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We Have the New
Steel Cut Java and RJoclia
Baker's Barrington Hall
See Our Window Display.
j.t V -Ak. I Iw -L2) 1
Prominent Politicians Meet to
Discuss Situation.
Conference is Held at Residence of J. G.
Stokes at Noroton Point, Cona.,
and is Attended by ..ell
Known Politicians,
XEW YORK, March 3.-The World
today says:
A secret political conference was be
gun last night at the country residence
of J. G. Phelps Stoke, Xoroton Point.
Conn. It will last four day. During
that time matters of vital intere-t to
the welfare of socialism will I dis
Invitations to the conference were
sent out from New York about a month
ago. The recipients were cautioned to
observe secrecy, as it was desired that
Your attention is
called to our new
store, now open and
ready for business
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Painting, Graining
Paper Hanging
and Frescoing
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No. 75 8th St.
nothing should be known of the gather
in. There were alamt a dozen men at
the conference last nMit, but more me
I on the wav. Anions; those coni-picuou
j lust, beside Mr, Stoke, was hi broth-
1 r 111 law, Kobfit Hunter, who has
pronounced ideas about civic affair.
Mr. Hunter ha been styled a social
i-i. but 1ms never ascknovv hedged him
self a an out and out follower of so
cialism. Mr. Stoke, who is said to have at
tended the issuing of the invitation
received, beide Mft Hunter, several
J other New York men who are said to
lie avowed socialists and they took a
prominent part in the conference. Who
theo men were Mr. Stokes, when inter
viewed, refused to say.
"1 have a few gentlemen at my house
and we are discussing matters of inter
est to all voters," he said. "We are tak
ing up important public question.
That is al I caiv to say."
Mr. Stokes begged to I excused when
asked if mt of the conferee were not
socialists and if the gathering would
not discuss some means of organizing
the socialist party on a more vigorous
lighting basis. He said he was not at
liberty to answer any such question "as
the gentlemen present would not
like it."
Mr. Stokes who was the municipal
ownership candidate at the last election
for president of the board of aldermen,
refused to talk about the possibility of
a coalition between the municipal own
ership party and the socialists in the
coming gubernatorial campaign as a re
sult of the conference.
We are talking of things that inter
e-t every citizen and we shall try to
keep our deliberations secret," was all
he would sav.
The real business of the conference, it
is said, will begin today upon the ar
rival of Joseph Medill Patterson who
resigned yesterday as eommi-sioner of
public works of Chicago.
Delicacies Bought From Points
That are Vastly Distant.
An Early Morning Ttip to the Stalls of
the New Yotk Supply Stations
Stewards Who Buy Thousands
Hollars Wotth Each Pay.
XKW YOltK, March :l, VMMl Most
vvoinleiful of all the markets in the
world arc those of the metropolis. Peo
ple who visit N'ew Yoi"k rarely o to see
them. That is a great mistake. NV
where else i to I seen such a N-wilJ
ermg variety, such a complete assort-
nient, not only of native products, but
hotels that have sprung up in the city
within the lnt ten or lift eon years The
same euteiprino that ha produced the
roof Harden cafe, which done o
much to tin 11 New Yoik I mm a dccil
spot into an oasi in the summer time,
and that has prod need the celebrated
dining room-, like the Indian mom and
the (UNiiigeiie in the new lintel Atoi.
ha ubo to a hllge eten lie 11 Icspolt
sibte for the almost pcipctnal presence
ill city market of the delicacies that
ill (lie idd dav clump-, I li"in season to
Nowadays, when the b ndency even
among the richest and um ccliiie
people is more and lucle tow, ml hut
hie, theic is hai'lh auv limit to the ic
source, at the cumuiutnl ol the s,;iiel
I'.wii the very tiihe.t would not think
. 1. . . . . 1 - . .
01 mums: at uioir command at Home
niuiv man u uncinm 01 me il . iicncic
that mi up to date hotel ollcr to it
patron, every dav in the ciir.
now 1 ne notei nicwaiil iloes in mar
1 . . 1
Keung may oe seen ly accompany lug
the steward of the Hotel Astor oil his
rounds. That lie boys in Imcc .pianti
tie is shown bv the fact that he often
pends $HHN jn 14 Mingle trip. He
1 .... , ,
now 11 iow 11 at s ochicK every lilom
ing, and liefoic he has lluished hi dav
i,. ..f ,i..i;......;J ,...n...i 1 i..... I
hieuk tusk lie has the market
in the tour corners of the world ami
of their choeet otTerine,. The hotel
steward of the present time I a member
of a skilled profession. He must lie 1
man of wide experienif and of judg
mcnl that is both quick and sound; and
hi power of close calculation mut I
lev eloped to the ninth dij-rce. He must
"Billy Buster
They have a sole that won't wear out,
543 Bond Street Opp. Ross Higgins & Co
Gale Renders San Francisco Harbor
SAX FRANCISCO, March .1-A se
ere -.'ale which prevailed la-t night and
this morniriir did considerable damage
;tiirj the water front. Th river steam
er .Tuliett--. yin; at Harri-on street,
ivas jo-tlcd by the gale until her heavy
line- parted. She drifted around and
struck th'; Norwegian -team-r Tellus.
The Juliette pounded ngain&t the big
iron e--ol, became entangled in the
iatter's riiiL'iisL', and at one lime she 1
car fnel to such an extent that she
ne.rly turned turtle. The Juliette's
upppr woi'ks were canied away, and
she s;,nk to the level of her deck. The
crew worked until the water put out
the engines, A panic on board was
averted only by the coolness of the cap
tain and men. The Tellus was unin-
hiSe attempting to repair a row
1 1 1
on the tran-poit Lavvton as -le- was at
tempting to enter the harbor, A. Xaible,
a seaman, was swept overboard and
diowned. Maiiv fl-hint' boats along the
wharves were injured, and two launches
drifted avvav and wer- not recovered.
fish out of the seven sea.
Here are veritable range of moun
tains of smoked and fresh killed moats
products of nearby pasture and the
listant prairies, of the low laud of the
south and of the game farm of Fiance.
' ' ' " know when, what and how much to
peppers found in Java, turtle Iron) theli,,,.. ,1 , ,, , . ...
' 11 i lty. Above nil. he must know hi isles of the t arribbe,,,,, nuta .... .
1 r
found knowledge of what the change of
season hiinjjn the world mei, and, at
me same nine, lie uiii-t keep in clo.e
touch with the latest ta-t of the epi
cureatis to whom In- hotel cater. II
must never inflect obtainiiii thins.' for
which the gue-ts uiv especially likely
to call, and he must never cither over-
tock Ins larder or allow it to run short.
fn the case of the Hotel Astor l,e is one
of the nhiewde-t mid mo-t cpei ienced
of marketers, who knows th- wnvs of
the market specialists j well as he
knows the taste of the hotel guests.
and who, though he tuny spend a small
fortune in a few hour, waste not even
a nkk'l. He is paid a hand-ome a!arv
fop his mastery of the art of marketing,
for hi knowledge of the in ami mils
of the woinleiful Xew Vol k imuket
ami for his ability to maintain tlfe high
reputation of hi hotel among con
imissetii ,
In the com -e of a f.-w hours t hi-
steward may choo.e .md buy ..'"l
worth of irmt and v eej.ilde-, baitidl
upon baind and crate upon ci.ite, nil
to atTord the gue-ts of tin- hotel a
abunilame and v.niety of ij ( . i,eh
as in th - day of y oj . nnv not found
even on loyal tabli lie -pen. Is 4, 1.. ,nt
S.'itHI ;i day iit the ii-h in.iiket oidei
1 !!.', say, 20.IMMI ,,v-teM, lotto pound- of
hdi-ter, and crabs by the hundred,
'line .1 month or two at Uc -e iiMiki-i,
Two Thousand Jews Who Fled From
Russia Arrive in United States.
XKU" Y011K, March 3. Stories of
e-cape from the Kussian frontier and
of mas-acres alleged to have been com
mitted in the Moscow cellars is the re
cent outbreak were told here today by
Ku-ian refug es. These stories came
from s, ne of the 2000 Russian Jews
who arrived here yesterday on the
steamer Pennsylvania from Hamburg,
and who parsed the immigration inspec
tion today.
Rebecca Isaacs, 15 years old, one of
the refugees from Moscow, says that
-he was the la-t of a family of 12, and
that her father, mother, brothers and
sisters were killed by soldiers. She said !
for two days she was hidden in a dark
coiner of the cellar in her home when
soldiers entered at intervals. The other
members of the family, she said, were
found and killed, some of them so near
her that she heard their unavailing cries
for mercy. She now is on her way to
cht Virvinia.
gnuiereu in me uneni, aiau greens
raised in California, leek garmied in
the metropolitan annex known as long
land, lemon plucked in Sicilian
grove, l'lorada pineapples, grapefruit
just in from Jamaica, clusters of prime
grapes nourished in the hothouses of
Kngland ami llelgium, Myinn from
greenhouses near Host on and artichokes
from the plantations of Algerian Moi.
Over there sea food is bought and
sold by the ton whitefih, blueflsh,
moonfish, rod snappers, halibut, smell
haddock; in short every edible inhabi
tant of the ocean and river, brook and
lake. There are rattling heap of live
crabs and lobster, near tanks where
imported eole are swimming about;
while monster green turtles, weighing
from 100 to four hundred pound each,
snort and groan as if they knew that
within the next twenty four hour some
of them would le in the soup.
This natural history exposition as it
might be called - this mo-t remarkable
of the world" markets , typical of
the changes that have come over the
metropolis in the !at ten or fifteen
v caps. In former days people wa re ion
tent for the mot part to t ike things
as they came along, season by sea -on;
but nowadav there - no waiting for
seasons. The big hotel and the fash
ionable restauiants that accomodate
not only New Yorkers but the throngs
of visitor- always -urii-.g up and down
the city have cic,,ted a. eon-tant demand
for iiliim-t eveiy known article of food;
and abundant supply. It U 1,0 exag
geration to say that nearly every dish
known to the civilied uci'd is nerved
on Xew Yoik table-. The ie-u!t is that
the markets of Xew York are a minia
ture reprc-ciitation of uil the markets
1 ,.1 1 1,,. ,, ,,,1,1
Hanlly anything N "out of -eason"
in the imtropolis. Milk fed "-piing''
lamb ate supplied to the i-w Hotel
A-tor in mid winter from hothouses in
Xew Jer-ey. In 1 he days v. hen the
apple crop- ol tic ea-t v civ -iiim-icnt
for !oal needs, the le-t apples were
grown in orchards in iu-'hii Xew York;
but, today, as the rt-u!t of an increas
ing demand, th" apple supply is u im
ported from orehaids scattered up and
down the whole leng'h of the conti
nent, and of all the apple, thus collect
ed those from Oregon ;,ie the be-t. It
is the same with celery. Years ago Xew
York celery was famous for its in
comparable flavor and civpne--. Xow,
however the best spciminr-s of this
vegetable come from f'alitomia. Urg
ent demands opened n-w fields and
awarded new prizes. So it is with orange-.
Formerly those from California
and Florida were the favorites in the
Xew Yoi'k market. Today the most
lu-ojous -arnples of this finit old here
come from the irrigated lands reclaim
ed from the de-crt territory of Arizona.
Popular demand, too, has been respon
sible for the production of native
pineapples, grown in Florida, and native
figs, the product of rich Texas fields.
There is an interesting little story
behind the fact that gradually the
American table is being supplied by the
native products; that not only every
necessity but al-o every delicacy is
gradually becoming indigenous; and
that whereas once when a thing was out
of season it was out of the market,
today, particularly in Xew York, where
tastes are so cosmopolitan and purses
aro so fat, practically everything is
in season all the year round. Largely re
sponsible for this remarkable transfor-
I mation of development are the great j
he buys a load of turtle an admit
wagon load, 1'J0 op l.iOO pound of
them and nothinsj hut the choicest,
Thesn ate kept at the hotel until want
ed, Then come 4 visit to 'ilhlifton
maiket, the icnlte of the voih of rib
mid loin, where, liter ei'ctinsj hi "tip
ply of turkey 1 ut plica-emU, squab ami
quail, Ulolise md .-ee"C, the Atoi ex
pel I take his . hoi e ol such mrilje n
lioucn duck and !ocie chickens
special iiil'i-n r.u lioni oer the ,en in
tended to M(y the appetite of llioe
who, hud they lived in the .lav- of an
cieut Koine, w odd hav- looked ill vain
lop these tllil.j; cvcpl pel Imps III the
hoii-e ol l.uciilhic
I'heie i one t'oig in conttcrljon wile
Ihe maiket (' ! h,. oidumiy visitoi
will be likely to mi, nn, t it.-tt is i he
"Astor box," wln-h I. in otic of the hi,'
beef stole. J,, i),,, ,x J.VHI pound o'
heef aie kept ill (tie time nt a certain
temperature, lie meat i loiod when
fic-hly killed ai ( thde in the box il e
imiin until it i tendetiies il,ll. l
i lemoveil fltltl pound, at n time to the
hotel ivfrijjemior. there to be cm up
a omiioit ilcuitrid to fuini-h savmv
dilie that will I,. eied in cut,., yijl!
iih'iii or dining rooiti.
Add to t Ih-smi tteni a hundred dollar'
vvoith of hams jud other smoked meat,
th ;HK dor.en of eifir teciuiied eveiv
lay at the hotel, the 800 quart of milk
and '.'00 qusrts of cream, tlio tHM)
Mund of eufiVtt and iM) pounds of t4
Ismghl inn a mouth, not to mention
pices and condiments of U descri.i
tion. ami the with whhh th A
tor trard p"ivU a thiunnd dollar
in a morning 1 appaient,
Whoever would ee the nmket t
Now York at their best, when the
lock is full ant fteh, hmill ai-conip.
any ome one, like tin well known
steward, who go.-, hi, round, b-fcts
the big city has fuhbel the ! ceo out of
t eye and Ix-fol the ile.iill i olf the1
o; for by the lime the cidk,! .11 rum!
ii make it purchase, theie u tiotiiiiq,'
III "lif lit in tie liliiiket but the I
e;H illg,''
One Piano Number With Every Flv.
Dollar Salt,
ll ljrtd penjam in 5
Your stomach churns and 'iige-ts th.
food you eat and if foul, or torpid, or
out of order, your ho! ytem suf
fers froma blood poison. Hollbtor'
Rwky Mountain Tea keep, vou wU
33 cents. Ti or Tablet. Sold h
Frank Hart.
Astoria's Sellable ClothUr.
tj Chortu
tried. (At V
This word of late has been In every
one's mouth, and many are wondering
what the word slgninea, thmiKh no one
has yet been found, who will il.-ny that
NKWimO'8 HKRf'ICIDK does the wor.
Well, for the Information of thousands of
people who like to knowll about n gmu
lhinif, we would Bay that IIERPK'IDB
means, a destroyer or killer of "Herpes,1
Now "Herpes" B the family name of a
disease caused by various vepetatilo par
a-slles. A similar microbe cause dan
(irurr. Itching scalp, and falllni? hair; this
Is the microbe that NKWimO'8 IIKHPI
CirK promptly destroys; after which the
hair jrrows. Bold by leading drupglsts.
fiend 10c, in stamps for sample to Tin
Herplclde Co., Detroit. Mich.
l-'ngle Drug Store, 35I-3.r3 Pond St.,
Owl Drug Store, 54!) Com. St., T. F.
Laurin. Prop. "Special Agent."
305 Commercial Street
at a p. m.
during the week
Ask U for Price
305 Commercial Street
Latest Ponular
I'very mouth we r ceive the latest popuUp vocal and instrumen
tal hit diie.-t from the great Fustern publishers. We receive fiom 20
to ,V) of these new pie. e, each month and it will pay you to drop in at
1 a-t once a month and look them over. We keep them eparaU from
our large general stock of music and it need take but a few minutes of
your time. Keep an eye on the show window also.
Weinhard's LasBcere,
First National Bank of Astoria, Ore.
l.STAItUSI!i:i IHH(.
Capital and Surplus $100,000
Sherman Transfer Co.
Hacks, Carriages-Baggage Checked and Transferred-Trucks and Fur
mture, Wagons Pianos Moved, Buxed and Shipped.
433 Commercial Street phone Main 121
J. Q. A. B0W1BY, President.
0. I. PETERSON, Vice-President.
J. W. GARNER, Assistant Cashiir.
Astoria Savings Bank
Capital p,ud In 100,000. Surplus and CmdMded Profits IM 000
Transacts a General Business. Interest Paid ouiZ Deposits,
Tenth 8tret,