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Great War Vessel Slides Into the
Water Thirteen Minutes
Ahead of Schedule
Governor Mickey' Daughter
, Stands Sponsor for Ship and
' Governor Makes Speech.
Kiitiiiislaniii Hun High at Sc.
ntlle mid Hunting .Multi
tude Cheer a Hlilp
ICntrr Water. ,
ReAttle, Oct. 7. At 2 o'clock thti af
ternoon, thirteen minutes before the
scheduled time, the battleship Nebraska
left the ways at tht Moran Urol hem'
shipyard and lld gracefully and ma
jestically slid Into the waters of Puget
Hound. The launching wa entirely
successful and no hitch marred the
proceedings. The only reason tht ve.
el wa launched ahead of time win
that by. a Ught miscalculation the
poppet (wooden brace) at tht bow
waa raining the veaael too high, and
In tht opinion of experta It waa bel
ter that tht aupporta ahould bt knock
ed away without delay.
Governor John IL Mlckay, of Ne
braska, and Ma party, Including prom
inent atutt officials and their wives,
reached tht city laat night and partici
pated In tht ceremonies.
Tht launching waa tht occaalon of
a half holiday throughout tht city.
Mint Mary Main Mlckay, daughter of
Governor Mickey, atood sponsor for
the v !.
Tht Nebrneka la the flrat battleship
constructed on tht Pacific coast norfb
of Kail Francisco, and all tht lending
army and state oflleluls In tht north-
went took port In the program.
Folly 60,000 people viewed the cert
innnlea and aaw the big veaael enter
tht water. Naval men who viewed the
launching stated that It waa the rnuat
successful one they ever aw. The
Nebraska welgha more than any es
eel ever before launched for the United
BtaUai navy. Immediately after
launching, the big Alaska llnera that
hovered about her docka black with
excursionists, looked diminutive beside
her. .
"Three tars ago laat December," said
Governor Mickey, of Nebraska, aa the
cheers that greeted hie appearance
died away, "Robert Morun went down
to the city of Washington and aald to
the secretary of thp navy: 'I can build
a bultleahlp, and I can build Jt In
'Seattle.' The aecretury of the Jiuvy
did not know him aa we know him. He
did not know tht aplrlt of the men of
the northwest. Therefore the great
aecretury doubted.
"Then Robert Moran cuine home. It
waa on a Sunday morning. He culled
around him a few of the leudera among
the bualneaa men of Seattle a few of
the men who do thing. He told them
hla story, told them that he could build
the ahlp. but that the appropriation
made by congress waa too amull to
pay for It. These men did not doubt.
They did not hesitate. becauBe they
knew that Robert Moran would do
whatever h,s aald he would do. They
had faith In hla ability, faith In Mb
Judgment and In hla Integrity. They
knew that he would build the ahlp,
and they said to him, "We will help
you to build It.'
"We are here today to wltneaa the
fulfillment of that promise. Here la
the man who made It. There la the
ahlp the great batleehlp Nebraska
one of the moat powerful Bhlpa In the
whole world which la about to be
launched Into the watera of the great
eat of oceana, to go orth, under the
atara and Btrlpea, to maintain the
power and defend the honor of the moat
glorloua nation on earth. The prom
ise haa been kept and the pledge made
by our people haa been redeemed. Thl
splendid vessel la a mighty addition
to the great American navy; we are
proud of tht ship, and we honor the
men who made it."
Presentation of Subsidy.
Aa the uoacludlng worde of Gover-
An wr heard, John
mf ju1nt of the Hwtttle Cham-
Commerce stepped forward with
a rhei k for viqu.iwq, mnit-n ne pre
rnlocl as the subsidy to Monin Broth
ers' Compiiny. There whs great up
pliiUMo. Attorney-General Prout spoke
In behalf of the iM-fy of Nebraska.
Th address gf welcome to Gover
nor Mickey mil pnrty wit given hy
Mayor Huilliiicer, of Keuttle.
Fly Terptde Boats Shipped "West
of Chicago."
New York, Oct. 7. Flva aubmarlne
torpedo bouts, built In Massachusetts,
have been shipped by rail from Jer
sev Cllv. "West of Chicago" la the
destination' expressed upon the way
bill' which accompanies one of the
most unusuul shipments which has
ever crossed the Amerkan continent.
Valued at nearly 14.000,000, tht tor
pedo boats occupied 17 new steel flat
cars arid six box rare, the appearance
of tht entire train being not unlike
the caravan of a circus. The boats
were shipped In sections und each
car wua covered witn canvas wmca
concealed the contents.
There was not tht slightest mark
on any car to inuicnie ine contents
or tht destination, and to the ritllroud
employes who Inquired the stereo
typed answer was given that the cov
ered musses were & part of a lurge
Bhlnment of machinery destined for
the west.
Chicago University Dtolartd tht Priit
Chicago, Oct. 7. President Harper
haa been notified by the committer of
award of the Louisiana Purchase Ex
position Company that his school has
been awarded four grand prliea for
Its exhibits. No other tducational In
stitution won more than two. The
orlaea art for the work of the unlver-;
slty press, the Terkea observatory1
display, for Professor Mlchelsoo'e ex
hibit of Instrument for research work
In phytic and for general excellence
In th exhibit a a whole.
For the grand prise tor general ex
cellence and completeness, Chicago whs
given tht preference over Yale, Harv
ard. Columbia, the University of Mich
igan. University of Wisconsin and
University of Washington.
Wife and Thrtt Children of New Mix
ieo Man Perish In Storm.
La Vegas. N. M.. Oct. 7. Word was
received here from Chaperlto of the
drowning In the recent flood wf the
wife and three cnildren of Francisco
Lucero, a member of the legislature
from this county. The women and
children were at home alone the night
of the storm and water rose bo rap
Idly that they were unable to get out
of the house. The body of Mrs. Thomas
Acost, one of the victims of the flood,
has been found near the town of Mora.
Report 'of nine deaths come from
the Red river country. Seven are re
ported drowned In the Yarado, and
there are Indefinite reportB from he
l Mmnrrnn. It la now believed tha
train cannot go outh until after Sat
London Doctor Say 8h May 1 Get
. Wall.
Walmer Castle. Oct 7. A bulletin
Issued at 10:26 fc. m. today at Wul
mer Castle, say a:
"Lady Curion'a condition during the
paat week haa been one to cause re
newed anxiety, and the London doctors
have remained tn attendance. Her
ladyship 1 not yet out of danger, but
inw nrcwresa la belnff made and, If
no further complication ensue, there
la good hope for her ultimate recovery.
She passed a quiet night and her con
dition remains about the earne."
8ptoial Mttttngtr Stnt by tht Na
tional Irrigation Association.
El Paso, Tex., Oct. 7. A special
messenger has' been appointed by the
city authorities and the Southwestern
Irrigation association to convey to
Preeldent Dlaa, of Mexico the official
Invitation of the National Irrigation
congreaa to attend the twelfth annual
session here November 15.
The Invitation la signed by Senator
Clark, of Montana, president of the
Reported That British Steamer Seshan
With Cargo of Cattle and Flour
Has Been Seized by Japs.
First Troops of Imperial Guard
tant Change in General Situation at Port Arthur
Blockade Still Not Entirely Effective Messen
gers Can Still Get Into the Port.
The continuance of the gale which
haa developed on the China sea and
adjoining watera, precludes active op.
erutlona by the Japanese fleet block
ading Port Arthur. The British
steamer Blshan, with a cargo of cat
tle and flour from Shanghai for Port
Arthur, haa been seized by the Japa
nest off Nlu Chwung, It Is reported.
First Troops of Imperial Guard Leave
for tht Front.
Bt. Petersburg, Oct. 7. The first
troops of the Imperial guard left St
Petersburg tonight for tht front.
Mtsstngtra Can Still Get Into Port
BL Peteraburg, Oct. 7. A apeclal
dispatch from Mukden aaya there haa
been no change of Importance In the
general situation. The blockade of!
Port Arthur appears to have been In
effective, a a number of messengers
have slipped through. The latest at
vtcea aald Chat the fortress haa suf
ficient ammunition and provision to
enable the garrison to hold out atlne
New General to Command Fores
in Core.
Toklo, Oct 7, 3 p. m. Lletuenant-
Oeneral Hasegawa, late commander-in-chief
of the Imperial guard divis
ion, will depart for Corea today io as
sume command of the Japanese .forces
there. It la possible that tht Corean
army will be dispersed or brought un
der Japanese command. General
Huaeguwa Is expected to effect this
change at an early date. It to prob
able that this Japanese move hi made
In order to expel the bands vf Cos
sucks now operating In western and
northwestern Corea.
Wert Firtd on by Japanatt Land Bat
ported here that the fire of the Japa-
ported heer that the Are of the Japa
nese lund batteries severely damaged
four Russian warships in the harbor
of Port Arthur. It is stated that one
of the vessels was completely wreck
ed. The names of none of the ships
were given.
Russian in Communication
Port Arthur.
Tslngtau, Oct. 7, noon, The
man ateamer Progress, chartered by
a local German and which left here
25 days ago with a general cargo con
signed to . Vladivostok, returned from
that port today and reported that she
found It easy to elude the Japanese
ships In that vicinity. She reported
that a number of large ahlps have
coal and ammunition. The city of
Vladlvoatock is quiet and the Rus
sians seem depressed over their land
and sea reverses
Vladivostok la being heavily for
tified, the harbor Is being mined and
repairing of the damaged ships is
going on. It Is believed that it will
be Impossible to put the armored
cruiser Rossla In a seaworthy con
It la stated In Vladivostok that
General Kuropatkln has been very 111
and unable to personally command his
army sine the battle of Llao Yang.
Russian officer at Tslngtau are re
sponsible fox. the statement that am
munition and gun from, the protect
ed cruiser Plana have reached Port
? Leave for Front No Impor
Arthur from Saigon. Tht Germans
do not believe this story.
The Russians are In constant com
munication with Port Arthur, It la be
lieved, by wireless messages sent to
Chefoo, though it is claimed that
Junks carry the messages. It Is claim
ed that the expected dash of the Port
Arthur fleet has been frustrated by
the terrific storms which have pre
vailed this week.
The British collier Howick Hall Is
here discharging a cargo of coal to
the German ship Emma. The latter
la expected to make an attempt to
reach Port Arthur -within a few day.
8tory of Sea Fight Off Port Arthur
Not Confirmed.
8U Petersburg, Oct 7, 8:11 a. m.
Theonly reference to the reported
sea fight off Port Arthur Is contain
ed In a delayed special dispatch from
Chefoo, which saya that on the night
of October S the sound of firing was
beard In the direction of Port Arthur
and that searchlight were seen to be
working tn that vicinity. It 1 thought
there may have been a battle,, but no
confirmation of the report of one ha
been received. ... ,
The dispatch further state that, tn
aplte of the tightening of the Japa
nese blockade, Junks are still arrlv
Ing from the fortress bearing refu
gees, who say that all the attacks
of the Japanese have been repulsed
and that It will be necessary to Insti
tute a long siege and a complete
blockade In order to reduce the fort
ress. The blockade, according to the
refugees, Is not completely effective.
Junks are continually arriving with
food supplies and munitions for the
garrison, The Japanese have Insti
tuted a close patrol over the entire
Yellow sea, stopping every vessel
The captain of the British ateamer
Chenan, which was stopped hy a Jap
anese cruiser while on her way to
Chefoo from Taku, but was allowed
to proceed after her cargo had been
examined, has made a protest against
the way he was boarded and searched
on the high seas.
Refutes to Interfere Between Japan
and Russia.
London, Oct. 7. Replying to a letter
from the International arbitration and
peace association suggesting that the
time Is at hand when his majesty's
ministers in concert with other powers
can with good hope of success ap
peal to the governments of Russia and
Japan to suspend the conflict in the
far east, Lansdown writes:
"Neither of the belligerents having
expressed a desire for mediation by
other powers, his majesty's govern
ment doe not consider it could
with advantage take the action aug
gested." ,
Details of a Ttrriblt Crime in Ntw
Wilkesbarre, N. Y, Oct. 7. Detec
tives who have been Investigating the
murder of Mrs. Blgler Johnson and her
10-year-old niece, Annie Benjamin,
near Macedonia, Bradford county,
claim to have discovered the whole
horrible plot. It is alleged that con
fessions have been made by Blgler
Johnson, husband of the murdered
woman, saying his mother, 'Mrs. So
phia Merritt, and hla brother, Charles,
committed the murders, for which he
agreed to pay them S3 each.
Johnson, his mother, his brothers,
Charles and Alonzo, and hi Bisters,
Nancy and Mrs, Lorenzo Heeman, and
the tatter's husband are In Jail at To
wanda. They have been confined In
separate cells and the detectives, since
their arrest scvefkl day ago, have been
using what they discovered at the
scene oftoth murd-r to work upon
their fears and fatties and their sus
plclons of each other, until they now
claim to have obtained rjt-;em tits
from everal. -" f
Charles, It la alleged, accuse his
mother and his brother Alonzo and
says he knew nothing tbout the murder
until afterward, while ' Alonzo retal
lutes by saying that Charles and his
mother committed the murder. .
Blgler Johnson and his wife had not
lived together for some time. Recently
the court sentenced him to pay ( a
month toward her support This made
him very angry, and It is claimed that
he then made threat that she would
not be long In the way.
The story which the alleged confes
sions relate Is that Blgler Johnson, his
mother and Charles talked over the
plan of doing away with the woman
and that he offered them S3 each If they
did It He also arranged to be In To
wanda at the time the murders were
committed, so that he might prove an
alabl If suspicion pointed naturally to
him. The details arranged, the crime
was carried out. It la alleged, as
planned, with the exception that the
little girl was found in the house and
was also killed, and then the bodies
were soaked in kerosene and fired to
bide the crime.
The detectives expect to have their
case completed in a few days, with
enough evidence to hang three and
punish a couple of other who were ac
cessorie after the fact. ' .
Said H it Personally Responsiblt for
Boston, Oct 7. King Leopold, of
Belgium, waa assailed . for hi policy
In governing the Congo Free State
by E. T. Morell, of England, at a pub
lie meeting thl afternoon in connec
tlon, with the session of the Inter
national peace congress. Morell charg
ed King Leopold with being personally
responsible for a large measure of the
alleged cruelties practiced on the na
lives of the Songo Free State in the
terrlflc endeavor of monopolistic
commercial organizations to obtain
from the country all the tvory and
rubber possible.
The king was defended by George
Herbert Head, of Cambridge, Eng
land, who submitted that Leopold had
done all possible to stop the alleged
cruelties. ,
The congress today received the re
port of the committee on propaganda
recomending that the congress of, 1905
be held at Lucerne, Switzerland.
Senator Fairbanks and Party at Ev
anston, Wyo.
Evanston, Wyo., Oct, 7. This little
city on the extreme western border of
Wyoming; tonight holds within Its
borders six United States senators,
Messrs. ' Fairbanks, Dolllver, Fulton,
Kearns, Warren and Clark.
At the meeting held In the opera
house tonight Senator Clark presided
and speeches were made by Senators
Fairbanks, Dolllver and Fulton, and
Representative Smith. The feature of
the audience was a body of 40 young
women constituting the Evanston
Women's Club of first voters.
Large Atttndanot of Attoriana Expect
td at Portland Game.
It Is expected that between 100, and
200 Astorlana will see today's football
game between the Commercial Club
team of this city and the Multnomah
team of Portland. The game will be
played at Portland. A few of te foot
ball player went up last night on, the
boat, but the majority "of them will
leave this morning by rail, accompa
nied by a number ,of enthusiasts. The
Astorlans will occupy a section of the
grandstand and root for tht Astoria
team. That the game will be a fat
one Is conceded, and locally there is a
very decided sentiment that the Com
mercial will win. The Astorlans de
clare they will go Into the game to
work hard for success, and, that If
they lose, they will have made the best
possble showng. ; ', ,
KILL 254 !
Attack Made From Ambush and
Hand to Hand Fight Fol
lows in Which Few :
Portugese at the Beginning of
the Encounter Number
Four Hundred ;
Portugese Formed a Hollow
Square and Held Gronnd
-Were Attacked While 1
Crossing a River. .
Lisbon, Oct. 7. In the chamber ol
deputies today the minister of marine
made a detailed statement of the re
cent fighting by the Portuguese 14
southwest Africa where a force of 40
Portuguese operating against the
Cuanhamas was ambushed by the
tribesmen as they were crossing the
Cunene river. Two hundred and fifty-
four Portuguese were killed. The min
ister aald that when the attack was
made the detachment formed a square,
which was subjected to a heavy fire.
In one moment- htey had to ' defend
themselves with bayonets. The square
was not broken. The irregular troops
became panic, stricken and were
thrown into confusion. A hand to
hand conflict was the principal feature
Reinforcements were sent, but the re
lief detachment succeeded in saving
only a few wounded. . . ..
Four Oopupant Injured ' in tht Acei
; - dtnt '
New York, Oct 7. A big -touring
car, carrying two women and two mea,
ran away today down one of the
mountain of the Ramapo range.
Grange county, and none of the occu
pants escaped uninjured. The driver
lost control of the car mora than halt
a mile from the base of the Moun
tain and it dashed down the 'steep
grade at frightful speed. Fifty yard
from the base it struck a wall and was
turned over." -I -7t
Judge Parker Determined To Xtta
. Quiet During Campaign.
New York, Oct. 8. In a statement
issued this morning from national
democratic headquarters, Chairmen
Taggart announces that Judge Parker
has fulfy determined, after carefully
considering the mater, not to go oa
the stump. Such speeches as he deems
desirable to make will be made at
Rosemont Taggart says the Incident
is closed, and those In charge of the
campaign fully approve of the determi
nation of Parker.
Revokes Tax on Canneries for Fir
At the regular monthly meeting of
the water commission last night, the
commission passed a motion abolish
ing the rate heretofore charged can
neries for fire protection during tha
closed season and providing that they
be charged for the actual amount of
water consumed the year around, as
shown by the water meter. The rate
for fire protection during the closed
season has heretofore been $25.
There was Just a quorum present at
the meeting, the commissioners In at-1
tendance being Chairman Wright aod
Messrs. Elmore, Bowlby and Fisher.
Most of the session Was devoted to
routine business, the commission ap
proving the pay roll and authorising
the payment of a number of blllk
In regard to the application of the
Callendar Tranportatlon Company for
an extension of the water service .to
the company' new wharves. It waa
agreed that the city ahould make a
connection with the malu and lay a
2-inch pipe to the north aide of Bond
street, the company to lay the pipe
from there to it wharves at It owa
expense. '. ,-, ' 1