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No. 225".
Former Adjutant-Gen. Buckley
Wells has Miraculous
Bed on Which he was Sleeping
Reduced to Splinters by
TELLURIDE, Colo,. March 28.
Former Adjustant General Bukley
Wells, of Colorado narrowly escaped
death or serious injury in his home
at an early hour this morning from
the explosion of a dynamite bomb
placed near his bed on the outer
porch on which he was sleeping as
If his custom.
Wells was hurled with the debris
many feet from the wrecked house,
the side of which was torn com
pletely out. Hardly a stick of the
bod remained.
Wells is said to have escaped with
out injury.
Tho house has been guarded again
st such attempt by patrols and elec
tric lights. 5
General Wells is manager of the
Smuggler Union Mine and his home,
where the explosion occurred, is
located on that property at Pandora,
several miles from town, Wells ap
peared in town early this morning,
his head bandaged but otherwise ap
parently none tho worse for his ex
perience. One suspect was arrested and is
hold pending an Investigation. The
entire city and country police forces
are working on the case. More ar
rests are expected today.
Wells himself telephoned the news
of tho explosion to the authorities
and soon the neighborhood was being
scoured but no trace of the dyamlters
has been found.
The bomb of dynamite had evident
ly been placed under the bed some
time yesterday and was set off by
clock work or a time fuse, but no '
trace of the machinery can be found.
General Wells predecessor as man
ager of the Smuggler Union, Arthur
L. Collins, an Englishman, was shot
to death several years ago.
Steve Adams, tho alleged accompl
ice of Harry Orchard murderer of
Ex-Gov. Steunenberg of Idaho, is
now in jail In Tellurido and waiting
trial for that crime.
Wells was alone in tho house last
night. Ho sleeps on the porch most
of the year.
Admiral Leaves Flee;t to, Take
Treatment 'at California
Resort. ,
. .-
(By Associated tress.)
WASHINGTON, March '28'. Ad
miral Evans, 'commanding the' At
lantic fleet, is on his way from Mag
dalena Bay to San Francisco on
board the Connecticut. Ho will go
to San Luis Obispo by rail to take
treatment at the springs. The Con
necticut will 'return 'to Magdalena
at once. This information was re
ceived at the Navy Department 'by
wireless today. Admiral Evans will
resume command of' 'tho fleet when
it reaches San Diego. It has practi
cally ben decided that tho Atlantic
fleet will make a short visit at Auck
land, N. Z before going to Sydney,
Currency Measure Cannot Reach
Houses Until Wednesday.
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, March 28. Tho
Aldrich currency bill failed to reach
tho houso today as was expected,
owing to the fact that tho senate was
not in session and, according to the
rules tho biU cannot, reacn. tho Houso
until Wednesday when tho sonato
cgain convenes
Mrs. Wm. Judd Succeeds in
Saving Three from Burning
Home at North Inlet.
Fire Reaches Fixtures She Had Car
ried Out and Thieves Try to Rob
Just after Mrs. Wm. Judd of North
Inlet stepped outside of the thresh
hold of her burning home, after re
scuing her three little children and
getting her jewelry and money, the
rtof of tho structure fell in. The
narraw escapo of tho woman and
babes was the one streak of luck in
the misfortune that befell the family.
The fire originated from a defec
tio flue and had gained consider
able headway when Mrs. Judd, who
was at home alone with her chil
dren, discovered it. She was bathing
her two weeks old child at the time.
She at once took the little ones the
oldest being less than three years
old, to a point of safety and began
to remove the furniture to a wood
shed nearby. While thus engaged,
she remembered her .money and
jowelry and just after securing them,
the roof fell.
Other Misfortunes.
The wind carried the flames from
the burning house to the woodshed,
destroying it and tho furniture that
Mrs. Judd had lugged there for safe
ty. Neighbors then came to tho res
cue and she and the children wero
taken to the hotel at North Inlet.
Twice during the night following,
sneak thieves almost succeeded in
getting into her room and securing
her little sum of money and jewelry
but Were driven off in tho nick of
time by the watchfulness of the hotel
Mr. Judd is employed In a logging
camp. Tho neighbors have raised
tidy sum to help the family and the
Simpson Lumber Company has gen
erously offered sufficient lumber to
rebuild the burned home.
Scenes and Disorder
Mark Placing of Widely
advertised Securities.
(By Associated Press.)
NEW YORK, March 28. Scenes
almost approaching a riot occured
today on the Broad Street curb when
a widely advertised mining (stock
was offered for sale the first time.
Over Ave hundred brokers and mes
sengers who had booked orders for
stock became eager to execute their
commissions and fought wildly to
reach tho raen'who had tho stock for
sale. Men and boys wero knocked
down, trampled and tho sound of con
flict brought hundreds of spectators
"to the scene and it was noon before
quiet was restored.
Valuable Deposit Discovered Near
.Myrtle Point.
A gentleman from tho east has
been in this vicinity this week In
vestigating the clay beds to ascer
tain tho presence of tho required raw
material for the uso of a brick and
tile plant. A fine bed of clay has
boen. found on tho Guerin twenty
northeast of tho city that seems to
have unlimited possibilities and may
bo developed in the future. Tho bed
coversi an'. area ot at least three
hundred feet in one direction and it
is thought, that it will be found of
good depth. Myrtle Point Enter
prise. "
Has Removed from Town and
Private Business Takes Up
his Time Rumors of
Other Resignations and
Debate Over Police Uni
forms Cause Much Com
ment. Ivy Condron has resigned as a
member of the Marshfleld City Coun
cil and while several members of the
council have informed him that it
will not bo accepted, ho insists that
he will not attend any more meet
ings. He gives as a reason for his
resignation that he has moved his
home from tho city to his country
ranch nnd also that his private busi
ness affairs take up his time.
The council would have probably
acted on his resignation last night
only his formal resignation was not
convenient. Mayor Straw has not
intimated whom he will appoint for
the place but a number are urging
Charles Johnson, the furniture man,
for the place.
There have been constant rumors
tho last few days of other city ofll
cials resigning but so far only one has
been tubmitted. A speech by Mtyor
Straw in the council last night was
Interpreted by some who heard it as
a threat to resign If some sort of
system could not bo Injected Into
municipal affairs and the course of
business smoothened. Mayor Straw
said today that he did not mean that
he was going to resign and that he
Intended to retain ofllco for another
six months or a year.
Councilman Flanagan, whose name
was connected with the rumor, said
today that ho had eight months more
of his term to serve and that ho did
not know whether ho would bo able
to servo it out.
Councilman Lockhart said that he
had two years more to serve but,
that he did not believe that he could
serve It out. His time is taken up
with his private business and he also
believes that he would be better able
to represent his direct Interest In
municipal improvements off tho
council than a member of it.
Uniforms arc Discussed.
Last night's council meeting devel
oped unexpectedly Into one of the
warmest of the year. It was started
by Marshal Carter appearing before
the body and asking that tho city of
Marshfleld purchase uniforms for
himself and the two .night watchmen.
Councilman Lockhart approved of
tho idea, saying that ho believed that
uniformed men would bo a means of
Improving tho police protection, and
moved that uniforms be purchased
for tho men.
Mayor Straw then made a speech
In which he commended Marshfleld
upon its excellent police protection
San Francisco Bulletin Wins in
Noted Libel Case Brought
by Magnate.
(By Associated Press.)
After deliberating four and a half
hours tho jury In the trial of R. A.
Crothers and Fremont Older, prop
rietor and managing editor of the
San Francisco Bulletin respectively,
charged with criminally libelling W.
S Tevis of the San Francisco Water
Company brought in a verdict late
last night of not guilty.
News of tho Navigators There
Told in The Herald.
Tho new boiler for tho steamer
Dispatch Is now in place and the
connections are rapidly being made.
The painters aro busy and will havo
their part of tho work done in due
time. She will bo white trimmed
In red, and will look very nice. It
Is expected that she will bo ready
for her run by tho first of April, or
poon after. The new boiler is of
much greater size and capacity than
tho old ono, and when put to its full
working force will raako that boat
move out at a speed sho has never
known. When completed a trip on
tho Dispatch will bo a pleasure tho
traveling public of tho Coquillo has
never had.
Tho new boat of Mr. G, W. Church
Ill now in courso of constrution near
Johnson's mill, Is now fast nearing
completion. This boat is G4 feet
long, 9:0 beam and 3 feet draught.
Sho will bo supplied' with two HO
horso power Acme gasoline engines,
and is expected to mako about 15
knots per hour. Mr. Churchill is a
Sacramento steamboat man of wldo
experlonco and' Jlaaf cortainly shown'
his skill, in tho modllhc'of this' craft.
and said that ono of tho alms of his
administration was to make It the
best possible. Ho said that other
smaller cities had their policemen
uniformed and ho was in favor of
Marshfleld doing likewise. i
Sacclil Objects.
Councilman Sacchl then arose and
said that ho concurred with Mayor
btraw in wishing tho ofllcers uni
formed and wished to compliment
the mayor for the efforts ho had put
forth in behalf of Marshfleld, and
especially in improving tho police
protection. However, ho did not be
lieve that tho city could afford to
incur the expense of buying uniforms
now, Its fund3 being too low to war
rant it and, at any rate, he thought
the policemen should buy their own
clothes. Here Mayor Straw objected,
saying that the police wero only
given a "Chinaman's wage."
"We are paying enough," declared
Sacchi. "I havo never seen a night
watchman off Front street. Tho city
of Marshfleld Is willing to pay for
one watchman for Front street but if
more than one is needed, the busi
ness houses on Front street that get
the benefit should pay for the
Hero Night Watchman Condron,
wno was present, attempted to an
swer Sacchl's charge that the watch
men did not got off Front street in
their rounds but Mr. Sacchi and
Mayor Straw would not let him talk.
However, after the meeting, Mr. Con
dron Informed Sacchi that tho charge
was incorrect but Mr. Sacchi main
tained ho was right.
Seymour H. Boll, manager of the
Gas and Electric Companyn, who was
also on nana, asked to speak a word
and on being allowed to do so said
that ho considered Marshfleld one of
tho best policed towns of its size J
that he was ever in. He believed the
uniforms ought to be bought.
On tho voto on Mr. Lockhart's
motion to expend $45 per year for
uniforms for the police, Lockhart
and Savage voted in favor of it, Sac
chi and Nelson against, F'iahgan and
Condron being absent. Then Mayor1
Straw voted in favor of it. City At
torney Farrln was instructed to'
draft an ordinance permitting the
city to make the expenditure and this
will be presented at a later session.
Delay in Sewer.
A largo number of South Marsh
fleld residents were present last night
to urge tho building of the sower
there. The problem has not' been
solved yet as to how the funds are
to be secured to build it but the
council is endeavoring' to arrange it
Alice street, tho continuation of
Sherman avenue, across the Inlet,
was ordered opened and a forty-foot
bndgo built.
The grado of Prospect avenue was
ordered established.
City Engineer Sandberg was order
ed to hurry tho completion of th6
plans and specifications for paving
Front street between the city hall
and C street.
Bolt Strikes Farm Home Near
Hartland, Mich., With
Fatal Results.
(By Associated Press.)
HOWELLS, MICH., March 28.
Two women wero killed by a bolt
of lightening striking a farm houso
near Hartland last night. Tho vic
tims were Mrs. Peter North, and Miss
Carrie Ellis.
German Foreign OlIIco Silent Regard
ing Hill.
(By Associated Press.)
BERLIN, March 28. Tho foreign
office' was practically silent today re
garding Emperor Williams' message
to President Roosevelt regarding tho
appointment of Professor Hill to suc
ceed Mr. Tower. It lias, however,
given Indication to tho Berlin news
papers, that Tower is not to bn at
tacked and explain that tho announ
cement for tho past few days, were
only Intended to mako clear that no
official opinions adverse to Mr. Hill
have gone through tho usual official
channels to Washington.
Boston Woman Murdered in Ceme
tery. (J3J,I poiupossv U)
Two boys found tho body of n woman
in a pit Jn St. Paul's cometary, Tho
throat was cut and other ovldoncea
of murder wore found. Sho had
been dead but afew hours.
Seo JOHN S. HAYS' ad.
' 'cplumnv It, means raqney 'for- you
i 4
ui uunm
Representative Haflin Wounds
Two on Washington Street
Southerner's Ire Aroused by Arro
gance of Black Man Victims
Will Recover.
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, March 28. Louis
Lundy, a negro, was shot by Repro
lentativo Haflki of Alabama, last
night following an altercation on a
street-car. Ho will recover. Thomas
McCreary of New York, who was ac
cidentally shot by Haflin, is only
slightly Injured.
Haflin appeared on tho floor of the
house today n trifle pale. He was
surrounded by a number of col
leagues and later ho retired to tho
cloak room. '
It is said that Haflin's iro was
aroused by tho arrogance of the
negro, tho warm southern blood of
the congressman prohibiting him ac
cording tho equality on which tho
blackmen in Washington insist upon.
Official of Western Federation
of Miners Critically III in
Southern California.
George A. Pottlbono, the leader of
the Weatorn Federation of Mlneis,
who gained so much notorloty In con
nection with the slaying of ox-Governor
Steunenberg of Idaho and with
the alleged misdeeds of that organ
ization, is lying at the point of death
in Southern California. This in
formation was conveyed in a letter
to Judge K. I. Perkey of Boise, Ida
ho, now on Coos Bay, from Vice
president Moyor of tho organization.
Judge Perkey was ono of tho minors
attorneys in the famous Steunenberg
"Mr. Moyer wroto mo a few days
ago that he had just received a mes
sage calling him to Pettibone's bed
side," said Judgo Perkey last oven
Ing. "There Is no hope for Petti
bone's recovery.
"Pettlbone and Moyer havo both
been given tho worst of It, Infamous
stories being told and circulated
about them. Of course, tho great
war that has been going on In Idaho
and other western points between
labor and capital, has stirred up a
bitter feeling and is a problem that
is difficult to settle. However, things
have calmed down nnd you don't
hear much about it any more.
"There Is a, general belief that tho
death sentence of Harry Orchard will
bo commuted. A strong effort is be
ing put forth In his behalf by tho
element who think that ho told tho
truth about tho plot and with this,
and tho recommendation of Judgo
Wood, who sentenced him to death,
for clemoncy, lie has a strong chance
of securing mercy."
Judgo Perkey is quite heavily in
terested on Coos Bay, having bought
proporty hero some yeard ago. Ho
to a former Iowan, having graduated
from tho Stato University of Iowa
and been admitted to tho bar at Des
Moines. However, ho lias resided in
tho West for many years. Ho was
accompanied hero by Mrs. Perkey.
They will return to Bolso today, but
will return to Coos Bay in May for a
moro oxtonded stay.
Petitions of Several Filed With Coun
ty Clerk for Primaries April 17.
Petitions wore filed this weok with
County Clork Watson by tho follow
ing porsoiiH who desiro to run for
ofllco at tho April election.: M. J.
Krnutz of Gravol Ford for rounty
commissioner! K. II. Hansen, Gravol
Ford, assessor; Geo. N. Farrin, Plat
B, representative These candidates
uro all on tho republican ticket while
J J. Lamb of this city has filed his
potitlon for county tronsuror on tho
domooratio tlckot. Coquillo Sentin
el.. ,
Western Oregon. Showors tonight
,or'f Sunduy, ...LleM frost -tonight.
.South to east winds. ! .
New York Anarchists Get ire
Deadly Work at Gathering1
of Unemployed There.
Effort of Police to Disperse
Thrower Disorderly Crowd
of 10,000 the Cause.
(By Associated Press.)
NEW YORK, March 28. Two
men were killed and a numbor of per
son injured this afternoon when what
had been a fairly peaceable meeting;
of the unployed developed Into an
n:chlstlc demonstration and a boml.
was thrown nnd exploded.
A crowd, numbering probably 10,
000 had gathered In Union Square to
take part in tho meeting. Many wo
men wero in tho gathering and sever
al speakers of local promlnenco haul
been announced to make addresses.
A force of 150 policemen most ot
them mounted, were on duty.
As tho big crowd assembled, tlw
police noticed a number of red flags
and that a number of persona, ;woro
red hats. At some signB of dlsordor;
tho police started to disperse those
whp were responsible, Little pr no
resistance was offered and the, square?
was almost cleared of tho throng;
when ono man engaged in tho dem
onstration rushed swiftly into the?,
square, throw bomb ,whlch landed
near the Union Square fountain and
in tl)o rear of whjch a squad qf ppllcp
was stationed. .
A cloud of smoke followed a loud,
report and a number of persons wer
seen to fall.
The police reported two killed and
a number injured.
Tho crowd, Including many sight
seers became panic stricken.
Iollg Silverstelu, 30 years old, is.
accused by tho police of having:
thrown tho bomb.
Tho other dead is Erwln Rassky.
Many arrests havo. been made.
Later, Silverstein confessed to the
deed at tho hospital, saying ho diet
It "becauso tho cops beat him up."
He is literally torn to pieces and can
not possibly survive.
Promolor Frank J. Marshall Says it
Will Be Ono of Largest In
dustries in Section.
Frank J. Marshall, promoter of tho
proposed paper and pulp mill at
Baudon has given tho following in
terview to tho Bandon Recorder con
cerning tho project:
"There Is no longer n scintilla oC
doubt ns to tho outcome of this pro
ject. Wo have practically all tho
funds subscribed, and there is littles
to do but to proceed with the work.
I Have takon $10,000 of stock my
self and am anxious to take moro at
a future date. I shall leave for Nev '
York very soon to piirchaso tho nec
essary machinery. DUrlng my ab
sence the board of directors will seo
to tho erection df wharf and build--Ings
on tho purchased sito near tho
shipyard abovo town.
"Will our Industry prove, a big,
ono for Bandon? Well, it assuredly
will a big ono for all Southern Coos
and Northern Curry. Wo should om
Jiloy about fifty people in tho miIiBr
not to mention tho number of mou
who will And work in cutting and
hauling tho wood pulp, for we muBt
have dally no less than fifty cords ot
flr, hemlock and spruce. Tho abun
dnnco and cheapness of pulp mater
ial In this locality Is tho principal fac
tor considered, for you must remem
ber that eastern mills Import their
pulp from Germany and Norway and
yot mako an excellent profit. No
vonturo, as I seo it, could bo more
romunoratlvo In this section thaa a
paper and pulp mill. Look at the
Oregon City mills, and they manu
facture tho cheaper papers whereas,
our speciulty shall bo tho finer grades
such as are 'not now mado anywhoro
on this coaBt. Whon tho Oregon
City mills wero built tho shares wero
worth $100 each. I Yery mmA
doubt If you can touch them today
for $1000 each. We aro golug right
ahead with our proposition regard
less of any attempts by tho paper
trust or others to dofoat our plana,""
served all day Sirnday at Smith's;
Pnfo ' "' "". -ft-1