The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, August 05, 1904, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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We Cordially Invite
1... v.... t -v. w
V ., i v - t X
Crowning of Queen
Grand Kegatta Ball
Sculling Match
Lacrosse Match
Gasoline Boat Races
Fish Boat Races
Rowing Races
Tub Races
Sloop Races
Bands of Music
High Dive
You need a vacation; why not come to Astoria
where the invigorating breeze from the Pacific
Ocean will fill your lungs with pure ozone and
where you can take in the renowned Regatta" at
the same time. You can also see the salmon can
neries and take a dip in the ocean; several trips
daily to and rrom the peach. ::
Plenty of Accommodations
And a Royal Good Time
We Invite YOU to Gome
We want YOUR Company
Powerful Influence! Trying to Ad
just Difficulty Between Pack
ers and Employes
Union Men Hay Tliey Are Anx
Jons to SI set Packer Half
Way-Strike JJreak. ,
em ftluggeil.
Chicago, August 4. According to
the leaden of the packing houe strike.
certain powerful Influence, have been
brought to bear on the packer, and
peace negotiation, will probably be re
newed tomorrow afternoon between th
.trlker. and their former employe..
The announcement wa. made by
President Suchardt of the Federation
of Labor and J. J. Keppler, business
agent of the machinists' union. Neither
Mr. Schardt nor Mr. Keppler would
reveal the identity of the peacemak
era, but Mid that the men who are
about to Intercede were not identified
with any of the other peace effort..
"1 am not at liberty to rive the
name, of the parties who are trying
to bring about another conference"
said President Schardt. "Mr. Keppler
and I conferred with several Influen
tial men by appointment and at the
solicitation of disinterested parties.
Just what they are doing or how many
of the packer, these gentlemen saw,
( do not know.' I am convinced that
they are successful In a measure from
the fact that I wa. asked If President
Donnelly would return to the city soon,
and If a conference for Friday after
noon could be arranged satisfactorily."
Mr. Keppler .aid that President Don
nelly would return to the city today
and the matter would be laid before
"I believe the partle. who are try
ing to bring about another conference
mean business," he said. "The labor
men will meet the packers more than
half way."
Today Robert Collin, and James
Moore of Cleveland, who came here to
secure work In the packing houses,
were intercepted by pickets while on
their way to the stockyards. Collins
was badly beaten, robbed and left un
conscious in the street where he was
found by a milkman. Moore escaped
by running. Frank Polaskl, who ad
mits that he was doing picket duty in
that locality, has been arrested on sus
picion of connection with the assault.
By Tristan Bernard.
When James Smith arrived at Gare
St Laxare after a rather tiresome trip
from Cherbourg, where he had landed
from one of the North German Lloyd
liners, he had Just 150 francs in his
possession. He might have lived on
this money for two month, until he
should have been able to get a position
a. valet for one of hi. numerous Amer
ican countrymen in that city, but this
thought never entered his mind. He
wa. a man of far greater talents and
had his face not been too familiar to
the officer, of the great oceun grey
hound, who warned his fellow passen
ger, against playing cards with him.
he would not now have been in this
embarrassing position. As it was, he
had, however, to make the best of It.
His suit the only one he had, by the
way was faultless, and for a few
francs he bought an elegant second
hand trunk covered with hotel labels
from all parts of the world. This he
filled with old paper to give it weight.
hired a cab and told the driver to take
him to the Hotel Tlbere, a small pri
vate but elegantly appointed hotel fre
quented .by wealthy and fashionable
people. Here he hired a suite of rooms
on the first floor and immediately gave
the waiter a tip of SO francs out of the
money he still had left.'
His first visit was to Duval, the swell
Canadian tailor, from whom he ordered
10 suits of clothes, choosing goods and
cut with the fastidiousness which made
a strong impression even on that
haughty person. From Teminore he
ordered shirts, collars, neckties and
underwear with more care than if he
had been King Edward, who wa
otherwise the firm', most difficult cus
tomer. At a cigar store he bought 10 postal
card, which he Immediately addressed
to himself In different handwriting,
and mailed them so that he was sure
he would be In when they arrived.
Before his return they had, of course,
all been carefully read by Mme. Tlbere.
the proprietes. of the hotel, who was
very much awed by their contents.
One read:
"My Dear Bir Your bid wa. the
highest for the chauteau, with parks,
farm building, and all stock and ap
purtenances. Tour certified check for
fifteen hundred thousands franc, was
given In payment, and deed is now re
corded In your name. Respectfully,
"VINAIGRET, Notary."
Another ran thus, In a clear, fine
"My Dear Boy What is the matter
with you? I have not seen you for
weeks. Come tomorrow sure, and dine
with us. Faithfully yours,
' "Duke of Aumale."
A third wa. from a lady:
"The diamond, are simply .uperb,
Tou really spoil me, James. Expect
you tonight,
One afternoon James appeared at his
M. Duval, do you happen to have a
thousand francs in cash that you can
let me have? That will save me the
trouble of going to the bank, and I will
return them at 6."
M. Duval, who had seen no money
for his 10 suits, at first did not know
what to say, but then he thought that
a. long as he was in the soup for 3000
francs another thousand would not
make much difference, so he handed
over the money with a sickly smile.
James returned home and asked if
there was any mall for him, received
two letters with ducal coronets and
pulled out his wallet, asking Mme. Tl
bere to give him smaller bills for a
thousand franc note.
With the change In his pocket he
went to Teminore, ordered a small
change made in his order of neckties.
and then asked the clerk to get him a
thousand franc bill for a lot of change,
which took up too much space In his
From here to his shoemaker, where
he complained about the fit of his last
patent leathers and had his thousand
franc bill changed Into two bills of five
hundred each. :, " ',
In the restaurant he asked the cash
ier to oblige him with one-hundred
franc bills for his two five-hundred
franc notes, and at 4:43 he handed his
delighted tailor the 10 bills, which he
almost had to force upon htm, as Mr.
Duval assured him that he did not need
them at all and that his customer might
need it, as it was after banking hours.
Having thus strengthened his credit,
Mr. James treated himself to an extra
bottle of champagne with his dinner,
which was cheerfully charged to his
account, and while eating he laid his
plan, for a greater coup, which would
give him money for a first class pas
sage to New York.
Family of Washington People Ar
rive at Middleton, N.Y..
From Port Angeles
Beef or Veal Loaf.
To each pound of chopped meat al
low one egg, one-half cup of moistened
bread crumbs and salt and pepper to
taste; mix well and puck solid in a bar
tin, well greased; pour over it a pint of
boiling water and bake from two to
three hours, according to siste; prepare
the day before using; slice very thin.
Do you know the most
luxurious bath in the world?
Have you used Pears'
Sold all over the world.
The Death Penalty.
A little thing sometimes results in
death. Thus a mere scratch, insignifi
cant cuts or puny boils have paid the
death penalty. It is wise to have
Bueklen's Arnica Salve ever handy.
It's the best Salve on earth and will
prevent fatality, when Burns, Sores,
Ulcers and Piles threaten. Only 25c,
at Chas. Rogers' drug store.
The Grotto handles nothing but
straight liquors; no blended good, in
the house.
PuUIIueon Wheels and Make
Journey of 15,000 Miles, VU.
ttingr Many Parts of the
Middleton, N. Y, Aug. .4. An old,
dilapidated house on wheels ha. reach
ed this city from the state of Wash
ington. The house is occupied by Mr.
and Mrs, M. B. Lasiey and five chil
dren, a son-ln-iaw and his two chil
dren, two dog. and a cat
On March 22, 1834, the party start
ed from Port Angeles, .Wash-, on the
trip to benefit Mr. Lasiey'. health.
They proceeded as far a. Maine, Umsi
back,, to Kansas City and afterward
over various sections of the United
States until they reached Orange
county. The total distance traveled
has been 15,000 miles and many spans
of horse, have done service along the
Flipht Arrested by Hook Which
Catche. Him In Jaw.
Waterbury, Conn,, Aug. 4. Linemaa
Truman Judson of the Southern New
England Telephone Company fell while
at work on a pole 40 feet high and was
caught 20 feet from the ground by an
lrm hook through hi. jaw. After
hanging thus a short time, the flesh
tore and he fell to the ground.
Although he has concussion of the
brain, a broken Jaw, a lacerated scalp
and fractured ribs, the physicians say
he will recover. A man on top of the
pole saw his comrade impaled, fainted
at the sight and iwas saved by the
straps which held him to the cross
Tobacco in North Csrolina.
New York, Aug. 4. W. P. Anderses,
of Wilson, N. C, is staying at the
Hoffman house. "Wilson has grows
since' 1890," said Mr. Anderson, "from
1500 to 10,000 population. Its growls
has been chiefly due to the develop
ment of the tobacco growing industry,
Wilson is second only to Winstoa sm
a tobacco market and the annual bus
iness has aggregated from 21,000.009 te
25,000,000 pounds. The ..crop marketed
in 1902-i brought to the planters about
2,500,000, the average price being about
10 cents a pound. Since, however, the
trust has come Into control ot th
market the crop has been less profita
ble, and the average for 1903-4 was CU
cents. The acreage throughout the en
tire tobacco growing section of the
south has been greatly decreased, and
In North Carolina it wllf be not more
than 50 per cent as great as last year.
and In South Carolina the decrease will
be even greater. Of course, The "bind
that Is withdrawn : from tobacco cul
ture will be given to cotton,, and pos
sibly there will be an equalizing compensation."
Itaay May See Bat It Takes Gealaa re
When James Watt saw the steam
causing the kettle lid to Jump up and
down he said "There must be power la
that steam that It can lilt such. s
There was.
Millions prior to him had seen the
same phenomenon and regarded It as
an unexplained mystery.
Recent scientific research has wit Its
finger on the "causa" of Dandruff, Fall
ing Hair, and consequent Baldness, and
has unearthed a tiny germ which eats
the life from the roots cf human hair.
weworos Herplclde destroys this
germ and conseaunntlv rntnra th
hatr to Its natural state.
Bold D7 leadinr dnirvtRt Rend Ito fta
tamps for sample to The Herplclde CSu
Detroit Mich,
Always Open, Day or Night
iJf t II
TUB. . .
A big reduction sale on hats. All kinds -of
ladies' and childrens' furnishing goods, hair
switches and pompadours, s. ' ::' v
MRS. R. ENGLETON, - - Welch Block.