The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, June 28, 1904, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Granite Tinware
W hav Just rcalvfl new tin of Van Dyk Porcelain War,
fully guaranteed not to poet or crack. w ar selling this lino at
a very Interesting price, and vry plec la a crtdit to any kitchen.
Wo Mako Antl-Ruit Tinware Speolalty.
local Drevltles.
Everyeaw participating In th oper
etta "Snow White" muat be on hand
today at 1 o'clock sharp.
Mlaa Oray dslri the girl who are
to rid on th liberty car to meet at
her horn, corner Seventeenth and
Grand avenue, at t o'clock thia after
The work of hauling cruahed rock
or the court houee foundation waa
A m. I . in I a
iimiuiuiitvu, iu mi win i covered
with rock to the depth of about two
feet, and upon thla the concrete will
b laid.
1 The achooner Wllllum Renton la load
ing lumber at the Hum mill. During
her hut trip to Aitorla a larg sal
mon mysteriously jumped from the
river Into a small boat moored astern
the vessel, and, while the truth of
the story .has been doubted, Captain
Ilrus atlll Insist that It la correct.
Harvey Mowlck and Mlaa Mary Ed
ward were married taut evening at th
East Aatorla horn of Bernard Han
sen, Rev. Laraen officiating. A number
of th friend of th contracting par
tlea were preeent at th marriage.
Th South Bend (Wash.) baaeball
team will play In Aatorla ne( Sunday
and Monday, It t nld of thla team
that It 1 on of the fastest aggrega
tlona in aouthweatern Washington.
Bome of th local fan ax preparing
to back th visitor. There baa been
considerable betting on ball garnet thla
lummer, and when Multnomah defeat
ed Commercial last Saturday a large
amount changed hand.
Hammond will celebrate the Fourth
tbla year. There will b (and aporta
of every description wljta. appropriate
prltea, also varloua water aporta, A
baaeball game between th Cathlamet
Sune and Hammond Stars. A goddess
of liberty la now being voted upon, and
the result will be announced In these
column later. Fireworks and a grand
ball will wind up th day.
There Are Engines
H 0.11. Carlson,
nnummiimnimim mxmimim.nin
Ban well part oftbe time
Ran poorly all of the time
Won t worK any time
Agents G. M. McBride
That are stylish and not High Triced. Ladies'
Suits from $7.50 to $15.00. Ladies' skirts fro
$1.75 to $10.00. Ladies' coa t, in wool or silk,
$4.60 to $17.60.
Hoy's Suits. Stylish.
Good materials at all prices. Men's Suits, latest
styles, best materials, excellent values, from
$7.50 to $12.50.
V W are not offering you SO for $1.00, or something for nothing,
but we will glv you th best value In th lty for 100 cents on th
Dollar. Remember,
"You Can Always Buy Cheaper" at
mm mm
:Dtor Style ;
There is Nothing So Good
As a Well Built & ? &
MB, (D la
We carry the finest assortment aud varied styles in
wardrobe, box and bod couches. Come and let us
show you what these couches re Yj are.
V- . :
VStOria 9 aeaaia iiOU3C"iui uisti a
In constructing cement sidewalks in
the residence sections and elsewhere
the nnrnes of the streets appear Upon
each corner, Th streets running north
and south are numbered from First
upward,' and In many cases the names
appear on the ' corners in figures,
Wher they are spelled out they are
much plainer, and the suggestion has
been made that th council give In
tractions In acordance with the. Idea
her expressed.
Fully 160 persons attended the Swedish-Finnish
picnic at McOowan on
Sunday, th steamer Mller having made
two trlpa to accommodate th crowd.
Th day was pleasantly spent at Key
stone pork, and the excursionists did
not return to th city until lata in the
evening. They apeak in the highest
term of the courtesy shown them by
th Messrs. McOowan and Noonan, who
left nothing undone to provide for th
convenience of th visitors. A dance
waa given during the afternoon.
An Innovation Is now under way that
rlvea promts of revolutionising the
method of constructing downtown side
walks. Will Madison la having a ce-
ment walk Installed la front of bis
Commercial street store, and If the
plan prove successful, other mer
chants will follow the example. The
cement will be laid upon a wooden
walk resting upon piling. Some of the
contractors say the cement will crack,
but others believe the experiment will
be successful
The Commercial Club baseball team
took the Prides of Astoria down the
line Sunday to the tune of 13 to 2. The
Prides did not score until the ninth,
when three hits brought in two runs.
Time and again one of the Prides woulJ
reach the third stopping place, and
there the Commercials would kill him,
At critical times Ilk there the club
men played good ball, and, despite the
superior hy of the Commercials, the
game was really interesting. The fea
ture of the contest was Harry Gra
ham's sensational catch of a difficult
foul fly that waa hit near the grand
stand. Welch, center fielder for the
Prldea, alsoi made a line running catch.
Ten of the Prides died on bases, nearly
a of them at the third sack. Ferguson
batted out a home run and got a
Two local slashers were yesterday
given penitentiary terms by Judge Mc
Bride. Charles Jackson (colored), who
slashed Henry Busby with a knife
about a week ago, waa arraigned upon
a charge of assault with a deadly
weapon and pleaded guilty. He was
given one year In the penitentiary.
Jackson had been involved in several
cutting scrapes, and when he attacked
Busby was drunk. Fred Llewellen waa
given a penitentiary sentence of three
years. A few ntghta ago he used a
knife, In an attack upon E. L. Lewis,
aa the result of a dispute as to the
reason for Lewis' dismissal from a
saloon at which both men worked.
Lewis was badly slashed and caused
th arrest of his assailant upon a
charge of assault with intent to kill
Llewellen pleaded guilty when arraign
ed before Judge McBride yesterday
and was given a three-year sentence.
At a meeting of the Commercial
Club last evening- C. R. Morse, George
W. Ralston and Joseph Oribler were
appointed members of the board of
directors to fill some of the existing
vacancies. A few of th other direc
tor ax to be aounded for the pur
pose of determining whether or not
It la their deslr to continue to act
The age limit question waa discussed
at length. The opinion waa expressed
that no person under the age of 21
yeara ahould be allowed the privileges
of the clubhouse, although a few of
the members seemed to entertain a
different idea. Finally a committee
was appointed, consisting of Charles
H. Halderman, Charles H. Abercromble
and P. B. Sovey, for the purpose of re
vising the constitution and by-laws.
This committee will report at a meet
ing to be held on the night of Tuesday,
July 12. It is the intention of mem
bers of the committee to raise the age
limit to 21 yeara and offer some few
other changes. The membership of
the club has fallen oft materially of
late, but it Is hoped through renewed
activity to restore it to Its former sat
Isfactory proportions.
safe from the building, and the stair
way at the A. O. V. W. hall was also
braced up. City Surveyor Tee succeed
ed in removing his office yesterday, and
is now at home in his new quarters.
The auditor will occupy the rear of
the building, while the surveyor's office
Is on the north side of the floor. The
balance of the floor will be used as the
council chambers and police court The
new jail In the Ferguson A Houston
building will be completed In a few
days. It will be a much more secure
place of detention than the old Jail,
the floor of which has rotted away.
Ther will be flv cells and on large
corridor In th temporary Jail, and an
office for the chief of police The steel
from the old Jail wilt be used In the
temporary bastlie.
Within a day or two the old city hall
will . have been vacated. Yesterday
Auditor Anderson commenced the work
of removing his office to A. O. U. W.
hall, and by tomorrow will be estab
lished at the new location. The work
of removing the big safe waa quite
difficult The city bought the safe 25
yeara ago, and Its weight, 4500 pounds,
caused the stairway at the old hall to
collapse when It waa originally In
stalled. It waa found necessary to
strengthen the stairway to talc the
A. M. Sylvester of Seattle la In the
Fred Hiatt of Clatskani Is In the
A. F. Roger U down from Portland
on business.
Ky. J. Smith was down from Port
land yesterday.
p, J, Sullivan of The Dalles waa In
the city yesterday.
R. F. McComb la her from Portland
os a business trip.
J. R. Shaw and wife of Kentucky are
guest at the Occident
Dr. H. H. Hanson and wife of Butte
are visiting In Astoria.
A. B. McClellan of San Francisco Is
registered at the Occident
J. IL Johnson of Seaside was In the
city yesterday on business.
C, M. Celler was absent from the
city on business yesterday.
W. A. Sherman and bride have ar
rived from San Francisco.
John C McCue has returned from a
week's visit in the Willamette valley,
Mrs. t Cohen and eon, Edmund, left
yesterday for Portland for a few days'
visit ,
Captain Wlcklund of the Hammond
live-saving crew waa In the city yes
terday. Charles V. Brown returned yesterday
from British Columbia and sound cities
after an absence of a month.
Mrs. Mary Regan, Miss June Regan
and Master Paul Regan of Madison,
Wis., are In the city for a month's
visit with Dr. John Regan.
Mrs. R. Breslauer and daughter, Miss
Mamie, of Chico, Cal., who had been
visiting relatives In the city, left yes
terday for a pleasure trip to Port
land and The Dalles.
Visit Your Eastern Friends.
Low rates to all Eastern point via
th North-western Line C St P. M.
As O. Ry. Writ for particular to
IL L. Slater. General Agent, 1S2 Third
street Portland. Ore.
Th Northern Paclflo Railway Com
pany will place round trip ticket from
Portland to St Louis and return on
account of th world' fair on sale as
dun 16th, 17th and 18th.
July 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
August 8th, 9th and 10th.
Sept 6th, 6th and 7th.
Qotober Srd, 4th and 6th.
Th round trip rat to 8t Louis and
return from Portland will be 117.80.
Tickets will be good for return via any
direct line.
A round trip rat of S72.H will also
b mad from Portland to Chicago and
If , passenger desire to take In both
Chicago and St Louis th round trip
rat will be 178.00.
All tickets wUl be good tor 10 days
from date of sal. Tickets will be
goo going ten days from date of sale
so that a limited stop-over can be bad
on th going trip and on the return
trip passenger oan stop at their pleas
ure west of the Missouri river or 81
Paul. These rates apply via direct
tines, but tf passenger wish to re
turn through California tickets can be
sold accordingly, but at an Increased
fate of 118.50 added to above,
For any additional Information de
sired, call or address A. D. Charlton,
Assistant General Passenger Agent,
TJorthern Paclflo Ry, 255 Morrison
street corner of Ird. Portland, Or.
via Chicago or New Orleans to St
Loots, Is on that give you th most
for your money, and th fact that th
ILLINOIS CENTRAL offer unsurpas
sed service via these points to th
WORLD'S FAIR, and In this connec
tion to all point beyond, make It to
your advantage, In case you contem
plat a trip to any point east to writ
us before making final arrangements
W can offer th choice of at least
a dosen different routes,
R. H. TRUMBULL, Commercial Agent
142 Third street Portland, Oregon.
3. C LINDSET, T. F. A P. A.
142 Third street, Portland, Ore.
Room 1, Celmaa Bldg, Seattle, Waaa
A Rcnrarkbla
Offer To the Vcmcn
of Astoria and Vicinity
Having in our Women's Suit Department and extraordinary
took of FINE WALKING. AND DRESS SUITS, valued at
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week, take your pick from th lot, at
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uibiuii buiiiiJtiiiy