Grant County news. (Canyon City, Or.) 1879-1908, January 08, 1891, Image 1

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Xiiiilopou cloivt
-A 31 d tli'l'OO.
5 Volume .7.
C.'LY)V.Y CITY, aiUA'T I'OU.YT ) 0 If ICCO.Y, TllltttSDA )', JAA'UAHY ,S ISOI.
When ho n ai hi d t'.t Unv of tin- boat
the ua i just making n landing, and In
cnolhcr minute tlm gatis wtro opomsl
tiinl ho walked ashore llo lingered a
tnoiiiDiiti'iri -ttio. (iry Hshso wlih tho
Idea I.f t rtuliiJjUTnij to lillly and plead
ing U'uipnrnry Insanity, but that Indi
vidual .did not uppcar Tlio crowd
mrtfod oil tlio foiry Lost, ami hurried
I .y Dram. Out) laily evidently ricin;
nlied lilin, for ho hoard her nay to her
escort: "I'oor follow, his voice must
liavo lioi'ii u'ciiilorfiil leforo ho ruined
It hy drink."
Middled hy this dotiblti -barrcicd In
cult. Draiuhuii his head ami mailo oil
i'iK):ct. whlih runs parallel with tho
'"'-'msy Ivnnla tracks for a fuv blooks.
tho Unit crossing ho turned to tho
i li;ht and parsed over the confusion of
rails at tho Imminent risk of his life.
There, la no more dangerous jilaco on tlio
faco of tho earth, hut Dram was In a
condition of mind whom collision with a
KhlfltiiK engine would have been a re
lief to his feelings.
A freight train was being made up on
a blilo track, and Drano crawled aloiiK
In the Hliadovv of It till ho eatno to a car
which looked us If It miuht bo entered.
Ho was on tho point of trying It, u liuit
a flpuro appeared from tho slfadows.
Drano was about to run, but perceiving
that Iho other man had a similar inten
tion, ho understood the case at once.
"Hold on," Hald ho, "1 won't hurt
you. I'm looking for a free rldu on this
train, and ho are you. Isn't that ho?"
"Vou'vo eullcll It, boss," said tho fol
low, "that's my gamo."
"Well, I'm In with you," returned
Drano. "You know moio about this
business than I do. What shall wo do?"
Tho tiamp answerod by deeds, not
words, llo prlid open tho door of tho
car and crawled In Drano followed.
Tho car appeared to bo freighted with
pig-iron or bomo other heavy substance
of which very lltllu niadu a load, for
there was pionly of room. Drano and
his companion found the most comfort
able place thov could In the darkness.
To tlio forinor'B great relief the train
tvoon sui ted and ran with llo stop for
nearly an hour. Then there caim a halt,
l'rcsontlv Diane In .ml a man" stop just
outside Die door by which they had on
tons). "Jimmy," said a uilco, "nomobody's
boon gelling Into this ear."
'Thunder and turf," whispered the
trump, "ue'in in for It now. They'll
Hond us u). There's Jimt otiorh moo for
us. You Stand on ono hide of tint door
and I'll sfand on llio other. When they
climb In we'll mal.o a break,"
That was exactly what they did; and
ns Drum happened to lump out directly
tiHiu the ln-ad of tho braketnuii on
guard, thov cscapisl.
In the lea of a fence, a few minutes
lalei. Diano uaa joined hy hi'i lato no
U.iiuUui o. whom ho had outrun with
case. Two or three others struggled up
Immediately af lor.
"They've cleaned all tho boyd (ill tho
train." the tramp ovpUluCsl. "Wo'rn
hung np hero for sure."
Thoio 11 an a hasty consultation, and
from it Diane I.miihhI that they wen
near an old barn uhhh was well-
'Usl . V 1 I r J-7 T;
liu iimakk M.Nds roil III.', c.w.u.i:
.now n to tho "piofoslon" as a harbor
lig place. It was decided that tho best
hlng to do Has to put up in this place
or tho night Drano fell litto l ho lino,
.let after a march across some Holds, ho
ulcred tho tramp's hotel with tho mot
oy crow.
Counting, thosft already In It, who
were aroused hy tho entrance of his
imriy, thoro won nearly a doieti In all.
J'liroiijfh a ureal )iolu high op In Iho
vail the moonlight stituuiisl. ami In
the elide thus liiiykcd out Iho strange
;'tiiiiiniiy cat duwii und m ) aictl to c-'
change miiiio friendly gop before go
In;.' to sloop.
I lake it you're, now to Iho profes
sion?" said tho man whoso acquaint
i. nee Drano had mado In tho freight
yard "What's your namo?" ,
Drano told hlni.
Do you spoil It Just like any other
drain'.'" nailed out unu of tho moil.
There was Koine good-natured laugh
tor at IhUi and then ono of them asked
Drano whuro ho came from, lie on
douuiml to ukutvli brlutlv and ao-
' ' III' i HI . w hi h hd )d I. ill
t. li... -M'nt situation, lie thought I.
i..l,-l.t Int. n I tln lii. It did. Thiyri--:.:.lid
him ft a tln.t-clasu humorist,
tirl.l&lir Of rOttt im'ldrltl i1ido1litil.
' totfk U UBn , limr." Mkl
.me. "I v.-a a "frntfomnfl and ari holar
hiy U-fotv jostehlay. It mh ihs to me
thm I notyoM Ja Mr. tiould'ii ofllco. I
Iropisd in to sell hi in a couple uf rail
ri.::d'.: don't you remember."
It w.c. utterly lmossihle for Drano to
convince them that ho wau telling the
truth. Tho morf ehutcly ho stuck to
facts tho louder they laughed at tho ev
lent and variety of his genius fur false
hood. "He'd mnke a good delegate) for tho
lort'r-ntlm." nalil .Inhtiny. "What's the
i lalti r v. 1th .vadlng lilni to I'lttubiirgh
v. lion tho inoti wilun nsniMnhles?"
"lied reprrsent all the liars In It,"
re-p.indeil another, "In a way that
would more than do 'em jnstltxv"
' I can't promts Ui go," sold Drano,
"hut the t'li'sl iiihii of you who llnds
me in Kain.a'i City and learns the truth
of what I have told you shall hawa hun
dred ' uinln chance too to work.'
"I II sell my chance in that hundred
for a pipeful of plug," said th man i. ho
hud put Dnuiii In nomliiiitioii for the
oliieiilion. "As for the hauce tjgo
to -work, I don t waul It. I'll give it
iwav "
A1', -gether. Drano did not find this
issem'-'ag. of th'i unfortlinato so Inter
sting a.t hi' had thought It might he
lie w'thdrew from the circle and
'llmU'il high up on tho hav till the rait-
cis v ore Just over his lo ad Then he
lay dif u to sleep, and dreams carried
him i Hither and far ditloront scones.
At liri thurii wer picture i of home,
and thejt tho familiar faces faded away
ai.d i:i th 'lr place came one which hinl
Iiirprinl'd iliolf on his heart more
clcirl than h.' kn -w t!i. face ol the
woman whom ho had hofrioudisl and
who In turn had remembered hint.
Throu.fh Uran.To and dilltcult'ihe
wa piir.ntng her. Tlirre va dan-.'r
.iround them Isith. huddenl) h o r
tis k hi i and tiled to upeak to In r. hut
hi. mjIi t would not coino. He wuu chi.k
ln(f She '.ceniod to r(ad the agony in
hi.x yes, for her faco grow pitiful. Do
was ilyliij? at her feet. The hot ..uiu asi
a 1 1 rill 1 red glare upon ti I til. It v. a-,
desci ml nig from the heneus to hum
him to a Indcr.
Willi a struggle ho threw tho hideous
vi .Ion fr.i.i hi in and awoke. Tho roil
glare wan '.till In hU rtyeu, thy iihoklnu
In IiIb throat, 'I'll'1 liafn a tin lire.
Alicftdy tho hay holqwilm wa liliulng.
cutting "I' hi r-Mapo. The fflinvke wa
like a visible demon clulchln;,' hllil. Ill
gropisl t.i the wall and put Ills lipi to a
little space 1m tweon tlm hoanls. socking
for air. but till hut ajsir from i.llhln
rilslusl out. and ho could not breathe.
Tho thrtu.Tht of death In that utraii.T
place erov.k-d i-hii him -a fate ol
which iln.-o who loved him wculd m-vi
hear--.hU adies MHIllcril to the wlnd.
I'ratilUaltr he struck the hourd lh for
him with hi. clenctKsl hand It yield
ed. Hui.e pruiig 'p In hi i In ail ll
rained the retl( n need. 1:1
he t. at tt fiK'ti its fast -nlnj-s. a'ld thei
wlth a hist (Hurt he forced hli bod.i
through t lie open ln;f and swuiihlmsr li
-o the (round.
I'llAlTKi: V
IIIU WIKAUl.t .in I r
It is a inUtako to Judge wholly hy ap
pet. ra lite, for own Jcntoy tauil wa nut
crcatuil la valt.. To tlm gi'iitli, yield
ing tint ifr of that ulHtniice D-ono
owi d hi i preservation from s.Tiuii i in
piry when he eatno tumbling doivu the
side of Iho barn. As It was, the sh.xk
xn4 lolent, He dragged lilin.wlf with
oui. illlilculty u thu 1'' f a ruck
(l itre an I made a hasty csumlu.illon.
whlih convinced llltu that no bono.,
were broken. Thoro was a soreness in
his throat and lungs which mado uery
breath ho drew socm full of throe-oor-noriil
tiles, but un the w hulii ho was In
fair condition and able to walk, which
was fortunate, as no other moans of get
ting away wore at baud.
Ileforo hlni was tho blazing barn,
now ono inSVsof lire, llo re II ec ted with
a hIiuiIiUt that iHThaps some jsior
wretch had perUlnsl thoro, and he be
gan to reproach himsolf for having
lnade no cllort to rescue those who had
boon his companions In misfortune.
Thou thu recollection of the way tlio
llanies had loapisl up oyer the hay as
sured him that lib need not charge him
self with cowardice. Ho ns'allisl the
fact that ho hail cllmliod up on tho lull
and that the others had remained (to
low, whoro doubtless they had been
awal.'ouisl while tho tiro smoldered, fill
ing tho Ixirn with that smoke which
had nearly boon tho death of him.
A crowd had now collectisl atMiut thu
barn, and ho decided to go down and
mliiglu with It. Ho did so, and tho Unit
words ho hoard wore- those' "Some
blamed tramp has set this barn afire
Kveryonoof 'em found In tho uounty
to-day ought U be put In Jull."
Drano did nut wait to discuss the
question, llo took a hasty and unccre-
Tcmli.u lcare. lor half mi hour he
I'loddisI through plow oil fields, and
climbed fciiii-v till at leliKth he came to
a factory of otm sort from which sever
al little branch railroad track t ran to
the main Hue near by I n ight cars
were iM'Ing loadisl there; slid Dram',
v.iti hlng his i huttcc. got ahojid of oho
umdwervrd. Un the top of a big hu
lie HUotchod his weary llmU and fell
Tho train was In mo. Ion when he
awoke It ran on for nearly an hour he
thought, without .'.toppltif Then came
a lot i f bumping and switching alut
followed by a prolon(rcil paioo l.lslen
ing he heard u strsngtt sound like the
plash of waves. Ho crept to the r.lde
nt iho car and found a drexlce through
which he peered. To his astonishment
ho found that he was sailing on a broad
river A great city lay to tho right, an.l
It did not take him long todbicover that
It was New York. Apparently the me
tropolis was a hard placo to gel away
I rem.
Tho float which bore the freight ears
was ptitdiisl against a pier. Drano stood
up and strotchisl his crauiHsl HnilM.
"This Isn't exactly a vostlhulisl jsilace
oar,'' he thought, "hut I have at least
cento through to Now York without
change, as Hie limc-Ublcft say," and ho
thrust his hands Into hlsentpty peckou.
Travel by frvlght-cnr without a hand
Isig has lut dliuidvautagcs and among
them fa tho lack of water, soup Mid a
chance to brush one's hair. Drano looked
out through the hole In the side of the
car and wondered whether, out of re
spect to cleanliness, ho ought to Jump
Into the dock. Then ho noted the color
of the water and decldisl that ho ought
not. However, he ivwlwd to glo an
Imitation of a good cltiien making his
toilet, so ho picked up a piece of btoki u
glass from the floor of tho car, and prop
ping It against a daub of ldai k (mint on
a box ho com hisl his hair w ith his hands,
lifter which hodeohlcd that he was ready
for breakfast. Hut the rolls and collco
didn't coiuu.
lly tho oxoroiso of discretion he t
caped from the car and from tho pier,
and stood again in tho streets of New
York. Thou initio more wandering,
morn hunger, moro perplexity. At
noon ho found himself in a park which
looked familiar. Ho dropped uMin a
bench and tried to decide whether it
was the ono where ho had sat with her.
Then ho askisl himself frankly whether
he would rather situ her at that minute
or a sirloin steak with fried potatoes
and a cup of colfee.
"I don't know,' Ito muttered, burying
his faco In his hands. "It's a hard tjuos
tlon. I must he In love."
Ho tlxisl his eym on the ground and
woudorisl why ho didn't Mud a half dol
lar there. No doubt thoro were coin
enough burbsl In the dust of New York
stroew to pay his way to Kansas City.
Why couldn't ho llnd one'. lie begun
U accuse his gut.rdlun angel of i rlous
neglect of duly. Shu ought ul b ust to
th tow enough In his way to get him
breakfast. Ho (Hiked around In the
little Ueaps of rubbish at tho ends of
the 1h ni b w ith the toes of his dilapi
dated shoes; but his guardian angel ap
parently hml no chango to spare, lie
lldu't tlud a K'iiny.
The only article which dilfered from
the general collection was a piivo of
pastolxiard w hlch lookisl like a tlieale r
heck 1 1 hail evidently Ir'oii dropped
wry leocnUy, for tt was scarcely .oilid
utall. llo remembered, w 1th a sudden
itart, that restaurants sometimes i.old
tlckeUt that were gmsl for a mi al. With
i hasty hand he i.nut'hod the piece of
paMeboanl from the ground and rood:
"This ticket entitles the liearer to one
I'lirklsh lnth at Hubbard's. No IW West
Tweiity-Kvonth street An extra
charge for alcohol or electricity."
This U tho way that l'au takes advan
tage of a man's position to insult him. It
was nut Drauo's fault that he had not
washed his face, and It was aggravating
to have a hint like this thrown out by
fate to embitter the results uf her own
iloltigs. Drano wits on the ioliit of tear
ing the ticket 111 rugu and disdain when
III bettor Judgment checked him A
Turkish bath-hotiso was a nice, unlet
placo toTost. It oilers the greatest of
luxuries on a hot day. True, a severely
tlHirotigh bath Is not a good thing to take
on un too empty stomach, hut still ho
was sure that It could not make him (eel
any more hollow than ho did without It
Hi arose and began his search for West
Twenty-seventh street. It was not far
away, and in loss than half an hour he
stood lu front of No. Vi. A handsome
building It was; terhaps a little too or
nate.but eminently siiggesllvo of Un
ary. Draw entered and presented hli
ticket at tho desk. The attendant
stared at hlni.
"How tin dlckous did you got this
ticket?" ho asked.
Then Drano saw that ho would have
to llo. llo was determltnsl to got inside
the bath now, and a small matter of
falsehood should not stand In hi ..: .
Ills moral sen no had been gradually
weakened by the evil coinpaiilorilit; ol
his clothes and ho was In a condition to
stretch tin fabric of truth's spotless
robe till ho spill It up tho back.
"IaaiI: bore," liescld, "I am qultea reg
ular patron of this placo. You don't riniog
llUo mo because -well, to tell the truth.
I've boon on a haul spree forau.-ik
and have got pretty well torn up. as
you nee, I'd like to sober up lu re in
the bath and then I'll send out for a
suit Of clothe In which I can begin an
era of reform by going homo to dinner
"What's your name?" asked the at
tenilaitl, hesitatingly.
Drano looked oyer his shouldi r a tr
to litakl sure that nobody could le ,ir
him declare hU real Identity, and II. u
bending over tho desk huwhlspend
"John II. Nmytti. You rcmomlHir th
nauiOi don't you?"
"Wall. I've hoard It before," tho clerk
admitted, "but I oon'l placo you."
"Ant 1 mi ehontfisl by a singly Week
of dbauUorj7"MU Draiio.fcadly; then.
In a still men' coahd.-iitlal unit ; "You
nuiit Hvall my nam.v I upell It with it
The clerk smiled."
' I i i -s ii s all rltrlrt. Mi Smyth
Shall I lake . are uf your valnabh
'You're late i.ijr voun-' ft lend."
i-Ald Diane. ".HiUii lnsly t tse l iukinif
van-of tt.eii. In a way th t U-nls tde
safe di n,t vault ci.t of sight."
TI.echrk luii;-hi-d and I'ave Diane a
Utile ki In. ii;r n a n b's r band dc
tlgnnl t j Tu .bout the lath r'u wrist
"Nninlx r ferty-uiie, ' In ialb.1 t-an
attendant who conducted
Dlune tu bin dri'-sln-f -ixota.
What a d tl.tht I. a t- lay aside th.
rajrsof uv rt.,: When Dtuue ti-vrcd
frufti the llltlo nsnti i lot hid unit In
i 'tet, he t-Mt u m hit wlifriWr,
i:inhW hunger relented for a time,
and he enjoyed hi-: bath Ihorwughly.
It wr!i two o'clock by th. maiilflcenl
time-piece which stiwd among aitlllela!
llov.irn In therreat hall of the bath,
win n he relurmsl to his rsHitu and his
rags. Ills sou) mid body rils'lli-.l
against h( m i:tore itrongly than evoi
Is-fore. 'Iliey iMntra iUd painfully with
the luvtti-y by whteli he hml Ueon stir
rounded, HritrnMlthlschalrwIth bin head
in his hands ami groaned stood. 1'nlnl
ness had followed the hath, and lfvl
Is ( It a;gr.f.Uod by the sight of nif il
ciijojin.r r.'llsan.l loffee. while tbi y n
Clineil i pen the diiati'i In the hall. Hi
atimst msJe up hli u ind to order
breakfast, and trust to lu;k togotnna.1
alive without ) a) ln' for tt.
' Here you are, sir. number forty-two,"
sohl a voice; and Drano heard an at
tendant uhcr a man Into thu next
"Thank on, si.-" he heard the fel
low say a minute later. Then he knew
that the man lu the next s-tall had
tlpjssl tin atlei.ilant. They ta!ksl
tog. llicr a in Ir. i. te, while the visitor
li.qi.ired alwi.t the hath and the
re.itai.rant which wa-i lonneclcd with
It. Then ho tipped the fellow sgaln.
and got inure tl.snks.
"lie ha i j.lunly of money," of course, Draiie, "why shouldn't b jrlvo
some of It away? Why shouldn't he lextd
me some? Why shouldn't I cllruhov or the
pnrtlt.on al.d u foliate the loan myself
while l.i s ci.t uf tt.e way?"
The rags were lorruptlng him. Th-,v
sei n.isl actual) to talk, to snggi -t
i my. malice, and theft.
" '( let theo behind m gnruieuU of
Satan," he said, smiling hlltefly; aud
he arose and walked out again Into tho
I. all An obliging attendant prepared
i dhati fi.r liliu; and he had no nooner
stretchiHt hluiwdf upon It than ho foil
Drano was awakeuisl by tho voice of
Iho man who hail occuplisl the dresnlng
room next to his. llo lookisl Us and
saw a welt-built young man so far as
the sheet In which ho was wrapped al
lowed his proirtlntis to bo seen -preparing
to take the next divan, i he
stranger was alout Drane's weljrht and
het;(ht, and they r- wnibbsl eaeli other
not a little, despite th" fact that slillo
Drano was a hand -nun mail, tho other
v.oiil.l never haM-Im'.-:i suvd of any
thing more scrlou.ii than tho powsalon
uf a goud llgure. tine face nan almost a
caricature of the other. Drano could
not belli thinking how much he should
huvo resembled his neighbor if his own
life throughout hail beeu llko tho last
few days.
The stranger ordered some breakfast,
and the attendant drew up a little tablo,
so that It stissl between Drain" and his
mom fortunate follow -ha her. In fact
ll was as near to one as the other.
"If Ito oatH right under my nose, this
way," sit Id Drano to himself, "I shell
1 woo in e a raving maniac."
A luxurious re pas', was ordered, and
thou thu stranger lay down upon the
divan and went to sleep He did not
awake when the attendant laid the
cloth nor even when the lunch was
brought. Some gentle shaking brought
him partly to his senses, so that he was
able to sit tryi and protend to bo awake,
bulwhiui thi' attendant weut away he
fell hack upon the plllowand was asleep
again in a tw Inkling. s
Then Drum- i stomach arose and road
the declaration of iudepcudenre. It
would hear no excuses; no reproaches of
conscience. "Life, liberty and the pur
suit of happiucs..," was Its text, and it
argued lu a manner not to lie answered
by the prii'cpti of mere honesty.
I Initio stretched forth his right hand, j
and secured a roll. Almost immediately ,
thereafter, as nobody was looking. In- '
Hsscsod himself of the leg of a
chicken, lielllg honest hy lut ui le
returned the bono to the 'trang'i i
table. Other portions of the bird ful
lowed, together with sundry Irinl si- I
latoes, and such llko cmhclli 1)11111 ui- f
the feast. Then ho washed down hi
scruples with the stranger's oolb 1 . an I
went back lo his room a b 'Iter 11, ...i
lint then came the rag-, ajfaln md
not oven the steilallilng mi.m r f a
stolen meat could koop hlw fr.n 1 i mp
tatlon. He put Oil Ills undor. loihni "
and then I'UhmI by tlm half-oi"ii .h.i. ,
Iikiuiu;: in at tho rteU slcd I'.iii.i. tit .
Th y uiockcsl llilili they an Id: "Yn'e j
got to como (lotfn Ui our leyi I, .w.u'u
stolen a hr.-ikf.i .1 011 our a.'cuuiit. and
Hifjlictt of all in Leavening Power.
ltd st l.i ... . 1 lit you'll do beforo we
t ' !. I .!,- 111)"
II- . 'ui t.tered and turned nway hit
. . 11 v.a.nt that lils (ouu-ienco '
t.oubl d b.s l No. Indeed, lie had1
l.'.t li. . . 0.1 I 'nee in the pockot of his
,th. r In the ones Iho thieves
11 .t l lal eri. ho 1, .niden-d, hy the
w.u ..bother the fellow had lieen ablo
10 1.U..0 .1'i.v tTioraT Mto of It. Hut his
.it idd. r mi caused by hli dislncllna
not t 1 put on the suit which hud no
... a 11 nee In Its pockeU In otlmr
.-.i.vl-. n dollars.
1 o t.hon h. turned his bead away tho
rurrid cl.xhe.'. were responsible for It.
; hi 11 t It-- tnii-.t alsu have Ix-en reapon
ill f.K-lu. noting that t!.. d. sir of No,
1 .. ,.;.ir. t.nd for the teutptatlon
a!... h of thai know). -.Ice The
.ii-t'-u n corded atralnst man led to
I ii--. and Diane now felt the wi Ight
ul a leartut licrtMHy. Ho. t(si, would
idu i.;.l Is' 1 lothisl.
Iwundir tr his (rrments'"irotild lit
me outwardly a'l well ai his bleak fa il
htti .1 mo l.itturdly," be lutitlertsl. and
then laligtie.l hv!:ely.
Nohodj wan wnti hlng. llo pitslosl
Vbt slran::er's door open a little. Yes;
Ihey were 1 :;e. lieut clolbea, to Judge by
tho Hit! he could see through Ihecrock
of the door Dirnsedln that w.iv Draiie
cjjI I , ilib!l ih hi 1 1 loiillt y in 110 llfii';
and no doubt ) ass the w hob altair oil a-,
a Joke. Thus he thought, fur the ssir
follow was really half cm.-. .1 by the per
pi 1 xlntf experiences of the last few days
He pushed the door sllll further; he
wa. 1 1 implored It seetiod that he
iild 1. car a derisive chuckle from tho
rag 1 in the next room Ho ncarcely
looked at the ilothes. but hustled thon
on. all hut the coat, which be tarried
Into th" bill U susc a alrutifn fis-lnis;
came on i- hut. that he bad h- 11 It be
fore. I'ndi ran el fi,; lljflit bo turn d
iia.sma i.v -111a
s, 1 1 1.1 1 of tho gnriiinnt Inulde out and
rcd the owner's name wiltlin there
It sic laiwrcnco Draiie! llo had sioli 11
hla 'jwn elolhen back ngnlii.
Yes, 1 turn Ans 110 doubt uhoiu it
Tho occajiunl of No. I J had beeu the
vrlglual tramp who hail aiTompllshed
the xi h..iig0 In the lintel so nicely,
and had ufleiwaid eolloetisl the tele Itionej older nt Now I linen. The
IsHkcUiof ib coat w or o (nil of Drane's
pttperu. lie tun llicin oyer hastily, and
ecu Id nut discover that any were miss
Ilia wa'ch and a considerable sum of
money were there too. He wondered al
tlil-i bccnu i prudent itontoris tome such
thllt;; t at the .li-.-U, but then ho relli i t. .1
thai a thh f dl.trtiKU overylioily, and
hale 1 lo li.iad over hi 1 plunder w lo 11 he
doesn't know who may Is- v. at. hit; -
Drnne wai never u eminently
fled III libl life. Tin cloth.' i r" ii,.i. ,
bin brain to It 1 proper balance ,.li .0-.. .t
once. Do how he ionl.1 Ii n.
Is-en brought to the point i f 1 nl in
another ;i iisnii. and ho was ln-l.i '. al
the thought, though delighted lit tin' 1
He strolled through the hall aal
noticed that the thief was still -I. .-.iu -Itenide
U ill) lay the remnant', of tl..
lunch. Drnne would have been cla.l to
stay and watch the Mini. v. lieu le
waked up. but he had decldi d to go mil
and 11 tld a policeman to lake tlm thief
Into o 11 ; loily.
There was uono In sight when ho
sti-p4'd to th" door, llo stood there a
mot-.. :.i. Ii..;. ,111 .1. - 1 1 l.i 1 i . h in
While ' . I- I '
pUi . .i . 11' 1 . . I 1. 1' I t .1 it
he . ' . . . i. . . .
th ' ..:
lit'it t'.ial In' could nc p .111. . 1
tie- im I. : . 1 I : 1 ' l
III It... 1 ' i. t 1 1
if You Have
No upiirlllp, liiillgi'slluii, I'lulol. ni l',
Nlrk IIi-uiImcIio, "ull run iloun," lu
lu If I losli, j 011 h III 1 1 oil
Itlo roiuoilj- j oil ticcil, Tlirv I ono 11 1
lliu weiiU sloiiiiirli mill l.nllil in Hi
flHKulug t-ni'i a les. Siilli't't'is Iroiit
mriilnl or ill slciil 11 ci iiimiU ti III I Iml
rulluf f rnui llii'iu. N li elj siigur cuuloil)
Hui.i) i: i:i:vviii:ici:.
1 S. Ciov't Kcport, Aurj. 17, 1889.
As Drane emergtsl Irtim the building
the IhlnrT ho 'Viw was tho hluo coal
of which he was In search. A burly
member of th fois- t;Ksl on thi edge
of tin' t i.lewill:, ns If plains! thereby
tin- hand of j-. itl.-e.
"llo. w-..iderful oi the workings of
chalice,'' thuaifht Dnsnc, as h" took lu
at a ('lain the adtantagea of the slum
lion. "My Inch chtti;;risl from the 1 it -stak
I Ity oye.i Is aled ou that ticket."
He decided not to call the ulYlcor Into
the bath so lon;r as he showed no signs
of (Tliv: iw.ty. but to wall till the thief
came out. cl.ithed in his raff. I meet a
fate still wot ie. lloohuckbd with n
no an 'a tii fat lion nl tho .hoitKht. His
km mi
"I .Mil 11.11 I.N."
exjx-rlelice should have tan;'bl hlni to
pity tho HSr fcl':.- but it didn't.
Tin 10 can be 110 rt al sj rip 'thy li.tweu
o'.tly appi'ir I ami tin h.ibltli.ii til . of
IMVerlj. 'I In l.roll.i'rlt.hsl of u. in can
never be ai coniplli.hisl evt pt hy put
tlu," ull the w 01 hi In one unvurylng tinl-
So Drunc stissl there v. aiting for his
. I'V.'iigo. Suddenly there was a hulibuh
atthedisir. An attendant rushed toil
huri lislly and bnikisl ulsiul. Kehlnd
tt 1 1 it Drano could aeo the thief expostu
lating with tho man al the dusk. Thou
tho atlomlHlit's eyes fell upon Drnne.
"Arrest that man." said he to tin (si
Ucomaii; "he has stolen a mail's clothes
lu our bath!"
"Come with 1110, sir," said the olllci-r.
laying his hum! upon Drain -i f.hntihlcr
Th" blllllib'l till . i of 1 1 li;'e.llli e bad
shut Im.iIi w,i s a;( tin, as I 1 tlm hrJ, 11 ul
that autl'tnati d w 1 .inni
j in HI 1 "N 1 1 SI I II j
M..Vi s Hie Iim's i.f mmr pcupln nilcrabli',
an.l ell' 11 Ii- nl In s. If .1. ".iriii'tlnii. IlUltix
iitli r cilliii', s.iur Bt.'iaarli, n. k lii'.nl.i.'lii',
Ik'f A.stlti.afaliit, "alt t'lti""
ficltni!, U11I t.uli'. ciuloil It'tiipii, ami Itii'Kit
lailly of tlio buwi'l-i, aro
DlStrOUU tuino uf tin) liKiro C'liiiliiiHi
Aftor iii'tiiiii. H)s'pia iii!
.. Ii.t ;it writ of Itni'lf. It
bntlllg n-ipiiri'S esrrful, Nrsltlent
attcntliin. and a 1. nn-.l y IIWo Ilisst's Katsa
pAtlll.i, which art Ri-nlly. )' t nunljr and
I'lncli'itlly. It times tits tt.miach and oilier
iilgani, n-gulatotl tho dlgvsUuli, ctvalus a
gowl 'i'Ctlti', and hy thus Sick
ovcrruuiliig tin lisial "ymtw 0
turns HiiiiiM't thu jiiia. noniintno
Ihellc iltw-11 of tlm illsKiv, haitlnlics tin)
hcailarhi', and n lU'ilKU thu tlti.l niltnl.
" 1 Imic 1 11 tinntili'il llh dysiwpsla. 1
had hut llttlo nfiK'tll.1, and what I did cat
U . ilUli osie.l ma, ur did mil
burn Atp.r cutiug 1 wnuid cs-
Tlrn a f.ilnliioss, or llrril, all punt feeling,
at lhiilh I had imt citin u) thing. My Iron
Un, I think, wa tfcr.n:itcd by my huilm ,
whlih U that cf a painter, and Iriun hilng
invn or lets tlnil up In a SOUl"
room with frcslipatiit. e ,,
tprlnx I took Hood's Sana- OlOniUt.ll
rllb-li'i.k tlu U.tlUt. It ilid iho an
liiuiicliti) amount of Rimd. It gavn um an
aitlli', and my hssl n iidii d anil tstUHisI
thu craving I had c pi ili in id."
lliuiiuli: A. I'aui., W.ili ilnwn, Ma.
Wood's Sarsapaiilla
(jol.ll.y ullitiuccl.U HV I'n psit.l onlf
br I I 111 Mill A I 11 . ull.. .ui .t " I. !
100 Dosob Ono DollJt"
Canyon City, Oiikoon,
Trn.eliii incii will fiinl litis n
dcnh.iiit anil (lesiialile jiliioi' a'
U ll It'll In stoi.
Ji( Um 11 Call
A ii.osi uttimliM , lu .tultfiil .iii l ile
It litfllllv li i'ltl I s il.tllll of
I or fin t ltf-r infill toil tint iiinl fni
itin 1 iiko npi'ly to I'. (', Si. 1 or M
I) ('1 ti luitti, loosl Aenls :l ('uncoil
City, Or., or to IliNtn V, 1'osiu
(leii'l TniHtfo, '.Ml Slnrl; kltPt', l't it
liiihl, Oregon,
P ntnn.tit n-n tttn mnnuMctuirrs of
Dr. Suifi' l .iluii n It.'iuudy III their nhlllly
tu cm. itir.n 1. iStarili In tho Itrail. no
lusttvr liiitr Uu I or of how lung ttiuiitlug.
that they ntTcr In i-.ssl fslili, tho ntsito
rvwnr!. fnr n .. which thev mniiot cute.
? mpiotiis of Culnrrli. II. tnlnclic,
oh. Inm 1,111 ,.r ti... '. ittm '.iiiikw fullliii; Into
tliniul, sum. lltn. t piodw, nuii-ry tout so
1 1-1. ut iilh'-it, tltl.V, litisrlouti, iiiuonua,
piirtil.-iit, I-I.mmIjt o-nl I'Utilil, rres
lumliK In it'rs, diftn-M, et tH-i torathiii or
Hi imIi.i innll. r; tinnllt etli'tisln; sinull
nnit luMi Imisiiiist, tui.t gcm-ml ilMilllly.
tintj- 11 fen- et ilicsa itiuiptmns likely to
to pnisiit at uniw. Thtiusuu.ti of cium
iinull In ixiiiiiiuinti suit end In thu
II) its inll.t, issitlitinf, nntlM'ptlc, cli nin.
Ins mid 1111111 pmis'tllos, Hr. fiin's Itciii
ily Hint tlm worst ishm-s. "Colit III
Hie llriut" 11 1 with 11 f.-ir ntinllcii
ti'ius. Cnliirrluil lli ii.liictic is ri lirvml
iiinl ciinil in If hr iiiiislc It tvuiiivi.i iiniii hn-iith, I .as or liuimlriiti'lit uf
in. 'iis.iof tiute, s.ii. 1;. ..rl.niunr. wutrr-liis-
ur wt-sk I'j.s, suit b. is.ii! . 1 iiii'tinirr,
I'li'-il Milt.. I by t'n. vl. I. lie.' ef I'ntiltlfl,
ss they sll fM-.pi. ntljr an-. f..l I hy ilruir
eluts, at ntly .nits. Mi.iiufsctumt hy
WoMllis ll. ii'Kvsdir Msen 11. AwmiCIA
tio.s, KV1 Mam tlnel, lluiTi.lo, f. V,
Br. Pierce's Pellets,
rumlr Vini'ti.l. (Icntlr lauitlcrs or
(Vtliii'tlu, Hissirillng In stw uf Uorv. lf
InuwUU, S3 mtiU 11 vlnl.
If You had a Vrleud
About tn visit sotnn teethm of country nhM
laalailut dUratc, iliinr 111 the form of .hills
aud ftivrrtir lillluiiirriiilllfiit wasiarttrulaily
tiff , wmil. I .p i.ImmiI Ilic Ik-.. aillles oil
couhl givs him? VV will trli uu-1.1 oairy
nl'iug, or prm-iiic on arro ik. Hi ii hi.'HI ihh-UU-liml
tsli'Siislil. Iliinl. ll.-f . Muutiuil lilt
ten. 1, 11. n 11 ilinuishiHit iiinl 11 ial plattucd
ri'iiluiis. Iii-to unit In "Hit risiiitrltf. ui tin
snt. il iiin.iiis .1 Ol. i.i. .11 . tin 1 mlusnisll.1
sruumn. Mill mlililliK 11 i.l tliMlttlim.i
IlltlU' llic Net tllllV i'. . I. t .1111 Mil Sirtl'lll
hy lin r.".sln,- lis -tm iluii, l"il ni'tiiinii lr
l.'I .lal l. o' I'ltf'' 0''l'. Hi-' It-t an.l tin- h.ov
1 !., 1 a. I 11 1 r 1 1 . Hi 1 1 tut. mi It- .'tfis'ts t
i.l, I , y 1 '1 . I. . tl I I. t III' t 111 I' IJI..-I lit- l'
..t-'..t .I'.i.'jJ mi 1' .ill. I Inn ..'ll'ill.liy 1 1'
I 1 ...' I . . . . l 1 -I -ll'l". lit"' III I ' ' lit'!
t.. 11.11. 1 tc 1.1 ..II .at nl Mint nl. it nut liil
i.,ii. . ti .1. .- .I ..... 1 1 . .a 11 a liiu-l
h w. 't.i1 1 . il l i.el.l.iry
ia now at i-o iu la no, onccor.
Kill llltlsi: MHO It SNOT POWIIII.VCAM. I'lltt
hOMI.I.V, lllllli: 1 lil t I HUN I 11. VI I'D t 1:1'..
i.v 1 111: 111. n 11 ui' u.i. 1 11 it t 11,1, til v u
INSI INT.tMllt.S ni l. II I' AMI A
Tlie most sjMTily, jsisltive ninl perun
nctit line lor I' at si ill of tin 1 AM Inn 1
iiinl all Thioat, llroiicliinl, l.ung,. lltitil,
Ktoiuat h, I.ivcr anil Kidney Aflcciioti'..
Nervous Debility, etc. Consumption, in
its various stages, pciiiiuiieutly ctiiul.
Dn. AwiKN'rt Ouh'.inai. Mom: oi'Tnitt r
must and hli MitniCATi 11 I miai.atiomi
ives instaiilaiifoim icliel', builds up ami
tcvilslicfl Hie wiioio consinuiioii 111111
lyslcin, llicicby; life Wiak,
nervoiii, drhilitatcil nod biokrti-iluwn
-otiKtilitllous, old utol )oiing iimniuMy
i;uitt from ten tu tliiity .u'.iuila in fiota
Ihtity to ninety ditjs.
1 Ik Aikihn'b akill and tlinr
vc huts cntcrt liavo created the I'li.ili-sl
nstiitn.litiictil on the DaciHc Coast nt id
llitoughoiit the Aincrtcan continent, dur
ing the ast twenty five year. Asthma,
Catarrh of thu 1 lend, ninl nil Tlnool, llroii
dual Mini Lung troiilde iiistautly icllcvcd.
nl-11 liar Diseases ninl Dcaruestoflci cut id
permanently at fut coiisiiltiitlo. I):t.
AlKikN'Hi .sayonthc "Curability of Con
oiuiptloii," and 11 treatise oil ' ' Culm i ll ol
tho llcii'l." vtitll evidciiceti of bonte ex.
traonlitiaty cults, mailed ftcc. Cull ot
",Wlls DR. ADORN,
t'ourllt sad Jlurrliou Ht., Purtlsinl, tlni. 1
finis. Home lifali.inl, culy p .. tf.l, -.'ft hj
Al..r . I . .l 1 all. i.f l I'sciAi. ( t.d.t,! a ISui tt.l,
C4IUI..I J.U- ' .f I -It Hi ..l ."l.
00 hot cmpt, sickcii on
Qilll Pnir f , Iir te If rinmur
at. 1 aii ir 1 . . 1 1 1 1 u fruiii
lutlii atuu or t-mtutioii,
1 Ji 1 iffHi.(ii,i.i Hun
t 1 unu 1 11 mi liliHKl
Tb(1nwctl ! ul" ly At'; tsiti lu tu t III
t'lH HM IK U'l txi, Uft lltluss. Li tu tk
m uiu li i.itr 4JmIUu up u lrnitx vU
wbicll I" nrrid lMll4Mkrt Url
Ut I Trilr m4 llUtt N. trtlUf with
'lrttl" Tt Milk. Mlsl ltrttstr(tW.ft UtlU
t (! ! 4 t'rtkat IImV tmt tt. U Uhii.
nn. HARTtR'8 inoN TOKIO. V
a frKiritita kihi urou atk ifciivruB
V J .IUfcyVIIM4HLilT0KfcllhIiMUUrATKul
UHlAl.Tll.ftJ VIUuHOl'rtMTtaM;TIIrruVlr
3 le- til S
1 1 ww1 '