The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, February 12, 1907, Image 4

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Columbia Sails for San Francis
co Sunday Morning
Undine Picks Up a Snag Bunch of
Schooner Pass Both Ways
Steamere Galore and Somt
Squart Riggtrt In Here.
The schooner Ottillle Fjord came
down from Rainier Sunday morning on
the Oklahama along with the schoon
er Prosper from St Helen's. The for
mer was loaded with 275.000 feet of
lumber and the latter with 870.000
feet In the course of cutting loose
from the Olkahama, the schooners
came together bows on, and the Pros
pers head-gear was badly raked, but
the damage was not sufficient to de
ter her from proceeding to sea.
The steamship Columbia came down
on Sunday morning last and went to
sea and San Francisco at noon. In
addition to the list published In Sun
May's Astorian, the following passen
gers Joined her for the voyage south:
Edward Saar, William Wllford and D.
Roberts, in the cabn; and G. M. Smth
and Frank Curtis in the steerage.
The Kamm steamer Undine had the
bad luck to run afoul of a snag off
Pillar Rock on her way up from this
port on Sunday morning. She picked
It up on her starboard guard, and it
forced its way through the upper
decking and had to be sawed oft. It
did not stop her for a minute, how
ever. It takes more than that to bluff
Captain Larkin.
The jmnounceinent was made at the
office of Vice Consul P. L. Cherry yes
terday morning that the British ship
Peter Iredale has been sold, as she(
stands, to the Pacific Iron Works of
this city. The Pacific people will
break her up as convenience dictates
and use her material In effective fash-
Ion. The price paid was 100 pounds
sterling, or about 1500.
The Gerald C, motor schooner, was
anion the Sunday arrivals from sea.
Captain Latham reports a long, hard
siege in the Tillamook waters during
the recent gules. He brought a load
of mixed merchandise in from the Xe
halem country and 1,366 cases of sal
mon. She will undergo general In
spection today.
Captain Hansen of the Susie M.
Plummer reports that he spoke the
sealer Victoria off Cape Ulaneo on the
first of the present month, and that
she had taken three doien fine skins
up to doate and were all well,
A four-masted barkentlne entered
port last evening on the tow lines of
the Wallula. It Is supposed she Is the
Puako, coal ballasted for S. Elmore &
Company, from San Juan, Guatamala.
SI days out Laty It Is the Puako.
The steamer F. A. Kllburn arrived
down from Portland yesterday after
noon, and went to the lower harbor
without any loss of time. She prob
ably went over the bar on the evening
The steamer Volga was equipped
with her new boilers yesterday and
the repairs due to her will rapidly fol
low. Contractor Lebeck's machine do
ing the 'lifting" stunts in both cases.
The Pacific ocean 'greyhound." the
Delia, left out for sea and Xestucca
on Sunday afternoon, which accounts
In a measure for the extraordinary
tides that swept In yesterday.
The fine oil tanker Rosecrans ar
rived down the river from Portland on
Sunday and went to sea yesterday In
company with her fleet-mate, the Ma
verick, from the lower harbor.
The steamer Yosemite came in over
the bar from San Francisco on Sun
day morning and went directly up the
river after a lumber cargo for the
return trip.
The four-masted schooner Susie M.
Plummer was among the arrivals from
San Francisco and lies off the A. & C.
pers, ready for her up-river trip.
The three masted schooner Dora
Muhm arrived In from Sun Francis
co yesterday afternoon and lies In the
city channel, awaiting towage to
The steamer San Mateo arrived
d-nvn on Sunday morning last and
wont to San Francisco on the fore
noon flood yesterday, lumber laden.
The schooner Annie Ijiirsen, of un
happy fame In this city, left down and
out yesterday morning from the Mc
Gregor mil!, Shu Francisco bound.
The steamer Aurvlt was a 5 o'clock
arrival yesterday afternoon, from Sun
Francisco. Shu went on up the river
without any lose of time.
The steamship Roanoke Is due down
from Portland, en route to Eureka,
San Francisco and Los Angeles, some
time this morning.
The four masted schooner Alplna
came In from San Diego on Sunday
laat and will load out lumber for the
return voyage.
The wean tug Samson and her tow
the schooner Washington got away
for San Francisco, alright, on Sunday
The French bark Entitle Galllne
went up to Portland yesterday morn
ing on the hawsers of the steamer Oklahoma.
The schooner Irene came down from
Portland on Sunday lust and went to
sea and San Francisco yesterday j
The steamer Thomas U Wand went
to sea yesterday morning with a big I
cargo of lumber destined for the Hay
The steamship Costa Rica is due In
this port from San Francisco tomor
row, some time, from tho Bay City.
The steamer Nome City was among
the outward bound fleet sailing yester
day morning, for San Francisco.
The British steamer Agapanthus
went up the river early on Sunday
morning, for the metropolis.
The schooner Alumna was among
the Sunday get-aways for the Bay
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