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SIx-Feet Wall of Water Hashes
Down Grand River.
Heavy Rains and Melting Snow
Mountains Turn Missouri Val
ley Into Vast Soa.
Kansas City, July 8. Swollen by
unprecedented rain and by melting
snows from the Rocky mountains, the
rivers of the Lower Missouri valley
are out of their banks, causing damage
in many parts of Missouri and Kansas.
The results of the flood up to a late
hour tonight were as follows:
Train No. 5, of the Atchison, Tope
ka & Santa Fe railway, which left
Kansas City at 9 :25 a. m. for Denver,
left the track at Pomona, Kan. Of the
10 coaches which made up tho train, a
baggage and threo day coaches left the
track and slid into 18 feet of water,
A telephone message from Pomona,
Kan., at midnight said the four-year
old daughter of Mrs. Carrie Rose, of
Chicago, had been drowned in tho
wreck, lhree hundred other persons
who had taken refuge on top of the an
affected coaches were rescued by boats
and quartered at nearby farmhouses.
Pomona is almost completely inun
dated, the Marias des Cygnes river at
XI A. -I I 1 !J .
umt point, neing mree mues wiae. a
relief train was sent from Ottawa to
night with food and other supplies for
the passengers, who were said to have
climbed on top of the coaches for refuge
from the rising waters.
In Kansas City the situation is
threatening. In tho bottoms in the
western section where are located tba
stockyards, wholesale warehouses and
manufacturing plants, the waters from
the confluence of the Missouri and Kan
sas rivers are lapping the danger line.
Pattensburg,- a town in Missouri 50
miles north of Kansas City, is ten feet
underwater, and its 1,500 inhabitants
are in dire straits. Fifty row boats
were, put on a special train at Kansas
City this morning and hurried to the
scene. Later reports say that the ma
rooned citizens were all . removed to
higher ground without loss of life, but
that the property damage will be tre
mendous. At Chilicothe, Ma, on the Grand
river, six men were swept from a bridge
this afternoon and were seen floating
down the stream. Whether they
reached shore or not was not learned.
The bridge was carried out when a
great wall of water six feet high swept
down both forks of the Grand river and
joined at Utica, continuing after that
as one great flood. The water spread
out all over the bottom lands and did
great damage to farms and crops in its
The water overwhelmed the railroad
tracks, blocking traffic absolutely, and
ana uroirgiit wrnr jiucoutt;
..wny on Sbnth through Madrap
and it was understood at tha
time that a very good line had
.,l?een spenred. Recently, how
ever, there have bppn rumors 0
..negotiations for the purchase
',of the Oregon Trunk Line sur
,ve3T, and Harrirnan engineers
, are now in the Held going over
.4that Jine. If this investigation
should demonstrate the sjipfii
ority of the "Willow Creek .route
Mit is not improbable that the
Oregon Trunk survey will ljp
purchased and adopted. Whi
the right-of-way has already
been purchased outright for the
Trout Creek Iine the amount
01 money spent lor that is a
..very small item, if the Willow
Creek route is found to be eas
ier to operate and cheaper to
.maintain, ihe Trout Creek
.route necessitates two high
. bridges, one across Trout, Creek
nand the other over Willow
Creek at this place, both of
1 which would be avoided by the
line up Willow Creek canyon,
..and this alone might
dent to turn the scale
of that route.
Northwest Wheat Crop Now Placed at
55,000,000 Bushels.
Portland, July 9. Estimates com
piled from data received from mors
vthan 850 of the principal wheat ata
tions of Oregon, Washington and Ida
ho, indicato tho 1909 wheat yield for
tho threo states to bo approximately
55,000,000 bushels, compared with 40,-
000,000 bushels last year, 60,000,000
bushels in 1907, and a fivo-yoar aver-
ago of 48,600.000.
Of tho threo states, Idaho has tho
best crop, with Washington showing
up exceedingly well, whilo Oregon, es
pecially in the river counties, suffered
from dry weather to such an extent
that tho damage could not all bo re
paired by the Into, rains.
Somo of tho poor yiolds in Oregon
have been offset in the totals by an
increased acreago in now territory.
Tho most noticeable increase of this
nntoro is along tho Wallowa extension
of tho O. R. & N.
Another locality in which new acre
age will aid in swelling tho totals is
tho Haystack and Bnkeoven country.
whero there is an Increaso of about 20
per cent in the acreage, with tho yield
about 10 par cent better than last year.
Sherman county is somewhat spot
ted, and early in tho season the outlook
was poor. 'Rains in tho latter part of
June helped, however, and thore will
bo a material increase over last year a
output. Conditions in Wasco are sira
liar to those in Sherman county.
Umatilla, the banner wheat county
of the Btate, is not coming up to its
usual standard. The light lands suf
fered by the dry weather early in the
season, and the showers that came
later wore not general throughout the
Along tho Arlington branch of tho
O. R. & N. the crop is light until Con
don is reached. Around Condon, how
ever, the outlook is far from eloomy.
With the exception of about 20,000
acres, which have been taken by
weeds, there will bo a pretty fair
Morrow county is not quite so good
as Gilliam, but there, as elsewhere in
the river counties, some very short
stalks of wheat are turning out well
filled heads.
union county has an excellent crop
and 40-buBbeI yields will not be uncom
mon around Elgin and Summerville.
The Willamette valley has ceased to
be a figure in tho export wheat mar
ket, but the yield ia an important fac
tor in the milling business.
Washington reports are uniformly
good. Walla Walla, with its nover
failing foothill land, promises an out
put of 4,500,000 -bushels. Barley is
also turning out well in this county,
and has made some inroads on the
wheat acreage.
Columbia and Garfield counties are
both expected to tum off record yields
of wheat and barley. This region was
favored with rain at a time when the
river counties in Oregon were missed.
Whitman, the banner wheat county
of all the Northwest, gives excellent
promire of breaking records, The acre
age is large and the crop conditions are
far above the average. Estimates run
from 9,000,000 to 12.000,000 bushels.
be 8uffi
in favor
The purchase of
the Oregon Trunk Line survey!
.would also, dispose of the con
Uicts between tne two lines at
..other points along the Des
. chutes River, which makes it
lina Cruz, Mexico? Awas JrougnV hero
today by tho steamer Columbia. The
crew reported that two days before
their departure a large party of Ameri
can surveyors went into camp near the
city. The mission of the party was
not learned, but it was rumored in Sa
lina Cruz that plans were being laid for
a new railroad enterprise in which
American capital was interested.
Calvin Is Doing Nicely.
San Francisco, July 8, The ondi
tlqn of E. E. Calvin, vice president tnd
general manager of the Southern P ci
f c company, who underwent an opera
tion for appendicitis Sunday, Ib report
ei to be entirely satisfactory.
Strong Delegation to Attend National
Irrigation Congress.
SalomGovornor Frank W. Benson
has appointed tho delegates who will
attend tho National Irrigation congress
in Spokane representative of tho state
of Oregon. In a fow days five more
will bo appointed by C. N. McArthur,
speaker of tho lato houso, ad flvo
more will bo appointed by Jay Bowor-
man, president of tho lato senate Fol
lowing are tho delegates named by Gov
ernor Benson :
Professor P. L. Campbell, of Eu
gene, president of tho university 01
Oregon; D. W. J. Kerr, of Corvallis,
president of tho Oregon Agricultural
college; C. W. Fulton, former United
States senator; J. N. Teal, F. S. Stan
ley, E. B. Piper. John T. WhiBtier,
Tom Richardson, R. M. Brereton, C, B.
Merrick, Joseph B. Knapp, all of Port
land; Jay Bowerman, Condon; John
H. Lewis, Salem; H. L. Holgate, Bo
nanza; Francis M. Saxton, A. V.
Swift, John L. Rand, Baker City; W.
J. Furnish, Gilbert W. Pholps, Pondlo-
ton; S. D. Potorson, Milton ; Walter
M. Pierce, W. J. Snodgrass, La
Grando; Clyde T. Hockett, Enterprise;
Malcolm A. Moody, Tho Dalles; E. T.
Early, Hood River; F. II. Hokpins,
Central Point; J. D. Heard, Jackson
villa: Dan P. Ras, Jacksonville; H. A,
Brattain, Paisley; A. T. Buxton, W.
A. Williams, Forest Grove; H. V.
Gates, Dallas; H. A. Rands, Oregon
City; Drew Barnum, Moro; Will R.
King, Ontario; R. N. Donnelly, Rich
mond; John Ellis, Frank White, Kla
math Falls; H. C. Levens, Burns; F.
E. Waite, Sutherlin, and Georgo E.
Davis, Canyon Ciy.
The list of delegates probably pre
sents tho strongest selection over made
in this state by a chief executive to
attend any convention. It !b composed
of leading men in all walks of life and
all of them take a keen interest in
tho science or irrigation r.very one
of them has promised to attend tho
Portland Ships More Than the Puget
bound Ports.
U(lanH llitvinr f ha r 1 Ant
ending June 30, Portland shipped in
the neighborhood 01 3,uuu,uuu moro
bushels of wheat than was sent from
Puget sound, whilo from there not quite
1,000,000 moro barrels of flour was
sent out.
The wheat shipments to Europe from
here were b,lsz,77o bushels, whilo
those from Puget sound were 4,154,481
bushels; to the orient, South America
and Africa, Portland shipped no wheat,
Puget sound sending out 315,285 bush
els. California wheat shipments from
here were 2,932,861 bushels and from
tho sound 2,032,492 bushels were ship
ped. Wheat from Portland tc Mexico
was 1G5,25'7 .ciB and from Puget
AjeXfco it was 203,578 bushels.
Holding Company Will Back Eugono &
Wostern In Now Road.
Rnrrnnn Thn EuffonO-SiUSlaW rail
- o . ... .
road, which has ontr boon talked or,
appears now to soon bo a reality. Tho
nronoaltlon to build tho road has
roachod a point wharo tho promoters of
tht ontcrpriBO fool that the puiiumg 01
tho lino is n certainty. Tho Lono
Countv Asset comoanv. which was or
ganized in Eugono last winter for tho
niirnnan of nromotlnc tho lino, will bo
tho holding company lor mo eugono
Wpdtnrn Rnllwnv comnanv. which wn
Incornoratod a fow weeks ago to build
tho rond. Ofllcea have been opened
horo and operations will bo directed by
the aset company.
It Is tho intention to oiler ror bbio 10,
tha nconlo of Eucrcno and vicinity at
least $150,000 of tho stock of tho Lnno
County Assot company, tho funds to bo
used in bulldlncr tho first section of 20
miles of tho road. Whon this has boon
accomplished it is proposed to turn all
tho assets over to tho Eugono & WcBfc-
ern Railway company. issuing stock
holders the same amount or stocK in mo
railroad company as they have paid for
in the asset company and to lesuo and
sell tho bonds of tho railway company
for tho purpose of completing tho road
to Florence.
Calf Costs Ten Thousand.
Klamath Falls It took tho jury just
25 minutes to find a verdict for tho do
fondant in tho Kelley-Arant damage
suit, last of tho cases resulting from
tho criminal prosecution of Jay A runt,
who was indicted for tho larceny ol a
calf moro than two years nco. Arni.t
was twico tried on a chargo of larceny,
tho first trial resulting in a disagree
ment, while tho second acquitted him.
Three cases resulted over tho ownership
of tho calf. Tho calf involved in tho
litigation was worth approximately
$10. Tho money expended in litigation
will aggregato closo to $10,000, and of
this amount tho taxpayers of tho coun
ty will bo forced to pay not less than
Summer School at Albany.
Albany Tho Albany college summer
school began with an enrollment of 43
pupils. President H. M. CrookB and
County Superintendent Jackson are in
chargo of tho work, assisted by Pro
fessor L. A. Wiley, of Portland, and
Professor Torbot, of Albany college.
All branches of public school work, as
well as teachers' reviow and Bible
Btudy aro being taught. President
Crooks reports that tho attendance will
reach tho 100 mark.
day at 10 a. m
You are invited to attend these services
. B. F. W. Pitman, Pastor.
tip lsJj-it-anftAfl.oinav'erypnpDu'ring the year just completed Port-
id shipped the following amount of
ur: To tho orient and Hawaii, 542,
3 barrels; Europe, 15,000 barrels;
lifornia, 295,716 barrels. In the
me order aro the shipments of flour
m Puget Bound ports : Orient. 909,-
i barrels; South America, 109,847
Trels; Europe, 23,681 barrels; Call
nic, 278,556 barrels, and to Mexico,
00 barrels. The grand total for the
-son, 1908-1909, being 26,811,269
ihels of wheat from hero and tho
1 season are 822,509 bushels.
MADRAS July 11, at 11 a. m. and 7:Sd p. in. In
Free JJethodUt Cliurch,
15 PAT. PUAIRffeCrery Sunday, flxcept July
11, t il a. irt, and 7:30 p. tn. in Opal Prairie
Cliurrfi, union Snmlay school every San
day flt ion. m.
JCXIPER I1UTTE -Iiool HoutSs-Eyurj Bu
, nay, except July iu at 3 n. m, Union Bun
day school every Sunday at 2 p. m.
MOUNTAIN VIKW bcliool HouwrFlrst ad
Sd Sunday ofcr.cU month MU3Sti. m. On
Ion Sumlfcy school. ry ffundii ; S:pO p, ra
AH arc cordially irivjted to these terVicea,
ARTHfJJt and MIS' A CRKAflijyutor.
property for n wheat ranch. O, A.
GRAHAM, 1034 Cleveland Avenue,
Portland, Oregon. J16 4t
For Sale
R 320-acpe South Aftd-
Veteran BoutitV
issued by the Department of the
Intel Uir, uovern men t of Uari1
ada, Under tUe Volnnteer
B-mnty Act, 1008. Good
.for 320 of any Dominion
Lund open for entry in A'l
.l)erta Saskatchewan, or
Manitoba. Any. person
?.ver the ace, of 18 years,
-Man or -WomanT Jan ac
quire; this -landiwitU tliie
Ceriiiica yit,iout tfdfctlier -charge.
For Immediate li&le, ;
MKim. wi i or wtr
La,tah county will probably harvest
neatly 1,000,000 bushels of wheat, and
Nez Perce and Idaho counties will have
from 5,000,000 to 6,000,000 bushels.
Surveyinf for New Road.
Aiarshtield Lhler Lngineer
of the C2Crlii2?.QieRon a Isaho' rail
ropd, who has been making preliminary
surveys, reports that in a few days tho
first 12 miles will have been surveyed
Ihe preliminary work or finding
grado through tho mountains has been
carried on in a thorough manner, and
the engineer is pleased with tho result
oiar. It is hoped to flniBh tho survey
work before rail.
w to m
Nsws of Oushrrian't Daath Shock to
Friends In Congrats,
Washington, July T.'News that
Francis W. CuBhman, representative
from Washington, had passed away In
New . York yestorday mbrnlnir, camo
rr a groat shock to hia boat of frinnda
In both branches of congress. Morn
ing papers contained dispatches an
nounclng ho had successfully passed
his crisis and wan on tho road to rocov
ory. It was not until tho members of
congress reached tho cnpitol that they
hoard of his death, and oven then word
spread Blowly among tho membors, for
tho liouao was not in Bosolon.
In conformity with Mrs. CufihrnnnV
wish, thoro will bo no congressional
escort nppolntod to accompany tho re
mains to Tacoma. but tho bodv will ba
takon across tho continent by n ropro- T'1 today gftVo nn outli
sentativo of tho 8orgcantat-Brms of tntlvo pluns for his m!?,?
tho houso, who went to Now York this wet and South thlg uu "ijfl
morning. Tho houso will not meet Tho proaldent h. .if. 'j II
executive Will V., ,
on South tn P.,, naNC
Washington, Juiy , ,
aft iivinu U' 0. !
until Thursday, At that timo Cunh-I
man's death will bo announced, and ad
journment probably bo taken out of re
spect to his memory.
Senator Pilos, who was with Mr.
Cushman when tho end camo, rotumod
to Washington last ovoning. Ho said
Mr. Cushman passed away peacefully,
being unconscious during hl laat
hours. Horoic treatment was renortoj
to as soon as Mr. Cushmon's condition
took a turn for tho worse, but ho was
so weakened that ho did not respond to
treatment. Ho tink stoadily through
the night and breathed his last at two
minutes past S yesterday morning.
The proaldent hM.h IV... II
oi viBiting Alaska 5 T. 2
becauao Mrs. Taftwll Jl1
go with him. Uwn Lt.0tUM
today the prc8deK ?
Beverly that Mr"?, W
improving in health, l m'W
ever, that ho Is h.V KW
to tako tho lone Weiii'J ! g tt
which will occunS.?AriPW
AssoonnsthoUriff W
way tho president J
ton for IJoverly, to r ' '! "
nopesto Begin hia VYeitem V
pros dont will 7 ?v
-topping forbid,
"'wc vnming the Aluia,
Pacinc exposition, tb Sfi
Heavily Armed Bandit Works In Broad for a time at I'ortlard n,"
n,.Ul!rl.. will 1n ,V. L . Z W' '
-,.... w u. gurai oi Btostor j
Everett, Wanh., July 7, Alone rob-
bor held up Assistant Cuahlor B. C. OI
of tho Hank of Commerce,
u Oe08l0r T
Bourne, and proceeding Uwc ,
Save Trees Flames.
San Diego Cal., July 9,Tho La
Jolla grove of Torrey pines, said to be
the only grove of those trees in South
ern California, bad a -narrow escape
from destruction by fire today. Occu
pants of a passing automobile noticed
that the underbrush in tho grove was
burning and hastened to La Jolla for
bolp. A party of fire fighters was
summoned quickly to tho. scene. After
several hours of hard work the flames
were extinguished.
New Buildings for Indians.
Jamath Falls Superintendent H
Wilson, of tho Klamath Indian res
Mion. ia makinc nrennratinnii tn
sr upon a campaign of improve-
Ats. During the past week several
ttractors have visited the agency to
ii over tho ground for tho purpose of
Mg diub lor mo construction or tne
;u inooern scnooi Duuaing wnicn
be erected riurinc thn mimmnr.
" bids will be forwarded to Washlnc
Cand will not bo opened for several
Oka. Work is to bo begun shortly
IS largo gymnasium. Mr. Wilson
eves that the Indians should bo giv-
ill the exercise possible and with
,i end in View ho will endeavor to
ve the gymnasium roomy and equlp-
:t- a - i . r f , i .
wiut u viow w muKing u aiiract-
, The school grounds are to bo im
vod and many of the old buildings
Dam Has No Fish Ladder.
IIIIb City AnglerB and others resid-
in thin viMni f v fimnlnfn hof tUAiia.
Mb of salmon in tho Santiam river
8 unablo to reach the natural spawn-
ground above this city because the
rtis Lumber company maintains a
n without a fish ladder. As nearlv
pry one in tho vicinity is connected
some way wiin ino lumper company
formal complaint has ever hpin
Ide. The condition, however, is de-
Baker Courthouse Done,
Baker City The County court has
accepted tho new courthouse from C.
A, Gray & Son, of Portland, who were
contractors for tho interior work. The
building is now completed and owaita
the arrival of tho now office furniture.
It has cost Baker .county less than tho
$120,000 appropriated
Asylum Imprqvements Awarded.
SalemThe asylum board haB award
ed the contract for improvements at
tho asylum farm to Dennison & Mc
Laren, of Salom, for $6,700. A new
amusement hall will be built, the kit
chen enlarged, tho main building ro
roofed and the dining room repaired,
Wheat Bluestem, milliner. $1.30
club, $1.181.20; valley, $1.17.
Lorn Whole, $35 per ton: cracked
$36 per ton.
uBis xwo. i wnite, , S4UM4U.BO per
MillHtuflTi Prnn. t9f! KH tin inn
. . VMw,wv ,
middlings, $33; shorts. $29W!32: chop.
?z4(g3u; roiiea parley, 5S435.
way' Timothy, Willametto va ev.
$17(fZ)20 per ton; Eastern Orciron. $20
WW, mixed, 1620.
Grain Bogs 6&c each.
fruits Apples, $1(&2.D0 per box:
sirawDorries, ti.tbUQZ percrato; chor
ries, 3(?510c per pound; gooseberries,
46c; aprlcota, $1.2C(T5l.C0 per box:
currants, yc per pound; loganberries,
$1.20 per crate; ruBpberriea, $1.50:
ujuck caps, l. iwjjZ.
Potatoos $11.75 per hundred:
now, Z KGfjZXc per pound.
Vegetables Asparaeuo. 7Ccff?;90e
per dozen: beans, 8c; lettuce head.
25e per dozen; onions, 12C'ilGc;
peop, 4(oc por pound; radishes, lEc
per dozen.
Butter City creamerv.cxtraB.2fi in
fancy outsldo creamery. 2fjf7i26 Uc:
store, 18c. Butter fat prices uveraeo
lKcper pound undor reirular huttor
uggs urogon ranch, cand cd. 2fi(
per dozen.
roultry Hens, 12?13c: snrlncn.
11.:ifi . . ' . -p-i
i us cr(j use; rooBiers, ucavc; ducks.
young, J'Clac; geeao, young, 9m0c:
fll.lnttn 10, m ..1... Anm n
Pork Fancy, 10c per pound.
veai extras, 8(?8c nor nntmH.
..U rr-. 1
uiuiuary, c; neavy, oc.
Hops 1U09 conracta. lflc nor nonnrl.
1908 crop, Il(?il2c: 1907 cron n.
1906 crop, 4c. '
Wool Eastern Orecron. 1G62Hr nnr
pound; valley, fine, 23c; coarse, 21;c:
mohair, choice, 240)2Cc.
Cattle Steers, top, $4,C04.60;faIr
to good, $44,2G; common, $3, 7E4;
cows, top, $3,501 folr to good, $30
o.u, wimnon to medium, ?i:,D0(??2.75j
calves, top, $G(g5.C0; heavy, $3.G0(a4:
SnllV Btag8' ?2'7G3,2G; common,
$22.G0. '
.-a2rDeBt ?88MB; alrtogood,
$7,G0 7.76; stockers, $0 0.60
China fata, $6,7G7.
Sheep Top wethorB, $4; fair to
good, $3.603.76; ewes, c less on all
grades; yearlingB, host, $4.JG; fair to
good, $3.7G4; Bpring Jambs, g4.75
0 &0
son, or tuo uank or Lommerco, shortly
boforo tho bank closed yesterday after
noon, wounded Cashier J, L. Lyen and
escaped with a few hundred dollars,
He fled on a bicycle to the north end
of tho city, then turned toward the
waterfront. Hero his pursuers found
tho satchol in which ho carried his
money. It contained only $u, Dep.
uties and citizens aro searching for the
man. Bloodhounds havo been secured,
When the robber entered tho bank
ho thrust two ro vol vera into
face and commanding him to throw up
his hands, laid down ono gun and aolz
cd all tho money ho could reach and
placed it in his satchel. Ho paid no
attention to tho few customers in tho
Cashier Lyen wan in tho rear end of
tho building. Ho ran down an alley
way nnd entered by tho front door to
tako tho robber by surprise and crap
pled with him. Tho robber shot three
times, ono bullet passing through Ly
en's jaw nnd neck, making a serious
wound. Tho robber then fled, with
:oth Lyen and Olson 'irsotlng at him.
Uftfiiat was shot off and it la bellov
cd ho was slightly wounded, Ho
supposed to have had n blcyclo hidden
in tho vicinity, for ho was next seen
riding furiously north on ono. Ho was
seen by hundreds of pcoplo, but before
armed citizens and officers took up tho
chuBo in automobiles ho disappeared.
New Machine for Flying.
Victoria, B. C, July 7. An airship
which, tho inventor nucorts, will right
Itself within a fow feet when started
upsido down and will fly from Victoria
to San Francisco in less than fivo
hours, has been built by A. W. Gibson,
a Scotch engineer. Tho Inventor pur
poses to make hia first flight from Vic
toria to the Scattlo exposition and hn
offered to wager $1,000 that bo can
go tho distance in half an hour. Tho
airship embodies entirely now princi
ples and is propelled by an engine
weighing 222 pounds.
Now York Tax. Roll Out.
Now York, July 7. Andrew Carne
gie and Mrs. Russell Sago aro each as
sessed os possessing $6,000,000 worth
of personal property in Now York City,
on tho rolls prusentcd to tho board of
aldermen today. John D. Rockefeller fl
personal assessment is $2,600,000, and
tnnt or seven members of tho Vendor
bilt family oggregates $1,340,000, J.
Piorpont Morgan Is down for $440,000,
while the lato II. II. Rogers and Wil
liam Rockefeller tiro cuch assessed
Lcnvlnir San Francis u..
will go to Los Anml
stop for several day wits hU
wiwjangji (be preside
K0,80" Diego and then Into ,
and Now Mexico. If o,.
pleasant and his
Mr. Taft hopea to vliit h. vi.
valloy before going to Loi Audi
vviiiiiiK uui oi iuexica. ltu m.
will stop for a time atEIPti
iu vAjH-tia io meet maweM
After his stop at EI Pma tk
dent will vlalt San Antooio, tk
win inspect rort Bam UomIm.
ho was Instrumental In bnllditrnd
wier visuingAmiinwflDjIi
preniueni expecu to smdU mttii
on tno ranch or his brother, CP.!
at Corpus Christ!, Tex.
Continuing East, the rrei&th
stop at Houston and go to ftor Or!
to attend the meetine of lie 1
Waterways convention. Afttti
Ing tho convontlon, Mr, Tift i
stop for a time in the Biros 1
country of Louisiana, thelndof!
gcllne and Arcadia.
From there the president
cccd to Jackson, Mis., thence to)
gomery, Hirmlnghara and J
From Macon the president will j
Leaving Aucu'ta the prciktet i
to Savannah and thence UfUl
northward trip to Waihfcgtan,,!
ping at Wilraingtop, N. C, w I
tnond, Vo.
Great Pathfinder Structure Siidft
In Perilous Shipe-
Chevenno. Wvo.. July lM
received hero tonfent IMiciMP
dltions atthoPathfindetdiaiti
said to be the largest In Ihi w
rllkfl bniit on erittl i
.ttnna Rnvontv men arewMlM
and night to strengthen tit. m
Thit imiinrnmpnt "
has a force of men acalUrdiJ
m L.. lril Tn'TPB jSSI
rivor for moro man w
xno oarn. ihrhik
rivor b imw u K"
sudden riao in tho alreim.
Preparations have neenp'
nnm tothodam II W"."""'
- ,
nwny tho temporary oi -
nl.o hetn owl I
wornlng tho people living
below In enso ot aunger.
Man Convicted bPf'j
o.n c.f.MM. July iw--1
ditlon case with. unU8,ua '
up for .hearing tms -
United Htntca ,
Gunnison Ooro Finished.
MAntfian "PnU T. I ft ITLm Inn
MVIlfclUDU. U.t UUI V ! IIU I11E1LI w
round of shota in tho East heading for Mosys don Amarn ,
tho GunnlBon Irrigation tunnol was fired deportment ww llit
A fow wuraer hel
two lainiiap, . .nd coBTt
tho country, w .
at 6 :30 o'clock this ovening.
minutes lator workmen from tho
l. . n .1 ! 1 - t- f 1 1 1 f A I .
iiuauniK uuooit nunus inrougn tno upon- " , portgg'
lu niv m-viIIam iahm a t i I mnfi ttnnoiniGCi vj ,
has beon undor construction four years representing nm . y,
i cor. ly ho was eopvu -
nnd a half. This project has been
riedoutby tho Fcdoral Reclamation
bureau at n cost of $3,600,000, It will
furnish water for tho Irrigation of
160,000 acres of land.
Hill to Invade Canada,
Helena, Mont.. Ju y 7.-r-Thcro was
filed with tho aocrotary of state today
atiofilclol resolution adopted by the
board of directors of tho Groat North
ern railway, showing its purpose to
construct a branch lino from Poplar,,
vanoy county to tho Canadian bordor,
a distanco of 80 miles. The Inference
b that tho lino will bo oxtonded furth
or north, tapplnir tho trralii fields of
SuBkatchowon, thus Invading tho Cana-
uiun ruci nc territory.
. v -
in tms bi ""-.,Vi.n
nttornpt of oxtraditlon
... TriviW'
Pek n. July lv'. ..Mtd l
Bnn," "rn'Wrofthew
Z ta funded
edStatrs. An , mm
BUOd tOOBy l"8 ' jliit-f of '
ncctnnt vice pr- ;
irnpcrlnl boar
as mcanniK rii n i
recognized by we .--
Use Oannon at OH Fire. Keofo, comm.-byF,,,
Martinsville, III.. July 7. Fire, granon, fori'
i. 1 l ... , . . '. - . .. nw .kirn "IIIUI JIIPl'---' ..,1.
oiuru-u uy ngnrning in ono or tno uo, w i "t"' tnlnV on vX' 1
000 barrel tanks of tho Ohio Oil comJ ed thlfl Hy 30R, Qt:
pony, wos brought under control ton tf", v "ZJ t0 eatDiBM
I..Li mt 1.", ... .i l.. I nAilm(narV M v i
iikv. i no tanK was punciureu ay : n orvw rA
cannon shot and most of tho oil drained regulation i w v
xniB nreventGd nn cxnioion. wmiw