The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, December 24, 1905, Page 4, Image 4

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n Jacob rvtmms
Christmas Gift
hi services In loading the ship and die
charging ballast at Kureka last Novem
ber. Another libel was filed againt the
same vessel by a Sa Francisco steve
doring company to recover fllOO for
(owing lumber and barley last week
Fine I at Oakland. Vpon filing a . bond of
Jf4000, the vesael wa permitted to de
part lor Australia iat.iUlit.
Tlie steamer Sue II. Slmore t still
4 ,in port. She wa to have kit out for
oAlvj Tillamook at 2 o'clock yeterday eter
j mxin, but the Imr wa pretty busy about
that tune and she refrained. . 1 hat
happy young couple- who are to be umr-
Uewa of a Day Aloof the Docks of Ai , i ied on the hijh by Cnptain Schra
toria Christmas Ashore and Afloat 'dor have been patently waiting for a
Mea and Their Crafts Foreign and , week ami may get out of the notion if
local line-up.
the Sue don't make it. pretty won.
A repoit was circulated in New York,
yesterday, that Howard tJould' yaoht.
. - V ...i.: u c r- ...ii i.
The Kamm steamer Lurline is getting. . "u .'
A.w I,., a.k r,...i .making a cruise in the West Indies,
Aoria, but she's doing business .11 j'" W OD 'Wunt thi Stom
tha ..m 0 h .rriv.l w. " th Allantie Coast and that two
evening a pleasant secret leaked out to h "4 fnmrNor
the effect that all the officers of the j fo,k furr' -X " ."
-teamcr Lurline and Undine and all
the agents of the Vancouver Transpor
tation Company, of which Captain Jacob
Kamm ia president, have just had com
pleted, at Portland, and will present to
that gentlemen, at his home in the
metropolis,' tomorrow morning, a mag
nificent silver "loving cup," eleven inche.
in height and fifteen inches in circum
ference, of solid silver richly lined with
pold, and splendidly embellished in em
bossed figures suggestive of the marine rated from blame Captain R. J. Pun
life, to which the donee ha devoted ham, master of the steamship Roanoke,
nearly fifty wars of his life. It is a I for losing the vessel's rudder wliile
The ttvaniship CtdumW ero down
front Portland early yeterday""rnorning,
took on a good bunch of freight, added
one passenger from here, Glenn Me-
i.raw,- to the thirty nve already on
board, and crossed out for San Fran
cisco at 8:15 o'clock a. nV
Advices have been received here that
Inspector Bolle and Bulger have exon-
superb gift and will undoubtedly be
thoroughly appreciated.
The ever present discrepancy between
the marine measurements of France and
the United States found expression
again yesterday when the customs in
spectors of this port measured the Asie.
She had to pay for an increase of 350
tons to the tune of $21.00 and w ill, it is
presumed, file a. protect with the de
twrtmenf ami be turned down, a ia tho
i -
usual course of procedure with all
French bottoms entering here. -
Ban Francisco, Dee. 22. A libel was
filed in the United States District Court
yesterday against the British ship Lou
don Hill by Georee Wester, a stevedore.
to recover $1148 alleged to be due for!
croing Humboldt bar on November 24.
Tbe French bark Hoche came down
from Portland, cargoed for Kuropean
delivery, yesterday forenoon. The Har
vest Queen brought her down and put
her in safe anchorage in the lower
The ship Columbia, and the barken
tine John Palmer, are said to be in
the offing, seeking an opportunity to
get on the Christmas side of the Colum
ba river bar. The bark Paramita is also
thought to be outxide, on a similar
The Portland 4 Asiatic Steamship
Company will dispatch three of its,
' The steamer Roanoke, of the North
Pacific Steamship Company, will resume
service on the Portland!) Angeles run
about January 10th, according to ad
vice received by Agent Harry Young.
The steamer F. A. Kilburn, from San
Francisco, via Tillamook, into which Ut
ter port she fled from the recent storm,
came in yesterday morning and went
on to the metropolis.
The four masted schooner Forest
Home, from RedonJo to Portland, cross
ed in yesterday morning and was
brought to an anchorage off the 0. R.
4 X. dock.
The steamship Senator Is due at the
O. R; & X. pier early tomorrow morn
ing. The w reckage - of her saloon and
upper works S being done m route.
The coasting steamer lice crossed in
yesterday- on the forenoon flood, from
San Francisco, via Eureka, whither she
went after a load of redwood." .
The U. 8. Revenue Cutter Commo
dore Perry, came down from the metro
polis yesterday, morning, after an ab
sence there, of eight days.
steamers to the Orient during Clirist
mas week. The Arabia and the Cape
Antilles will get away Wednesday and
the Strathmore Friday.
The three-masted schooner Beulah,
from Saa Pedro has arrived in and Is
anchored in the city channel off the A.
1 t railroad dock.
Tho Rriti-li steamship , KirkW left
Portland yesterday, bound for Shang
hai, grain laden. She should be here
this morning.
The Portland bound passengers on the
Lurline lat night were J. Kenyon, C. C.
Patrick, and Frank Brothers, of
Brook field.
The barkentine Gleaner haa finished
loading lumber at Knappton and cleared
yesterday for San Francisco, with 10,
000 feet
The Harvest Queen left up for Port
land with the French bark Asie, at 2
o'clock p. m. yesterday.
The British shjip Oweenee will be
down from Portland on the hawsers of
the Ok la ha ma some time today.
Practical Presents for
Particular People
V Mars
The Lucky Number
Wm. Bech, 512 7th Street
Gets that Magnificent Malleable
Steel Prize Range.
Wishing you one and all a Merry
Christmas, we are
, Yours truly, .
Astoria's Greatest Store,
p p
Come to us for your
holiday purchases where
we have exclusive styles
at modest prices, Assort
ment unequalled.
House Coats, Both
Robes, Dressy Gloves,
Neckwear, Fancy Sus.
penders, Kid Gloves, Suit
The Leading
What Some of Astoria's Choirs
Will Sir.
y Astoria's Greatest Store. Where the New thng Make Their Debut.
Some Master-Pieces in the Hands of
Gifted Sinters Fine Treat of Organ
Music ia Store Genu from Sacied
Oratorios Lists of Sinters.
There will be some magnificent inu.ic
in Antoria' churches today and tomor
row, and especially rich are noine of
the program for the great fentiva! of
the Nativity. Among thiwe with which
the Astorian has been favored, are the
Chrtxtma program of race Kpincopal
Church and St. .Mary's Catholic rhurrli,
which are set fuith in tbe following
Christmas Day 6:30 a. m.
Prelude, (), He Joyful in the Lord"
(Danka)i processional, "C'hriatmaa
woke (Wainwrixht); "K)rie Kleiaon"
(Evey); "(iioria TiW- (Paxton) t "Of
fertory, "While Sliepherda Watched
IVir Flocks by Niuht" (Gabriel), Sur
urn Corda and rianctu (Camidee);
communion hymn "Anpls from the
Realms of Glory" (Warren) s recessional,
"0 Come All Ye Faithful" (J. ReadinK);
poatlude "Gloria" from Hay den's flrnt
Christmas Day 10:30 a. m.
Prelude, "March Pontflcal" (Gounod):
processional "0 Come All Ye Faithful"
(J. Heading); "Vemte" (Dupuii.)
"GlorU" (DupuU), "Te Deura" (Reed)i
"Jubilate Deo" (W. IlayeM ,hymn,
"dristiana Awaka" (WaiowTlnhtli
'Gloria Tibs" (Paxton)i offeratory,
slo."In Old Jud-a" (GeibeDj "Sanctu"
(Camidge)j "Gloria in Exlnis" (old
chant); recessional "Thou Didst Leave
Thy Throne" (Matthews); postlude,
"Gloria to Ssnctus" (RatWe).
Tlie ever glorious "Adette Fldele"
will le sung by the choir, with solo
olilignto, and Mia Iaurie McTana's
numU-r will be "O Selutaris llostla."
The following well-known singer, con
stitute the cholri Soprano. Mrs. J.
II. Ot'onnell and Mr. Autin ()lirn
- Cliri-tma service will be held at St.
Mary'a Catholic Church, Monday, at 8
a. m. and 10:30 a. in. High ma will
be given by.Rer. J. Water, celebrant,
assisted by the regular choir.
Farmer' inspiring mass in B flat ha
been faithfully practiced, end it will be
given with fidelity, and reverent feel-
ing suitable to the natal day of Jesus
of Nazareth.
During the mass, Miss Madge Sovey
will sing the soprano solo, "Noel" tbe
Christmas hymn.
i! ' SALE I
iWWwwOOOOaCCCOOJOOOOOO, Tte liltli Book Stors for Mia.
Mi Madge Sovey, Miis aU BiJTtl,
Mr, Juie MK'mmiil, Mi May Ma
gee, Mi- Anna Msgee, Mis Ford. Mis
Ih-rtha Kannon, MissMaryCraintn. Mi
Hilda Hrunold; Kate bia
ntt, Mi Laura McCano, Hiss Marx
Dealey, Mr. Max, Mi ltetf
OX'oiinri ttnore Nello Jvhnson, fVW,
Unirr, Klnkclla; Us-im -4;iia. II,
Abrrcroiubie, James Vernon, tad Auitla
Keately; Mia Sovey, orgsnt-l and
direct rv.
Itruedlt'tioi! will follow itmnediaOly
after mas and tlivr will be m even
ing service on Monday.
Never have to wait long at the Oc
cident Barber Shop. A. E. Peterson,
On the fifteenth of November, the en
tire stock of goods at tm Little Book
Store, will bo put on sale at cost. Christ-
maa bargain In books, stationer- nov
elties, etc. 174 Tenth street
Charles Hellbora & Co., have nove4
Into their new store and make the an
nouncement that they are bow open for
business and are ready to fill all ordsrt
Of Interest to Clergy. .
The Astoria A Columbia River Rail
road Co- havlmf been m-anted member
ship In the Transcontinental Clergy
Bureau, the name of that company wilt
appesr ia the clergy application b'snks
snd clergy certificates issued ly the
bureau for 1000, and commencing Janu
ary 1st, of the coming year. The
permits will be honored by all agents
of tbe A. t C. R. R, thus eliminating
tbe individual half-fare permits Issued
by that company la former years. Re
questa for official application bleak
should be made to J. C. Mayo, general
passenger agent, Astoria.
Holllfcier's Tuxiy Mountain Tea 1
simply liquid electricity. It goes t
every part of jour body, bringing new
blood, strength and new vigor. It makes
you well and keeps you well 35 oent.
Sold by Fiank Hart.
Come and belf the Methodist Church
Wednesday night and Incidentaly give
youm-lf a treat. v For the concert will
Imi worth bearing. . Admission 60 cents.
Any woman can buy a Psris hut but
nut every woman csn culiivata a firt-
clasa intellect to wear under it.
Hot drinks aad sandwiches at Hoei