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Unusual Scene Witnessed
In Supreme Court.
MU.Aiuri Prooruinr ftf ManHird
. .1 Oil Trust Scores It's
T.k.0! of Tastlmony Wa Resumed
D. H. D. Rad tad Smith,
W.i. m th Stand and Olvt Soim
Ttlmoay Regarding 8uodrd Oil.
NKW YORK. J.n. 13 -An unusual
im wa Bilnewed In th supreme
' P.iMirt today when Attorney-General
llaillrv who wa. antuinir before Justice
I (ilhk-rlv on thr rule to compel II. IL
Hog to anawer question In th ML
wiuri Htt (HI laquiry. waa applauded
nd cheeiwd by lb 'crowd a. be con
cluded hi. arraignment o( Roger., fur
the position h had taken In th in
tuiry. A decision in tin matter
deferred until Monday.
Ttlmeny Resumed.
Th taking uf testimony in Ilia at
tempt tit mint lb Standard (HI Com
pany uf Indiana, (hp Water Pieie (til
Company, and lh Republic (HI Com
(winy, from Mi.aouri wa. rr.iiuwd to
day. Attorney-General Ibidlcy an
limtnred II. Clay Pierc of the Water..
lien Company had griHd to appear
in Mi.ourl whenever Hadley wished,
l, IL I). Read, formerly connected with
on or tb other uf th Standard Oil
Company, he did not know which, t--tilM
tu having audited thr Water.
Pierce Company book.. He reported
mult of the first audil In W. K.
' McKee, 20 Broadway, New Yoik. and
k ' it,. unJ (!.. I XL U'kil. .i.
26 Dtaudway. II. aaid M Kee after
ward. be-ni ah ofllrer in the llcpidilir
Cotnpany. At tlii jnnrture RoKeni wa.
allowed In wine In and anwer r. rUln
iiirlioiiH which In prevlmily hd re
filed. He had been naked, he aitL
Whether in lUO h had any buine
transaction, with II. (Iny rh-rre.
wlicrily he eet-iired for hiinelf
or the Standard (HI, any .tuck of the
Watvr. I'ierce Company. Ho.-rn .aid
hi. refusal to aiLHer Hi iiicalion mlflil
prejudice I'lcn and h w iahiil tu .lute
that licit !ier in IWM nr at any lime,
did he have Mich a traduction with
Allxrt A. Hmitli. .tcnov'iaphcr. .taleil
lie wa. employed at 20 llruadway from
llNkl tu IIKM In the ofllce of V. K.
IteinU. He aUted he reerlved the dic
tation of letter, aildreimed l Im t I the
Water.-Tien Company and the Re
jmlilic Company. ronirniii)( the general
i-onduct of their bu.inewi. He never
alowd the name, of either vonipany
in npiiear In the carbon eopie. uf the
ATLANTIC CITY', N. J. Jan. 13.
Sixty peraon who comprise th pa
enger. and craw of th big Clyde liner
Cherokee which went a.hor yaterdy
on the Drigantln Shoal., am complete
ly rut off from th outalde world to
night. Not ainc 4 o'clock this after-
-1 nighl
fl noon
' i ii U
ha there been any algnal from
mer, At thia hour th captain aig-
-d that all waa well and th ve-
letter. On rrtM examination b. teall-
fled h had been dlt-hrgd by III
8t.nJ.rd Oil, but could t.ll no dm why,
Nell U a total wrwk. at Metlakatlai
h.viny drifted on th ruck off 1'oint
Itv.n. January 3rd. during the heavy
X I. TV- ...I -I I A
. rrrtck.
NKW YORK, Jan. U-Th following
bulletin on th condition of Uanhal
Kkdd ra. I.ued at midnight i "Mr.
rirld k not o well tonight. Th dl
m baa not (tended, but be .bow.
murk exhau.lion.
Paaansf Trala Stiikci Log Train
Thr Pvraoaa Injured.
HKlJl! Ala Jan. l3.-ThrtMigh
mUunderatamling of order, a iecl.l
train carrying th Utile Johnnie June.
company from her to Penuitd col
tided with a log train between Monroe
and Itepton on a branch lino of the
UHiiatille and Nhvll and wa wreck
ed. Thre of th company were In
Jiired, Th eottiitany gav their er
formanc at PmiMMiila tonight.
His Opening Trial Begins in
Sheriff Bell of Teller Coanty, Colorado,
Identlfl Orchard aa Waattd oa Sua-
pidoa of Blowing up Isdrpodnc
Depot at Indepondenc Colorado.
1UUSK. J.n. 13. The preliminary
hearing of Harry Orchard, alia Thoma.
lliHn, on th charge of murdering ex
ioernnr Stetinenlierg w. lH-giin to
lay at Caldwell before Pnibate Judge
(liorcli. After aniining eleven wit
neM, the court adjourned until Mun
'.v. v.
The public wa. excluded from the
bearing by virtu of th atatut mak
ing it the privilege of the defendant
to have the cloaed. Joeph Hut
chinson, lieutenant-governor ' during
Steunenlierg'. aecond term gav hia
opinion thai the exphnion wa. from
aome other high exphwive than dyna
mite. HuU'hinann told of finding wnne
Kiil, r in(Hcli.rd' ruom and aome pla.-
ter pari. There i a towel tied over
the door knob, h Miid. that covered
the keyhole. Sheriff 1VI1. of Teller
eoiiiity, Colo., id til ill d the prioner a
th man wanted on au-picion of blow
ing up the .tation honae at lndcieml-
ence. Coin. He aaid he had a warrant
fur IHelmrd'. arret and extradition
paper, have been ined for (Hvhard'.
return tu Colorado in chc he I. not
convicted h.r.
Mr. J. L.Miirtln, who live, near the
Steunenlierg reaidene, leatiflcd that on
nevernl oci-aaion. during the hut of
Octohi'r, and flrt of November, ahe
aw Orchard paa her hmia going In
ward (he citeiiiienberg reaidene and
hi him leveling a field plaa at (h
' arl waa lying ea.y with her noae .tuck-
deep la the aand. Karlier in tha day a
meaaage waa received from th (trended
.teamer aaklng that lighter." b aent.
They will probably reach Cherokee
early In the morning. Old captain
familiar . with the ahor hereabout
.tat th craft I la no danger a long
a ber bow la kept in th aoft bed of
Student, for Refusing to
Anthem Ruthlessly Slain by one of the -Reactionaries
in Fit of Anger.
Wbea Davidoff, th Std?ot, Will Met Honor th Kuaiiaa Rational Antk.m.
Count, th BMctionary, Applied aa Epithet to Davidoff and
Polled Hk Ckair Out Tnm Uadr Bin Hot Word Fellow and Count
Pull Hia Revolver and Killa DaeidofJ.
ST. PETFJlSBUtU. (Sunday). Jaa.
UVA tragedy In whk-h a atmlent paid
with hi. life th. penalty for refusing
to honor the old regime look place 4a
th f anion, reatauranl "Th It. or"
aboitlr after midnight. Tb cuatoiu of
watching th old year out wa. being
olwerved. Th hall wa crowded and
the orcheatrn of Mil. Rigu. .later of
th paramour of Prince. Chinuy. upon
tb atroke of twelve, burt out into
tralna of "Cod Save th Kinpernr
Th gueal. with the exception of a
tudent named Davidoff, a nieuilier of
an ari.locralie family nm to their
feet, and th oflh-er prenent demanded
an encore, determined to turn the cele
bration into a kiyaliat demon.tration.
Count Sliemmetieff, the react binary,
applied aa epithet to Davidoff for re
fusing to honor th .national anthem
and pulled a chair from under him.
Hot word folowed and auddenly in the
mlat of th joyou. acclamation for New
Y'ear, the gtieat. were atartled by Ave
hot In rapid tucceaalon and the corpse
uf I lie .tudent. lay on the floor. ' The
Count, in addition lu killing Daviduff
wounded two women.
Thre companion, of Davidoff, armed
with champagne bottle, attacked the
murderer, who with blood atreaming
from hi. fac managed to tight hi way
to Ih (hair. jWomeiJ .bricked and
fainted. lmpalonel .pectator rang
Steunenlierg houae, which he evidently
wa. .tudyliig carefully.
Judge Snell of Nam pa leatiflcd thn
Orchard wa. at Namp the day of the
murder and talked tu him about an
The purpose of the prneculion Intro
ducing thia evidence i. to allow that
Orchard wa. at Namp on that particu
lar dny and returned to Caldwell on
the aame train with Steunenlierg, who
had returned home from an abac nee of
aeveral week.. A. Ilartlett. proprietor
of the Commercial Hotel, at Nampa,
corroborated Snell. teatimony a to
Orchard presence in Nampa on that
day, and that (n-chard took the weal
IhiuiuI train, taking a heavy valiae with
him. So far a the officer are able to
learn, the valine waa not in Orchard'
poeion when he retunied to Cald
well, Other gv minor tea
timony concerning minor detail..
Midshipman Will B Tried For Hating
One Mora.
ANNAPOLIS, J.n. 11-Th enation
of th preaent aerie of trill of th al
leged hater appeared thia morning,
when it became known that th next
can would be Mid.hlpman Minor Meri
wether, Jr who was recently tried In
connection with a fight which ended in
the death of Mid.hipman Branch. All
offen charged again.t him are al
leged to have occurred September lat.
No offen of any kind I charged alnee
the ad affair with young Branch.
Honor Russian National
ed themaelvea acording to politirwl
faith. A well known courtesan, her
head proudly in th air, atamped her
foot a from the aide of the Lnyaliata,
and declared the .Indent met hia due.
Th climax came when the aunt of
IXivhloff .who had fainted revived, ahe
ruahed forward and threw heraelf on
the body and paxionately kied hi.
cold bloodaUined face. A regular panic
followed. Many , gueata among whom
were aom of Ih moat prominent an
cle tr leaden, in St, Petemburg. in
cluding a number of diploiu.!, h.aten
e away In order to avoid being .urn. a witnee. .
Confirmation wa. received in the re
port of former Mini-ter . Kokovaroff
th.t he wa partially auecenafiil in hi
miaaion in Pari. Credit of t-i0.00n.000
wa. obtained with the ammrance of
more if neceary to maintain the ta
bility of the rouble. II explained, how
ever, that it wa not in the nature of
a loan to the Ruian government, but
.trh-tly an operation between the Dank
of Ruaaia and the French hank. With
a mania for criticixing every act of the
government, the paper even go to the
extent of attuning Witt for attempt
ing to maintain the gold atandard.
Th Novo Vremya declare, it a
encle. policy ami advocate, decree
ing paper lo be receivable with gold
fur public and private due. and let the
value take care of itel.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 13.-Speaker
Cannon and Repreentativ Rabcork,
the hitter the leader of the inaurgenta
in the llouae, had an intereating meet
ing today aa a result of which aeveral
enational atone are in circulation
which indicate a eerioiia breach lietween
the gentlemen. Their difference on
the Philippine tariff and Statehood bill
have long been apparent, and in re
gard to lhee difference they met to-
duy. Hancock took exception to an
article in a newper and preferred a
reiiiet that he lie recnguiaed on the
matter of peraonal privilege in the
Huuae, to deny it. Conversation re
vealed the fact that Hahcork wa un
der Ih impreion that (he article re
ferred to, wa. Inspired by Cannon',
friend. He waa aasurred am-h waa not
th cane and the interview terminated
without dicloing more than radical
difference a to bill, which are now the
chief topic of conversation about the
CARLISLE, Pa, Jan. 11-At a din
ner party for the Carll.le Indiaa foot-
bal player and Udle Unt evening giv
en by Superintendent Mercer, of the
Carli.l achool. Mi. Roe La Farge, a
Rlackfont Indiaa, and a lat year' Car
liala graduate, bow acting a aa aUt
ant matron her announced her en
gagement to Chart Dillon, th Chey
enne guard on th Carllale football team
for Hi but few year.
Snperlntendeat f Railway Kail Servic
Give Flf area.
WASin.VIJTOX, Jaa. U.-Tha aa
anal report of the general auperintend
nt of railway mail aervio for th
fiaral year Iwi3 .bow th total aum
ber of mile, uf nervfc by railroad, elee
trie cable ami ate.mboat line, to have
been 376JH(Ki;.
Aa urgent plea k made for a retire
ment and .uperannnatiua for the bene
fit of clerk disabled la line of duty or
worn out through long and faithful aer-
Hia Sptecbea Mad aa Philippia Tar
iff BiH.
WASIIIXC.TON. D. C. Jan. 13.-Xine
ajieeche. were made in the Houae today
on the lliilippine tariff bill, contain
ing .ix and one-balf hour. Three op-po-ed
the bill and aix favored it. Thoae
who argued for tha meaaur vera;
Cainea of; Thoma. of North
Carolina who included a plea for the
Southern farmer and demanded reclp-
r-ity to benefit tlie aecd oil iinlu-try ;
Needham of California; Creet of Tea-, and Scott of Kanaa. T'.tt op
ponent, were Young of Michigan; Lmid
of Minoeaota; and Morri. of Ncliraaka.
The debate ail cke Monday.
Woman is Ravished and Then
Strangled to Death,
ttra. Beaaia HollittM Attacked by Mar
derou Maa Wh Attampti t Aaaaalt
Her, Than Twin m Copper. Wtn
Around Reck and Strangle H.r.
CHICAOO, Jn. 13.-Mr. IWie Hol
liter, 30 year of age, the. wife of
Franklin C. Holli.ter, of tb printing
firm of Holli.ter Bro. one of the targ
et concern, of it kind in the city,
w. murdered Ut night by Richard
Ivin. 28 year of age, who had at
tempted to ault her. Tlie body of
Mr. Holliatcr wa. found this morning
lying on a pile cf .table refuae in the
rear of the Ivin.' reaidence. at 308 Bel
den avenue. Around the neck wa.
twisted a fine copper wire, and death
had been caused by strangulation.
Ivin, who pretended to find the
body, and reported the fact of the mur
der to the police, confeed to the crime
a abort time after he had been taken
into custody. Hi atatement to the
police wa.'in effect that be waa at
work in hi carpenter Wp. which
atand but a abort distance from
the place where the body wa found
hi morning, and that "alien Mr. Hol
li.ter pa-aed by he attacked her and
that alien ahe rcaiated he dragged her
into the carpenter hop and killed her
by twisting the all around her neck.
He (hen went home, and remained
ther all night.
Ivin. in hi confession, claimed that
he wa drunk at the time of the crime,
hut thia i denied by hi own mother,
who m,v. that he came into the houae
and ate hia upier while perfectly
eober. - Ivin had previously born a
good reputation.
SAN JUAN, P. R-. Jan. 13-The U. 8.
gunboat Dubuque arrived here this
morning from Santo Domingo with
General Morale, the former President
of Sanio Domingo on board. II I
ulleriiig from a broken ankle. The in
jury resulted from a fall from hia horse
on December 24th and ainc then he
has been without medical - attention.
Engiana's Parlianentary
Contest Exdlto"
Unionist Candidate Beaten Bv
Horridge Who Was
Thought Weak.
Seault of tha Elect ioai Tkaa Fax Has
Ftotib a Great Sqrpria t Zeta th
Liberal Thanjelre Excit.meat at
Maachefter Intenu. ..
LONDON. Jan. 13-The political map
of England underwent a atriking change
today a a result of the Parliamentary
election held in 39 conatituencie- in
widely watterrd but im porta nt center,
and in which th Liberal gained eigh
teen aeata. The Laborite, who ara
counted among the Liberal in the
gains, .ecu red four aew aeaU. Ia the
east division of Manchester, Arthur J.
Balfour, th former Premier, wa de
feated by T. O. Horridge. a Liberal,
who wa conceded a weak candidate
even by the Liberal. Horridge'. ma
jority wa 1080. Thia victory wa. de
cidedly the sensational outcome of th
day' polling and will, it i believed,
enormously effect the election which
will continue for a fortnight. Although
only sixty-six seat are now filed out
of 670 required for the new Parliament,
the composition of the House a ihowa
by the result, up to midnight is. .Lib
eral. 39, Unionist 11 Laborite k and
Nationalist 7. Little disorder occurred
anywhere. The excitement at Manches
ter wa intense and candidate aad con
stituent worked with feverish anxiety
and activity, especialy in Balfour'a dis
trict. Dispatches from Manchester say
the excitement tonight is indescribable.
Great Crowds swarmed th street
cheering nd demonstrating with the
utmost enthusiasm. Balfour tonight
adi!reed a meeting at the Conserva
tive Club. He acknowledged the grav
ity of the disaster, but predicted a
short life for the Liberal government.
Of course Balfour will find another seat
before the elections are owr by one
of the I'nionist candidate retiring in
hi favor. I'p on the present however,
ther ia no indication of where the for
mer Premier will find thia place.
SPOKANE, Jan. 12-In a decision
mainly against (lie Northern Pacifls
Railway Company, the register and re
ceiver of the I'nited Statea Land office
at Corur d'Alene City, Idaho today held
that a vast tract of lands in Shoshone
county claimed by the railroad a non
mineral are mineral, in character and
therefore a part of the public domain.
The land, are valued at 1 1-5O0.000.
Th officer on th Dubuqu state Mo
rale, has bo fund and hia entire bag
gg conaist of two trunk. He told
Commander Fechteler that he wt fla
ancialy embarrassed aad hoped to se
en r employment in Panama. Th
Dubuqu reported all quiet in Santo
Domingo. Monte CrUti will probably
be invaded next week by General Ca
ceres. .