The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, April 02, 1908, Page 4, Image 4

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St Nicholas Comes Out of Winter
Flight of. Foreign Bound Craft Over
the Bar Yesterday Nereua Down
From Portland Steamship Miner
va in From La Baca Notes.
Still in a State of Uncertainty
and Unrest
Reports Are In Circulation That
American Intervention Will Prob
ably Result From the Present Com
plicated Condition of Affairs.
PORT AU PRINCE, Hayti, April
1A spirit of uncertainty and un
rest still prevails in Port au Prince.
The recent abortive attempt at a
second uprising has given the gov
ernment an excuse for searching all
quarters of the city in hopes of find
in gsuspects involved. The French
minister to Hayti, M. Carteron, has
recently shown considerable concern
about what action the Haytian gov
ernment may take against refugees
now in the French legation. Some of
these refugees themselves say the
minister has advised them to procure
pistols and ammuniton and that he
said he was unable to guarantee pro
tection. The French mnister, when
asked today with regard to this state
ment, declined to deny or affirm it
It is generally believed that the alarm
of the Fench minister is unfounded.
port circulated to the effect that the
arrival of the German cruiser Bre
men would bring about another cri
sis in which Germany would insist
upon immediate payment of a claim
made by a German resident of Hayti,
Herr Reinbold, is not confirmed. The
German attitude on this subject is
the same now as it was two months
ago when President Alexis was no
tified that Germany would not per
mit the deportation of Reinbold and
would continue to press his claim
for adequate compensation. Be
yond this there is nothing to indic
ate that the arrival of the crusicr
Bremen has brought the Reinbold
question to a more critical issue.
Reports are in circulation that
American intervention will probably
result from the present complicated
condition of affairs.
Three more officers suspected of
complicity in the recent conspiracy
took refuge yesterday in the French
agation. Squads of soldiers are con
tinuing their search for other suspects.
French Minister Shows Concern
About Harboring Refugees.
Port Au Prince, April 1. The re-
Bad Mix up in Chicago Banking
CHICAGO, April 1. A despatch
to the Tribune from Clinton 111. says:
The fourth suit against Vespasian
Warner, commissioner of pensions,
was filed by his half sisters, Mrs.
Minnie W. Mettler and Arabella
Bell in the circuit court yesterday.
The bill charges juggling bank stock
of John Warner and Co., by which
Vespasian Warner secured full con
Many charges are made against the
excommissioner as to the means
used by him to get control of the
estate of his father.
Warner's allegation at a former
trial that his stepmother was a neg-
ress is given as the cause for the in
stitution of the suit.
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The fine steam schooner Shna-Yak
entered this port yesterday afternoon
from San Francisco, en route to
Prescott, for a load of lumber. She
is a fine clean craft and evidently a
big carrier, but the quarantine offi
cials were almost persuaded to send
her into quarantine on account of the
name she bore. This is her first ap
pearance in these waters and she i9
a credit to her trade.
The American shin St. Nicholas
came out of her Winter quarters in
Young's Bay yesterday, on the tow
lines of the Callendcr tug Melville,
and was hauled into the channels on
this side, and at 3:50 o'clock was
docked at the Elmore pier, where she
will outfit for Nushagak.
The Norwegian steamship Minerva
arrived in yesterday morning at 9:45
o'clock from La Boca, C. Z., and is
anchored in the city channel. She
will leave up this morning early for
the metropolis, from whence she will
load lumber for the Isthmus of Pa
The steamer Eureka, which is to
inaugurate the new coast line of
steam service between San Francisco,
Eureka. Coos Bav. Astoria and
Portland, is due here at any time on
her maiden voyage in this interest.
The Norwegian steamship Som
merstad, lumber laden for Hong
Kong, got away yesterday amid the
perfect conditions of bar and weather
that prevailed.
The fine schooner King Cyrus
came down from Prescott yesterday
morning on the ines of the Harvest
Queen and will make it to sea and
San Pedro today, with her 800,000
feet of lumber.
The steamer Sue H. Elmore ar
rived in from Tillamook yesterday
evining with freight and passengers,
and will go to the metropolis this
The German bark Nereus has got
ten down from Portland at last and
is in the lower harbor awaiting des
patch, which she will probably get
this morning.
The schooner Wellesley, from San
Francisco, for Portland, arrived yes
terday and will go up the river this
The British ship Arctic Stream
went her way over the bar yesterday
en route to the United Kingdom with
her big load of Inland Empire wheat.
The French bark Andre Theodore
was among the get-aways yesterday
from the lower harbor, sailing for
Europe deep laden with wheat.
The steamer Washington arrived
down early yesterday morning and
went to sea and San Francisco with
out delay.
" The steamer Cascades has arrived
in from the Bay City and is docked
at the Tongue Point tnills, where she
will load lumber outward.
The idling square-riggers, Leyland
Bros., Nomia and Donna Francisco,
are still swinging at their anchors
and drying rails off the Tongue.
The steamer Nome City is due in
from San Francisco today, but may
not get here until tomorrow.
The steamer Yosemite has entered
port and taken her way up the river
to load lumber at Portland.
Number of Men Employed on Rail
road Decreased 18 per Cent
. CHICAGO. April l.-Seventcen
representative railroads of the U. S
constituting one third of the mileage
of the country the total number of
' t . ii
employees is 18 per cent smaucr man
June 30 1907. This statement Is bas
ed on authoritative figures Just ob
tained by the Chicago General Man
agers association for the information
of its members. The railroads from
which reports were received, traverse
practically all sections of the country
and the figures are said by railroad
managers arc to be fair railroad matters.
The total mileage of the 17 rajl-
roads amounts to 71,872 miles. On
une 30, 1907 the number of men em
ployed on these roads aggregated
581,713, At present the number is
476,947 a decrease of 104,766 or 18
per cent.
A considerably greater number
than this have actually been laid off
because the number of employes in
last October was greater than In
June the time with which present
conditions are compared. Eighteen
per cent of all the railroad employes
in the U. S. last June 30. is 305,000.
There were approximately 4,0000 men
employed on all roads in October
June, making allowances for this fact
the number of idle employes at pre
sent is possibly in the neighborhood
of 348, 000.
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line of cooking and domestic service
without overheating the room or the
A cylindrical chimney concentrates
the heat at the stove top and in this
way prevents surface radiation as In
a coal or wood stove.
It is easy to see that this lessens
very much the matter of personal
discomfort in Summer housekeeping.
So don't forget the New Perfection
Oil Stove in your Summer plans and
you will have a comfortable kitchen
and the best cook stove In the world
"Modern" Delight.
When man l uses under the hands
of a barber ho wants the best skilled
treatment to be had lo that line. Ia
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and gets it in any of the six chairs
Famous Nook in Famous Hotel
Wiped Out For All Time.
NEW YORK, April 1. Four plush
settees which have been in the 'Amen
Comer of the Fifth Avenue Hotel
for the last 25 years have been turned
over by the Hotel Proprietors to the
members of what is popularly known
as the "Amen Corner Corporation".
At a meeting of the members Mon
day, it is said, the question of re
locating the famous seat will be con
sidered, the removal from the Fifth
Avenue hotel having been necessit
ated by the demolition of that struct
ure. The statement is made that
there is not a president for forty
years, a governor of any great state,
a notable U. S. senator, a distinguish
ed foreigner ambassador or a re
nowned American diplomat who has
not occupied at one time or another
one of the "Amen corner" scats.
Tea is not infallible;
moneyback makes
amends. We are not, in
the least, uneasy about
the money.
Tour iroctr return. jot mow If ,m toa'l
Iks SchUUsi's Dt; w. 91 him.
This Time Refusing to Be Vaccinated
Cause Trouble at Stanford.
April 1. -Ninety-one men were today
declared suspended for ten days from
Anril 6 for their failure to comply
with the recent order making vaccin
ation compulsory. If this regulation
is enforced it will probably seriously
interfere with baseball, none of whom
have yet been vaccinated. Three of
the crew have been vaccinated, but
the others have not yet done so. A
suspension for ten days at this time
of the year would almost mean
"flunk" at the end of the semester,
s there will not be time enough to
make up the lost work.
Just Opened.
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Tailoring. Mrs. McLelsnd, 159 Ninth
Just received a new line of umbrella
covers. See C H. Orkwita, 137 Tentn
Allwina Are All Winners.
The Zapf Hardware & Furniture
Company, of this city, has just put
on the market the best and nicest
baby go-cart for the money ever
heard of in Astoria. It is the Allwin,
and is to be had at the modest figure
of $5.25. It ia one of the easiest
riders in carriages, and the baby that
is indulged with one dimples all over
every time it goes out It runs smooth
as silk and folds up till it is almost
unrecognizable. Call and examine one
before putting money into something
not nearlv so satisfactory. The
Allwins are all winners, sure enough!
For Good Wood
From the Tongue Point Lumber
Company, 16-inch stove length. Call
up Prael-Eigner Transfer Co., Phone
The Commercial. w
One of the coaiest and most popular
resorts in the city is the Commercial.
A new billiard room, a pleasant sitting
room and handsome fixtures all go ,to
. . . t . m TV
maxe an asreeanie meenns disc ior
w V
sertlemen. there to discuss the tonics v
of the day, play a game of billiard
. i i .l. e i i .
ina vn dt ins nm riireiimeDii nrr.
ed there. The best of goods are only
handled, and this faei being so well
known, a large business is done at the
Commercial, on Commercial street.
near Eleventh.
A Beautiful Sample.
A beautiful sample of handiwork ia
to be seen at the office of A. B.
Cyrus, No. 424 Commercial street;
and everyone purchasing $1., worth
of phonograph records, will receive
a number in the drawing for thia
elegant article, .
The Clean Man.
The man who delights in personal
cleanliness, and enjoys his shave,
shampoo, haircut, and bath, in As
toria, always goes to the Occident
barber shop for these things and
gets them at their best
The very beat board to be obtained
in the city ia at "The Occident Hotel"
Ratea very reasonable.
". ti
The Palace Restaurant ' 1
The ever-increasing popularity of
the Palace Restaurant is evidence of
the good management and the serv
ice, at this popular dining room. For
a long time the reputation of the
house has been of the best and it
does not wane as time progresses.
The system used, that of furnishing,
the finest the market affords,- and all
tan be obtained, in season, is a plan
that will always win, coupled as it fa
with the best of cooking and prompt
service. A common saying nowadays
is "Get the Palace habit"
William Kelly hereby announces
that he is doing a strictly indepen
dent wood fuel business. He has no
partners, nor associated interests. He
desires his old customers to know
and remember this, and reserve their
orders for fuel. Prompt attention.
Phone Main 2191.
Now that Summer time and J'dog
days" are just ahead, everybody who
"Summers" at home is considering
how to simplify things and get the
most comfort out of an uncomfort
able situation.
We interview the ice man, order
thin clothes, plan to ease up here and
relax there, but more than likely for
get the one most important item in
the whole hot weather scheme some
means of doing the family cooking
the insufferable heat of a
coal fire in the kitchen.
Everyone with experience knows
how tiresome it is to stay in a stuffy
room to prepare a meal, let alone
the doing of a big baking. But
everyone doesn't know how very
easy it is to change a hot kitchen
to a cool one, and do better cooking
at th same time. Just add to your
list of Summer conveniences a New
Perfection Wick Blue Flame Oil
Cook Stove and you've done all that
any one can do to lessen hot weather
Wouldn't it be fine of a Summer
morning to step in the kitchen,, put
on the kettle, broil the steak, bake
the muffins, filter the coffee'and give
the breakfast call in one-fourth the
time you'd take to do it all on a coal
stove? . 1
And woudn't it be fine to be as
cool when the breakfast was pre
pared as when you first entered the
kitchen? People who have tried it
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I vf I 11 Ill 11 lt-JVf
and Home
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