The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, May 28, 1908, Page 3, Image 3

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    THURSDAY, MAY 28, '08.
Just Tkee Weeks Re
mains of This Great
Lose No Time But Get in
Make Every Day Count
The beautiful Reo automobile which
will make huppy some young lady in
Aoloriu it now on exhibition in the
show window of Chat. llcilborn &
Co.'s furniture store and all are in
vited to call '! iimpcct it. The beau
liful hifjh-griulc Kimball piano can be
seen jut acroitii the street at P. A.
Stoke. Hither one of these grand
prim are will worth liiihting for, In
this content the Aitorian is givin
liiBger values as premium than have
ever been given in a city of this sizj
but the management believe in doing:
nothing by halve.
We made up our mind to add 1000
new snbtcribcr to the Atorian' list
during this content and at the present
rate of increase we will go away be
yond this mark before the contest
All the candidates arc beginning to
work hard and each is striving to
win with the help of their friends.
Just three weeks remain of the con
test, so get in and hustle, for. as in
everything else, this it what will win.
There u ballot box In the A
loran office where the vote may be
deposited for any young ladie whom
you may tee fit to vote for. If you
cannot bring the ballot! to the office,
end them in by mail to the Contest
Manager and the votes will be ac
corded to the young lady for whom
they are Intended. The vote are
counted twice, to there can be no
mistake a to the proper number of
ballot accorded to each candidate.
The vote are alway open for inpec
tion to iniure a fair deal.
The easieit and qulcket way to win
it for candidate to ask their friend to
the detired close of the contest, but
ballot cut from the Aitorian are only
good for one week froVn publication
and will not be counted if voted after
the date printed on the ballot.
Perion living in one diitrict are
not confined to voting for ladle In
their own particular district, but may
vote for anybody in the race.
The offer afford the girl of As
toria and urrounding territory an
excellent opportunity to travel or re
ceive a husineat education at the ex
pense of the Aitorian.
The district will be divided a fol
lows: First dlatrict will include all
the City of Astoria east of Twenty
tecond street; second diitrict will in
clude all the City of Aitoria eatt of
Ninth ttreet to Twenty-second; third
district will include all the City of
Aitoria west of Ninth street to city
limiti; fourth district will include all
the towns in and around Ilwaco and
Chinook; fifth district will include the
towm of Hammond, Warrenton and
ij I
List of Nominations.
FIRST DISTRICT-Includea all the City of Astoria east of Twenty-
second street to city umlts.
MissEsther Mattila, 1336 Grand ave... ... ... 37,943
Mi Roe Nordstrom, 2165 Bond 33,954
Mis Margaret Avaina, 222 33d street. , , 32,698
Miss Annie Due, 1660 franklin avenue , . ' . . . , . , .31,196
Mis Clara Laron, 1411 Franklin avenue 30,919
Miss Mamie Wilson, 364 35th street.... 29974
Mis Enbcrg, 2323 Cedar street
Mis Nellie Davis, 1702 Franklin avenue .... .......23,961
Miss Nellie Anstedt, 1653 Irving avenue '..."l5)j21
SECOND DISTRICT-Includea all the City of Astoria east of Ninth to
iwenty-second streets.
Miss Lydia Yoder 4177
Miss Mary Fossett, 749 Grand avenue . . . . . . . ,'.'. . . .35,326
MUsLelah Gilbaugh, whh Hoefler ...32,978
Mi Martha Foard, 392 17th atreet 32,916
MissOlga Heilborn, 592 Franklin avenue 3378
Miss May Dench, 373 18th street . .29,348
Miss Mary Boentgen, 538 Duane... 29!oiO
Miss Jeanie S. Lynch, 74. Franklin avenue 28124
' - T ,m mm.. 1
nus uiraie wise, 4b Harrison street 27.482
M!s Hattie Tallant, 682 Grand avenue 2848
Mi Mabel Simington, 395 15th street 25824
Mi Hazel Hamlin, with A. R. Cyru 25.440
MiArmella Grusi, 775 Franklin avenue , 23,194
MiasEdna Campbell, 458 Commercial street ....18,757
Mis Birdie McCrosky, 719 Duane 18,612
Miis Alice Nelson, 578 Grand avenue. 17648
MiisEliie Elmore, 385 14th itreet 16978
is an expression that is always heard at sight of a well
developed woman. If you are flat chested, with BUST
undeveloped, a scrawny neck, thin, lean arms-the
above remark will never be applied to you. "SIREN"
wafers will make you beautiful, bewitching. They DE
VELOP THE BUST in a few weeks from 3 to 6 inches
and produce a fine firm, voluptuous bosom. They fill
out the hollow place. Make the arms handsome ad
well modeled and the neck and shoulders shapely and
of perfect contour.
Send for a bottle Odav and vou'lt h nlraA and rral.
t.. HPTnc h 1 1 . . - - ra
iui. oai. water are absolutely harmless, pleasent to take and con-
vemem io carry around. They are jold under guarantee to do all
claim or MONEY back.
Price $1.00 per bottle.
to a.
Inquire at good drug store or send DIRECT
PQCCl)urinS e next 30 days only-we will send you a ampl
I aXLaiottle of these beautifying wafers on receipt of 10 cent u
Frank J. Donnerberg, who several
months ago opened a handsome jew
elry store at 574 Commercial street,
has won a reputation that has brought
him what is perhaps the best trade in
the city. After 16 year' experience in
the large jewelry and watchmaking
(tore of San Francisco and Portland.
Mr. Donnerberg came to Astoria and
opened a small place at 110 Eleventh
street, confining himself largely to
repairing watches, and carrying a
small stock of jewelry and watches.
prepay their subscription for 6 to 12 His customers found him a good
months. It costi the lubicriber noth- watchmaker and discovered they were
ing extra to do this and they are given fair treatment and patronized
aved the annoyance of weekly and him liberally, enabling him to in
monthly collection. By so doing you j crease hi tock rapidly. Mr. Donner
receive a special vote ballot which is, berg is a broad-minded business man,
rood anv time, durinst the contest. and his up-todate itock includes all
Orders for the prizes will be given
the successful contestant at the
close of the contest; same may be
used by the contestant herself or
disposed of in any manner (he may
set fit
Any young lady residing in the
above mentioned territory i eligible
to compete in this contest.
Anyone who desires to vote in this
contest may do so by ballots cut
the newest styles which he purchases
from New York and San Francisco
wholesalers, and his establishment is
a credit to the city.
The automobile will be awarded to
the young lady receiving the largett
number of vote in the the five dis
trict. The piano the second grand
prize will be awarded to the young
from the Daily and Weekly Astorian.lady receiving the second largest vote
or by ipecial vote coupon obtainedin the five district. The trips one
by subscribing to the Aitorian. Thein each district the lady standing
coupons secured by subscribing tosecond, will receive the scholarship
the Astorian may be held as long asand the third will each receive the
desired and voted at any time up togold watch.
DENVER, May 27.-Over a tri
angular course 32 miles in length, 10
powerful racing automobiles will run
on Memorial Day in the first Rocky
Mountain endurance race. The ma
chines are to run the measured road
10 times, making a total of 320 miles
distance to be traveled. Several of
the machines entered have records of
90 miles and hour and surprises arc
expected in speed and endurance.
The first prize is a $500 trophy and
there are second and third prizes also.
In addition to the regular officers
there will be 100 men strung along
the course to keep it clear and guard
against possible accidents. Most of
the details of the contest wit be the
same as those prevailing in the Van
derbilt cup race and many of the
drivers of the contest have taken part
in that contest.
300 Choice Lobsters Taken From
American Waters to Europe.
NEW YORK, May 27.-An in
vasion of European waters by the
American lobster 'has been begun,
When the Kaiser Wilhelm II steam
ed for European yesterday she car
ded in her fish tanks 300 choice
Specimens of the lobster species. The
trip will determine whether they can
be kept alive until they are landed In
Europe. If they are able successfully
to undergo the voyage there is good
reason to believe a new industry will
be the result. At present the lobster
is only obtainable along certain por
tions of the European coast and for
the most part difficult of access and
an invasion of the American lobster
is likely to be hailed with joy by the
epicures of the continent.
The Kaiser Wilhelm's tanks have
pipe attachments which supply fresh
water with pure air by a patented
process and the fact that fish have
been easily kept alive in them
throughout a trans-Atlantic voyage
lead to the belief that lobsters will be
similarly preserved.
Another improvement which the
Kaiser has undertaken is that of
transferring two live frogs to Ger
many with a view of breeding for the
Germany markets. They were taken
from New Jersey swamps and will be
placed in Bavarian environs as simi
lar as possible.
THIRD DISTRICT-Includea all the City of Astoria west of Ninth
street to City Limits.
Miss Frances Norberg, 233 Alameda avenue 57.071
Mis Ella Powell, 171 Exchange , 53,866
Mi Leta Drain, 244 6th treet 34748
Mis Edith Smith, 189 6th itreet 36,163
Min Mary Cregory, 545 8th itreet 35.480
Miss Maude Ron, 103 2nd itreet 32,940
Mm Either Anderson, 368 Keniington 31,046
Mrs. Arthur Hess, 341 7th street 29,715
Miss May Parker, 291 Sth street 22.120
MiNancie Reed, 91 Bond, at P. 0 21,798
Mis Esther Gearhart, 359 Grand avenue 19,989
MiRuth Blinn, 386 9th treet 17,914
Miss Hazel Ettei, 237 Commercial street 16822
Mm Nellie Hsgman, 108 Astor 13,971
Miis Alma Baker, 261 W. Aitor 11,043
. oay cost of packing and portage if you will mention that roa
law ths Advertisement in this paper. The sample alone may be sufficient
if defect are trivial.
Desk 22 ESTHETIC CHEMICAL C O- 31 West 125th St New York.
FOURTH DISTRICT-Includea the Towns of Ilwaco and Chinook and
territory on the north aide of the river.
Miss Elinor Willlama, Ilwaco 26,658
Mis Olive Thompson, Chinook 25,688
Mist Ida Williamson, Ilwaco 20,778
Mil Myrtle Alexander, Chinook 15,928
FIFTH DISTRICT-Includea the Towns of Warrenton, Hammond and
Seaside and all territory in Clatsop County outside of Astoria,
Miss Louise Brown, Hammond 28,934
Miss Nettie Utzinger, Seaside 2&619
Miss Mabel Taylor, Flavel 25,983
Miss Eva Coffman, Seaside 24,609
MisiEva Parker, Warrenton 23,949
Misi Hazel Vannice, Warrenton 23,341
Mrs. C. E. Linton, Warrenton 22,920
Miss Edith Haney, Seaside 20,922
Miss Anna Sijnrdsen, Warrenton..... 10,697
Dist Address.
Good for one vote when filled out and aent to The Astorian
office by mail or otherwise on or before expiration date, No ballot
will be altered in any way, or transferred after being recevied by the
The World's Best Climate
is not entirely free from disease, on
the high elevations fevers prevail,
while on the lower levels malaria is
encountered to a greater or less ex
tent, according to altitude. To over
come climate affections lassitude, ma
laria, jaundice, biliousness, fever and
ague, and general debility, the most
effective remedy is Electric Bitters,
the great alternative and blood puri
fier; the antidote for every form of
bodily weakness, nervousness, and in
somnia. Sold under guarantee at
Charles Rogers & Son drug store.
Price SOc.
Morning Astorian, one month.,. , $ 0.60
Morning Astorian, three months 1.80
Morning Astorian, six months 3.50
Morning Astorian, one year 7.00
Morning Astorian, two years 14.00
Morning Astorian, three years 21.00
Morning Astorian, four years 28.00
Morning Astorian, five years 35.00
Weekly Astorian, one year $ 1.50
Weekly Astorian, two years 3.00
In all cases where ballots are issued subscriptions must be paid in advance.
The full amount of money must be sent direct by mail, paid to local agents,
or brought to this office.
The paper will be delivered by mail or through agents, as requested.
Besides the votes given on subscriptions there will be a coupon published
in each issue of the Morning Astorian which when cut out and filled in, will
count as one vote. These coupons must be mailed to the Morning Astorian
Contest Manager before the expiration printed on each ballot
Contest Closes Tuesday, June 16, 1908.
Subscribe for The Morning Astorian.
60 120
300 600
1000 2000
2500 5000
7000 14000
11000 22000
18000 36000
25000 50000
400 ' 800
1500 3000
Fisher Brothers Company
Barbour and Finlayson Salmon Twins and Netting
McCormick Harvesting Machines
Oliver Chilled Ploughs
Maltboid Roofing
Sharpies Cream Separators
Raecolith Flooring Stoi?ett's Tools
Hardware, Groceries, Ship
Tan Bark, Blue Stone, Muriatic Acid, Welch Coal, Tar,
Ash Oars, Oak Lumber, Pipe and Fittings, Brass
Goods, Paints, Oils and Glass's Pore Manilla Rope, Cotton Twin and Seina Web
We Want Your Trade
Shasta Route and Coast Line of the
Southern Pacific Company
Through Oregon and California
Over 1300 miles of scenic beauty and interest attractive and instruc
tive. This great railroad passes through a country unsurpassed for its
scenic attractions, and introduces the traveler to the vast arena soon to
become the scene of the world's greatest industrial activities. There is
not an idle or uninteresting hour on the trip .and the variety ol conditions
presented excites wonder and admiration. " .
" " ' - ' ijj.i-
Special Low Rate Tickets now on ISale at All Ticket Office 1
Portland to Los Angeles and Return
Long limit on tickets and stop-over privileges. CorresDondina- ratea fret
other points. Inquire of G. W. Roberts, local airent for full n.rtit.r. ,
and helpful publications describing the country through which this great
nignway extenas, or address
WM. McMurray:
General Passenger Agent, Portland.
Subscribe for The Morning Astorian
60c Per Month by Mail or Carrier
Only All Rail Route to
Steamship Tickets via all Ocean Lines
at Lowest Rates. Through tickets on
sale. For rates, steamship and sleeping-car
reservations, call.on or address
G. B. JOHNSON, General Agent
12th St., near Commercial St. Astoria, Oregon
Canning Machinery, Marine Engines and Boilers
Correspondence Solicited. . . Foot of Fourth Streat