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TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1908.
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"The Message
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PHONES-711 AND 3871
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the Oergonian, may not exceed 1000.
PORTLAND, June 2 (2 A. M.)
Chamberlain's vote in Multnomah has
teen cut down materially since mid
night. Of the 5600 votes counted he
is in the lead by only 290. Late re
turns from Marin show Cake making
gains there. At 1 o'clock, Baker City
reports that Cake is ahead in that
county. The last report from Wasco
estimates CUamberlain's majority to
be 250, with the rest of the Republi
can ticket elected. It is estimated that
Chamberlain has carried Jackson by
200. Little attention is being paid to
Tailroad commissioner, . but from the
meagre returns it is conceded Aitchi
on has been re-elected bv a sub
stantial majority. Only one complete J
precinct Portland counted, number
seventy-three and a half, Rose City
Park addition gave Chamberlain six,
and Cake four. Returns slow, will file
Bulletins tomorrow giving reliable
figures from counties as get returns.
PORTLAND, June 2 (1:50 A. M.)
In the city of Sellwood two to one
against prohibition which makes the
Oakes wet. Hawley retains his seat
in Congress, constantly increasing by
t.: ti. p.u;n
Vlg lUdJUl Iljf . -lit Cllliiv ivjuuiiviih
legislative ticket appears to have
swept the state. At midnight Mc
Minnville, Cake was 91 to Chamber
lain's 87. Cake carries Yamhill by
200. Statement No. 1 stand of in
Yamhill. Ontario two to one for pro
libition. University and Armory bills
caries, suffrage and single tax defeat
ed in the state.
PORTLAND, June 2 (1:45 A. M.
At 11:20 last night it was thought that
Cake would carry Clackamas county
by 200 and that Hawley would get it
by 1200, but while the count was slow,
Chamberlain was in the lead. It is
said that the early morning vote fa
Yored the Republican nominee. Hood
River City will go for Cake and j
against prohibition but it is thought
the bill making Hood River county
out of a portion of Wasco has passed
by a safe majority. Yamhill county
will probably swing 200 votes into J
the Cake column, but it has defeated
the single tax and tavored. tne univer
sity appropriation. In Malheur, Cake
and Chamberlain are running so close
that no prediction have been given
out since early in the evening.
Prohibtion seems to be leading there
two to one. Woodburn is against pro
hibition. At 11 o'clock last night the
count in Clatsop gave Chamberlain
248 and Cake 215. It is exected that
Chamberlain will have a slight lead.
At II o'clock last night Union had a
light lead for Cake from the count on
majority of the precincts. Prohibi
tion has carried the county. Meagre
returns from Lane give Cake 239,
Chamberlain 112. University bill
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carried Malheur by 41X1, single tax
loses by 1000. The bill giving Tort
of Portland greater powers though to
have been passed. Chamberlain's
friends here are showing that he will
be named vice-president at the next
Democratic convention in Denver.
The city is excited over the election
PORTLAND, June 1 (12:50).-The
indications are that Chamberlain has
carried Multnomah county by 1500,
although this may be decreased when
the vote from the country and pre
cincts is counted. A rumor has it
tonight that the friends of ex-City Au
ditor Tom Devlin fought Cake al
leging that the senatorial candidate
and his brother who is now county
central chairman knifed Devlin at the
Mayoralty primaries a year ago. It is
also said that all federal officials here
worked for the defeat of Cake and
also reported that former Senator
Mulkey did nothing to aid the Repub-
lican candidate
PORTLAND, June 1 (12:45 A. M.)
It now looks like Chamberlain has
carried Multnomah by 2000. Cake
running ahead in the State. The en
tire Republican ticket will probaby
be elected in Multnomah. Manning
concedes his defeat.
PORTMAND, June 1 (12:30 A. M.)
-Partial returns in Multnomah coun-
ty give Cake, republican, 1273; Cham
Deriain. uemocratic. ioo. u tnam
berlain's lead continues at the same
I V. n -..111 --- .Via iintv Kv
Icltlir lie will Vfliij iv vwMii'j J
about 2000.
PORTLAND, June 1 (11 P. M.)
The total vote counted in Multno
mah up to 10:30 gives Chamberlain
1089 and Cake 921. University ap
propriation 977 for and 346 against.
The armories will be slightly favored.
Cameron away ahead of District At
torney Manning. The latest reports
from Albany say Linn will give Cake
a 500 majority. The count is very
slow in Clatsop and shows that Cham
berlain has a slight lead over Cake.
It is thought prohibition will make a
clean sweep in Clackamas which
count is at present showing a slight
lead for Cake. 1 he Kepuoncans nave
swept Tillamook county but it is
tholIglt that Cake's majority will be
very small and there is some doubt
that Chamberlain may win yet. Union
may give Cake a lead of 300 and pos
sibly more. The real early count from
Marion was against the University ap
propriation and favored prohibition.
It is estimated that Cake has carried
Benton county by one hundred. Lin
coln countv has none for Cake but
the majority is not large.
Indications '
are that Washington will go wet.
Woman suffrage is loosing ground
rapidly and the single tax amendment
has no doubt been snowed under. Lat-
est returns indicate Gilliam has gone
wet. City Judge O'Day concedes his
to be Given Away by MORNING
Next Week.
i . hm. . n .1 1 ..I....! ,
from trouble.
rORTI.AND, June l.-The returns
front Multnomah county received by
the Orcgoniun up to 10:05 tonight in
dicate that Chamberlain (Democratic)
has cmmiml the eountyby about 2000.
PORTLAND, Juno l.-At 9:30 this
evening returns from Morrow reports
that Cake will carry the county, and
he is ahead on the first counts in
Marion. Multnomah is runniny very
close. Portland gives an overwhelm
ing vote for the university nppropria
I tion, but is against the armories. Kllis
is getting a big majority in Portland
although ths is the home of Jeffrie,
the Democratic nominee, l'.arly re
ports from Gilliam and Jackson show
Cake in the lead. Tom Word, Mult
nomah's reform sheriff of two years
ago, is being completed snowed under
by the present sheriff, Stevens. It is
the hevaiest vote cast in the State's
history. The woman suffrage has lost
but the fisheries vote is in the air.
O'Day, appointed circuit judge of
Multnomah county by Chamberlain,
is running behind.
PORTLAND, June 1-At 9:30 to
night the indications arc that Gover
nor Chamberlain (Democratic) has
carried Multnomah county (Port
land), largely. Returns from the
country show Cake (Republican) to
be slightly in the lead. If the pres
ent ratios continue. Chamberlain will
win, but it is too early to venture any
prediction by what majority.
PORTLAND, June 1. In some of
the Williamette Valley counties Cake,
Republican, is running well, and in
other counties the candidates neck
and neck. Returns from Eastern Ore
gon are coming in slowly and it is
impossible to declare anything on
them at ths writing.
OAKFIELD, Wis., June 1. While
attending services at the Methodist
Episcopal Church yesterday, Grant
Pool, aged 35 years, shot and killed
Mrs. E. IT. Orvis, a leading resident
of the village. Rev. Sabin Halsey
had completed the services and had
gone to the vestibule door to shake
hands with the members of the con
gregation as they left the church.
Pool occupied a pew in the church
directly in front of Mrs. Orvis and
followed her to the door. Mrs. Orvis
was about to shake hands with Mr.
Halsey when Pool pulled a "revolver,
firing three shots in rapid succession,
one bullet entering the heart, causing
instant death. Mrs. Orvis fell into
the arms of her husband.
Mr. Halsey asked the congregation
to remain and offer prayer for the
dying woman. The congregation was
panic-stricken, however, and fled from
the church in haste. The pastor re
mained and prayed over the body.
It is said that Mr. and Mrs. Orvis
objected to Pool's atentions to their
daughter, and that this was the cause
of the shooting.
"Anarchism and the Law of the
Land" was the subject of the address
at the Unitarian chapel last night,
delivered by Rev. W. G. Eliot, Jr.
A large audience greeted the speak
er and the Foresters of America were
present in a body.
LOS ANGELES, June 1.-Robert
Gonzales, a Mexican laborer, attacked
his wife with a butcher knife at their
home in Rincon, near Whitticr, and
before she succeeded in escaping, he
had stabbed her fight times, mhictmg
probable fatal injuries. Armed with
the knife, Gonzales defied a crowd of
,50 persons some time and attempted
to cut his throat when the citizens
rushed him. He is in jail.
ASTORIAN in Popular Contest.
ueieai. i nc i oriiiiuu i-iccuuii is net
No Trace of Roosevelt's Library
Presented to Seamen
Library Returns Which Was Sent on
Its Seafaring Journey Oct. 17, 1866,
Which Was Two Years Before the
Roosevelt Athletic Club Sent Theirs
NEW YORK. June l.-No trace of
the shin's library which President
Roosevelt presented for the American
Seamen's Friend Society in hi-- maiden
speech forty years age has been dis
covered by the office... of th. t organi
ration to-day. That this chest of
books, which was launched on the
clipper-ship "Rival" by the President
in his tenth year, may still be tossing
on the high seas was proved po-.sible
by thte return this week of a similar
library which was sent on its travels
October 17th, 1N66, two years before
the "Roosevelt Athletic Class" sent
out theirs. Records of the ,25,742
book chests circulated by the society
ince 1859 show, however, that a life
of forty-two years for these volumes
in the forecastle is exceptional.
Whether Captain Uriel Doane, who
set sail for San Francisco on Decem
ber 12th, 1J68 wiih the books present
ed by young Roosevelt, is still alive or
whether ship or crew survive to tell
the tale of their late cannot be deter
mined here to-day( because of a fire.
years ago, which destroyed all ship
ping records. Only one report, how
ever, was received by the society on
the corresponding library shipped two
years before for Galveston and just
now finally returned. On December
16th, 1873 this book chest was report
ed transferred to the "Piscatauqa," a
Gloucester fishing craft. Its return
by express from its forty-two years of
service, by Captain Israel Bartlett of
this vessel, brings the first tidings of
it for thirty-five years.
From 3,000 captains, mates and sea
men the American Seamen's Friend
Society has to-day exact records of its
loan libraries now known to be afloat.
These records show that 618,400 vol
umes have been read by 442,230 sea
men, while 129,315 jackies of Uncle
Sam's service have read 39,415 books
especially sent out in navy bottoms.
More than a hundred and fifty of
these chests of books have been re
ported as in use in U. S. Life Saving
Stations where 1,327 keepers and surf
men have read their 6,336 volumes.
Each library is numbered and regis
tered, and reports of its voyaging
ntadc to anyone who may launch and
keep it afloat by paying twenty dol
lars. A weather-beaten case of these
books is today awaiting reshipment at
the society's headquarters after hav
ing served for two years on board the
Peary Arctic Club's steamer "Roose
velt" in quest of tthe North Pole.
During the long Arctic night from
October 12th to March 6th, Lieut.
Peary declared, every book was read
and re-read by every member of his
crew. These libraries, of which al
most 300 have been sent to sea this
year, contain forty-three volumes of
travel and adventure, biography, ref
erence and religion. A bible, diction
ary, atlas and Pilgrim's Progress arc
included with many of the latest and
most suitable works of poetry and fic
tion. Half a dozen of these books are
in the Swedish, German and Norweg
ian tongues, Records of tthc 100 li
braries sent through the society as a
memorial to the heir of Aberdeen by
tthe Dowager Duchess of Aberdeen in
1870 show tthat many of the books
dedicated to this wandering "George
Gordon", who left a dukedom to fol
low the sea and be swept overboard,
still travel the seas, thumbed hard in
the forcastle.
Los Angeles Grand Jury Going Af
ter Railway People.
LOS ANGELES, June l.-Thc fed
eral grand jury today returned a large
number of indictments including three
against the Southern Pacific for al
leged rebating in violation of the
Sherman anti-trust act, twenty-nine
counts were contained in the three
indctments. The officials of the com
pany are cited to appear on June 15
to answer the charges. The company
is charged with rebating on orange
shipments to eastern points. Seven
indictments were returned
Harriman individually, for
land frauds in the Imperial
San Diego County.
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Experiment that trill with nnd endanger tho health of
Infant and Chlldrou Experience nguluMt Experiment
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frorlc, Drop nnd Soothing Syrup. It 1 rieannnt. It
contain neither Opium, Morphine nor other Jfarcotlo
SubttUnec. Its ago Is Its guarantee It destroys Worm
and allays Feverlidine. It cures Dlurrhuui nnd Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Trouble, euro Comttlpatloa ,
And Flatulency. It nnHlmllatcs tho Food, regulate tho
Stomach nnd llowcl, giving healthy nml natural alccp,
Tho Children' Fanaceiv-Tho Mother's Friend.
Bears the
The KM You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
MI NIMII), ?? Buaut T.rf. . MTV.
I. v r":T?s.jsasa
Induced by Too Copius Use of
Also Declares Patent Medicine Drunk
eness Almost as Prevalent as the
Generally Recognized Forms Pat
ent Medicine 75 Per Cent Whisky,
CHICAGO, June J. Water intoxica
tion induced by too copius use of
water externally or internally wa
pointed out last night by Dr. L. I).
Mason, vice president of the Ameri
can Society for the study of inebriety,
alcohol and drug neorois is being
dangerous as over-indulgence in al
cohol. Dr. Mason, a leading physician and
philanthropist of Brooklyn, delegate
to the American Medical Associa
tion Convention, addressed inmates of
the Washington Home oh "Why Men
Drink", He declared patent medicine
drunkenness almost as prevalent as
the generally recognized forms.
"I have a friend who is a victim of
a)(ia mania" he said. "He spends
hours in a bath tub and drinks so
much water that he has reduced the
solids of his body and worked serious
injury to himself. Many men and
women drink too much water and are
victims of that form of intoxication,
"We are all creatures of habit. And
our best men and women are victims
of habit. Thousands are victims of
patent medicine drunkenness. One
prominent temperance lecturer of my
acquaintance drinks so much of this
stuff that he is constantly tinder the
influence of this drug or intoxicant.
Most of these patent medicines are
75 per cent cheap whiskey.
"This really is a serious question
for temperance societies. When they
"secure a pledge of abstinence from a
woman or man they also should ex
tract a pledge against the use of pat
ent medicines.
"Tea and coffee drinkers also gen
erally are intemperate. They keep
themselves constantly, under the in
fluence of these stimulants to the in
jury of their sight and other senses.
Cigars are narcotics and men Who
pride themselves on abstinence from
liquor carry one in their mouths all
day or a pipe when they go to bed.
"Sanitariums are springing tip
everywhere and there never is a
paucity of patients."
sia, June 1. Eighty-nine prisoners of
state were drowned by ' a capsized
boat in the Amur river.
If I 1 I
Bought, and which has boon
lias borno tho signature of
nnd luu boon iniulo timier in per
eoiud supervision ftlnco it Infancy.
Allowno ono todecelve you In thl.
Signature of
Sister Fatally Injured and he Dies
Cause Unknown. I
T ACQ MA, June 1. Frank B, Kel-'
cy of Everett, tonight shot and
probably fatally injuring hii sister,
Mr. Harriet Cole at the latter' room
in the Arcade Hotel, then shot and
killed himself. The cause of the shoot
ing i not known. Mr. Cole was sick
wiih lung trouble and was lying on
her bed when her brother ihot4ier
twice, lie had been a tender a"rd
devoted miniitrator to her want. V
1.0S AN'GF.LKS, June I. The sec
ond trial of William J. McComas, the
clubman and mining expert, accused
of the murder of Mrs. Charlotte L.
Noycs, wife of a Boston traveling
salesman, was today set for Septem
ber 21. The first trial resulted in a
hung jury a few days ago.
Leading Man at Keith's Theatre Diet
of Heart Failure.
CLEVELAND, June l.-Eugcnc
Jeppson, 50 years of age, of New
York, the leading man in a vaudeville
sketch at Keith's theatre, dropped
dead of heart trouble induced by a
fright received in his dressing room
this afternoon when an alarm of fire
was sounded. N'o one was injured jrt
the audience, The orchestra continu
ed to play and the actors continued
with the play,
ALLIANCE, Neb., June l.-Wm. J.
Bryan received from the Associated
Press news of Jones' death while
delivering his speech. He stopped to
read the telegram and announces the
death of his friend to the audience.
He spoke feelingly and said he was
indebted to Jones for an oppor
tunity to alone debate on the tariff in
Chicago in 1896.
CHICAGO, June 1. There is one
church in Chicago where Dan Cupid
will occupy as prominent a place as
the minister, It is Christ Church, of
which Rev. J. E. Snyder is the pastor,
that has bowed to the little God of
Love and established a "courting
room" in which ' the young people
may do their "sparking." Features of
the noval addition to the house of
God are cozy corners, screens and
soft-toned lights.
NEW YORK, June l.-Cheered by
more than 25.(1(1(1 nor, rn t,l
three-year-old, bearing the colors of
James R. Kecne won the twenty-
second annual running race in . the
Brooklyn handicap, at the Gravesend
track, today. He made a new record
for the race and the Gravesend track,
stopping distance. Mile and quarter,
2:04 2-5. Fair Play, second; Master
Robert, third,