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km Number 300 in Cagayan
. ' Province Alone.
'Dozens of States to Voto Upon Now
Laws and Amendments.
Chicago, Oct. 20. Elections will be
held in the various states and in the
territories of Amoria and New Mex
ico November 3. Three states, Ore
gon, Maine and Vermont, have held
their state elections, and have named
members of the next congress the
sixty-first Arkansas and Georgia have
namea state otucers only and will se
lect congressmen at the coming elec-
section of State Laws on Proslden
tial Eloction Requirements.
Who can vote for presidential elec
tors, and thus for tho presidential can
r e pc. 11, ... . .
A.rin. n,w m M-.,.... rr on. In 28 states governors or other T.' nttho presidential election of
' "" r"" state otucers are to be elected: a November 37 This is h question whic
Roofs of Houses Floating
Down Streams.
----- - -" w.wi.u, ti 1 - ' " " . 10 u vucabivu Willi;
number of these states will also eieet is asked mnnv tlmnn nnMi inu thf-mmi.
- w 1 kT wmv uuv VII4 I
. c oix states out tne since
;v":cllrosl-Jusuccr .ol lK suPrcme On every hnnd thero seems to be
vuuiv ui iiiiiiui siaic oiiiccrs. ill
deVted.7ndi in two' cZ," United. States can east his ballot
a legislature only. ?f u Presidential ejection, whether at
The terms of 31 Un ted StatM en. ",D. w on iruvoi in a aistanc
amveiing men, distant lrom
Manila, Oct. 22 Belated roports in
dicate that tho storm of Octobor 12 in
the Cagayan valley was the wor.t and ato7 w Ren, hHcnn TnVirU: state,
most destructive within tho momory crats, expire March 3, 1900. Alabama, their homes, aro making daily inquiry
of living inhabitants of tho valloy. Tho Arkansas, Louisiana and Maryland whether it is possible for them to cast
official figures aro not yet available 7 iT cnocn crattS-', a"a Ken- x VVQ2Z u town wncro tnov mny
. iB,t.wu V , l",OI' tucky a Republican, while Vermont bo on eloction day. In order to mako
ns many places have not yet been heard has chosen a legislature which will the situation plain tho law of tho state
Xrotn, but it scorns certain that tho name two Republicans. The present is herewith sot forth. Article 2 sec
"uuiuur ui uuuu will rcacil OUU. I - vuiujiugku vi via xxcpuuutaiis
Thorn . i,.,, .1 4 and 31 Democrats. i
" 7 : " r- Mcmbcrs of the natjonai housc 0f
'"ul "l,U8 "iruugnoiu ino vaiioy ami representatives are to be elected,
in the mountains. Tko rivers were Oregon and Maine have already
Hooded' and in many place rose to a cnoscn nepuoiican representatives.
T . i I
height nf nn fnf .....n.s- some or tne soutnern states Uem-
, uuur.u(. t , h . nminatA
tion 2, of tho constitution of tho state
of Oregon, sets out the qualifications
oi electors in tho state. Section .2
as follows :
Section 2. Qualifications of elec
tors In all elections not otherwis
provided for by this constitution every
white male, citizen of tho United
uoioro tneiu m tncir rush to tno soa. while in others Prohibition. Socialist
Hundreds of animals and houses wcro and Independence party nominees States, of tho age of 21 years nnd up
swept away oy tne waters. will oppose Kepublicans and Demo- wards, who Bhall have resided in tho
At Apam, which was almost com- crats. ine present house is com- state during tho six months immcdi
dents, headed by Lieutonanta Treadway ans and 166 Democrats. There are everv i,hito ma, f farpiirn h'5rMl of
nnd Clark, Postmaster Foss and Engi- two vacancies. fc7nT oi - fore,en brth of
neor Clark. tormoU n South Carolina, as usual. h.i onlv e.?Be of 21 y?? ?nd upwards, who
Tvhich rescued scores of natives, taking one ticket the Democratic-for state haU . "avo in this state during
many off their houses whilo floating officers. Louisiana also has but one the six months immediately preceding
.i ii.. i
uuwu iuo river,
xuo government nas aispatcnou a
coast guard cutter to investigate con
ditions and organize relief.
It is reported ihat cholera has broken
out among tho refugees.
I where thev have fused with tha Demo.
situation in uaiKans t-ar Prom Being crats.
Peaceably Settled. The number of tickets in the diffcr-
Pans, Oct. 22Tho feeling in French Louisiana: 2. Alabam and North
government circles is distinctly nerr- Carolina; 3, Delaware, Florida, Mon
ous. both with regard to tho situation tana, New Hampshire. Oklahoma and
in tho Balkans and tho proposed inter- Nrt.h I?a.kot.a5 i- :?lo?i0 NcTv.a,
uawumu congress. Auyices are tuat Washington,-West Virginia and Wis
tne rurKisn government is
ticket the Democratic. In this state, such election, and shall have declared
however, a justice of the supreme hi8 intention to become n citizen of tho
court and a railroad commissioner are united btates one year preceding such
the only state officers to be elected. election, conformably to tho laws of
The Prohibition party has tickets in the United States on tho nnhiopt nf tin
si states, tne socialists in 27, the in- turalization, shall be entitled to voto
aepenaence party in ia, tne socialist at nil elections authored hv lnw."
I . r . -I lL Ti-,.T7 . . I ' ' ' "
party in 5, including Nebraska, onm.f t, mttMmill 'mA ,n
the Federal constitution rendered tho
restriction to white males of no effect,
so that the colored men of Oregon come
under the same constitutional require
ments that bind the white voter, and
have the same privileges.
In addition to these constitutional
qualifications the registration laws of
impatient consm; 5, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, ,tnn tvT ah
because Bulgaria has failed to present Kansas, Minnesota Missouri and -th tobV registered in
an official communication einco Tur- ' ".. v.u""'u',.iU"tv uu ,nlln a -!-. ;nu,Mi.uUf
. cnusetts. xuicnigan, XMew xork anu ...
Key received tho French assurance m Texas; 7, Ohio. reside permanently, or if not register-
the namo of Emperor Ferdinand, while The' Prohibitionists have tickets in ed, to bring six owners of real estate
from Sofia comes information, that th Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Ilh- in their precinct to make allldavit as to
Malinof f cabinet still refuses to accept no,s Idaho, Indiana, lowa, Kansas, the residence of the prospective voter.
tho advice of Ferdinand, wlm nilvnt Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska. New fin other words, thero aro three re
a peaceful settlement and insists that Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, quirements asked by the law of the
it would bo preferable to go to war aoBW raKoia, lexas, vvasnmgton prospective voters.
than to pay an indemnity. West Virginia, Wisconsin, Missouri First: The voter must be a native
until the Bulgarian ministry yields an"n . born citizen of the United States, over
iimi imii'iv it i ft pnnR norm nv rrtn r.t-- i ia. il i oi i i. xi ax
i-r , . -1 :Z- J""L "J . rnrfn RlnrHn TJ, Till- I ' WHO IlUo rcalUuu in tLO SulvU lor DlX
r,?.ol.UBren" government tnat f"" t"I ' ":rTf' months or more.
tho danger of war has not been dis
Reports current in Paris tha,t Baron
von Bieberstein, the German ambassa
dor at Constantinople, has been coun
scling war, whilo not confirmed, caused
disquietude, especially as Germany's
attitudo grows more and more enig
nois, Indiana, lowa, Kansas, Massa
chusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mis
souri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada,
New York, North Dakota. Ohio. Ok
lahoma, Rhode Island. South Dakota.
lennesssee, Texas, Utah, Washing
ton, West Virginia and Wisconsin.
The Independence party has tickets I or more of age.
Second : If not a native-born citi
zen, be must at least have declared his
intention to become a citizen one year,
or more, previous to the election, and
must have resided for six months or
more in the state, and must bo 21 years
in Illinois, Indiana, lowa, Kansas,
Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan,
Minnesota, Nevada. New York. Ohio
and Texas
The People's or Populist party has
. ' T 1 T - T
iickcis in inaiana, lowa. iuissoun. ine
braska and Ohio.
The Socialist Lahnr in Connecticut
Reno, Nev., Oct. 22 Colonel Win- Massachusetts. Michigan, New York, in order 'to register by affidavit.
field Scott Prosky, a mining man own- Ohio and Texas. Section 3 of article 2 of the Btato
ing property in a number of districts. In ,23 states a total of 90 proposed constitution also says:
I ncf i f if tinnnl itnanHttiiintc loure I iir t 1 tit
Yesterday announced that on January V. ?.a 1 "o idiotic or insane person snau De
upon, xnis noes not inciuae iicm- nj th ;vn nf n ,.. hn
Nevada Miners Will Attack Southern
Pacific Land Grant.
Third: Both native-born and for
eign-born residents, qualified under
the two preceding requirements to
vote, muBt be registered with the
county clerk, at the registration time
preceding the election, or, if not so
registered, must bring six freeholders
3 next the statute of limitations will
Lave applied to the patents granted six gan, where a revision of the present
years ago to the Southern Pacific tu a constitution will be submitted to the
large area of mineral land extending voters for adoption or rejection. The
from 'Winnomucca to tho Novada-Cali- number of amendments or questions
jrornia lino ana aitecting ngnts oi nun- m the different states is: 1, Iowa
dreda of prospectors and miners. Texas, Wyoming; 2, Idaho. Illinois.
The men have been patiently waiting Kansas. Montana. Nebraska. Rhode
for a number of years, thinking a de- Island, Washington, West Virginia; 3,
cision m tho one ease decided would Alabama. Colorado, Florida, Ohio: A
similarly affect them all. Now it ii Minnesota. Wisconsin: 5, North Da
discovered that each disputant must kota, Oregon; 6, South Dakota; 2,
filo a separate protest to establish his Missouri; 9. Louisiana; IS, California
right. The railroad company hoped The amendments or proposed laws
this would be overlooked. Ilowover, of several states are of general inter-
every effort will be made by the de- est. in south ualcota, the question oi
partment at Washington to givo all
claimants an opportunity to present
their cases and have a hearing.
rcpealingthc onc-year-rcsidencc act,
which was passed by the last logisla
ture in order to stop rapid divorces.
will be submitted to the voters. For
merJy suit for divorce could be such soldier, seaman
nroucrlir niter si ranntns resirlenrf tun .;v.4- t-n "
in uic siaic. opposition to tnis snort
term of residence resulted, and the
The latter
Andersonville Monument Project
AVhito Hall, Til., Oct. 22. Tho annual
convention of .the Illinois Association
of Union ex-Prisonors of War met here one-year act was passed
yesterday and will remain in session nas been objected to in certain quar-
uvw luu' l'" uuiir vu ,.r(.j fnr th. cllr,mc?nn of the one
receive attention is the project for tho vcar act to a vote of the people at
erection of a monument at Anderson- the coming election.
villo, for which tho last Illinois legis- 1" Uhnpis the question ol a Lakes
, . - . , ...... ,. to-the-Gulf deep waterway will be be
laturo appropriated $15 000. The asso- forc hc ,,', thc fom of a c01,
ciatiom will have n leading part in car- stitutional amendment authorizing the
forfeited by a conviction of any crime
which is punishable by imprisonment
in the penitentiary."
Men who have been sentenced to the
penitentiary, however, who have serv
ed a portion or a whole of their term
and have been pardoned by the gover
nor of tho state are restored to suffrage
by virtue of that pardon.
It is also provided in section 5 of the
constitution of the state, article 2, that
"no soldier, seaman, or marine in the
army or the navy of the United States,
or or their allies, anan uo deemed to
have acquired a residence in tho state
in consequence of having been sta
tioned within the same; nor shall any
or marine have
Hormann Caso Is Postponod Again by
Agroomont of Attornoys.
Portland Once ncnin tho trial of
Bingor Hermann, indicted in conncc
tion with tho Oregon land frauds, has
been postponed and this time indefi
nitely, or at least until tho nttornoyB
in tho caso como together at some in
definite timo and decido upon a (Into
for trial. Tho dato sot for tho Her
mann trial was November 9, but owing
to tho absence of Judgo Hunt, before
whom many of tho trials had been held,
and because Francis J. Henoy, who
was expected to conduct tho prosecu
tion of tho caso could not come, nn
agreement has been renched among
the attornoys to postpone tho trial un
til such timo ns Judgo Hunt could
como to Portland and Honey was
through with tho trial of Ruef in San
Ex-United States Senator John M.
Gearin, Hermnnn's attorney, was in
court when Attorney Becker, on behalf
of tho government, made his statement
and agreed to tho postponement, lhe
Williamson caso and tho application of
John H. Hall, ex-United States nttor
ney, will also be postponed. This
means that Binger Hermann will not
be tried during 1908.
Attendance at University of Oregon
Increases 30 Per Cent
University of Oregon, Eugeno
There aro at present G10 students en
rolled in the rcgulnr undergrndunto de
partments of tho university. Of theso
62 aro seniors, 91 nro juniors,-112 are
sophomores, 233 arc freshmen and 12
are unclassified. Tho enrollment will
probably reach tho 575 mark boforo tho
year ends, showing an lncrenso 01
nearly 30 per cent over tho total en
rollment of last year.
A number of old students will enter
between now and Thanksgiving, and
many freshmen will como at the open
ing of the second semester in February.
The present enrollment represents
nearly every county in Oregon, be
sides many outside states and foreign
countries. In addition to tho largo
number of rcgulnr students thero is a
big enrollment in tho department of
Resume Fight on Pinchot.
Pendleton J N. Burgess, president
of the State Woolgrowers' association,
has issued a call for the annual conven
tion, which is to be held at Hoppner,
November 17 and 18. It is believed
here that at this meeting the fight on
Chief Forester Pinchet will be re
sumed by a large number of tho wool
growers of Jthis state who are opposed
to the forestry policy inaugurated and
being carried out by tho "Czar of the
West," as they call Pinchot.
Horses for Philippines.
Klamath Falls Eighty horses for
use in the United States cavalry were
shipped from Klamath county this
week to Seattle, where they will be
loaded on transports and taken to the
Philippine islands. An army inspector
of horses has been at tho J. Frank
Adams ranch in Merrill for a week
forc the people in thc form of a con
iuo ww vB iivuiuj; m stitutional amendment authorizing the at tpstin horses and the 80 select
rying out tho project as many of it. statc to issue bonds of $20,000,000 for iS 'mLn tliA
members wcro among tho prisoners con- the enterprise. eu averae 1,. Punaa ana are saio
fined at Andersonville during tho war.
rnliforAin i, oneW the Litest of the to be the iinest lot oi norses ever snip
states to agitate election reform. To Ped out oi Kiamatn county.
Dmlamat With Record. the nconlc there will be submitted a
I ... , I n r r . . IJI.
Cononhneon. Oct. 22 Tho new Dan- proposed constitutional amendment, tseot ougar raciory mie
' 'imnnrr H of c mnnurorinn' inn NflflC. I t l n T.l.
lei minister to Washington will bo . ' " i: " I. uranue-nuu
Tirui, tt i ac ai" ... r"i-j " "..w,v ""the sugar iactory nero to stand iuic
Moltko. Ho is only 40 ,,rov d ni? for the d rect nomination of ... .f ..Vs.i. At .
jP.--- i iLu:n ff: I until UlOTUliiu buubiuu. t. jiiL-nciii.
Count Carl
years of ago, but is
ono of tho cleverest
mats. He has had a somovvhnt unusual
career, starting as a navy officer anu
considered to bo
of Danish diplo-
Huge Ranch Changes Hands.
Orrlnn Utah. Oct. 23 A deal was
Arctic explorer, being once tho leader cjnBei i,er0 yesterday by wiich a mil-
of a largo Greenland expedition. His
family ranks among tho oldest nobility
in juiJiiiurn, jvi u u ib iviuivu uu iiu
mother's sido to ex-Empress Eugenie
New Route for Smugglers.
San Diego, Cal., Oct. 22-Although
tho smuggling of Chinese coolies across
tbo Mexican border has been practically
ended, it Is acknowledged by tho immi
gration authorities that many Asiatics
nro being illegally brought into this
country by water. Commissioner Wed
djo says his office is badly handicapped
ly not having a fast boat in which to
pursue craft bringing coolies up the
lion dollars in cold cash will bo paid for
the biggest ranch in tho intorrnountain
region. The purchasers are uaviu J'jc
cIoh, M. S. Browning, Joseph Snovvcroft
and Adam Patterson, Ogden capitalists.
They obtained titlo to tho famous
Sparks-Harroll ranch in Novada, which
covers hundreds of square miles. Tho
now owners will put 100,000 sheep nnd
50,000 cattle on the mammoth rango im
mediately. Cholera Less In Russia,
St. Petersburg, Oct, 20.Thc chol
era still continues to decrease, there
being only 44 new cases reported to
day and 24 deaths.
tho hichwavs aro so muddy that beets
cannot be hauled from tho field and
the sunnlv at tho factory has run out.
The furnaces are kept hot even though
tho wheels stand idle, and for this rea
son the factory can resume its work as
Boon as sufficient beets are ngain in tho crn, 3732 per dozen.
Record Price for Pears.
Medford Tho highest price yet re
alized this year for Rogue River valloy
pears was reached during tho present
week, when Cornice pears brought
$6. GO per box. Tho price received is
S2.20 less than received last yenr, but
when the conditions of the markets are
taken into consideration tho growe s
feel satisfied with the result. There
are less than five cars remaining to be
hipped from this valley, the balance
oemg of thc Winter NelliB variety.
Wheat Bluest em. onfi-Olc; club. 80c
fife, 89c; red Russian, 8Cc; 40-fold, 90c
valley, 90c.
Barley Feed, S2027 ncr ton : rolled
27.r.o28.r)0 ; brewing. $20.50.
Oats No. 1 white, $31(2)31.50 ncr ton
gray, $3030.50.
Hay Timothy, Willamette Vallev
per ton; Willamette Valley, ordi
nary, Sll ; Eastern Oregon. $I0..'0ffi)
17.50; mixed, SH: clover. SO: a fa fa
; altalta meal, $19.
Fruit Annies. 75c(?r$1.50 ner box
peaches. 40(53loc per box: ncars. 75cffi)
$i.a.i per dox; grapes, oocyst. 85 .per
craie; local concorus, jac per half bas
ket; eastern concords, 37 j(fi10c per has-
. I 1-1-1. " . .
tin; nucKicncrncs, vnt'iuc per pound
quinces, $1(77)1.25 per box: cranberries
$10 per barrel; prunes, 2(?Ij23c per lb.;
nutmeg melons, $1.25 per box; casabas
$23 per dozen.
Potatoes 80l)0c per hundred ; sweet,
potatoes, 2(fj)-c per pound.
Onions Oregon, 00c$l per hundred
Vegetables Turnips, $1.25 per sack;
carrots, 85c; parsnips, $1.25; beets.
$1.25; artichokes, 05c per dozen; beans,
o(&Jhc pound; canuagc, ljc per pound;
cauliflower. 75c(rt)$l ncr dozen: rolorv
7585c per dozen ; cucumbers, $2.25 per
oox; egg mam, $i.7ora per crute; let
nice, 75crasi ncr box: narslcv. lr.e i.r
iiu.uii; licas, oc ncr 110 IK : nennnra.
$2.25 box; pumpkins, l(r?)lJc tier nniiml-
radishes, 12jc per dozen; spinach, 2c per
jjvuiim; spruniH, uc per pound; squash,
isc per poiuici; tomatoes, i5f0Jc.
muter city creamery, extras. 35G7)
.luc; laiigy uuisiue creamery, 32i5jj35c
per pound; Btore, 18c.
Lggs Oregon selects, 37i(2)38c: cast.
iiimiLa IJ ill i m
" V -M I 1 1 KTL u
Rovolullonlst8 Start Quorlllft Warfaro
on Austrian Troops.
London, Oct. 23. -Open warfare linn
boon in progress in Bosnia and Ilor- fifirfTlflfl VfWnl llninJ.
zogovina for 10 days, Itnd scores have UBI"WI1 R5Sei Mlfo
. . in . ; 11 . - n Clin DnnJIl. n .
UOOn Kiiiou, ncconiuig io nuormniion uun UUllUIIS LflirlnfT
brouuht hero yesterday by tho -Monto-1 ""II
nogran ngont. jMoro tlian 120,000 Aiur-
. ... . ..11 1 1 i..
trmn troops navo noon uttnenou ny n- Pipyrn pDnu r..
nurreetlonlsts lit tlio nnnoxoc torritorioa "wni.u mum OlElfl Tfl
and tho fighting has boon continuous. "'uu
So fnr ns irt known no- pitched bntllo
Iuih tnkou place, nH tho InRtirroctionmtn Outlaws Tnko
nro grontly oiitnumborod by tho Aus
trluiiH, but their guorrllln tactics have
boon very offocilvo
Tlio sitiintlon i so serious Hint tho
Attstriitl govornnioiit lias rtiHhod rein
foroPinontH to tho aid of tho .border
tronpM. Through strict coriHormiip, tli
to .H enA B.
Cnrrylng Away Their Loot 1
Crow Was Best.H
inn steams in simii.r.. 1 . ""w
" 1 .. . "' wn irh i.j
iiiivun ncrc rnm ri..-i m
ngont said, tho Atistrliil govornmont hns " ' , m Cllllc. tenon. 1
mipprossed nil roports of tho situation successful - raid by Chile !t
ns it really is. Anarchy oxiBts in tho pirates on the German 1 .i
oastorn and Houthorn sections of tho Scrato in the harbor a lnu
finnnP.l torrltorv. n.. ..1... . . .. r 01 Antofan,!,!
.0 Montenogran ngont enmo horo c"., " , ti;f)tcmbcr M. ni
?lv to instigate closely tho ex- ZTmt 'S!T.
act Hiiutmon wiin n viow in innnung ctinbont Ptiriiii . 1 3 CWcm'
what course Kngland will I pursue in tho gaSJ,5t'0iM J'W.taS
ovent that Borvln and Montonogro 0- tofngasta rind escaned b"k of AJ
clnro war on Austria. The ngont do Tf7 .fcnP,c1-
clnroH thnt tho notion of Austria
amounts to nn nttompt to terrorize Bos
nia nnd llorzcgovimi into Htibmlsiloii
by foreo of arms. Tho tompor of tho
people, ho nssorts, is such thnt thoy will
novor Ktinnnt to annexation
Tho detention
tho Austrian nut!
chorcd in the harl Z t W
for sailing on the W
. 1
r saillnir nn V' 1 ' .'Vm
Out of ll.e"WeS
Ving ;
iM.Htw, ijicu on tno vessel!
of Tny Vuketitcl, by'
tuthoriticH nt Affrntn i0""lni1 aK. r''c noise of .
Tuesdny was tnoroly a pretext to nllow "V'T "r , t,lc captain, ri,
them to search his bnggngo, tho ngont KI)CllJ 's r,f.v vcr and rushtd
(lochtred. For this renson, ho ald, tho l , 'ra,c . crept into Z
npoiogy offered ny Aiistrm wan not nc- n , ",,.."1: t. 1 'PProaeltd;
.,.. ........K ,rm uehnd win,.1
belaying pin and fell uncoil l.'
nology offered by
eopted, and Montenegro will insist upon
the pnymont of nn indemnity.
IW ti l. ""-""Kioaj,
- ..iiiw nip rrru
cucti anu ns t nev
was awy
encu ami as tncy appeared on iV
OKLAHOMA UNDER WATER. f'e Pirates attacked them, A niitW
battle with knivMfn : "
...... ...., luiiMivni in 1
Torrents of Rairt Swoll Rivers and
Flood Country.
Oklahoma City, Okln., Oct. 2.1. Sorl-
our floods thronten portions of central
itnd northern Oklnhomn, tho result of
11 steady downpour of rnln thnt has pro-
, -I m
tile rriit 1 tf "
the remainder boun.a
several of
jiircd and
I he CInl(nii tlmn ...t...i .1
I IJU i Ull IlL!lllC-rH l,.,l I.. .1 . t .4-
tncm. -
Unrly next day a Chilean gunboav
ivivu hk ii.mxir anu the
still continuing. In aomo portions tho 1 . "lo was "'."covered. m
... '. . .. party was sent m ...,.. .1 .f
rnintnu una amounted nin.ost to tlio pro- )ir ,c. w, :
. .1 . . . 1 . - . . --' iiuu 1 lurr
iifiriiiiiiH ni 11 nimifiiiiirur KitiHrtrnim ...r..... .... -
1 - - 1 jiMinu 3,i uiy m me ijwj.
roports of losa of llfo, mndo yostordny,
nro unconfirmed, nnd thoy nro bollovcd
to bo without foundation. No Hingle
report of loss of life hns been voriflod.
At Tulsn and vicinity tho ArknnsaK
ims nsitn ten root in tlio 21 hours ended
yesterday morning, and wns then still
coming up. This brought tho stream
Schomo to Make Uncle Sam Dtfcnf
Cabrera's Stealings.
San Francisco. Oct ?t IfuM
Elates imimurat on tnsneeion W
to within throo foot of the highest stngo "vc occn inycstigating naturalwto!!
rnfixl,1 !, II, n flnn,1 ,tf Inuf u,,r!.,,. fr.lttdS III t 111 S CllV .ITf milling,.
Mnnv farms around Tulsn wore flooded, lorwaracu a report to Washington if.
and farmers and tholr fnmilies wore "nK the fact that Diego EstriJt
comttolled to movn out. Tho town nf V'tbrera. son of thc Guatemalan nresi-
Wcst Tulsn is threatened with intinda- IVPW' .,sa "Ruralized citutn of tie
In tho vicinity of Porry last night all
HtreatiH roso suddenly, nnd hundreds of
acres of crops wero flooded.
A third of tho town of I'awnoo. with
United States.
lhe report further reveals tht
young Cabrera took this step at tit
instance of his father. ,It "is allegtd
that thc president of Guatemala tool:
1500 inhabitants, wns covured Inst night lI,is "'cans of safeguarding jiis prop-
with six feet of wntor.
In tho valley of tho Canadian river
tno vnlloys for savornl miles between
ahawnco and McLoud nro inundnted.
Crty in. thc southern republic usdtr
the American ciiizeiishio of bis 101
After young Cabrera became a citizen
his father began thr transfer of Urge
property holding-, both in this cotn-
Irv Himf rtiifiln (a lilm TV
transfers still continue and lhe Unittd
f- 1. 1.. . 1 .L.
auiicn i.t iiiinijiL- i" urrvtui 111c
and in thc event of war in Guatemala
could be called upmi to protect yoiuf
Cabrera s holdings, say the officials.
bins to permit it.
Fall Work at Sweet Home.
Sweet Homo Tho rain of tho past
veek has been welcomed by most peo
ple hero. It was tho first rain this
fall to do any good, and pastures wero
suffering, and many wells wore dry.
Now, however, there is plenty of wa
ter everywhere, and fields nnd pastures
aro already showing green. Tho San
tlarn at this point has raised eight
inches since the rain began.
Poultry Hens, 12()inc per pound;
spring,; ducks, old, 13l2Jc;
young, 1415c; geese, old, 80c; young,
010c; turkeys, 1017c.
Veal Extra, 80c per pound; ordi'
nary, 77ic; heavy, Cc.
Pork Fancy, 7Jc per pound; large,
Hops Oregon, 1008, 78c per pound:
1007. 34c; 1000, 11 Jc.
Wool Eastern Oregon, average best,
1014c per pound, according to shrink
age; valley, 15?SlCc.
Mohair Choice, 18c per pound.
nols Town Supplies Drouth-1
Stricken Sections,
Alton, III., Oct. 23 Tho continuous
drouth of moro thnn fiO days in tho in
land towriH of Illinois tributary to Al-
1..... ---...I .I. , .1 -
v...., .. lvlBm UIU ruamoiun 01 uini, I Zennelln Alrshln Makes Great Show-
... ......1 . . .1 .
ouunuu 11, buimi away xor water xor
cooking and drinking purposes.
Knob day a train of fivo cars is bo-
ing sont out from Alton, loaded with
wntor for tho various towns in the
lighted district. Largo stool coal cars
ing In Germany.
FricdcricliKhavi-n, Oct 21-Tte
constructed Zennclin dirigible air
ship No. I made n triumphal reap
pearance and ascensimi with ten pas-
xiii(.'-ri I'riiltiv nftrrnnon and west
c ..... - -' - - ,.v. 1 n . - ' -.... ........ ---
Illll'l) licM iiritUHml lnt.i un.i'li ...1 I ( liri-inirli xunliil inim I1i.1t lor SDSCU W-
loadml with innnn mill,.,. .,nnl. fu Ui.nliilitv vin must satisfactory. IK.
of tho wntor is sont to aillcspio nnd trip in the air lasted for three and a
Chipmnn, but others towns receive tholr half hours and passed without aw''
quota. Thc balloon made nn average pe.
'i'horo is (Inncor. nccordlnir to Alton of 29.21 miles an hour at a mean altf,
Wntor company officials, of tho sunnlv tttdc of 800 feet. Driven alternater
boiiiL' cut off if the MinHlHlitit rtvnr bv a siiiL-Ic motor and then by DJ
falls much moro. Tho stnuo of tho motors, the craft made easy pW
stream is lower thnn 1t hns been lmfnrn its movements bring tontcoliea "
in 20-yonrn, nnd the intako pipe of tho facility. Aeronaut, and throngs w
.... , 1 . 1.1. i.i it, chnres or
i;uniiiwiy j now ouiy ,m incuoH unilor nc popuiacc crowmu .w --- ,
water. Unless thn rlvnr rlnM. a linn I Lake Constance from 3 ocWCK
win soon bo short of water.
uoiisiancc i" ":;v.",u'
5s0 yesterday evening,, waic6 -
ovolutioiis ot tlic airsmp.
Czarina May Lose Reason,
St. Petersburg, via Evdtkuhnon. Oct.
23, Unless tho czarina loaves soon for
n. ..!... ninnHv Assiies.
St. Petersburg, Oct 2t.-Tb R
wiuunn u,o czannit joavc-s soon ror - .ytbm
a son voyngo to tho Moditorrnncan sho has obtained and made PbHc we
...III 1 . 1 t . I r ,1. jvrtltl0n! ''V
"'"i1 "or minu, according to uifor- ciai statistics oi un- .wu
rilfit nn 1 1 .1 I 1 !.. ..I !..,- .1... rnnr tOOIJ UU 8-
.......... wu.iTujruii viiniuriiuv 10 inn (tin- i miHsin 'iiurinu iui v... .,,.
poror by her nlivsicinns. Itodinfoil tn n tences ininoscd by the tntltary cw , ,
. . ' - --- I - t i. oi itfrr Kit
nervous wreck by terror of revolution- The
nrf 41. , . - 1 mm. 1 I. II
j iwivhlu, Liiu uiiiiirunn ih Hiirrnrinrr i initi ui i civiii J- " "
almost constantly from Imllucinntlotis. the official classifications, 4H per
lr over 70 per ccm, toffl.:
ivoru, iir over iu ""'i ",... nccoai
of a shot for murder or robbW
ll,l. n.mied bv violence; 0a m? ?J
a i .... r . - r i . " z " ' M4iii niict"1'-
ivuuiu. Alio Ulinks linrHflf rlfiln.l nw1 fnr milt I1V or vi- u.
tfi..i. 1. 1... .1 tit ' ... I t , 'If..-. Atar
bolioving that sho h a victim
vocal defect making speech imposs
to bo wheeled in an invalid
hint nst military mscipiv;
unitary aisfV.. , (or
crimes niminst the state anu .
desertion. .
Thousands Die by Storm,
Amoy, Oct. 21. Thc damage done in
Thursday's typhoon was much greater
than at first reported. Tn Chang Chow
inni 1. . .
.wcre destroyed, nnd 1100 says
llf.rkM Ulll.l I.. I .v .... 1.1...
west of Chantr Chow, .inn hmt,- in Simd.iv. i cstroymK ".e. w1a iiA
destroyed and 1200 persons killed, Five Kio Grande nnd PriwapnlM
years ago Lamchcng was flooded, and ing considerable ilnmage in
.1000 were drowned. THUrt-n mitre tmi-tti ,.rini- Onlv meager a"v"'" kt
of Chang Chow, three villages were en. lipf.ii lirouuht here by sclioon - -
Urev ,i,iru.,i .- .1.. .' i ttm cut re C0J
'i : r i. vh lij ua 'v ,
- .. J - - - -. ,.
Llos Lostlnucion,,
rvr n ft ip nnnu un
from Uluctleius, n- Picayo"''
date of October SI. to the J cay
says: "A disastrous hurricane j
vt ---. " .... inil'M "'j
persons wcre killed.
and .there was much loss
of lift"
Electric Fower Over Slorrns.
Sim I'ranclscn. Op.1. p.i w. a
Worthington, iiNBlHtnnt to tho director
l mnintOliancO liml nnnrntlnn nt llm iimcliniili III
. - I ats.
T Annies. Oct. 8i-rV"j.'m1
IJarrirnan linos, in conforring with of J western Kaunas, Santa '!rj Cfr ffi
vm ui liiu nuiiLiitirii i 'ii r i r i . nvnrntn ititintni rrrniiH urn j,i mi"
rogardlng tho proposed clmngos of tho hourfi Intc. Overland no. ,
motive power to oloetrlnltv In. tim hi. w,iii,inv inorningi w.1 ' Iri
orras, both to facilitate shipments and until this evening. W"'
roduco tho cost of hauling.
until una iv."" ' ., ,(nvs.
from Chicago in seven days-