The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, August 18, 1903, Page 5, Image 5

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of nil dcf rij)tiot'. New thing that are good at Pop.
ular Prices,
'v.; JtiNt the Thing for Regatta Week.
v lELATERITE li Mifltril Rubber)
Vir MAY J NTl'lN I lllfll.DIMU
Take the plao of hIiIiikIm, tin, iron, tar ami gravel, and all prewired roofing
For lint mid te aurlaort, uiitli-m, vlleyfc eto. Ky to lay. Tempered tor all
climate. IWaeonable in coil. Hold on uu-rit. Guaranteed. It will pay to ak for
prl4'f mill tiiforiiiiilHin. ' '
THE CLATCKlIt ROOFING CO., Worcester Building, Portland,
Scow Boy Iron "Ov Brass Works
r uu manufacturers cf
Iron, Sulci, Hras aiii Broiizo Castings. ,
General Fotindryuion and Patternmakers.
Absolutely firstdnss work. Trices lowest.
Phone 2451 Corner Eighteenth and Franklin.
Fancy and Staple Groceries
Supplies of all kinds at lowest rates, for fishermen,
Fanners and Loggers.
A V ALLEN TtPth sad Commercial Streets
Cirrlafe'tnl Wifon Bolldlof. Flrst-Class Horse Shocln?,
Lagging Cottip Work,
All kinds of wagon materials in stock for sale.
U'e guarantee the best work done in the city. Prices right.
Corner Twelfth and Duane Sts. 'Phone 911.
Large new line at $7.75 and up
Elegant' new designs in Chiffoneiresand Hall Trees
Come In and see some Nobby Furniture
H. H. ZAPF - The Housefurnisher
! The Boston
Best andjNeatest Eating: House In Astoria
Try Our 2 5-Cent Dinners
Prompt Attention
tvfl a lj 1 ri ri 1
For good, reliable nlnno work aee
your local tuner, 1. Frederlckiion,
2071 noiiJ atrcc. Phone 2074 Red.
Still In The
Our Large Stock
Restaurant I
High Class Chef
rz ui k rn
Fir elabwood, atova legtha, 2.60 per
cord. Boxwood 11.60 per large load.
Phone S211 Black. Kelly, the trane
for man. - N
For .twenty-seven
years we have been
Leaders in the '
Furniture Trade
comprises the best
goods obtainable -All
our furniture is
first class and yet
you can buy of us as
cheaply as else
where. Try it.
City Council Declines to Allow
the Freak to Exhibit
During Regatta
ContfKlon Will to Clem Awty Dcbrfo
From SlrttU nert.fltr Bel art Work It
Accepted by City
Tim clly council lunt night went on
record unnnlmouiily ngalrmt vnttkoa;
they ill'Jn't like them nohow, b they
erved on golden philter, displayed
wrajd In graceful coll around the
elnewy form of the wild man from Bor
neo, or an the particular pete of the
"toldy from the tropica," A. for Booco
the man who would rather dine off frl
cnaeed vlT, with crawling rattler for
demwrt thiin atiythlng elae on the menu,
the roumil would have none of him,
an tliu doom of the mun with the train
ed aerpenta of the ovlpnroua kind who
fiilliiua in the wake of clrcua shows,
wua sounded In the paaaage of an or
dinance amending the ordinance reg
ulating the licensing of such entertain
ment. The amendment says that no
person with a fondness for handling
and doing stunts with snakes shall ex
hibit In the city of Astoria, and that no
snake shall be exhibited unless they
are in a gluss cane. Other shows shall
pay a license of $J wr Any or $50 per
quarter, which me ans that the Itinerary
slde-showmnn who exiect to reap a
golden harvest during the regatta will
have to divvy up with the city. The '
ordinance was Inspired by the appear
ance In the city of a reptile eater, who j
has a reputation for giving a show that
for downright disgusting features has
no eijual.
It was not a very lengthy session of
the council last night, but the members
.awed considerable routine, and enough
was suid at the meeting to give con
tractors for public work to understand
that unless they complete their con
tract In the future to the extent of re
moving the accumulated debris from
the streets there will be no money paid
out by the city. Complaints were re
ceived from several sources. Including
the mayor and councllmen, that certain
streets designated as completed resem
bled the aftermath of a tornado, and
that until a broom brigade Is put to
work to clear away the debris it will
be Impossible to tell just what has been
done In the way of Improvement.
New ordinances, were Introduced for
the Improvement of the following
streets;' Franklin avenue, from fittn to
Ninth; to be completed October 15.
Fifteenth street. Cedar to Date; Oct.
15. Exchange street. Hth to 17th; Nov
1. Ordinances were passed establish
ing the grade of Ninth street from
Franklin to Jerome, and Franklin aven
ue from the west line of Adalra to 36th
A communication was read from the
street superintendent calling attention
to the condition of the drain lying south
of Jtlh street. It will have to be re
built. The main drain runs through
private property, and unless something
Is done before the heavy rains come on
there will be some damage done, he
said. The drain in McClure's also re
quires some attention. It picks up a
creek near the crossing of Fifth street
and Franklin and empties Into the sew
er at the crossing of Sixth and Ex
change streets. The attention of the
council was also called to the bad con
dition of Ninth street from Astor street
north to the front north of the railroad
depot. The underpinning Is bad and
should be rebuilt, said the stre?t super
intendent. .
The applications of C. K. Wright and
Victor Curlson for liquor licenses were
referred, and on recommendation of the
proper committee' the apllcatlons of
Henderson and Wine for similar priv
ileges were granted.
The following bills wre recommended
for payment, and the auditor Instructed
to draw warrants: . ...
Astoria Dally News .$13;.21
Olaf Peterson 9.50
Mrs. H. H. Sheet 26.13
Frye-Oerdlng Co., 5.00
J. P. Uiiumgarten, 6.00
Charles Rogers, 1.15
Morse Department Store 16.00
Fisher Bros., 62.00
Astoria Electric Co.,' 5.00
Prael & Cook Transfer Co., 16.00
Holmes & Selbert, 11.75.00
Charles Gibbons 2.70
Holmes & Selbert, ; 11.75
E. A. Gerdlng i....... 2.75
C. G. Palmberg 19104
Sherman Transfer Co 2.00
Foard & Stokes Co 4.00
Fisher Bros 8-65
Astoria Box Co 25.49
L. Lebeck, 68.00
Prael & Cook ; -60
H. H. Wllllt
Board of street assessors,...!.... 40,00
J. C. Clinton,
Uppertown Transfer Co,, ........ 4.50
Killed by a Horse
Wilis McCroskey Dies From Eff
ects of Collision on Com
mercial Street
lllllt McCroskey, the l-year old ton
of Mr. and Mr. William McCroskey,
died at 9 o'clock last night from the
effects of being trampled upon by a
home earlier In the day on Commercial
street between Eleventh and Twelfth.
Hlllls was riding a bicycle when he col
lided with ne of A. V. Allen's delivery
wagons driven by Paul Marlon, An
eye witness afterwards stated that the
accident occurred Just affer the boy
tried to turn to one side. It seemed
that the driver rtld not see what was
ahea of him and as lllllls attempted to
get out of '.he way the horse struck him
knocking him from the wheel and tram
pllng upon his body. The boy was at
once carried Into P. A. Trulllnger'a cl
gnr store and medical aid was summon
ed. It was thought at first that only
the boy's legs were hurt, but a closer
examination disclosed the fact that the
real Injuries were Internal. The boy
was taken to bis home and everything
possible done to alleviate his suffering,
but at 9 o'clock he expired.
The funeral will be held at I o'clock
this afternoon with Interment in Green
wood cemetery, but full arrangements
have not yet been made.
Last night Coroner Pohl had not de
cided ft to an Inquest being held. In
vestigation will be made today and
should It be deemed advisable to con
duct an oftUUl Inquiry into, the cause
of death an Inquest will be held some
time this afternoon.
After an illness of several months
Dr. J. S. Lackey, retired physician and
father of Edward Lackey, train dis
patcher for the A. A C. R. R., died at
his home In this city Sunday evening.
Dr. Lackey was 67 years of age and
was a native of Kentucky. For the past
three yean he has resided In this city.
He Is survived by his wife, one daugh
ter, Mrs. Virgil Smith, of Kentucky,
and two sons, Edward and Keith. Dr.
Lackey hal not' been actively engagen
In his profession for about 10 years,
his principal field of lagor having been
In Illinois..
The body will be taken to Portland
this morning to be cremated. This was
Dr. lackey's request. Among those
who will accompany the remains out
of the city will be Dr. and Mrs. O. B.
Estes, the presence of a physician be
ing particularly desired on account of
the condition of Mrs. Lackey, who is
nearly prostrated with grief and the
great strain occasioned by her long vlg
H at the bedside of her husband.
Mrs. Thora Soflh Pearson, wife of the
buoy station keeper at Tongue point.
died yesterday at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. Benson, In Alderbrook.
Mrs.' Benson Is manager of the Hume
mill mess house and It is there that Mrs
Pearson was attacked with appoplexy
Saturduy afternoon. Death came yes
terday, the invalid not having regain
ed consciousness In the Interval.
Mrs. Pearson was 53 years of age and
had not been entirely well for some
time preceding the fatal attack. The
funeral will be held tomorrow with In
terment In Greenwood cemetery.
' i
George, the 5-year old son of Jerry
Slavlch, proprietor of the Model restau
rant, died .Sunday from general consura
Ption. Xhe little fellow had been fall
ing for some time so the end was not
unexpected. The funeral' will be held
today and the interment will be In
Greenwood cemetary.
The ladles of the W. C. T, U. .will
keep their room on Bond street open
during the regatta days for those who
wish to read or rest. Arrangements
will be made for any who may wish to
prepare tea or coffee," a stove""being In
readiness for that purpose. No charge
will be made by the YT. C. T. U.,the
only thought of the ladles beUigfor the
comfort of the pubHc. ."
A small launch, the construction "of
which Is being directed by Peter Schla
tnd at the Barker cannery, is nearlng
completion. Warren Cyrus, of the Re
liance Electrical Works, finished wir
ing the boat yetrterday, The launch
will probably be used as a cannery ten
der, , ' ... .
Subscribe for the Semi-Weekly As
torlan. 11,00 a year, .
. Social and Personal . .
Mr. Wetherred was In from Seaside
ChaHe R.Vosburg Is In the city from
Oregon City,
Miss Hadle Paterson was over from
Deep river yesterday where she teaches
Secretary of State Dunbar, Who spent
Sunday In the city, returned to Salem
last night,
Lee Straus and V, V, Vincent were
among the arrivals from Skamokawa
last night..
A delegation from Cathlamet arrived
Inst night. Among them- was ex-Sheriff
Mart Hogsin and J. Cook. -
Mrs. Caroline Larsen, of St. Paul,
Minn., who has been visiting her sons
L. A. La men and E. L. Nauthrup, left
this morning for St, Paul.
E. W. Crlghton, manager of the
White Collar Line in the days when the
company ran boat Into Astoria, is iii
the city to attend the regatta.
Henry O'Brien, of Ireland, and Mlkal
M. Johnson, native of Norway, took
ouJ first citizenship papers yesterday
before County Clerk Clinton.
C. A. May, accompanied by his
daughter, will attend the G. A. B. en
campment at San Francisco. They
were passengers out on the Columbia.
Thos. Dealey and A Craig were pass
engers on the Columbia for San Francis
co Sunday. They go as delegates from
Cushlng post to attenrihe G. A. R.
A. Ellis has assumed management of
the local office of the Western Union
Teleghaph Company. Mr. Peterson,
who has been acting manager. Is spend
ing a vacation at Long beach.
Mrs. S. Normile, a former regatta
queen. Is In the city from Seattle to at
tend the fete this week. Mr. Normile
accompanied his wife to Astoria but re
turned yesterday to the sound.
Mrs. T. T, Geer arrived from Salem
yesterday and will remain over during
regatta. The ex-governor was prevented
from accompanying Mrs. Geer by the
death of his father who lived in Union
county. ' ,. -
Sootty" Jamleson, the Australian
hlgh-dlver, arrived from Cathlamet yes
terday evening. Scotty says he will
carry away the $500 high-diving medal.
He has Harry McCarry, of Bath, Maine
and Gibbons, the San Francisco diver,
to reckon with.
A. L. Craig, general passenger agent
of the O. R. AN. railroad company,
accompanied oy Mr. Lounsbury, were
in the city Saturday. R. M. Hall, ad
vertising agent of the company is pre
vented from prosecuting his work of
advertising resources by reason of a
streak of bad luck that has befallen
him. A few days ago he climbed a tree
at Bingham Springs to take a kodak
view. In to'lng to bend a limb he met
with the same fate as the bear steal
ing honey. The rebounding limb
struck him on the head and In descend
ing from his perch he sustained a
bruised root. To ease the foot, upon
reaching home, he placed It In water.
The water was too hot and his foot
was severely1 scalded. The "Hot foot"
may prevent Mr. Hall from attending
The foundation for the proposed mill
at Warrenton Is being placed and a
large force of men Is doing the work.
The frame will go up soon and the ma
chinery is to be installed as rapidly as
possible. The plant Is to be-one of the
finest equipped In this section and its
operation will be a valuable addition
to the industries of this county. At
first it was intended to operate a cir
cular saw, but this plan has been aban
doned and a band saw will be used.
This will make the plan modern In ev
ery detail. It cannot be stated how
soon the mill will be in operation but
the labor of putting up the works will
be pushed as rapidly as possible.
Martha Josephine, the infant daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Abram Haatajan,
died yesterday In this city. The Inter
ment x ill be In Seal river cemetery to
day. ,
Articles of Incorporation have been
fild at Salem incorporating the Oregon
PaclfleNavlgation Company, Portland,
with a tapital stock of $3j,000, with J.
K, Locke, A. J. Parrington and F. H.
Skinner as incorporators. This Is the
company that is to put on a line ot
steamers between Portland and Tilla
mook. We are mformed that It was the
lnteution to purchase &--fiteamer that
was for sale on the Sound, but as this
vessel was not suitable for the pur
poses a new' vessel to be built and in
the meantime other arrangements will
be made to Commence business as soon
as possible. Tillamook Headlight.
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