The Madras pioneer. (Madras, Crook County, Or.) 1904-current, May 05, 1910, Image 9

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    . . Ilitva 13s for I
H m I LsJ rwlr anil the
WIUII I I B '.VC. nrlcol
.dVeaUWK end .11 oth.j
dca - i ner pound for Hr Chic51!
B:SffmiSfrffrBl on anything
ril sh pm;n MEAT
ivhnr IV as Yof
. n old darky. Ho w
body . , t,,m
'Wind,;' hp aoimu. f
am RtnirEL Al CO.
Portland is the big market place of ht
Send Your Produce THERE
Wo aro handlers of Eggs, Butter,
Veal, Dressed Hoes, Poultry, livo or
dressed: also Apples, Onions, Pota
toes. Consignments, whether inrgo
or small, aro solicited. Wo can givo
you good prices for good BtufT.
Write Ua.
McEwen & Koskey
129 Front St, Portland, Ore.
Trial Bottle Free By M&ai
u joa inffer from Epilepsy. FlU.Falllne Sickness
XL. ?' m "T. children that do to, my New Die-
oo li (o teoa f or a Freo Trial S3 Bottle of Dr.iiay',
i Eplloptloldo Our
JifJV""1 thoPnd wlicro everything eli
it!EI ""Snted by My Medical LaboPato y
! l? Fo'1nd Druci Act, Juno 80th. IPOO
I "i ZmI?,0!t or Sped. lFo
nrf in .? Blvo A0K aud comjileto address
OR. W. H. MAY, 548 Pearl Slroot, New York.
4i1mf your
'vi3vfl9l name
wyipn't no
'4MM mister.
tl.n rr Dozen. J.00 I'or llundrcl. $40.00 Per Thouwind
t nAI'Sl,'U'',.LtJbZ.i,'nL'0J'lant Mhubartt ami lUrru Plants
J. B. WAGNER, Tho RHUBARB and BERRY Specialist
Panadcna. California
A Storekeeper Says:
A lady came into mv store latelv and said :
Hall havo
i to a lot
aero was
Iove, and
ny other
tone, and
ivo Iiera
oiling fi
o cotfeo
o never
cult or
at a New
o you 1 No
nine to the
u can't eat. i V Pa"d. There la no amoke, no
H " ""fide heat, no drudry In the
wtea where one of thtao stoves Is used"
Oil Cook-stove
nlcVe fini.K Cln ToP wlth ohelf fo keeping plates and food hot. Tho
nd i In ,i ' bright bluo of tho chimneys, makes, tho stovo ornamental
caabah.H , ?.V Mnd, with 1, a and 3 burnerai tho 2 and 3-burner stovci
oo had with or without Cabinet,
Bvery dealer everywhere If not at yours, write for DescrlpUve Clrculai
to the nearest agency of tho
Standard Oil
ATa an mature of Salt.
Salt Is obtained in the United States
4 "J
Is the most effective medicine
for the complete purification
of the blood and the complete
renovation of the whole sys.
tern. Take it this spring.
Oct it today in ununl liquid form or
tablats called Sarsatabfl. 100 Ooacs $1.
All lit the Hume
The Lawrence Times tells this ono:
A roportor was cent to write up a Are
in a residence Going to tho door, ho
Inqulrod for tho "lady of Uio house."
Tho maid said sho was out. "Are any
of tho family at homo?" asked the
scrlbo. "No, thoy aro all out," was tho
roply. "Well, wasn't thoro a fire hero
last evening?" "Yea," staid tho hired
girl, "but that's out, too."Atlaata
Reporter Professor, what laniruago
do you suppose the people nearoot tho
north polo speak?
The Profossor What a question I
Polish, of course
Zta Severe Dignity.
1 see you'ro staying: at a strictly
first-class hotel, anyhow. How do you
find tho accommodations?"
"Accommodations? Thoroaron't any.
Everything I get In n concession."
fl RIALS of the NEEDEMl
Kuiyron'a fw faff rtlta conx tno tiTer
Into activity by guutle nictbods. Tbey d6
not scour, gripe or weaken. They aro a
tonlo to the stomach, liver and nerves;
litTlgornto lintcad of weaken. They en
rich, tho blood and cnnblo the stomach to
get all tho nourishment from food that to
put Into It Those pills contain no calo
mel: they are soothlaff, 1)08110? and stlm
ulatinff. For sale by all druggists In 10c
and 2fc sixes. If you ned medical ad
vice, wrlto Munyonrs Doctors. Tbey will
adrlno to the best of their ability abso
lutely free of Chamo. MUNYON'S, J4
and Jefferson fits., VhlladclpUla, 1.
Bond 10c for trial packaaa.
at ti
i jlncw jrcncciion ju uook-oiovg au winter
lit one now for my summer home. I think
If only women knew what a
fiiet .ana sisaiiia'a'tstta n
"Mew Perfection." (
To Be calleA arlK
"On tho morrow call me early,
Call me rly, mother dcarl"
Said tho maid unto her parent
As sho brushod away a tear.
"Aro you going shopping, daughter?
Aro you going out to dlno?
Or why should I call you early,
Call you early, daughter mino?"
"Lot me whisper to you, mother,
Lot me whisper In your earj
TIs to-night I marry Early
Mr. Early, mother dear,"
Yonkart Ptatesman.
Hlaalnir Hlilpa.
Men go down to tho aca under bil
lowing canvas In fewer and fower num
bers, tho "tin kettlo" tramp now doing
tho old clipper's work, but Noptune
still exacts his toll from tho squaro
rigged shipB that are fated to float oul
upon tho oceans, bound 10,000 miles or
mora, and nevor again be heard of.
Ten big sailors thus vanished in 1903.
Last year eight wind-jammers of largt
burden wero recorded on tho world'i
tog of missing ships. One was an
American, the four-masted Fort Georgi
of 1,770 not tons, and there aro few
enough of ours left. Most of them are
swallowed on Cape Horn voyages.
Now York Press.
IImt Old Kiililcra I.I re.
Old spldorB, which have neither well
nor the materials to make ono, ofteB
hunt about to find out tho webs
other spiders, younger and weak a
than themselves, with whom they ven
turo battlo. Tho invader generally
succeeds, and the younger spider
driven out to make a new web, and
tho old spider remains in possession
until a stronger spider Invades the
web and drives it out. When thus dis
possessed the spider seldom ventures
another attack, but tries to subsist
upon the fow insects that may fall
accidentally Into its clutches and
evontually dies of htiniter.
Too Deep tor Tenra
The milkman's horse had run away,
and the contents of the wagon had
been distributed impartially over a ter
ritory two blocks long and one street
"No," said tho driver, as ho surveyed
the wreck, 'I'm not going to do any
crying over split milk, but
Thereupon ho sat down on the edge
of tho sidewalk, and his subsequent
profanity, according to tho testimony
of everybody within hearing, establish
ed a new record.
Aa He buvr It,
Mrs. Jlpes hadn't wanted to go out
In tho. new automobile, anyhow, and
she was telling hur husband so in sev
eral different kinds of ways.
"I'd rather have waited until I had
somothlng fit to rldo In," she said, "but
you just would have mo come. It Isn't
a bit of i'un for me, and I'd like t
There! You narrowly missed running
Into tho curb. What do you think
you're doing I"
"I'm taking a Jawy rldol" t .vagely
answered Mr Jin. Chicago Tribune.
Community of Interest,
Profiting by the mistakes of others
(he two explorers, oach of whom had
found the south pole unknown to the
other, held a conference.
"What Is tho use." they said, "of
wrangling over It? Wo will write our
book Jointly, and will travel and loo
turo together. One of us will do the
oratorical stunt and the other will
throw tho pictures on tho screen.'
Bo they divided the spoils, which
turned out to be quite satisfactory.
Mothers wffl find Mrs. WlniloWs Soothinu
syrup ine dcsi rotnear to usoior tneircauaroo
aunng ino teeuung perioa.
I,eaaon from the Pnat.
Nlmrod had killed so much big gamw
that tho people had begun to complain.
"Wo'll have no wild meat at all If
he doesn't let up," they said, "and the
cost of living Is already too high!"
"I'm not killing for the more pleas
ure of It," ho retorted: "I'm a faunol
naturalist, and I am making a colleo
And ho kept on hunting. Chicago
"In what shape," asked tho reporter,
"did your fugltlvo cashier leave his ac
counts? Can you tell me?"
"I can, young man," said the presl
dent of tho Institution, "and thoro's a
good story In It His accounts aro not
only porfectly straight, but they show
that wo owo him a balance of $168.27."
"Tho troublo with that story," groan
ed tho reporter, "Is that nobody will
believe Iti" Chicago Tribune.
Pcttit's Eye Salvo Tor 25c
relieves tired or overworked eyes,
stops oyo aches, congested, inflamed
or soro eyes. All druggists or Howard
Bros., Buffalo, N. Y.
Uuolo Allen,
"One of these days," predicted Unole
Allen Sparks, "some ambitious Eskimo
will mako his way, with great hard
ships, down to the equator, and whan
he goes back homo and tells of his suf
ferings and the wonderful sights ho
saw he'll be hooted at as tho biggest
liar In the arctlo circle." Chicago
Wanted the Proof,
"You look Bweet enough to kiss,"
says tho Impressed man.
"So many gontlemon tell mo that,"
coyly answers the fair girl.
"Ah I That should mako you happy."
"But they merely say that," sho re
plies. "They merely tell mo tho facts
In the caso and never provo their
'Havlntr taken your wonderful Oi sca
re ta' for three months and being entirely
cured of stomach catarrh and dyspepsia,
I think a word of pralso Is due to
'Cascarets' for their wonderful composi
tion. I have taken numerous other so-
called remedies but without avail, and I
find that Cascarets relieve mora in a day
than all the others I havo taken would Ik
a year." James McGuno,
Pleaiant, Palatable. Potent Taata flood.
Do Good. Novor Ulckon, Weaken or Grip.
10c, iic 60a, Never sold In bulk. The gen
uine tablet stamped OOO. Cuaranta! t
cure or your money back.
Physicians Recommend Castoria
IASTOEIA has met with pronounced favor on the part of physicians, pharma-
ceutical societies and medical authorities. It is used by physicians with
results most gratifying. The extended use of Castoria is unquestionably tho
result of three facts: First The indisputable evidence that it is harmless:
Second That it not only allays stomach pains and quiets the nerves, but assimi
lates the food : Third It is an agreeable and perfect substitute for Castor Oil.
It is absolutely safe. It does not contain any Opium, Morphine, or other narcotic
and does not stupefy. It is unlike Soothing Syrups, Bateman's Drops, Godfrey's
Cordial, etc. This is a good deal for a Medical Journal to say. Our duty, how
ever, is to expose danger and record the means of advancing health. Tne day
for poisoning innocent children through greed or ignorance ought to end. To
our knowledge, Castoria is a remedy which produces composure and health, by
regulating the system not by stupefying it and our readers are entitled to
the information. Kali's Journal of Health, '
slrailattog iheFootfanilRedula
ling tlte Stomachs dsABvtwtf
Promotes DigesrtonkrfuH
ness anaitestxontalns ndthcr
OpiunuMorphlne norMtaaaL
Anerfect Remedv for Constipa
tion , Sour S toraacli.Dlarrtm
ness andLoss op Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
I 1 1 i hi' f I
isswsa aaiaaaaii i
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Color more cooda brighter and faster colors than any other dyo. Ono 10c package colors slllf, wool and cotton equally well
and Is guaranteed to give perfect results. Ask dealer, or wo will send postpaid at 10c a package. Write for freo bookie
how to dyo, bleach and mix colors. MONROE DRUG COMPANY, Qulncy, Illinois.
$L25 per Word Inserts CI minified ads In 36 lead
ins' papers In U. S. Send for list. The Dako Ad
vertising Agency, 427 S. Main St, Los Angeles,
or 12 Geary Su San Francisco, Cat
General merchandise store right in tho heart of
Portland, West Side, on main thoroughfare, down
town; cash business of last year, M0. 000; this is a
fortune maker; we value stock and fixtures from
110.000 to J12.00O. Will exchange for cash or live
stock or acreage, farm land or some good real es
tate In Portland. Describe your property in iuIL
Address AB E55, Orcgonian, Portland, Oregoa.
In tho Roaafa.
A man mixed some strychnine with
And fed It to tho English sparrows.
Bald tho cat: "What makes
Tho birds taste so queer?"
And there wasn't a dry eye in the Igloo,
The first aid to a weak
stomach, sluggish liver or
constipated bowels should
be the Bitters, because it
has proven its right to be
called "the best' It is
for Indigestion, Costive-
ness and Malaria. Try it.
Will Find Speedy Relief and -A-asl
Absoluts Cure by Using the fJgfi
YVejust Treatment jR
(Bkoow LxtSr; txllsts bitmaSr.) MaP
It Is an honest reliable treatmont u.ed
by physicians everywhere every day In all
casus of Inflammations, ulcers, discharges.
Irregularities, nervous symptoms, ate.
At Druggists or Sent Direct Prepaid.
Forest Qrovo, Or.
the keystone
to health
Letters from Prominent Physicians
addressed to Chas. H. Fletcher.
Dr. B. Halstead Scott, of Chicago, Ilia., says: "I have prescribed your
Castoria often for infants during my practice, and End it very satisfactory."
Dr. William Belmont, of Cleveland, Ohio, says: "Your Castoria stands
first in its class. In my thirty years of practice I can say I nover havo
found anything that so filled tho place."
Dr. J. H. Taft, of Brooklyn, N. Y., says: "I havo used your Castoria and
found It an excellent remedy in my household and private practice for
many yeare. Tho formula is excellent."
Dr. R. J. Hamlen, of Detroit, Mich., says: "I prescribe your Castoria
extensively, as I havo never found anything to equal It for children's
troubles. I am aware that there are imitations in the field, but I always
ceo that my patients get Fletcher's."
Dr.Wm. J MoCrann, of Omaha, Neb., says: "Aa tho father of thirteen
children I certainly know something about your great medicine, and asido
from my own family experience I have In my years of practlco found Caa
torla a popular and efficient remedy In almost every home."
Dr. J. R. Clausen, of Philadelphia, Pa., says: "Tho name that your Cas
toria has made for itself in the tens of thousands of homes blessed by tho
presence of children, scarcely needs to bo supplemented by ths endorse
ment of tho medical profession, but I, for one, most heartily endorse it and
believe It an excellent remedy."
Dr. R. M. Ward, of Kansas City, Mo., says: "Physicians generally do not
prescribe proprietary preparations, but in tho case of Castoria my experi
ence, llko that of many other physicians, has taught me to mako an ex
ception. I prescribe your Castoria In my practice because I have found It
to bo a thoroughly reliable remedy for children's complaints. Any physi
cian who has raised a family, as I hare, will Join mo In heartiest recom
mendation of Castoria."
Boars the
The KM You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Hats Cleaned a blocked SOc,
with HewTrlmmlnn $1 Pan
amas $1Udle Straw Hati re
modeled. 5c poitaf e mall, your
tolt fiat to ei. a 1 5.1 7 Alder
St, Portland, Oregon.
Cured Right at Home
by ELECTROPODES. New Electric Treatment.
Galvanic iaioiet copper and sloeworn Inside
thoes. Inrlforate entire bodr. Nerrei become 'lire
wirea.' FoslUve cure lor Rheumatism, Neuralgia,
Backache, Kidney and LWer complaints. Trice
onlf Sl-00. Your money returned ii not satisfactory.
Guarantee sizned with each sale. . Electropodes are
mailable. II not at your Dnirzisf s, send us Sl.00.
State whether lor man or woman.
215 Los Angeles St, Loa Angeles, Cal.
This sterling household remedy has i
long been recognized as the best and
lafest Blood Purifier, the most successful j
prescription for spring humors and such
disorders of the blood as boils, pimples, I
pustules, blotches, sores and cutaneous I
:ruptioti3. Kasparilla is admitted to be i
iie best remedy for that lack of energy i
ind the peculiar debility 60 prevalent
luring the close of winter and the opening .
jf spring. For derangements of the dt
restive organs it is a natural corrective,
jperating directly upon the liver and ali. ,
nentary canal, gently but persistently 1
itimulatintr a healthy activity. Iti '
Deueficial influence extends, however, tc
fvery portion of the system, aiding in the
processes of digestion and assimilation oi
food, promoting a wholesome, natural
tppetite. correcting sour stomach, bad
oreath, Irregularities of the bowels, con
stipation and the long list of troubles
iirectly traceable to those unwholesome
conditions. Kasparilla dispels drowsi
ness, headache, backache and despond
fncy due to inactivity of the liver,
kidneys and digestive tract. It is a
strengthening tonic of the highest value,
Hoy? CuituiCAL Co. Portland, Oregon
Pacific Coast Biscuit Company
Portland Seattle Spokane
Ask for Their Goods and
They Will Secure You Many Useful
Articles Without Co
Signataro of
tynw as the
nyiw BEST
of the year to harw.
voor teeth out anil-.
plate and bridges
work done. Forout
of .town patrons ve
finish plate audi'
brides work in one.
day it necessary.
Paioxai -Molar
Crowns $5.0uf
Gold nillrgs 1.0D
Enamel Fillings 1.0Q
Silver Rllinn .53
Good Rubber nM
Plates 5.00
Beit Rubber
Plates 7.50
DR. W. A. WISE, PitrominMuuti Ps!n' Extr'tton .50
ft visas miliums is eeiruia but snHgm
Painless Extraction Free when plates or bridge work
Is ordered. Consultation Free. You cannot set bettes
painless work anywhere, no matter how much yoa pay.
iui worst auiiy guaranteed xor jsxieen yeunu
Painless Dentists
Fclllnc Building. Third t Washington, PORTLAND, OREGOSl
OMlce Hour.: I X. M. U 8 1. M. Sundays, 9 to 1
C. Gee Wo
The Chinese Doctor
This wondeful man has
made a life study of tho
properties of Roots,
Herbs and Barks, and
is giving the world the
benefit of his services.
ht No Mercury, Poisons
Cl r. ii-. . i
fffife. Operations or Cutting
Guarantees to euro Catarrh, Asthma. Lung,
Stomach and Kidney troubles, and all Private
Diseases of M n and Women.
Just received from Pekin, China safe, sure
and reliable. Unfailing in its works.
If you cannot call, write for symptom blank
and circular. Inclose 4 cents In stomps,
The C. Gee Wo Medicine Co.
PI-., C ... Llnl.n n.rllnn.l It.
No. 17-lO
HEN writing to advertisers please
mention tins paper.