The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, March 26, 1906, Page 5, Image 5

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Never was known such a Sale in Astoria before
25 Cents the Package
Element Launched in this City
Infant Born Under Sponsorship of Or
ganized Union Labor and Han
Some Ideas and Purposes,
of Its Own.
MONDAY, MARCH afl, loofl.
Wctlllf mlav II uprcial ll.iili tunic ill
brining Hi' following NoiHhein I n -ill?
nllii IllU: It, I'.', I'ulilirl, (.'i ll-
Mill niipri iitli'inli'iil ; .1, 'J. W iiiiiIhiiiIIi,
tlulllr tnu ii it : W. "' Alli.' diiUlon
llllrlclt , I II. I A I!, (link, ill, i 'II
'"Kill"'''!. Tin- ill i' Kning nrr the ill
i-1 n In r i 1 1 1 1 I In' mill imiin n In
I hi' piruillihg rill Inn I age iillil healing
cntiiphiinla liny niiii null
llifll tlmt llii'tr would In' nil iniiliw
nii'lit muni a n j,mmi. lining mix weir
milling we.l Thrv iilci Ml. Klccli'
mill liml complimented liilM nil il. Suiillij
lieliil .Inlllltal. I
Millini-iy opening at the lr Hive
T -J-.. . ...I ..I.., M.r.k mA
u-.mjt anu ""iii-mij, ...v.. mu
ad, Everyone invited.
,.,. I ( ,l Hint I ,
lgg'H vilei Seaiii again Hi: I !.
nil btiiuc riiiimi'liil with I lie ohl S Ml
plnpntv, nf which Mr. in II IgM
Is unit of I Ik owiihi. Mi. I WK'"' 1 "
mi rupnii-iirrd Imlrl man am', mti
templates hlng (In- properly fur lintel
nirni. 'Miry i'tr nivniupatiird by
P. .1. l.wi, tin a roll it '-rl, who will male
plans and t ituu It nf the change con
templated. 'Mir ronl iniimici- nf (lie
Ixiulrvanl, now bring arranged fnr, from
Hermomi Park to Tillamook Head in nn
utliiT (iil'ility.- Sraiilr Signal.
Greater Bargains than rv.i will be
given this week as we are determined
In ileal them nut. I nine and Ii,iiv
thrm at I'. H, ('ooHr gn,it ae.
I, It. Whitney, Mule I'l inter, in a-k-ing
a I 1 1 . 1 1 1 i 1 1 it I M at the bawl of re
publican toln al the primary election
in April. i following a well founded eu
tnni of the paily in Uirgon, that when
n t.tttc nllieer preform hit duties ac
ceptably and make a rinlitahlr icmnl
hr i- ("iveli a ernid term,
Mr. Whitney it a lifrloiij; liepuldieati
it till edited the lluiti llenild 'or nr.llly
IhiiiIv yenr, a paper known 1 firmi(;li -out
the State fur it nner inj rniinc
ill liehulf nf the I'epiililii'itll tiikl't and
i'lilidi.ite uiimiliiited by tin- party, lb
i a unlive WVbfont, n triiduntr nf
the I'niveinily ol firrpiii, nnd ii prar
t icjl printer.
Sim ii'iiimiiij,' cli it i-r of the tntf
printing oflier he Inn devoted hi entire
time nnd attention tn the affairs of the
ofllee, and with hit Ihiir rerienee in
the printinj,' Itii-iisi-tiM he tins be "i able
to (jive the htiite n (food, rlenn, bminrs
like iidmlniitrritinn.
Mr. Whitmy i I'miduit inj; n triiijlit-
toruanl piimaiy cainpait'n, and hit
many friendt are coiilldeiit that he will
bi reniimiiiutrd by a lurito imijority.
Tillamook Jfeadli!ht.
Baseball goods at Svenson's.
FL0UR $ PER SACK; $4.65
118122 Twelfth St. Astoria, Ore.
Inlill II, limli f' III lilii'lr hi" lip
(ii'.ll lllli r III I In' Ili'll). nl hi father, .lohll
I), Ciiiki'lilN'i II, UV'luift.liy night mi'l
.Inlill l. lilll'ttl'll'lIlT I, llji'MI bring Mill
lli'll h telephone, lll'l "!lt(l bleu tll'
liny." Think nl II, Hi.- rtrlifHl iiiuii ill
I hi- WW lil, Inning hungeri-d fur u grand-
anil tllilt Wlillhl Ik'IU hi OW II IIIUII'',
whom Irm n( Hit' la v prevent going
Ill Ilia llll' ill. II-" ,111.,' ! ikiiif I III' I'llllll
ill III- .11111 .Hl'l I'.l III." il II II t'l lltl'l
l.llll. I - i I 1 1 1 1 I iin, Wll'i it II iil if III
lliin ' Ni'ii-nl.' Signal
Hotel Irving European plan. The
only it earn -heated hotrl in Aitoria; large
j nd ,jry ,. prirf, from Jf, cenU t0
- .......
!i,jo; well prrparea ana aainiuy servea
meals at 3J cent). Special rates per
week or month fur room and board to
permanent guests. Our bus meets all
tiains and steamboats.
.In.j;e lliliiiphtry, v.',.. !ia been h'-al
ill; t'ie ra-e n(;iiili-l '',. !."f pinki'i- ill
t hiril,'n, li.i- dri'idi-d tint Hie ittniii".
tnl, ( i'iiiuii-inni'i- (..titield by the pnrlc-el-
.Hied them .ti'uiiint ptiiiishment.
We do imt know whethrr the law or
.lt.j,'e lliimphrey i to hliiine, lull it it
iiiitiiilt'M to the lit'i-t uwiber,ant that
Hie t'tulty rirh sir M-ldom piuiikhrd by
l,i or by the fliithoritien. Paul Mor
ton, il will be remembered, e-eaprd
piini-liinriit , lniinj; Inrnixhrd informa
tion afainot hi fellinvn guilty of violat
ing an injiinet inn nt the Federal Crnnt.
and un defelub'd from the it It ink nf
"the vicious pre" by no less a per
Miliagr than the Prrni'b'lit of the I "nit !
Stnle. Say, wonderful thing happen
in lhi wonderful rountry f "itjuul
tllit" of out."i a nil ('nngre-
men Hie prnieetlled arid perectlli'd to
leiitlt mi i iiiuparal iv ly trivial charge
Upon till tentiilKHiy f ef I'ollfeitM'd
irrjurer and t hie r-; nn-n are enl to
the peniieiitiitry fur i-teiiling something
lo .ed n their "tuning rhitdivn, m for
.trilling a few gallon" "I -oal oil. Ititl
the in. Ii wlm -ti'ill tllllliiill" mid linliti'
een law nl Inul mil mail if they tell
the plo-i i utillg ollitiT .iluillt it ale illl
mtiiie. The Ameriinn ritien i piili.nt
and long HiilTrring.- Srnsitle Signal.
Discovrred Many mUelr" whieh il
wit inipii"-ible to di"play owing to the, liitve li.'eii ri'"iin'eelid ami will lie
di-pliiyril I hi- week at C. 11. Cooper
Northshore Fisherhmen Lining Up For
a Promising Season.
I'or the pii"t week on no the lUhci
men .11 ul ctmii'i vincii 011 the Columbia
river have been buny milking arrange
ments for the approaehing IMiing sen
son which opens April lTith. l'ile driv
er have beeu lit work ill Itaker' bay
the paet two week driving new trap
piling, and the gill llettel are busily
engaged in making new net in antici
pation of a profitable sea.on. The iv
cent heavy snow in Kut(rn Oregon in
dicate a flood in the liver, which may
interfere nmiwhat with trap lulling
and "1'ining, resulting bencliciiilly to gill
net ters. Old timo fisheriiirn jirediet 11
large run this season, basing their opiu
ioji somewhat on the fact that the
spring run has been unusually light.
The increase, in the number of plants,
principally cold storage, will no doubt
put. up the pack. The pack of salmon
has been considerably reduced the past
few year owing lo freight shipment
of the fish in cold storage, which will
probably result in an increased price for
canned salmon. Pacific douvijiil.
Six Days More, at the request of our
patrons, we ImVe determined to con
tinue our great clean up sale. Six days
more greater bargains than ever will
be given nt C. If. Cooper's great sale.
The very best board to be obtained in
the city Is at "The Occident Hotel."
Rates very reasonable.
Before you purchase that new Easter
bonnet, make it a point to call and in
spect the excellent line of hats now on
display at Mrs. Ingleton's Millinery
Store. Welch Block, opposite the Budget
office on Commercial street.
I iie -eci'iid Hireling of the 1 1 1 -u "Muni
oipal League" which lia been ill pi-ore
o fni mat inn for the pul inoiiin, w
eiili-d yrsti'lilay ufti-i noon nl the li.ill
nt thr ( olomliia lliter f'i-l'i rin-iiV I'ro
lecliie union in I In'- city, and among the
1 1 1 . 1 -1 impiilliiiit iisiilt" of lh.' gatfluring
wit" the liiml an.1 lull fnniialioo of the
pmiiii i it'iin .
The "i.'cial l oiiitiii" (i r in i limge of
titr tc mid trim-, of Lie new pioginm.
,i'..l (hail." K. I.aiicanlri', (,', A.
I J llienni bei 1111. 1 y, K. Wright, pirm nt
rd the itmr lo Ihr ii""eiubly and it. wa
niiefiilly mid and wighed ,v bun
died nt molr iii attendance, 11 ml t-i-ciM-d
tin' uliiiiiiinoii" mippnrt of thr
gut lin ing, and now tiind for the mca-
ute of political nir'iiinc and purpose
illdicilli'd ;
Ii wa. d'-lciiiiiii'd, among other things
Ih, 1 1 (In l.rniie would hae a full ticket
in the field dining the coming campaign
and that all Mich a- would I"- candidal''.,
would lii-t bine to submit thejr claim"
to Ihe Ksci-ulive ( umtiiiltre of nine
tow it; Mri: ' K. Wright, C. A,
I. Hiicuiitrr, .1. A. ling. .1 M. Sayre, M. V.
Itrlaii. I'. !. Hoi 11, ('. A. Leienweber,
II. I!. Cornell mid .1 X. .!crgrrcn. U.
' their claim and proligr would
I. coimidered at nil, and that the meet
ing would have to ratify the choice and
deeiinii of the big committee; the idea,
being evidently to subject each apirant
lo rigorou and sntisfsctoryi analvsis
before pet mil ting hi name to go forth
a tin vlcctne rcprrncntutivo 01 me
On Moii1h.v, April 211, next, the league
will hold it II r-1 political convention,
in Ihe riming, ut thr same hull, and it
i rxpiH-tnl h ticket wholly in accord
with the strict'-! adhereru' of the or
ganization will Jir named and launched
for political review and fraiichi-e:
The platform adopted y-teiday. i
a follow:
We regret that a new -paper in this
cttv should hale atlempteil to preju-
lice the mind of the people in an edi
torial, by hinting that the organization
of a municipal league on the part of the
I "nil .-il laibni 1 igaiiialiiui of thi citv
probably intended to further the
iiitcieM- nl a political organization. I lie
cry contrary i" the truth. Tired of
fair promise of politicians we intend to
ml indciicniiein iv 01 nnv or all ponu
I pal lie.
''A oon a we arc thoroughly or
ganied. it i our intention to invite
all of the people who holiest ly share our
belief to join with 11", to the end that the
popular government nnd popular owner
ship of the people own utilities may be
made a fact, rather than u life preser
vei for oflice seeker.
"Pledging ourselves to the faithful
adherence to the interest of labor, and
of the commonwealth in political acti
vity, the Municipal Ownership League
submits to the people of Clatsop County
and of the State of Oregon the follow
ing declination of principles.
Public Ownership of Government.
"The people mut nt nil times, own,
and direct their own government. City
ofllcials nre public servants; representa
tive", not master of the people. We
demand the direct nomination, and re
call, of olliciiils when necessary. Im
portant question, and especially nil
proposals involving of any substantial
public resource, or privilege, should be
settled only by submission to the direct
vote of the people, Corruption of gov
ernment, pernicious influence of public
service corporations or like ngeneies,
must be prevented by every mean
within the power of the citizens. Cam
paign contributions by such corporations
should be prohibited by law and every
brunch of the government made nnd
kept free from their1 control,
"The city government of Astoria
must lieeome. in fact, a 'government' of
the people and by the people,
Public Ownership of Public Utilities.
"The people nre the owners of the
public resources nnd opportunitities and
should receive the benefit of their de
velopment. Every public service which,
under private ownership, inquires a
franchise for the use of the public
streets ns a place of business, should
be owned nnd operated by the
municipality for the service nnd
benefit of all the people. The policy of
' farming out ' for private profit, the
various forms of public utilities has re-;
Great Sale for 6 Days
Positively Ending Saturday, March 3 1st
iilted in inadequate service, cxhorbitant
charge, los of public resources, and
cot nipt inn of municipal government.
The result are natural and inherent, in
ihe system of special privilege fran
chise. Every remaining public re
source, and those which the future may
reveal, should be protected, preserved,
and developed by the people, for them
selves. Those which have heretofore
Im'cii granted away from the people
should be acquired and restored by a
safe, progreivr and politive policy,
ii'cngiiiziug nery public and private
" We are oppos -d to the leasing of
convict, ami bringing them into compe
tition with free lalmr. We favor put
ting convict to work on State, and
county eoads.
"We ileum ml enactment and rigid
enforcement of stringent child labor
"We d iii.uid that all city, county and
"tate woik be done bv the authorities
wherever practicable, and not by con
tract. We demund that eight hour-
"hull constitute a day's work for nil
laborers nnd mechanics employed by the
stnte, county, or city.
"1'niler the present system the state
printing oflice has been a source of po
litical corruption and wa-te. We advo
cate ownership by the State of a prop
erly equipped printing plant, ami that
the state printer be given a fixed annual
The League proposes to bind its elec
tive agents to a code of its own and will
suffer no departure from the rule of
signing, subscribing and supporting the
following four open statement:
" Statement No. i.
"I further state to the people of Ore
gon, as well as to the people of my
legislative district, that during my term
of oflice, I will always vote for that
candidate for United States Senator in
Congress who has received the highest
number of the people's votes for that
position nt the general election nest
preceding the election of a Senator in
Congress, without regard to my indi
vidual preference.
' Statement No. a.
"We advocate and demand that the
water commission be elected by the peo
ple of the City of Astoria.
" Statement No. 3.
"That the police commission be abol
ished. "That the chief of police be apposed
by the mayor, nnd confirmed by the
City Council.
"Statement No. 4.
"We advocate nnd demand that any
amendments to the city charter be sub
mitted to the people for ratification at
the December election,
" We will withhold our support from
nil legislative candidates who do not
subscribe to statements 1, 2, and 3."
Dress goods, wash goods, towelings,
and muslins.
Children's heavy shoes, size 6 to 1a,
48 cents a pair. These shoes were
$1.25. 3t
A Scientific Wonder.
The cures that stand to its credit
make Bucklen's Arnica Salve a scion
tofie wonder. It cured E. R. Mulford,
lecturer for the Patrons of Husbandry,
Waynesboro, Pa., of a distressing case
of Piles. It heals the worst Burns,
Sores, Boils, Ulcers, Cuts, Wounds.
Chilblains nnd Salt Rheum. Only 25c
nt Chas. Rogers drug store.
We are going to continue this
Alrout "t o'clock yesterday afternoon
a car So. 2, in charge of Motorman E.
M. Uussing of the A-toria Electric Com
pany, came opposite engine house No. 1
a valuable dog belonging to Nelson
Trover, which Ed Lewellen is temporar
ily caring for, run out and under the car
which was going at full speed For a
moment it looked as though the dog
would be crushed under the wheels of
the car, but not so, for Motorman Buss
ing had seen the dog as it disappeared
under his car and in less time than it
takes to tell, had reversed the ear and
brought it to a standstill. The shock
of the sudden stop jarred the passen -
per, up a bit, but the dog's life was
saved, and but for a few slight bruises
escaped unhurt. That the animal was nary medicine. Hollister's Rocky Moun
not kilb-d is due solely to the great tn Tea is the supreme curative power.
pre-ence of mind, displayed by Motor
man Bii'sing.
Union Trust Company Loans $5,200,000
to Railway Builders.
Copies of the first mortgage given the
I'liion Trust Company, of San Fran
cisco, on the line and property of the
Pacific Railway & Navigation Company,
now being constructed to the coast from
Hillsboro. were filed Monday in Wash
ington county. Th moilgag.- shows
there are 5200 share of stock included
each valued at $1000. and the total
amount to be advanced is stipulated at
The mortgage was sent to San Fran
cisco to be signed after being printed,
aud wa returned Monday. It pave
the way for the construction of the road
from Hillsboro to Tillamok and Ncha
lem, w ith branches to Astoria, and Scap
pooe. This means a connection with the
Southern Pacific at Hillsboro and the
Northern Pacific at Scappoose. The
roiid has been built several miles west
ward, nnd grading ha been completed
nearly ten miles, while a survey has
been finished across the divide and will
reach Tillamook next mouth.
Adverse weather conditions and short
age of laborers have combined to retard
the progress of operations considerably,
but it is hoped to have steel into Tilla
mook by the end of the year. Tilla
mook Headlight.
Millinery opening at the Bee Hive
Tuesday and Wednesday, March 27 and
28. Everyone invited.
Morning Astorian 65 cents per month.
We are sole agents in Astoria for the Niagara Stove Works of Buffalo, ; .
Celebrated Stoves and Ranges
tffH skHwsaia n .
I rT Kv-i-" if- I S S TV n
When you are in need of anything in
the photographic line in the amateur
way, kodaks, films, plate, card,
mounts, and all the technical detail
of the business, and want the best and
last in the way of artistic development,
just go to Frank Hart, the druggist, and
tell him so. That is all
Pillabury's Best Flour, UinseapoUsv
1.75 per sack. Geo. Lindstroa It Co.
For a good shave go to the Occident
Barber Shop. Five chairs. No long
1 Have you weakness of any kind-
atomach, back, or any organs of th
I body? Don't dope yourself with ordi-
35 cents. Frank Hart, druggist.
The perfection of whisky used in the
medical department of the United
States military and naval service. Also
in hospitals. Recommended by the high
est authorities as the purest stimulant
for family use. Sold exclusively by
Wm. Bock.
Is it not about time you were getting
that buggy fixed upt It may need new
rubber tires or perhaps some other n
pairs. If so, take it to Andrew As
Company. They also do all kinr I
blacksmithing and repair work.
The statement is frequently, and
freely, made that the best meal in As
toria is always served at the Palace
Restaurant. The reason for this broad
and general declaration, is that it is so.
What better predicate can there be for
so important announcement? The mail
who doubts it has only to call there and
prove it for himself. If he can't go by
day, he can go at night; the house k
never closed. They feed the individual
and they banquet the crowd. And all
on the same plane of excellence. Com
mercial street, opposite the Page build
ing. Inquire of the Elks about the event of
the season March 39.
N. A. Ackerman, 421 Bond St., does all
manner of texidermy, furniture uphol
stering, carpet cleaning and laying, mat
tress making a specialty and a l work
Every one guaranteed. Will let yow
stand or sit on the oven door if yo
wish. Prices reduced on all stoves no 4
ranges till after the Holidays.
l J. Scully