The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, March 21, 1911, EVENING EDITION, Page 3, Image 3

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Spring Humors
' Conic to n,0Bt I'1'"!''0 nnd cnllB0 mnn' trouliloa pimples, bolts nnd
other eruptions, besides loss of appetite, thnt tired feeling, bilious
ness. Indigestion and headnche. Thu sooner you get rid of them
the bettor, nnd the way to got rid of them and to build up thu
system Is to tnko Arch Hiinmnitrllln nnd Oregon (irniw nnd Cnsca
ra Compound. If effects wonderful cures, not simply because
It contains sarsaparllla, but bocauso It combines tho utmost reme
dial values of moro tlmn 10 different Ingredients.
There Is no real substitute for ARCH HAHNAPAHILLA AND
large dottle, price' 91.00.
I'or Sale nt "The Uusy Corner"
Leading Drug Store In Coos County.
Lockhart-Parsons. Drug Co.
PI ONE 298.
grdvaYod" Ills Otfetiae by" telling tho
TOPICS OP T11B TIMES 'magistrate they wcro nhamrocks.
I In order to Increase our clroula
tlon another million or two wo nro
offering a beautiful plcturo of in
automobile to bright renders who can
supply tho missing, words In n Hat of
Famous Sayings. ,Ouo will bo print
ed each day. Our battling proposi
tion for this evening Is as follows:
When I from Blumbor wake,
From sweet and bnlmy rest,
With otic sad thought I sorely athe;
It weighs upon my breast.
My eyelids I unclose
And to myself I say,
"Well, I must face It, t suppose.
Lord I here's another day."
Of staying where I am t
There's not tho slightest chnnco;
. IT mortnl sickness I should sham,
I hnve to quit tbla bed
There Is no other way
Ivy Coudron has found the menn
eit man In Coos county. Tho man
fooled his hens by tacking up n sign
In his hennery. "Eggs 9 cents n dos-
(Uy Associated Press.)
OUEOON, Mar. 21. Fair to
night and Wednesday; frost tonight.
psndlug other dovolopmonta In the
case which may change tho situation.
Enlarges Shop. Messrs. HuntOP
nnd Clnrey hnvo added n third ohnlr
to their Golden llarbcr shop to tnko
care of tho Increasing business.
Verdict Given. In the caso of tho
Coos Day Paving and Construction
company which was suing "Toots"
Noblo for $10.50, Justlco Pcnnocte
has rendered a ueclslon nwarding
the plaintiffs $9.GG.
And fnco tho struggle that I dread. 1C11" Tll0 tne fo1 ""8 laid two
Build That
Chicken Yard Now
Lord! hero's another day.
Another day of work,
Of cares that thickly throng.
Of duties that I cannot shirk
A day that's sixteen hours long.
Thero seems no breathing spell,
Though for relief I pray.
I think I hear tho breakfast bell.
Lord! here's another day.
Nothing encourages chickens to lay better than to
have a large roomy pen for them to scratch around in,
Build it out of 4-foot LATH and save almost half in
the cost of construction. While they last we can make
the low price of
1 0 Cents Per 1 00 Lath
A large number of chicken raisers on the Bay have al
ready taken advantage of this offer.
! "I wonder when the railway
! will be built.
jV "I wonder where ho gets
his money."
, "I wonder how she can afford
For twenty-four hours ending
at 4:43 p. m., Mnr. 20, by Mrs.
E. Mlngus, special government
meteorological observer:
Maximum GO
Minimum 16
were discussing old sayings! At 4:13 p. m 49
eggs a day all winter to enrn thalr
when Dr. Dlx remarked that "tho
way to n man's heart Is through his
"And to his pocket Is through his
appendix," John Qoss butted In.
Precipitation none
Wind, Southwest; cloudy.
Somo Coos Unv noonln hnvo Inst n ' DERRINGER To Mr. and Mrs. Dor-
- -- i
Wetli In Portland Allan Nichols
has received a letter from his moth
er, Mrs. Hnttlo Nichols, who Is 'n
Portland announcing the mnrrlago of
his slater, Miss Eunice Nichols. Miss
Eunlco Nichols has been taking a
'nurse's course nt Portland nnd tho
jnows of her ninrrlngo will como is
a surprise to her ninny friends on
tho Hay.
revival religion.
i Don't kick tho umbrella becnuso
It seems to bo down and out.
ingcr nt their homo In tho Rogers
Dulldlug Sunday, n son.
such clothes."
"I wonder If ho Is really In
"I wonder If ho thinks no-
body suspects him."
"I wonder If sho thinks tho
powdor doesn't show."
"I wonder If ho will ever pro-
Neither a hoe or n man's money
nmountB to much uuloss used.
The modern Phnrlseo Is not very
different from the old-tlmu one.
Not spasms but 3Cfi days In tho
CiihIi Carrier. SyMem. Mr. Merrltt
returned to Seattle Saturday after
completing the Installation of n new
Lnnison -cash carrier system In tho
Magucs'& Mntson store.
May Visit Here. P. A. Dovers lit
n letter to Claude Nasburg says that
ho Is planning nn eastern trip and
hopes to visit Coos Uay en route
homo na ho longs for n "breath of
good old Coos liny atmosphere." Mr.
Dovors Is devoting his entire atton- (
tlon to the Pasco irrigation project.
Harry Hutlcr, formerly of Mnrshfleld,
Is head of tho engineers on tho pro
Hack On First Heat. The nnmo
of Miss Mabel Smith was accidentally
year Is what speaks In people's lives. I omitted yesterdny from the list of
high school students who returned
on the first trip of tho Allco 11 from
Personal Notes
JOE SCHILLING Is hero from Gardi
ner on business,
Not how much displayed, but how
deep Is one's religion, Is what
A man who brags rarely
I Tho natural born grouch hatcB
'spring for the houseclenulng horrors
It brings.
the picnic Saturday.
Is In Marslifleld on business,
Hunting for a Boft snap Is no way
to II ml one.
Advertising will bring results In
almost every lino but rain making.
Dignity Is a way wo hnvo of mak
ing pcoplo believe wo nro what they
know wo ain't.
No ono has much sympathy for
tho mule,' but no ono has much on
tho mule In this particular.
C. A. Smith Lumber & Mfg. Co.
Phone 190-J Retail Yards 182, South Broadway
FOR SAMS Now Cypher Incubator
capacity 72 eggs. Regular prlco
$20, will sell for H,00. Bunk
er Hill Storo, Phono 301-L.
A' plcco of flannel damponod with
Chamborlaln's Liniment and bour.d
on to tho affected parts is suporlor
to any plaster. When troubled with
lame back or pains in tho side or
r'.iost civo it a trial and you are
certain to bo moro than pleased
with the prompt rollef which It nt
fords. Sold, by all dcalors.
A fow of the articles from our 1,000
Somo Coos Hay pcoplo novor think
there's much In a newspaper uuloss
they sec their own name mentioned.
Thoro may bo such a thing, but
wo have never oncountored nn um
brella largo enough for two pcoplo.
When a man asks you to bo rea
sonable that Is his way of asking
you to accept his sldo of tho argu-mont.
' Thus far In March tho wind hasn't
taken Its usual Interest In tho game
of "Chaso tho hat."
Council Tinilulit. Tho Mnrshfleld
city council will meet this evening
to take up street matters and other j
city business. They will probably
nblo take action to cooperate with
tho A. N. W. club In tho city cleanup
CAPT. CORNWALL nf.Gnrdlnor Is a
Mnrshfleld business visitor.
J. A. JUNELLE nnd wlfo of Gnrdl
uer tiro Mnrshfleld visitors today.
Gossip Is when n woman tells her
neighbors what ono of her husband's ,
friends has told him.
If preachers had to practlco what
they preach, wo would hear no com
plaint of long sermons.
lliiys Auto, Frank Nelmo has
closed n deal with Goo, Goodrum
for tho purchnso of n fore-door,
thlrty-horse-powcr Cadillac which
will arrive on tho next llrenkwatcr,
probably. It will bo driven by Chauf
feur LackBtrom,
If Satan is Idle during Lent, who
attends to tho job of tempting wo
men to wear tho hnroin skirt?
Tho miraculous cllmato of Califor
nia never producod a moro brilliant
day than Coos Day enjoyed Sunday.
Tho light effects woro marvelous, es
pecially at sunsot.
c Bargains
FOR SALE $rt7.0O Btecl range for
110.00 account going away. 911.00
air tight heater noarly now for
J4.50. Apply 161, Third street, Sot of Tablo Mats 23c
Phono 147-L. 2 Air Plants 23c
- Japaneso Cup and Saucer, 23o
FOR SALE Few setting of White Gorman China, cup nnd saucor. . ,23o
Pekln duck eggs. Twelve for75c. Set ot Water Glasses 23c
Mrs. E. L. Dessoy. Phono 3168 3B-cent Vox Stationery 23o
Farmers. i 10-cont Tablets 23c
- . . 2 16-cont tablets 23c
WANTKD Position by ' liookkeoper 2 Pa,r Children's Hoso 23c
and general office man. 10 yearn 2 pair Ladles Hoso 23c
wperlonce, address accountant, P'ar Ladles Wool Host 23c
Times office. Rack or Sldo Combs., 23c
Guaranteed PockotKnlves 23o
6-inch Shears ..23c
Trailo Hero and Save Money.
A Now Jorsoy womon's club wants
a law passed compelling married nion
to wear largo rings on tholr fingers
as a sort ot protective measuro for
tho women. Why aftor they nro mar
rlod. It is too lato thon.
Evon pleasant weather during
March doesn't holp ninny people to
feel kindly townrd tho tnx nsscssor.
And If wo should hnvo wnr with
Moxlco, would It strain your Imagina
tion vory much to guess who will get
Many a proud father's hair Is rap
idly bolng stronked with gray bo
causo his infant pors'lsts in Indulging
In high bawls.
Hrlugs Girl Home. Miss McQrnw,
n sister of Mrs. Harry Nasburg, ar
rived hero Monday with StollnCulbort
son, tho North Rend girl who eloped
lost summon Miss McGraw Is con
nected with tho San Francisco Juve
nllo court nnd nsslsted tho Culbertson
girl to tho homo of her parents In
North Rend.
J. J. RURXS of North Rend was a
Mnrshfleld business visitor today.
.1. T. HALL Is at Ten Mllo on mat
tors connected with tho Hnndol
C. S. WINSOR drove down from
North Rend today in his now automobile,
W. R. COX, constnblo In 'Justlco
Ponnock's court, is laid up with
In grippe.
Monday from San Francisco whoro
bIio has been studying art.
OIl KENTRastcr hotel nt Co-
qullle, Oregon, aftor April 1.
Write or see personally Haxtor
Bros., Coqulllo, Ore.
ANTED Woman or girl to toko
charge of house nnd do cooking.
N washing. See F. S. Dow.
Tho Storo Thnt Suvcs You Money,
GEO. N. ROIT, . - Manager.
Front Street. Maraltfleld.
SALE HoilsnhnM fnnilliin.
Mrs. A. Rownn i7i n. a Fttlt SALE -Thoroughbred vhlto
..VH, w, xtuuunu 2U. , .
fifteen. Coos Hay Grocery,
Why Doctors Drop In Harness.
Folks who wait till tho doctor gods'
to bod boforo calling him.
Folks who pay htm last ot all.
Hysterical folks who want hlni
"right away," when thoy could Just
as well wait till ho finished his
Folks who call tho wrong doctor
by mlstnko and nover apologize.
Ofllco patients who don't . know
when to go.
Tho follow who has beon arrostud
In Doston for soiling ' cbuntoffolted
pieces of tho Rlarnoy "stono oiily ag-
Somo peoplo who nro vory conspi
cuous on 'Co6s' tfay will hnvo to bo
hunted tor with a telescopo whin
you got Into heaven,
A Glendalo mlnistor recently'
preached on "How to Get Even with
Our Neighbors." Wo presume ho
had a crowded house.
Wed In California. Harry Law of
tho Lockhurt Grocory, returned on
tho Rodoudo yesterday from Oak
land, Cat., whore ho was murrlod a
fow days ago, Mrs. Law Is from
Morcod, Cat., but tho coromony tool:
placo nt tho homo ot hor sister In
Oakland. Thoy will mako tholr homo
In Marshflold.
LEON AMADON loft on Rronkwator
Saturday for Portland on busluoas
nnd will return In 10 days.
OTTO SCIIETTBR loft Sundny on
tho Nann Spilth for San Francisco
whoro ho will spend n fow weoka.
An eastorn col logo professor wants
to know It anyone can explain tho
Will Cut Queus. Marshflold Chi
namen aro letting their hair grow
and as soon as it attains a desired
longth, thoy will sacrlflco tholr queus
In accordance with tho Importul
mnndato Issuo'd somo tlmo ago. Thoy
hnvo beon shaving tholr hoads with
tho oxceptlon ot tho small spot from
which tho queus havo beon nurturn-
K. A. Audertion Wilis. E. A. An
derson has ovldonco that his oyes
aro as good and his wit as quick ns
, L. SUMNER returned yestorday
from Randon. Ills fathor, who has
beon qulto 111, is considerably improved.
MRS. OEO, F. MURCH will onto.'
taln noxt Tuesday complimentary
to Mrs, Hoath who will leave
shortly for her homo In the oast.
Hanson arrived on tho Rodondo
yestorday from California to at
tend tho funoral of tholr motbor.
mystofy ot llfo and death. Wo, for .forty years ago. Tho othor evening
1 ANTED Housekeeper. Must bo
competent to tnko full chnrgo. No
""jcuion to man nnd wlfo or wl
dw with child. Good pay. Pormn
ment. Coos ,nivni- mnh "
-"" .
AXTEDrn nnd wjfo wthqt
, children to take position. Enquire
Blanco hotel.
nines ofllco
cotton rails at
Cash paid on delir-
Have your job printing dono nt
e Times offle.
Coal Cheapest Fuel
on Coos Bay
Lump coal $4.30. Nut coal $3.00.
Wo do all Kinds ot hauling, and
contracting. Horses and vehicles for
sale. For quick dollvery call on
ur phone 120-J or 49-L.
Sedentary habits, lack ot outdoor
exorcise, Insufficient mastication of
food, constipation, a torpid Hvo,
worry nnd nnxloty, nro tho mott
common cnuses ot otomnch trouble.!.
Correct your hnblts nnd tnke Cham
berlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets
and you will soon bo well again. For
snlo by all dealers,
For Information concerning
high-class bond Investments,
bearing Ctf interest net,
write O. D. Hinsdale, care J.
II. Adams and Company, Los
Angeles, California.
Rrlng your clothes to us. Cleaning,
pressing nnd repairing a specialty,
by experienced men. Satisfaction
guaranteed RLANCHAUD & UOD
SON, Alliance Illdg. Front St.
ono, can't understand why somo Coos
Bay men don't dio.
Hnvn your Job printing done o
Tht. Times office.
Made on Coos Day. Evory pleco Is
fresh with a dellcatoly flavored cen
ter, oncaBod In a coating of rich, puro
high-class chocolate. It's no Won
der, considering their purity, why
they aro so popular,
Surprise your wlfo or sweetheart
with a box tonight.
VKiO Front St .140 Central Ave.
ho set himself to solving a puzzlo
plcturo by outlining a numbor ot
faces concealed in a'slnglo portrait.
Today ho received a lottor from tho
Wltmark company of San Francisco
awarding him a piano -chock of $140
for tho correctness of his solution.
. E. ADELSPERGER and family
havo tukon apartmonts at tho
Hotsnor homo whllo tholr real
donco Is bolng remodelled and
Hearing Postponed Tho adjourn
ed hearing In tho Coos Ray Rapid
Transit Bankruptcy mattor, whlsh
was to havo takon plnco today was
aujournod by mutual ngreomont,
MR8. DONALDSON, who has boon
conducting tho mllllnory store in
tho Alllanco building, will leavo
tomorrow for California In hopes
ot benefitting hor health,
and Davis of tho C. A. Smith Com
pany, who havo beon making a
short visit nt tho plant horo, left
on tho Nann Smith Sunday for Sun
For those lingering coughs take
Brown's Cough Balsam
It often cures when all other cough medi
cines fail.
Price, 25c, 50c and $1.00.
Graduate Chemists "The Quality Store."