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Governor Magoon Says Al
is Peaceful.
Railroad Strike is Dying Out
Behest of Fifty Artillerymen
Sent (rom Havana.
Coming Election th Ben of Conttn
tlon, But No Serlou Trouble It
Fard Provisional Govern
, mnt In Pin 8hp.
Department Issued a t(mnt today
concerning the situation In Cuba,
which Indicate (hut condition r
not alarming. The statement say:
A lttr dated Dcmhr IS ha
been rcelvd from Governor Mng-oon,
which contain the following brief
pager '
" The prenl situation I full of
hope and confidence that the provl-
tonal government will hav no occa
Ion to deal with an uprising, Th
continued tranquility of the Inland un
der our dmlnltratlon I a satlafac.
tory n anything can be In Cuba.'
H alo ay with reference to
th strike at Camnguey:
" There la a fair prospect of a etrlke
by the workmen In the railroad hop
at Camaituey, and 1 nt 50 artillery
men there last night and thtn morn
ing and am advlaed that the matter la
The following ha been received
by the department In a private letter
from a military officer holding a high
tatlon In Culm, dated December 12:
"Everything goc on quietly here,
and there la no marked change In any
respect, We have continual Intlma
tlon from all nrt of ourcc that, no
matter what happen In the election,
one side or the other will take to the
"1 uppoa an Anglo-Saxon will
never understand these peopl and
can never hope to do o.
"They are aomethlng like children
who tell ghost storlo to each other
until they frighten themsolvc to a
point where they cannot leep. Our
rule ha been o quint and orderly,
and the President' lnjunctlon''to re-
rrain rrnm mining tn reeling or
wounding the susceptibilities of the
Cuban I no ntrtotly observed that the
'people welcome the troop every
Enrieo Caruso's Offsnt Wa
Against Single Individual,
NEW YOIIK, Dec. SO. In affirming
the decree of conviction against Enrico
Caruo, the famou tenor, on a charge
of annoying women In the monkey
hou at Central Park, Recorder Goff
declared It wa not essential thnt Ilnn
nah Orahnm, who made the complnlnt,
be present In court. The offense, the
recorder said, wa not o much against
an Individual a against public order
and decency, '
fBrek at First of Week Not Lasting
In Effot.
NEW YORK, Deo. 29. The stock
market was violently unsettled early
In the week, The substantial recovery
which followed wa attributed In large
part to the buying by an uncovered
short Interest, The break In the rail
road stock with large new stock Is
sue pending, had cause peculiar to
Itself, but wa of Important sympathet
ic effect on the whole market. The
call ' loan market wa unexpectedly
.tranquil, the relief afforded by the
Rtock market liquidation plavlng It
part In the result, Th hop wa thu
fotrd that th pinch of th y
end requirement will prov es
ver limn had been feared, V
cllti In foreign exchange to9vl
vnvring proiu on gum import if kept
attention keenly alive to a possible
aourc of rllef for th local money
market, which, howevsr, might threat
n disturbance of th London market
But Rul Bag' Widow Say It Will
Net be Squandered.
NEW YOIIK. Dec. SS.-Mr. Russell
Bag, widow of the financier, ha given
out a tatement In which h declare
that It I not hr Intention to dlstrlb
ue Immedlatelly the money left by her
huband. and much le doe h In
tend to distribute It everywhere and
to everybody. She declare that h
ha at her own door plenty of case
of need which hav a nearer claim on
her than th people of other cltle
who need, ah believe, ran and
hould be met by philanthropic per
on In tho state. Th earliest
date at which her husband' estate
can be closed up, ht say, I on year
rrom hi death, and therefor present
application ar premature.
FREEPORT, 1LU, Dec. 29.-A milt
to determln the legality of the rein
suranc deal of th defunct German
Insurance Company with th Royal
Insurance Company has been ordered
to be commenced In thl county by
Juag Hoard of th Circuit Court
A petition wa presented him on be
half of the San Franclaco policy hold
era, and he decided to ask the receiver
to proceed against th Royal Inu
ranc Company, th receiver being th
Chicago Title dt Trust Company.
Caught In Heavy Gale Thrown on
Her Beam Ends and Pills.
Th Cook and th 8tward Die
Ovsr-Enposure Jrt Admiral
Abndon Mr, Transferred
to Bark Andrew Woloh.
bark Andrew Welch which arrived to
day from Honolulu, brought fifteen of
the crew of the Great Admiral which
were transferred to the Andrew Welch
from the ahlp Uarcore, on December
24. The rtarcore rescued the crew De
cember t In latitude 46.43 north, long
Itude 127.CS west.
The Groat Admiral wa caught In a
heavy gale on December, 6 and thrown
on her beam end, she filled with
water. The captain cut away the mast
to av the hlp. After drifting about
for three day the crew wa taken
oft by the Burcore, The cook and the
steward died from exposure. The
Great Admiral wu abandoned.
Want Hundred Thousand Dollar For
Revolver Shot Damage
SEATTLE, Dec. 29. For Injuries In
flicted upon him by hi fathor In law,
William Constantino, Jeso M. Hall
yesterday filed ault In the Superior
Court asking damages of 1100,00.
Hall recites In hi complaint that
hi father In law attacked him and
wounded him with a revolver on Oct
ober 2. A a result of the Injuries
thon received he clnlm that he lost
the use of his voice, the use of one
finger and suffered severe Injuries to
the right hand and arm and nerve
of the left arm, ,
Hall state that he was capable of
earning 31 KO a, month before aXUcked
by Constantino, and detail a list of
the expense he has Incurred since.
NEW YORK, Deo, 29, A London
dispatch reports' that the Baroness
Burdett Coutts, the richest woman In
England, Is gravely ill.
This extraordinary woman 'will, If
she lives, be 93 In April next. She
visited her bank and attended to bus
iness dally until a week ago.
' -J- ' -
Columbia County Conlri-
butes Very Latest.
Cooly Tells Just How and Why
He Did the Fearful Deed-Is
Entirely Placid.
Sharp Sweating by Sheriff Finally
Bring Out th Awful Truth
Radlng Book In Jail, Appar
ently Oblivious.
ST. HELENS, Or, Dec. 29. Because
hi foster-mother, Mr. C. L. Ayr, hit
him with a (tick and drove him off to
bed, after they bad quarreled over
work she said he had not done well.
Elbert Oleman, aged 13, picked up the
family ride In the ball, and a the
woman sat fae from him, sewing,
blew her head off.
xoaay young oieman alt uncon
cernedly In th Columbia County Jail.
He baa a book and entertain himself
by reading. No expression of regret
has passed hi lips. The woman lie
on a table at Warren station, where
have a dozen old acquaintance have
Juat completed hearing Inquest testi
mony. Toung Oleman' dreadful deed took
place laat night. Mr. Ayer wa ab
sent In the hill and the youth had
been working arouhd the place. Mrs.
Ayer upbrladed him, he says, and when
she finally snt htm to the upstair
room, h wa slow about retiring. Mr.
Mr. Ayer kept catling up; "Why
aren't you ln bedT Why don't you go
to bed?" but when, after a time the
boy cam down stairs again, he had
only one hoe off.
More hard word were then ex
changed. "She aald ahe'd beat me to
death," exclaimed the child, when he
had confessed the killing. "I turned
away as If to go upstairs, but picked
up th gun. She wasn't looking. She
was sewing and her head wa the
other way. I lifted the rifle and
The woman dropped beside her sew
ing and lived only a moment The
boy went from the house to the res
ldence of Lou Davtes, a neighbor, i
quarter of a mile away, whore he said
an assassin had shot through the win
"I was unlacing my shoes upstairs,"
he said. "I was Just sroln- to bed
when I heard It. I ran down and
thwre was Mrs, Ayer, dying. I opened
the door and saw a man running near
the barn. I don't know who he was,
and he didn't say anything."
A few minutes later he told the same
story at the E, H. Lynch place near
by. Men hurried to the Ayer place and
the lad' tale looked good at first. The
woman lay beside her scwlnar. lust as
hehad said; but on the floor lay a
40-60 rifle.recently discharged, and
hen officers came hurriedly from St.
Helen's and looked for footprints
around th barn, none could be found.
Neither did the boy's attitude seem
natural and Sheriff Martin White be
gan to question him. Over and over
again he repoated his story sub
stantially the same each time but af
ter two hours of sweating he told the
elierirt all.
Young Oleman was adopted by the
Ayers Ave years ago. He lived at
ebanon till his parents died. Two
sisters of the scattered family live at
Salom, another at Silverton. He has
been a rather good boy, neighbors say,
and at the sheriff's office here he is
pronounced Intelligent and bright. At
Warren, too, near where the Ayers
lived and where the family was well
known, the boy was counted smart.
The Ayers had never legally adopted
Th Ayer family came to the farm
near Warren from th Carrlco Valley,
even or eight mile north of Houl-
ton, Or., and had lived ther Just
about a year. They hav a married
daughter, Mrs. Mertla Bulch, whose
horn I at Bcappoose.
The seven Oleman children were
ward of the Oregon Children's Home
Society, an organisation that was ln
charge of the lute Rev. L 8. Toby. It
wa a branch of the National Chil
dren' Hm Society, but upon the
death of Mr. Toby the book were
turned over to the Portland Boy and
Girl' Aid Society. Bert Oleman wa
received by th society September 11,
1901, He wa born on October 1,
' There were even children, namely,
Mary, M Lottie, twin; Ella, Mabel
Henry, George and Elbert All the
children were placed In good home
In different part of the state. All ex
cept Elbert were legally adopted and
now bear other names. The mother
of the children died before they were
taken over by the aociety; the father
died of cancer during 1900,
Japan Ha Not Yt Roupratd from
Hr Last Enoounttr.
SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Dec. 29. S.
Watash! of Japan, en route horn from
Mexico to report to his government
on th condition of Japanese labor
era In Mexican mine and other work,
wa here last night. M. Watashl said
he found the condition of hi coun
trymen good In the railroad work.
but In the mine condition were ex
tremely bad. He called the attention
of th Mexican government to cruelty
and Injustice ln some of th mine,
and received the promise that condi
tion would be Improved.
Watashl says Japan doe not want
another war until recuperated from
the last and certainly not with the
United States.
Negroes Attack a Defenceless Man
and Injure Him Badly.
Two Trains With Armd Men Ar
nstantly Rushed to th 8on
Negroes Eseap Bafor th Ar
rival of th Post.
'I am penned up In a blockhouse and
surrounded by a mob of negroes who
hav threatened my life. They are
beating down the doors. For God's
sake send help."
This message was sent here tonight
by Telegraph Operator Porter ln
charge of the block station at Mount
ZIon, on the main lir.a of the South
ern Raiyway six miles from Spartans
burg. Sheriff Nichols was notified and
two trains with armed men have left
for the scene.
CHARLOTE, N. C, Dee, 29. Later:
A long distance telephone message
from Spartansburg states that a crowd
of drunken negroes entered the sta
tion at Mount ZIon and with pistols
forced the operator, Porter, to dance
and otherwise hazed htm. Porter was
Injured, but how badly cannot be as
certained. The negroes escaped be
fore the posse arrived.
Still Later Telegraph Operator
Porter In charge of the block station
at Mount ZIon, was taken out of his
station tonight about 7 o'clock by a
crowd of drunken negroes, tied up and
whipped. The mob surrounded Por
ter, who barricaded himself ln the
station, and shot out the windows and
lights. The operator wired the train
dispatchers at Spartansburg to send
help. He had scarcely finished the
message when the negroes broke Into
the station and drajrsed him outside
and beat him. Sheriff Nichols and of
ficers left on a special train, but when
they arrived the negroes had disap
peared. The posse Is searching the
woods, 'no arrests have been made.
VANCOUVER, B. C, Dec. 29. The
Vancouver Rugby team for the second
time lowered the cardinal colors of the
Stanford team here today, beating the
Californians by the score of 3 to noth
U. S. Treasury Is Not Aid
ing Them.
Relief Aids Wall Street Bulls But
Injures Those on the
Bear Side.
Many Causes for Money Stringency
( Among Them 8hort-ightdn of
Bank Treasury Not Only
Ral Situation.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 29. In a let
ter to a correspondent In Nashville,
Secretary Shaw repudiates the sug
gestion that the United States Treas
ury had ever come to the defense of
stock gamblers. The correspondent,
whose name Is withheld, Insist that
such relief had been given gambler
and money sharks, and wa the "real
Cause of high money In New York."
The correspondence wa made pub
lic today. The letter from th Seer
tary says the writer of the criticism
seems to proceed on the theory that a
money stringency Is caused solely by
stock gambling. The Secretary de
clares this to be an error. In good
times, he says, people will speculate
In anything and everything that has a
market value. The proportion of spec
ulation to necessary and legitimate
business, he says, Is very small, and
probably no larger In New York than
In Nashville. The Secretary says the
Treasury never has come to the re
lief of stock gamblers and probably
never will, though the relief which the
Treasury grants frequently aids thos?
who gamble on the bull side of the
market, but Is equally harmful to
those who gamble' on the bear side.
The real business consideration Is the
only consideration. The Secretary
says more money Is needed when
crops are belnk marketed and when
factories ar filling their warehouses.
than when crop are growing and men
are enjoying their vacations. Banks,
he says, rarely make preparation for
fall. They time their loans to meet
their obligations and take their
chances. The Secretary says that dur
ing the dull season of 1396 the Sec
retary withdrew 360,000,000 of the
people's money and locked It up. It
would be a crime if he were not will
ing to release It when necessary. By
appropriate use of money In the treas
ury, the Secretary says he ""facilitat
ed the Importation of 3100,000,000 In
gold within the last nine months and
Jias released or arranged for the re
lease of 350,000,000 more. This was
done for the aid of legitimate business
transactions and the Secretary does
not care one way or the other whether
it has helped the bull side of th mar
ket or damaged the bear side.
Amertcan-Hojwalian steamship Com
pany's new steamer Mexican was suc
cessfully launched at the Union Iron
Works today. The vessel Is the larg
est freighter ever launched on the
Pacific Coast. u;
Western Federation Find It th Ally
of Corporate Despots.
DENVER, Dec. 29. The executive
board of the Western Federation of
Miners has completed Us annual re
port The report contains the follow
ing: "The prosecution of Moyer, Hay
wood and Pettibone is not confined to
the Mine Owners' Association of the
West. The fact that in the recent po
litical campaign President Roosevelt
commissioned one of his political fam-
Ily to leav th nation' capital and
Invade the tat of Idaho and lift his
vole tn behalf of Gooding, the political
tool and chattel of the Standard Oil
Company, is a convincing argument
that th conspirators have entrenched
tbemselve behind Roosevelt' thron
and are using th administration ' at
Washington a an ally to bring about
the Judicial murder of men who hav
corned- to prostrate themselves in
submission to the anarchy of corporate
.laborer were caught today under tb
.ruin of a wall which fell at th cor
ner of Pine and Battery street, and
it wa half an hour before a hundred
laborer who rushed to their reacu
were able to uncover them. Two of
th victims, Salvatore Galee and
Nicholas Antonio, ar probably fatally
Injured, while Manuel Montreal. Pie
tro Fernando and Charles Dial ar
everly hurt. ,
DETROIT, Dec 29. Three stock
men wer killed and four Injured ln a
wreck near Winnipeg Junction last
night The victim were asleep tn th
caboose when the pusher engine
crashed Into the car, the stock train
having been halted on account of a
hot box.
LOS ANGELES, Dec 2t. A fire
which started In th heart of th
wholesale district about ? o'clock la
still raging and ha accomplished
damag to the extent of 350,000. Th
blase originated In the Cohn-Ooldwa-ter
Company store. At midnight
three buildings were blazing fiercely.
Archbishop Ireland Says He Did
Not Censure Pope's Stand.
Famou American Prelat Charge Th
Pari L Matin With Defending
th Government at th Ex
pans of Truth.
ST. PAUL. Dec 29. Referring to
the report spread through France by
the Le Matin of Paris to the effect that
ln his discourse last Sunday he had
condemned the present attitude of th
Pope and th French hierarchy ln
reference to the law of separation and
associations of worship, Archbishop
Ireland tonight made this statement to
the Associated Press:
"Le Matin Is an anti-Catholic pa
per and Is willing to defend the actton
of the government even by perversion
of facts. It was somewhat of a vin
dication of that section to quote an
American prelate as favoring It Le
Matin has unwittingly served the
cause of truth. My discourse last
Sunday condemned unreservedly the
associations of worship as proposed by
the French government and show
that the Pope and the bishops were
compelled by principal to reject such
The archbishop goes on to say that
if a word of blame for the Cathloo
clergy and Catholic church of Franca
seemed to be spoken it was that here
tofore through a degree of passivity
and suplneness and lack of earnest
combination and union, they had al
lowed the electoral returns to send to
the Chamber of Deputies a majority
of Radical and Irrellgionist members.
ROME, Dec. 29. Satisfaction is ex
pressed at the Vatican with the ex
planation of Archbishop Ireland of St
Paul to Cardinal Merry Dei Vai, a
pal Secretary of State, concerning his
published statement on th French
Vatican trouble.
NEW YORK, Dec. 29. It was an
nounced at the District Attorney's of
fice today that the trial of Harry K.
Thaw for the murder of Stanford
White would take place ln the crimi
nal branch of the Supreme Court, be
fore Justice Gneenbaum, The trial
Is' scheduled to take place on January