Grant County news. (Canyon City, Or.) 1879-1908, July 17, 1890, Image 2

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,777 1 7, J 800.
According ofnsus returns mid
.!. il. l,l
iniiiiimun ii in utiuuiii uoiv imu
rnlo or livo pon-ons to ovury voter
will not hold good. . Thop.ronor.
tion is nearer ono to four, 'mid in
ninny cases there is oven it loas ra
tio of jMipulntion to voters.
Two suicide ocelli rcil at Tneo-
I ... o ..I.. I ..I.. 11,1 .....i
1 a" VT "l " " . "... . ' n
.,tn; nil o. young ...en
cr had been discliargud; the cash
ier had been mildly criticized by
his chief for some real ot:tto in
vostmonto: and the insurance
agent had received a letter from
"Collie" insi.-ting that he ipiit I
John Sober and bin wife got
lonesome on their farm about ten
miles fiouth of Wilchita, Kiuisns,
and coucludoil to make a isit to
EOiiio friends about two iiiiIch din-
taut. Thin Sober couple had three ;
1.1.1 i 1 1 1
Biuall cliildrcn which uioy tun not
want to take with them, 1-0 they
locked the children 111 the Iiouho
and role oir a good lime. While
they were gone the hom-ein which
the children were i 111 prisoned took
lire, and the threu children were
roasted alive.
(Sovornor Nichols of I.ouiianu
ha vetoed thu famous lottery bill
which the legislature passed. In
hit, veto menage, which is of great
length, he refer to bin message- at
the opening of the Foioii antuii.
jKiting this legiHlation and urging
Its instant rcjectior for variom
reasons then net Torm. Ho cou
cliulos with a inot urgent protest
against the assumed condition of
poverty of the slate, and says the
bill will continue to meet with his
moot determined opposition.
Miss Francos Willard made a
strong plea in tho International I
School contention at I'itlsburg in
favor of teuiporaiico lessons in the J
Sunday school. She proposed that
four Sundays bo sot apart in each
year for special instruction in thi
line, the international committee
to furnish appropriate lost-ons.
There was Btrono opposition lo i
this proposition from members
who wore shocked at the proposal
to desecrate the Sunday scliool by
secular teaching, and the subject
was finally disposed of by a weak
resolution that decided nothing for
fear of olfending temperance peo
ple 011 thu one band and fanatics
111 religion on the other.
The constitution of Wyoming
contains certain
pec i 111
iiiii Hii viwirn ill HOC. OIIC II IN
cashier, 'one an inuimuro agent, j gbty "d unkruptcy, Hoy wonm , j
and the third a bar keener; alT, m, '"' " . . 5, " To Pirn,, Von Ahi,:..n, D.x't.
far as can be coujcch.rod, upon ""-, 1 " " " ' v '? In the of Ur. state of
r..i..i I. MM... I.,., tfwn. roilini nun no not murium iu irtiv-h ltro mrobv icon red to
not known in the constitution of 1 nmii ami malt liipiors in lots 411:111
other status. It assures to women ! tithw than one Kallnu in mod pieeinei
ilu. riiflit .r kiilTiiiire. i-vemnt for a iifiriod of twelve months fiom
homesteads from forced pale, fixo,. j
eight hours for a day's work in
minus ami on public works, con
tains a special provision that 110
women shall ever bo employed in
mines, and declares that no one
but a citizen of the I'uited Slates,
or one who has declared his inten
tion to become such, shall bo em
ployed on state, county or innnici
pal'work of any kind." The 11 wa
ters of all natural streams, springs
lakes or other collections of still
water" are declared to belong to
thu state. Tim Atiitruliau system
of voting is virtually umhodietl in
the constitution. 'I ho instrument
contains, besides tlie.e feature, a
great many things that other
states put into their statutes.
Speaking of the Chinese minis
tor's threat of retaliation, I'epio
scntativo Hermann made thu fol
lowing speech in congrem: 'The
ininibter must have been taking
something. The Chinese general
ly are shrewd, silent and sugauio is
in diplomacy. Thu ipieetiou of
excluding tho Chinese is a labor
question of this country. There
is not a lal oring organisation in
thu Cuited States that will not
maku it its own. Spunking for
tho I'acifie slope, I will say that
tho Chhicbo government may do
what it ehooe toward preventing
Amiirican capital, American com
merce and American iicoplo from
. 1 L ' ' .1 , f
goiii'' tneie. ijiic ouu uiiiig is
certiiin, and that is Chinese cheap
laber can't come hero. No amount
of threatened rclaliiition will ever
euu to us to take 11 backward lep
on that (iiiestiou. Cliiuoso retali
ation will he a dead loss to t lie
Chinoo. To place any ohtuclcs
in tliu way of tho immigration of
American citizens, the importa
tion of American cattle ami the
Importation of American products
to China would bo for ( himi to
out oil hot own rose in order to
,.pito her face."
At thu commencement of tho
Christian em four fifth of tho
population of the Konmn einpiro
wore slave. For several couturier?
in Koine slaves were legal tenders
valiim! at about SIS each. Hut
i V""IWI
wllt'll (,:
War sent nuitircc titkoti in
Kngland totho Ifoinnii Mnvo mar-
kot, owing to their jmlo face, no i
one woiildpurelmim them nt ny
If poor jyplo would only ochpc
trving to imitate the rich; if tiioy
would Icnin to shun the credit y
tern, the fashion v.tcn. and every i
. - . ,
; - i , ,f
at oneo on the top roum
Oregon City ha a darkey boot
black who has seen tho world. In
IS 18, ho savfl he lauded in Con-
stautiiiojilu an Stewart 011 an Amur-
nun i.uFivi. nu ':iu 11 enui 1. (
distance when he met a Boston
man ho know was keeping 11 nub.
lie houw, and mado STo, exhibit- ,
ing liimseir to thu ualivoi Wlio
weio astonished at thu sight of a
colored man.
I twenty (120.00) dollars, Atl'ys foes,
in thu report from the somite . provided in the nolo mentioned in
committee on nei.sions giving ihe ' complaint, and dooccing that
widow of din. (ieorge CWka'11'0 '"orlgngo n,on,.o.u,l ... sa.,1
r w.rvrt .1 .1 ! ciiuiiilnint lio foreclosed and the
pension or S100 per inoiitb there : ,,' , 1110p,,ly described in
are resolutions by dilferent states , Bnj, Inori,,Bl. K,d j il,0 nmnnor
and territories thanking (leneral proscrilwd by law and the pioooods
Crook for the excellent service he ( of .nicli mlo applied in payment of
had rendored in the Indian wars. niu-h judginont.
Among them is a joint resolution I , .Yo ' tnrtl.or lake i.o'ico Ihul
of ,het,rcgon legis.alurc of Sep- "iV'V
teuilM!riJI, iw 111 winch tiencr.'
Indians und opening to peaceful
lettleinent '.10,000 mpinro miles of
country which tho Indians had Tor-
merlv occupinl. (ieneral Crook '
Z .. , . , r ,.
was invited to be a guest of Iho
state at Salem. The resolutions
are signed by John Whitenker,
speaker of I he house, and II. F.
I lurch, president of the scn.ito.
rZZ777T.7 iTiT7rrAie tho
Wnte for eatiiKgii A'ldieis, Hon.
D.iiuil I'. Ihiily, W wihsngton, N. J.
Blfrn) PiflKOs'vo".".'
tvhi-ro. for catalogue. Hx- j
Mayor Daniel F dually, Washing ,
ion, Now .Joisey.
I'fltitioa I'nr Liquor Licentt'. j
To tho Hon. county oom-t of (ho!
stale r.f Oroon, fur (Irani cMtnity. i
Wo tho uinlmsiKned yout petition- '
ers Mould lospoelfully reprosont that
wo nio o mil and all icsi lontt nnd In
nl voters of S'liith h'oi k reciuct, in
said county, and wo ask that a li -,
eenso he granled In Murray llrotlicrr
to sou ami iiisiioso or siiintuous, vi
and iifler tho .'lul dav of Spl. IMMI.
' Dated this liih day of .lime, IH'.IO.
j l.oyd Miller, Sun McCity, Mii-hael
j McN'ultv, lloiuv Kiii)sinvi(, lvl. C
l Dranii, A I" Hind, J II Criehton. D ,
(; .MoDoimIiI, ThomiH Conner. T C
! Adhtlis, (looi)o Kydd, J O Hiown,
Dan Murrav, S S Cross, L r. Greon- j
well, A Mo'Mullou, J P Sehall, l'iod 1
M L Onion, Wid Swift. F L Wood j
.liin Thrwlkeld, Win G McDonald, j
Lowia Adam, liwis DtuiiiiiiK, Hitiuil- 1
ton Maxwell, John F Ponoll.
Notice is hoieby f-iwii t lint on tho
!lrd dny of Sept. 1 !)(, 1 lie uuder
sigiied will ajiplv lo tho county emit
of the slate of Oioeon, for Grant
ooiiuty, for tho isiuaneoof tho license
mentioned in the foregoing petition.
Mchiiw HnoriiKun,
In the o.rouit 00111 1 of the t ilu
Origan, for Grunt o tint y.
W. It. Ounningtoii, ITh )
liaohel J. C'liuninj-loii, Dsl't, )
'I'll It Mil U. J. ClNKIKuT'N, Til K
Aativr NtMKD Dur'r.
An order having been nuide 011
Ihe ltilh day of July 1800, hy the
Hon, Motion D ClilVord, .ludjte ol
tlm nhovo eutitled court for the ser
vice of huiniunn upon you in tho
above entitled suit by publication
thereof, now, therefore
In the n nnn of tho eUto of Ore
gon, you are hereby icipiiioil lo ap
pear and ailiwer tho uomphiiiil filed
ngitiust you in twid suit on or befote
the fit at day of the reuulur i-"optoiulir
term 18U0, of said court, to wit :
Monday tho 1st day ol September A.
D. 11)0, nnd it you fail mo to an
swer or plead, the phtiiititr will ap
ply to tho court for tho relief de
manded iu tlm irnid complaint, lo wit:
A decreo disolviiij tho umn iajje con
Iraot now i'.isliiij In t ween I ho phtia
tilT and defendant, and awarding
lilaiulilV tlm cnsi-jdy and couliol ol
.Margiiet J Cuiininytoii, minor
daii(liter of the plaintiff und defend
ant, and for thu eoU nud disbn mo
ments of said suit ami for such fur
ther relief aw to tho court in cipiit."
may seem meet.
P.Mimmi & (Viu,
PI 'IV All's.
It. in nil old Hiving timt charity
begins lit homo: lint tin is no
rcnton Hint it should not go abroad. '
A niaii should livo with tho world ;
as a oitizon of thu word: ho may,
haven preference for tho tmrtieu.
htr tiiturtor or wiuart', or uven al-
Icy in winch lio iivos, initiioiiioiiM
liavo a gont-rouB iwiing lor uto
welfare of tho world.
In the circuit coin t of the ktnto of
Orun fr,r Grant county.
Aniio u VnrM Vjr )
Otcgon j
niinoor 1
mid niiRwer thu coiimlitiut tiled !
ngaiiiNt you in tho nhovo ontitled '
Hint oil cr lnfu!o Monilnv, the Hint j
day of September, A. 1).," Ifl'.Hl, tho 1
mimo being tho liiHt day of tho m xt
viitil. lrtii rt until 1 1 1-1 utkil it A 1 1 I
1 Li 11 in 1 it.i ill ui nil it vu (iiii nut n iwu
fnj) lo nUHWor tho I,iHitilV will !
miio juiiginont nun uccieo agaiimt
jou for tho udb'f prnjed for in Hnid
complaint viz: Judfjino'it for tho 1
' f ono liundrcd nnd lifly (?lo0)
dollars and iuterust thorium at thu
rate of ton per con, per annum from
the 'Jiitli day of Novoiabor, A. I).
UiSH, and for tho further Hum of
f , , of mM , w,ij(,I(
. It' S1f frS
til v, A. I'. lh'.U).
rAiuiieii k Ctuttn,
, , Atl'yi for I'l lV.
. !" ,ltf "-Ur' th"
loth d iv of .July, A. I). I81K1,
A moxt atiimtivr, Ix'nulifnl mid d
li''! v lociUil subuih of
Iv ry lul a Home ."(t.ldj and
. Mi to ?7i"i on
The Motor Lino within J-milo of ,
Pasadena now, and ai iniiyoiiiciils me 1
In-ill mado to extoud (he motor lino I
to this, ono of Hie mosl valuable sti
Inn ds ol tho City of Porlland.
For further information and for 1
1 . 1 . . ., 1 ... , !
purcimso app.y u, r. 1 , or .m.
It. Li.iiTtiiut, local Agents nl 1 anyou
City, dr., or 10 Hi.miv K IWu,
Gen'l Tiustie, 111) Stalk ttriel, Poll-
ami, Oreyon.
Itocaiuo Ihey are as dur.dilo as tho
Huckoyo, and Fxcol nil others iu
Will run over any kind of ground
poHsible for a maeliino to run over,
and Warranted to woik well iu the
heaviest ;russis, and will bo sold for
Delivered in John Day for $70.00
For patticultrs call on or address
Ajl. .ludsou Mfg. Co.,
lUxfuCirv - Oregon
Inii OAt lluriu, or , June . ll.
1 rvuiiu i urruuj uiu iMfiiiinv nanml
' . ..V..L...I..I ..Jl.. .Ikl.l. l . u . . . t .
M,,l,' IMM Hl,r H. Ill, lll.t-llll-MI IIIAMV 111191
irMil III Up'i nt hi, cteliu, iiiil tlitl will irwi
will lx mH I .., Uw l'"itni Juilii uf Ormit l'u,.
Or , ur Iu liiWi Ui ( '..muj cloil. ,t en)on
C'lu. 'r , M Au j 11, IMM, vU: Oil So. tm b
fw tho l-t N'K II tiiil N I SKI I S,r ti Tli IS
S II St tl
III) MtW III UUUH HtltllMK tu irOrlll,
ronlhiMo if i.kI.Iiuu upun d rulil4lloii ..(, nU
IuiH. ,1,; Kruik H W, lluvk Suillh. rrnd,
licllh. ut IUihIuu, Or., Mid O. II lllo'-ril, at I'au
jriw I'll), Of.
I.t J. II. Uriimgtoii, ItrgUtvr.
Notice is herely jfiveu that by con
i'!erntion and order of tho Hon.
Con lily (.'on it of the stale of Oregon,
for C i 1 nut county, the undemii'iied
linn U'lin aiipoiuted uxoeuliix of the
Last Will and Testumfnt of Henry
It. Kels, ilecAMsed, lute of said county.
All pjiKons having just elsiins
n(niiiht the OfUto of said Tcstnlor
are hereby uoliticd ami iviuostcd to
iiivacut the sjiiio duly vcriliod as by
law reipiiicd to the iiteieiiiiiuil at
the stoie of tho lute II. It. Sets, iu
Canyon Oily, Or jf", or to Parrish
,V 0zad, atioi neys for said eatatu at
their ollleo in Canyon City, Or. with
in nix mouths from tho date hereof.
Dated at ''auyou City, Or., this
Uth day of July A- O- lo.
I.m im Sti.a,
1 mitciihi.i, smith,
3 i III (S
Smcessotfl to
JidllCI' C'lltJ -
Ull iMlUJ. lUl& 65 KrJ VUI-i V IliUO.
t The Mosl Complclc Line of
Lyman Hear
j Sight by .Mail.
j fo.UU.
; Lyman Spor
1 ling Front
' Sights $1.00.
Diamonds Watches Clocks Jewel rv Silverware
and a full line of Muxical liiKtrumcntH.
J ... I
Jleppner Or.
t:i.l .
1 1
Dealers In General Merchandise.
1 1 j 1 1 1 ' r
A Uirjje Atuottmi'tit at I-oweit Prices. CimkIs Sold nt HiHlnuk l'rioes.
Trade cf (,'noit County Solicited, nnd Sperinl liulih i'iimnU Oil'ervtl.
Lowest Prices,
First-class Goods
We ask a call from all who
llrfl,. .,., nl ...... un:u.tau
1 1 ' .. . ..- ,
.' u" '" " "j' u, v. .. .u ..,
uiaae 11 10 your uiiureai 10 innio wiui u. im k-viiuiiv.
Dl'h'k'll EIM E'li $Co.
lty virluo of an execution issued
out of the ciicnit court of tlm state uf
Oiooon, for Grant county, upon u
judtjeiuent lendered ill laid court on
tlie Hith day f Apiil iSMi in favor
of Alfred lvey, PI'll. and against Sa
rah .1. lvey, Deft, Iu tho sum of
fllli. 17 und inlet est tlioteon nt the
rato of eight per cent per minum
from said Apnl II!, lKMi. loyethor
with acciuiui interost and eosts. I
have levied upon and will sell at pub
lie nuetion on Saturday thu Uth day
! of AujjUHt 18011, at ono o'clock p. in.
I of said day, at tho com t hotii-o door
in Canyon City, Grunt county, Oro
(on, all of tho riyht, title and interest
of aiiid Deft, Sarah .1. lvey, iu and to
the following described promises, to
wit: TheSU I of the SW 1 of t-'ec. 'Jl
J in Tp II) S It -ill H W M, together
with ull anil Hinguiar tlio torieuientK,
liercditnmoutH nud apputtonuuecs
thcieunto boloning or in nnyviko
Tiirms of sale Cash.
Dated at Canyon City, Grant Co.,
OiOj-on, this 7th duv of July A. D.
W. P. G HAY,
Shorili'nf Grant Co., Or.
Deputy ShorilV.
GiHiut)' w.Ut. Wiilii UU i.f rv'l.lrl Mlurtii
May 4. IHH7.
Mil tl i.fU.r, Iu 1,-um il liitui .",uwUi. 419 In 111
UI la pUI un lurtvMUtlan aiwl n.Url will
caw fMW ibl. Jit.
N II. IWII.KV, i'..uul Treat.
Cii)Oii L'it, Or , July i. IUW.
Or eg.
I I M.I 111 IN ...
All kink, of meats, fiesh vegetable J
and farm produce of etcr.t chisn. j
This enterprise has just rccentlv '
Won re-established, and'will al all
times endeavor to nceotiimoiLle the I
public with eveiy thing and all tho I
in.uKet allurtls.
I'tiivo us a CV1
liny a few of our mining ligation
W. A. . ( I AKKK.
gr I i
.1. IS Gardner
Ammunition in Eastern Oregon.
A Full Line of
Fishing Tnckle.
books, IlieK, rtnld,
linos, reds, do.
Fly hooks per
do..""Oc, by until.
1 1
! !
- - -
wih to purchaM, and guarantee our
,,:.. .ohlition of l'roi.-hl.
1 . , ... , ,n
Of Hoppnor.
c. a. it 1 1 1: v, nitxK Ki.i.i.ono,
Pieidenl. Vii-e Preideiit.
C 1:01101: W. Consiui, Citkhier.
J. I lllll'.t, T. A. I1IIKA, 1. T. llOIIMI.V,
Dinvtoix. 1
Transacts 11 (,'eiieral llankliu Eulue..
!)' ))!) !
.1 l lllliyi
c 11 all paiti of tin1 win Id
Collection nmde at all poinU en
l!taiuiniihle Tornm.
Money loaned at from one to ten
per cent,
Canyon City, Or.
This popular resort Juts
been reopened lo the public,
i lid nuic, (i.s in the pas,
keeps nothing bat the best
ll'lnes, Liquors Cigars-
ii. I). ItlCKAKI), Proir.
When iu Hoppnor den't fail to
oal I on l.HIi.Hlt k THOMPSON
for iiAittiw.tiiK, iistvAio:, woon and
wii.i.ow WAin., OKiH'Miu.H, luimra,
i:ra, i:tc A(,".i'y fur the Nkw
H0.M1: Srwiso M ti iusi:.
D. Ordfis by mail piomptly
and caicfully filled.
I ..
. I
Si- tin .
wi A,.m
11... . I md
Mitkrii Tim W'nuk Htrong.
l .iil rr) nlirrv, l u liolllm l lor
Wo innkc our bow. before tlie penplo of (Irani County, nnd wish to
my, tUit .vj have b-en .ctol in t io City i-f Ho,pner, ju t IS montlm (nt
Arlington uten t iid). I'uring that tune we Imvu built up n Soli'i
Trade, I'Avitig' Bliipjicd more O.-ncrn' .Mcrrhftti'lino into Hoppncr tlmti
any other lit 111 111 town.
We Waul Pari of Your Trade.
lloppnoi is your ncuroul, bent and cheapest tmding and hhipping print.
You hIhiiiM Blnrt 111 coming this way al once. N'o uo to wait, as by po
doing yon lone innncy every trip. Our ISIftgmtt Two Story Uriel; Store it
Coinplolcd niul wo have it lillud (o ovorllowing with all kindn of
.Suitoil to tho wnnlH
II Vj .- lo Keep a I'ert complete Assort men t .
Your orders rnn lie filled for any Kiml of Cloods nenletl on a Farm or
Stock Itanoh, without leaving our Store, al prices low enough to competo
with any oilier market in Oregon.
Dry Goods, Clothing, Hoots, Shoos, Trunks Valises, Hals,
Caps, Cm-pots, Crockery, Wall Paper.
Groceries, Hordwrtie, 'Jewel" Cook Stoves and Itangos,
Tinware, Paints, Oils, Glass, Wool Sacks, '1 wine.
Lime, Sulphur, English Cement, Harlx-d Who, ltlaeksinith
Coal, San .lose California .Snd.Ilos, Hitts .t Spurs, Tomn t Huggy
Harness, Sewing Machines, Clocks, Watches, Champion Honpcrs
and Mowers, Hnrso Itakos, Plows, llairows.
(litcs belter Hatisfaclioii for rough mountain distri.-ts than any other kind
in uc. Full lino always in htock, aVo Hacks and Uuckboards.
Iii iriler lo ii crease our M we inaRe tim followiipilliir
C3-OOC1 until Tnu, 1st, IOOI, 0r later II Wc Ml).
Hvery purchaser who buys Twenty-Five Dollars woith (.?iTi.(J0) at retail,
ol Dty Ooods, CloMiiiiK, Hoott nnd Slu es, Hats and Cups, IVncy Gooda,
Oentn' Furnihin; Gooils, Flc. at our Store, will ho piesoiited--vhon tho
IjoodH are paid for- with an IClcnitt. I!ound, of over .'I'.'O pages, in
clutlinjf (i.ri to 100 FIN K IT'LL PACIO STKHL FN'OJIAVINOS. Wo lmvu
four diflcroul stylos of Hooks, ouch worth at retail 8-1.00. Small orders by
mini on above gooils will count towards tho total amount needed. EVERY
CUSTOM Kll (JUTS A PIUvSKNT. Wo guarantee satisfaction in goods
und prices. iSS These hooka aro too heavy to send by mail, as thoy
weigh seven pounds each.
IHCH EST ritTCl; Paid for Sheen Pell a Will ship
GonsiKUiuimtH of Pelts to Christy ,fc Wise, or Allen k Lewis.
Mail orders carefully attouilud to. Give us a trial and call nt our store
when you come to Hoppner. Yours Truly.
COFFIN 6c McFARLAND. (Hoppner).
l'roprioloiH of
The City Drmg Store.
Keep constantly on hand a comploto stock of
l'lilenl Medicines, 'Unlet Articles, Perfumes, Soaps, Powder, Pull's,
CoiiiIh, Tooth Nail, Clothes and liar Brushes, Drucgisl's Sun
dries, Lamps, Ijiinp Oils, Glass, Putty, Ohiiioys, nnd
and everything to be found in a first- "
class Drug Stoic.
Nothing but Pure, Fresh Drugs Dispensed.
Orders from a distance will rocoivt prompt attontion. Piosiriptions napeciallv CITY, OltKGON
Haptnnstalf Oart&Co
- blTlXshiitlH TO-
Have now received the larf;oit and most cempleto stock of ntw goods iu
Grant County, which ihey will offer for salo at uriccs that defy competition
Wood ftfittrch
HACUEWOOD Co., Proprietors.
Horses Wauled by Iho day, week or m nth. nt reasonable rates,
attention givtn to the caro of transient slock.
Groceries, Flour. Tobaccos, Cigars, and one hundred nnd one other
varieties, cheap fur "ash, at
of ICnHtern Oreijon trade.
JJ very Si able.
iik.i.i:h ts
nonh's, school srrriAES,
V KLY( )' WAIilCS.