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-v- . libel BV CARTOO"!, I IIFI rOOIirOn I VUKON EXP03.T.ON.
inmnmim , ' .77 nnnm llin PORTLAND, Nov. 12. I the pub- UULlfAllV
c iNov. wiu((Hnrcaii n il ,, .., - ,...,, 1 hM7 This I n r H nil
rl III I I 111 will be presented to the 1 I1IU
1 UI1I
Over Half of Passengers
on Train Killed.
Collision Occurred on the Balti
more and Ohio Railroad
Near Woodville.
ICAOO. Nov. 12, Widespread
,fi in tne auvmauiiiiy of reciprocity
ilh Ciitifi'lii wa PXircP(J yesterday
uy Clilaigoiunt uk a nult of the
uprvi'h on tho tpl delivered bfore
(tin Mori'ltioit' Club by Jnnin J, Hill.
Mnny iiromliu'iit men In flnunce and
biHlniit (ItIiii nl, with scarcely & dll
willing voice, Hint they wore In en-
Urn lucord with Mr. Mil', position.
It was pointed out thut bcUerement
of trade relations, wduld, with) our
northern neighbor., mean n exten-
lon of the Canadian market to the
of the United Stale, and that
uh an exten.lon would probably
bntnt Chicago and the Northwest.
Kven men who were not In .ympathy
Ith the free trade Idea, expressed
thm.tlve In favor of ome lowering
of the tariff wall, na far e Canada
wfi concerned. It was decided that
inuriiin bnilnni. men &1 a wholo
had lout through the absence of bet
ter trade relation with the Dominion.
Occasion wa. also taken to aound a
note of warning that the establish-
mcnt of Improved relatione should not
i.. ,i,.invii for Canadian, are
dnrlnrcd to be changing to ome ex
tent from their former keen desire for
Paeeenger Train wit Leaded With
Ruailen Jew. Servian, and Pole.
Juit Arrived In Thle Country
For Chicago.
eillCAan, Nov, II. -More than half
f th parnfr on nn Immigrant
train on the main line of the Baltimore
and Ohio railroad were killed or In
Jurl In a collision May between the
paeeenjtrr and freight train near
Woodville. There were one hundred
and elxiy-flve paaaengwa on the train
and of three forty-aeven were either
killed outright or burned to death In
fire which broke out Immediately
after the common. The name of tho nrnhnbtv never be known a
forty-five bodlr. were cremated In the
flamee and were o badly uurnea
i....... u imnosnlbie. Thirty-
fight people wero Injured and several
of the", will die Eighty omen. -
raprd unhurt, but l"t all their bag
r. nn,1 helonKlnR.
t-v,. train, which wa r,.!,in Jew, Servians
..... ,.n rrint arrlvnl in mi.
country and were bound for Chicago
or other place. In the norwwr. ...
nnd section of the through
...... e,m iiniilmore. The engineer
of the freight train on lnatructlon.
..i . frrool. Ind., waited at
tho aiding at nabcock, Ind., to allow
the Immigrant train to paen. one rr
port 1. that the engineer of the freight
rnln hnt not been to d that mo p
running In two eectlon
The other train wna the first eectlon
of the pneeenger train and carried no
light, or elgnale, Indicating thut the
...n,l i.cllon wo. close behind.
A. oon a. tho first .ectlon of the
pftHsengcr trnln had passed, tho freight
train strntcd eastward. As thn trnln
wn rounding tho curve just west of
Woodville, the second section of the
immigrant train came In sight a short
distance away, tearing along at a
rate of forty miles an hour. Tho trains
came logelher with nnslacked speed
Ind ln the crash six passenger coaches
and several freight cars were knock d
Into kindling wood and together with
ho locomotives went rolling down th
embankment. Fire broke
immediately and although a number
were saved by desperate effort, by the
train crew and surviving
irreater part of tho passengers were
Cd down 'n tho debris ,a bur-d
to death in plain sight of tne throng
which stood around the scene of the
Orlando S. Murray Kills
Lincoln I. Whitney.
OAKLAND. Cel., Nov. 12. A fire
which broke out late last night and
at mi ciii y hour im morning -
nl III blaxlng. threatens tho entire stock
'nr,u .tiHirlct of thl. city. It I. e
.i,i. i timt the damaire will reach
Love of a Brother for His Sister
and to Protect Family
Mad. Several Attempt, to Havt Whit
ney Mak. Reparation for wrong
Committed ana on n.iueai.
Killed Him.
POUTLAND, Nov. 12. Because he
refused to make amend, for the wrong
ho had done Mis. Mary M. Murray,
Lincoln I. Whitney. 21 year, of age,
waa .hot and Instantly killed by the
girl', brother. Ortando Sherman Mur
ray, at t o'clock thl. morning, at the
t . It., mnrand IIIIUl'l .lster,
I noma u
Mr.. Frank Porter. S60 Ea.t HarrJ-
. i I son mrcci.
Next Session. Murray, who la 21 year, old, lmme-
ji.tatv run from the acene of the
crime to Hawthorne avenue and East
irirA mirMt. where he boarded a Mt.
. . v,a Authorities naa
nrst iiivnuiiii""
POUTLAND, Nov. 12. I. the pub
lication of a cartoon Ubcl7 Thl. l a
question that will be presented to me
Multnomah oountyj randl Jury. Bo
cause a cartoon was printed In the
Oregonlun of a recent Issue, depict
ing W. 8- Ladd. one or me priori.
.t,.utwiiii(.r In the Oregon Dally Jour-
i i ih attitude of Indorsing the
Hearst style of Journalism, an effort
Is being made to bring about me
Indictment for criminal libel of the
publisher, of the Oregon Ian. A grand
Jury wa. called at tne opening vi
.tate circuit court tni. morning, .,.
the .pedal purpose of laying the
facts, of the publication of the car
toon before them and asking for an
Indictment for criminal libel,
ni.triet Attorney John Manning
asked that the grand Jury be called at
the Instance of Ladd, C. Jacwson,
.v.. im.rnnl and C. E. 8. Wood,
who I. attorney of record for Ladd.
Th. ornnd Jury empanneieo is com
posed of the following member.: R.
B. Carlson, foreman: cnarie. aiuh,
. c.i, .... Wllllnm Btenley. A.
DUIey. Philip Lawton ana j. n
ThW. lnstructlonh of me court to
the grand Jury did not disclose the
purpos for which It had been called,
and while It may go Into other mat
ters. It I. known that the definite
object in convening Is to Inquire Into
the alleged libelous cartoon.
Immediately after being chosen and
.worn, the grand Jury retired to de
partment No. 2, where Judge Bear, read
hi. Instruction, of a purely formal
character. The Jury then retired and
Three Murders and a Cruc-
ifiction in One Night.
Two Prominent Business Men
Were Killed Last Night by
Settle Raied 1700,000 in Ca.h for th.
CHICAGO, Nov. 12. Considering
Columbian Chicago Exposition of 189J
a. a criterion of what a world', fair
ought to be. General J. B. Metcalf,
of Seattle, Wash., a representative of
the Alaska-Yukjoni-Paclflc Exposition
to be opened In 1909 in Seattle, I. her
getting pointer, on how to launch a
world', fair.
The general .ay. Seattle busines.
men raised $700,000 cash to promota
the fair. The fair will represent an
outlay of ad,prtfx!mat!ly $10,000,000.
It will occupy 250 acre, bordering on
Lake Washington. The gate, will open
June 1, 1909.
"Nearly every state In the union ha
promised to erect a state building,"
m rneral Metcalf last night "It
.eem. like an exaggeration, but the
Intention 1. to eclipse all previous at
tempts at world's fair.."
8everal Prominent Citizen Held up by
Highwaymen, Slugged and Robbed
and Police Unable to Cope
with Situation.
began to
CommlMion Will Be and
Will Arrange Tariff 8chdule, Ad
jutting Them to th. Need, or
the Country.
that a murder had been committed.
wa. when Murray surrendered
weapon to Deputy Sheriff Harry Bui
The event, leading to the killing
are the most thrilling In the history
w.nt nensa-tlon. in the worm-
Ul -
. r,tf hrlnff out the love oi a
brother for his sister and hi. effort.
fnmiv nonor. nc
. . . '0 preerve ...,.
rntPAOO. Nov. 12.-A oispaicn wi nn..,. ta the authorities oi
r,ih.,r.a from Washington says: I .a Marlon counties failed t
IIIC I. ... - I HMllI , .
"Immediately after Congress con- glye the B0Ught and appeals v
vene. next month, Senator Cullom of the mRn reused of wrong did not af-
. ... , . . inlrtt rann. I , i WA-n..ai1 tA A. SlX-
Illinois win iniruiiucu n j v ford reparation, ne
lutlon In the Senate providing for the
appointment of an expert commission
to consider and report on mo
ules which should be reviseu.
Whitney wn. shot on me porcn
hi. sister's dwelling, b
effort to reach tho front door to es-
es wnicn ' enort o ro-u .
"Such a commission, according to the buUets. His sister and her
. .i.. nrr.nM ha nh-1 . . ... . .vntt.ii a interfere,
.i r the senator, would be ab
solutely non-pnrtlsan and would treat
little daughter, attempted to Interfere
but were brushed aside Dy mun
needs of tho business and labor In-
nf thn country.
trt ih ludRinent of Senator uuuom
what It should do- piuuuwa.
nrnnnsltlon, He has no sympa-
.h with the view of the 'standpnt
tree1 that the tariff Is like an endless
tree- mat me um" - - the ocaa man w - -u.,i
timt the modiflcatloa of . . thn ffrv brother, the iat
one schedule would necessitate the brushed aside Mrs. Porter and her
remodeling of the entire system, wnat d dlberately sent two uu.
... .. i hih iv 111 on n hid I . . ynrlv thn first
he wonts Is ft law which will enable
nhnmrn in a particular schedule
n ....... - , , .
. .ii i.anaa np rteoreas'e. as mt?
tntereHts of the working people re
iiaanatAP rullom reel tnat u y
pi ling"
action at all is hnd on the tariff It
G.r.ide of the Aetna Banking
Tru.t Company Captured.
nnmn Mnnl MoV. 12. F. A. Gttr-
. i.. nhtw of the Aetna
Sllie, xoriutJiiy - . ..,
Hanking & Trust company, which went
to the wall two week. ago. waa re
turned to this city last night in the
custody of Deputy Sheriff Frank
rinrnide fled from tne
city following the failure of the bank
and In company with his stenographer
nniis. where he
was i-ocaiea "' .
narslde 1. charged
WHO ai i cnJi
.u a larmnv in the alleged
theft of a portion of the fund, of the
Kiluteiy non-i'n"" ---- - hut were oruwim -
!he subject solely In accordance of the who hnd p,endod and Implored during
. .. . iMAa. nn,i Inhnr In- .uMA-minrtnrfi of An .VtAA.minrters of an
tne Dreceuii'H --
wviifnov to make amends
nour --
But a block distant stood me
mother of the wronged woman and the
tariff from politic, and to make It vctIm of the dead man,
. t. . a xinitlnl hllflt- I alia
CI 1111 l .
ff..MAtf mndft an attempt to snoot
-ruu-a. Mrs. Porter stepped be-
BPn them. On the lut refusal of
thn flead man to agree to the pro-
hnrfv the first
lets into nimiirj. -
.m.i- him m the face, wnen ne m
flnnr of the porch, and the
second after the body had rolled oyer
,. Htlll. tho ban entering
IIHU " '
t r.-
Murray at once ran from tne d
. ....... hafnrt O nres- I . . i. . naama rtf thOSB WhO
should De uiRcu ""s - - followed Dy mo - .
tdontlal election and thus eliminate witne8ged his act. A3 he ran be
. - Aitllnnl nnmnfl ?n. 1 . a ovannp Where
the subject irom a i-"""' - " glanced towara
thow Btandlnr and
v.r vnnK. Nov. 12. The Rev,
pr. Henry Martin Baird, one of the
u.l iam Greek scholars In this
country and since 1902 dear . of the
New York University, oiou .. n-o
74 years
waved his hand to her as he sped to
the car. Arriving at tne courw.uu
he went to the office of Sheriff Stev
ens. Meeting Deputy Harry,
he asked:
t. tki. thn sheriff's omcei
IB 1,11. w , .
.... ritoi thn deouty. 'Wnm
"It IB. 1 u.'.'-
Tonkers yesterday at the age of can I do or you?
..nrrn ASSASSINATION. With that Murray puuea iron. ..-
A ICHin-- I . . . nAAirnt Mia revolver wn
I 1 v m
I Just
vov 12 -A dispatch from which the deed had been committed
LONDON, NOV. 12. A a spat n counteri A
Petersburg was received r v -- m Mght
i r naan i-ci-m vcu nun iitw -
saying that worn . , of nerv0Usness
from Irkutsk, Siberia, of the , unsuc est trem r pr0Ceeded
cessful Tl:JT:TflZ ZrZTL events which actuated his
Erxheg;asnothur, lac,
One Thousand Cattle Plunged In-
to the Willamette.
The P.oifio State. Packing Company
Shed, at Portland, Undermined by
FreihU, Collapse and Fall
Into the Riven
PORTLAND, Nov. 12. The stock
sheds of the Pacific States pacKing
Company on Macadam road tumbled
Into the Willamette at noon today,
carrying more than 1,000 cattle, sheep
and hogs into the swirling water. Sev
eral ton. of hay In the second story
of the sheds was also precipitated Into
the stream. About one-third of the
stock carried Into the water by tne
r.r thn ahnrin were killed or
CUlHiy "
rtmwned. For an hour or more at
ter the accident the river was filled
.ith half-drowned, struggling animals
aii the nocking plant employes ana
many residents of the vicinity lined
thn hanks and manned skiffs and were
vnnt hnsv roolng the swimming ant
ii , - - - .
mals and dragging them to places oi on the shore.
. i,i.,f ia nttrlhuted to tne
iJIB uii'iud.fc " -
recent heavy rains. The sheds were
tri.Mfd on Dlling over the edge
of the river, with a frontage of about
m Qt nvnr thn water. On tnese
1UU lev. " ' -
pilings were built the cattle corral,
hog-pen and sheep-pen ana an "
imnia nwnltimr slaughter were kept
there for feeding and preparation for
the packing plant. The sheas proper
n-nra turn stories in height, the second
story being used for storing hay and
i thn animals.
Tt to supposed that the heavy rains
ned the foundation of the
hQfl raiialnir the earth on the steep
bank of the river at this point to slide
into tho river.
PITTSBURG, Pa., Nov. 12. Pitts
hiiro- terrified likened to a mining
camp or a frontier town, Is the tone
of all this morning's issue, of the
paper.. With three murder., a num
ber of robberies on the highway ac-
companled by violence, and an at
tempt at crucifixion In 24 hours, add
ed to the large number that have oc
rnrrnd durina- the past two weeks,
there has been such a public demand
for extra police that Mayor Guthrie
and Director of Public Safety Kidg-
way last night put on a number of
extra police without legal provision
for their compensation, trusting to
the effect of public clamor upon tne
select and common councils for fa
vorable action upon this move.
The record for 24 hours, besides the
murder of Henry F. Smith, a young
business man of the fashionable East
End, who was shot by burglars who
entered the Smith home, Is extenaea
bv the robbery of Charles R. Law-
yence, earljf yesterday mornlrte at
Fifth avenue ana raay sirens, i-
mnst in the heart of the city. Law-
nnra was knocked unconscious with
a slugshot and robbed of a gold watch
and all his money while going nome
from the Hotel Scheniey. where he
! nmnloved as a waiter. He will be
confined to his bed for a week with
hia inlrlesj Nicholas Lewis, or
Sharpsburg, a few miles from the city,
:. heatnn and robbed and did not
.mr ronsclousness lor seveitu
wnvmond White of Doquesne was
nian found early yesterday oauiy
hnianri with several ribs broken. He
also had been robbed and could give
no description of his assailants.
Tmhnidened by the apparent neip
lessness of the police department and
fltnctivn forces, the hold-up men ana
hnririars that have terrorized the city
for ten days, have apparently ex-
tnnrted their operations into broaa aay
light, as well as under the cover of
darkness. After the trageaies or last
nio-ht this afternoon at 4 o'clock at
the comer of Sixth avenue and Wood
street, and within a few hundred
yards of the poUce station, Mrs. A.
C. Boykln was assaulted and robbed
h., twn men who made their escape.
In the mean time members of busi
ness firms are holding meetings ana
drawing up petitions to the mayor and
public officials. On the East Side,
where Smith was murdered yesterday
by a burglar, a mass meeting was
held tonight by the citizens, at which
a vigilance committee was appointed.
Resolutions were passed recommend
ing that the citizens arm themselves,
and recommending the purchase of
Receipt, of Diamond, and Precious
Stone. In New York.
NEW YORK, Nov. 12. With sev
eral weeks to spare the present year
has passed all others In the total val
uation of the precious stone, and
pearls brought into the port of New
York. Figure, compiled by customs'
authorities showed that the record of
last year, $37,148,387, the highest up
to that time, already had been passed.
The American demand for foreign
gems Is mostly! In diamonds and
pearls. Importers say that the ten
dency of prices is still upward becausa
never before has it been as difficult
as it la now to obtain tbte better
grade of stones demanded by Ameri
can buyers.
Annual Convention Being Held
in Minneapolis This Week.
Annual Report of the President Urges
Labor Unions to Take an Active
Part in Politic, in
Every State. ,
MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 12. The fea
ture of the opening session of the
twenty-sixth convention of the Amer
lean Federation of Labor today was
the exhaustive annual report of Pres
ident Samuel Gompers, in which he
detailed the progress of the labor
movement throughout tha United
States and laying especial stress on
the advent of unionism In the polit
ical arena and recommending that
this course be strictly adhered to in
every state in the union. A strong
plea was made for the employment of
union labor on the Panama canal. On
the conclusion of Mr. Gompers' ad
dress the annual report of Secretary
Morrison was read, which showed the
federation to be not only In splendid!
financial condition, but stronger in
membership than ever before. The
meeting adjourned until tomorrow
morning when routine business will
be transacted, and on Wednesday the
election of officers will taKe piace.
Be Taken to the Presidio, Sani
Franciioo for Interment.
BAKERSFIELD, Nov. 12. The body
of General Shatter, who died about
noon today, will leave this city on
Wednesday and will be taken to the
presidio at San Francisco. The In
terment will be had in the post cem
etery Immediately! after Uhe arrival
with full military honors.
Kansas Elects Democratic
by 2,000 Majority.
thptctcA Nov. 12. Returns from
103 out of 105 counties give Governor
Hoch 1,984 votes over Harris, KepuD
iiocn Rnturnrf of the two missing
counties will not change the result but
PUNTA, Arenas, Chile, Nov. 12.
The French ship pucness ueuerry
Shields, bound to San Francisco,
struck a rock and foundered on Oct.
10 nr thn east coast of Staten isl
and, south of Terra Del Fuego. The
crew were landed here. The cargo w
a total loss.
Suits Filed in the Circuit Court at Co
lumbus, Ohio.
nOLUMBUS. O.. Nov. 12. Suits
were filed today in the circuit court at
Lima by Attorney General Ellis against
the four subsidiary companies con
trolled by the Standard Oil company,
of New Jersey to prevent further op
eration of the alleged combination,
popularly known as the Standard OH
Trust. ' . j
defunct bank. ,