The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, August 03, 1914, EVENING EDITION, Page TWO, Image 2

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p,w- .g.CT:V T.
HI. C. MALOXKV. Editor mill Pub.
I)Ay K. MAI.OXEV. ..Xoivs Editor
capt. ugeii i
ON 1 H
Tho following interview with Capt. submarines, with a personuol of 137,
Jlacgenn appears lu the Oregonlan: 500 men. .... I
"A coneral European war Is In- Germany hns 19 modern battle
ovltablc," said Captain T. J. Mac- ships. 7 cruiser battleships. 20 older
im ainnmor Trrnnkwnter. hntttoshlns. 0 first class cruisers, C
yesterday, "and In that war Russia, second class cruisers, 39 third class
and not Germany, ns seems to bo I cruslers. 7 gunboats, 141 destroyers,
popularly supposed, will hold the 47 torpedo boats, 30 submarines,
whip hand by reason of her friend- with a personnel of G6.733 men.
ship with England." France has 17 modem battleships,
Captain Macgcnn predicted that 15 older battleships, IS first class
the conflict will witness tho utter cruisers, 4 second class cruisers, 9
humiliation of Germany and the re- third class cruisers. C gunboats, S7
making of tho map of Europe. destroyers, 173 torpedo boats and
"It appears that Russia will strike 90 submarines, with a personnel of
for tho Slav race, as represented by. CO, 021 men.
tho peoplo of Servla. If she strikes) ttnly has S modern battleships, 3
Austria, then Germany must take a , older battleships, 7 first class cruls
hand In behnlf of her ally, and tho ers. 3 second class cruisers, 10 third
third membor of the Triple Alliance, ; class cruisers, 5 gunboats, 35 de
Jtaly, may be drawn Into the fray, stroyers. 73 torpedo boats, 20 sub
Wlth Germany striking at Htissin, marines, with a personnel of 33,
Frnnco will tome to tho assistance 095 men.
of the Czar. I Ilussla lag 9 modem battleships,
"Then Knglau.l will throw the 4 cruiser battleships, t! first class
weight of her army and navy lu cruisers. C second class cruisers. 3
against Gcrmnny. I third class cruisers. S gunboa:s, 105
Groat Fleet I'nln to Sen. 'destroyers, 23 torpedo boats nnd 48
"The First Division Tf the Hritlsh submarines, with n personnel of 52.
war fleet has put to sea." he Bald. C3 men.
"It Is, perhaps, the most powerful Austria-Hungary has 4 modern
fleet Hint luiH ever cleared from nny lmttleshlps, 9 older battleships. 3
harbor. It Is my opinion that It will f,rgt cn8g cruisers. 2 second class
cruIso( In the vKlnlty of the Kiel rrulsors. 7 third class cruisers. 3 gun
Canal." ! boats, 18 destroyers, 53 torpedo
Captain .Mai-jcnn believes that ,0nta nml 15 subinnrlnfs. with lT.r.Sl
another Immense Kugllsli fleet will mon
bo stntloned al tho entrance to the (rcnt nrPnln has 20.200 Xnval He
Ualtlc, and may enter that sen to m.e wamcn w,ilo Germany hns n
meet a Gorman fleet coming out. ,ecrvo 0f no.OOO men for naval
mm nuoiiicr iiiii;uiy miuuurou win
guard tho north passage between
Norwny and Scotland, ho says, whllo
1 . in 1 1 i.i .1 ","l ''"
rintt will Inln ifltn tint Trrmiili rnivv
fleet will Join with tho French uuvy
in guarding the entrauco to the Eng
lish Channel,
"Thus Germany will bo bottled
up," ho declared.
A great naval battle will ensue,
Captain Mncgouu hclluves, and u
navy will bo destroyed.
"And It will nut bo tho English
nnvy," ho added.
England's sea-fighting forco Is the
grcnlest tho world has over seen,
Captain Macgcnn believes.
With regnrd to tho operations on
land, Captain Mucgcnu Is equally
, cortnln that Germany will fnre badly.
Kitchener Will Head Army.
"It Ih my opinion that Kitchener
will land lu Franco with between
400,000 nnd 500,000 men, the flower
of the English army," ho said.
"Tho horo of tho Upper Nllo will
then tako command of the combined
French nnd English forces nnd
march toward tho Rhine."
"To add to the troubles of tint
Kaiser," ho said, "thcro Is no ques
tion In my mind hut that Denmark,
remembering tho lost province of
BchloswlK-HolRtoln. will throw her
army In against Germnny.
Captain Macgcnn believes thnt tho
luruiiiiuiiuii in iiiu wiir win sou
JiusBia n possession or Constant!.
nople, tho Ireneh boundary moved
.w u...u,tU iiuu
stein restored to Denmark.
.uif, mm i,i-i ntiiin ri'illt;nlK-lllli-
-Steamer in From Portland This
Afternoon With Large Num
ber of Passengers.
Tho Geo. V Ehler nrrhed lu Into
today with a cipai Ity list of pk,cii
gors from Portland and 11 big cargo
of freluht. Anionic tlioo arrlvtux
on her wor tho followlnic:
Mrs. C. II. Gillette. Myrtle 12.
AVowtherby. Nod Smith. Mahollo Sto
voiiB. Thou. N'lunr. D. .1. NhIi, II F
MeAlUter. Sam Carliton. Goo. Slt
comb. Mrs. (1. V Oalnon. .lrn. It. N.
Thomhelni, ,lin Won. (). Carlson.
Mrs. Curlsou, Win. Diikkuii. Karl
Knhmldt. MIm A. Flelsehinan. .MIim
Edith UiihIi. Miss Mlnnlo Picrkor. E.
h. M. Dcmjal. Goo. J. Miller. .Mrs.
Mlllor. W. A. Aikorinun, Dr. Il.irrv
K. Shootman, Mrs. t I) (laiii.iitt.
H. E. Garbutt. Cameron c liarbutt.
Jr., O. Neosou, Mrs. J. E. lleulmm.
Virgil Ronhnni, W. R. furtln. Jr.,
Miss Flook. Oro WilUou, Mrs. Hell
Hovoll. I. l.ahnwltih, K. H. Cooper.
J. H. Griffith. A. P. Rohfohl. Mrs.
Rohrettl. O. II. Lyons, A K. Dittlu,
C. R. Gom, II R. Fleming, O.
Robertson, T. II. WIU011. Mrs. .John
Dotson. J. II. Royd, Harry IJrowu.
II. CV Johnson, O. S. Hampton, A.
Johnson, C. Michel, J. Henry Hnubcr.
Mrs. Ilniucr. II. P. Hausor. Mrs. W.
W. Reed, R. M. Gray. A. W Raker.
Mr. Raker. Rox 11. Conant. Mr. P.
V. Morkey, A. Vnlsauen, Annn E.
Murdock. CliontiH' linker. Mrs. J.
Dillon, Mrs. Jack McCarthy, A. Don,
A. I. Georgo. Elinor Jokephsou, John
Unrr. Mrs. E. I.. Thompson, o. 0.
Harris, .las. W. Woldon. Mrs. Wol
don, Kathryn Woldon, G. R. Halght,
A. M. HuiiKorfonl. Mrs. HuuBorford,
Rrendn Harmon.
MIR Team Won. Tho Smith Mill
team d'fouted the Coos Ray toam bv
a scoro of nine to uolthliig yesterday.
It was pretty much one-sided, as they
thought that tho Coos Ray team laid
down In order to not tho benefits of
the gate receipts by continuing tho
terles to the full five games.
SaIIx Thiii-Mtuy Tho Rodondo will
rail at 9.30 Thursdaj morulnu for
San Francisco.
(Vundl Tonlcht Tho Manhfiold
City Council will meet tonight and
may have a lively soislon over tho
new ferry landing.
! i
Great Britain hag 20 modern bat
tleships. 10 cruiser battleships. 3S
older battleships. 42 first class cruis
ers. 37 second class cruisers. 33 third
otnaa rrnisprs. 10 cunboats. 227 dc-
! strove. 58 tornedo boats nnd S5
, duty
England hns a peace force of 251.-
- mc ineltMlliiK regular forces at, n the coon os nnd 70,000 men
. .. '
In India and excluding the native
luillun army or 175.000. She has n
reserve of 470,500, which Includes
nrmy reserves and territorial forces.
In her navy shu has a personnel of
137.500 men with 20.200 naval re
servo seamen.
Large Number of Visitors Ex
ported in Autos Elder
Brings Some.
All Is lu readiness for Mooso Day
tomorrow. Tho Elder this afternoon
brought some of the distinguished
musliio vixiinru im,i nut.... 1.-
largo contingents tomorrow from nil I
over this section.
, Most of tho business houses will bo
cloned tomorrow to give free nnd
inn HWlly 10 Aioose.loin and their
The program as heretofore
nounced will ho carried out.
Hub Clothing &. Shoo Co.,
Styloplus suit ?
.1. A. Matson, niorchnndlso. .
loo. K. Cook, groceries ....
l.ockhnrt & Parsons, hnnd-
bag or iiiiUo
Staurr Grocery, nidse
I.ando, lady's swimming suit
D. Y. Stafford, box of candy
The Parisian, gentleman's
Owl Drum Co., bottle perfume
Smoke House, box rigors . . .
Winkler Pharmacy, brush
and romh
1. mi 1
5. .10 ,
4 25
2 50
2.50 i
5 00
5 00 !
1 V.
a. 00 1
2 00
1 50 1
5 00
C Oil'
7 50 '
5.00 .
.1 00
.Rod Cross, kodak
tioldon Rule, boy's suit ....
11. S. Tow or. Mlver picture
Pioneer tlroiory Co., imUo.
II11I110H Music Co.. violin . . .
Ton, Corfoo & Still e Co., ten.
coffim or mdko
HiikIi .Mii.iiln. ton of conl. .
People's S & 10 Cent Store,
cut glass tumble-
Gordon's Show store, pair
moil's shoe
August FrUoon. Dutch pipe
Gow Why. man's hut
Liberal Pool Hull. nuUe. . ..
A. T. Hnlnos. sack of flour. .
Woolen Mill Store, pair shoos
Todd the Tailor, pair trousers
F. W. Rortrain, solid silver
doing & llarvoy. rockor . ! .'
Allen Lewis, barrel flour
Johni.011 & Gulovsoii. hiun-
W. K. WUeninu. sowing rock-
H. KoUtl, pair gloves
Ploueor llarttwaio, lry bat-
terles or spark coll ....
Sumner Hardware Co., brass
Pony H. XiehoUun, best
child's chair
Sohroedor & Hlldobrand.
boat accessories
Davis Ashman, box cigars
Ekblad & Son. mdse. . . .
Rlnnco Cigar Store, meer
schaum pipe
Royal Theatre, theatre tickets
Club cigar Store, box cigars
Sartor's, mdse
Fix-Up, silk shirt ."
Sporry Flour Co.. t barrel
2.50 ,
2 50
r. i
- uu ,
FI11M1 StitHi.s. Tho fire noin
was got this nfternooii .ami n,.ah.i
I most of tho hard paved streets down!
, """"" "", -ino con-
croto work on North Frout street has1
been nearly completed and will bo1
btarted on South Broadway In a dav'
or two. '
fj t I.YI.rt.u... It-....- n.(
Largest Attendance in History
of Outings Results
of Sports.
The annual picnic of the Suoml
Society at Simpson Park nt North
Uend yesterday proved to bo one of
the most successful tho organization
has over held. Tho gato receipts In
dicate that there wore between 1200
and 1500 paid admissions. The day
was fine and everybody enjoyed tho
event Immensely.
Tho dance was tho center of attrnc
tractlon yesterday afternoon and last
night, over 300 tlckots being out nt
one tlnio.
The sports program could not be
carried out complete, tho dance pre
venting mnny entering, Tho results
of tho venta held were:
Men's Footrace Victor Derg first
and Harry Ronn second.
Roys Under 12. Ray Sandlno first
and E. Rcrglund second.
Roys Under S D. Klockers first
and R, Montgomery second.
Girls Under 12. Hilda Anderson
first nnd E. Johnson second.
Girls Under S. Helen Payne first
nnd Slgrld Sandlno second.
F. E. Conway Company Mak
ing Rapid Progress with Fine
Apartment House.
F. E. Conwn Is rushing work on
tho Myrtle Amib entertainment hall,
situated on tho roof gnrden. The
hardwood dancing floor Is being Inld
nnd scraped now. Tho electric fix
tures and temporary wiring nre bolng
rushed so thnt an Informal dance can
bo given tho Ashland and other
shrlners on August 10. All Shrlnera
nnd their ladles arc cordially In
vited. Although tho quarters are not
large, the guests can come nnd go,
each having n fow dances. Thero
will be seats on tho roof gnrdon,
which will neenmmodnto many moro.
Tho mnln building Is not yet plas
tered nnd tho Shrlnors will hnvo to
expect everything In tho rough until
they rench tho roof gnrdon.
iuxce nt kam:s' ham, tlm:s-
I 1
an-. k, jv
7r,! fmzf!)
1.00 -
5.00 1
I w,,,l""'ll,lMI'"l"MMWwaWiiMMi.Z-W"MW'M"W"W11
Several Hunters Return With
Venison Claim Moon
light Interferes.
So far, not mnny deer hunters hnvo
returned from their trips, which be
gan Saturday. The bright moonlight
evenings nre said to make It hard
for the deer hunters, tho deor feeding
nt night Instead of early morning, 1
Tom Hnrvey was one of tho first
to bag game, getting n good ono near
tho Sacchl ranch.
Jack Lapp secured ono In tho
South Slough country. Mr. Dallcy
of tho North Rend Hnrbor, Al Mercer
nnd Loo Stevens left today for AHo
gnny to bag some. 1
Kill Three Deor. I
Mr. nnd Mrs. Jnmea Old
land and Master Leonard re
turned from tho Ferry ranch on Is
thmus Inlet, where they spent tho
week-end. Jim Oldlnnd nnd Jim Ter
ry killed three fine buck deer, Jim
Oldlnnd kllllnk 11 thrco point buck
nnd n porcupine. Jim Ferry killed
a three point buck.
Special Concert at Second and
Market Tonight Num
bers Announced.
The following Is the program for
the open nlr concert which tho Coos
Ray Concert Rand will give at Second
nnd Mnrket this evening:
1. .March. Waukinqnnh .... Thomas
2. Overture, Tancrcdl Rossini
11. Creole Serenndo. Down tho
Rayou Do Koven
1. Htnnoresque, Tearln' O' tho
Green Douglas
A humorous paraphrase on tho
song, Wenrln O' tho Green.
5. Intermezzo, Elegante, from
Tales of Hoffmnn . . . Offenbach
0. Hits of Rcmlck's Hits No.
H l.nmpo
. March, Through Rnttlo to Vic
tory von Illon
Star Spangled Rnnner.
The Knights of Pythlns will meet
nt tho lodge rooms Tuesday nt 11
o'clock to attend tho funeral of Uro
thor J. V. Hodson. Ry order of t
rl w rjilHBflMHrIJHn
Buyers to Share in Profits
Lower Pikes on Ford Cars
ElToctivo from August 1, 19M, to August 1, 191.',, ami guaranteed
against any reduction during that time:
Touring Car
Town Car
(F. O. n.JMroit, all
vi n i in- l uiieu Glares oi America Only)
further, we will be able to obtain the maximum efficiency in our
iactorv production, and the minimum cost in our purchasing and
sales ( epartments if we can reach an output of IKKXOOO cars be
tween the above dates.
And should we reach this production, wo agree to nav as Iho
buyer's share from $40 to (J0 per ear (on or about AusU, 1915)
Auori Sl 1ITk Wh! fl ow l')rd ?ar between
August 1, 1914, and August 1, 1915.
For further particulars regarding these low prices and urofit
sharmg plan, see (K)ODKOADS QOODRUM. P
Hungarian Knocks Servian
Through Plate Glass Two
War Fights Here.
I Among the 1S00 or moro ln
1 borers nt work on the Wlllaiii
I otto Pacific between Kugono nnd
I Coos Hay thero lire ninny Atis
! trlnn laborers, nnd gevornl Sor-
vlnns, ns shown by tho names
I on tho pnyroll In tho Wlllnm
I etto Pacific office In Kugono.
1 Eugene Gunrd.
Tho European war turmoil cnusod
two lively fights among tho foreign
ers on Coos Rny Saturday night nnd
resulted In Nick Delns, n Servian, bo
lng thrown through the lnrgo pinto
glass window In c Greek restnurnnt
near tho Johnson-Oulovson store.
Prior to tho fight lu the restnurnnt
Hnrry Coffin nnd II. llnll, who nro
supposed to bo Austrlaus henrlng
American nntnes because their own
nro uuprouottncnblo, engaged lu n mo
leu on Front street. Roth wore nr
rested before tho war had proceeded
to i decisive point.
In the Greek rei'aiirnnt nilxnp,
iM-actlcnlly all tho waning tuitions
were represented. A largo Russlnn.
whose inline Is not rlvou. Is wild to
hnvo urged It on. J. Phillips, n Mon
11 nourlu-Ilunuurlnn. attacked Dolus,
n Servian, nnd knocked him through
tho pinto glass. Two other Austrlaus
were thero nnd Recorder Hutler's
roitrt this morning, when the mon nnd
their trials, looked like 11 Southern
European conference. Tho fighters
wore fined nnd will probnhly hnvo
to nay for tho broken pinto glass.
Three drunks, one g'vlni: his name
as MeCorinlek nnd t'io others Tom
Olson nnd J. J. Tracy, spent the night
In tall.
Two hoys engaged lu n battle nenr
Rrondway and Commercial yesterday
and wore onungod In u roil slugging
mutfh tVnt a'trnctod n brge crowd.
Finally Councllinnn Wilson cntuo
along nnd separated the luds.
Tho Ronmor crossed out for tho
Siuslnw this morning with a cargo
of general mcrchnndlso for merchants
nlong the river.
Tho Rustler arrived In yestordny
nnd will leave tomorrow for Curry
county points with freight.
FOR SALE Furnishings of ."-loom
rint; Including furniture, rugs,
stoves nnd bedding. Inquire Cur
tis Flat, Runknr Hill. County Rond.
cars fully equipped.
Another Sensational Annum,
mvnui oumnany.
Second only to the war .
Kiirono Ix ...". nc fro.
nl announcement nmUo tod,. ?
I Ford Motor Co.. t hrouKh thelrV1'
! Rny representative, (loo, Iroa,l Vn00?
I rum, to the effect tha thft
I Motor Co. will share heir B
with tho purchasers 0 lJnlk
Not only will the pro?! , f fe
but tho prices have been redUcft
Ford. ' evor'0110 may "n
Tho only provision nttnehed to tv.
nnnoimcotnent Is that the comV, '
soli 300,000 cars to permit aTtffil
of profits thnt will ct $40 to lu
built nnd sold. fromAnStTO
to July 1 .1014. 221.888 car. 1
this Inerense Is made It meam t
distribution or ? 12,000.000 to lit
000,000 nniong the people who wJ
Ford enrs at the end of the will.
yonr, August 1, 101 5 '
Mr. Ooodriitn ntinounced today ti
this Important Innovation goei B!
Imtnedlute erreel and the 191Bi,rCl
wtlh tho proflt-shnrlng plan and H
11115 enrs nro ready for delivery it
onco, '
Tho first UM5 Ford car arrlJ
day on tho Elder nnd has been told
nt tho now price nnd on the nevr plai
In t.'llv .IniiKU of Prnttilll,.
A .lllM()U.lll,i: JOl'UXKV.
TIiito ("imn Rny Ijidlos Slnrt on Tri
Tlmt llocnlN Pioneer liny.
Mrs. S. A. Yonknm, Mrs, C. II. Dat
gan and Mrs. M. R. Smith left 1M1
morning for Port Orford, where thfj
will spend some time nnd take In Ht
Agnto Carnlvnl.
Mrs. Yoakum will continue the trip
to Crescent City, California, when
she will visit for n time before tt
turning to Coos Ray. These thr
Indies stnrted on n similar trip t
ittnrtcr of n century ago hut never
reached their destination becauieoti
tllfferciico nrlslng between the ran
who wns to drive the wagon In which
thoy were to mako the Journey and
his wife. Each of tho ladles dcnlei
tho soft luipenchment thnt It wu
Jealously that cnusod the difficulty,
hut tho fnct Is that the trip was nev
er completed. This time, however,
they loft nil tho men at home and
thoru Is no doubt but that tho Jour
ney will bo u pleasant nnd succeiilal
liAV ovonlng. AIN.TST -I. KPA7.KIW
-"f -'f-f1 rmr