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SUNDAY, MARCH 7, 1909.
Established 1871
INihlislsed Daily Except Monday by THE J. S. DELUNGER Ca
Wy Btau, per year Jj)
ly carrier, per month
CarmsMM JM. by AMoctataa
Literary IYm.
Ey snail, per year, in advance Il.SO
Estered aa second-class matter July 30, 1906, at the pottoffice at Astoria,
Oregon, coder the act of Congress of March 3, 1379.
Ordera for the delivering of The Morning Astorian to either residence
or place of business may be made by postal card or through telephone.
Any Irregularity in delivery should be immediately reported to the office
f publication,
Oregon and Washington Fair,
with light frost jn the morning.
Bank Examiner Jamea Steel, of
Oregon, is amhopty for the cheerful
statement that the State and National
banks are in prime condition gener
ally, and that the deposits have in
creased, since November last, to the
tnne of a round million of money,
viih a concordant strain sounding in
bch&lf of loans, discounts and securi
ties, while a third harmonious note is
found in the sums of moneys due
from banks. All this has a pleasant
touqd throughout the State and no
one rares bow long nor how far the
echoes range and carry.
Tc ibe Oregon taxpayer, especially,
it is very comforting, since he will be
one of the largest users of bank mon
ey (hi year, and is already tuing it
to meet the unconscionable burden
cast upon him by the courts and com
missi. n that have to do with the for
mulation of the tax-rolls. Down here
in CUtfop, i where the banks never
fail and where the best and most
conservative banking is done, the
taxpayers intend to dispute some of
the access imposed by the State and
pass the issue op to the Supreme
Court before paying the levy of the
State in its final sum. For it is very
evident that a grave blunder has been
made somewhere along the line of
levy, when an increase of $&000,000
in values by the State on the Clatsop
estimate, calls for but $4,000 increase
in the State tax apportionment for
thi county. The State having blun
dered at some point in the calcula
tion, has, in the conception of very
many thinking people here, vitiated
the entire charge; but the conten
tion here will address itself only to
the ?4,000.
But so long as the banks hold out
in safe and comfortable condition as
they are now reported to be, the av
erage taxpayer may hope to have a
We do not care to bore his excel
lency, the Governor, but we venture
a few more lines in behalf of the new
judgeship due 'this county and dis
trict and urge once more that it be
assigned to the ablest and best train
ed mind he can find among the clev
er aspirants, as they shall present
themselves and their claims. We want
no particular man; but the man we
get in this relation must be eminently
qualified for the place; he must be a
judge before he is sworn to the ser
vice; he should be a master in law
and precedent and practice, for any
thing less than this would be an in
justice to the incumbent and more
than an injustice to the people of
to counties.
He may take his time about this
thing. There is no extraordinary rush
impending, and we would rather the
fair show if being sold up for his de- - Governor took his time for the sake
or Hughes exceeded his lawful au
thority when he reduced the sen
tence; that the former penalty was
far more preferable, and is going in
to the Supreme Court of the State
to enforce his conclusion and his
rights in the case.
This is the sort of man that makes
good reading. He has always exhibit
ed a beautiful nerve, even when he
killed the old gentleman whose at
torney he was; hia trial was long-
drawn-out, and charged with all man
ner of startling expedients, pleas, and
interveners, for his release from the
stress of an intrusive and an intoler
ant law; he was a very devil for in
genuity and fought like one; and now
he thrusts forward his last and keen
est play, and it is a "chef d'oeuvre
in the way of legal pleading. Of
course, it is understood that Patrick
does not really wish to die, except,
perhaps, as an alternative to spending
a long life behind grim prison walls,
and that he raises this unique issue in
the hope that some point will arise
upon which to impinge a successful
predicate for ultimate discharge from
the purview of the law. He is an
adroit scoundrel, and plucky withal.
"O basts r repeated Paul Orford, with
a .mil. To be aure there are ghosts.
I hare a personal acquaintance with
half a doxen. I was one once. That
was when the dramatic club put on
Hamlet "
"Now ySu are frivol win." reproved
Lucy. "It Is a very seriona matter to
penetrate the veil that separate the
present from the future and cross to
that other shore. Mrs. Glendls says
that we each should seek to test our
medlumistlr powers,"
There It one thing I 10ce about
ghosts.'' said raul.
"What's thatr asked Lacy quickly
aa be panted.
Their answers generally are yes
and no," explained Paul meaningly.
For nearly a year be had been trying
to pin Lucy down to definite accept-
snce or dwmSswal of his suit but that
taetnil yet uncertain minded young
woman would say him neither "yea
nor "nay," preferring to enjoy the
greater freedom of action which ta the
privilege of the unenmpfd. while nt
the same time she hold Orford her
"Ghosts say lots more than that."
Insisted Lory. "Mm. Goya was tell
ing all about it. You start wltb the
alphabet, and when you come to the
right letter they give a nip, and In
that way they cpe'.I out words. Mine.
Goya say that It Is the duty of t cry
earnest thinker to develop nicO!uiuUtk
powera, because we never can tell
whether we bare the gift until we iry
to develop."
"She's riht." declnrcd Paul with a
greater Interest than he had previous
ly shown In the discussion. "Do yon
know I hare thought for some time
that I eonld develop alone; those lines
with the proper sympathetic support?" j
"You must Join our clrele." Invited I
Lory beamingly. She had been grow
ing angry at Paul's covert sneers at
Mine. Goya and Mrs. Glendls.
The latter had brousrht the adept to
the attention of the Tuesday dancing
class and bad turned that select little
company Into a "circle."
The young man found It more inter
esting to sit In the darkness of the de
velopment room and hold hand, for
there were times when something sent
thrills through the Investigators and
caused the more timid among the girls
to clutch more tightly the arms of their
Paul was not a member of the danc-
"Then ')! lig," assented Paul
"We'll follow al: the process,"
His hand closed over Lucy's, rest
log on the table, and softly Lucy sang
owe of the sonjr approved by her cir
"Now you must keep very tin," she
whispered. "Just concentrate on the
desire to obtain a communication. It
may be some time before we feel any
That' all light." was th ready re
ply. Td be willing to watt hours to
absolutely make certain."
"You don't have to hold my bands
so tight sugjeeted I.nry. "Just rest
yoor finger tips on mine to complete
toe circuit."
This is bettor. objected Pant with
troth, "We establish a bettor contact
or whatever yon ce,ll It"
"Pont talk any more," cautioned
Lacy, The spirits won't come while
yoo are talking."
Paul subsided into silence. It was
very pleasant sitting there In the half
llfht with Lucy's bandit lu his own
In the soft gloom be could ut make
out the oval of her face and catch
faintly the eager gleam In her bine
eyes. Fie waa willing to experiment
long these lines forever.
Outdoors ths rain beat agaliwt the
plate glass of the windows with a
harp rattle that added to the com
fortable feeling of those within, and
part from that only the crackle of
coal In the grate broke the silence.
For twenty minutes ta sign cams,
and then there was heard a succession
f sharp raps that caused Lucy to
rlutctt Paula hand in tighter clasp
and somewhat shook his own placid
ity. The trial had been an rxruss for
holding Lncy'a lam'f lie had not ex
pected any manifestation.
Tld you do that?" stic whispered.
"On Biy wool, no," be replied. "Yoo
didn't tap with your fit. did you?"
Lucy iibok her head. "1 wouldn't
cheat" she insisted reproachfully.
This la not a thing to make a Jest
"Are the spirits proseutr asked
rani, raking hU voice slightly. And
the response was a series of brisk
"That la more than the proper num
ber," objected Paul. "One la 'no,' and
three U 'yes. "
"I supiuse that a lot means under
score murks," suggested Lucy, "Ask
something else."
"Are yon willing to answer mef de
manded Paul, and the three raps made
an affirmative.
"May I ask some personal ques
tions?" Again the three raps.
"I want to know If Lucy and I are
to be married?" explained Paul. And
Lucy gapd at this Impertinence to
ward the spirits.
"They won t nnswer that" she Ul
ulated In a whisper, but the three raps
lag class In spite of his devotion to,canle 'oua "a "ear. aun. witn a little
Lucv, and he rather resented these ; crT. Lucy gprang to her feet and turned
seances. j on the pis.
"I think." suggested Pant "that It ! ion were cheating," she cried, "loo
Iinqnencies on the tax rolls. It ought
to be a first-class year for the banks;
and if they flourish, there will not be
much else to worry about in a gen
eral way.
Murderer Albert T. Patrick, now in
Sing Sing, doing a life sentence, un
der commutation from the death pen
alty originally imposed, for the crime
of killing Millionaire Rice insists that
he has the right to die; that Govern-
of making due inquiry, than to make
the appointment under undue pres
sure; it is sure to signify that he
wants this end of .the district to be
properly served. "We 'uns" know
how to select a Secretary of State
and we believe, now that he is Gov
ernor, he will know how to select a
real judge for us. It is up to him!
f .,--"S
Sunday, March.7
A comedy of New York National
Guard Life, by Rida Johnson Young,
and as presented at Lyceum Theatre,
New York City, an entire season. A
college-military play.
Prices: $1.50, $1.00, 75c, 50c, 25c.
Carriage at 11 p. m. Full of music,
youth life and vigor.
ft mi)
Ex-Governor George E Chamber-
Iain, of Oregon has been seated in
the United States Senate, and occu
pies the particular chair of his Dem
ocratic friend and appointee, John
M. Gearin. He's there, alright! He
has nothing to strive for, now, but
the Cabinet or the Presidency both
of which are a bit remote, even for
the limitless range of George's indubi
table ambition and political sagacity.
He is at the end served by political
chicane and Republican mugwumpery
in Oregon. He must rest satisfied
for the time, and probably a very long
' He will get credit for all he achieves
in the Senate; but nothing much is
expected, and his failure to do any
thing will be used at home as a spur
to herd recalcitrant Republicans back
to the lines and duties they have ig
nored so long; and for the re-organi
zation of the party upon a new and
tangible basis, and the resumption of
Republican dominance, upon clean,
healthy and effective ba,e:-, made bet
ter and honester, and more stable, by
the lessons wrought and taught of
the inexplicable mess from which it
The seating of George Chamberlain
at Washington may prove a blessing
in disguise to Republican Oregon.
might be well to try me out before I
seek to display my powers In public.
It will be an hoor before yonr mother
gets back from the Pradleys, and your
father Is too busy wltb that new book
he borrowed to Interrupt Suppose we
hold a sitting now?"
"I never heard of a altting wttn only j
two, objected Lucy. "Even with the
fifteen or twenty of our circle we get
scarcely any return yet, and I do not
believe that the two of os could get
any responae at all."
"We can try It" pleaded PauL "We
cannot do more than fall, and there
might come some slight Indication that
one or the other had mysterious power."
"Yes, we can try It" assented Lncy j
brightly, glad to see Paul's Interest.
"Of course you must promise that If
there Is no development you will not
be discouraged."
"I'll promise that" assented Paul
promptly. "I'll not be discouraged,"
Then we'll try," agreed Lucy as abs
cleared the magazines and books from
a light table and bronght It Into ths
center of the room. She placed chairs
on opposite hides, disregarding Paul's
suggestion that they be placed aide by
side, and then, taming down the light,
she took her place in one seat and
called to him to take the other.
Tiigy almost al-v slog." aba he
he belonged to me, he shouldn't
a step; there now."
After a dozen encounters in the
tribunals of this land, high and low,
the ten years of unwavering contest
between the forces behind the ex-
cummunicated priest, Father Murphy,
of Seward, Nebraska, for possession
of the church from which he was
cast out, and the interests of the pre
lacy headed by Bishop Bnnnacum,
the verdict falls to the doughty bish
op, irrevocably. He is of the church
militant, sure enough.
"Teddy" makes his get-away on
get-away-day, the 23rd. It's a case of
"skidoo" with him, and it will be
"skidoo" for the bier came whe n he
reaches the African wilds. The con
census of opinion among the good
American wives, who think these
things out for themselves, is, that "if
We are inclined to the un-American
indulgence of sympathizing with
the man in California, who goes to
the Supreme Court of his State with
a plea to set aside a verdict render
ed against him by a "jury that could
not spell." There is too much of hu
man right and interest and liberty
and life, resting in the incompetent
hands of ignorances of the jury room.
The right of a man to be judged by
a jury of his peers, is one thing, but,
the liability of his subjection to the
idiosyncracies of a bunch of boors,
is quite another.
were klckli jr the table kg."
"See for yourself," be retorted, tnm
Ing the light table so that she might
see that there were no scratches on
the polished legs. "1 am more mysti
fied than you are. There must lie some
thing In it, after all."
"There must be," she assented soft
ly. "And you will accept their decree?"
be naked. "You will marry me?"
"I suppose that I murt, since It Is
the will of those 'over there,' ' assent
ed the girl. "I meant to some time,
anyhow," she added half defiantly aa
Paul caught her In his arms, and the
world beyond waa forgotten In the Joy
of the life right here.
Late that evening Paul smoked his
good night cigar In the comfort of the
big armchair. At his feet lay Punch,
the English bulldog that was Paul's
constant companion. Bunch was fast
asleep on a nig. but he roused when
bis master stirred.'
'Hunch," cried the Jubilant Orford,
"there was something In It after all.
I thought that spirit thing was largely
a matter of Imagination, but I'm cer
tain that Lncy did not do the rapping,
and I know that I didn't It waa a
clear case of spirits."
Bunch blinked an Intelligent eye and
wagged his stumpy tall In assent.
Paul started as the familiar rapping
came again. Bunch's tall waa pound
ing against the hardwood parquet border.
"So you were the ghost You wag
ged your tall when we asked ques
tions because you thought we were
talking to you?"
Bunch's stumpy caudal' appendage
made answer again, and Paul's face
was wreathed In smiles.
"We must never tell Lucy," he cau
tioned, and Hunch, almost asleep,
made an Instinctive effort to reply.
Feebly the tall wavered, and only once
did It strike against the floor.
"'s 'no,' nnd that goes," assent
ed Pnul, "You're all right, Bunch."
And Bunch solemnly rapped ont
Brer' Bill, he's busy, already. But
he will be busier yet before he has
mastered the mountains of stuff that
have been cut out for his especial at
tention by friend and foe.
Chinese Maritime Mottoes.
John nenry Grey In bis "China"
tells of the mottoes which decorate a
Chinese vessel.
On the must of the seagoing Junks
are fastened strips of red paper in
scribed with Chinese characters. Some
of the mottoes follow:
"The mast is ns a general command
ing IO.'iOO soldiers."
"From every Hide of the compass
may fair winds blow."
"May this mast worn tempests from
whatever quarter of the heavens they
may come."
On the poop a pavilion Is built, and
over lta doorway Is a chance for more
"May the wind not cause angry wa
ters to rise." "May this vessel brave
the storms of a hundred years."
There Is always a shrine on board,
and here the Chinese gods aro ap
pealed t..
" newer this ship may salt, grant
ber a nriwwna voyage "Enable
ns by trading to acquire wealth."
The very names of th Juuka would
bring good lu k If uiHrtltlon could
weave an actual fortune -flood ' Sue
cess, Golden Profits, Never Ending
Didnt rail Quick tntvah.
In a room on the top floor of a large
factory a boy waa amusing himself by
gutng through the bayonet sxrcls
with a long handled brush In Hsu of a
rifle. III boss, coming quickly upon
him. cave him a box on lbs ear for
wasting his time.
The sudden Mow caused ths lad to
lose his Uitance and fall down the
hoUf shaft; but, fortunately, hs kent
his bold on the brush, ths haudls of
which, getting acrM ths shaft broke
Mi fall and enabled htm to grasp ttto
chain, down which he slid in safety.
The boss was horrified at ths effect
of his action ami rushed breathless
and gasping with fear down ths sight
flights of stairs to the basement x
porting to find a mangled body for
which he would have to account
He was, however, Just In tltns to i
the lad drop on hi feel unharmed; so,
recovering his self possession and his
breath, he exclaimed;
"Wnt to be a soldier, eh? Well
you're- too alow for that Why, man.
I can walk down all those stair quick
er than you cm fall down ths hoist
baft."-London Answers.
WILKES BAR RE. Pa.. Match 6
I noma L- Lewis, president of the
U nited Mine Workers, completed to
day the arrangements for a meeting
between the Mine Workers and the
anthracite coal operators in Philadel
phia next Thursday and will make a
new agreement between the men and
employers. Preiidcnt Cake of the
Individual Operators' Association has
agreed to attend. At present there
are three agreements to etnire on
March 31.
OYSTER BAY, March 6 -No
callers were received by ex-President
Roosevelt today. He spent the
morning attending to hi correspond
ence and the afternoon in chopping
down trees in the woods hack of the
house. Colonel Roosevelt continues
the policy of refusing to talk for
publication. Plans are being made by
resident at Oyster Bay to hold a
farewell reception to the ex-Preii-
lent on the eve of hi departure for
Nature provides
bat one
It is the natural winter
home of many thou
sands of the world's
best people. Under the
gentle influence of its
mi!d winter climate,
every amusement and
recreation abounds,
bathing, boating, fish
ing, driving; such pic
nics, parties and "Jollifications."
:G0 TO:
Lot Angeles, Pa to
Robles Hot Springs,
Hotel del Monte, San
ta Barbara, San Diego,
Santa Monica, Venice,
Long Beach, Santa
Crux, or a score of
similar resorts and you
will find health, con
genial surroundings,
hospitable associates,
faultiest' accommoda
tions and numberless
attractions and conveniences.
The Southern Pacific Co.
Makes inexpensive round
trip excursion rates to Cal
ifornia. A six months stopover
ticket Portland to
Los Angeles and return
is $55.00
Corresponding rates are in
effect to other points.
We have some very distinc
tive literature covering Cali
fornia's winter resorts, and
will take pleasure in giving
you all of the information
and assistance at our command.
For tickets, sleeping car reser
vations, etc., call on, tele
graph, or write
WM. McMURRAY, Gen, Paaa
Agt Portland, Oregon.
Mrs. R. Ingleton will have her An
nul Spring MUinery Opening on
March 15
SO Day Sale on Spring, Hats
Also commencing Monday, Mrs.
Inglcton will hold a thirty-day sale
on all Spring Hats. A grand oppor
tunity to secure an Easter hat cheap.
Don't fail to call on the Fifteenth
and see the excellent line of Milli
nery on sale.
f1IIUnery and Notion Store
Commercial and Fifteenth Street.
Elltu nrar liuitrll filrrrt
im yrmiflurii
K i ' ' ' ' t ) i ,i
i! .''r''( .(tin?
, M nti ;
i h m
t - f $
Heal It ill Ciif.
All Mrnttrs CislffM.
flnfmal RvWis
Hallt Ittiw II 60 Ml I
Msim silk Uik, t.lpr if 4 .
The Cornelius
The House of Welcome"
Corner Park and Alder,
Alhotcl where the North
west people will find a hearty
welcome and receive
Courteous Treatment
at moderate prices.
Our free Omnibus mec
all trains.
Under management of N. ft Clark
C W. CORNELIUS. Proprietor.
If ; i
r- io
Color blending of Furniture,
Draperies, Carpets, Woodwork,
Walls, make home life happier.
Our tM'frt dccomlva iUiin will
vuii your riiy toon. Without
Kiting you h will dlwuM tht (ur
mhiiti lor youi new hum.
Witt, Im Mkkit
J. G. Mack & Co.
Furniture and Carpets
SingU Mtmt hnuiM TsuUff
ha Fax, Prtt, F. L. Bishop, Sc Astoria tartan Ihi. Traaa
Ntlaoa Troyar, Vic Prrs. aad Supt
Canning Machinery, Marine Engines and Boilers
Corraapoodtnce Soliclwd. . . Foot of Foank 8mwl
" e s
First-Class Liquors and Cigars
IM CommaMal ttrtat
I Corner Comroarclal and Htk . ASTORIA, OREGON
'W I hums
Iron and Brass Founders, Land and Marine Engineers,
Up-to-Date Sawmill Machinery Prompt attention given to all repair
llth and Franklin Ave. work. TeL Main 3441
First National Bank of Astoria
JacobKamm W. F. McGregor G. CFFlavel
J. W. Ladd & S. Gordon
Kurplua . , 25 000
Stockholders' Liability 100 000
J. Q. A. BOWLBY, President
O. I. PETERSON, Vice-President
J. W. GARNER, Assistant Cashier
Transact. , General B.nkinf Business IttfMl p.u M Tlm. nM ,v
. Four Per Cent. Per Annum
Eleventh and DuaneSti Aatorla, Or.go ,
OUR MOTTO: "Safety Supercede. All Other Consideration.-