Voter" says: "First, it
would impose more tax on the peo
ple." Some time ago I consulted
one of our oldest settlers and heav
iest tax payers in regard to this
matter, and he said that he had
learned from experience that tho
deeper in debt a county is the better
it is for the tax payers. He says
that when tho county was deep in
debt he could buy scrip at fifty anil
sixty cents on the dollar to pay his
taxes with and taxes were no high
er then than they are now. So
what we are after over here is to
just keep building court houses till
we can buy scrip at forty cents on
the dollar to pay our taxes with.
I tried a little experiment a short
time ago that I cannot recommend
very highly to the readers of the
X i:vs. Leading one colt at a time
to water became rather monotonous,
so I thought I would try two. Their
ropes wore rather short, and for fear
they might get away from me I tied
them together. I had no more than
done this till they took a scare.
One ran around me ono way and
the other went around the other
way, and when they met ono jump
ed over tho other's roio and went
on around again. Just what they
did when they met tho second time
I am not able to Fay. Hut tho next
thing I knew I was completely
wound up in the rope underneath
tho two colts tumbling head over
heels and being kicked occasional
ly. The first thought that Hashed
I across my mind was to cut a rope,
I but a man being tumbled into forty-
seven dillerent attitudes per second
has not got much time for cutting
ropes. Fortunately tho colt that
was doing most of the kicking got
tangled in thu roo and became al
most as helpless as 1 was. I out
with my old frog sticker and not
caring much for ox-nscs at tho
time, cut a brand new roe.
. . .
Tho skating pond is the liveliest
hpot in the city.
Mercury hnvoring close to 0 many
of these mornings.
W'e devote (juice tslay to the jml
lic.ttiou of a scruji of ancient history.
"Go slow, there's a hen on," is a
need I ess caution eggs are four bits a
Tim Legislature did not meet until
last Monday, the l'Jth. We have not
had time to get any rojiort yet.
W'e will soon oommence tho publi
cation of a love story. All love-lorn
lads anil lassio should sulscribc.
Gtuh ii gutting too hot for the
Mormons and they aie trying to soouro
laud in Tcnnosco upon which to lo
cate. Olive and (irauite jireciiuts did not
lusjKind liUunlly to the petition for an
enabling act, as many sujiposcd they
A I'endluton jiajnir says Tom Kol
bins brought two deer to town which
ho shot with a coiiikini u on I ti roll
creek, Tom's companion must have
Im-ch ii gun.
l'uuuock Indians on tho I'U Hull
tesurvation, who were hsiders in the
Indian war in this country eleven ami
twelve year ago, are thieuteniug
another outbreak.
An aiteiiau well Isiing Isxeil at
Boise Gity (truck Istiling water, The
fellows up there ought to l) careful
how they Uii'o down; they might 1st
Hiking around close to that burning
Tho Ni:ws circulator in every jire
cinct in Grant county, lsicuuse its aim
is to advance the Uttt interests of thu
whole county. Lilcrty of tho people
to exjiross their view on every sub
ject puitoining to their welfare, and to
print interesting local news and cor
losjamdunco, is our jdatfoiui,
l'ltAinn: Citv, Dec. 12.
ThomaB MeKwan paid our town
n Hying visit.
The "Arcade" has broken up
and the boys hie away to other
Any one wishing a S'i.oO shirt
for 75 cents can have a chance to
get one at I'rairie.
The lioys are trying to organize
a dancing club to furnish amuse
ment for the winter.
Jack HolTinau said the thermom
eter stood 1(5 below zero Saturday
morning. I'retty cold for tliia lit
tle place.
Henry Molina is very sick with
typhoid fever. Tommy Coolcy i
aUo very low. He had the meas
les and took a relapse.
lVairie Citv is going to he in
corjKirated. think I shall run
for ollice. .Mayor I think will be
a good billet for me.
The remains of Oliver Miller
were followed by a large concourse
of friends to the cemetery, lie
was buried by the Masonic frater
nity. There nre a great many stray
cattle butweeu here mid the Warm
Springs. Parties having stock out
should be getting them in, as they
will bring tiftccn dollars next sum
Oscar Meador returned home
from Portland Saturday evening,
where he had been atteuJing school.
The climate did not agree with him
and the physician advised him to
When we get the county seat up
here, .Mr. Kditor, you will have to
move up here. This would be a
nice place to run a gas foundry, for
everyliody would help you to keep
it going.'
Hill Cuhoe has left our little
town. He has gone to .Monument
to fence his ranch this winter. We
hope he will return in the spring.
That is right, Hill, improve our lit
tle county us much as possible.
Thieves are invading our town.
Joe liates had a lot of canned stuiT
stolen from the Geo. Shearer cellar.
They packed the goods across the
tailings and hid them in tho old
planer building. David Taylor
found all the goods except a few
cans. Some one also (tied to break
into the cellar of I.uuiancc cv How
ell but gave it up for a bad job.
Some partic.) have been taking
hats and caps, pen knivcf, spun!
and cosmetic from dilTciout ones
of tho boys.
Jon Lots.
Dojiuty Hherill' .South worth is erect
ing an addition to his residence.
Goto the Ited Front Billiard
Hall, Canyon City, for line wines,
liquors ami cigars.
Died, at his home in this city,
Sunday, Jan. II, Oliver C. Miller,
after a long illness of typhoid fever.
There will lx services at John Day
M. K. church Sunday evening, Jan.
IS, at 7 o'clock. Preaching by the
Special meetings will I- hold at the
M. K. church each evening this week,
conducted by the jmvtor assittcd by
the choir and others.
Tho Pacific Brewery's Celebrated
Beer, the best in ICastern Oregon, is
now kept constantly on taji at tho
Bed Front Billiard' Hall.
A jetitition has lccn circulated
and unanimously signed, asking for an
inuioasu of service on the ("any on City
Bums tout" to six times a week.
Constable 1 Justin of Long Creek
during the week brought over a fid
low named Thompson, who is under
$,1(X) bonds for assaulting l'aul
In our humble opinion thu Baker
City Democrat utters a great truth
when It says that there will be a
rush of miners to the Greenhorn
cauiji in the sjiriug.
I'oL'SO On the road near this city,
7 It J lO-'JO cartridges. Same were
left at this ollice with the request that
the ovvner jirovo jirojicrty ami ji.iy for
Charley Dustin who was over
from Long Creek this week informed
us that the jictitious for an enabling
act sent down to Salem, contained
about eight hundred names.
Thu remonstrances ugaimt the
jiassuge of an enabling act contain
alxiutsix hundred names, vrc have
been informed. Some who had
signed the jietitiou reconsidered tho
matter and attached their names to
the remonstrance.
I will jtreach (D. V.) at the Win.
Luce school house Saturday, Jan.
I7th, LS'Jl, at candlu lighting; Mt.
Vernon Sunday Jan LSth at II
a. in., and continue daily for two
weeks or more. W. L. Mi Comoii i.,
Bajttist Minister.
All those knowing thcuikulios in
debtod to tho Ustate of H. It. ShU by
note or account will jdiKikit settle the
same ut once, or eots will he added.
Mus. Louis v Ski-h,
I'kak, .Ian. 12.
KniToit i:vs: -Having seen
your Day vilto i'orro3Kmlctit' in
vitatiou for some one from this
part of the county to give their
views on tho removal of the county
seat I will give mine.
There are numerous petitions
being circulated over tho county.
I'or whaU To get an act pasoed
by thu Legislature to bankrupt the
few taxpayers that were not broken
up last winter, for an enabling act
would surely do it.
There arc, wo win safely say,
hundreds of persons in the county
who would vote on the removal of
tho county seat from its present
location who in all prohability do
not pay a cent in taxes nor fiavo
had a tax receipt in the last ten
years. Nor do they own a foot of
land in the State. " Will the legal
tax payers sit with folded hands
in a semi -mesmeric condition and
scu all of their hard earned prop
erty go thusf
See the Gitvsr Co. Ni:wsof Dec.
18th. Look at the cost of county
buildings; ul?o county indebted
ness. The locution of Canyon City
may not be as desirable as some ,
other localities, but is about as ac
cessible to all parts of the county
cast, west, north, south witli
fair roads centering there.
There are some hungry chronic
otlice seekers in the Long Creek
IJepublie who want ollice and cry
"Oh! The Canyon City litng!"
when their U-i n-g is as large as
the one around the moon a short
time ago.
Witli Senator mid lioprescnta
tive to pull for them they think
they can get anything passed that
they ask.
Let them go into Morrow or any
other county they like, but let us
keep the county seat where it is
until the county is out of debt, let
that be long or short.
With good and honest men in
ollice, who n mi prudence and econ
omy, we can soon got out of debt.
''hose chronic ones who want
the county scat removed put me in
mind of a fable 1 once read. A
fox being chased ran into aottin
brambles and stuck fast. The
Hies swarmed around him sucking
his blood out fast. Along came a
swallow who olicrcd to drive them '
away. "No," says tho fox, "you
drive these away and more hungry
ones will come and suck the last
drop of blood in my veins out."
We don't want to mortgage the
last cow and let the slicrilf sell ho
und drive us over the hill to the
poor house.
I'lti.s'i.'i.u Tam'.iv. r.ic.
Last Thursday evening, 'Jan. Sth,
K. J. Bavley D. D. G. M. installed
into the chairs of Hohah Lodge No.
I. O. O. F., the following named
1). I. Anbury
N. G.
V. G.
I. G.
It. S. X. G.
L. S. N. G.
It. S. V. (1.
L. S. V. G.
It. s. s.
L. S. S.
G. I). Uickard
G. I. Hazoltine
1). (i. Overboil
J. A. Whitman
I.J. llagucwood
N. II. Holey
M. 10. Stansell
W. II. Lincoln
Ira Sjiroul
O. Guernsey
N. Hulison
J. W. Bates
Call and Settle At Once.
This is to give notice that I have
jilaeed all my accounts in the hands
of S. S. Denning for collection. So
come settle the same at once and
save costs. Ilrou Smith.
Canyon City, Or.. Jan. 10, lS'.ll.
Flour, (liali.un, Bailey, (either
ground or whole) Chicken feed, Bye,
Middlings, limn, Hunts, Ac, ,Vc, at
Be" Sure
If you liavn mailfl up your intiul to lujr
UckhI'i KamapaillU Jo not lo Imlurr.l tu takn
my other. IIinhI'i Uarupaillta Ii a wcuHir
lurdlclni', nr ulnt, by vlrtuo o( Ui culUr
combination, nxirtl"ii, (ml I'lrparatlon,
ruratliu Kivter urlur to any oilier articlo.
X Ikiiliia laily V.I111 knew vtlial alio wanted,
and wlioio eianiilo Ii vvurUiy UiilUttvu, tclla
tier cijt'ilcuco Uiluwi
To Get
wIn one MorowUero I went to buy Hood'i
Raraaparllla tlio clerk tiled tu Inauco mo bujr
tliclruonliutcailof Hood'i) iiotolilmollietr'a
would laat lnngeri that I mlglil tako It on ten
ilajV will; lliat It I did nut Ilka II I need not
ujr aiijOilnc. eu. Hut lio could nut inetall
on mu to disuse. I told lilm I knew wliat
IIikhI'i HanaparlUA was. I )id taken II, wai
tatUHcd Willi It, and did not want aujr vUicr.
When I lEan taking Hood's HanaparttU
I was feeling real inlieraMe, tuSeilng
a great deal wllh djipeeila, and ki weak
that at Umea I eould lurdlj tland. 1 looked,
and liad for aomo lime, like a pea 'n con
uniptlon. IIim-1'1 Hartaparllla did mo so
mucb good that I veendrr at iii)tm.'1i sometimes,
and mjr frlemlt trriicnlly ipoak ut It." Ma.
Kux A. liui r, Cl Tirraco Hired, Boiloo.
Mdbf alldrufghti. Hi ill foe Jl. 1m pared oaJf
lf C 1. 1100 1) A CO., AiutbcOti, Ull, Hue.
100 Doges Ono Dollar
IOiutoii Git a. st County
I see in the issue of the Long Creek
Kagle of January '.Hh LS'.ll an arti
cle entitled "A false document" and
signed "Kd C. Allun," which by rea
son of its slanderous denunciations
of the jKMide of Grant county, and
jinrlicularly of Canyon Citv, iloes in
my oiinion justify the author of the
article alluded to in heading his
communication with the name "A
false document."
The article alluded to is not wor
thy of reply in my opinion for the
jmrjiose of in any way iiillueucing
any citizen, voter or tax paver in
Grant county, for the reason tlio ar
ticle shows for itself just what it is
named, "A false document," but a
reply may be interesting or amus
ing to some of the readers of the
Nkw.s as a matter of history. Tho
author of the article sjveuks of "the
Court house ring," anil the head
and source of corruption, the 'ring
that ignored the rights of the peo
ple and tramiled their jictition to
death six years ago when they wish
ed to be consulted about building a
Court house.
Now the facts about the building
of the Court house and the jK-tilions
are about as follows:
About six or seven years ago
while A. J. Van Horn of Middle
precinct, and John Latirance of
I'rairie City were county commis
sioners and as such had control of
the business, money and jiroiverty
of the county, they jroxsed loiniihl
a Court homo as the one then used
was rutting down and the jail was
entirely unlit for use. Cjhiu this
great agitators of jiublic opinion of
John Day town and vicinity and
Long Creek boiug informed of what
was about to come to jiass without
their jicrinissioii they became high
ly indignant and immediately com
menced work canvassing the county
with a remonstrance and jtersuaif
ing the iojile that a great outrage
was about to be perpetrated and
that high taxes would bo levied up
on them and great money would be
taken from their jackets. The Bots
Agitator who is always ready to
sacrifice all of his relatives and
friends for the sake of the public,
and who in all probability has never
paid any kind of tax in Grant coun
ty, under the employment of the
ring of growlers canvassed the coun
ty from one end to the other and
managed by much persuasion to
obtain about 10J voters to the re
monstrance against building a new
Court house until the people could
obtain an act by the next legislat
ure, enabling them to vote ujhiii the
question .of relocating tho county
seat. All of the remonstrances then
circulated on the subject having
been returned to tho headquarters
contained in the aggregate !I(X)
names anil were iiresented to the
commissioners anil were considered,
and although not one-fifth of the
voters of tho county signed the
same thu county did not jKircced to
build thu Court" house as they had
A general election was held the
June following thu presentation of
the said remonstrance and Win.
Tureman of I'rairie City anil Geo.
McGowan of the town of Burns were
elected county commissioners of
(rant county.
Grant county was represented at
the next sussion of the legislature
by Henry Hall ami George W. Me
llaley both of Union orecinct. No
petition was presented to tho legis
lature by the voters of the county
asking that an act be passed allow
ing the people to vote on the ques
tion of relocating the county seat
ami consequently no enabling act
was passed. Then after the legis
lature adjourned the commissioners
with the consent of l'hil Metschan
built the Court house, which act of
the commissioners, aided by l'hil
Metschan the then county judge of
this county, was highly approved
by the voters and taxpayers of this
county, as was clearly shown by the
fact tiiat l'hil McUclian at the last
election in this county when he was
elected to tho high ollice of State
Treasurer received more votes than
any candidate then before the ko
pie. The idea that the cause of the in
debtedness of thu county, and the
corruption in ollice, as expressed by
the author of the false document of
the Long Creek lOagle, to every sen
ssble man and men of sober un
prejudiced minds is Minnly abetird
The men who have lilled the major
ity of county ullicos for the last 17
years have come from outside of
Canyon City.
Tho commissioners as I have be
fore stated have control of the coun
ty business and are elected for the
purtoBo of watching over the peo
ple's money, and chosen by the
people for the Kisttion in conse
quence of their lltness for that par
ticular vocation. Ami a iioint of
fact is, as any one will sou from an
examination of thu records of the
county, that but one commissioner
has been elected who resided in Can
yon City for more than twenty years.
And the i ommissioiiers who now
run the business of the county and
are rosKiisiblc for tho corruption if
thcro is any, of the olliccrs whom
they superintend, are Henry Davis
from Long Creek and Henry John
son fioni John Day.
And only two pernios now hold
ing ollice in this county were resi
dents of Canyon City precinct at
the time of their election those are
the sherill' and county treasurer.
The condition of all'nira us fur as
tho ollicors nro concerned are tho
same as they have been for tho last
eighteen years.
The people who live in the dilfer
cnl nrccincts of the county havo
Ik-cii elected to ollice and many j
when elected came to tho county
seat to reside at least the treastir- j
er, sherill' and county clerk.
Hut the author of "A false do hi
nient" mentioned seems to consider
that the location of the town is the
cause of the indebtedness of the
county and the corruption in ollice, I
and tdat the atmosphere of Canyon
City is so iiolltitcd that no man can
lie elected to ollice and attend to
business in Canyon City without
being a rascal and a fraud if not a i
thief. That immediately usin
breathing the atmosphere of the j
place he lieoonic-i tainted with the
disease of dishonesty, and falls into
the "stinkHit" even tnough hos-hould
come from Long Creek.
Now 1 will conclude by Maying J
that this kind of a sta!einent and
in fact the whole article headed "A
false statement" apcars more like
the ravings of a madman than the
writing or a man who is working for
the jveople's good. The county scat
was located at Canyon City by the
vote of the jieople about twenty-six J
years aeo. The olliccrs who havo 1
liail the places of trust and con
trolled our county business for the
last twenty years, Cameron, Cozart,
Win. Luce. Vrank Wallace, Ollleer,
Damon, Wollinger, Van Horn,
ranee, Tureman, McGowan, Mc
Kinnon, Meador, Mellaley,
Henry Davit", Henry Johnson, Max
cy and Ha.eltiue, may ho somewhat
corrupt, they not being residents of
Canyon Gity, but I don't think that
thev have ever been stiHpicioned of
robbing the C. S. Ma'l.
Kleclro-Maiructlc lnlluence and its elfecti
on the Human System.
Ah the world advances in age and
the people become more enlightened
the old schools of medicine gradual
ly give way to modern science. The
God -given powcis of electricity ami
magiietihiii suiiplatit the ill antic
drugs of the pliariiiiioo'rcia. The
"nostrums infernal" aie only kept
for human gargoyles. Among the
most prominent profesnois of the
new curative age are Drs. Darrin.
Wondiotis to relate, they are csh)
cially successful in curing chronic,
acute and private diseases, deafness
ami catairli. It is not long since
they restored to health Mrs. Olintl
Olson, of this city. The had been
sorely alllieted with chronic rheu
matism of the knee joints, ami not
not long since that Mr. George 11.
I'apciiberg, a German resident of
Tualatin, Or., who had been almost
totally deaf for ten yoais, was cured
bo he could hear as well as ever in
his life, ami the euro is permanent,
as shown by many of his neighbors
visiting Drs. Darrin to be cured of
all their chronic diseases. Tlio cer
tificates of lures made by these cel
ebrated physicians would fill a vol
ume. They embrace every disease
to which humanity is excised. The
remedies are painless, almost pleas
ant ami iufalliable. Drs. Darrin
are entitled to great credit for their
almost miraculous discoveries in
the art of electric healing. There
is no known curable malady that
they cannot conquer if patients will
give the doctors a fair chance.
Their ollices, 7UJ Washington street
Portland, are bos'iencd with the
lame, halt, deaf anil blind, from 10
A. M. to S I'. M. They give free
examination and charge about the
ordinery fee of other physicians.
Thousands arc given home treat
ment by mail or express. I'arties
not able to come can send for ques
tion blank and circular fice. From
On the Baker City road 10 or l'J
miles above I'rairie City, at "the
Ditch," one iron gray horse fi or (i
years old, broke to work. Branded
O.I on left shoulder. 1 will pay 10
for delivery '-'J milcH west of Canyon
Citv. " Jas. A. Lu! ion.
Both the method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken ; it is pleasant
ami refreshing to tho tusto ami ucU
gently yet promptly on tho Kidneys,
Liver ami Bowels, cleanses tho sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation, Syrup of Figs is tho
only remedy of its kind ever nro
ihiced, pleasing to the tafito ami ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt in
its action mid truly Injudicial in its
cll'ccts, its many excellent qualities
commend it to all. It is for sale in
fiOo and 81 IxJttlcs hy all leading
touiSYitir, tt. tw ion, . r
r orereatlnr, or I lie partaking of too rich
and Indlieeilble food, la a common cans
of Cmwufott end luffirlnr. To IrutuedU
tlf rlle the llminih end txiwclf from
iu-Ii otirlesdlng, n full do of l)r I'lerve'a
operelu cmUjr, ytl Iborouilil end wllu
run elite rell.u 11 ine Ix-il rrlurdjr. inr
etu til
ui, uauave, or bluer uupleaeaiil
If the too fni lndnlgnr In nub Intern
perate cellitf baa drreured dlceetluu, caue
Ur djipepala and lilTloutnoM, attended
wllh a Mnto of fullnete or Moatlnr after
eating, poolod Inngue, liltter or bed taata
lu mouth In Ibe morning, on erUlur,
Urim iluees efler inraLi, Indcecrltiatile frcN
Ini of died, or of Iinx.u0lnr calauiltr
and hjr-ocliumlrltt Ibtn tu need tn fof
l iw tin Ibe vim or the "I'ollatt" with Dr.
I'hreoa Ool.lru tleOUsil lllicoterr, to
Unie up thu tloiuacb, lav If oral the II tit,
and Iti ell Ibe prtHvetre of dlgMtloii at
work. While curing ludlgeellon. It purl
fire Ibe blood, deeming the t)itirn from
all bunion and blood poltone no nutter
nf wbet neuie or nature, or from whet
feiiee ertali.g. There It nothing ihnllar
to II In coiupoittlou or appruaublng It In
triulta. There torn, don't l dupbd and
Induoed to lake koine uUlltllto, eald tu
It "Jutl as good that the dealer war
eneJee a larger profit.
lir tbo manufacturer
of Dr. Utgu'i Catarrh Itumedr. for au la
eurabl caaeuf Cataub lu tbo Head.
IIoIiiioh UiihIiichh college Of
l'oittaiid will open Hup!. Ut. J. A.
Wchco, the lending pciiiiinu of tho
coast, has become a piiitnei in this
school and will inuko it the loading
HusiiiOMS College. Hi n 1 for catalogue
(! in
xl.' iiurrnion,
Canvo.s Citv
tlooli or Sheet made lu orJc r, or tittlly rtliid.
AU Work Plret-oluee.
Or Hoppnor.
0. A. IIIIKA, I'llANK Kill. 1.00(1,
President. Vice IVmidcnt.
Gkoikii: W. Conskii, Cashier.
TniiiHiirts a (Irnenil lliiukliiir. HuhIuck ,
on all pints of tho woild
Colloctioni made at all points on
Itcasouable Tonus.
Money loaned at fioni ono to ton
per cent.
Kor uuything in Bluckxuiithiug that
Bill MeCluro can't do. At the Sum
French lunch kcvcn union above 1'iui
lie City.
Ilm;sc xiooiiiQ' i Sjt'ciallj
II a ifon Making Done.
, A- I'ari'ish - - J'rou;
A line stock of freah Candies, Null,
'foUtcco, Stationery, Kto., lite., just
receiver), (iivu mu u cull.
Canyon City, Or.
TU in popular resort has
been reopened to the public,
and note, us in the past,
keeps not hi n ii tail the best
' Wines, Liquors Cigars-
a. 1. UUJICAUIj), Propr.
Canyon Cily, Or.
Jackson ('ham tiers, I'rvpr.
Thin llnstuuraiit hut recently Umiu
1 opened, and will Meals or Ixxl
, King at living rutos.
A tpeciul feature about this house
is thut no Chinese cook a ure employed
in the kitchen. Give the Restaurant
j a trial. Jackson Oiiaviilhs,