The Madras pioneer. (Madras, Crook County, Or.) 1904-current, May 14, 1908, Image 7

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!n a condensed Form for Our
unsy KBuuuia.
Score Are Probably Dead at Fort
Waynet Indiana.
known dead, mnnv tn
otis y Injured I" tho result of a firn that
dcatroyod tho now Avollna Hotol, Fort
Wnyno'i principal hostelry, Sunday.
yiiior or l'olico Annkonbruck mid
A Bsumo
of the Us Important but
Less Interesting Events
of tho Paat Week.
Melkodhta have MHeJ
lo aiu jiiwi'""""-
on Bp oak or
llOtOl rcuintor was rnnmiinml . I . i
..4 " ...... M j ,u, Him
tlioro nro no nccurato moans of detor
mining who aro missing.
Tho comploto instruction of tho U.
torlor of tho hotol makos tho work of
rucuvonng uouico a difficult tank. A I
Valuable Information to pacific North
west Inquirers
Proeuor Elliott, Waxblnirtoa BUta College.
Frldav. Mav n. in a. a a APri 25-rThU wccl th?
VVnl.(nM m c r i K":'iu"- Washington State College experiment
Washington, May 8. Llttlo progress may givo ponnlts for tho exportation Nation received the following inquiry
B., who reaidea in Ssattle:
nme practical suggestions
relative to the beat grasses
aow on 'upland' in Kitsap
unndv lnam. whlrh dries out
. . -......... ... ..,,. nv irn.u, i uuur 111 uu, rwniiiu ennmuer, lunrxcu witu , , r . , :
concluded his remarks In opposition to statement as to tho numbor of years to 6ar,v ,n dr?r con to produce moat
'i lump sum appropriation of $500,000 tho forests in various parts of tho coun- W After having been cleared off,
.ii.mur unvuiopinnni or tno forest try would last. Mr. Hoybnrn read tho ,B" ,n"u unou u "y,
reserve system. Nelson, Mlnnnunt,, nnm... nf nmn, . a ,.!..,.., xw youngnr and ferns, Sowing rye in the
II,.. t... .in i .. " ...
.... uui.ovu, pouios wore still in """ tn tlio senato today on tho or ""ibor from forest reserves, Hey rom w L.
tno ruins. .i. ... , in,.,, .1..-1.,,. ,ii,t ,..!. ,i. i
Tho ontlro Interior of th. . " . ' . n.P"Pn bill, the boh- Y'""J "MnnWii Tn 7 r .. 1 "I wi.h
In smoldorlntf hoan of ruin. .i i? '"" ''"'"K ""voted to a discussion upon tndnv. rl llnnin.i n i.nrt nf , ..irv from you
tnnnr dead uro ennnnnlmi i.
tho principle of forest ii or grains to
( I it) i r i u onn nn l. 1 . . llUlnltllHtrill inn nf Mint un..,!nn rr-.ll.. n . . i. . rt i. .1 1 .... (jniintv. on
arid Dolllvor of Iowa Hpoko in support , entry' Association, declaring that Mr.fn11' and PlowlnK tho rye under in the
of tho reservo service Wcvcrhnuser. tho second vlon.r.rnIHnnf PHnK to plant potatoes haa been roc-
confused heap of charred wood, bricks'. McCurn"Cf chairman of tho commit-1 owned or claimed moro timber unlaw- ?,Binian"',d me, but so far aa I know
anu twisted girders is pllod up bo-1. " " Vv muM called tho attention of fully obtained than any other man on , "V. A
tweon tho bnro wails to the second . "f"" 0 to, ft ,,oa,,lock imong tho earth. Tho Senato adjournod with tho'KiUP, 0
... ...... .a mm iha inaaAa arrirv mash 11.! . .
nlnio has l'on "uu" " "'- 1'iuco mis must no ro
.V Aetna Honk, of nunc,
t...n uniinriil MnrloilH niil
Thtrs novo "
of the Aetna
J,k, , In Ohio ngalnal tho tobacco
treat. . '.. .
i t.l Il.n Ili.rllnr.lnn
r)m mnn wno "i"
lr!n at Ilutte has proven to
bo only
ruovod boforo tho roll of tho dond can
bo completed. Bomo of tho bodies
laicon out aro mnnglod and chnrrcd be
yond recognition,
Infantry Compnny I and Battory D
of tho National Ouard aro on duty, and
nldlng tho flro and pollco forces to clear
away tno nonris.
j.nsn has i.sued a pereinptory do-
I M.ia.ri (.trill llm IlUVCOtt Of
uwcvclt t'cnlrs the power or con-
. .....I mil linrll ' nvnr tno
.mir find iiii J
K'pnturky rontinues to liavo trouble
,.L -i..i,i mli'rrt. who aro burning to- Ml. USPS.
Th- Hopf I tiImtv trial n ilia ccno
' iriflVITH Itllll lllllltfni WI'VII IKMn
.1 I.i .t'llFM
I.i lifii't ilrnwn tlf fi
iimT.., ...... ......... -i'
;t tr. lilTI'HM fl MK 1 f 1 f XOr tllO
Hiuu.iua " rt ..."
- i- n niimirni
Ml. " "
The hotel waa erected 00 years ago,
was nry as tint or.i
i-orito or mo - jt burned llko matchwood, nnd wl.l.ln
few minutes from tho timo tho flro was
discovered tho wholo of tho hotol was a
mnss of flames that filled tho corridors
and rooms with suffocating clouds of
smoko thnt laid fiery barriers across all
moans of escnpo savo by tho windows.
San le Franclaco Gaily Decorated In
Honor of Occasion.
Senator lieyburn, of Idaho,
. ,..,. tn mirvev all unsur
t , t lr..ul. K.4 . l
til lamia in iti;ui. nm"Mi
' -- I ..!! In
HAN ntANCIBCO. Mav BI n eairar
expectation Ban Francisco is awaiting
tho arrival of tho Atlantic battleship
ncoi. mo meats aro naKon, tno house
is in order and tho feast is sot. The
members of the household aro clothed
in their host raiment, and aro busv with
wants tho final arrangement of bow nnd other
m 7? on 1 Pcnflion appropriation agricultural bill atill incomploto and
bill on tho senate amendment nimitrincr tlm frirnntrv nnnitinn
.. -.Mnuiiniitii ui mo present Hysiom or
having the pension funds disbursed
through eight pension agencies, located
throughout the country, instead of
Washington, May 5, A lively debate
was kept up all day today in tho IIouso
on mo sundry civil appropriation bill,
through a single agency locaod in this Itopeated efforts were made by Oainc?
city. Many senators expressed a do-1 of Tonnosseo nnd Chancy of Indiann,
sire that the conferees should insist on supported by many other mcmbors, to
tno senate amendment. Iprocuro an appropriation for an investi-
w . . Igntion looking to increased safety in
Washington, May 8 Tho officers nnd mining, nnd thoy hnd about got Chnir-
!t i n t'"Wn 1,10 nnnjr to'mv won i "lan Tawnoy to tho point where ho
Uieir fight for increased pay when tho would consont to an appropriation of
House, after a debate of two hours, r0,000 when Undorwbod objected, nnd
agreed to the conforoneo report on tho tho proposition, for tho timo at least,
army appropriation bill. An appropri-' was dropped.
alien of 7,000,000 was made for the Tho additions to tho bill today woro
, ,. lWU)OTU ,,, which win go to jjjuu.uuu for tho military prison nt Fort
mi. .'iii.n.i'ii mull.
bin carries nn nggreirnto annronrla- Tho thrnn rnmninintf dmir. nt
f Ifir .1,1.. i,.r ,n, . . . u..
ui ij..i,.n5-,-i.j, ine principal item sion woro taken un almost cnt rclv b
e enlisted men. Nine hundred officers Leavenworth, Kan., nnd $10,500 for an
i the retired list also will benefit by addition to Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., or a
e increase. Tho army appropriation . total increaso to date of $1,241,000.
v.,iiri,;n mi aggregate appropna-! Tho three remaining hours of tho-sos
ill of i'X,M'.'ir,. Tho nriiir! nnl It
of inereitH.) is the $7,000,000 additional a discussion of roll-calls, caused by i
pay. With tho various changes made refusal of tho House to take a recess a
adornment. Fluttering flags, nnvv ion
nnnts nnd streamers, nnd ltoar-Admirnl
Evans' picture aro everywhere. Mar-
Ortat Britain Is considering an old- l "r" 'tt v' Hunting in
urw.' tho Nntioual colors, and flags waving
iiiuiii nnuu iiiiius uu iitiil ini'ii. iivnrv ii ii
Jipaa dctvlei tho report that tho Co- cot, ono largo and a cluster of fivo
unneror is to uu uiibuuuu. smaller nags iiviutr from each onn nnii
Japan hna filed another protest with orminaiing in the huge re.l, white and
long wiro cables, are tho words, "Wel
come to tho Atlantic Fleet," in tho
kaleidoscopic colors of tho international
navy signal codo flags and pennants,
while on Telegraph Hill the word
' 'Welrnmo" stands in lottor 15 feet
high, which enn bo rend for many miles,
and which at night will bo illuminated
b- i!..V)0 elertric. Ili'htN. 1-Vntnnmi nf
itrPTii uriLmii ' n uiimiciui uuu uuii iuai n in niinsnen r lirrnfta pi in nn r r n ubins e r
aliowa eontmiona to oo in aucn tno principal streets and prominent
buildings are outlined in cloctric bulbs,
furnishing at night a most magnificent
It is estimated that thero will bo bo
Kmroa Goldtnnn, high priestess of an-
l .11 - r, .1.1 .......
Portland, commencing May aa. ,
Tie cashier of tho Alloghony wa-
I 1) 1. t t)!liuliilai It n M VAAM A .
1 J 1 .
k inuua.
tbape that the duty on sugar ia
i rtdoced.
and labor.
in conference, tho bill represents a total
Increase of $.V'fi:i.1 15 over the amount
authorized by tho houso.
Thursday. Msy 7.
Washington, May 7 In reply to Hoy
burn ' attack upon tho forestry policy
of tho ntlmlnistrntion, Dopow of New
York todny, in tho sonnto, spoko at
length in defenso of forestry resorvos
and tho reforestation of denuded land.
Only the other day, ho said, Now York
Htato received 1,000,00 trees from Ger
many for use in reforestrntion of tho
Adirondncks. Ho commended tho ac
tion of President ItooBovclt in inaugu
rating tho system of forestry reserves
by setting nsido 20.000.000 acres, which
was increased to -10,000,000 acres under in nny w
I'rcsldeut McKinlcy, and is now ISO,
000,000 seres. In tho last two years, Uno-
no saiti, f ranco hng spent $50,000,000
for reforestrntion in view of tho enor
mous damage to property and the homes
or wio poopio by Hoods.
P'xtcuded discussion of tho expendi
tures of tho Forestry Bureau for pub
licity work of various kinds, called
forth a vigorous denial by Mr. Smoot
that a forester had attended a conven
tion and charged his oxpenses to "the
hay and grain account."
a o'clock as a result of a ioko on th
part of somo Kopublicans, who were
trying to hold tho Domocrnts in the
House until tho timo tho Republican
caucus was scheduled to bo hold. In
this thoy woro successful, tho Houso
finally at 7:47 P M. recessing until
11:55 A. Mi tomorrow.
Washington, May 1. After ten days'
tnscussion, consideration of tho sundry
tween 700,000 and 800,000 people in San
Franuiseo on tho day that the fleet ar-
rivim. The milmrlmn eitlra niHriri-nt tn I
- - j ii . r l i viii.i. i in nny ami towns witnin a minus or riv mmrnnr ul i,;n
prni inn ni i Jirinr. una wrumn d. ini i.m 1 1 mn iniiw i.a .IahamhIaI,! i . .. .
- m tw Kv i w if mv riifi iifiiiHit t nil n v riiir iiriT am tnttrini
to eongrcM urging the passage of . ami will contribute 200.000. whiio tho u iiu ..-.m1. r
tr 1,111. nf Int.iHl In I II . t I.' .1. ... " " l"""n" " ".'
" wV. v niw wuH ii m. i r i ni 1 1 nn rrina n tnrni
bile at Han Francisco, Itear-Admlrat ' bring at least 150,000 from points appropriation of $100,000,300, or $1,-
aecond in command of tho At-' "rln , "f ow as umaun, anu irotn " moro than was reported by tho
ii npT win rir itnr ii r r itiitaii nn
llinnma nninuA.1 a htllilnw 'inn f aa.
ij proclamation or tnu governor,
moi tho poopio to adopt rctolU'
I 1lnrf imnn onnirrotiti tn rnn la it.
linn illn.i r n m 1. m r im9 inn Ml
- - .
ibcu utuLia nrriiii tiir n uv iiuiT.k vut.m
Hri Pfllnai rt il iain In.l iMr
o - 1 "V
nv xn.ll nn lnillrrmniiti ithnrfr nn
nsla.. 1 a l l T
lUtturtMinrt) ha.i bcon but Just
paper tnut ii nrctifl nf inuklnff
I uiivviiiiiifiiv was-
n iimeer.
iirkiido real estate mon nrc ondoav
(t to shield Huef in his trial for no-
" bribtii.
"a heenmon will ntnrn tfcolr wnnl
tr than nccett tho nrirn nffuroil i
er i ui i nun . . t .1 -
imatisco will watch tho arrival of
fbattleshii. (oM
ni..i .. ....
v war" seems probable in
and Oront lirltnln t. n,nktnn
rat n. i.
"inrn iuicoui)lor(Hl ft
Mont. Off N'nur-.. I a I
, iiiinnnr rfirfm uunt hnr
ericann in ountt
iii:niiiii it ia .....a. a
e ndviHed ti, admtnistrntloB
wndlng the Atlantic fleet t
Tlritish Columbia on tho north, to the
international boundary nn the south.
The principal resolution of tho day
related to tho salary and wngo scale
to bo paid in the construction of tho
Panama Canal. Tho committco had in-
Attempt to Dynamite Oregon 8hort j Hpf,u'.1 provision providing that such
Line Ihwarlrd. I,mru'" " WK "no' "0l e",,.M
I by moro than 25 por cont tho salaries
IJUTTK, Mont., May 5What np- and wages paid in tho United States for
pears to have been nn nttempt to wreck similar work. Tho provision was do-
a rrcignt on tno nortnuounti uregon foaled, 10 to 101.
Mhort Lino similar to mat winch boron
Monday. May 4.
WASHINGTON, May 4 Tho Cana
dian international boundary treaty was
ratified today by tho Senato in execu
tivo session. It provides for the more
completo definition nnd demarcation of
the boundary botweerf tho United
States and Canada, but does not change
ay tho established, existing
the Hurlington train Friday night, wna Wednesday. May 6
inwnriiMi inunuay ny .loan, wno Washington, May O.-The Senate
vrns wmiing mo vrncn on .u S(. a bi prohibiting the
Me rose. .'employment, within certain hours, of
ttbon about six miles this aide of cni(lrcn mulcr H ycars of agc in thc
Melrose, Holnn, according to his own . District of Columbia, in any factory.
story, tiiscoyereu 10 sucks or dynamite workshop, telegraph office, restaurant ' buildings for Its ambassadors In Eu
i",.R Bmn , 1, Jm"!?.di" v ".".' ".il'e.l'otel. apartment house, saloon, pool , ropean . capitals rcoelvcd a setback
i . : 1 1 : i i i: ii
,r ""''r;roon., uuw. nttcy, or m(t0(lay ,n tho 80nnto, where tho (Up
1 ui, ai.wi i.lllill. Wl UI31I llillliuil Ul
Senator Lodge today introdueod
bill appropriating $400,000 for tho pur
chase of a building in Paris to bo used
as the American legation. A provision
for the purchase of the building hnd
been stricken out of tho diplomatic and
consular appropriation bill on the point
that it was not general legislation.
senator l-ulton today proposer! nn
amendment to tho sundry civil bill, au
thorizing tho Boerotary of tho Interior
to contract for tho caro of the Alaska
insane, this amendment being in the in
torest of Dr. II. W. Coe's sanitarium.
WASHINGTON, May 4Tbe House
completely overran tho committee on
appropriations in connection with sov-
oral items in tho sundry civil bill
When tho measure was laid nsido for
tho tiny, $250,000 had beon added to the
sum recommended by tho committco.
which included $100,000" for gauging
tho streams and determining the water
supply of tho Unitod States; an in
crease of $50,000 in tho appropriation
for testing structural materials, and
$100,000 in testing coal, lignite, and
other fuels. Theso changes were not
accomplished, howovcr, withbut a pro
longed debate, in which the committoe
found itself practically alone
Saturday, May 2.
Washington, May 2. The policy
sought to bo established by tho gov
ernment of providing and equipping
," railroads
"t rates,
aro to ralso all
V1llVC,"ml w,Vfl tho ox-Prosldent
3 "'Ulcerous condition.
'.vwmt I'iui, i i i .
"""uri I'aciJ,. directorate.
I. X .T" wnian cashier of a
-- ouuri s i iinn
w. 'm been air nl M
J. 10 J"" ponding tho insanity
of th
III I J1UIIIII 1 11 I U n hllll UAJIUIU - O
tho river near by, ami hastened to no
tlfy tho Melrose station agent. When
the northbound train arrived it was held
back until a thorough investigation
could be made.
The station agent nt Melroso tele
phoned tho loeni authorities, and the
latter ore inclined to givo credenco to
Holnn 's story in view of tho thoft re
cently of a quantity of powder from ono
of the mines or tho district. About
sevon sticks of dynnmito woro found on
the Short Lino tracks
Tho would-be dynamiter was arrosted
and confessed his part 'n the plot.
Six People Burned Al ve.
NF.W YOUK, May 5 An early morn
inir flro in a four-story brick tenoment
nt 17 Humboldt street caused tno tieatn
of six persons nnd tho serious injury of
four others today, r.very . member ot
one family, consisting of a mother nun
four children, aro among tho dead.
There were ninny thrilling roscucs by
police and firemen, ami it was uno to
thnlr bravo work that tho doath list
wim not larger. A half-dozen or more
persons wore- entrnppod in the uppor
stories unci woro saved by jumping into
life nets. The financial loss enused by
tho flro is estimated nt $10,000.
Pomp at Royal WeddlnR.
ST. PETBIlsmntfl, May 5. Prlnco
Wilhelm, of Swodon, second son of King
She plnyod tho i Ouslnvo, tho popular sailor prinoo, wno
1 I ..t..ti...1 A ...,..f... I,. 10H7 ti'fiu mnrrl.lit
VlnlllMl lliu-i n;i .-,, inn
Bunday afternoon to Grand Duchess
Mario Pavlovna, cousin of tho Kmporor
of Hussla, nnd daughter of Grand Duko
Pnul Alexnntlrovitcli. Tho ceremony
took plneo at Tsnrskoo-Solo, and was
vl "10 noet-n .ii.i , ' i.i i... n .i. .....
oivnsvillo 1 "" uismiBsen nceompniiu'u ur mi iuu jiuihjj u
"'a nnv suit to re-1 nam tuspiay pnaraciormnc vi mo iu
, V14 1l Hearst Lontnio will
enl.M18on. of Mussaehus
Harrv 'ri.
in ..:.! ""i am nor uua.
aylum, iiuubo irom tne
stntelv court in Kuropo. In tho ovon-
Ing ft groat atnto banquot; wns sorvod.
Native Village In Ashes
MANILA, Mny 6. The town of AntU
polo, In tho Provlnco of Morong, has
beon practically destroyed by flro. Four
hundred houaos were burnod nnd hun
dreds of poopio nro homoloss. Tho fa
mous, shrine was saved, Tho flro was
ORiiaod by lightning. Antlpolo la a
town of 8,000 inhabitants.
transmission of merchandise or mcs
sages. No such chili) is permitted to
work at any employment for wages
during school hours, nor before 6
A. M.. nor after 7 P. M.
The Senate also atlopted a resolu
tion offered by 1'oraker, of Ohio, di
recting thc Interstate Commerce
Commission to inform the Senate
whether the commodity clause of thc
Interstate Commerce Act had been
complied with since May 1, 190S, and,
if not, whether the non-compliance
by the railroads has been due to any
agreement, arrangement or under
standing between the railroad com
panies and thc authorities.
The conference report on the army
appropriation bill, carrying an aggre
gate of $'J5,377,S-I, was atlopted. This
amount was $.1,403,000 more than the
bill carried when first passed by the
Senate. i
Washington. May fi. lly the over
whelming vote of 107 to -10, and after
a two Hours debate, tnc uouse totiay
agiin went on rcconl .against re-es-tnlilishmcut
of thc canteen in the Na
titnal soldiers' homes.
With the exception of the adoption
of the conference report on thc bill
reorganizing the Consular service, on
which the Democrats forced two roll
calls, thc sundry civil appropriation
bill was under consideration the en
tire day I-ittle progress was made
towards its completion.
Tuesday, May 6
Washington, May 5. Suggesting an
amendment excepting Idaho from stateH
Wants Postal Savings Banks.
Washington, May 7, Proaidcnt Itooso-
velt today oxprcased to Sonntor Carter,
of tho committco on postoftlecB and post
roads, his oarnost desiro to soo n postal
savings bnnk bill becomo a law at this
session. Benntor Cartor told tho Presi
dent that ho thought tho bill which had
boon favorably reported to tho Sooato
would bo taken up by thnt body nt nn
onrly date, and thnt It would pass both
ImuBPS nnd becomo a law without aorl
ous opposition.
lomntlc bill wna under consideration.
Through a point of ordor by Culber
son, Texns, nn nmendmont to tho
house bill appropriation 1400,000
for such n building at Paris was
stricken out.
Tho bill wns passed, nfter which
eulogies on tho life, character nnd
public services of tho lato Senators
Mallory nnd Bryan, of Florida, were
Amendments to tho diplomatic
bill were adopted Increasing tho sal
ary of tho secretary of tho legation
and consul general to Salvador
from $2000 to $3500; appropriat
ing $15,000 to enable tho secretory
tn stnte to protect tho property and
rights of citizens of the United
States In the navigation nnd uhp of
thc St. Johns river In case of any
Washington, Mny 2. After the
usual rollcnll to demand tho pres
ence of n quorum, tho houso todny
resumed consideration of the sundry
civil appropriation bill disposing of
It pnrngraph by paragraph.
An nmendmont offered by Gaines
appropriating $10,000 to aid tho
Ladles Hormltnge to care for and
preserve tho Ilortnltngo, tho home
nnd tomb of Andrew Jackson, at
Nashville, Tonn., wns rejected on a
point of order mndo by Tnwnoy of
An nmondment by Smith of Louis
iana appropriating $150,000 for con
tinuation of work on tho St. Mich
aels cnnal, Alaska, until tho passage
of the sundry civil bill, was ngreed
to without discussion.
littl experimenting has been done in
County on upland soil. There
ore bods of muck near the land. Would
it be advisable to pil and dry thia muck
and later use it as a drosaing for atraw
biirry planta, small fruits, and in start
ing apple trees T"
Professor Elliott replied: "I beliove
that the beat grass for the region you
menion Is orchard grasa, although
have found Italian rye grasa doing quite
well. Tho land is much benefited by
the application of land plaster, or gyp-
aum. I doubt very much if you could
uae muck as a fertilizer, unless it waa
worked over quite thoroughly before
using. Moat muck soils aro in a con
dition that we call inert that is, they
nm rl AM l ar, far a. nrnrtiia1 .rnn.rrrnw.
; - "r S-"
ing la concerned, and need first to bd
acted upon by tho weather and sunshine
and bacteria, which are efficient in re
deeming land. Much of tho land in
Kitsap County, as well as swamp lands.
are in this condition. You will find the
application of barnyard manure very
beneficial also, but I believo the best
way is to treat the land with lime and
land plaster; then follow with clover
and such other erops aa may bo do
aired." A. G. T., reaiding near Cove, Waih.,
wrltea: "Can you give me any infor
mation as to whether chicken manure is
too strong, and will thus burn and in
jure strawberry planta, if put directly
on the crown of the plant f In thia ro
gion very little livestock is kept, so
that manure for fertilizing purpoioi ia
rather scarce.
"Another point I wish to bring up is
tho care of a cow before calving, where
milk fever ia suspected. I lost ono
good animal from milk fever last fall,
and do not wish to take any more
chances, if I ean help it."
The station replied: "In using chicken
manure as a fertilizer it is better to
apply it in liquid form-. This form of
fertilizer is very high in its nitrogen
content, and also contains a consider
able quantity of potash. Put the ma
nure in a barrel or trough, then throw
water on it, later applying the liquid
to tho ground about the plants. Do not
touch thc plants with the liquid. Thia
would givo you bettor results than if
usod in the dry form
"Aa a preventive of milk fever, we
advise a reduction in the amount of
grain feed, and an inerease in food of
a succulent nature. Roots, crrasaea. or
auage would all be good, but too much
1 . 1 ' . !, .
gram luuu migni loauci mux lever,
You had better make a study of the
means of checking milk fever by the in
jeetion of oxygen with a small syringe.'
"Dodder is destroying my clover."
writes J. O. C, from Rochester. "How
may I eheck itt"
Professor Elliott replied: "Dodder
ia usually planted with elover, and after
becoming established in the soil, fas
tens its tendrils to the clover, or other
plants which may be growing. Fmallv
it loses its attachment to the plant,
and becomes a true, parasitic plant. It
aaps tho life of the 'host plant' upon
which it uvea, and if it becomes very
strong in its growth, will eventually
destroy the host. To eontrol it, cut
out the patches of clover where it ap
pears, early in the season, before it has
.formed send. Rake this cut clover up,
and burn it before it becomes drv. By
this means tho seed is prevented from
seeding, and as the plant itself is de
stroyed, there is little probability of the
dodded growing the following season."
This Inquiry waa referred to Professor
Elliott, who repllod:
"1. Wo have experimented with sor
boana for about twelve years at ta
Pullman station, and have also experi
mented with the soy bean at our state
station, located on the westora slope of
tho Cascade Hange, near Puyallup.
1 1 o.r -or. v - . . .
u, no nolo uu fc uccu ttuio to lu.
ture them sufficiently at this station to
justify their being considered as
profitable crop. At the Puyallup sta
tion we have had better auccosa. Onr
experiments have been triod only or
the plot scale, .hence we have no data
regarding the cost of production.
"4. We have used these beans as
forage, and also have made an effort to
use them for grain feed for swine, witk
only moderate success; and (5) I do not
think any experiments have boen made
looking to their use as food tor tb
human rae.
Also a Sure Test for Tuberculosis
in the Cow.
Br Dr. K. W. 8 leader, AMiatant Prof cmot f Bur-
gtrp, Wuhinrwn Agrlealtaral Coltere.
"Will yon tell me what is the raatUr
with milk when it turns thick and
slimy, resembling a mixture of hot
water and starch," writes A. H from
Chelan Falls. "Whenever my cow
misses being milked, her milk for sev
eral days thereafter has this appear
ance. It tastes all right, but to me it
seems queer that milk should act this
way. Also, tell me how to find out if
an animal has tuberculosis."
Dr. K. W. Stouder, assistant pro
fessor of surgery, replied: "The coagu
lation of the milk you refer to is b
doubt due to a slight inflammation of
the udder, due to the retention of the
milk too long, coupled with some bac
teriological change in the milk, the lat
ter possibly being due to an infection
passing through the milk duct of tho
teat. The milk might, or might not, ba
wboleaome, depending upon the organ
ism causing the coagulation. Senti
ment, however, would revert against
the nse of such milk.
'In order to teat an animal for tu
berculosis, we use a biological product,
or toxine, known as tuberculin. Thia
must bo injected by an experienced op:
erator, hypodermlcally, and a earefnl
record kept of the temperature for sev
eral hours both before and after the in
jection. The test ia very reliable, but
n order to perform it, a person must
have had specific instruction, as well aa
some experience in its application."
E. E. S., of Walla Walla, wants to
know how to kill the " raorninc-clorv
weed." He was informed that:
"The extermination of this woed is
he hardost 'weed problem' that the ex
periment station has fared. Thp plant
a one of the most difficult weeds to
kill, but its redeeming feature is that
it does not sprend rapidly. It stays
where it gets its first start. Smother
ing by heavy applications of straw, or
nanure, ia a fairly successful method,
but cutting it off only makes it grow
more rnnidlv. It is urobahlo that x
cutting before the application of the
mulch would be advantageous. "
Milo M. Hastings, physiological
hernial of Christian's School of An.
pliod Food Chemistry, of Now York
City, writes ss follows:
"I am collaborating with Professor
Suzuki, of the Agriculture Department
ot .lapan, with the view of furthering
the introduction of tho soy bean into
this country. I wish to obtain tho
mint reliable and latest data ns to tho
results thus far obtained in sov bean
ulture in the States. Will vou refer
the following questions to tho momber
of your staff who is best posted upon
this topicf
"(1) Have soy beans been grown at
the Washington station or by the farm
ers of the statef (2) If so, with what
suceessf (3) What do you estiinnte
the cost of production per bushel f (-1)
To what usos have the beans boen put,
nnd with what success! (5) Do you
know nf any Investigations that havo
been made in this country ou the sub
juct of soy boan products as human
ar t
Create. Waterways Fund. A ,. "V "
Washington, Mny O.Tho Senato I tv BDeettn8tr. asked tho fnlr .-nllrr.
committco on commerce today ndopted I "Yes, ma'am," answered the elderly,
tho report of Its subcommittee, which aquare-Jawed rnntrou. "What can I ,do
rovisotl tho Nowlnnds waterways bill. I ou'f" ,
This report fixes tho appropriation at ' "ff 1 8aid tht caller' wnklna
$10,000,000, nnd authorizes tho issuanco na8ty
of bonds when tho "watorwnyB fund" Foremost among the minerals, etc..
falls below $5,000,000, in ordor to keep which Russians regard as the source ot
tho fund up to that amount. The full Siberia's future wealth are cold, Iron
eommltteo expects to hold froquent coking cool, mnnKnneae, copper, platinum,
mootlngs with ft view to reporting the emeralds, topazes, asbestos, plauber's salt
measure as early as poaalble, rock salt nnd, In all probability, naphtha
Begins to Realize the Importance of
Maintaining Forest Area.
Korea, the Ilermet Kingdom, is wak
ing up to the nocessity of protecting its
remaining forests and replanting de
nuded tracts on important 'watersheds.
Japan is furnishing the inspiration and
part of the money which will produce
the change from the old order of things
to the new. A school for training
livorean foresters has already been pnt
in operation.
The two governments drew up a co
operative agreement last spring and
outlined a plan for the wise use of tho
forests in tho Yalu and Tumen Valleys,
and as a result a national forest poliey
for Korea has been developed. The
new Korean forest laws are similar to
those of Japan, according to United
States Consul-General Thomas Sam
mone, of Seoul.
Although Korean forests have been
exploited and neglected, and the coun
try has suffered severely from drouth,
floods and erosion, the denudation is
less serious than in neighboring prov
inces of China. One of the first meas
ures to be taken up will be the preser
vation of such wooded traets as yet re
main. In order to do thia, the govern
ment has taken all forests under its
care, whether they are publicly or pri
vately owned. The owners will not be
deprived of their property without com
pensation, but the government will rec-
ulate the cutting of timber, and in cer
tain caaes may prohibit all cutting on
traets which ought to remain timbered
"to prevont floods, drouths, landslides,
and to preserve unimpaired the scenic
attractiveness of places of public re
sort." All owners of timberland and
all leaseholders are required to report
to the government their holdings in or
der that the property may be listed and
cared for. Failure to report within a
year subjects the forest to forfeiture.
The forested area of Korea is about
,500,000 acres, which is only one-tenth
of the land on which forests ought to
be growing. Extensive timbered tracts
remain in the northern part nf the coun
try on the waters of the -ln and Tu
men "Rivera, and lumber iterations are
carried on in the mountain districts.
But in the agricultural sections of the
country wood is very scarce, and the
fuel problem is serious. Conl and other
mines have been opened by Americans,
and one of the moat pressing needs is
timber for use in and about the mines.
In thnt country, as elsewhere, large
quantities of timber are necessarv in
developing mining property, and it ia
noteworthy that a country as backward
ntiusirially as Korea can put into prac
tice the principle that the only sure
way of getting timber ia to grow it.
Tomato Cmtaup.
Boll together a peek of uupeled to
matoes and six iu breed onions until
soft euough to be rubbed easlij through
colander. After putting the vegeta-
hies through a colander, jwur through
coarse strainer and add o them a
tab!8poonful each of jwvyderd cloves,
mnce. peppor, salt nnd sugar, a salt
spoonful of cayenne pepper, three bay
leaves nnd a tablespoonful of celery
seed sewed Into a small eheesocloth
bag. Boll all together for fix hours,
stirring frequently. Take out the boa
of seed and add a pint of elder vinegar.
Boll up once more, take from the Are
and. when wild bottle and seal.
ThHt'o It.
"I don't know why my wife Isn't
happy, she bus' everything money can
"It Is the things which money cannot
buy that make it woman happy."
Houston Post.
Cuuae aud ISSTeot,
First Coed Ever notice how grata
Prof, McGooale always Is?
Second Coed Yes, but there's nothing
strange about that. He does all hla
thinking In the dead languages.