The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, January 24, 1904, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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Oriental Liner Brings Manila Ex
hibit for thoSt. Louis
WorWV FliW
Captain Or'' 8uya He Balicv
War Will Be Avolded
Othtr Lockl SUWue
The oriental liner Indaaamha arrived
la port late yesteraj,. afternoon . ,6h
omes originally from Manila, but
topped at MoJI. stob and Yokohama,
the Japanese ports. The Indraaamha
made a very tastWssa from Manila,
occupying only P day on the trip;
while she depart! from Manila 54 days
ago. She brought one fMtaa: &
eager, Mr. Ransom, an O. R. N..
man, and four stier passengers, at,
whom but one was from China, the
others being Japanese. Dr. Earle vis
ited her In the lower harbor and found
her free from cWttajtoa; ' i j '
Captain Crave, of the Indrasamha,'
my there Is Utile probability of war
between Russia and " Jpaa. i ' en
he was In Japan he found that there
was much leas talk of war. and the
opinion seemed ta previa! that sAJusU
ment of the dlfflculUe between the
natlona would bej brought about with
out the use of arms. , Trom what I was
able to gather at MoJJ.".kok and, Yo
kohama, there wlll'be ao war." said
Captain Craven, jwho seemed to think
the conditions to 'the tar east had been
overstated . 1
The Indrasamha was heralded prior
to arrival as being loaded-wlta a, mU
llon -dollar cargo, but when ttw matter
of the worth of the ship's freight was
mentioned yesterday the captain smiled
blandly. He has only II bales of silk,
acme matting, teas and curios, but the
" i. .nrth far from 11.600.000. ,
The MW11 wMWt to tt St. ouie
fal, ui aboard ta"lBdianh.The
upper aeck of the liner ia plied high
with bamboo poles and nipa leaves, of
which the Manitf diag are to bt
constructed. The Indrasamha also
hrlnm some of the Manila exhibits,
including' a handsomely carved Jap
anese boat, such as are used there for
very-day work. The boat is about 10
feet In length and Is remarkable for
fee workmanship shown In Its design.
The-User bad aa uneventful passage
cross the Pacific . She came direct
to Astoria. from Tphama th laM
port of call on the other side, and left
p the river last algnt." u'
" Captain Craven yesterday, showed a
press representaUte'a New tork news
paper cUpplng that Is causing him
some jneasinees. Itl totfc effect
tnat Captain Porter, formerly his first
officer on the IndravelM. had tort his
position with the company. .Captain
Porter was given comma of one of
the liners, the IndrawadJ, and 'was to
join her some time ago. . At New Tork
Captain Porter, according to the clip
ping, got out with a party of friends,
and woke W In Boston." MeanUme
bis sfclp Ua4 departed without him,
ltd his dlcharKe from the service Is
aid to have followed. Mrs. Porter and
her children are at Kobe awaiting the
arrival of the captain. Captain Craven
brought' out Captain, Porter and he IsJ
downcast because of the failing or. nis
fgrmer first officer, to whom be was
very much attached. ' ' "
British Master Not At All Anxious to
8ubmit to Arrest. '
Captain GuUlaon, of the British ship
-JUtcalos, was, arrested yesterday by
Sheriff Linvllie on a warrant sworn to
by Charles Henry, a sailor, charging
him with defamation of character, and
demanding damagesln the sum of 1350.
Henry had signed for the outward voy
age on the Ancaios, but had been ar
rested at Portland for the alleged theft
of a compass from the ship East Af
rican. While in Jail awaiting trial Cap
tain Gulllson finished loading and re
placed Henry with another man. Henry
wis cleared of the charge.
On Friday Deputy Sheriff Binder re
telved a telegraphic warrant to arrest
the master, but when he went aboard
ship Ciptain Oulllson refused to leave
the vessel. He became stubborn, and
when the deputy Insisted that it would
be necessary for him to go ashore as
sumed a threatening attltnde. Deputy
Binder promptly covered him with a re
volver and refused to permit him io
' leave the cabin, the captain having
intimated' that' he would arm himself .
After two hours' wrangling Mr. Binder
onhnrA tin vine concluded to .await
; the return of Sheriff tlnville,' who was
out of the city, TestenJay th sheriff
boarded the vessel and had no dim
oulty, tht captain's wrath havlnf eoold
off. ? '.
7 On comlnx aohor Captata Oulllson
conferred wttb Hcnrya attorwy,' and tt
was finally airrwd that the" matte? bo
settled for t"5, which was paid over
to the man. Henry mada some effort
compel the rantaln to take htm aboard
for the outward" passnjre. but content
ed himself with the amount of damages
Week! Shipment Amounted To Four
Million Feet
Six lumber cargoes were cleared from
this port during the past week, and a
seventh .that of the bark Haydn Brown,
should have been cleared, in view of
the tact that the vessel made an ef
fort to jet to sear The week's ship
ments amounted to mire than three
and one-quarter million feet, and the
Haydn Brown's cargi , would have
broaght up the total to- more than 4.-
000.W0 feet. The vessels clearing and
theb cargoes ( ere as follows:
i - - ' '
Prentiss ......
Volunteer ....
Laura Madaen
The schooner Challenger, which ar
rived' late Friday nlghi went to the
Hume mill, where she Is to load lum
ber, for San Francisco, The weens
shipments from, the Hume mill am-'
ounted to 78.000 feet.
No Appropriations This Year
The house rivers and, harbors com
mittee has decided that no appropria
tion bill wUl be submitted at the pres
ent session of congress because, of the
large unexpended balance lying Idle in
the treasury. This balanc amounts
to t3.000.000, and the failure to expend
U was due to the Inadequate number
nnrnnwnt engineers and the de
lay and difficulty In securing sites for
government work. The decision of the
committee knocks out The Dalles Im-
nrovernent and eat off the fund which
had been expected', for- Improvement
of the TUUamettfand Columbia between
Portland and Astoria. The' work pro
vided for .by continuing contracts will
be cared for in the sundry civil bill, so
the Jetty work will not suffer, nor will
dredging operations be suspended. The
amounts available, but unexpended, for
local improvements are as follows:
Mouth of Columbia $1,392,65 OS
Columbia below Tongue
Point ..v....... v.-.. .
Columbia and lower Wil-
Umette. 05
Total IU8M54 49
Tha Oregon delegation will try and
get The Dalle appropriation In the
aundry civil bill.
' ' Maris Notes.
The gaaoUne schooner Delia departed
'yesterday for Nestucca.
The British bark Ancaloo - cleared
yesterday tor Durbln, South Africa,
with 33,023.5 barrels of flour, worth
$115,231. and 1000 cases of frolt, val
ued at 32250. ' ,
The steamship Oregon arrived down
the river yesterday and took on an un
usually large quantity Of shooks at the
O. R. A Nr dock. At 6 p. m. she
proceeded to the lower harbor and will
probably get to sea this morning.
The Iqulqul Shipping Report of De
cember 12 gave particulars of the loss
of two vessels well known at this port.
The British bark Clydesdale, Captain
Ivans, took fire at Tocopilla on the 10th
of the month, and was a total loss;
32,000 quintals of nitrate were lout. The
crew was all saved. The German ship
Nesaia was burned December 11 at
Celta Buena. Part of her coal cargo
was saved. The vessel was dlscharg
, China loan Negotiated.,,
New Tork, Jan. 23. -A dispatch
from Tokio to the Times says the In
dustrlal Bank has agreed to lend about
11,600,000 to the Chinese government on
he security of the Ham Tang Iron mine
at six per cent for a period of 30 years,
on -condition that the mine furnishes
annually a minimum of 70.000, tons of
ore for the use of Wakeniatsu found
What Shall We
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if -
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