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Established 1873.
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of publication. f vn,omsm ftna preaiei
ins tear ot tne consequences
Many Are Interested.
Oregon Fair, except showers in
northwest portion.
Washington Showers
Astoria, and all her projected im
provements, including the seawall,
would be better entrenched and bet
ter qualified for development in every
direction if the legal foundations
were laid for her port status. It
would give her a leverage, a signifi
cance, a base of operation, a right of
initiative, she does not yet possess,
and contribute abundantly to that
prestige she requires in asserting her
claims to .recognition from abroad; it
is barely possible it might exert an
influence in securing her the "com
mon point" rate on grain; at any
rate, it would never act as an impedi
ment to her logical expansion on j
commercial lines.
It is a simple matter to take over
the condition, whether it shall be
widely exploited or not, for it is only
a question of voting for the Port of
Astoria bill at the forthcoming city I
election, and reserving the public use j
of its franchise and privileges until
such time as shall be expedient to put
them into effect, and even this opera
tion is limited to the expenditure of a
five-millage revenue from the taxable
values of the city in any one year; so
. the man who votes for it is carefully
safeguarded as against extravagance
and untimely debt.
It also offers an easy and logical
solution of the seawall issue, as this
important project may be safely
committed to the Port Commission
for proper development and comple
tion under well-advised provisions
therefor, supplied direct from the
people themselves; the cost and labor
and plans for the harbor and its gen
eral improvement, may be merged
with the seawall plans, and the whole
thing worked out under one com
prehensive system of device and ap
propriation. At all events, the port principle
commends itself largely and sensibly
to the average citizen, and if adopted
at the polls, will constitute a valuable
working purchase for many things
intimately associated with it as
public benefices.
A devoted old Republican yester
day made dismal complaint to the
Morning Astorian that there was ab
solutely nothing lefof the grand old
party in Oregon "except its votes,"
and proceeded to wail over the al
leged utter disorganization of the
party throughout the country. We
sought to comfort him by the assur
ance that the votes were a smashing
fine asset to have left, and that those
properly and safely appropriated to
the man and the cause on the 3rd of
November next would save the day
to the country, but nothing we could
say seemed to placate the partisan
spirit that demanded back the old
regimen to which he has devoted the
long years of his manhood, the club,
the local scrap, the caucas, the open
primaries, the boss, and the uproar
ious election to crown the ardor and
triumph of the post-elective hour.
With all due respect to our old
compatriot, -we must admit that a
ringing coalition between the Repub
lican votes of Oregon and William H.
Taft for the Presidency, will suit us
down to the ground; and we will cor
dially and easily pass up any of the
old-time details and accessories. AH
that is needed in Oregon (and it is
needed, alright) is the 1 normal ma
jority for that ticket We will
try to worry along with that, and
leave the clap-traps, old, or new to
the "war horses' and the callow poli
ticians who think no election com
plete without them.
The filing, by the City of Astoria,
the purchase, in its Own behalf, of
properties delinquent in the payment
of street improvement assessments in
a period of three years, . does not
strike the ordinary thinker as indica
tive of any peculiar popularity of the
scheme in operation here nor of the
amenability of the property to stand
the strain of the charge; but rather
forces the conclusion that there is
something wrong in the policy, or
that it has been pretty nearly work
ed to death.
Xinety-nine-hundredths of the mu
nicipal records and business of this
city for that period show scarcely
anything else done; and while there
is a great deal of it that speaks com-
mendably for the character of the
ST. LOUIS, Mo. Sept.'23.-J. W.
Vancleave, President of the National
Manufacturers Association in a speech
tonight at the banquet of the Missouri
Manufacturer! Association at the
Southern Hotel said that the Ameri
can Federation of Labor has played
a confidence game on President
Roosevelt and other party leaders at
Washington last winter.
"We saw in Washington," said Mr.
Vancleave,, "party leaders and civic
bodies invite representatives of the
Federation of Labor into their council
and ask them what legislation they
wanted. We saw the president of
the United States make treaties with
those labor officials with almost as
much formality as he would with dip
lomatic representatives of Great
Britain, Germany or any other great
power. What enabled the Federation
to play tlii.t confidence game on the
party leaden and the president or
ganization," Mr. Vancleave urged that employ
er organixe saying "in all our facto
ries we must insist upon the open
shop. The labor societies have made
union among us imperative and at
the same time have shown ui what
union can accomplish. We must get
together so that we can wield an .in
fluence to elect courageous and pub
lic spirited men to office and we must
aid them while in 'office in enforcing
the statutes and the ordinances
against law breakers of nil sorts.
"Socialism is absorbing unionism.
The drift of most of the unions is
strongly toward the Debs and Hay
wood follies. Some of the unions
have embraced those follies already.
SF.ATLE, Sept. 23.-The United
States cable steamer Burnside has re
turned from the scene of the wreck of
the bark Star of Bengal, Capt. Stan
ford, cabling the following message
last nighf from Wrangel to the local
United States Corps office:
"On arrival off scene of wreck
found tug boat that has remained in
the vicinity htd rescued the surviv
ors, 27 in all; 110 drowned, which in
cluded nine white men and remainder
it is understood were Chinese. Vessel
is a total loss.'
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Electrical Contractors
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From th. Baltimore American.
of, practically, 1000 deeds covering
improvements made, there has, un
questionably, been more of it than
was essential and there are those who
have suffered by some of it as well
as those who have realized upon it.
It might be well to abate the
policy for a while until the improve
ments are specifically demanded by
the growth of the city and not build
quite so far upon an assumed growth;
which latter idea, being intangible, is
none the less costly than if inspired
by actualities.
Mr. Bryan's new issue of guaran
teed bank deposits is going to pieces
so fast under examination that he
will hide it with the . rest of his
busted paramounts before election
day. '
One of the Hawaiian Islands is to
be elaborately fortified for a garrison
of 15,000 men. The key of the Pa
cific is a great outpost and it is as
cheap to keep a part of the army
there as elsewhere.
A little problem for mathematical
experts: If a perpetual democratic
candidate for the presidency has an
income of $75,000 a year, what is his
estate worth, rating the party he ex
ploits at nothing?
In Maine the Republicans elected
the entire state ticket, all the con
gressmen and the legislature. The
Democrats "made gains" except in
the offices.. Many Democrats feel
that this sort of progress-leaves, an
aching void.
NEW YORK, Sept. '23. M embers
of the New York State Bankers As
sociation will start next Friday for
Denver to attend the tenth annual
convention of the American Bankers
Association. The convention will be
gin next Monday. Probably 300 New
York state bankers will make the
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