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'the Madras Pionfeer
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Under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1879,
April 2, 1908
West side and the judgeship
What the West side of the
count' wants is a pood, busi-
hesslike administration of coun
ty affairs, with an equable tax
assessment throughout the
county, and a fair distribution
bf the benefits of taxation. For
several rears the residents of
this section have been pledging
themselves to the election of a
bouuty court which would be
ehllrelj' free ffom the old coun
tyseat influence, against which
Ihe bitter fight of the past two
years has been waged. The
west side wants a square deal,
unbiased by any of the influ
ences which have caused the
'discord in the coiintj' in the
past, and a County Judge who
will administer count' affairs
"economically, fairly and impar
tiall'. They have an opportu
nity to elect such a county
udge in the candidacy of Mr.
H. G. Ellis of Bend; and an an
alysis of the candidacy of Mr.
Blanchard will reveal the cause
'of the only opposition there is
to Mr. Ellis' caudidacj
When, after much delibera
Hon, Mr. Ellis consented to en
ter ihe race for County Judge,
- he announced that he would
make no ante-election pledges
further than to discharge th
1 duties of the office in-a fair and
impartial manner to all sections
of the county alike. Some time
after announcing his candidacy
he was called to Prineville and
asked to sign and publish
statement pledging himself to
certain policies in case of his
election. Among these pledges
was one that he would complete
the new court house forthwith;
another, that he would oppose
county division during the term
of his oflice (four years). Mr
Ellis declined. He took the po
sition. with reference to the
court house, that he would, of
course, complete it as rapidly as
there was money for that jmr
pose and it could be done con
sistent with good business man
agement. Regarding coun ty di
vision, he says it is not an issue
now and may not be during the
term of his office, but on the
other hand it may become an
issue during that time, and all
sections of the county may ap
prove of division, in which event
the county judge would cut a
sorry figure opposing what the
people of the county want. lie
stated further that he favored
just and equal taxation, a good
system of county public schools,
and good county roads.
Mr. Blanchard at that time
was a candidate for superinten
dent of schools, but immediate
ly following the refusal of Mr.
Ellis to sign any pledge it began
to leak down from Prineville
that Blanchard was being urged
tip there to run for judge, and
in due course of time heap
beared in this precinct, "to find
what the sentiment was," as he
says. Upon his. return to Prine
ville he announced that he had
withdrawn from the race for sup
erintendent und was a candi
date for county judge. Mr
Blanchard says he was not
asked to sign any pledges at
ibies. Mr. Blanchard snj's that
he would not have en'tered the
race if lie had not found the peo
ple, of this section almost unan
imoilslj' in favor of him doing
so, but tile fact remains that his
candidacy originated,-at Prine
ville and that he was not
brought out until Mr. Ellis re
fused to allow certain men at
Prineville to dictate to hi til his
policies if he should be elected
county judge.
The reason for that move at
Prineville is also obvious. At
the last election the western and
northern precincts of the county
cast 1071 votes out of a total of
lfiS2, or more than two-thirds.
With the sentiment that pre
vails against the old regime in
county politics, it would have
been impossible for them to
bring out a dyed-in-the-wool
Prineville man and win. In or
der to make any headway it
was necessary to split this over
whelming vote, and Mr. Blanch
ard, who shdwed strength in
the race for school superinten
dent, was to be the wedge to
split thu West side strength.
This is the kind of political
geography rjiot the Blanchard
edition) which made him the
"logical" Prineville candidate.
These are the facts which re
veal the weakness of Mr.
Blanchard's plea that he would
not have eutered the race it
there had not been a demand for
it in tins section. Support of
his candidacy is support of the
well laid scheme of a certain
Prineville cliciue, who, when
thej' found thej' could not die
tate the policies of Mr. Ellis,
looked around for a candidate
to defeat him. it -requires no
further pioof of this than the
fact that the first names on the
Prineville petition asking Mr.
Blanchard to run for judge are
the names of the spokesmen at
the meeting in Prineville in
winch Mr. Ellis was asked to
sign a statement pledging him
self to certain policies.
which in nine cases dut of ten
will find its way to the waste
basket unread, emphasizes how
bunglesome and unwieldy an
affair is this initiative law
floV many of the hundred tlioll
sand Voters to whonl these path
phlets will be sent will stildi
ously go over the 10 measures
to be voted Upon, many of them
of no local interest whatever?
If they do not do so, how art
they to vote intelligently upon
them? And, unless the people
study these measures and then
vote intelligently upon them,
how are we going to subsmnti
ate the theory, that by placing
the law-making power 111 the
hands of the people we' wi
1 1 a v e 1 o 11 1 y a w i sh 1 a w s ?
F. E. Dayton of Laidlaw, has
announced his candidacy for
the Republican nomination for
county assessor. lie has been
deputy assessor in the western
pait of the county for the past
two years', and is a man of gori'd
business ability. Mr. Dayton's
ttiends in the Laidlaw country
speak ver' highly of his quali
fications far the oflice of asses
sor, and sa' that he will make
t ue county a spendid official in
that capacity.
Announcements of cnndldiitos published
under this heading nru attl for nt regular
advertising rates.
T. T. Geer for Congress
Candidate for republican congression
al nomination in the Second District.
Liberal appropriations for waterways,
pnortunities and lTivileces for
or and capital, and Government con-
trol of corjwrations.
For County Judge
To the Voters of Crook County: I
hereby announce myself as a candidate
for the oflice of County Judge, subject to
the approval of the the Republican
voters at the primaries to be hold April
1", 190S. II. C. Ems,
Bend, Oregon.
As "the time, approaches for
the primaries the nomination
of ex-Governor Geer becomes
more certain. Reports from all
parts of Eastern Oregon show
that he will carry at least two
thirds of the counties here and
t ie inree counties west 01 tne
Cascades will give him over
whelming majorities. Multno
mah county will giVe him a
larger vote for congress than ii
did for governor two years ago
when he carried it by 17 o ma
jority over wythcomo. Mr.
(Jeer has alwavs been an earn
est champion of an open river
and his power for good woik in
Washington is universally a-
Portland concedes the repre
sentative to Eastern Oregon, as
it has one of the senators and
may have the other. In any
event the western part or the
district will have both senators
nid the member of the lowei
ioue is granted to the eastern
part of the state. There is no
desire to try to gobble the rep
To the voters of Crook, County: I
hereby announce myself a candidate for
nomination, on the Republican ticket,
to the oflice of County Judge. Your
support at the primaries, April 17th,
will be truly appreciated.
Sincerely yours,
J. F. Ula.vciiahi).
A bOOa riauc
Antelope, Oregon
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sortmeht of General Merchan
dise at prices that will make you
happy, cause you to call again,
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come With you to . . . . .
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Joint Representative in said district, to
1 11 . 1 e - . 1 1 1 fwil
no uaiioieu ior on .nine 1, ivo.
11. A.,
f0 l'aisley, Or.
.For County School Superintendent
To the republican voters of Crook
county: I hereby announce myself
candidate for the oflice of county school
superintendent. Your support at th
primaries in April will be appreciated
R. A. Foim
To the Democratic voters of Crook
County: I desire the nomination
your hands at the primaries in April fo
the oflice of Countv School Superin
tendent, on tin- Democratic ticket, and
your support at the primaries will be
heartily appreciated. Sincerely,
W. R. Cook
1 hereby announce that I will bo a
candidate for County School Superin
tendent of Crook County, subject to the
action ol tne itepuolican voters in the
primary ciccuou.
Oneil, Oregon.
Por Joint Representative
To the voters of Crook, Klamath
Lake and Grant counties: I hereby
announce my candidacy for joint repre
sentative from the 21st Representative
District ol Oregon, subject to the an
proval of the Republican voters of the
district at the primaries to be held
April 17th. U, C. Con,
Rend, Or.
To the Republicans of Klamath, Lake,
Crook and Grant Counties
inform the Republicans of Klamath,
1 wish to
Lake. Crook unu Grant counties, const!
tilting the Twenty-first Representative
District 01 uregon, mat my name will e
V' iir(Kftitnd for vour consideration nt the
resentative and Mr. Geer will be 1 Primary election to lo held April 17,
the overwhelming choice of that I X)8, asking your mttraum tor selection
end of the district. Mr. Grl"30"00' the "epublu-an "- '"'
will be a worker in congress 1
and as he is especially strong
in all parts of this congress
ional district the certainty of
his nomination becomes clearer!
every day. He is especially ,
well fitted for that work and
would soon make one of the big
men in congress.
The Dalles
prineville, which is doubtless
true, but it is a significant fact
hat the Prineville petition
'which he exhibited here bore
'the names of the very persons
who had tried to get Mr. Ellis
Vo pledge himself to certain pol-
A pamphlet of 120 pagen, giv
ing in detail all of the 19 initia
tive measures which are to be'
voted, upon at the June election,,
has been mailed by the Secre
tary of State to each registered ,
voter in Oregon. The pam-1
phlet is for th purpose of in-!
atructing voters upon these!
measures that they may vote in
telligently upon them at the
June election, and 100,000 cop
ies have been distributed
throughout the st.tte. This new
kind of po'litical literature,
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ranchmen. It is a powerful and pene
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BARBED WIRE and for healing cuts,
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Horse Liniment Is fully guaranteed.
No other Is 0 good or helpful in so many
wayi. If ii fails to satisfy, we authorize
all dealers to refund the purchase price.
cxth unci ottlc firry ccnt
Hovt Chemical Co.. pomtunp, one
For County Surveyor
Tn tlin voter of Crook County: 1
horebv announce nivself a candidate for
nomination, on the" Republican ticket,
to the ollice of county surveyor. 1 re
spectfully solicit your support at the
primaries on April i.
For Joint Senator
T wish to state that 1 am a candidate
for the Republican nomination for joint, iq$4
senator tovrcpiescnt the district con-j
fcisting of Crook, Klamath and Luke
counties. 11. L. iiolovtk, i
Bonanza, Oregon.
I herewith announce myself a candi
date for joint k nator fropi Klamath,
Lake and Crook counties on tne Jtepuu-
lican ticket, subject to the decision of
the primurv election.
L. F. Wii.lits,
Klamath Falls, Or.
For County Assessor
To the voter of Crook County: I
hereby announce my candidacy for
the ollice of County A"etitC)r fuib)cot
U tilts approval of the R.-imlillixm vol
urn at the primaries to he )iehl April
17, 1908.
1. 15. DAYTON, Uldlnw.
To the' voters of Crook County: I !
heiui'T announce myself af a candidate !
for the ollice of county nit(r, subject
to the approval of the Reinibllcau'voters
at the primaries to be held April 17,
11. r. .lO.S'KM,
sRcdmond, Or.
Horseshoeing and
Fihl-Cto Wort omtii
J.OMUd in tC ;U Jlr JUiWI
At 4 111) i ( fitj.M.t Tfl
To the voters of Crook, lnk' nd
Kin math Counties: I hereby declare
my platform: Statement No. 1. "He
that is ureatost let him be your cer
vant." The people of Oregon are com
petent to elect all officers. Oreuon
livestock breeders, Oregon fruitgrowers
are world-famous. Let uk make Oregon
the greatest state for good roudi?, uxxl
schools, pure foods, honest weights and
measures, honest political methods:
Rush for Oregon, Full for Oregon.
G. Sl'ltlNOEIt.
Democratic candidate for joint senator.
For County Treasurer
To the voters of Crook County: I
hereby announce myself as ;i candidate
for re-election to the ofllco of county
treasurer, on the 'republican ticket,
subject to your approval of the adminis
tration of the ollice during my present
term. W. F. Kisa.
For County Clerk
To the voters of Crook Countv; I
hereby announce myself a candidate fur
the oflice of County Clerk, subject to the
npproval of tho Democratic voters at
the primaries to be held in April.
Waiihhn Riiown.
& t (
For Sheriff
To the voters of Crook County: 1
hereby announce my candidacy for the
ollice of Sheriff of Crook County, on the
ii t.ii i. i I. i . .
ucpumicau vicisei, suojeci 10 Uio ap
proval of tho Republican voters at the
primary to tie held in April.
I hereby announce myself as a candi
late for the ollice of sheriff of Crook
county, subject to the approval of the
democratic voters nt the piimaries to bo
leld April 17, 1008.
Faulina, Or.
For District Attorney
Subject to the n nnroval of the voIcih
of Crook and Wasco counties, f an
nounce my candidacy for the Rnnuhll.
can nomination for District Attorney of
tho Seventh Judicial District at' the
omini; primaries, if nominated mill
elected J shall wideavor to discharin i lut
diU(cn of the oflice faithfully as tho law
provides. Fhkd W. Wilson,
i no laities, Or.
Mills U miles from Ilaycieek. Rouh Lumber til no jicr tho--aai e
the mill. Flooring rim! flnishiiiir lumber t0.00 pi r Hw.n'l
prices in proportion. Address OF.O. It. LKK, Mr., luiwuod, unj
-mm i mi niii m
f. H, Hamilton, Frcs. F. T. Ilvm.iintT, Yice-Fri. J.t Foirui t&
Capitol Stock, $80,000
Deposits, $250,000
To the Republican voters of flm
.Judicial District:
I doslro tho nomination at your hands
Alio oflice of District Attorney, and
in appreciawi
iniary election
of your support,
will appreclaUi our votes at the coining
j'tiiDiuy uivumuii ii you ueein
mo worthy
UAVi Oregon.
T" WW 1 Ii y tlH UK MM MM i ll WM Mil ' W A
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. column, 30 Cents
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