Grant County news. (Canyon City, Or.) 1879-1908, November 13, 1880, Image 4

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Official Paper For Grant County.
Cu yon City, Saturday Nov. 13, 1-SSO
S H. SnEi-nEUD, Editor
Now, we propose to make a prop
osition to a portion of the citizens of
thiB County. It is this: Every bus-, Tlicir Dress Goods and La
iness man in this town, John Day, (ijes wo.u. Coni1.jsl.s tv, jflt(J!
Harney and a portion of the busi- stv,eg jn p.l(teni aiic shul
iness men of Prairie City have ad- I ('iyux f .
vertised m this paper and while do-
, - , , 1 1 ,
mo rrnnd for thfi n.nior r t if i jrom ,or
ing good for the paper did good for
themselves and the county.
wa nrnnnRf flint, nvnrv iiifvh;;nf. tlmf !
j i i i
. ILSff1
;. "Let the onC I
towns try the jmper
for a while, at least. Let the out-
side world see that we have stores in overshoes anu Huhuor .Boots, Hoots, Shoss. ('loihino-, Calico. Tobacco. Crockery, Granite
various points in the County. Let ladies and (gentleman s turn-! Ware, fancy Cups and Saucers, and General Merchandise,
all the farmers that are able sub-; l'-hsng g--o?s. flannels and cloth. My Store is always welcome to everybody whether they conic
scribe and pay for from one to live j wnll paper and border. The . to jjuy or mercjv n Poe tI10 aoods
copies ot tne jnews and send to
fnends m the East. In fact let the
citizens of the County that have not j
yet advertised or subscribed do so at !
once. We are going to build this
3?all, and after that is done we pro-
x .
pose do maKe some improvements in (
-in- ,
County and ask that the citizens
that have not yet advertised or sub
scribed to do so at once and help
the Countv.
Womans Suffrage Association.
At a meeting of the Grant County
"Woman Suffrage Association held in
the M. E. Church of Canyon City,
Nov. 10th 1S80, the following pro
ceedings were had:
1st, The reading of a constitution
for the Association.
2nd. The signing of those who
approved the constitution.
3d. Its unanimous adoption by
he signers.
4th. The election of officers.
-5th. The officers elected :
Mrs. P. Kuhl was unanimously
chosen President and Mrs. M. L.
Olmsted was chosen Vice President
ljy a similar vote.
Major Magone was chosen record
ing secretary and Miss Mary Douthit
corresponding secret ary.
Airs. H. R Sels vras umudmouslv !
chosen Treasurer. " !
An Executive Committee un mo
tion was appointed, by the' Chair,
composed -of M. V. Tliompson, Sirs.
Dr. Horsier and Sirs. Ohas. Cfrav.
A Committee of 3 were also ap
pointed by the Chair, composed of
SI. L. Olmsted, Sirs. Minnie South-
worth ttnd Rev. G. E. Wilcox, on !
?vo. 1. Resolved, That we will
use all honorable means to induce
the voters of Oregon to assist us in
adopting the Womaus Suffrage Res
olution, and in giving woman an
equal interest in the Nation's pros
perity and wellare.
No. 2. Resolved. That v.e look
confidently to the Legislature of
1882, for the ratification of the ac
tion of the Legislation of 1880, on
behalf of woman's enfranchisement,
claiming the ratification not as a con
cession, bnt as a right.
3rd. Resolved , That our thanks
are due to the Oregon Legislature of
1880, for their just and generous ac
tion in submitting a Woman's Suff
rage Resolution to the next Legis
lature for ratification.
4th. Resolved, That we tender
thanks to the law makers of the
State and Nation for every inalien
able right they have yet accorded to j
woman, and we wait patiently, and
jiopefully for the time when they
Tvill confer the. elective franchise up
on every tax-paying American citi
zen of proper age, without regard to
5. Resolved, That we recognize
ithe right of political equality by all
citizens, irrespective of sex, as an in
alienable right and essential to Na
tional political prosneritv.
nms ATTN N 1 K SO L'TH W )"RTTI .
UUVUi - i .
ML, i0vw'
G-ixEAT B R.-2-AIiSTS ! !
have received the hirijcs stock
of Ceneral avIorcr.iuMiso thai riavmir recertlv received a full and carefully selected stock
hascoine to Canyon City ten r)nls iQiVlru ani funv prCpared to luniLsh every
years. I neir slo-K of Clothing lhini, ulv k , in Fi,st Class Dru-Houe, afc renorahle
is unsurpiuwd in , bcainy o j )rjr(iS v ,'0 a ,u!, St(.ck of llie tariCnrf r.ltellt Medicines on
sty.e ai.r. qualify oi goods and ; KllliK rali (,V( rv,(Uv. ;ud'ee. and huv of my fresh zmnh
; endles- in varies v
1 , , i . , ,
j in Portland, asireisrht on Dry
. -. ,
(jnods does not count-, up like
Clerk hi:e and :- toj-e rent of
i cit y met chantO a full line of
iv"' and nects Ho, ts!
j11k1 Snow Kx-Jnders. ;
,l n J ,,,!UW 1 ' ----Ciuuers.
'- urainib or uuacco anci
cigars, a ml! assortment of
hardware. Ivloline and ( liver
' hilled P'ows. ('rockery, Glass
Ware. a!1 Kid i patent nied-
ictm-tf .Old sheqj iiiedieine.
t ,t a Vil A fit
.-MM K I llltt il'l O' Kill Htai'i:! Jl3
umuiiitin of ail kmNa,ni ea'i-i
In ?. in ie:,ererytlii'ij th.fc'lie M ier.
P.wwer, Sfocs-iimn, tranKfe-r. hu i r,
or th f.tmi'y is Ii:ibh to wani a- d ell
for. All g"t in g oH $mn r at Imv
fr:fiiht, a, ;d 'or at I'.weKt cash
TlicMoroft n yon l-no nr own inter'.'.-,
at li art. vo-i will uei!t;ct von,
dicy towarns V'i'iiself imitss yo n.ati
aiic examitc' ur ck and ricr-f, he
fore purelta-inu' clsnwln r-.
V r y I ?Hn ctf 1 1 ! I y ,
GKO. GTX!LACli &H80 Offick at La Ohavde, ) i
N.-vlsVl&J11. I !
2s) ice is hrrc-hv Ven hat thi i 1 1
Iovi':r.iniijie'I 3 -iilf.r 1 as fihi j-n'icc f :
I i- it tc.iti n ,0 :!iko !;;. pr of hi'Hm
prt ol uitj, and r3ecm- Una! cnttv '
t!j. reoi' : die i-xpua'i im of t' i y i.r.s
fioui the dtt ot dn- uonre. v': H r i v
A. (hu,.cr. P-ti on.ii ; i ) S i". 1'
A'2. bofoio tle Co my ( krk r .
4 1
Jliip,,r, I snadlla Count Or l-oji.
1 WimIp L'Jtli, KSe. ibrdi-N;. of N ,
JS! ;,:.! X V t X Sec ., a,l S
K of S c. US T S. S'jr. li L7
ami 0'isof WillhK-u'Sft Siei-di.'.. stud j
nii'ii.s iif! Iloviir as lus witn--s.' .
Viz: Jj iii-K X ai. Win. 2ea', and W.
W. C-cIiit!-. of Slonutnci t. (Sr-nt
CU'itV. a, .1. 8 SlO'l'OW. of H-'r-e:
I'niatilla Com iy. O egon
nSl. - nO")
The Canyon Citv Jimss Band will
give a Grand Masquerade Ball attho
Masonic Hall, Canvon Citv. Xovcm-
ber lth, 1830. As this is the first;
j ball of kind ever given in Canyon
City, no pains will bo spared to make
it a grand success. 'Pickets, without
supper, $2 50.
CoxDiiTTJiis of Aj;i:ANGi5an?TS.
G. I. Hazeltine, F. P. Horsiey,
Fi. A. Bracket!..
Flook Maxageius:
Henry Hcppner, John Segerdahl.
A general invitation is extended
to all- I
Dressing room at Masonic Hall,
for Ladies. Gentlemen's dressing
room at Srgerdahl's Hotel. Grand
, . , r
utcs neiorc nine (j ciock. :iusqurs ,
will unmask at eleven o'clock, until
, , l l i t-r ' --ii - 1
that time none but -dasquers will oe
-j , . , . 41
allowed to take part in the dance. !
ickcts for sale at P. C. Sels, C.
W. P, irrishs Law Oilice and Mets
chan & Go's store. Tickets will be
received at the door, and persons
without tickets will not be admitted.
Bv order of the Committee.
?V5T. l-ifl i lMTvf lirT in Mre
bnv l,c i,n,.n o ,.;;'
"7 uu.3 UVli JIWl. UjJL iV I JLOli
wo aye lins returned to his
U 8? J ?i & fc! a
M.ix Street, Canyon City, Oregox.
if .
Aisu k. eps on hit d n full stock of inipoi ted Brand
and Liqm rs.lor medical purposes, and sold in quantities not less
ha'i one quart.
J. W. HOWARD, Vi.J) , Proprietor.
ten"1 . Ji'p .w-sfva'aais5ecrijuu
Li i p
n, 18 O V
Is still at lifs post at Jolni Day City, cleal-
inir out the very choicest Groceries. als, keeps a lull stock of
; mLr out t he very choicest irccnes. aU, keeps a. full stock of
; .
SAVE your 2E0327, vrito for
AIpo SOLE Mnnufaclurers
ot tlin eel liratcd 15osnN
B'.ci::'o..r.i or
M'togML ..
'CM First Sirpftl:
3?" 55x
In IK ..-41 :
1 1
1 Talent Rehool Desks made to order.
'o:tland U
"V. A. J m cs.
11. M. ;as:.ri). j
GarriGnteriria; & Wagon rtfaJdnsr.
l rP t K h - B'ack-mih Shop,
. .. j-.:
YY a pons and Buggies repair
ed chc pl and promptly.
Buildi g and Jobbing prompt-
i v attended to.
Sjiie Bkkt. Mr. A.J. Calloway
iaici on om-table, a few days ago, a
beet of the common red variety that
weighed 8 pUUuds and measured 22i
jlicics i011rr by 10 inches around. It
wa8.raisedby him on Mrs. Chlflin's
piat.L, nun 1
n. js i,arj to beat.
c . .
The Brass Band of this place
showed Mrs. Dumway the courtesy
, .
luIn r . ' w
hegllimng Ol llCl Jtuutuifn ju vjaJituii
City. The boys are doing splendid
and no doubt, she will "write them
up" in her New Northwest.
2Ir. Peter Kuhl has moved into La(lios of this County that I am pre
his new residence, and they say it 1 , ,rt , BB nml WMPtt
iroes ever so nice iu ccp iiuubc m a
bran pcw home.
U ft H 13 0 s H o &r
i i r is r v
II L 11 L
'r' y,.
i.O Xj IT. In CS.
Catib;.:3 f.nrl L332 to
WV- HAVt-N, C--: v.
. . ...
CAUi'KTS, WALL PAPKK, Etc. 17 Front Street ne;(r Morrison.
Factory four mile- from Fast
Wjtter power used. 1 he oldest!
inn and largest St-u-k in Oregon. Wholesale
iiock flown Furniture a speciality.
- n.. eot 1st. ISSO.lf
Z JUJKt LIS 4713m UK '.!JSS
flan von City. Oregon,
xVt tlu old Land of J"hn Schmidt.
,o. do rto Dr. Howard's Drug Store
AH wo'k in my lim; fio c on Snort
Noti, in a sat:st:ietury inHimt-r. ut
Rf,ason hi' CiiMiir's.
Always jp hand and for Sale
GLUi:, :.nd WINDOW G LAS ,
! ;.ndSSII.
A Iso A X E bS, B U K A K ) A R S
T0N(.H!of fchche-t in .tcriai in s ocl:
Li Very and Feed f table
11 U JAllRIiLL, " " " vukvor.
John Day, Oregon.
0 Ij(.M.s nnd r,.f. f .,. yu. a0COI.
molai..n oi the Pabhc
Stock S.oarch'd by the dy wfek 01
nioi.di, at r us iiab e iW-.
MKS. K. 0. MAG00N",
Diibssmakeu and Hair Weaver,
.0 UN DAY, - OGN.
T 1 . 1. i-vl.irn r in o it nonnnlTirr hr f
into curis, puffs, switches, &C, itc.
JASIES NORMAN & C). Pivprietors
Jciix Day City, -- Oregon.
Having spnred no pains or
expense in erecting a Flour
Mill which is second to none on
this Toast, for producing good
Hour, wo would now respectful
ly announce to the Public that
we are prepared to (ill
Order For
the best quality of White
Flour. 1-rraham and Mill Feed.
All u;oods iruaraiiteed to jive
sati- i'aetifn and to be second to
l.ono. made from the same
class ot wheat.
good (u ods and strict atten
tion to business, we expect to
merit a bhare of the public pa
tronage. Orders left afc trio
Mill, as well as with Geo.
Gund'arh &. Bro., will be -
promptly attended to.
.lAMI-'S 1 i ! ii M.s 'k Co.
ISstkayku. From the Bucking -ham
place, near Prairie City, Ogn.,
on or about the lut of May. 1SSG,
and were last seen near Fisk & Rine
liart's orcluird, about the last of
June. One bay horse branded J F
on left hip: ag'jd 4 years. 14- hands
high, wMl built; raised by J. M. Far
ris, on Cottonwood. Alo one bav
liutro about 15 hand:? high, small
white spot in fon-hwul, one white
fore, foot, 5 years old, branded with
a 5 and half of a 8 bs-Iow it, on left
shoulder. She is a Ijcitt built long
bodied mare, supposed to be with
foal. A reward of ?l!0 will bo given
for the deliver.' of the above horses,
or $10 reward for oithor of thorn.
l?elivor hor-ws to or address John.
Morris, or licv.'is Crocker at Prairie
City. 2w.
UBU. OuLLiflfiiiilj
3 isr 5T c z&r ciTir
The best of Milk furnished to
Jie citizens of (.'an von City ev- .
2ry moling;, by gallon or
i 'pMrt; at reasonable rales.
fjgjp! 55fl PVplf1'!??
ill! Uii'lUSf
lO jEU 23 JsriL jz. H?-T
8 atiooary. pectacles aifo
Kye (j lasses. Candies, and Nnts
S5'i:srr.irT;oN.s tide 21, r
R -to-, for all thf LfniiMir P.j er? :nd
M"if:xne' 'dl:.thoil in Til E iJNXTJOIi
ST TIr. Ag' iu for '! 3111.1 Br .. daw i
fer Vhi iy Orirn. W;,tl-e3 Ch'aa--.1
an ' ; rr .'.
.;.-. and Milisfaetorily.
Wa ehmaer a;d Jeweler,
1 :ti'o and fiKALu i
Diamou'i?. .leweh v, Solid
ver and i'lated vare.
No. i7 Ki'-tSf. - P'ttind On-uu
(Itn.eiy .J. Z. C.ilV liok S( -jr.)
Jewelrr Maar.faelnrwl To Ordor.
Special attention paid to Impair
ing Pine Watches and Diamond Set-
The hills here-abouts were clad in
whiteness on last Tuesday night and
one could not but think that winter
had set in.
J. D. Sutherland and wife are in
the city and intend to sojourn hem
all winter.
Miss Manta Starr, of Prairie City,
has been spending some .weeks ik
the County seat.
The County Court allowed bills,
last week to the amount of $2,575.
t i
) , ll
' ! imii lilMTmMMlMTMfTMriMMiMMMiriBMBW it li "1 " r'niil MMW