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    vol. lvh;
NO. 90.
After Receiving a Sentence of Seven
Years, Famous Promoter Retires
From Court Room to Die.
' K"
rranglng Affairs for His Family at Tliae
Death Claims HlraCourt Accused
of Being Unduly Influenced
Verdict Is Surprise.
lmdon, Jan. II. At I o'clock thl
fternoon Whtttaker Wright wu sen-
kneed. 19 seven years' penal servitude.
t 4 o'clock be lay dead on the floor
f small room In the law courts.
b'hether hi look hie own lift by poison,
r whether death Iri lu natural course
dibed ths Uw of lu fulfillment, wilt
am. w Mown emu ue poeirooriem ex-
lamination I held . Indications, bow-
iver, point to poleonlng.
Until nearly I o'clock tonight lb
iy of tb man who formerly bad eon
trolled msay of ths world's markets,
find who bad been court by royalty,
remained upon thai floor of the room
Rwhere be f4t, for, m ft convicted fekw.
Jwrtuht't person had become the prop
Wty the crown, tiAf. $ '
Ths horn offlrt finally gavs per
mission for Ita remoial, and ths body
ni given over to the jurisdiction of
til coroner. It now lies at wtttmn-
ster roortary, Tht Inquest will prob-
ably bt kt!4 on Thursday. .
A feeling that Just Irs Blghsnrs eon.
duet of Iht caw wu not very judicial
'ppears to trow In the legal eircwa 01
Lionaon, ana me minr upun "i.
In Itself, would have furnished Eng
land with an unexpected aenaatton.
When the Jury filed In at I o'clock
Wright (bowed hi Brat signs c.f nw
vousness. reerlng through hit glaaaea
ha leaned forward to catch the fore
man'a answer. At the word -gumy.-
the crowd In the courtroom gaaped In
urprlae. Wright waa almost tna oniy
peraon preaent who appeared to be un
JTw aetn It minutes after hla convlc-
tlon Wright discussed hla family af
fairs tad the dtapoaltlon of his remain-
ng moneys, tie frankly expressed hla
amasement t the verdict,
Suddenly Wright frll backward, na
It be had flntd, the olfli er w ho waa
waiting to taks him to Brlxoa prison
ran for a doctor, Wright's heart,
however, begsn gradually to give out,
and within one hour's time after be
had been sentenced, Whltlaker Wright
waa dead. An examination of the body
tonight points to poison1 A 1 'post
mortem examination will be held Wed
neaday. '';'-. , ..
tb audUinca there were many women,
while tbe body of the hall waa more
than half filled with elergymea, There
waa fto - presiding officer, Mr. Bryan,
being ewnrted to 'the platform, where
ha was greeted with prolonged ap
plauaa .Itryan's addreaa was mainly
arralgnmenla of "plutocrats" and the
gold wing of the democratic party, -
Ban Fraix-lei-o. Jan. M.-pKlyoelil
Sugaws, director of the Japanese ex
hibition at the World s-Wf it t.
1ajuI. who arrived here Ihis Baturtlay.
has left for thi eaK accompanied by
his wife and two ewrtwls. The
value of the, exhibits of the aaaoclatlun
represented by Ilrtor fugawa la
euld to amount to more then" ll.Ws.Ooo.
Wahlrigton.Tjftn; J.5-Teallmoiy
deeignsd to show the existent of a
conspiracy to defraud the government
wu Introduced today by the prosec u
tion In the postal trial. . From the mo
ment the proceedings began until the
court ftdjjourncd, an Intense Iterest was
manlfeated. The goeernment, con
trary to expectation, did not close Its
rase todsy. 1
New Tork, Jan. II. Every seat In
Madleon Square Concert hall wu taJt-
en tonight when William J Bryan be
gan his speech on "Moral laaut." In
On Clothing JElumishing
Goods, Hats, Shoes, Etc;
Excepting only Dunlap Hate, E. 4i VT. Collars, Oil
and Kubber Goods and Dents Glores.
as our goods are sold on very
close margins.
Monday, January 4, 1904.
Iltirtim TrHta It Lightly.
8t. Louis, Jan, U. United gtates
Senator Ylurton, of Kansas, who wu
Indicted Saturday by tbe federal grand
Jury on the charge of accepting money
from the nialto Oraln It Securities
Company for the alleged purpose of
Influencing poet office authorities, ar
rived In Bt. Loula thla afternoon.
When asked If he desired to make H
statement the senator said:
' "Not at the present time; I believe t
have talked enough on the eubject al
ready." The senator de lared he was not at
all alarmed about the charge against
blm and was confident of a prompt
aciulttsl. "
Bt. Petersburg, Jan. II. Tbe naval
service paper today prints a statement
showing ths strsngtk of tbe respective
fleets in Aaiatlo waters, and placed
ftussift and Japan en about an even
footing, Russia predominating with
heavy vessels and Japan with torpedo
Senate on Panama,
Washington, Jan. 21, Tbe time of
the senate today was again divided be
tween the consideration of the Panama,
question snd other subjects. There
wu only one speech on ths canal and
it wu made by Stone, of Missouri, Be
contended that circumstances Indicat
ed ft complicity on tbe part of the
United Plates In the secession of Pan
ama, and urgd In tbe intereit of the
country's good name that all facts
should s known,
Heyburn, of Idaho, made his first
speech in the senate In support of ft
resolution introduced by himself pro
hibiting tbe railroad companies from
taking up land In a solid body In lieu
of lend In forest reservations.
No Cause Assigned , for Explosion That
i .-Results in Death of Nearly Two
Hundred Men.
Crime Unusual for Horror Committed at
f Early Morning Hour on Outskirts
of Pendleton. " ;f
Letter Written by Woman Throw Only Light ortReason for Deed
. Supposed Now by Officier That Deliberate Murder b
Followed by Suicide-Deed of Blood Committed
e - on Way Home From Theater.
lightly against his wife's bosom
pulled tbe trigger, but the little '
proved of not sufficient force to tafca
Pittsburg,' Jan. II. After. night ot
suap?n te and uncertalety, madt beart-
breakinjl. by the cosrMlktois repots
coming train around-tbf pit of tie
mouth of the Harwich mine, where the
direful exploalon occurred jresterdsy,
the relatives of ths ISO evtombed min
ers were forced to tht conclusion that
all heps of life remaining In those be
low would have to be abandoned. Re-
porta early In the night led the sorrow
ful watchers to believe that some of
the men would be saveds and when
about I o'clock word wu passed
e round that Belwyn Taylor had been
found alive, and that Inveatlgatlon of
the heading beyond had shown that
from 10 to U mines were still alive.
there was much rejoicing, but tnese
rumors were soon contradicted,
At l:W therr was call to "hoist
above" and In a few minutes kind
hands were taking the dead body of
the mining engineer from the bucket
and strong men bore him to the school
house, where a place bad been pre
pared for him. He was dead 'when
found. So far only one of the miners
who went down to -wtwk ywrterdny
morning has been brought out alive.
Selwyn Taylor, at the head of the Hist
rescue party to reach the bottom, la
dead. At I o'clock thla morning
Oeorge Mawatch, also of the rescue
party, waa brought to the aurface. He
la now at the school house and la still
unconscious,;?!' ! '.j
, P. W. Cunningham, an lnaiector of
mines, for the Fourteenth district, 1
Pennsylvania, made thia atatement as
he came from the mine at t o'clock thla
morning: v !
"I explored the mine for a quarter
of ft mile. 1'ijt positive that of all
thoae who entered for work yesterday
morning not one will be taken out,
alive. Scattered about are dead bodies
of miners, dead mules, wrecked cars,
tons of loose coal and alack. The force
of the explosion was terrific. It will
take days to clear away the wreckage.
Until this Is accomplished ws wlU not
know hor'manf met death,. IVepeaf
that there Is no chance of any of tbe
entombed mesi'being saved."
When pressed for what be thought
was tbe cause of the explosion, he
said: '
"Fire dsmp caused the men to lose
their Uvea, As to the cause I do not
care to mtke any statement at thla
hour." .- :'..
a. W. Scheetxe. general manager,
Issued a statement at the same hour,
calling for experienced men to help In
the work of rescue.
The explosion seems to have been a
double one, making one long, continu
ous rumble, and the second blast was
beard rolling back under the hills to
ward the south end of the mine, which
contains by far the largest part of the
worklmts. The mine Is at the head
of what is known as Shoops Run. The
highest officials of the Harwlck mine,
and nearly every miner who Is alive
In the HCtle mining village, are at a
loss to give the cause for the terrible
disaster. ; It Is tbe opinion of the ma
jority, however, that the explosion was
caused by some foreign miner striking
a match to light his pipe, which set
tff the heavy charge or. gas mat v..a
always present In the mine. Another
theory for the explosion la that It was
caused by a blast In the mine whereby
a new pocket of gas was struck and
Immediately ignited. There are atill
others who InBlst that the gaseous sub-
tances were set on fire by a broken
aafcty lamp In the hands of one of the
miners. . r ;
In the opinion of the rtscuers around
the top of the Harwlck mine shaft that
the real cause of the explosion would
never be known and they gave as their
rVason that the miner or miners who
were probably responsible for ilhe )
catastrophe were deaed.b
life,. At leut that Is the only con
struction that can, at this time, be
placed sf tbe officials upon a crime
unequUed for horror in this county.
The bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Brown
were found today on a hill south of
where they bad been living. It was
supposed then that the awful deed bad
been premeditated by both, but later
developments may prove otherwise.'
Late this afternoon it waa learned
that Mrs. Drown had written a letter
. follows: ":; . . ,. r
"Dear Brother When this reaches
you I will be no mors, I have found
another man In Oregon I love better
than my husband." , .
... Her letter bad been torn and thrown
Into the stove, but failed to burn and
wu picked out by the coroner and
pasted together. It Is believed now
that tbe man murdered hla wife and
then Tailed himself. " " '
Prervlous to finding this letter the
following brief note, WrKU.i by Br(s;n,
-was found: '
' "Mr.( Smith Mrs. Brown and I are
tired of life. Tou win find our bodies
en the hills south or southeast of
town. Send my effects to my mother,
Frs. M. A. Brown, Relnbeck, Iowa."
With this last little note, Mr. and
Mrs. John T. Brown this morning, pre
sumably about I o'clock, walked out of
the house of B. L. Smith, where they
had been living for the past two weeks,
over the little plot of wheat lying just
south of tbe house, to the top of the
Pendleton," Jan. !. Because she. hill, distant about 10 rods, and there
bad transferred ber love from her hus- Brown performed the work which sent
band to another, Mrs. John T. Brown itmn lnelr ,,VM sterility.
morning, Tbe perpetrator of tbe
crime was tbe husband, who, after
committing the deed, ended his own j her life.' She still lived. Drawing- ft
rasor from his pocket tb husband eat
ber throat from ear to ear, and litis
ebbed out without a tremor, appar
ently. Then, placing tbe revolver close te
his ear, Mr. Brown pulled the trigger.
and the deatfa-laden 'bullet aped to- tbe
brain. But fhls was not suSBcient.
and from his pocket he extracted a box
o poisonous pellets -and swallowed
three o them, to make death certain.
The last act o attention which tbe
husband paid his Wife was that of re
moving bl? overcoat, after catting ber
throat, and spreading It gently wessr
her. On ber breast Ike placed four
sealed letters, addressed respectively te
the I. O. O. F. lodge, the A. O. U
W, Mrs. M. 8. Whitman, of Pendle
ton, And Mrs. M. A. Brown, Relnbeck,
Iowa. '' : "J
When Mr. and Mrs. Smith area
this morning ths latter went upssstra
to call Mr. and Mi-.. Brow, ruling
to get afty respOnB? to ibetr Itncktag
on tbe door, tbey entered and fsanoi
the room unoccupied. Noticing letters
on the dresser, they found the one' In
structing them as to tbe suicide Tha
authorities were notified, and Sheriff
Taylor, with a deputy, hurried to tba
scene of the tragedy. Coroner Oat
was notified and the bodies were
brought to this city. In the rooms at
tbe house were found letters addressed .
to Mr. Thomas Brown, Summemeto,
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Tortland, Jan. 86. P, R, Boultbea
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It Is thought ho will not Survive.
Boultbce had been boxing 'in ithc
gymnasium and had gone Into ' the
bathing' (iuartersN to " take a shower
bath, and to plunge into tbe tank be
fore dressing, He had taken tbe show
er and, without noticing t.he fact that
the swimming tank had been almost
drained, ran out on the spring and
dived. The tank is between 10 and 12
feet deep at this point, and Boultbee
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