The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, November 13, 1907, WEDNESDAY EDITION, Image 3

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Personal Notes.
J. It. FlsH, a Coqulllo resident, i"
Jn Ma: phf ield.
Mayor Simpson was in Marshfleld
yesterday afternoon.
Floyd Coffelt was down from Coos
River yesterday.
F. D. Layton is making bis regular
Visit to Coos County.
J. It. Foster arrived in the city
yesterday from Langlols.
A. J. Sherwood, the CoqulUn
banker, is visiting frienrs In Marsh
field. F. J Miller, a prominent Mason,
arrive 1 from Albany yesterday after
noon. Misses Elynoro and Adelaide Ad
ams, of Los Angeles, aro city visitor1'
for a few days.
Charles Thom, proprietor of the
North Bend brewery, was a Marsh
field visitor yesterday.
A. II. Derbyshire was over from
North Bend yesterday to transact
business affairs.
O. W. Spehr, of Portland, is spend
ing i few days in Marshfleld and the
surrounding country.
Jacob Spies, a resident of Oconto,
Wisconsin, has arrived on tho Bav
to lok at the country's resources.
"Connie Brandsworth" is back
again on Coos Bay to spend a few
weeks with his brother, V. F. Brads
worth. O. B. Hinsdale, of Gardiner, who
is Interested in tho First National
H3ank, of this city, arrived in yester
day for p. short stay.
J. C. Garretson, representing the
Fairbanks-Morse Company, for Spo
Icane, Seattle and Portland, is on tho
Masker, is visiting frlend3 in Marsh
Miss Ituby Berdler, of Chicago
left this city for her home in the
East, after having spent several
weeks in Portland and on Coos Bay.
Mr. Y. C. Cornlac, of Portland, Is
matting a business tour of this sec
tion. After few days on Coos Bay,
Mr. Cormac will visit Coqulllo and
4he river towns.
Mrs. A. It. Itowman, of San Fran
cisco, left this city yesterday, by way
of Roseburg, for her heme in tho
south, after liaving spent several
days on Cos Bay with reatlves.
Karl Kaufman returned Monday
from Curry County, where he had
been engaged on the Southern Pa
cific survey. Mr. Kaufman was
.greatly interested in his work.
Miss Ethel Bryer, of Portland, Is
Visiting with friends in this city
until Saturday, when she will bo
joined by her sister, Miss Harriett
Bryer, and together they will go to
Mr. F. A. Greene, of Wyoming, is
In Manhfleld for a few days, visiting
with relatives and friends. Inci
dentally, Mr. Greene Intends visit
ing Ten Mile and Tioga, having tim
her interests in tho latter place.
Mrs. L. M. Myno, of Chicago, is in
'this elty for the winter, accompanied
by her niece, Miss Irene Malley, of
Minneapolis. Mrs. Myno will not re
main only in Marshfleld, but will
spend the time at Bandm, Coqulllo
and Myrtle Point, also the other Bay
him my Interest was involved in a
suit pending In tho supremo court
and not being in tho city of Marsh
fleld, I was not the proper person to
act on that committee. I did not
say that I did not feel any interest
in this road. I did not say I would
like the county court to improve the
other road which runs by my place.
On the contrary, the county road re
ferred to is much better than it has
been in thirty-eight years to my
knowledge. It Is a very good road
and I. have no occasion to ask the
county to better It. I did say for
myself and all others living on the
high road, which is 210 feet above
tho Front street extension, would not
better conditions.
Where the president of the cham
ber of commerce got off wrong was
when our conversation turned on the
much talked of Motor Road between
North Bend and Marshfleld. I con
tended that Sherman avenue from
North Bend connecting with adjoin
ing streets In Marshfleld was the
feasible course for a motor line or
any public throughfare. It would be
210 feet above water level and it
will bo through the future city where
people will build their homes and bo
patrons of the roads. I have given
the substance of my meeting with
the president of tho chamber of
commerce. I think it a very un
friendly act for him to misrepresent
or misconstrue my words before sucH
a body as tho chamber of commerce
of Marshfleld. If I were not going
out on the M. F. Plant I would not
write this answer. I would go to the
next meeting of the chamber of com
merce and ask of your president a
retraction or correction of his state
ment. Gentlemen of tho Coos Bay Times
I will ask you to insert thQ foregoing
In your pap?.? find oblige, yours,
Negotiations Pending for Immigra
tion of noOO Annually.
Washington, Nov. 12. Barred
from the United States, Japanese
coolies are turning to Brazil, where,
according to tho Brazilian Review,
they hope to gain ready admission.
This newspaper, published in Rio
de Janoiro, says:
"It is reported from Yokohama
that North America and Australia,
being practically closed to the Jap
anese immigrants, Japan will 'now
turn its attention to Brazil as a point
toward which its surplus population
shall be directed, and that negotia
tions will bo opened with the Brazil
ian government forthwith to arrange
for the landing of 5000 Japanese in
that republic every year. From
Milan also comes an announcement
to the effect that the Japanese gov
ernment has proposed to the Italian
ambasasdor at Tokio that the Navl
gazlono Generalo Italicua shall un
dertake the transport of these emi
grants, and for that purpose shall
establish a now steamship service
from Yokohama to Genoa. From
Genoa to Brazil, as Is well known,
the Navigaziono Generalo already
runs a direct line. There is said to
bb no doubt that the Italian com
pany will establish the new line, see
ing that a guarantee for the trans
port of 5000 third-class pasesngers
from Yokohama to Genoa every year
will be equivalent to a considerable
state subsidy. Besides this, it is
thought that the Navigaziono Gen
erale may safely reckon on getting
fits hands on tho entire traffic in pas
sengers of the better class, as well
as the goods traffic, between Italy
and Japan.
Hot tamales and hot drjnks at
tho Palm.
To Whom It May Concern.
I will not be responsible Tor any
hills i-ontracted by Mrs. Georgo Elli
' "Communication.
Nov. 9, 07. Coos Bay Times, Gent
lemen. In your issue of this date,
'relative to the proceedings of tho
Chamber of commerce of Marshfleld
on the evening of November Sth re
Jeri'ing to the extension of Front
'street, and wherein I was a member
ot tho committee appointed by the
presiding officer of said chamber of
"commerce, because I, with tho other
members of said committee, were the
towners of the land. I notice tho
president states he had since talked)
with Mr. O'Connell who said he did
not feel any Interest in this road,
but Would like the county court to
improve the other road, which runs
hy his place, to west of water front.
Now, I, Eugene O'Connell do declaro
this statement from your president
is in error and he misunderstood mo
in a large proportion, hut not en
tirely. I will hero give for tho bene
fit of the chamber of -commerce and
all good citizens of Marshfleld who
read your valued paper, tho conver
sation between your president and
myself and upon my return from San
Francisco I will attend tho first
meeting of the chamber of commerce.
Wo met on Front street of Marsh
fleld and he asked if I had received
a letter from tho secretary of the
chamber of commerce. I had not.
Ho said I soon would, notifying mo of
my appointment on a committee on
tho extension of Front street aa I
was one of tho interested parties that
.this street would so through. I told
North Inlet, while one of the gaf
den spots of Coos County,- Jmg been
sadly neglected. The soil, location
and variety of products are unsur
passed anywhere, but there is a
bright future in store for that sec
tion if tho plans now proposed are
carried through. It means less than
an hour's time to Coos Bay with gar
den and orchard products that the
world cannot beat.
Mention was made in this paper
come tme ago of the drodging going
on by John Bear and others. It is
reported that the work is going on
finely and is being paid for by pri
vate subscription, This Is a work
that should bo encouraged by every
citizen of tho Bay, and tho county
should provide some funds to assist
In the good work. It means good and
quick transportation to market that
means increase in products, art in
crease in value of land, which gives
increased taxation, meaning also
that the money will also come back
to the county tenfold.
When the rich land today has
only a speculative value of $10 per
acre, with good means of transpor
tation it would be worth ?100 per
acre in actual value.
In near the head of the inlet Mr.
J. R. Robertson owns 3 GO acres, L.
F. Crouch 480, the Hope property of
100, besides others, all of which
would be nut into a high state of
cultivation just as fcoon as there is
a way provided to get to the market
with their product. At present they
have llofther schools nor churches,
and all because no roads or other
means of travel,
Mr. Robertson and other's are now
working on a proposition to get a
way in and out. The trouble they
are now having Is to get a way
through the dyke on the Peterson
ranch. This dyke was built several
years ago and stops the flow of the
tide and prevents all living above
the dyke reaching their places. If
that can be accomplished it means
tho opening up of hundreds of acres.
The Indications aro that Mr. P.
Petersen will agree to this proposi
tion to open a way through. In fact
there is not much doubt that ho
will, for it means an increased value
to his land1.
Piano tuning hy J. F. O'Reilly,
resident tuner,. Address Box 249,
Washington, Nov. 12. While the
State of Oklahoma will not bo en
titled to havo Its star placed on the
national flag until July 4, 1908, It
has already been given Its place on
the national coins. Instead Of the
milled edge usual on United States
coins, the new ton-dollar gold pieces
just being put into circulation have
4C raised stars. Oklahoma has not
yet been officially admitted to the
Union, but will be on the lGth of
this month, when the President is-
1 sues his proclamation.
General criticism Is heard of the
new gold pieces in Washington, and
word has been received that a pro
test is on the way to Washington
from various Pittsburg ministers
against the omission of tho motto "In
God We Trust," It was authoritative
ly stated at tho White House today
r mm me oasis ior any protest against
the merits of the new coins from an
artistic point of view could not be
understood there.
Rates for want advertising Five
cents per line.
FOR SALE Full-blooded pug pup
pies, $2.50 each. Call Times" Office.
Times Want Ads Bring Results.
LOST Small yellow dog, answers to
name of Snoozer. Part pug and
part spaniel. Return to Times.
Times AVnnt Ads Uilng Results.
FOR SALE Ten head of good dairy
cows. J. E. Fitzgerald. N. Coos
Times Want Ads Bring Results.
FOR RENT 3 modern and through
ly up-to-date 5-room flats. For
particulars sec Dr. Richardson.
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FOR SALE New furniture cheap.
AV111 sell part or as a whole. Ap
ply at Times.
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AV ANTED A girl for work. Cor
thell's Delicatessen.
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AVANTED Man to cut cord wood.
Apply Chas. Doone, Marshfleld,
Bain street.
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FOR SALE Lodging-house,
at this office.
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The furniture (used three
weeks) of a six-room house, for sale
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AVANTfiD Party with $2000 or
iriofd to take Interest In local busi
ness enterprise. For further par
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care Times office,
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Fresh Oysters.
Received weekly at Gem Restau
rant, North Bend. Served any stylo
and open day and night. Also every
thing el3o the market affords.
Record of Boubonic Plague Cases at
San Francisco,
AA'eddlng to
in London
Days Ago.
AVANTED To notify the pub'ie that
after November 15 my price for
shingling will be $1.25 per thous
and and for hips and valleys 5
cents per foot. This adance is
made on account of rainy weather.
Times AA'ant Ads Bring Results.
FOR SALE 18-foot gasoline boat
Apply to Max Timmerman.
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New York, Nov. 12. A cable to
the Times from London says: A
private telegram from a man who Is
in the inner circle of Paris society
says a report is current there that
Mme. Anna Gould, who was recently
divorced from Count Bonl do" Castel
Iane, was married to Prince Hello de
Sagan in London five or six days ago.
"AVhether or not this is merely an
echo of a rumor which was current
here at about that time I cannot at
present say. Careful inquiries were
made at that time as to tho reports,
which were to the effect that Mme.
Gould and tho prince had come to
London to arrange tho preliminaries
of their marriage, and also that they
had already got married. There was
no evidence to bear out either ru
mor. "Inquiries made In Paris elicited
tho information that Mme. Gould was
not at the residence in tho Avenue
Malakoff, where it was stated that
she was at the Chateau Arals. My
Informant in Paris says that society
there is agog with tho report, which
is generally credited."
. Young lady wanted at tho Palm.
San Francisco, Nov. 12. Boubonic
plague totals to date are as follows:
Verified cases, 90 j deaths, 57; death
rate 03.3 per cent; discharged as
cured, 22; remaining under obser
vation at tho city and county hos
pital, 11; suspects under observa
tion, 39.
Occupying More Room.
Tho Coos Bay Bedding and Up
holstering Co. has had to enlarge al
ready, notwithstanding that two now
buildings were erected less than
three months ago. Thoy havo leased
tho new building just completed by
"Uncle" Bob Herron, next to their
factory. A "plant" of any kind will
grow In this country, there Is no help
for it.
WANTED AValtress
at tho Blanco
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FOR RENT Three nicely furnished
rooms for housekeeping.
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FOR SALE Adjustable pipe die.
Cuts from "to 2 inches. Mickey,
North Bend.
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WANTED A competent girl to do
general housework. Good wages.
Mrs. J. T. McCormac.
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WANTED The public to know that
I have located at the Marshfleld
track, and will take horses to train
and break. Joo Hatfield. Apply
at track.
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LOST $50 In greenbacks, two $20's
and a $10, Saturday morning last,
between Coos Bay Cash Store and
skating rink and Crystal Theater.
A very handsomo reward will bo
paid for return of sarno to Chas,
All Bottled in Bond. Nothing but straight Whisky
Sold. All Leading Brands of Beers and
Mineral Waters.
The Jns. E. Pepper AA'hisky can be found on tap nt
Machinists and Woodworkers
A'o Iinvo just opened up a new shop
mid are fully equipped to do your re
pairing of nil kinds. Our specialties
Gasoline Engine Work
Wood Turning of All Kinds
Porch Columns and Banisters
Agents For The Rochester Gasoline Engines
dive us a trial
Cavanagh & Chapman
Dock foot of Queen Ave. Marshfield,, Oregon
Two Changes This Week, i
s ' monuay ann laurssaay
Pcrforman&tf 7:30 and 9 p. m. Matinee Saturday 3:30.
I Admissidh Ten Cents.
fl-".-."!" tf?T-v(fplsS,Gly? it
s -y
A- r ..-mri i&tW-
S8wera.jisj'in tr
W.,, yj
Cook with Gas
- - use - -
Electric Power and Flatirons
TSe Coos Bay Gas
Electric Co.
Everything Electrical at
Oregon Electrical Supply Co.
Now O'Oonnoll Blk.
Times AA'nnt Ads llrlng Results.
FOUND Pair glasses. Owner may
havo same by calling at C. B. AVol
cott's storo and describing them.
- A. H. Eddy for plans and ipocl
flemttons of your new hom.
Times AA'ant Ads Hring Itesnlts.
Try One
Students uiay graduate In Voice, I'lano or 1'lpo Organ. Rapid and
thorough method for beglnnerB. Classes In Harmony, Counterpoint, etc,
vocal fcl lit reading and piano ciwrnblo. Singers conelied in oratorio,
opera, orrowvrt work by tlio director.
pi mfd a tnnn
an t. ivii.
O'Connell Bldg., Marshfleld
Speed Launchei and Enginti a Specially
All Claiies of Boat and Engine Repairing Promptly Attended to
Shopi in tbe North Bend Woolen Mill North Bend, Oregon
ii. R. BEVIER, Mechanical Engineer. C. II. ALLGEN, Boat Builder.
iAp' i
mrmBmmmrmimvntpi wwi