Ashland tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1876-1919, May 03, 1917, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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    Thursday, May 8, 1011
TIT I tf tttttttt-H I I I H 1 i ii Ml''' iwM i
But It seems to be
A war
Just Imagine
Sixty Honor Guard Girls
One hundred militiamen
Six thousand kisses.
Do you blame us?
Heard and Overheard
(By Lynn D. Mowat.)
We view with alarm
The tendency
Evidenced by
The Girls' Honor Guards
Coal and -Suit Sale
Lady Corsets
Gossard Front
Lace Corsets
Throughout the
Toward Indiscriminate
Kissing of
Departing recruits.
The War Department
Allows married men.
To belong to
The Coast Artillery
Only If
Their wives
Are willing,
And unless the
Honor Guard calls off
This kissing
The First company
Will lose
Lieutenant Spencer
And Sergeant Detbert
And Sergeant Butterfleld
And Sergeant Porter
And Corporal Grubb
And Corporal MoNalr
And probably
Several others
1 i
Who have wives.
We don't know about
When the tlmo comes
i 1
For departure j
And the attendant marks
Of affection from
The Honor Guard.
The only avenue
Of escape
Is to grow
Like Howard Barrett's Is
And mine
Is going to be
When It gets
Its growth.
We dislike
Local and Personal
The Albany roundup has selected
the dates of July 2,3 and 4.
The Plaza moat, market has gone
out of business. There remain thr,ee
meat shops In the city.
Engage your tomato plants now,
as they will be scarce later. Holmes
Grocery has fine stocky plants. It
Mrs. W, N. Wright returned Sun
day from a visit with Mr. and Mrs.
Wendoll Wright at Roseburg.
For your ground cherryrpepper,
tomato and egg plants go to Holmes
Grocery. It
Herbert Alford, who has been em
ployed in a San Francisco bank, has
returned to his home In Medford.
William Pracht has returned from
a two week's stay at Sawtelle, Cal.,
whero his father, Max Pracht, is In a
Ice cream, cake and coffee for 25c
at the refreshment booth at the May
ball Friday night. 1 It
Frank Blovins has gone to Hilt
where he has secured a position as
blacksmith with the Hilt Lumber
Elmer Smith has gone to Grenada,
California, where he will be employed
by the California-Oregon Power com
pany in construction work.
N. W. McGee was a visitor at the
home of his nephew, J. H. McGee,
last week, stopping off while enroute
from a California visit to his home
at Pullman, Washington.
Auxiliary May ball Friday. Tlck
etc $1. Spectators or extra ladies
25c. It
Teddy Provost, who is employed by
the Southern Pacific as a painter,
visited over Monday with his folks In
the city. He Is at present employed
in the vlc'nlty of Dunsmulr.
Mrs. M. E. Wilson, of Dunsmulr,
California, is visiting at the home of
her sister, Mrs. E. M. Rouse,. She is
accompanied by her little grandson,
Master Paul Sousa.
A recent real estate transfer re
corded at Jacksonville was the sale
of a tract In the R. R. addition by
R. J, Edwards to B. R. Stevens, the
price being given as $60.
Carnation day at the White House
Grocery. Carnations free to all cus
tomers Saturday. It
Numerous fishing parties are bring
ing back fair sized catches from
Rogue river. Jack Mattern. Jack j
Bailey, Cbauncey. Stoddard and Carl
Hllty brought home some fine steel
heads last Thursday.
Attorney Blackford, of L'bby, Mon
tana, Is spending this week In Ash
land and the valley and Is looking
over the lay of the land with a view
to possible Investments. He may de
cide to locate In Southern Oregon.
The Coats and Suits that arc lctt will be ottered to you now
tor less money. Naturally enough alter sizes are broken
and the selection smallest, the chances for pleasing you
grow less. This is why we are going to tempt you to
come now tempt you with a chance to buy better gar
ments for less money. Every garment would sell readi
ly enough at regular prices, perhaps, but for suits and
coats we now prefer quick sales and an early clean-out.
"Novelty Silks"
The insistent demand from smart
dressers for novel designs' and fanci
ful colorings in Spring and Summer
Silks has led to a wonderfully wide
and largely increased range of styles
which such strong inspiration pre
sents. The newest and best examples
are ready for your choosing here
ready for dress and sports.
Very new patterns in sport, patterns,
Domestic Pongee, 36 inch, yd. . .75c
Printed Shantung Pongee, 33 inches
wide, special
Stripe and plaid patterns In Silks for
skirts and dresses, very popular now,
yard $1.."0 to $2.00
Washable Jap Satin for waists and
underwear, 36 Inch, yard l.i!5
Suits at $19.50 and $25.00
It will be a long time before you will be able to buy
as good a suit for the money as you can buy now. We
do not expect to make a further reduction on these gar
ments this season, so there is no reason to wait for a
bigger cut except It m4ght be on an extreme style.
Jersey Cults $10.50
One gold colored Poplin Suit
Lots of good Btaple styles 19.5!)
Splendid Novelty Suits worth up to $35. now $25.
All in this lot at $25 are worth $27.50 to $35 this
spring and would be higher by fall.
Coats at $6.75, $13.50, $16.75
To $19.50
Several dozen coats left to go into this clean-up sale,
after the biggest spring coat business we have ever done.
Not all the pretty coats have gone out, as you will see,
but the setting time Is now short and the rest must go
Hosiery and Underwear
For Spring
You should not hesitate to buy liberally, as we did
for our store, all your hosiery needs fofiome time to
come. The mercerized hose for ladles which last season
was 25c Is now selling most everywhere at 35c, and our
next orders will be on that price basis. We have them
now in goodly quantity at 30c. , We have other good hose
at 25c, and lots of them, In both black and wh'te.
Underwear Is a fourth to one-half higher now than
we own this spring's stock at. You wiU find both the
Kaiysor and El Real garments reasonably priced here
under present market prices wholesale in some instances.
Spring's Newest
Petticoat Fashions
Fresh from the factory most charm
ing cre'iS'ons that are copies of Paris
ian and New York's chief des'gners'
models. Of course the labels identify
them as
Fitrite Petticoats
for in these "new every month" styles
are effects six to ten weeks ahead of
all others.
Style, material and fit were never
better combined. Bright, crisp TAF
FETAS ranging from simple, plain
blues and blacks to gorgeous Persian
effects novelty changeable, too, in
new Ideas of variations.
And every "Fitrite" is made with
that patented adjustment feature, so
simple in operation, that insures per
fect fit without bothersome buck
les, hooks and eyes, elastic tapes, etc.
PRICES $3.00 TO $6.50
Helman's White Sulphur
Plunge and Tub
Hours 9 a. m. to 10 p. m.
Open For The Season
May 5th
Charley Howard, of the Howard
Auto company, leaves today in an at
tempt to make his first trip of the
Season to Klamath Falls. He goes
by way of the Slsklyous and Horn-
Mrs. Chris Boyle, of San Francisco,
arrives this week to visit her sister,
Mrs. Hugh Gillette, and attend the :
graduation of her niece, M'bs Louise
Gillette, who is a member of the local
high school class of 1917.
George Watson and Dutch Emery
have returned from a six weeks' stay
at Hilt where they completed a paint
ing contract for the Hilt Lumber
company. The spring paintup cam
paign Is keeping them busy in Ash
land. County Commissioner Frank Mad
den and wife have gone to Seattle to
spend the summer1. Mrs. Ed Hanley
is also .in Seattle. The Hanleys and
Maddens are Interested In an Alaska
canning company which has its head
quarters in Seattle.
The firm of Groves & Benard, junk
dealers, who conducted a place of
business on Fouth street, has disolved
partnership and Mr. Groves will con
tinue the business alone. Mr. Benr
ard's plans are not definitely settled
as yet. He is still in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Burns of
Portland are visiting in the city. Mrs.
Burns was Miss Daisy McDonald, of
this city until a few weeks ago, and
was employed as bookkeeper by the j
Ashland Creamery prior to her mar-
Hnirn Mr. Burns is an express mes-i
scnger on the Southern Paclf'c with
a run between this city and Portland.
Leonard Hlnton, who did some spe
cial writing for the Ashland Tidings
whll9 in this city last year and made
a number of friends during his stay
of three months hero, was employed
In the famous Treadwcll m'ne at Jun
eau, Alaska, which was recently
flooded Hinton is in tho Far North
gathering material for literary work.
Mrs. J. B Weeden and her mother,
Mrs. I. D. Fisher of Central Point,
visited Mrs. Ida M. Gard on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Volpe are the
parents of a baby girl, who will re
ceive birthday present on April 26th.
John Wells, pioneer resident, and
well known all ov,er Jackson and
Klamath counties has been indis
posed cf late and confined to his
home on Greshara street, many miss
ing his familiar presence about town.
, Fifty cavalry recruits from Wash
ington passed through bound for Ft.
McDow.ell at San Francisco last Mon
day, i
D. M. Lowe of Ashland has been
elected a director of the Jackson
County fair, which this year will ex
ceed all past attempts in every de
tail. Medford is organizing a branch of
the Girls Honor Guard. The young
ladles of the neighboring city are tak
ing a lively interest in the honor
O. P. Calef of this city, represent
ing the Knight Packing company, is
canvassing various portions of the
valley In behalf of securing a wide
extent of tomato arceage.
Mrs. T. M, Lynch, son Gail and
mother, Mrs. Wr'ght, returned Tues
day morning from a visit in Willam
ette valleyi, where they had an en
joyable time visiting old friends and
relations and renewing acquaintances.
L'ttle Gall took a Bevcre cold the last
day they were dn -Portland and re
turned home quite llf, but this morn
ing is somewhat improved.
George Von dor Hellen, the well
known merchant of Eagle Po'nt, and
son of Senator H. Von der Hellen,
has received orders to report for
duty at the officers' reserve training
camp in San Francisco the second
week in May. Mr. Von der Hellen re
cently took the examination to qual
ify for instruction In the officers' re
serve and passed with high rating.
M. G. Wamlnk of Medford and M.
A. Carter of Ashland have returned
from a visit to their silver, lead and
gold mine near Cole station on the
Oregon-California line. They assert
that the property will be under op
tion In a few days to California men.
'Will Henry of Gazelle visited Life
Harris In Ashland th's week. Mr.
Henry recently solid his ranch at a
good figure to A. L. Harlow and with
his wife and fivo children will make
an extended auto tpur of the east. He
will return to Ashland with his fam
ily next fall to place the children In
the schools.
Charley Hargadinef,' who transports
the mall from the postoffice to the
Southern Pacific station, has made a
new contract with the ra'lroad com
pany with an Increased compensation
and will soon replace his one horse
mall r!g with a Ford car with a trail
er constructed from the ruins of the
present equipage. ,.
The place at the corner of Fox and
Eddjlngs streets, West Ashland, for
merly owned by Rev. Robert Tweed
of Okanagani Wash., is now the prop
erty of Mrs. Geneva Allen, having
been recently purchased by her
through the Billings realty agency.
The place comprises four acres, on
which there is a fine dwelling and
other improvements. Mrs Allen is
In possession and wfi'l soon move io
the now home from Bush street,
where she has res'ded for several
Ashland peoplo who partlc'pated
In the meetings of the Rogue River
Valley Baptist association which met
In Medford recently Included Rev. H.
J. Vino", pastor of the local baptist
church, who led the discussion con
cerning "Tho Relation of Young Peo
ple's Socities to the Church," also
occupying the pulpit of the Methodist
church, South, at Medford, on Sun
day. A conference was conducted by
V. O. N. Smith, prominent In local
Baptist councils. Preparation for
young people's devotional service was:
outlined by Dr. Lillian Fowler, and H.
O. Butterfield urgently set forth "Th
Need for Training."
Curry Bucks at
Calling Election
The county officials of Curry coun
ty hav,e not evidenced any intention
of calling a special election on Junet
4, when tho rest of the state will
vote on the various state measures
Curry county Is opposed to the ex
pense of the eUction and is taking
the rather highhanded method of re
fusing to hold an election to make?
plain the county disapproval. Senti
ment against the election is said t
lie in the fact that Curry county was
left out of the state highway pro
gram and would receive no direct
benefits sho'ulld the road bonds carry.
Governor Wlthycombe has wire
Curry officials asking if they intend
to obey the law in regard to calling:
the election and should tliey disre
gard it, tho governor will take the
matter to the supreme court for
mandamus proceedings to compel the;
calling of tho election.
S. F. Man Buys
Valley Ranch
F. J. McCarthy, of San Francisco,
has purchased the Tony Oleson ranch
on 'Evans creek, 12 miles from Gold
Hill, paying a price said to have
been $20,000.
Mr. McCarthy, who has had ex
tensive experience in business and
stock raising, and who will reside on
his new possession, plans to make
a specialty of raising hogs and will
put practically the entire acreage la
alfalfa, grain and hay.