The Madras pioneer. (Madras, Crook County, Or.) 1904-current, July 23, 1908, Image 2

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    Strong arid Steady
made tho first snip, on wnicn no rcinwa
a profit of ono dollar nnd n qunrtcr.
"It's n pretty easv wnv to earn nminiv'
lie reflected, with satisfaction. " If I enn
only sell copies enough. One copy sold
Will pny for n day's board."
Ho went to lied early, nnd onloved v
sound nnd refreshing sloop. Ilo wa
cheered with hopes of success on th
morrow. If ho could soil four conies a
dny, thnt would glvo him n profit of five
dollars, nnd flvo dollars would lonvo him
A formnl dcclnrntlon of pnrty prlncl
CtlAPTEU XV fContlnned.
Tho hoy, who had. made sure of n ale.
took bnck tho fruit reluctantly, nnd pass
cd on, crying out: "Here's your oranges
enu apples!"
n handsome profit after paying expense P'M specified as tho party platform was
IMiA nnvt iHAmitn. ft I , 1. ab iinlrnAurif In Mia nnfttf rlnvit fin WAS n
VNlth mo nnd point out your man." stnrted out. carrvlnir with him Mirn. convention. The noisiest, the jolllest, the
niter giauiy accompnu oil tho conditc books. Knowing nothing of tho resident exciting nnd perhaps ienst logical
.or to tho smoking car. Ills old acquaint- of tho village, ho could only judgo by presidential campaign was that of 18-10.
of their houses. William Henry Harrison, Hero or an in-
anco wns busily engaged as before In a tho outwnrl mm-nrm,
nm. nnil IniiMnn. lnMI. f - r- o. . "..- ....v.. ..v,... - , ..
Walter sot about thinking -what had vorablo torn " " - -"ff a large nnu imurtsomo house stand- "
become of his money. The more he ..-n, V.,... . . 1"?. lrom lno 8lrect' 1,0 ticcUlc" t0 . , , . ' , 1 i li ...m.
Ihnnvhr tt i. r.i i xucio in? is, saiu niter, ind ent ne M-uh. snm, in n log cnuui uumuhvu ......
Imfl S M- n ? , oil J i ? h,m wlth ,,!s finS"- "Tho people living here must bo rich " coon skins nnd had drunk hard cider, wns
had put his pojeketbook In the pocket in The ,,., xvnI. . ... , hn ..'J' "f ".?,,:., .. hv Thnrlmv Weed as a better
., vu n ti nun I n uu b till uu iiih ... . M .
tlireo dollars nnd n hnlf for a nlco book." candidate, than Henry Ulay. io ueieat
which he had first felt for it. Why was K7b"K
It not there now? That was a question vi,nt,H -nntuiv i. i
which ho felt utterly incompetent to an- -VoS' KSW uSft
looking up.
"Ilnvo you lost anything?" inquired a
gentleman who sat just behind Walter.
Looking back, ho found that It wns u
gentleman of fifty who addressed him.
"Yes, sir," he snid, "I have lost ray
"Wns there much money In It?"
"About forty dollars, sir."
ho was that young mnn who was
sitting with you a few minutes since?"
"I don't know, sir."
"He wns a stranger, then?"
'I wish to speak to vou a moment-."
lie rose without mnklne nnv nminal
Uon, nud walked to the other end of the
-nr. -
"Well," ho said, and there was n sllcht
nervousness in his tone, "what's the mat
ter wasnt my ticket nil right?"
" u u v vj uuuni - - . .
Clay in tho Renublican convention, tno
pntn nnu rang the front door bell. The "'' o was nuopteu. issu; ucm !.
door was opened by a housemaid. j Vnn ren, the Uemocratie canunmu-,
'Is tho lady of tho house at homo?"
asked Walter.
"Do you want to see her?"
"Then wait here, nnd I'll tell her."
A. tall woman, with a thin face and a
and Ilnrrison were not clearly drawn, but
tho adventitious circumstances of Ilarri
son's early life were skillfully utilized for
theatrical effects. "Old Tippecanoe" wns
the slogan. Processions, miles long, with
log cabins, cider barrels and coon skin
"No trouble nbout that. Tho thing Is. Pinched expression, presented herself af- . caP8 oa voles, stretched from State to
will vou restoro tli! llnr'. niv ter five minutes. 'State. Glee clubs wore a fenture ot rue
Sir," said tho nicknocket. blusterlnir. "Well, young -man." sho asked, after a campaign nnd the Indian lighter wns iair
Mn vnn tnonn U ...--J . I Mllfirn rrlnnnn "1iakr fa . I.. .nnn. vl i IV SUnc Into oflicc.
iuoui i. niu f 11 llll L 11ILVU I r- -N-f nut. o j vui tiiiaiiicnn i l . A .... .
I to do with his pocketbook?" expression was not very encoutag- I b0 vigorously did tne nigs sing uieir
"Vnn .i k;.i i.t. i ...... Inir li Wnitn K,.. i., ... favorite refrains that echoes of the songs
v !. I ,.., ,,, l.l,,-. ,111 11, l I V" mill, ujiu uu U1ISHCII 11 I " " """"u "i iu luau uu ,
...o, o.. , uciu uiki vn --. I .ili-netlT- ttnf . l.t... I nnnortiitiit v. nun uncer.
IllUrillllJ,. I "V,ni !- ,!, ,ni,0 ' .. I "I RlintI 111 lll-o tn nlinil- vmi n nnn.' Iinnk I ll'lnt ...... (l.l. nn.l onrnmnllnn .
,fi,- T ,l.t. T . ,-, , I . '. fcv UIU 1I1U, BCIll'll I J ' .. ivn, , - " " . i u " - '- -
iiiiiin. i uiu iu juu nuns m if .. v,ra v.. 111 n...i . mm Am." lm mmmnniwii " ),!, ' motion motion motion.
your money has gone." noefcpfhook .w, n, w it value, benutlfullv Illnstrni,..! wi.inl. u ?"r. "ntr7 .t.hrou8l'?
-vwierc, sir' uemaunca waiter, ne- ,,... ' sellini? liko wll.lfi I v. "-.".ri.; ,Xn
fiinnlng to undcrstnna him. ..r , n,vnwi . Mlf ,, "How mnnv ronliH hnv vnn nLV In. And with them wo will bent little Van,
I think your late companion was a ... ,,,. ' . . ouired tho lndr. hnrn. nn- tt..Mse.J up.Pu
pickpocket, nnd relieved you of it, while out nm, thrnw . f, "One." answered Walter, rather eon
' " &vua KAJ V-4 ft umtiVIUli I . "
JLhe pickpocket turned nnle.
"You are mistaken in tho norson." he
Ao, I am not. I advise you to re
store tho monev forthwith."
Without a word the thief, flndina: him- necnM-
- I . . . . . ..I
sen coruereu, tooK lrom his pocket n roll
he pretended to be reading. I didn't like
'his nppearnnco much."
"I don't &ce how he could have done it
without my feeling Ins hand in my
"They understand their business smi
Farewell, dour Van,
You're not our man
To guard the ship.
Wo'll try old Tip.
In the campaign which resulted In the
Mn easily relieve one of his purse unde
tected. 1 once had my watch stolen with- of.bill8f which he hantlet, t0 (Va,u
out being conscious of it. Your pocket
book wns in the pocket toward the men,
and you were looking from the window,
It wns a very simple thiug to relieve you
of it."
"Is thnt right?" nsked tho conductor.
'les," said our hero, after counting
ins money.
So far, so good. And .now, Slippery
Uick," he continued, turning to the thief.
"I advise you to leave the cars at the next
station or I will have you arrested. Take
'Do you call that selling like wildfire?"
nhf. flpmnmlarl nltli .nrMim
I -s- ...... c,, I ...... .. ,. . I I .!..-.
I only commenced lost.evening." said e,lec"on ol uenjaram narrmou u
Walter, "I referred to the sales .of other tbat ho wns n Grandson of old Tip was
not forgotten uy ins aunerents. .uniiy
slangy, even Irreverent referenced fixed
on grandpa's hat as a fit subject for
campaign qtilpst In 18H, the year when
the Democratic convention brought the
What's tho nnme of the book?"
"'Scenes in BIblo Lands.'"
"Let mo sec It."
U'nllnf .lio.ilofol l,nl.
ti, .i, i u' first dark horse Into tho running, the
uj urauiiiut uiuiurtrs. iir ....
sajd. songs ot tne majority were:
I don't see anvthlnir remarkable about ' . poor Henry Clay, poor Henry C ay.
them. Tho binding isn't very strong.
Shouldn't wonder If tho book would go
You cannot he our Trenldent. for Polk Is la
tho way.
to plecc3 in n week."
"I don't think there'll be any trouble
thnt way," said Walter.
'If it does, you'll be gone, so it won't
. 1. 1 t,
uuuuie juu. ll,. rl ,!, ,,.,,,. ,w.-lt
'With ordinary care it will hold long VT"" V.;; J .T'-T-fi
enough.' . . . iQ(tA-T.tAi u.
Hurrah for Polk and nnnexatlon,
Down with Clay and high taxation.
When John Hanks, cousin of Abrahnm
I Lincoln, carrieu two weainer-oenien rnim
Walter went through two cars, looking your choice."
Rbout him on either side, thinking it pos- The detected roinie nn not inn,
siblc that the thief might have taken his making his choice. Already the cars had
Btat in one of them. There was very slackened tholr hiuwI
little chance of this, however. Next he tnnce ahead appeared a small station. The
passed Into the smoking car, wnere, to pjac0 seemed to be of very little impor-
lus joy no less than his surprise, he lounu tnnce. One man, however, appeared to
the man of whom he wns in search play- hnvp liuslnp thpro Wnita .nn- t,,.
I w - w. our , y t , UiUJU L 14 U ( ttllll Ull i. ICl 1.41 lilt t mix
Ing cards with three other passengers. quondam acquaintance jump on tho plat- 0fxp?e v, mUh d y0U charge j rison'had been the log cabin and Jackson
lie look-ea up careiessiy as auer ap- form, and congratulated himself that his 'v,r , . .. the hickory candidate years before,
preached, but did not betray tne sngnt- only loss was a pocketbook whose value .. T V L i.... . r In tho convention of 1800 began the
est confusion or sign of guilt. To let the id no exceed one dollar. tn9 d"Sv a pltJ modern custom of cheering nnd counter
reader into a secret, he had actually taken The conductor on seeing the pocketbook the woman- You .f t0 tl,Ink PP'e cheering. Tho Seward contingent gave n
Waiter's pocketbook, but was too cunning thrown n way had thought nothing of It. ar? .Tmae ,r J?0nteJ' , , ,, parade the day of tlie conveintion. While
to keep it about him. He had taken out supposing it to be an old one, but as soon ' ?hl i.I! , were marching Lincoln supporter.
the money, ana turown me pocKeiuooK fls he heard of the robbery suspected at ; TV.. I filled the Wigwam. With the naming of
"Oh, yes, of course you'd say so. I
camo tho "rallsplitter" candidate as Har-
Itself from the cat platform, taking an once the thief and his motive.
opportunity when he thought himself un
observed. As tne money consisted oi nn VPTKR YVM
bills, which cxiuld not be identinea as ai-
ter's, he felt that he was
of detection. He thougut tnat ne couiu Though he enjoyed the visit, and IXT"
do that.
"I warrant they make two-thirds profit.
Don't they, now?"
"I don't know," said Walter. "I don't
irinpn nn .in . . . n . i v " .
in no danrer . fMppeu en0?gn, " "UUfl' know anything nbout the cost of publish
hat he could , " .r- "'J!' ?-.niena; ing books. But this is a large one, and
afford to be indifferent
"Did vou cet tired of waiting?" he
nsked, addressing our hero.
"May I speak to you a moment?" ask
ed Walter.
."I mean alone."
"Then, gentlemen, I must beg to be es-
nra n proftr mnnr nlirtiroa in ir
. . . , . , , . I .''- ' r j I ' - --
iouuu lue lumous cataract tuny up to nn They mU8t have considerable.'
expectations, no incident occurred durin
the visit which deserves to be chronicled
here. He resumed his journey, and arriv
ed in due time at Cleveland.
He bad no difficulty in finding the office
of Mr. Greene, the agent of Messrs. Flint
"Seems to me It's ridiculous to ask
such a price for a book. Why, it's enough
to buy a nice dress pattern !
"The book will last longer than the
dress," said Walter.
But it is not so necessary. I'll tell
"Then, gentlemen, 1 must beg to oe ex- & Pushen IIe found that this gentleman, what n, do. rd like thc book well
cused for five minutes said the pick- begIdeiJ his ngencVf bad a and sta. tj on ,or tab)c rJ
pocket, shrugging his shoulders, as if to tionery business of his own. ive t.ou two donnrs for lt.
the candidates began the cheering. When
Seward was nominated and seconded the
shoutinir was absolutely frantic, shrill
and wild. But when Lincoln's nomlna
tlon was seconded tho West was heard
from, and gave a scream that was poal
lively awful, and accompanied It with
tamping that made every plank and pll
lar in the building quiver. On tho third
ballot Lincoln was nominated. The shout
ing was so deafening tbat tho cannon
which was discharged on the roof of the
building could not be heard Inside,
'Xow, ..j don't g0 out mygelf," he said to
dollars I" ejaculated Waiter.
express good-natured annoyance.
. .... - ' ' i i wi, uuimia . ujulu uicu auci.
my young friend, I am at your service. Waiter; "but I keep a supply of Flint's BCaTceiy crediting the testimony of his
Walter proceeded to the other end of hooks on hand, and forward them to his nr(,
the car, which chanced to be unoccupieo. 0Rents as called for. Have you dono
Now that the moment had come, ne nara- muci, ; the business?"
Iv knew how to Introduce the subject. "Xo. sir: I am only a becinner. I have
Suppose that the person he addressed done nothing yet."
were innocent, it would be rather an awu- thought not You look too young.'
ward matter to charge him with the .helt. "jir. pusher told me I bad better b.
Did you see anything of my pocket-' guided by your advice."
book?" he said, at length. "You had better go fifty miles off at dWusted at such meanness in a lady who
Your pocketbook !" returned the pick- oast. The immediate neighborhood has nopnnied so lnrse n house, and might bo
pocket, arching uis Drows. - uj, umc bcen pretty wen canvassed. xnore'i supposed to have plenty of money.
Yes, two dollnrs ; and I warrant you'll
make money enough, then."
"I should lose money," said alter. "I
couldn't think of accepting such nn olfcr."
In my opinion there isn't any book
worth oven two dollnrs."
"I see we can't trade," said Walter,
nxrsmna away kbom home.
jou lost it?"
"When did you discover its loss?"
"Shortly after you left me," said Wal
ter, significantly.
"I'm very sorry indeed. I did not see
It. Have you searched on the floor?"
"Yes; but it isn't there
Earle, now, a flourishing and wealthy
town. Suppose you go-there first?"
"I'll go this nfternoon."
"You are prompt."
Walter arrived in Earle In time for
supper, lie went to a small public house.
where be found that he could board for
a dollar and a half a day, or seven doi-
(To be continued.)
"That's awkward. Was your ticket In j0rs by the week. He engaged a week's
the pocketbook?" board, reflecting that he could probably
"Xo, I nad that In my vest pocket." work to advantnge a week In so largo a
"That's fortunate. On my honor, I'm place, or, if not, that five days at the
uorry for you. I haven t much money daily rate would amount to more iJuan
with me. but 1 11 lend you a dollar or two the weekly terms.
with the greatest of pleasure." He did not at first propose to do any-
Thls offer quite bewildered Walter. Ie thing tbat evening, until it occurred to
felt confident that the other had stolen him that he might perhaps dispose of a
his money, and now here he was offering copy of his book to the landlord In part
to lend him some of it. He did not car-i payment for his board. He went Into thu
to make such a compromise, or to be public room alter supper.
bought off so cheap ; so, though quite pen- "Are you traveling alone?" asked the
landlord, who had bis share of curiosity.
Yes." .said Walter. "I am a book
"Meeting with pretty goou success"
"I'm just beginning," said Walter, smil
ing. i.If you 11 be my tirst cutomer, i ll
niless. he determined to reject the offer.
"I won't borrow." he said, coldly. "I
was hoping you had seen my money."
The pickpocket turned and went back
to his game, and Walter slowly left the
mr. He had intended to ask him noint-
lilnnk whether he had taken tho money, stop vvith you a week."
i...t omililn't summon the necessary cour- "What kind of a book have you got?"
Ilo , hnrlr tn liln nlri inr. Wnlter showed It. It WHS got UP iu the
"Well," said the old gentleman who usual style of subscription books, with
nt behind him. "I suppose you did not abundance ot illustrations.
fiml vour man?" "It's one of. the best books we ever
"Yph I did " Bent out" sn,d Wo,ter ,n a professional
"You didn't get your money?" he added, way. "Just look at tho number of pic
. tnres. If you've got any children, they'll
'B-Zl7 perfectly cool. Still. I ke it; and, If you haven't, It will be
think he took it. He offered to lend mJ Just the book for your center tan e
a dollar or two. What would you ad
vise me to do?"
"Speak to the conductor."
Just nt that moment the conductor en
tered the car. As he came up the aisle
Walter stopped him, nud explained his
Joss, and the suspicions he had rormed.
"I see you know bow to talk," said tho
landlord, smiling. "What is the price-'
"Three dollars and a hair."
"That's considerable."
"But you know I'm going to tako it
out In board."
"Well, that's a consideration, to bo
One Thins tbat Help Moil to Make
a Home Homely.
Thin I say; Go back nnd pick up
lost good hnblts the omitted amenlticfl
of life. Bapoclully put back Into your
house tho fireplace. It Is tho ono Ihlng
that helps most to make n homo home
ly. Build It big and broad. Let there
be no glincracke of fancy woodwork
anywhere near It. Lot it bo only brick
or stone. Then let the nenrth be broad
and wide. Make it no largo every wny
tbat you need never fear for a imnp-
plng coal. Away with mats, for they
are combustlbloi But a stool thnt Is
another thing. Here you can forget
the stocks and tho ofllco nnd tho store.
Hero you can dream of rest nnd peace.
Here it Is possible thnt some of you
have Tom nnd Hnrry nnd Bessie nbout
your knees. Thero is no better wny to
reconstitute the family. It Ib the chlof
want of these modern days.
The world is never quite so Independ
ent or wo quite bo care free without a
fire. There are vnstness and lack of
outline to a summer day. We get our
feelings mixed up with the cosmos. Tho
fireplace nurrows our lives somewhat,
but it completes nnd unifies things. Wo
aro happy to be Just n part of the little
warm homo circle. Did nnybody ever
commit suicide who had a fireplace?
B. P. Powell, In Outing Magazine.
Gray-Haired Man ItcmmntierM n Hoy
Who Tried It Forty Year Also.
"Whenever I read In tho newspapers
that a boy has run away from homo to
fight Indians or seek some other sort of
adventure, it takes me bnck forty
years," said the gray-haired mnn in
the club smoking room. "For I ran
away from home once. Just ns I sup
pose every other youngster does, once
at least, only In my case I wnstft seek
ing adventure, I wns escaping tyranny.
"It seems foolish now, but it was
all very real to me then. The tyrnnny
consisted of the ono fact thnt ' I got
my first licking, nnd I guess thero's
no doubt thnt I deserved It. But I
couldn't pee It that way then; I wns
very bitter, nud tho oue Idea I had
was to get awny where life was free
and tyrants were not.
"The Impulse to depart on my trav
els was carried out so suddenly that
I found myself wandering far awny
from the house beforo it dawned on
me that I was 111 provided for a Jour
ney. In fact 1 had gone Just as I
was, with tho smnrt of my physical
as well as ray mental wrongs still
"As I went I pondered over the mnt
ter of provisions, nnd the Idea camo
to me that I would make my first
stand In ft cranberry bog right on
tho farm. With this ns a headquar
ters I would make raids on neighbor
ing orchards, and if the worst came to
tho worBt I supposed tho crnnberrles
would support life.
"Well, I reached tho cranberry bog
presently and bivouacked. Here I
should spend tho first night under the
friendly stars. I picked out a soft
place for n bed and sat down to wait
the coming of night
"Now, , cranberries are not very fill
ing, especially in the raw, green stato,
but I managed to cat some of them.
And then it began to get dark. -
"Well, air, the shadows fell quickly
on tho hills about me and the air grow
chill. Fantastic monsters reared their
"You say the man is in the smoking sure. A man doesn't feel it so much as ,oved to-c
r?" said ti e conductor, who had list- If he took the money out of hh . pocket for tho fui
r.; -,:'",iLi ..r...iH vn tnr him and paid cash down. What do you say, ouver
ened attentively.
"I am glad of It. I
warning by telegraph that one
Could vou point him and paid cash down. What do you say, Quyer Indeed I And what were tho
iirs. junoui uu'"" extra vans ror?
BlK Collection,
nnnor Tho Ultra-Van Tassela
moved to-dny. There were seven vans horrid heads on overy hand. The froo
furniture and six extra vans, i 10 i'""-
"Bo it won't surprise you to learn
that a very little boy ran home crying
Just then entered the room. "This young Gunner Why, to remove their fain- beforo the supper things bad boen dear
have received man wonts to stay here a week, and pay Bkoloton8.
ne of the New partly In a book he is agent for. Shall f
York swell-mob is on tho train, probably ntffee?" aao .. . . KR., ur. Tho population of Canada, according
Intent on mischief,, but no description nfe ' ai?t Lklno- to the ofllclal estimates of that country,
was 0,504,000 on April 1, on lncreouo of
21 per cent In bIx years,
. .a nnnra uioir" I oteiico iu - i rrtia AionnniiE oeciiu oi vuiiezutuu in
lamijiuny mu "'" . . " . . swtinn. nm tho tnaar. MranuHl nannla
"Tin vou think you can get dock my i ir. i U8 vvoriu s largest insect, it wuijuir '-.--. '-"i"
WO you iuius yuu n onened It. taking care to display lu" """"" c.rti,. Yhev like It and howl for
oney?" asicea vrmier, . aa wdtor a nan pouuu.
ed away, and that ho never ran away
Gerinana Not Only Obey Ilnlea, But
Are Unhappy Without Them.
The Derlinurs, and tho rest of. tho
more. They have restrictions of nil
kinds placed on tho order of tholr dully
lives, but they uto used to It. Indeed,
they huvo arrived at a sort of mental
state In which they look the author
ities to tell them what to do, and how
to do It, In- overy contingency. "Vcr
boti'ii I" is the (Jeriiinn word that has
tho greatest vogue, so far as I was ablo
to see. "Forbidden I" stares them In
the face everywhere. They are regu
lated In all sorts of ways, down to tho
manner they shall conduct themselves
In their houses. There Is a certain
tinio for beating rugs, a -certain tlmo
for playing tho piano, a certain time
for ' everything else. You can move
your household goods only In a certain
way. You ennnot shako a dust rag
out of tho window. You cannot (to this
and you cannot do that, anil, they told
me, after onco you get accustomed to
It, It Is a coinfortablo way to live. It
absolves you from thought If you know
what hours thcro aro for doing your
work and how you must do It. If a
cab knocks you down In the street,
you aro arrested for obstructing tho
trafllc. Your place is on tho side
walk. Kvery Berliner docs exactly what ho
Is expected to do, and you must do the
same. Ah nn example of how well
trained they are, they nro not obliged i
SJI-y nt ,cr -t Smltlmeld.
mNow York City Incorporated"
J80B-WIIII.M B Ogdea, .
Chicago horn In Wi,0Ili Ni W
In New York City Aug. .1877
181R French under Mnn.h
gaged t ic allies ,,, '
mill in ,ir irnin.i..
. nnJi
In Imvn trnnrilu (ill till. lllllll'rL'rilllllll
trains In Berlin. Tho Berlin folks l8H--Meetliig of the First I'nttrf p
... ..... I Illllll'llt nf K"I... m ,p
know they aro expected to snui um unmno.
doors, and they shut them
ohservo their regulations you nro not
disturbed, but If you violate ono of
them you instantly get Into more kinds
of trouble than you had Imagined could
exist. All you aro expected to do Is
to wnlk a chalk-line, nnd you can bo
lfttl Tlin
ii jmi - . "" mnt i rtrcii remotfct
London, to
happy, If the regulations nllow the kind i8ua(jen. Bonks reputed la the
of happiness thnt ngrees with you
Samuel (J. Blytlie In Everybody's,
oar 'the ;tm$9
-Or. to. (Mieiffn
The nannoch.
One of tho hardiest, brnvest, nnu
most dllllcult to handle among all tho
western tribes wns tho small but val
orous bnnd known ns tho Bannock,
Bnnak, or Pnnnltl. This llttlo tribe,
never numbering more than 700, has
for many years Inhabited tho country
between the Snake river nnd the moun
tains which mark the boundary between
Montana and southern Idaho.
Of Shoshono race, but braver nnt
more turbulent than any other Sho
shono tribe, the Bannock fought the
Blnckfeet nnd drove thorn back when
they came over the mountains, domin
ated tamer tribes of Idaho and Ore
gon, and made themselves general nui
sances when the white man took tho
The Bannock troubles culmlnntcd In
1878, when they broko out In open wnr,
drawing many of tho Pluto ami Sho
shone along with them. After consid
erable fighting their young chlof. Buf
falo Horn, wns killed by friendly In-
dlnn scouts, nnd the Bnnnock wnrrlorr
All of t!io Bnnnock tribe, except i
fragment at Lemhi, now make their
homo on tho Fort Itnll reservation.
Some 500 of them still survive, but are
slowly decreasing In numborH. They
do not take kindly to civilization, hut
seem to have accepted tho Inevitable,
nnd Itfhnve fairly well of recent years.
The Bnnnock are vory dark of face, and
of medium stature, while tholr physique
Is wiry and sinewy, ns might he ex
pected with a fighting race, equally ex
pert In horsemanship and mountain
from In front of llutklnsl,m pa
iVydo Prk. m WWm '
18T.4-Ui.lted States warship, bomblr
the American consul.... Wor,te,,
MllBH . nllnnaf ,1,... I ...... 1 i . '
- "Mill
uu tun iiuimon.
IWI Ilouso of ItepresentntlvM repeal
f''c ,f,,K11,t,vo lnve lnw..,.Entr, C
Maximilian nnd Carlotta Into Hn.
WW ,.u, vjiiib rouronii through tl
jiim openco.
tMiif I it. i.i vint-rf.tiA i.a irj
... . ..... j iiii-nn ...
pircr, renciieii tlie Congo rirr.
1870 Hayes and Wheeler nominate b)
tlie Ueptibllcan national conrentlon.
loui a new ijonnuian mlnlntr; formed
uy rrenuor Abbott.
- .......... T.,u . .-...ii. i muni n nrav
.i . , . .... -
iiimaiion against uuiian nilbuitrrt.
- - ......... 'iii ( iiVvv.yu
ijCMii'r h niioinnr rn mmp th mt
- iuv SHVJi
HPiiinrivPH tiniiuMi minr ima ni ah
ftnnoxntlon of Hawaii.
iihh , ,. inn 1'niiprtnn .n(iir.iAi .m fh. ...
Jscw lork.
mw Anniinn uuuuu ui i rcuiicr litnu ii
of CJrccco.
lahoinn and Arizona statehood bllb.
I nm i, . iin Ki-cf.i.i. .wnf-n f-nn.prpnm ii
oi Mnn r murium lounu nuiiir or
A Loat Art Iteillnuovrril.
In Science, Frank Delia Torre an
nounces his rediscovery of tho famous
Venetlnn varnish, which has been the
despair of violin makers for nearly
200 years. Shortly after the dlscov
ory of America tho gondolas of Ven
ice were regularly conted with n trans
parent, lustrous, orange-red varnish.
This flamo colored material made
everything beautiful upon which It was
painted. After tho Venetian city fath
ers decreed that all gondolas must bo
black tho wonderful varnish was turn
ed over to the violin makers. Somo
Italian furnlturo of the seventonnth
century still extant Is conted with It.
When the violin makers had used nn
the supply on tho Inst Cremonns, no
more wns to l had. Investigation
led Mr. Torre to concludo that tho raw
materials of this varnish must havo
come from Africa, and he believes that
ho has at Inst found a gum varnish
ldentlcnl with that used by tho Cro-
mona makers. It looks llko tho old
varnish nnd seems to have tho same
wonderful effect on violins covered by
Nat Pleaaunt,
Bacon I oeo n German scientist as
serts that thoughts can ho photographed.
Egbert It wouldn't bo nosslble.
however, to mako somo of 'cm look
pleasant Yonkors Statesman.
A riltlnir Terra.
"How would you deslgnato a tailor!
"I don't know of any particular nam
unless you would call it a tight At"-
Baltimore American.
When you see a boy with curls and
sash, It Is a very good sign that tho
father doesn't havo his way In tho
And tho honesty of a poor man It
seldom questioned,
Abo Attcll ban sinned up with Jif
Gleason for a twenty-round battle wl
Owen Mornn In 8nn I rancUco tor .in-
Hnmllno defeated North Dakota uni
versity by n total score of 81 to ), Tt ...illMtltlllv pnod Id ill
The St. Paul Driving Club has oprart
tlie season anil races will be lieW tmj
WediiMdny nfternoon until the middle of
At Louisville. Tlie Minks, carrylag lib
iioiiniii. irnveiiii u n- vuw --
i.. 1 .. k ...i.i..i. ., u ih track rre-
II A iJ ., ,... "I -
. I. I ..... f. ..
nil ill Olllliuimi .
Tourenne, with MiiHRravc up and
...i i n ... i ... ii in I n i iuf uw-
iru iruni j iu . u w -
l-llflliy WOll UIU winiuv(iv.i.
1 1.1(1 ml en. at Belmont
Harney Oldflcld has made hlJ"f
tomob o race, so no bhji.. -
liln nui nnuiiMtimnnr ii m n uiuu-
II. W. Whipple, fin Andover, iw
. .... .1.. I...1lnr rldt!
.iiwnv v. I'liwiim la - .
- i. timvn. ill U unrinif. ne um rv":
in wmiipra ncruNi mu i
0 times and landed u ot u. u.
M:l.,l nlmw
.. j. ,i..nnpu
.. ..,.! .nnnntf 111 1001 .
nuido to tho niitiioriui" -
.i... rt..i. ..,!... r.f Illlnnln.
uu',u"'" " ....
'I'l.n .Inni Hint tllO AiniTlW" .
. .. " .1.1 i....,i r i miro anu
m- ... Ima been revi.r
Is said that St. Paul, Minnea- -
win lnso the r teams.
- ..,. i.. Tin 1 1 1 1 li occiirreu - - ...
..... :" . . i ...nitPrwelsht, ffn
tied two and one-lmlf hours wm
t..... m i...,.i w It hout a la".
. i m.u.,l Aft ieiu
uilllli'n x. M..V.------. . .rtn ...
i.i xt,i.,I r.i.nffU0 IM5CU
.niA.t.itf Inlnred vvuen n. ,
-;.i...i...i i.foro us
r""0 "" ".""rmonently blinded.
.... r i.... iiririarcn
pr I I1I11I1I1B - . . inl.
will novcr ngaln cim iww r YflChtClB
Ica'H dip uu!en tho ww brlng
nltcni Itn rules o that J1?-5tlantlc
itity iinniiiiniiuiiiu i i.l 111
WllM -.
riiiH ni" i
t Uincu"
ho havlint won tnat
K ens as a partner v
. . ji-,i l.i flMloniru i v - j
E. ainistrelll, and Quoted . AnJ,
at 100 to 1 ogoinst, uoi.v-. - d c,
lean, British and Frencu - ,utd
a tf nh Derby staKMi .
wo'rld. Tho Italian hor rtjlj ,
i t.nm tha hot fovorn'
I lengths.
l think then is a ccsnce oi , wu i v -