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    ThunMlay, August 1, 1912.
except in exceptional cases.
Almost every wealthy man got bis
start by consistently saving a lit
tle at a time until he had accumu
lated enough capital to work with,
Get your start now. Do not
put it off putting things off will
never get you anywhere.
We pay 4 per cent.
Ashland, Oregon
J. A. Lemery went to Hilt on busi
ness today.
Fuller is the leading tailor, clean
r and presser.
H. G. Enders leaves tomorrow for
New York on business.
See our screen doors and get our
prices. Carson-Smith Lumber Co.
C. A. Payne left Monday for Port
land on business. :
Miss Dorothy leaves Thursday for
an outing 'at Newport.
For a short time 16-inch block
-wood 2.00 cash. Phone 420-J.
"Come on in, the water is fine,"
at the Natatorium.
Sydney R. Allen of Eugene is the
guest of G. H. Tostevin.
Chicken dinner at the Park Hotel
Sunday. 35 cents. Home cooking.
Miss Violet Herbert is home from
Corvallis and Astoria.
Miss Anna Hargrove leaves tomor
row for San Francisco on business.
The Tidings Is for sale at W. M.
Poley's Drug Store, 17 East Main St.
J. M. Mashburn has returned from
a trip to his farm property at Mon
tague. Jasper Lootais tleft Tuesday for
.uray, uai., wnere ne,. nas accepted
work In a lumbering camp.
Screen doors, screen doors. ' Car
son-Smith Lumber Co. 13-6t
Miss Katherine Chapman of Duns
muir is visiting friends in Ashland
for a few days.
Mrg. A. C. Emery and daughters,
Mist-es Nina and Hazel, leave Sunday
lor Portland and Newport.
Money to loan. F. E. Conway Co.
Mrs. A. II. Peachey attended the
funeral of four-year-old Irma Wise,
In Phoenix, Monday.
Mrs. Neilie Lewis of Grants Pass,
who has been visiting Ashland
friends, has returned to her home.
The Park Hotel serves a generous
meal with home cooking. 25 cents.
Clarence Tostevin has returned
from a month's vacation in Portland
and other northern points.
Miss Maple Paine of Phoenix at
tended the Epworth League picnic
up the canyon Tuesday evening.
Miss Frances Mulit is back from
the Elks' convention, having visited
at Eugene and Salem while away.
A. R. Chancy and family left the
fore part of tne week for Tillamook,
where they will spend the summer.
A brand new bungalow with cob
blestone fireplace and porch work
complete. Price $50. F. E. Conway
Mrs. Frank'Moore of Eugene ar
rived in the city Tuesday and will
visit her mother, Mrs. Anna McCar
thy. George Irwin, Robert Casey, H. 0.
Butterfield and Lowry Irwin left yes
terday for a week's hunting trip in
the Jenny creek country.
The Citizens Banking
and Trusf Co.
Issues "A. B. A." Cheques and
recommends them to tourists.
The safest and most convenient
travel funds.
Hotels all over the world are
glad to cash them for guests.
Railways, steamship lines, and
the best shops generally, accept
F t. -.riniwSWi iirfr-irf f
J. G... Hurt and daughter,
left Monday for a two
outing at Eagle Ridge Tav-
Protect yourself against loss by
fire, but see Cllf Payne before you
take- out a policy he can save you
money. tf
Mrs. Carrie E. Stewart, ex-post-mlstress
of Talent, accompanied by
her daughter, was an Ashland caller
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Frulan, Fred
Dodge and Pearl Johnson leave today
for a hunting trip in the vicinity of
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Simpson, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles McWilliams and
Mrs. C. E. Lane motored to Medford
Dr. Julian P. Johnson has bought
the bungalow on the corner of Winter
and Woolen streets and will occupy
it at once.
Miss Eusebia Hildreth returned
Wednesday to her home in Oakland,
after a few days' visit with Miss
Violet Long.
Ed Wolcott and Clayton Borror
left yesterday on a hunting trip in
the vicinity of Red Mountain on the
Upper Applegate.
We have dozens of little odds and
ends in drug sundries slightly dam
aged by water, reduced far below
actual cost. East Side Pharmacy.
Letters or Credit, Foreign and Do
mestic exchanges, travelers' checks
issued, and safe deposit boxes for rent
at the United States National Bank.
Jack Peebler, Lynn Purdin, Emil
Brophy, Dale Baughman and Ed
Steele left yesterday for the Dead
Indian country for a week's hunting
and fishing trip
Mrs. Elizabeth Morrison and niece.
Miss Emily Longfellow, of Minneap
olis, are visiting at the home of A
M. Beaver. Miss Longfellow Is a
niece of Mrs. Beaver. .
E. E. Bagley left today for a six
weeks vacation at various points
He goes front here directly to New
port and will proceed thence as far
north as Vancouver Wash.
Mrs. C. J. Osterdahl and daughters
Celia and Ebba left Wednesday for
Marshfield, this state, where they ex
pect to reside. Mr. Osterdahl pre
ceded them some weeks ago.
Mrs. Carson of Eugene was a guest
of Mrs. A. H. Peachey last week
She was on her way home from s
visit with her daughter, Mrs. Lucy
Carson Hardy, at Bray, Cal
Mrs. E. A. Seiber of
visiting with her daughter, Mrs
Newell Wright. She was called here
by the Illness of her little son, who
is visiting with Mrs. Wright.
Mrs. B. M. Farrell and little
daughter Lilas, of Saskatoon. Sask
Canada, arrived in Ashland Wednes
day morning for a months' visit with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Half
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Owen returned
Wednesday irom .an auto trip to Ney
Springs, Cal. Miss Minnie Owen has
returned front an outing at Ney
Springs, after a visit with friends and
reiatives in .v.ontague, uai.
Mrs. J. N. Nisbet left yesterday for
San Francisco to visit her mother
She has been receiving treatment at
the Granite City hospital and was
able to leave that institution Tues
day very much improved in health
loday Mrs. - B. M. wasson re
turned from Long Beach, Cal., ac
companied by her brother, H. G.
Mills, and little daughter. Mr. Mills
is a wholesale grocer of Chicago, but
likes the west and is in search of a
A. M. Beaver and son Meredith,
Walter Herndon and Weiser Ed
munds left this week on an extended
camping expedition over the Dead
Indian road and into Klamath and
Leke counties. They will be gone
about a month.
Ashland friends have received
word of the recent death in Muske
gon, Mich., of Mrs. Dr. Richmond.
Mrs. Richmond has a large circle of
friends in this city. The sympathy
of the community extends to the be
reaved husband and children.
Dr. Fawcett and wife and Mrs.
Fawcett's mother, Mrs. M. A. Ragan,
of Medford, have bee,n enjoying an
outing the past wek in the doctor's
auto. They visited Grants Pass and
Roseburg and went from there to
Bend, in eastern Oregon.
W. A. Freeburg has received word
from his son in Reno, Nev., telling
that Billy broke his ankle in a game
of baseball. Friends of Billy will
regret to learn of this mishap. He is
well remembered as second baseman
on the Ashland team a number of
years ago.
H. L. White has sold his 240-acre
ranch east of Ashland to Jack Mor
ris, now of National City, Cal.' The
Throne rooming house on Fourth
street was taken as part payment.
Mr. Morris, who recently came up
from, southern California, is dispos-'
ing of most of his city property.
Harry Pellett has sold his automo
bile repairing business to some Cali
fornia parties, who are now In- pos
session of the same. Mr. Pellett still
retains the Ford agency and will con
tinue to handle this car In southern
Oregon. Up to the present time he
has sold 25 cars during the season.
Two automobiles loaded with of
ficials of the Oregon-California Pow
er Company passed through Ashland
Monday en route for Crescent City.
In the party were Mr. and Mrs. J. P.
Churchill, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse W.
Churchill, Miss Dorothy Churchill,
Percy W. and Jerome Churchill, Miss
Sybil Abshire and Mr. and Mrs. S.
H. Williams, all of Yreka. Cal.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. White and
family, formerly of Chicago but now
of Huntington, Ore., viBited at the
home of Prof. Howell ; Isaac last
week.. They enjoyed a visit to the
park and canyon while here, and also
attended the sacred concert last Sun
day , night. They expressed them
selves as being well pleased with the
beauty and scenery of Ashland. Mr.
White is a prominent railroad man.
The Whites are old friends of Mr.
and .Mqs. Isaac. f . .. , . .', .
At Poley's
Large Roll
Larger ones
Three for 25c.
Poley's Drug Store
Mr. Lemery of Ashland was a vis
itor in Hornbrook last week, at the
home of Rev. A. W. Walters. He is
interested in a mining proposition
near here.
Rev. A. W. Walters and his daugh
ter, Edna Mae, were visitors at Hilt
last Thursday. They visited Mr. and
Mrs. Hilt, who live a mile out from
the station.
. Dr. Richardson was called to San
Francisco a few days ago to attend
the funeral of his grandfather, who
was 90 years old at the time of his
Mr. Chambers, the editor from
Montague, was in town last Wednes
day, gathering news for his paper.
Miss Dora Bevans has returned
home from Weed.
Thomas Wright of Camp creek, was
in town last Wednesday.
Herbert Cole of Colestin was in
town last week.
Horace Greer, a former resident of
Hornbrook, now of Weed, has come
to Hornbrook for a short stay.
Deputy Sheriff Joseph Clawson
has returned to Henley after deliver
ing an insane patient to the asylum
Mr.- J. Jacobs has removed the
plaster cast and bandages from his
broken arm and is getting along
A. P. Prichard of Seattle, one of
the parties interested In the De Flesh
mine, was here inspecting the prop
erty last week.
Constable C. "L. Hughes has ap
pointed Joseph Shults as his deputy.
Mr. Shults! duty will be to enforce
the game laws in the vicinity of
T. K. Anderson, a mining man of
Gottville, came to town on Tuesday
for a load of supplies.
Last Sunday our home team went
to Etna to play ball with the Etna
boys. The score was 4 to 1 1 in favor
of Etna. . Our boys were weary from
dancing over half the previous night.
They had plenty of courage even to
Mr. Davis, one of the owners of
the La Flesh mine, has gone east and
will attend the Grand Eerie of the
Eagles at Columbus, Ohio. Active
development work at the mine will
be commenced on his return.
T. O. Maze, who has been in
charge of the Sterling mine, had a
runaway accident at Hilts last Sun
day. He and his wife were thrown
from the rig and the lady sustained
a broken arm. She was brought to
Hornbrook and placed under the care
of Dr. N. E. Richardson.
Mr. Joe Niles and Lewis Niles were
in Hornbrook Saturday night and
Sunday. They attended the benefit !
dance given for Mr. George Rader j
Saturday night. Nearly all of Horn
brook was there to show their loyalty
to their neighbor. All who could,
took part in the runaway hug. The
music was extra good. Both the or
chestra and band were out.
Mining location blanks for sale at
the Tidings office.
e ivi a nx
Newly Furnished Rooms
Centrally located. Well ventilated.
Gas and electricity. Everything new,
neat and clean. Reasonable prices.
We are equipped with mod
em steam laundry facilities,
all suits and towels receiving
the most sanitary treatment.
Open from 8 A. M. to 10 P. M.
Visitors' Balcony Free
The business relative to the sale of
the 'water bonds has about been com
pleted, the bonds having been signed
and returned to the purchasers. This
will give assurance of the comple
tion of the water system here this
fall. Bids are to be opened the 5th
of August. As to the erection of the
reservoir, the bids will be let sepa
rately on this. The foundation,
which is to be of cement, will be a
separate bid from the part of the
steel tower, but one party may bid
on both jobs.
Joshua Patterson left Wednesday
to join Jack True at Ashland, from
which place they will go into the
Dead Indian country for a hunt and
outing. Mr. Patterson says he im
agined he? could see some deer up in
that direction from here, so is going
to try and get the limit as soon as
Mrs. T. L. Stewart was removed
to Ashland, where she underwent an
operation which was quite severe, but
she withstood the firBt part very well
and has a good chance now for a
speedy recovery.
V. K. Wolgantott is moving into
his home here, having removed from
the E. C. Gardner place, where he
has been employed about two years.
During that time the entire 160
acres has been set to fruit and it is
hard to find a tract of the same size
in the country that will surpass it.
The whole 160 acres lies in a square
piece, and the trees are . perfectly
blocked, a good stand and well cared
for. Mr. Gardner Is going to build
a fine house on the highest part of
the land this fall, and when complet
ed he will command one of the finest
views in the valley. Ashland, Talent,
part of Phoenix and Medford can be
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Rhodes left for
a trip into southern California,
where they will stay for & month or
Mrs. G. A. Gardner made a visit to
Medford Tuesday - and Wednesday,
where she visited her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Jesse Richardson.
Mrs. Riley of .Ashland and some
friends were visitors with Mrs. Pace
last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Yount have
returned from an outing up on Wag
ner butte, where they have been for
the last three weeks. Mr. Yount
says it is a delightful place to spend
the time In summer, the water being
good and the weather cool.
About every week a load of young
people go to Ashland to the swim
ming pool and take a midnight lunch
on the road home. All enjoy the
trips and look forward to the next
The Talent meat market has re
placed its old refrigerator with a
modern one and Is making a general
change in the interior, which looks
much better and will attract more
Fred Rapp has returned from a
trip to California, where he has been
for a few weeks. His new car at
tracted his attention this way, and
as soon as it was received he ap
peared. He got a new Ford from
Harry Pellett of Ashland, and Fred
lonows how to make a car do the
Mr. Butterfield, who Is an Inter
ested party in the McMahan ranch
that was .recently sold, has reached
here, unloaded his car and taken pos
session of. the ranch, which Is three
miles east of here.
Emmett Beeson is soon to take a
trip into eastern Oregon In his auto
Mr. Patterson, who bought the
south part of the Rapp place
burning off the brush and getting
the land in shape to farm, that has
been cleared of the trees, and wfll
soon- start a fine new house on the
highest part of the land, which is a
prominent view of the whole lower
end of the valley.
O. H. Roberts has completed the
cement walk in the front of his prop
erty on Wagner avenue.
George Kerby left Tuesday for
Eagle Point, where he says he has
employment on a ranch.
Sjecies of Greenland Fir Has Spread
of 0 Feet.
Dauphin county, Pennsylvania,
contains the only tree of its kind in
the world, a species of Greenland fir,
and although less than a foot high,
the circumference of the space cov
ered by its branches is 60 feet.
This tree is at least 200 years old,
and from a short distance it appears
to be simply a collection of small
Horticulturists of the country who
have heard of the phenomenon have
made offers of substantial sums for
the tree, with a view of removing it,
roots and all, but these ofrers have
been consistently refused. Aside
from tree specialists and residents of
the neighborhood, few persons have
: heard of the spreading tree.
I In Greenland, its original home,
I the species never grows high and is
! little more than a shrub. In its nat
ural surroundings it does not attain
anywhere near the circumference of
the one in Pennsylvania.
Jiiiiil) From Sleeper.
Billings, Mont.-r-Mrs. H. J. Mock
of Kansas City, Mo., leaped front a
window of a sleeping car on a west
bound Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
train near Pertisa. Mont., early Mon
day and was killed.
Her absence was not discovered
for an hour after the train had
passed Pertisa. Her body was recov
ered by railroad men sent our from
Sheridan, Wyo.
Mrs. Mock was being taken to Hel
ena by her husband and daughter for
her health. ,
Embroidery for Vacation Time.
New eastern goods received today.
Madame Dllhan's Millinery Store,
201 East Main street. Latest novel
ties. Money to loan on Improved ranch
es, first mortgages: mixed farms pre
ferred. W. D. Hodgson, Ashland.
Phone 427-J.
A Sale That Grows
Not a one-day event, but one that holds
the interest. Styles are good, goods are new
and assortments still large enough lor good
Dr. Gail C. Kammerer will have
charge of Dr. Bertha E- Sawyer's
practice for the next two months.
President Mohler of the Union Pa
cific announces that an order has
been given for $2,000,000 worth of
new rolling stock for the Union Pa
cific and Oregon Short Line.
Buffalo Ranch Wild West
- -
AHcrnoon at
Largest Wild West Show on Earth!
Coming driect on their own special trains of double length railroad cars
from the biggest ranch in the world.
Menagerie ol Trained Wild Animals
From all parts of the globe. Paring and death-defying acts almost
yond the realms of lucid Imagination.
Cosmopolitan collection of Cowboys and Girls, Vanueios. Senoritas,
Guardis Rurales, Champions of the Lariat, Hough Riders, Pony
Express Veterans, Oaring Ath fetes, Comical Clowns, Thrill
ing Indian Fights and, War Dances.
Prince Botloine's Troupe ol Russian Cossacks
The most Daring Horsemen In the World.
Bands ol Sioux, Cheyenne & Comanche Indians
Fresh from the Cam pf ire and Council.
The Grand Performance concludes with the Superb, Spectacular, Dra
matic, Historical Fantasy,
Introducing a vast and motley horde of Ind'ans, Scouts, TrapiKMS and Sol
diers that actually took active part in the lust brave stand and hope
less struggle the noble redskin made for his freedom and rights.
Grand, : Gold-Glittering : Free : Street : Parade
TWO MILES LONG, at 11:00 a. m. dally, on the main thoroughfares.
B,IG, FREE EXHIBITION'S on Show Grounds Immediately
after the parade-
Bring In Your Bad Horses and Mules
Our Cowboys will ride
$25.00 wlilxba paid to any person
Hillali Temple
Will begin to heat the sand at the
regular meeting Friday evening, Au
gust 2. Every scout wants to be
there, for there's goin' to be soine
thtn' doin' pretty quick. Alex hau
dles the dope.
E. A. SHERW1N, Recorder.
Buy your peach boxes of Carson
Smith Lumber Co.
2, Evening at 8
bringing a horse or mule they cannot