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It's Chase Sanborns
Choice Blended Coffee
Tut up in a milk can holding 5 pounds end
eel! for 1.25 each, u :: ::
&& bmTim mil
local Brevities.
A game of ball will be played at A
F, C. park this afternoon between the
Prides ot Astoria and a picked nine,
a meeting of the Idun society was
held last evening. It was decided to
give walkout party Sunday night
Membera of the society will visit the
city reservoir park, and refreshment
will be enjoyed under the trees.
It was learned yesterday that the
Are which destroyed the old ordnance
building at Fort Stevens caused a loss
of about $10,000. At the fort the opin
ion is expressed that the blase re
suited from spontaneous combustion
A board of survey wilt convene to de
termlne the cause, If posslhlo, and &
the loss. s ; ., ',
Robert Johnson, of Bkamokawa, Is In
the custody of Jailer Anderson pending
change in his mental condition. The
man bad been at the hospital for some
time and lately developed signs of In
sanity. He was examined yesterday,
but the board did not render a final
decision In his case. Should he show
Improvement during his confinement,
he will be releassd.
Lieutenant William H. Tobln. who
Ji been stationed at Fort Stevens for
the past two and a half years, left
yesterday for Ban Diego, Cal He will
hereafter be stationed at Fort Rose
crans, Cal., having been transferred
from the Thirty-fourth to the One
Hundred and Fifteenth company, const
artillery. Lieutenant Tobln'i family
accompanies him. For two years he
was post quartermaster at Stevens. He
will be succeeded by Lieutenant L, 8.
Ryan, '" ;
John Snmpl, agreement of Carbonado,
Wash, Is now out of St. Mary's hos
pital, after a stay of live weeks. Snmpl
was suffering from a peculiar disease
of the leg, which resulted In mortifica
tion. He treated with several Wash
Ington doctors, but without relief, and
ame to Astoria to consult Drs. Eske
lln and Ahlqulst. The local doctors
performed a dlffleult operation and the
sjinrer Is now well on the way to re
covery. He will return shortly to his
home In Carbonado.
Yesterday's session of the county
court was devoted to consideration of
road matters. The contract for re
pairing 72 rods of the Bear creek road
was awarded to Peter Olsen, at
price of 17 per rod. The court
Journed until August 16.
Victor Jansson, of 130 Lincoln street,
Astoria, writes The Astorlan to learn
whether or not the Fourth of July Is
a legal holiday. The Fourth of July
Is a legal holiday, having been pro
vlded for by act of congress.
.'. ; '
Voting for regatta queen will con
tinue up to o'clock tomorrow night
At 9 o'clock the committee will gather
up the ballot boxes and taka them to
regatta headquarters, where the re
suit will bs announced. It was er
roneously stated yesterday that the
contest would end tonight.
. '
Tha Vancouver Transportation Com
pany has appealed to Washington for
ft Anal ruling In the matter of the f 100
One Imposed by Collector Robb. The
ftne was levied because of Captain Lar
kins' failure to produce a certificate of
Inspection. It is claimed by the com
pany that at the time the Inspector
bonrded the Lurllne the certificate was
at the Portland customs bouse.
of the fishermen who came In yester
day reported that yesterday morning's
fog had Interfered with them at lower
harbor drifts, and those who suffered
on this account made poor catches.
Borne of the less fortunate fishermen
reported with from 250 to 600 pounds.
left because they could not get their
produce to the city. jrhre r four
ranchers are raising stock and those
who are familiar with conditions say
the stockraisers are making money. If
there were a good road to the county
line the farmers could get their stuff
but generally the hauls were as great to town, where the market Is always
as those of Wednesday. Yesterday the
price of salmon was reduced to 6 cents
flat. This was expected and the fl;
ermen accepted the reduction without
complaint so far as was learned. The
packers have scoured the city for
laborers, and at nearly all of the pack.
Ing bouses large forces are employed
It Is expected that the boats will be
limited If the preaent heavy run con
tlnues, although the packers and cold
storage men will use their best efforts
to care for all of the fish offered. The
run shows no sign of decreasing.
The following San Francisco dls
patch will prove of local Interest: Ad
vices received from Bristol bay state
that all the vessels of ths Alaska sal
mon fleet are safe. The season's pack
has been closed with a total of 800,000
cases, against 1.200,000 cases for last
season. The Alaska Packers' Assocla
tlon put up 625.000 cases, 276,000 cases
being packed by various other can
neries. The British Columbia pack will
not exceed 150,000 cases, against 475.-
000 for last year. The Puget Sound
canneries' output to August 1 waa 29,
oqo cases; for 1901 It was 465,000. The
Columbia River pack to August 1 was
115.000 cases, against 230,000 cases fqr
the same date last year. On the coast
rivers many canneries are closed. The
Sacramento river pack Is ths smallest
known. Tha total Pacific coast pack
will not exceed 2,250,000 cases, as
against 3.600,000 cases In 1903 and 6,
100,000 In 1901.
ine run or saimon yesterday was
quite as good aa that of the previous
day, and receipts at all of the packing
houses were heavy. With the single
exception of J. O. Megler, all of the
packers are taking the offerings of
the fishermen. The cannerlea are
handling fully one-third more fish than
was cared ror last season, and the
apacity of the cold storage plants Is
fully one-third greater this year. Some
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There Are Engines
Run well part of the time
Ran poorly all of the time
Won t worK any time
C. II. CARLSON & COMPANY, Affents J. .
xzisimiimmnixirrn miiniinlnnnrmT
The old Grimes hotel at Seaside was
burned to the ground early yesterday
morning. There were about 60 people
In the hotel and all escaped, although
one, J. W, Applegate, a Portland pho
tographer, was quite badly hurt. The.
fire was discovered about 3 o'clock.
The local flre department turned out
promptly, but the. ble had gained
such, headway that It could not be
controlled. The fire-fighters then
turned their attention to the adjoining
buildings and the bridge across the
Necanlcum, and prevented further loaa.
The fire started In the southeast part
of the building, and It Is believed to
have been of incendiary drlain. The
hotel was built 25 years ago and cost
$10,000, It was owned by Mrs. Sarah
Grimes. Mr. Applegate was brought
to Astoria yesterday and taken to St,
Mary's hospital. When the flre broke
out he was asleep and was froced to
Jump from the window of his room.
In striking the ground be dislocated
his left shoulder and hip, and was
also quite severely burned. When he
reached the hospital yesterday he t
unconscious, but responded readily to
medical treatment The Seaside au
thorises, while satisfied that the flre
waa started by some one, are at a loss
to account for the fiendish crime, and
have no clew by which tha lncendiarlea
might be Identified.
good. With the Idea In view of for
mulatlng some definite plan of action,
county officials, Astoria newspaper
men and good roads enthusiasts are
planning a trip to be made about Sep
tember 1 through the valley. The
farmers will be got together and urged
to adopt some plan to secure the neces
sary road. All of the local business
men realize the need for a road and
the ranchers can figure upon hearty
Report of Board for Ysar Ended June
30 Filed at Salem.
The board of pilot commissioners,
composed oi J, E. Campbell, Sylvester
Farrell and Qeorge Noland, has filed
Its annual report with Governor Cham
berlain, showing the tonnage engaged
In the foreign and domestic trade at
the port of Astoria for the year end
ing June 30. For the purpose of com
parison the corresponding flgurwj Jr
last year are given:
r t
I Great Reductions I
in Ladies' Shirt Waists. WaisU that in the
height of the summer season sold for $5.00,
f 4.75, 4.00 etc. now reduced to cost.
Ladies' Pongee Suits, fashionable and cool
for summer wear at a taking price $3.98.
The latest from Gage Ero3.--Ladies outing
ccps at 50c.
: r ' z Remember you can buy cheaper at :r ;: V
During the fog which settled over
the river Wednesday night the gaso
line launch Alexander, Jr., drifted out
to sea. The launch Is engaged In car
rying fish for the Warren Packing
Company, and near Desdemona sands
her wheel fouled a net Captain Muel
ler waa unable to clear the wheel and
the launch atarted to drift toward the
bar. On account of the fog the cap
tain was unable to signal for assist
ance, and the launch was carried out
to sea. Early In the morning, when
the tide turned, the launch drifted
back Into the river, but at daybreak
Captain Mueller found himself dan
gerously near the jetty. He man
aged to signal the men at work there,
and they notified Captain Wlcklund,
of the Hammond live-saving crew.
The lifeboat went to the Alexander's
assistance and towed her to a place of
safety. The Eclipse brought the
launch up to the city. When the
Alexander went over the bar she had
about 18 tons of fish aboard, and to
lighten the launch Captain Mueller
found It necessary to throw overboard
about six tons. The absence of the
Alexander caused some concern Wed
nesday night, and the steamer Volga
was sent down to the lower harbor
to look for her. The Volga grounded
at the mouth of Warrenton creek,
however, and the search ended unex
' , . . 1903.'
Entered domestic . .',224.689
Entered foreign 259,322
Cleared domestic... 257. 6S3
Cleared foreign...... 272,500
Pilotage charges for the year ending
June 30, 1904, were: Inward bar pilot
age, 17018.43; outward bar pilotage,
$8408.48; total. $15,426.91. For the pre
ceding year the charges were: Inward
bar pilotage, 111,144.02; outward bar
pilotage, 112,185.39; total, 823,329.41
The report says In part: "The
board has made its usual regular semi
annual tour of Inspection, and finds
that the pilot service Is efficient and
satisfactory. Any complaints or re
quests coming before the board have
been thoroughly Investigated and sat
isfactorily adjusted.
The state schooner San Jose and
the bar pilots have been continually
outside the bar pilotage grounds, af
fording as good service as possible to
the commerce of the river. The San
Jose has been lately thoroughly over
hauled and put In as good condition
as possible and Is now doing duty outside.
"The two bar tugs also carry pilots
going outside, and never leave for out
aide without one or mora pilots on
The board reports 10 river pilots and
seven bar pilots holding branches from
the board and actively at work.
The total tonnage of vessels enter
ing the Columbia river over the bar
was, for domestic vessels, 283,728 tons,
representing 601 vessels, and 77 for
elgn vessels of 171,049 tons. A total
of 474 domestic cleared, representing
276,276 tons, and 98 foreign vessels, of
189,124 tons. This was a handsome In
crease over the report of the previous
year, only 399 domestic and 128 foreign
vessels entering over the bar, the ton
nage being 224,689 and 259,322 tons, re
spectively. The number clearing was
382 domestic and 150 foreign, with 257,
693 and 272,500 tons, respectively.
; for the Home
Made in cane and rattan
Large and comfortable
For summer comfort
A splendid assortment tnd
Not high in price either
Astoria's Leading Ilousc-furnishers J
The Dally News, discussing the good
roads problem, points out the benefits
which will be derived if better rates
can be secured to Astoria from eastern
points, and Immigration thereby en
couraged. This matter was discussed
at considerable length at the recent
meeting of the local delegations to the
Oregon Development , League ; conven
tion. Judge Bowlby seemed very anx
ious for equal rates with Portland, but
It was pointed out by other delegates
that the rate problem was not of such
great Importance as many believed.
The eastern farmer who sells out to
come to Oregon will not be deterred
on account of the 82 additional fare
from Portland to Astoria, and, while
equal rates are desired, It is the gen
eral Impression that the rate will not
materially affect the Influx of new
people. The greatest task before the
commercial bodies Is to advertise the
resources of , this county. If eastern
farmers who slave 16 hours a day to
eke out an existence could be made
to understand that half the energy ex
pended In Clatsop county would net
them fortunes within a few years, the
farming districts would soon be built
up and the population of the county
doubled within a short time. There
Is now but one drawback to success
ful farming here the lack of a good
road south from the city. The Ne-!
halem valley was once quite thickly
settled, but many of the ranchers Have
Mrs, C. H. Callender, of Knappton,
I? In the city.
J. A. Waddel, a Portland traveling
man, Is In the city.
Mrs. W. S. McGuIre, of Portland, is
visiting In the city.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Meyer, of Port
land, are In the city.
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Mallory, of Den
ver, are visiting In the city.
Hon, Sig Slchel, of Portland, is In
Astoria, looking after his local Inter
ests. J. H. Carver, of Kalama, was among
the passengers arriving on last night's
Mrs. Katherine Daly, of Portland, is
visiting In the city with her niece,
Mrs. E. Q. TrulUnger.
Among the Porttanders In the city
are W. S. Paige, E. Q. Rice, A. W.
Whitmer, Fred D. Jack and Charles
Mrs. J. W. French and Mlsa C. F.
Bolton, of The Dalles, arrived in the
city last evening on their way to the
Robert S. Boyns, northwest general
manager of the Prudential Lfe Insur
ance Company, witn headquarters at.
Portland, Is in the city.
James W. Welch, A. S. Tee, Judge
Bowlby, A. S. Skyles and Dr. W. C.
Barr have returned from Portland,
where they attended the development
league convention.
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