The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, December 05, 1901, Image 4

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    "1' "'- '
TKrl I
VMf , M ,r)
for the Wheeler Lumber Company, re
ceived word fnm the life mvlng crew
that A. Peterson. T. IVtemon and
"Mike" Olertvan, menders of th
crew, had been taken ashore In aafety,
J. V. Colo, th cook, having Imn
drow muL
Coir a the first m n seen on the
barge t the time she mine asore. He
I was waving his hands to (he life-
every cake cf Ivory Soap there arc 100
complete suits ncn, creamy lamer, ixlore
dressing, put on a suit of Ivory Soap. Cover
the entire body from head to font rith
lather. Take the suit off with tepid u ater and you
will remove with it all the impurities of the body
which have been carried to the surface through the
pores. Use a pure soap for this.
i saving crew, According to lufo'ina
j tlon received from the scene of the
; stranding, the life-savers nt once
hastened to the assistance of the men.
; Mr Prvant states -hut the cook was
about .i years of use nn.t crippled. n I
, that his Infirmity douhtlra. nmdo It
l!iiroltte for hltn to reach shore,
t '11111 we receive further It
'"ill ho ImivicKlhle to state .fust iihat
mil he ,t -no about saving the ban;.' '
Mr 1t'V;it "St. :.!. iv ' it w ..tM
' f-'om repoits that ih - l m
.1 1m. I p'aiv and th.vt she v )!! go t.i
pieces. Huiev.r If mi,.,., . :n
It H": there In tune It in. iv U pos-t
I.'.- to aae the lumber . ai ko."
Thai the targe llie.l thtviuh t - .
(.ril'l- Ktile l.i i oust l. r-,1 nost re
matkaUc. She Is a flat-bottomed cs
m!, and for this reason little hope was
. iitcrtainod for her. New f the safe
lv of the thr-e .ki.u I.un nhoas.1 the
Wheeler uus nwlve.l with delight In
IS $I0I.;I7.
SurrKC nil KcctirUtt Sltico Pres. ;
octH McthovN of .Mamifuctuic
Have I'vvii in I nc. !
What They Think cf It
YOUK. P..- I
to le l -!tii .1 P
x i :w
1 '. i r.i.m j.ii! , in
lie ur ell
!..i f.i'i .:; h
.I tl'.e Ml lie .'.i ll, '
i'e ! eii'.i 5 .' I
t he o-wesl , .11
J .in i.irv I '. :
ore om i! .1 I m.:'
.lil t' '. esanes .
. ilj-lt:! Ollsllillt'tlen
1 'IHlll'i. Ill lev
.ll.t'.'l .', " ,il
l'teill.lellt Theo.lelo lieosi l i ll - It In
the .tut) of I'U'iy i;..i. i ini' ii to mip
toft the I'lMten rut,. ii ti.K.t. Tain-
III. I II I : Ilolll I nerie ,1H n hill I'll' I,' I'V-
!us -up, s tor
: I lliei u!,l
s:i!l.. ,i l.llll1.'. e S
He :! I :. e ,is
... J..N ! lv.;.
.or I ail. I ::. ...
... pt e r r. .-olds
illiu .i.ief.ltlolis
ir b ih- p.-r
I'll.fs .He new
I il .
111.. 't
e lit III.
I'l 111'
.rv . s
s It. I
. 1 1 1 -.11
s, u li.. ;i.v in ill., pnrilsnn
.i.ln itil ii .it. on of in ti it U-1 -
h.-n .
I .H
1 1
. nil
I 'II t.
.-Ill I
s I I
! of ( 1
ii N ii.
.Is I.
.it ti:. hull, st point in pi. mi i.eis au-l
111 flirt H'llp.ISs illl I.i'oi.ts sill,,' tli
I iv.. -nt Mi. tl'... Is ..f tn.imiM. tine and
distrthlltl.lll llllle teen 111 an. I k- cttv. Immediately on learninic of 1 1 l'''''"' ' "p
the harg s predicament. Colin-tor Fox ("" V"
One of Most Important Questions
With Which Congress W ill
Have to Deal.
UinCKant-l AIU tttJMKl j"1" territory. When this time comes.
I ome territory must be found for this
.rising westward tide of eiviliiatlon.
"The onlv cloud more
Amount of .Money Necessary tor! pretentious than any other today u
Comprehensive System Larger -he raplJJy growing political repre-
was requested to prevent departure
of the revenue cutter MannliiK from
the Sound.
The following account of the ti-ek
was received through the Associated
Pri'ss laat night:
XEWrtlUT. Or.. Dec. I -The lum
ber barge O. H. Wheeler, bound from
N'ehalert to San Franc!e. with Ml,
W '"t of lumber, went ashore two
j miles south of Taqulna bar about 10
o'clock this morning. The Wheeler
farms, village and cities of the East I was lo4,t off Cap ltlanco In a storm
and Middle West; men who must find ! b" ,h' ,u Vosburg. November :;. and
some location for a home and some j h1' been making her way up the coast
vocation by which they may become 'ver phe waa sighted early this
self-aupportera. ! morning by the life crew, directly op-
"For years the fertile prairies of j posite the station, about three miles
Iow a, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, off shore, signalling for a tug. but
Minnesota and the rakotas have at- I there was none here to go to her as-
; tracted thousands of these homeseek- I ''-"tance.
Jers and home makers. These states; wl'h mainsail, foresail and Jib set.
re rapinj- niung up and soon , ",r " f maaing ner way north,
there will be an annual ex- ! l'ut 'Irlftlng In shore all the time. The
odus of young men who look in ' cnn lowered ;he mainsail In the hope
vain tor attractive opportunities for "1 fringing ner around on another
securing farms and homes in any of lil, k- but falling In this they attempted
'latl.eis w. -i,
nt extensive
labor Mavui)! ma, Inn. -n
tllst tKUll
scale with
Oriental advices say that the Itus
slan authorities at Vladln st. k have
wlth.lriwn the new tonnage duties
recently Imposed thi-ix- on all foreign
vrss 'Is.
Matters In relation to the formation
of an American imlo team to compete
In the coronation tournament next
summer In Kngland will tie acted upon
definitely within the next It) days.
According to the ltl Janeiro corres-pondc-it
of the Herald. It is asserted
that the 1' tilted States Covrrniiunt
has re.iuired Uraxtl to adopt the pro.
posed tarlrf on flour The bill Is now
(etiig cousl lere.l t.y the nenafe.
An article In the Kusslan J.iper Svet
on the recent 1'. tiKltaflon. y
j the Austrlin Poles, who play a rnth.-r
ini".rta!it part In the realm of the
j Hapsluirits. are llrl. .!. in! at the out
raises committed hy the i iermans In
the fore-
I tall to
smiiim they
taeiv My
I'.is. .1 upon
r raimnaiiy
i'ii const, 1,-r
ttie .l.i i. rnti.s as spoils w hi. h !
IIKllI hel.lm- to Its Ir, i es. s 1 1 y gov. is a t'lisin ss pi o-o-li ton and
!tr who apptals t, tin- partisan spirit
of the people III a city election Is
Hot II KO'id citlfen "
John Wantiaiii ik' r llaie the 'o
pie of I'lillail. lphla lost alt clllc pride?
lo they not see whal polltlci' has
done for our city If there lis- an up
right .It. .ii In this . oniiiiumiy who
cannot see what parly p.. Illl. s in I,..
i nl nffalis lea d to th n Indeed do I
fear for he future
seek to profit hy
pernicious svsiem "
Only those who
It adi.iate this
Than the Western States
Are Able to Supply.
j sentatiou and influence of the great
i centers of population as against the
i country. The hope of the country Is
' In the 40, 60 and ! acre farms thou-
to make for the bar. A big wave roll
ed uimn them, carrying away the
mainmast, also the colored cook J W
; Cole, who waa seen cllnulng to the' At the iiiinnul m
wreckage a short time afterwards, hut i,an ,'"l,-'l I'urham
evidently he did not survive long. An- j 1,1 n,Ui " v
other large wave threw her on her , !'"'' as a stock .
lam ends and everything above decks ', t Illinois.
Isaac Ikrman
Joseph Suprenant
uurriii.i'.'AN xoMixr.n
Frank J, Carney
RKI T I II ,OA X' X i M I X I'd".
i:i.hTi"X Norp-K
'ting of the Anierl
Asko. latlon. hil l
ere taken to reor
ompany under the
W. w. ivrnne ,.f
w ent overboard. One of the men clung
to some wreckage and rame ashore
CHICAGO. Dec. 4.-W. C. Brown,
President and General Manager of the
Lake Shore A Michigan Southern Rail
way, with headquarters at Cleveland,
when asked for an expression of opin
ion on the president's message as re
gards the development of the West
"I cannot express too strongly my
appreciation of the recommendation of
the president, looking to the reclama
tion of the now arid regions in our
Western states and territorifs by the
construction of great reservoirs for the
storage of water
"The fact that trie president favors
the undertaking of this work hy the '
general governm-nt Is logically the !
result of his familiarity with condi
tions in the West and his practical
knowledge of the subject under mn- I
''The work of r-i tarnation of arid ,
lands, undertaken in th- compreh-n- j
sive and thorough manner which its 1
Importaice n"t only Justif;"?. but de-;
mandv will rcpjlre a larg.-r extendi-I
ture of money than the sparo-Iy set- :
tied states ..f the West can comman 1. i
Money for this purito-'p exj-ended by
the state must be rais-d by tavation.
this Is an obvious impossibility, and I
tnereiore tne only alternative left to
the state or territory unaided bv the
general government would be to farm
out to treat syndicates c .mOsed of
eastern capitalists the right to con- i
Btrut t the reservoirs, to own the water j
and control the land reclaimed. V rider i
this plan th settler -eking a home
upon government iann must pay trib-
ute to th syndicate thus formed, in
such amount us the syndicate might
elect to exact.
"Each year a new generation of
vouna men is being graduated from
sands of them owned and titled by , h"'f mlIe bove the place of the pres-
j happy, prosperous American cltixens : ''n, reck. The other two stayed with
;and in no way can this condition be ma,n deckload, which followed in
urouent aoout so speedily as by the . lnp ""e r me aereiict about two
government undertaking at once the ' miles to the southward, w here she
work of reclaiming and making fruit- "truck. The survivors are: T. Peter
ful and fertile the millions of acres son' o( San Francisco: A. Peterson, of
of land now its property, but absolute- : Aberdeen. Washln,rton. ami il. Yeder
ly w orthless without water. i man of Nehileai.
It Is well within the limits of ex- '
treme conservatism to say that tj " "
acre for acre, the irrigated land may
I'itV. Ohio. Was elected
Theodore Malisbury W.Hilwy. profess
or of International law has - I tempornry dean of the Yale
Ijiw School on account of the serious
Illness of Professor Francis Wailand.
who has lv-n head of that department
of Yale for nearly ouarter of n
People have no idea how
crude and cruel soap can be.
It takes off dirt. So far,
so good, but what else does
it do.
It cuts the skin and frets
the under-skin; makes red
ness and roughness and
leads to worse. Not soap,
but the alkali in it.
Pears' Soap has no free, al
kali in it. It neither reddens
nor roughens the skin. It re
sponds to water instantly; wash-es-and
rinses off in a twinkling; is
as gentle as strong; and the
after-effect is every way good.
Established over too years.
an average more than the best SO acres
In the fertile valleys of the Mississippi
and Mis.iori. Personally I believe that
I acre for a re, the Irriga. d land may
be depended upon to produce thr-e
times as much. Taking the former
estimate, however, as a basis an at-
j tempt to compute the addition to the
j materia' wealth of thii coun-ry which
would result from the expenditure In
this prs-iit work of ,.n- half Hie m..r.-y
I'lhl.-h is- approprlat-1 annually In the
: river and harbor bill, much of whuh
!to it very mildlyi Is stent without
: h .p- o: exj-. ta-ion of return and the
revj't will lieear comprehension. Hut
.above and beyond the ir.a'-rlal f.-,,.
nir.s it. niid.T th- moral eT-f ij;..,n
th- character of th- nation of flMirnr
th- fo.'lhiils and the valleys cf the
trans-Missouri st.ves wl'h th- multi-
I in-.- ..i pion-er.s and h,.:n--)
builder that would le- attract-) hy
th- field thus opened to them.
'X.i recommendation
I has ever i-en ma 1" bv a tires-Mont
; more linti,rtant than this or worthy
or mor careful consideration and I
hope to see an appropriation for the
i reclamation of the arid lands of the
nation ma le as regularly as that for
ilv-ni and harlwjrs, or for any other
treat and necessary work of the na
tional government and that the ap
propriation will be commensurate in
amount with the great Importance of
the work."
Sores an.! t'lfiti never become chronic
unless the M b i:i poor condition is
jluto'idi, weak tail unable to throw oil
the i;isons that accumulate in it. Tlic
system must l; r.'ltevcd of the unhealthy j
matter thro :,, h tile sore, ami creat ilaner I
to l.h w-i : i iiMow s'i.iuUI it heal before
the I ' .. Is c.'t ma.l pure r.n.l healthy
an,l ai! ::if;uri:i-.'eUm;t:ati! the sys- ,
ti:::. S ;: '.'"ia : t!;ei arc by f.itc!c I'ts-ir-H
an 1 iuvi;;onti!itf t!.e l-I'X-l, buil!in :
:; tU .- i;e-.".il If -altii ami ren.uvii: from '
- ll1"' t.;; :' .!.:1 A CONSTANT DRAIN '
Win a ta: il:-. J..xa aciortipliilicil the dis- i
charge L'-a.l- a'.y cea's, o;al the sore or
u'.ccrh' aii. It ij the ti:u!cncy of !:cm: old ;
indolent sore t r.'ow v.orre and worse, j
andcvenluiilrt id'.-strny tliclxmis. lyKul
a;.; .1. cation.. -,v'..e soothim and to some
i x'.cttt alleviate ji in. caniuit reach the scat I
of the trouble. L.Sj. S docs, and no matter ;
or suggestion : .,.. t .... t i..;
Friday evening, IVcemli.
.f of-
will b nonlnitlon and election
Men at he l- -r.i.' ..f Pocahontas
after which r.-freshm. tits will be serv
ed AM memlie's are earnestly re
!'!:. .1 to att-nd. Ity ..rder of the
Pi s 'A ll' 'N'T AS.
Notice Is hereby given, that on the
llth day f Iv.'.-inUr. a general
election for the l'ty of Astoria will bo
held it which election the following
name 1 .idlers will Ih- elected, to t
M.i) or. for a period or term of two
ears 'rotn the first Monday In Jnnu
aiv. !'.'
Auditor and I'olt.e Judge. f..r a
period or term of two years from the
first Moii lay in January. 5K
Superintendent of Streets for a
been ftp- I period or term if two y.-rs from the
first Monday :n I so.'.
'"Ity Surveyor, for u period or term
of f i yetus from the first Monday
In January. 1:
'lty Tr-asuter. f .r the rlo.l or
term of two years from the first Mon
day In January. IjO.'.
I 'tie Police i 'oliiuilssloin r for a
lirlod or term of six years from the
first Monday In January. 1'1.
iiri- I'oiin. Iliiuin f,.r the Pirn Ward
for a term of three years fr"tn the
first Moll lav In January, 1.'.
line i ' f, r the Seen I
Wind, for the t. ini of tbr.e .'.trs fcni
portion of (Iib t'lty of Astoria lying
lielMivn tho east Ihiiiiidaiy line of Pre
cliii'l No. 3 and the ccliter Illiu of
Twenty-first street extended n suttc
etil dlsiuitco north and south in in-tcr-ect
tlic north and south boiindiuy
lines of said city, and the polling place
for snld precinct shall be the room at
No Ooiiitnerclnl street, III Hie
Welch block, The Judges of election
for slid polling place shall lie (' It.
Thompson, t", J, I'liriis and li T tier
des and Iho clerks, Hurry lray an.
John ll. tliotk
lii'iitsirntloii and polling pieriiict No
.'.. Ill Ward No 3. shull Include all Ihnt
poitloll of tlie I'Uy f Ait i l.i liltu
belli coll Iho east Is.itii lal y line of pie
i In.'t No 4 and the east line of the J
M Slilv 'ly lion.i' I -and I'bilm e
ti ii.le I a siittlclciit distance north and
south to llit. i sect th,. north and mhiIIi
b.Minlaty Sines of the I'lty of Vstoila,
and the polling place for sal I pivctuct
shall lie eiiiilue house No The
) vi.t n of election for said polling place !
i shall lie I'ui l lloeiiten. Henry Itoe and (
iMaitlu ulseii, and the cleiks, John ,
Kopp. Jr, and Adolph Johnson '
ll Ml Or.lllon mid p.illUiK pie, hi, I No I
it. In Ward No .t. shall include all Ih it
p." ti'ii of the I'll) of Asloru lying
bet ween the east luminary Hue of pre- '
i lure No 5 nil I the east Ihiiiiidaiy of i
the I'lty of Astoria nti l the polling , j
place In said precinct shall I the old ! .
school house In Adair's Atoil. The I
llldlles of election for said polling pluvs.
shall be Oust Itolim-s. Krrd Wright and
I'liu'les Uod lard. and the clerks W. T
S.honeld and ile l ul.en
The Judges first mentioned fr ea. It
lulling place shall he i h.ilriiian of the
Kich eleitor of the city shall vote
onlv within the precinct In which lie
resides and In which he l registered
ll) hereinafter provided
11 K NUsSkN.
Auditor and IVIlce Judge. lj
I ll He VuU'tl I IT CillK'lllllV . Ic
It nt.VN'K
Vulllor and P
II i: NI?U-si'N,
dl.e Judge
Sllpet lllleil lent of SltvolS.
Hut v e) or.
JulIN W.
i'ouii. Union, flrsl Ward.
v.. p. paiuc cit
I'oiin. IImibii, H. con.1 Ward
.'I -I.l'HVIH .Ati1N
i'ouii llnitin Third Ward.
John Nordstrom.
AHelicioiiH and Pcilntnble
Drink Absolutely Pure
The Northern Tirlflo tlrtwery, of il, n
makes beer for d 'ineiii,- and flp.irt tral.
Ilattled beer for family us or krg bear siii'litj a! any Urns.
!h city fre.
Mr John Kopp u pr.ipriftor.
1 verjr id
North Pacific Brewery
Commission. Brokerage.
Insurance and Shipping.
Custom Houno llrokr.
acsiii W r 4i.i. nd i-acitn airs-eMtlas.
The Oily Pir!-iM Hotel In I'ortlmid
p ' wii' m it May
the first V.,'i I , v In .lai.uai v I ''
.nil. ilin.'i'i. for the Tlilid Ward,
t a ...
it.a I.
illl no- ,
is'a n.
iv-ri. "ti
! T. t th I
: 'he tine
responnii,',.. f,,r
hi teams, th Ir
' '"tiiinefal sv.
id i'o nt etith
fb:i: p:,l'-s
'.nds t l.t .
.r th" t'l'tn of thiee vai from the
iist Moii. . y In J nni.iry. 1 "'.'
That 'he polls f.,r sa ...... n.,n ,i
to It
al ! s .....i
.1 K '.VlItT.
.1 I
N' 'T!
ni-.n i "irir.l
ds l,.r d i's
ti--n to "S'a'i
t-t-ri'h str.--:
I ian.t strsH-t
i iiang" str,
I.uinbtr Karge Wheel.-r Stranded
Ya'iulna, th; Colored Cook
Alone Being Drowned.
The lumber barge ('. H. Wheeler
succeeded In living through two terri
fic gal.s. only to meet her doom on
the lach at Taijuina bay. Three of
her four men have been saved by the
llfe-sai-lng crew, the fourth, J. W.
Pole, of Francisco, the colored
cook, having been drowned. The barge
went afboee vesterday morning off
Newport, Ore., and Is piled up on the
sand. She win probably be a total loss,
though efforts will be made to save
The first news of the stranding of
the vessel was conveyed In a dispatch
to the Astoria Chamber of Commerce,
received yesterday morning. The dls
pateh read as follows: "A scow
schooner Is off Yaqulna bay. Inform
the tug that lost her last wek when
towing, liarge Is signaling for assis
tance." The message was from Cap
tain Welander.
Later. U. 8. Bryant, superintendent
CTcn thoucjh V'i-:r constitution has broken ; ab
ilown, it wid Ltintf nlicl when nothing
ehc cat:. It sujiphes tlic rich, j ure M'Xi
necessary to heal tlc so-e and nourish
the (Iibiiitatfd, Ji easel bo'.y.
Mr. J I" Talltert, LcsX Utx ;i.winona, Mii ,
Say-,: "fil years r?o my I- lr.milh.rkn elo
the font c-.:s f.t.e s-.rV. f.hviicians
treat, d i:ir a .1 I r:aae lw.tri-i. It- I i-pring.,
but f-air,d r.o relief. I Wasiouiired to try S b. h ,
and it made a complete cure. I have tec a a per-fi-tlr
well ma a ever since "
is the only purely veg
etable blood purifier
known contains no
1 1 poisonous minerals to
rum the uieestion and
add to, rather than relieve vonr tuilcr
ings. If your flesh do 9 not heal readily
when scratched, bruised or cut, your blood
is in lad condition, and any ordinary sore
ta apt to become chronic.
Send for our free boo'.; and write our
physicians about your case. We make OO
thare for this service.
: r priii.i.-ATiiiN.
h-r-!.y given that th C 'in--!
of t'et City of Aft .ri.i his
Int 't . n and detenu. n
bsa the g ale on Th'r
fr 111 the no. ta of
: the ut.'i ilii- of Ex-
t at the f ill mint? heighte
his - of (fradm as ibl sn-d
by I'lrdin in -e N . 71 of said city, P
w.t: A: tho north ti'e of Duane ttet, 24.5
f s-t. anl at tho u:h Uni of Duane ,
strut. :t.5 fe.-t. .
At '.he north line of Exchange street,
:U fee-, and at the south tin; of Ex- (
. h inge street. 2S I fsi-t.
The nlope b twe-n the south I ne "f ,
ruane street anl the north line of Ex-
change street to be stro.ght or gradual. '
Trds r,otic Id puillshed for ten days ,
in pursuance to a resolution of fhe
Common Cun -ll of said city, order
ing th saine.
Audltir and Police Judge of the City
of As'or.a.
n I
I I......
ed i:n
J I'll,'' s
ur t No. j
nil thill I '
il Hlg
t pet
,:,i 1..
A fo'la
"f M"',,.'s
cot distance
fie north
s of ll. Cy
Da of first
p ib'lcitl'n, November house n
Pleasing the
During the long winter erenliiKa the
smoker should remember the ladies and
the after e fleets of the cigar. We I' ll
elgirs that are pleasing asd fragrsnt, and
many of our eAistoinen find extra pleasure
In their evening home unoke. 'Ihey coat
no more than inferior b amis, and lave
many acioas word. Vou try a lei
Kroin Htiitlitlt s and resulta of certain
changes in the methods of living, it
has been proven that the spun of life Is
being lengthened. AVe are justified In
believing this when we consider the
Kreiti alliances maue in llieilHllle uur- 1 find,
! I I .e."l ill II:
1 111. and shall 1 -,
' "f ; ,.', ... i( p in
tin 10 th-y si,., 1
T'.a' th- Coll',
I -s..t. d 111 .
the 1 . te.n tie
; d l.ks "! ' d
atii". o-'it;
I tt-cl-' r.t Moii n 11 I p.,llnM
I. Ill Ward No 1 ..da I It
p.,, !',,! of the i'lty ,,f
Vest of ll.e ''t line
Astoria ft tended a stnli.
north and south to Int. ,
lllld south bound., rv I , t, .
of Astoria tin, I th" in.ling pla.e f.,r
said precinct hall ... S ite.,., I Ijitl '',e
Ju.k-. s of lectio,, f,,r Hal, I polling phue
shall be Thomas Mo.ka. Churl, s Wil
son and Grant Trulllnger. nid the
il-rkfi shull be J. A, Ka.'itabend mid
John fi Tib.-rg
Registration and polling pr. cn. t No.
I. In Ward No 1, shall In- lu le nil Mint
portion of the City of Astoria lying
li-tivei n th ist boundary line of pie-
ilmt No. 1, nrid th. titer line of
Eighth street In M, ''lure's Astoria
extended 11 Miif!l i.-ri ( distance north
and sou ih to Int.. is,-, t the north and
South bollliliiy Iocs (lf (he i'lty ,,f
Astoria, and the polling place f. r
precinct shall b" englm.
1. at th" coiner of H. vnih
and Commercial streets The Judges
lion at Htild polling place shall
J, Goodman Thomas Trulllni;er
arid George Nobind, and the 1 l.-rks,
D. M. i-'tuait and Paul Itaddlet.
lie gHtrutlon and polling pie. lne No.
3, in Wnnl No. 1. shrill Include all that
portion of the f'lly of Astoria lying
between the eust boundary line of prc-
No. 2 and the center line of
tit lil-cy'
it -
We Rent New Typewriters.
Many ni w iiiiiinivemi'iibt inlilisl.
Soo uur liiU-wt
No. 2 Smith Premier Typewriter
New Art Catalogue Kree . . .
T.u.1 Pka.
' -saw .
V w.
r imusive I'acillc (V.aat Itrairra
'il.'iHtnrk SI , Portland, Oral,
M'KKt IIMK. I.ssi Agent.
of .-le
be i'.
For Steimcr, Commercial and Family Use
Orders Promptly executed . .
Samuel Elmore & Co., Agts.
Th flrtttrUst aid to DIGESTION.
Ing the past fifty years. The most J Twelfth street extended a stifilelent ,ls.
lance north and south to Intersect the
north aril south boundary Hues of the
City of Astoria, and the polling place
of nai l precinct shall be engine house
No. 2, at the City Hall on the corner
of Eleventh and Commercial street.
The Judges of election for said polling
place nhall be Herman Wise, C. jj.
Stockton and B. O .Hughes, and the
clerks shall be Arthur Calliim nnd B.
P. Allen.
Heghttratlon and polling precinct No.
1, In Ward No. 2, shall Include all that
noteworthy of them being Hostetter's
Stomach Hitters, the old reliable rem
edy for all ailments of the stomach,
liver and bowls. It cures dlspepsla.
indigestion, constipation, headache,
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Pacific Navigation Company
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Only line AMtorlu to Tillamook. (,urlhiil,ll and ltay City, llormonvllle
Cnnnwtlng at A.lorla with the Oregon Railroad ft l.'avlirallon Com.
pany and also the Astoria & Columbia Itlver Kallroad fur Han F?an.
U-ll.t,.l anl all nnl.o. o... -..c. "r Da rn"
v.wt.u, -t ,.-u ... Vv,,nm .-or ireigni anu
apply to
piim.ngur ran.
The Morning jftgtoHoM
Sixty CctitH Per Month
Delivered at Your RcHldcticc.
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