The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, January 03, 1914, EVENING EDITION, Page 2, Image 2

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f. '
Though we try our
best to accommodate
customers; the present
condition almost pro
hibits the satisfactory
filling of orders.
Beg to announce that they are now located in O'Connell build
ing in the store formerly occupied by the Hub and Golden Rule
A large force is hard at work preparing for one or the
Our tremendous stock did not suffer the loss at first estimated.
All goods damaged by water and handling will be sacn iced at
"Wait and watch for
Sale Announcement
which will appear
about January 10th,
' : (coon coons) 2
WMgr:r-rr'l,"1 itiinim. with n Christmas tr- ii.rS fefifi , J5,. v"W
. -n '""..'' ,r.. slS' iirawp j&l mggz&z mm .
.91 ........ I tin cluli ami Mrs. Miller mm .- --mWt$&S iTB Is M i'KGlWmV7x!
inn liif-MiMi' lui iii- -"-n i . - k uhaj ftid..r--hT "-'-- -- j- i im pwi r jmii i i uih.
i i ni n iv ,!.. m tKiAr' ZMi-"i4.wdrrv -r" i i im u im oauitT.H'. t
l , M in i i i p-Tff "nViT .. ritlHmHI
BrtT (PR,iJaK V oirtii.i. .7iin -v,. ..,- -,, 3
...... ..i i w...(iii . UP I I
i it- i iiiniiiiii iiiiii iiimii iini i m
burst a iroBt cf
UiC ixpen-os
Sh" buys the food, pnvs for liolp.
gets almost every IiIiik In the way
of furnishings for l ho,ue- "","
the clothing for herself and chil
dren. It Ib on her wlw distribution
i of the Inromo that her husband de
'ponds. If sho knows Just whnt that
published nml secretaries are- income In. Hhoulil take pntlo in ne-
!...., i ... fnmlali nntnn. III..,, ,inml iitiitnnr. Illlll Hhoulil KUOW
' ' .i...... nuirlntr tii.i. litiHlinml. Wlietll-
PBRPON'AL notices of vlsltoro
In the '!'. or of Cooh Uay pcoplo
who vtit In otucr cities, together
', net'ees uf social affairs, aro
Klml.v received In tho social do
jttr'iiiont. Telephono 133. No
ti,u. of null meetings will no
COXTltl Ul'TIOXS concerning
social happenings, Intemlml for
pulillcatlon In the socloty depart
ment of The Times, must he sub
mitted to the editor not later
than C o'clock p. in.. Friday of
each week. (Inceptions will bo
allowed only In cases whoro tlio
events occurred later than tlio
time mentioned.)
(Willi PAUTV
Hlldonbrnnd Wedm
i day afternoon was nosies
I formal card party at their hone l
South Marshfleld. Tho home n
r.? i., ,:, nitire. the iliworntloiif
or or not slio s oniiueo ai u - ii) t. ...... p. v-....,- ------
tain nrtlc e f dross that she craves. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hartmau of l'ort
Manv a moil woman who Is laud, who have been vlsll iir on the
........ i.i.V... i r,.r ..virnvauance has no lay. Tlie rooms were pruiuu u.
our Ki niiH" witipi b imi ...--
Tin: siiKNDKK .ai.iiu:x
bore tho critic's
maid np
toll what
en's attlro
Ko less than today
And when tho slenderest
Rtimn nieshler lady would
hIiu feaied:
"I don't earo how fair her face Is:
I'm vory much afraid that hIio lacea!
At thir prOBOnt time when a sylph
Ilku form
And a winsome' race brings pralsoa
warm, , .
Some stouter dlssentei Is certain to
In exactly tlio tono of our Krand
mother's day; ....
"Hor faco may bo bountiful, but I
That shn hasn't the slsn of a petticoat!"
N INTHHKSTINd statement
raiiRht my eye not Ioiik nKo
in n dally iinpeft It was 10
tlio offect that tho succofsful mod
ern marrhiKi) does not rest ho much
on- the mental capacity of the hus
tfund as on tlio common sense or
tlio wlfo, and tho yomiK man with
brains Is demand Iuk a reil help
meet, on (I "tho fool is catching the
doll "
All this would bo much more In
teresting lo us. sftvs Dolly Wayne. If
wo only knew whether this state
,..,..,.. ia iinrmi nut liv the facts.
Human naturo Is much t'-e same In
ine miieratlmi after another.
The doll," as my authority terms
,ee el of Klrl -and the name
.onvevs to our minds whit he means
has caught u wood many brainy
m-'i l hr dnv. and will. I sup
iKjf. Ucfp on dolun so to the end
of tmie. and. on the other hand,
oiaii i so-called "fool" has luckily
niaii'i h sensible kIi'I.
The "noH" lrl as Wile.
When the "diill" Is not In slxht
nmrlv .Merv level-headed unmarried
man wll auree that she Is m wife
fir u nvui who needs a helpnut
In hU home, and that ho for his
jiart It. tends to steer clear of hor and
marry, when the proper time comes.
Klrl who will spend the Income
... .mi not fritter It all away
for tlotlies and amusement, l'osslbly
be mav lie able to stick In his son
hlble t"ui..-lnslon. but when the mod
Wfi temptress appears, sho may iliui
him none tho Iobb a wllllnis vlc-
'noi nil pretty. stylUh. up to dato,
altrsetu- KlrU are "dolls" no, not
lv any i.ieans, many of thorn have
Just us .mull commonsenso as tlion
plainer .-ister. and all otlior thlnua
lMiinr cuunl. who would blame a man
for prefurrliiK a protty wlfo to a
pia n one? ,iifn,.
Ti.cre U. howover. a reat dlffoi
once hi plainness. Some Klrls who
nmuri ' hopelessly plain Imfnro
Ainaai'- lwverwl that they wore
rb'irmjiuf companions, have bocoine
remarkably flnf looking women after
iiMntaw. Over and over !
i.mii U remarUed, "llw niuch Mrs.
or v.. hat. impwned In 00'
mid .nnversely. t.o. "How Mrs. ..
(C or P has fullen off!"
Whiw anil l'lii'-e String,
Tli..t common sene Is appreciated
irur 'inn beauty by mauy men Is
h' nit- nt.monstr.ited more and mote,
for 'e oiteu say that "men are mar
rynm more sumluly than they vised
t0No"irlv nil a man's livom passes
tbrouKh' his vklfes hands. ry
little of It. after all. to ll '"
lilnuaif. and ihougU a man usual y
pavs the rent. fuel. wt- Uht and
UiBiirame and attejidH ' tf" ' -jhfm
juiount. It H his v "Ik. ' -
Idea of how her husband's financial
affairs stanil. sue minor .
an outburst the first of everv month
when the bills come In. and natur
ally dreads the date.
After It Is over, peace rolRiis till
the first dav of the next month
coiuos around, when thlncs nuy be,
oven worse. A heart-to-hoart talk
would be much better thnn these
periodic fits of aiiKor, followln u
mimv cases, by renentance shown In
the form of a plft or some unex
pected treat. . . '
Any woman who loves her hus
band wishes to bo u help to him.
hut In many cibos sho does not
know how to aid, or whero to ho
tin. Wo train our children for al
most ovurvtlilns; but marrliiKe and
nrenthood. They enter both, nine
Hires out of ten. It seems to me.
quite unprepared for their respon
sibilities. It Is a sad state of affairs, and
it many weddings I have felt de
nroHsed. rather than happy. nB 1
knew the truth was IioIuk concoaled
under the outward show that cus
fini apponrs to demand nt such
We women have a (treat many
unntlmnllllll IlllWII'leS fOIU'Or lllllK
marrl'iKo which we may nave im
unrted to our dauKhters. or they
have aciiulied ns we did. and we
are loth to remove nuy of the
Klanmr bv sukkosHhk that life after
tlio wimIiIIiik will not be n contlnua-
1 1 Ion of the pro-nuptial round of ou-
' We do wit even like to suK08t
that there may be many really un
happy hours before the new life
bctoiiies settled and the wlfo ad
lusW henwlf to It. Sho will often
,be lonely. If she Ins been usd to a
.lame famllv at homo. Tho re'iirn
of her husband to the business life
I that he has forsaken temporarily
'will throw her buck on herself
and she must learn. If i" one has
tautcht her. bow to accoinmouaie
herself to her new life.
I i:Xfi.KMKNT. '
. ..l. ...iaft .
-....u inn niu niiii'ii i .
Iiolnir vcrv never. i''"
wer served. The prizes were woe
by Mrs. J. . Klnny and Mrs. I., l
Donnli.K. Those Invited w-re Mrs
Mrs. .1. W. Mitchell. Mrs. C. C. l.o
l"K. Mr. .Norl .lu.ij.on Mr J A.
IU.IIVD ... ..,.. . "--- Lit.. MTU I. . IIJiD'll
and music enjoyed. Those ireseni " l',,"'".: Mrl). j. (j. Kinney
were Mr. and Mrs. .Norman .lomuion ., - s,.liroucUT.
ate'd, eniblemntlc of Christmas time.
Uefreshiuents were served ami eiinn
i...i'ri. iH'.imiliriinil.'Mr. and Mrs. A.
s'. Hlanchnrd nuJ Mr. and Mrs. Ocoru
. .
Mr. and Mrs. K. W. ICammerer on-
tortnlned a few Mars'. Hold ami Xorth
Mend friends at a delightful little
watch party Wednesday ovouIiik at
tholr home on North Second street.
It war. rather Impromptu, helnc nr-
laiiKOd after- the Minimum Club
dancing party for that eveiilitB had
been called off.
.;. .
Mrs. Sylves-
-a at 11 irH
ter Jones. Mrs. ii. . .""" ::
C. fl. Wells. Mrs. It. .. ','' ""'"
K F. I.eMloux, .Mrs. n. r .'.
and Mrs. Harry Ilradfle'd.
Dr. and Mrs. A. I.. uous..o i.
ve.e the reclplontB of a most It-
..r..r..l aiii-nrlun enrtV lit tliell
eat irul holne In South Mnnihnj;l
Thursday evenliiK. Cuds and dam-
i... iver. fllowet bv refr.s'--"n;
Tirtise present were Mr. and Mr.
It. I'eck. Mr. and J rs b. S. Par
uelt. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. .Ncff. Mr
'air Mrs. C. K. MoKnMit. Mr. an.'
Mrs. F. M. rarsons. Mr and Mrs
A. T. Haines. Mr. and Mrs. . A
...I.. i mi. nml Mrs. P. K. (let-
IH'HI .IIHI .' "
.,...... ..I.wl.. n ill. ..lliltP flf
.Mi IV I em n "ihlll 'i ii"."""- - -,
K. (laKiion's frlouds enjoyed an elnli--
onite dinner served at hl residence
In Hunker Hill at K o'clock. 'lh",4
ovouIiik was Joyfully spent by playlnt;
cards and witn music. , vwui i
bv Mrs. Levi DnlKlo. a vocal uuei uy
m'is. Levi Halule and l.aura Duhay.
several piano solos ly Miss l.lliy
Uremer and a piano duet uy .'uw'"
Minn and Lillian DalKle. wero much
enjoyed. Those prosent wore A. h.
CliiKiion. Mr. and Mrs. C.eotKe lien
.....,.. m.. ..mi ir. u. Dalxle. Mr.
IH'pnv, . ..... ...... -- - ------ - i
and Mrs. Levi Dalnle. Mr. and Mrs. t $.
(5eoro C.roBK, Mr. and Mrs. Louis ,
iiniinv. Misses Minn DalKle. MlUun a
llremmer. Laura Duhay. Lillian. Dal-, Tho
kIo and Messrs. Walfrld Bilcltson. i,ij
Alfred Joran. .loe Hennessey, uart
lett Kox and Abrahani Dubey.
! ! Mi:irrixi
Mrs. J. (1. Kinney was hostess at
.in Informal Kathorlim yesterday nf
ternoou. her Kiiests neniK ; w
club which meets each Thursday,
the nicotine holnif postponed this
,i. ,.n ,,. ,i.mii or N'ew Years. Nexi
week they will meet with Mrs. Syl
vester Jones at her new homo m
Xorth lirondway nnd nirch.
Present the attached coupon to flon.-cr ilnnlwnro Co.
for 1 2Gc Instruction Book
2 lOc Bottles Johnaorfs Wood DyoA
1 lOc Con Johnson's Prepared Wax
Johnson's Wood Dye
is uncounted for its penetrnttair quality and for Ujc rii-ii nnd
pennnnent color which it dyca nil wood. It dries in )liaU nn
hour nnd will not sircan, hihuuuu oi uuwi.
. . . II. aa M.j Tt. If.
So.ltt. IMfOah
. its. ;i(imiii M,
.'. Ila. t'arly l.nyluh
'a. Il. Ilfa J .
1'o.JJl. LWt Alakopmu
W.7. lUtra Darti Mi- .' ' ??.
ii. Iii, tint lolArtJ A'o.W. tiMmOok
Johnson's Prepared Wax
a perfect furniture polish ntul finlilh for all vrooilworlc. floora and furnj.
tuwllncludlutf pianos-can Im auccwitully ruxd over n I ilnlshM. Impart
t"tf i velvety, protcctlutf finish of lastlnR beauty. Fill out this coupon
and present to u. for hook and lflo p.clcage of Johnson's Wood Djo and
Prepared Wax 1'KKK.
We will furnish the beanur, free of all expose,- with
1 25c Instruction Book
2 10c Battles, Johnson' Wood.Dye
1 10c Jbhnon!s PreparcdiWwR
Pioneer Hardware Co.
' --"- mrrmrmnfmmfm
n. m. r
I). M. 0. Chili will meet Jan
14 with Mrs. Iloiiorr. Simpson
Xorth IMnd.
At a delightful llttlo party of In
timate friends at the homo of Dr. nnd
Mrs. K. MIukus In West Marshfleld
last Mondav nrternoon. the ennaKe
ment of Miss Mary Kllan Mnhonoy to
Mr. Malr Pauo was announced hy the
sister of the hrlde-to-he. Mrs. Kllza
lieth Adams. The announcement
tamo r.s unite a surprise Miss Ma-luin-y
Is one of MarsliHehl's most
nttompllshed and talented youiiK
women and has spout the uroator
portion of her llfo on the Hay. lor
several yetira she has hoou cashier or
tlie Coos Hay Water company. Mr.
Dann Is employed in the Flanajsan &
lieunett hank and Is a hlhl respeet
etl youiiK ninn. The date of tholr
.i..i.. i.o.. ....I niiiimiiireil.
Mrs. MIiibus' nuests were MUs Ma-; He to
Mr. and Mrs. Gwrflwlri Simpson
eu'rertaliied at .New Year's dinner
Mrs. (leorse Suyiler and cMldron of
Coos lllver. Mrs. A. J. Snyder, of
Murshllold. Mrs. .1. M. Jenkins of
UellliiKlinui. William aim iiiss iu
Jenkins. Mrs. K. i. llayon. Mrs. Carl
Audrey Sl..ipon.
Xi:V VKAIl'S r.MtTV 1
Joel Ostllud and tlosti N'orhaek
were hosts to ahout twonty-flie ol
their friends on Xew Year's eve
at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. HwnJ
It Ostllud. The house was prottll
decorated In red nnd Ki'oon. and a
lieMitirully decorated ChrUtmus tree
added Kroatly to the effett of the
rooms. , ,
l A novel featuro of tho ovonlnt;
was an old fashioned dame around
tho Christmas tree. Kacli uuost
!u,w iimMMiitetl wit l a lioni or wins
The IJaptlst Missionary Smletj
will he entertained next W'ednesda'
by Mrs. A. .. Downs at her home on
South Broadway. Mrs. A. P. 11-ish
ford will ho the loader and the suh
ject will he Japan.
SollcilK i hliare of your patroiuu;o tin the liasls of nood K
. i.i... ....t.... .....I .liLt'iiiiiniii tttittit 1 '
rt'itM'ilUUlU HH.l" Illlll I4Hi""li wj II vuwm
Tin: scaxdixavian iinun stohk.
('initial Avenue. Hllt-scll W
lminci: ci.rii.
The Marshfleld Ilrldso Club was tie
llshtfully entortnlncd Wednesday nf
teriioon by Mr.a fl. W. Kaufman nt
her home In Wost Marshllold. It was
(Continued on Paso Three.)
honey. Miss
Mrs. U. K
cumivlnvtt Senustat'ken. Year.
linoth and Mrs. M. C. most delirious
sen (Ml.
.j I ''
i utelllRont peoplo voallzo that
'common colds should ho treated
promptly. If thoro Is snoezluK nnd
chilliness with hoarsonoss, tlcKlmg
throat and coughing, beisln promptly
the me of Foloy's Honey and Tar
were Compound. It Is offoctlve. pleasant
to takf. chocks a cold and sto-ia
the tough, which causes loss of
" shp mid lowers the vital reslstane
. nu-i i'i.crlntlon Pharmacy. Pra'k
Kevlval ineetlnas will begin at the n eohan. Opposite Chandler Hot.l
...ii.i.i i ...l.n.Tlt r.n Sillll- .
aid In
At tho
welcoming: tho Xew
eloio of tho evenlna.
MUh c.enevleve senifsiacKen enter- tevivai hibwhim -... . w. v t-.Uui
talned a few friends Wednesday after- Marshfleld MethoiTut Church on Sun- hoiw .
ntwn lompllmentary to Mrs. Harry 0. day. Pebruary lst; t
Hutler of Myrtle Point. w;fto lias neeu ' ' ' .. ODIPCI I A nnR5PT?
sueiidlnu I'e holidays here. Thei-, r.:- 7 , ! bPIKtLLA UUKbtlb
,.,..i. m..i-.. nil uirl friends of Mrs.
Hutler. . .
Our New Year's Resolution
IS TO SHOW Ol'K appi:i:ciatiox OK tin: patuoxaou
Largest, Stock of Hardware
In Coos County in 1914
wi: aim: vow taicixo out ixvoick axi amhxo a com
i.Kcriox. vk i:xpi:ct iom to ire a nin
Misees HtvMe an.l Ifillsnbetu Ayre
.oe I .hi esse .it a delljjhtful affair
... Hi-hrnndor autl -MI'S, t'.-
v." f.eMleux were hostesses at a ue
ll..lllfiil uvuiiluir imrtv iluUllaV Ht
.1,. lining nf Mr. nml Airs. 1C. I
imi ..-.v " ..... .-. ..,,
l.e.floux.. Tho bouse was prouii..
i. f rated, cedar ntul ciirintmns no
may be obtained in Marshfleld
Mrs. Annie Holland,
352 So, 5th St.. Plione 200-X
1 4Gr i iJt&mffl '