The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, April 03, 1907, Page 8, Image 8

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SCHIILINGSEng. BreaKfast, Japan, Oolong
Sole Agents for Bakers Barringtcm Hall
Steel Cut Coffee.
tTtTTttTT TtTtTTTt???'?? TTTtTTtti
Of Texas Legislature Atkt Pertinent
Questions in Hi Morning Prayer.
ACSTIX, Texas, April I. Chaplain
Joyce, of the House of Representatives
yesterday morning in his regular morn
ing prayer at the opening of the ses
sion said:
"Hundreds of men in the state are
today cursing the laws recently enact
ed. Why do they not come and curs
the lawmakers. Hundreds of thous
ands are blessing those laws; why not
bless the men that passed them.
The recent enactment of certain re
form legislation haa caused the mem
bers of the Legtslatur to be the sub
ject of much criticism, which H Is said
prompted the chaplain's remarks.
Great Lois to Crops in Spain, Farmers
Now Rejoicing.
MADRID, April a. The long drought
which has caused so much loss, In
damage to the wheat and corn crops,
was broken yesterday by a torrential
rain which fell throughout Spain and
all the farmers are rejoicing.
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Dr. Reed's Cushion
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Time Comma When Controversies of
Men And Employers Is Submitted.
WASHINGTON, April:. Federal
authorities express the opinion that
the time is coming when the railroads
and their employes will submit all
controversies relative to wages, hours
of service and conditions of employ
nvtit to government boards rather
than undergo the distressing experi
ences that usually follow strikes and
partian tie-ups. Congress has provi
ded the machinery whereby mediation
and arbitration shall be applied to la
bor disputes In the railroad world. This
machinery is found In the "mediation
and arbitration" act of 1S98. which for
a long time was not Invoked owing to
the distrust of railway employers and
railway employes.
A fair test of the efficacy of the law
Is now being made In the difference
between the Southern Pacific Railroad
company and Us employes growing out
of the strike of the latter because of
dissatisfaction over wages and other
matters. Both sides to the controver
sy having signified a willingness to
submit their troubles to a board of
arbitration, steps were taken by the
Chairman of the Interstate Commerce
Commission and the Commissioner of
Labor to bring them together. The in
dications are that an award will be
made satisfactory alike to the rail
rod and Its employees.
The mediation and arbitration act
of 1898 applies to common carriers,
their officers, agents and employees.
It provides that whenever a contro
versy Shall arise between a carrier and
Its employees, "seriously Interrupting
or threatening to Interrupt the busi
ness of the said carrier," the Chair
man of the Inter-State Commission
and the Commissioner shall, upon the
request of either party, use their best
efforts by "conciliation and mediation"
to amicably settle the differences be
tween emDlovers and employees. If
mediation falls then the law offers the
alternative of arbitration. Mediation
was tried In the case of the Couthern
Pacific, without results. Arbitration
was then proposed, and if was aJop
Chairman Martin A. Knapp, of the
Interstate Commerce Comml1on Is
of the opinion that before long arbi
tratlon will become fashionable In the
transportation world. '1 regard this
law as well eoncelved and sound in
principle," he said. "It goes about as
far as useful legislation of this kind
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to. Pi
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could go. We hear more or less about
compulsory arbltrtion. That, to my
mind, la a contradiction of terms. The
tribunal to which a party to a contro
versy can be brought against his will
Is not In any true sense arbitration,
because the very Idea of arbitration
Is a voluntary submission b both sides.
The practical difficulty In the way of
voluntary arbitration must come, in
the nature of the case, In the selection
of the third arbitrator
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will have to be committed to an usy
lum. Probably the first stop which Mr.
Jerome will take this morning will
be to call Dr. Alien McLane Hainlltion
' o the stand to risk him about Thaw's
Under the law actual condition of mind. This Is like-
of 1898 the two parties each selects i ly to bring the hearing to lt cruloul
Its representative on the board, and the j There is some conjecture as
.nPnm.nt .hrnimh the Chairman of ! to Mr. Jerome's motive In having Mrs.
the Interstate Commerce Commit 1 Evelyn Thaw subpoenaed for appear-
and the Commissioner of Labor names , ance at the sesions. sne was mucn
,h fhif v,.h niru m a difference perturbed over this movement. Bhe
selects as a matter of course, one In j was afraid that she would have to tes-
sympathy with his cause. The method ' tlfy against her nustmn.i. Mr, jemme
of selecting the third arbitrator pro- j would not explain why she was sum-
vided In this act is about as good as moned but too probability is tnnt ne
any that could be devsed."
Salary Question Settled to the Satis
faction of Managers.
NB;W YORK, April 2. Word has
been received in this city that Hal
Chase, the noted first baseman of the
New York American Baseball club
will Join the team In o. few days.
Chase, who lives In San Jose, Cal.,
has hitherto refrained from reporting
to Manager Griffiths because of sala
ry disagreement. It Is believed the
matter will be amicably settled.
To Be Sold This Week.. New York Art
Museum to Make Purchases.
NEW YORK, April 2. Eight hun
dred persons including artists, con
nlseurs and, dealers visited the Stan
ford White house and viewed the art
objects which are to be sold at auc
tion on Thursday, Friday and , Sat
urja of this week. Admission was by
ticket. Another public exhibition will
gven today.
Sir Caspar Purdon Clark, director
the Metropolitan museum of art
will only be asked a few technical
It was announced today after a ses
sion which lasted from 10:30 this morn
ing until 8:30 this evening that the
Thaw lunacy commission will con
clude its labors tomorrow and report
conclusions to Judge Fitzgerald be
fore the hour set for the Thaw Jury to
report in court Thursday morning.
There will be a brief session tomorrow
to hear the testimony of alienists of
fered by Jerome, then will follow pri
vate mental and physical examination
of defendant.
Only members of the commission
and the officials stenographer will be
present at Thaw's ordeal, attorneys
for the defense and the District At
torney being barrcJ. Announcement
was made that the Committee desired
to renew Its private examination of
Thaw came at the end of the day as
many witnesses and it was In the na
ture of a surprise. The decision was
probably due to the conflicting char
acter of the testimony heard today. It
was but another battle of the alienists.
Those engaged by the District Attor
ney declared Thaw absolutely incap
able of understanding his condition,
cf realizing the nature of the charge
against him or of rationally conferring
with his counsel; while those, engaged
'by defense declared Thaw throughout
the trial had acted rationally, and' had
would be an Interested bidder at the
Judges of SNAPPY
I in GOOD headgear
are giving their ap
proval to JALOFFS
SEE the line and learn WHY.
do vlHltn lit InSDectlon.
Is Interest Indicated that the museum Nationally advised his counsel no nmy
understood nd appreciated everything
connected with his trial.
F ' S
New vStore.
1U( Eleventh St., Between Onuiioniul nn( Itond
It is getting so any coljege president
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Uornlne; Aatorlan. 10 cent a month.
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