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ine Easter Sunday services were of
iuo Duumj aciiuui
T . .7u . 1W- Tne audi-
L" io uatwcuy. rat
"'"" w preacneu Dy
s. n, i-ugue, pasior, ana inter-
' Jargon Dy jonn Williams
instead of Archie Johnson. iMr. WU1-
euuu use oi tne jargon ana n. Ycrjr pmiu m me oia inuian
iwopie. ne aiso made it plain that
no "moonshine" or wicked person
mum gei 10 neave-n witnout torglve-
icon, ai noon a spienaia basnet
uiuuBr Vs servea in caietena style
t , , y- ociock p. m. ltev.
"""" " BApitmiBu ju jargon me
uii in, vruuuixion ana resurrection or
Christ. This was also made very
piam to tne 01a people. ,
quariene cumposea 01 nir. ana
"' vnaries mr.ien, .Aruiur uenseu,
and Jess Daniels. A song In Jargon
by Mrs. Maude Andersen. As this
eang referred to the future state or
-existence the Indian psopie were very
quite and attentive w:Uie it was being
rendered. Mrs. Andersen knows the
Jargon language to well that the ex-
pression and sentiment were brought
oul so fully that It was no wonder
the Indians looked sad when they
thought of their friends over there
beside the beautiful River of Life.
uuet by the HoTman sisters was
rendered in a beautiful manner. These
girls have won the hearts of the Deo-
pie of Slleti with their beautiful Mr Mclntyre of this city has Everett and Elmer and Nathan Wat
voices, noved to Pioneer. Kn spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs
Seng by class 01 young girls.
Solo 'Vivian Larsen.
Thi concluded the program for the
day.. A large audience was la atten-
Saturday evening some twenty or
thirty of the friends of Major Shep-!
ra met in tne Orange hail for the
purpose of giving him, a farewell
party. Mrs. Chas. Larnen acted as
mistress of ceremonies. It was a
real surprise to the major. He did
not know anything of the kind wu
going on. .Games, plays and prome-
nades were Indulged In until a late
liour.. Fruit Juice and cake were
served. During the past four or five
years the major has been in the In-
lion " " 1.1 ! . 1
heirship claims ht hed visited Silotz
;.t;;l. r vr
;?L7 ,. , . t.v: ; ,7'.
oitwii numcra UJ Ul.' Sillier .liiljor
Shepard spoke of the friendship he!
liril formed .for fJie SIIbIk nunnln nf
uiiu luiuieu nor uio ouen people, 01 ,
the kind nd courteous treatment he
had received while among them, of
the-vastness and r-eataJB? of the
-s-f ..1 . 1
of 'it. people. Mrlhed ha.
Cr.TI,:,"! w'l9
lngton, D. IC. He left Monlay morn-
lng to assume th0 dutiee of his new
' .MtaV VrmT yLlr:r . fmIfwH
j.Vu'Z " .r r
''. &m ivriamui agency
Tlio -V,imi.nIt li.:, ...,,.1
Prof. J. B. Horner of the O. A. C. to '
where there are no law schools or
churches. The entertainment will be
In 'the government school house Fri-
day evening. April 21, commencing at
o.ui;iu(;ii p. m.. aii -a.e mvnea 10 at-
tend this lecture. I songs by the schcol children.; also a
H. N. Camp, traveling auditor U. S.jtrio by Mrs. J. h. Ticas, Mre. J. W. j
.nuian service, was iiere lor iwo aays nosers ana mrs. a. awaacum; reel-
Incniuth. the v.n.1,. ...tinn k v n fi-,ao v.,,
....... ..... ni.iii'a u u u n.iauo VL
this office and found everything O.
He fJso left Monday with Major
Shepard on his official touf of Inspec
Mrs. Omlld went to Newport last
Clen Howe returned to ' Soutn
Eeach Sunday evening.
Attorney Yates of Corvallls stopped
In South Beach for a short tlme Sun
day evening on hin way to Waldport.
Clins. D. Shaw. of Shedds, Oragon,
spent Friday night with E. R. Lynn.
Chas. Ewing. wife and baby went
to Newport Sunday afternon.
Mr3. Gilbert of Newport spent Fri
day with Mrs. Eric Johnson.
-Mrs. E. G. Carter of Newport spent
Friday nl?ht with her nelce, Mrs. Ed
. o
Twenty young people met last Sat-
urany nignt ana organized a literary Ona Grange Hall Sunday,
society. Mr. Floyd Pepin was elected! H. G. Rhoades tnt1 A. ' Zeek made
president; Mr. Albert Schleicher, vice a trip to Winant to meet the latter's
president and Emma Wilson,, secre- mother-in-law, Mi-s. Cooper, Tuesday
tary. It was decided to meet every "evening.
other Saturday evening so the nextj Mrs. Guy Lewis went to Corvallls
meeting wHl bs( Saturday, April 29. Tuesday to be wilh little Francis
An extulmnt program Is being pre- who has Just underwent an operation
pared. A cordial invitation is extend-1 (or uppendici'tis.
ed to all. , j Mrs. j. m. Bowers called on Mrs. H.
Miss Lydila Schleicher entertained G. Rhoades Monday afternoon,
her Sunday School class on Easter j Miss Aletha Rhoades is spending a
day. All report having had a good few days with Mrs. C. W. Lewts this
time. . i (week.
Considerable athletic equipment! Mr. A. Peterson was helping Joe
has been purchased lately and if the Kohler do some spring plowing Tues
weather ever clears p 'there will be, day and Wednesday,
"some" ball playing. . j H. G. Rhoades made a business trip
One farmer reports having seen a to Toledo Tuesday for the Cook
good hat In the middle of the road brothers.
but on closer examination found a- D. C. Gray and Eugene Cook made
load ot hay, a man and a four horse a trip to Poole Slough Tuesday olter
team below the hab Some mud. noon.
School will be closed three days James Huntsuckor vas iu our v!cin
next week. The teacher ha? to go lty Wednesday.
to annual Institute at Toledo. j Edith Peterson was absent from
' 0 school Wednesday being sick with a
The Highway Commission has
seemingly located the end of the Till- j
amook-SUetz Highway on Elmore's A large crowd gathered last Sunday
Bluff about one mile wes. of Millport at the Grange Hall for 'the commun
We hope this Is a bluff as a thorough lty dinner and Easter service. Af
tourist cannot get to Toledo or New- tar a bountiful dlnuor which all en
port unless tills road is connected Joyed, Sunday school opened with
with the present county road.
j Mr. Altree is expected down to
omm mo uiiusb er ocnooner
creeK. - .
n, picnic was iiem on me- ran
owtu uaaivr omiuay uy me upper
river people, iwspiie me rain every-
ooay seemed to be quiis nappv.
'Mrs. A. W. Barr has taken charge
01 me cooxnouse ana notei or tne
oiieiz uay iumver company.
Jonn and Axle Olson left for T0 -
ledo Sunday to enter their claims for
me oust Olson estate.
ine mill ot we siietz nay Lumber
conijpany Btartcd operating April 14.
us nope tney win be more sue-
cessiui 1111s year.
iour nonorauie lnsn oacneiors nave
recently been rebuilding the tele -
phone line to Otter Rock.
line scnooner smitn is expected in
dally wun a cargo 01 groceries and
supplies for the Siletz Bay Trading
company. '
Hiss Ruth Cozine cf Monmouth
was visiting at tha home cf her par-
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Cozine, over
th3 Easter vacation.
Mr. Ellis Scot llle of Portland is
visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs S.
jY Scoville of Pioneer.
1 The play given by the school Snt-
iirdpy was a success and was well
Mr. J. E. Davis an- brother. Hugh.
'took Sunday dinner with M.. and Mrs.
C. L. Morrison,
Miss Marjorie Small of this - ci'y
.as visiting at the home of Alvina
Anderson of Toledo,
Mrs. Lula Howard was visiting at
the home of her mother, Mrs. S. "V,
Scoville Tuesday.
Mrs. Jessie Harding is vlsitlnr her
wother, Mrs. lCd. Taylor.
J'liere was a -lanr-e given at tlie
Hoffman I til Saturlay nielu.. Eveiy
0110 had an enJoaM. Urn. '
Lois Mclntyre of Pioneer was visit-
lng In our city last week.
Mrs. Ernest Dixon and Mrs. Ella
Lawrence are visiting at the J. 0.
n, 1
There will be a dance a', the Elk
"" BMU'7 n,gni-
, . .... .
The second monthly mooting of the
Swesibriar Civic clu- was held in tne
8wetbriar school house, with, a rec-
k.i .o.! ,
Mrs. W. RogerP" lister, Wlor 'a Cls Saturday fter"
who has been in the neighborhood fori'
a few days, staying with his daughter
,S. " "Z v."T
u.u.iBr, prugraiu uuu 0uuCTB mei-
rr,Xh reAlt rannnt h. .1.
Mrs. V. D. Graves for the sumptuous .
Usiying of the hungry mouths of those ,
lreccnt Full Justice was dono to the
tempting viands. There is u doubt
about that.
me procram, loo, was very gaou; ;
itatlon by Mrs..V D. Graves; talk by , b motioa unanllnouglv ad ted th6e
Mrs. F. Romtvedt; yiolm solo by Mr. oecretary wa8 nstructed to convev
S. Romtvedt, and (he c!ui vras fav
ored by two violin olos
Mr8, j
Business meeting rnr.inly discussed
he county fall fair. It was decided
that the Depoe would be well rcpre-,and
seated in oxhibns tills fall end a
iiB i ...o i..UUiw. i
appointed to look after the various
exhibits which ranga from potatoes to
Everyone around here thinks
'have -had enough rain.
II. G. Rhoades, D. C. Gray ,-.nd Fred
'-ook wie trading iu Toledo Thurs
day. A. R. Zeek, H. G. Rhor.dea, E. L.
Wilson, and J. Kohler wera trading
in Yaqulna Friday.
Miis Evaiina Peterson, who has
been visiting home folks returned to
Newport Monday.
Wuite a lew or the people here a.-;
lenriad thfl K.istpr tirotrram fl.t th
bad cold.
singing of appropriate hymns. Jm-
mediately after Sunday school
Kaster program was rendered, con
'sistlng of pnga, recitations, dialogues
and Instrumental music, Hie c logins
number being an egg-hunt for the Jit-
tie folks.- .,
The social meetlns of Lincoln
Grange met. at the crange Hall Sasi
evening with an attendance of about
20, ... . riv
1 Mrs. J. R. Ooovert and nephews
Clarence and Kenneth Edwards, vis
itted Mrs. Hattie Edwards in Wald
port Saturday.
j ..(Miss Neta Phelps returned home
Friday from Waldport where she had
! been working for a short time.
1 Clifford Phelps
! visitor Sunday.
was a Waldport
d. C. Gray and. tho Cook brothers
made a trip to Toledo with H. O,
Rhoades last week.
1 a
n riM
i re- Moore returned home
Saturday after spending the past six
weeks In the valley. She Btonned or-
e" a few days with her-sons, Ray and
A'va Moore, on Mill Creek.
' (Nathan Watkins went to -Toledo
Wednesday on a business trip,
O. P. Dixon lost some fine yearling
calves law week. He believes they
ate some Kind or poison weed
"r and Mrs. T. L. Bohnnnon, Mr.
and Mrs. W. R. Moore, and Krandon
J- K- Wfheeler.
John Davenport spent last Tuesday
nignt with his sister, Mrs. 9, J. Steir
Mr. Cruson of Toledo spent last
weeK at the O. F. Dickson hom.
T. L. Bohannon lost a nice cow last
Samtmw and Lawrence Stewart
went to Toledo Saturday.
, Mrs. J. K. Wheeler spent a couple
' days last week with her brothers,
IUy and Alva Moore on Mill CrneK.
filayton Dickson Vent to Toledo Sat-
urday on a business trtp.
BchU ToUee ktuX evTnlng ana
A number of
!i- ty and et.
ed officers for the
coming three
I Ralph Hamar met with quite a sad
accident Saturday mnrnlno- A ho
haling Ws out Z ' Umbtr
n thf S I L It Sf
tol. 1 H. taiiS
Don in nis leg. He was Uhen to
""om Eglln has built a new wood
'rancn Wednesday.
was down from
.started to working
again on tne railroad Monday.
A basebalI club wag organlzed here
1 IeW aay.B B WH1CU W flOP Will
proVe 10 08 a Kood auccess,
1 . April 13. 1922.
, Hon. Chas. L. McNary, "
Wahinrnn n r
rjear Sir- I
At a 'meeUng of the Toledo Cham-
Der of Commerce held laHt vpnlnir
. 1 ul vouimertw neia iasi evening,
ecretary was Instructed to .convey
Toledo and vicinity, for your effor.t
,nTB. Ana f.m tha IT a s,t,r
duttion Co w are t gratetu;
u ,n ,the futupe we B
portunity, we will show you -that o
people do not forget.
With the hops that you will be sue
cessful In securing for our people
mat wuicn is justly due, we are,
Yours very truly,
G. B. McCLUSKEY, President.
One good Health Vibrator, all at
tachments and Instructions, $12.50; 1
Sewing Machine Motor, $14.00; These
have been rebuilt in our shop and
guaranteed to give same service as
PANY, Flat Iron Building.
Hill 8t., Toledo, Oregon
Ask about our
Best established eating place In
Lincoln County
E. J. FOWLER, Prop.
Overcrowding ruins many flocks of
chicks. A brooder that will accommo
date 300 day-old chicks will care of
only one half that number when they
are two weeks old. Better raise a
few good chicks than a lot of culls.
0. A. C. Experiment station.
One of President Harding's chief
objects of economy Is his own home.
When he went Into office last year it
was costing the taxpayers about $80,
000 a month to run the White House.
In February of this year the cost was
HE 010 the lewpirt hudirnt fni in,
month In years.
J. MoChesney, the Albany contrac
tor was the low bidder for tho mov
ing of the Legion Club House, nis
bid being approximately $l;(O0.
(The building will be torn down and
moved to the Fair Grounds and when
rebuilt la to hove a new floor and a
new roof. Mr. MjoCheii figures
that it will take a month to complete
the Job.
.The annual instltu'e for the teach
ers of Lincoln county will be held in
the Toledo grammar echool building
April 26, 27 and 28. A good program
has been arranged aid 1 am sure all
who attend wiH be able to finish
their term of school better for the
Inspiration they receive will put new
lire in tneir work.
The Toledo neonle. under tlin rilror.
lion of the Commercial club am nut.
ting forth extra efforts to make the' Thursday evening the Movies wi'.l
visiting teachers feel welcome while nRve a Koa program for the benefit
in the county seat of tne visitors.
The instructors are: J. A. Churchill, I Frlaav evening It Is anticipated that
superintendent of public Instruction; ;1ulte a number will go to Newport
is. u. Ressler, Oregon Agricultural
college, Corvallls; S. 8. Duncan,
school superintendent, Yamhlil coua
ty; Miss . Ida May Smith, normal
school, Monmouth, and Victor Shawe,
Toledo grade school principal.
County , School Superintendent
R. R.
Toledo, Oregon.
iTo the voters of Lincoln county:
II have concluded to become a candi
date for the office of sheriff at the
Priinai-y election on the 19th day of
May, 1922. As I will not bo oble per
sonally to see every one In the short
time permitted, I wish to moka this
public statement relative to my
claims for your eupporL
I believe that from the conditions in
this county, as well as olsewheo the
chief issue in the campaign will be
ww euiuicouioiii, -epeciaiiar oi uue
Ijiiruiuiuuu laws oi me B-iate. i du
lleve that my record as a resident ofj
tha county, as road supervisor for 3
years, and s a constable for a like
period, Justifies me in Baying that if
1 am elected the criminal laws will
be strictly enforced, and that all pow
er at my command will be used fot
that purpose, and particularly the
iquor laws. I consider that there is
no other issue before the peopie
which as deeply concerns the moral
welfare of the people.
I have had considerable experience
as an officer, and such experiences
will ,be a guarantee that no violator
ot the law will escape because of
my neglect or indifference. I owe no
obligation to the liquor interests, or
to the secret violators of the liquor
laws, and pledge my best efforts during-my
term of office, if elected, to
the people who believe in a good mc
at community and a quite law-abiding
people. If I do not succeed in that
end, J will be willing to lay down the
office In favor of some one more in
terested in law observance.
I believe the time has come for a
change and a clean up la Lincoln
county, and pledge my best efforts In
wringing it about. Your support will
be appreciated for that purpose.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Smith and l.aby
arrived over from Corvallis Wednes
day and are spending a few days here
with Mrs. Smiths parents, Mr. and
Mrs, E. M. Stanton, before going on
to their home at Yacliats.
iMrs. L. H. Lowe and son. Jack.
departed Saturday for Yacolt, Wash
ington, where Mr. Lowe is and where
they will make their home. Mr. and
Mrs. Lowe have made many friends
during their residence In Toledo .who
wish them well in their new home.
iLeador subscriptions received this
week are: R. R. ftwynn, Toledo: A.
Wehnert, Eddyville; Chas. Mock,
Toledo; Chas. Eagleson, Eddyville;
M. S. Updike, Chlco, Calif.; J. C. Al
t.Tee, Toledo; Victor Shawe. Toledo:
rene Seld, Taft; L. n. Lowe, Yacolt.
Wash; V. Thlel, Toledo; R. H. Mof-
fit, Toledo; W). H. Johnson, Chltwood;
Guy LjwIs, Tolodo; Fred Horning,
Toledo; J. H. Boyson Alsea; V. D.
uoone, Winant; B. D. Leathers. El-
ma, Wash.
For Electric Cleaners, Wash Ma
chines anything In household appli
ances see Toledo Electric Co., Wo
can save you money.
Misses Marie Chambers, Doris Spl-
cer, Mary Geer, Iris Akin and Bessie
Brigham, all Normal studonts, were
over from Monmouth for the week
end. ,
Bait reports the arrival of a ten
pound girl at the home ot Mr and
Mrs. Delman Rhoades. on Tuesday,
the 18th.
Mrs. G. E. Lewis ot Ona went out
to Corvallis Tuesday where her son
is in a hospital, having recently hn
derwent an operation for appendici
Lent Sunday, April 23.
Mass and sermon at 10 a. mt
Confessions before mass and holy
communion during
lEaster duty now In order.
"'ana cuuei-uons ior me
.During mass collections
m....... j v-ii wj T7.uf. uinilluuibUi
The people of Toledo are making
extenslve plans for the entertainment
of the teachers of Lincoln County
when they convene here next week
for the annual institute. i. -1 . ..
The Chamber of commerce at its
last meeting appointed committees
to look after the entertainment and
welfare of the teachers while in thl
city, and these committees have been
right on the Job. Teachers attending
the Institute will be met at the train
and taken to the chamber of Com
merce rooms where they will be as
signed rooms, Immediately after which
autos will take them to the lodgings
The entertainment for itho first
evening will be a play, staged by the
grammar school at the gymnnsiua,
The next evening, Wodnesday, a
reception will be held at the Chamber
of Commerce rooms, at which time a
program and light lunch will- be en-
; Joyed,
, lur ai me Deacn.
At a meeting held at the Toledo
At Miotic club rooms Monday evening
an organization was completed for the
production of a nunslrel show to be
given by local talent in the near fu
ture, under the auspices of the T. X.
C. The production will be given In
the new Liberty thoatre on their open
ing night if such arrangements can
be made, and the best local talent
available will be used.
Mr. H. Smith, an old time the
atrical man and minstrel, will take
charge of the production and assures
the citizens of Toledo that a first
class performance will- be -rendered.
About 20 people have already signed
up for the production and the program
will be a variety of highly interesting
selections lncluriinr mn r . i
I south, dances. Tiinnrlnlln nni vio
j wrestling and boxing exhibitions and
.a line Harmony mole quartette.
Announcement of the date will he
given In the columns of this paper
and on hand bills.
Watch for the date.
A. T. Peterson is havlne tha M
hardware building moved back pre
paratory to the building of a fine
uricK notel at the corner of Fourth
ana Hill streets. Mr. Mlnter. a Cor.
vallls contractor has the cont.-act of
moving the building, and aUo the
nine nouse formerly occupied by Mr.
The new hotel will be three stories
In helghth and will have about sixty
TONIGHT "Held by the Enemy,"
a very strong Paramount drama; al
so a comedy; prices, 30c and 1Bo.
SATURDAY Sunday, "Behold, My
Wife"; a thrilling love story of red
blood and blue; filmed agalntft back
ground of snow capped mountain
peaks, bleak Canadian trading posts
aim luxurious tngusn country hornet.
A brilliant picture, with a sDlendid
cast. Also a Pathe comedy. Prices.
oa ana loc.
Frank Lew, who nus beea cooking
ior mo I'aclllc Spruce corporation,
proceeded to tank up on home brew
last Sunday evening. The brew he
mnde seemed to possess an awful
wallop, so Flunk uroceeded to
Hip on his wife. He wound up lu
court the next day, and was released
en his promise to leave the county.
His wife has filed suit for a divorce.
lllorbnrt Kynlstcn was found lying
alongsldo the Newport road last Snt-
Urdny evening in an unconscious con
dition with an ugly scalp wound. He
was found by young Mr. Bradbury,
who came along in hia car, and was
taken to the home of Andrew Nyo.
He remained in a comatose state un
til Sunday evening, and upon regain
ing consclou-mass he stated that
Henry Schaffer ha hit him ovor the
head with a bottle. Deputy Mc
Elwain went to get Snhaffer Monday
and found that he had left the coun
Washington, D. C The Roosevelt
Memorial highway In Oregon is being
considered as a road of primary Im
portance, the chief of the bureau of
public roads told Representative Haw
ley today.
The matter is now being investi
gated by engineers of the bureau at
Portland and San Francisco, It was
said Oregonian.
The Odd Fellow and Rebekah lodg
es of Toledo will celebrate the 105th
anniversary ot uuaieuowsnip in Am-
1.-1 l.i Nl"U llllll Ul 3(IU1UU CfUU-
lng, April 29.
A. Gleblsch was tho successful bid
der on the road rocking contract be-
tiween here and Eddyville, a sectlou
of 17.25 miles. This is known as unit
No. 2 and also Includes .08 of a mile
ot grading. . The contract pr'ce was
Unit No. 1, comprising 17.2 miles,
being the stretch of road from Eddy
ville to Blodgett, was bid In by Wash
burn & Hall, their bid being $65,875
for rock surfacing.
ffhis work Is to be completed this
summer, and when finished will give
a continuous rock road from Newport
to Corvallls.
The Oregon State board of Dental
Examiners conducted an essav contest
through the fifth and sixth g-ades
and the seventh and eighth grades of
the public schools of the state, for the
educational value It would have, In
showing the relation between good
health and good teeth. The contest
had the approval of the Oregon De
partment of Education.
The winners in this county are
Alice Murray, nn eighth grade pupil
In district No. 10 and Harriet Clark.
a fifth grade pupil In diotrlct No. 69.
A ten dollar prise goes to each of
the successful young writers.
The wrestling bout between Chas.
fclillor, the local celebrity, and Jtmmia
Anderson of Portland, will be held
here tomorrow night. Interest is run
ning high with everyone pulling for
Miller to win. Several : interesting
wrestling and boxing preliminaries
have been arranged and an evenlni
of roval entHrtnlnniHiii In nmmlutuf
)ocai sport enthusiasts.
Quite a number are expected to at
tend from neighboring towns.
Ralph Hnmar of Chi'wood had his
leg badly Injured last Saturday while
logging. As near us we can learn he
fell down nnd a log rolled over him.
He was taken to Corvallis for treat
ment. DANCE AT I. 0. 0. F. HALL.
A nice little social dance Is being
arranged to be held at the I. O. 0.
F. hall In this city tomorrow evening.
Music will be furnished by the local
orchestra and a good time Is assured.
Dance starts at nine o'clock prompt.
The ladles of the Civic Improve
ment Club have named Saturdav.
April 29, as "clean up day," on which
day all citizens of Toledo are request
ed to clean up their premises. It
will be arranged to have trucha call
and pick up the rubbish, cans, etc.,
which should be sacked or boxed.
Itemombor the date and "do your
You are cordially Invited to attend
an entertainment to bo given by. the
pupils of the Toledo Grade School.
Tuesday eveiiing, April 25th, ot the
school gymnasium.
A varied program will be offered
Including the new Exposition Song.
"Beautiful Oregon Hose"; tho delight
ful "Varna Yama" chorus from the
musical comedy, "The Three Twins":
a children's presentation of "Little Or
phan Annie"; and many other Inter
est lug features.
General Admission 50 cents.
Remember the day Tuesday. AdHI
2Cth, 1922.
A big dance and Bupner Is to be
given by Lincoln Grange at Ona.
April 22, Dance tickets and sunner
'This and many other Imnortant
questions will be discussed at the
meeting of the local Chamber of
Commerce the evening of May 2. An
opon meeting will be had on this date
ana ail persons interested In the de
velopment of Toledo and vlclnltv re
quested to be present.
Bids will be received by School
District No. 2 up to and including
the 18th day of Mav. 1922 fur tha
following labor to be performed and
materials to be furnished:
(a) To complete the UDoer floor of
the high school bulMIng In accord-
anca with plans and ppoclflcaltlons
on file in the office of clerk, which
may be seen at the office of O. B.
b) To furnish pilnt for the pant
ing of the school buildings, together
with stain for roofs, price to be sub
mitted per gallon for paint and stain,
specifying nom and grade of paint.
Bids on carpenter we-rk to be ac
companied by certified' check cover
ing ten per cent of the amount o
L. M. STARR, Clerk.