The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, April 19, 1907, Image 5

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    FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 1907.
N New Light on An Old Subject
The careful selection of best 'wheat, the
care in milling and blending the clcanincss
iu handling m go to make
the best of family flour.
$1,20 the sack
Will Apptar In ptmbr
Andrw Hursld Jmsm, a natlvo of
8wotln yesterday made his formal ap
plication for final cltlaenshlp papers
hp for County Clerk Clinton, and h
will go up befor Judge Mtltrld In
September next, th 17th.
Not Dd riUd -
record (or doeda AM for
county clerk's ornr. was
single pen-mark yester
day, not a dcod having bron preemted
nor any other Instrument. It la on
of th red-letter dy In titnt busy of
fice whm such a hiatus occurs; though
ihm U pl. niy to work on all rtalu. It
hns not '(iHniirc1 In nrarly two years.
Not h Dd Pi
Tf4t entry r
. iVord at th i
aulltlpM of a
For Th, Llttl Popl.
Kvry parent In (bit city should In
vestlgate, at once, th. new and ap
preclable sho. for tbe youngster, at
rhftrlri V. flrown'a Commercial street
house. They are railed the "B. C.
HcuftV and are (he very epitome of
good wear and real comfort, Thry
are going like wIM-flr and the Wd
thrmsidve are aftr thorn because
thy look ao "comfy."
Petition Filed
The Atorla Electric Company filed
a petition with Auditor Anderaon ask
Ing to be altoweJ to Install a J,000 gal
lon fuel oil tank at the gn plant at
the foot of Third atrt. The com
pany agrees to have the tank placed In
concrete pit and to comply with all
th regulations of Hoard and Fir Un
derwriter!. Action will be taken at
the next council meeting.
Aged Settler Dead
Jonathan T. tlorow, aged It year,
died yeeterday morning at hi home In
Chinook. The pent IS years of hie
life were spent In Chinook and he wan
known along the Columbia river for
SS years, lie leaves a widow and nine
children, four eon and five daughter,
all of whom were present when the
end came. The remnlne will be burl
ad today In tha llwaco cemetery.
At th Astoria
Aatnrlans turned out again full force
to witness the unique and pleasing
performance ot the Howard Dorset
Stock company at the Astoria lust
(l nigiu ana in no uomg aispjnyea i.ieir
jrvod judgement In approving a com-
fly that ran for twenty weeks,
klYln.t,f In T nit kntr,nm n m, u'hlt.h
will ft) to Tortlnnd, na aoon as on of
the theaters there Is open to them.
Ther I no question as to the cab
ability of tha company, In fact It !
abov th average and the murmur In
which th local audience hav be
stowed their applause Is an Indication
of th popularity they have assumed
In th minds of th people. Tonight
the bill will be changed, and a farce
comedy substituted, as good If not
better, than Christopher Jr, which
proved so pleasing th first part of
th week. "Other people's money" Is
the title and In the bands of this cap
bl company treat la In stor for
th theater goer.
Fannon Funeral
I'nder the nuplcs of the Cuahlng
CI. A. It. the funeral of the lute
Thomas Fannon was held from ft
Mary's Catholic Church yesterday
morning, the Reverend Father Waters
officiating, fix nnn-eommlaalnned of
ficer from Fort Ptevens acted as pall
bearers and lent, a military touch to
obsettles that was furthered by the
casket being draped with a huge
American flag. Th ceremonies were
attended by a large number of the
(I. A. It. and the many friends of th
deceased. The Interment was In Oreen-
FUh Hatohery Chang
Tie plans and specifications for the
new hatchery on the McKensI river
are being prepared and Master Flh
Warden Van Dusen has already aa-
signed W. A. Soil i h, as superintendent
of the new hatchery. The new plant
will be able to lake car of 10,000.000
eggs and will probably b ready by the
first of July. Warden Van Dusen has
also filled the vacancy made, when
Frank C. Brown was promoted to a
deputy flh wardenshlp, by transfering
A. D. Allen fro mthe Wallowo rjver
station to the Ontario hatchery, Th
promotion of Mr. Brown will result In
the moving up of a number of the men
In the department, as It Is the rule
with Warden Van Dusen to promote
cupabl men In the department rather
than to go outside. Just what Chang
es will be mado has not been fully de
tvrmlned, Joseph Hlemmons will have
charge of th new Sluslnw hatchery or
dered built nt the Inst meeting of the
Hoard of Fish Commissioners,
Ice Cream
1 People ,n An WalKs
fe- Pfl Of Life
' C"" Can be suited here at all
iMfff Groceries are always uiod-
erate and the quality of our
--' J goods are so well known
Sf I they require no comment.
j- Scholfield, Mattson & o.
J--f Successors to Johnson Bros
Miuiuger Whyte, of III Chamber of
Commerce, stated to an Astorlan re
porter yesterday that while things
were not so very, brisk he hoped to
hv nn Item or two In the near future
that would causa the inhabitants to
sit up and take notice. Ho Is grad
ually lining up the local situation and
pushing forward the work, of first get.
ling a aolld foundation, of getting
things arranged So as to attract the
class of peopl he I after and then
the main work will be pushnd with
all posslhl vigor. Ills latest move
along this line la the "ccurlng of a
geological survey for th stats of Ore
gon. ,
Oregon Is probably the only stst
which the government has not tak
en car of this matter and In many
lutes th ofDce of Htatn Geologist has
been Inaugurated. Where ver the
system has been tried It has proven
to b of groat help, toward developing
tht, resources and while It Is Mr.
Whyte's Intention to secure a survey
oT the whole state Is osalbl, It Is
mainly for the benefit, of the territory
In the immediate vicinity of Astoria.
To this effect he has written to the
department at Washington and also
to th Governor of (lie slate.
In response to Mr. Whyte's Inquiry
as to whether or not he could havt
the new hotel completed by the time
of the IVce President's visit Paul Wea.
senger replied yesterday, saying (hat
It would b an Impossibility. He
stated further however that the struc
ture would be completed within (ho
present year and that th operation""
would be pushed with all tha speed
possible and conslstant with th first
class construction which th new hotel
will recelv,
Th postal card distributed among
th school children are being returned
with mor rapidity than ever. The way
In which th little one hav token hold
of this mater I a sourc of constant
delight with Mr. Whyt and h never
misses an opportunity to comment up
on It Master Fenton Cellar holds the
record for having- returned the mot
name up to date. Lata yesterday
afternoon hla card containing twenty
names together with a letter having
0 more was receive! and they wsr
fur the most irt the names of people
living In the East, Just the people this
class of advertising Is destined, to
reach. '
Sooislist Mseting ,
Mln Irene Smith of Tacoma, Wash-
will speak Saturday evening In the
Finnish Hall Vnlor. town and Sunday
evening In A. O. U. W. Hall Astoria on
the "Triumph of Socialism." Seats
For a
ohnson Phonograph Go.
Parlrs toond Floor ovr SoholfUld A Mattson Co.
Fish Run Light-
Word from' the Astoria canneries
yesterday Indicates that the run of
salmon Is rather light and below the
llmlt-wclt;ht In most Instances. Not a
Hah has gone to the cold-storage plants
as yet. A number of the city canner
ies have not yet cut Into a salmon and
but few of them have bought at all.
The fleet on the river and bay yester
day whs the largest noted this season,
so far.
From Tillamook
Collector of Customs Carnahan,
found the custom affairs in the Til
lamook district to his satisfaction, and
hnd time to observe that a great many
new settlors have arrived In that sec
tion. The dairymen have awakened
and rapid strides are being taken In
this line. The price of land In this
vicinity is rapidly on tho rise and has
now reached tho point where an acre
of good land brings around $250.
Persons Injured
J. W. Inman, was received at St.
Mary's yesterday afternoon with a dis
located shoulder. He was driving a oolt
hitched to a cart and leading two oth
ers, when those In the rear became
frightened and endeavored to Jump
over the cart. As a result of
this Mr, Inman was struck by the
for feet of one of the animals and be
sides the Injury done to his shoulder
he was severely bruised; about the
body. Tho accident happened on the
road , between ithe Young's Bridge and
the one over the Lewis and Clark.
While his injuries are painful Mr, In
man is resting a easy as could be expected.
The Seed of Prosperity.
Supposing every man in a community was slovenly and un
tidy, what kind of a city would grow up there?
It may be the very natural desire to be in the lead that
prompts the more progressive element to forge ahead.
Is it not a laudable ambition , "
For tSmith to Say:--
"I Built the Finest House in Oregon, Here"
For Jones to Say:
"I Raise the Finest Stock in Oregon, Here"
For Brown toSay:
"We have the Loveliest Women in Oregon,
My Ambition
Is to have the "Most Up-to-date" Clothing
Establishment in Oregon, here in Astoria
Let those who are built the wrong way criticise.
If I but show accomplishm'entsVlf I but meet with half the
success I deserve I shall becontent, and
!t won't hurt the town any if strangers talk everywhere about
11 ATA VI fl ' A
HMO i i
Best" Things
5Q in
nj O
c J
JLL il T Iwiisdr IJb)
son camp, severely Injured Ills right
foot with an axe Wednesday evening.1
While working on the Jetty yester
day morning Lem Coftey, a son of
James Coffey broke his leg. He was
given attendance at the government
hospital, on thef ground, and as soon
as the bones knit he will resume his
To Property Owners
Tho undersigned for ourselves and
those we represent are willing to buy
and pay for property In this vicinity
to the value of $1,000, to $100,000, or
several pieces of property of various
kinds, business property, or lots or
acreage, but we must have fair prices
and will not under any circumstances
pay profits to land grabbers who have
no bona fide intentions, but who have
tied up desirable property on contract
and expect new-comers to pay them
enormous and unfair advances on
same. If you want to sell and will of
fer us a fair deal, address I L. Fol
som or W. D. Field, care of F. N.
Clark, Astoria, Oregon.
Morning Astorlan, 60 cents month, I
.... i u
Oxford 'Ties
For Women.
The demand for this style
of footwear promises to be
greater this season than ever
before. Either patent, kid
or tan are correct for leathers
The shoe that is bought
from us is certain to be cor
rect in style. We have them
in all leathers, styles and
Wherity, Ralston Company:!
Astoria's Best Shoe Store r
Swan Engleaton, a logger at the Ole.
C.Mlversa oy owner.