The Madras pioneer. (Madras, Crook County, Or.) 1904-current, March 05, 1908, Image 3

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Condensed Form lor Our
jiisy Readers.
Oftho Us Important but
MlT ....rMtlnK Event.
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an czpoilon in a ""
ifiaMuaH, Mexico. 76
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oter district attorney.
-l i,nmii thrown nt tho Hhnh of
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e bomb fniieu io
The Northern Pacific railroad haa
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British houHO of commona Iina
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nM nil will I1UW IJU miiin-
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Tbomai A. Kdlson'a recovery
' .!..,( fill
Tbe eenato commlttco rnny revive
e Brownson-Hlxoy controvorHy.
Northern Pacific tolegrnphorfl
te rejected reduction of wagon.
RoosoTcIt has called for a new
i. Hon lir Di-in'Oll (llHtrlct
UllllliVMUM.."" "
Heavy buying of morchnntn from
'W 1 UI IX : n . ......-.- -
rn of prosperity.
Los Angeles police1 havo arreHtod
or men and n woman who had
.J . .K..m .till fl llflTll
Li UI I. tu V.J " V .....
tobacco wnrehoiiMo near Frank-
rt, Kjr containing 100,000 pounds
tobacco ban been hurnoil.
Railroads nro pleading with tho
teriiate commurco cominimuun ior
i.In onrnpfilmr Muk film hmir Ifiw.
imi im vmw vr ....... - - - - -
Charge nKalnst Jurmno, district
torney for New York, cuubo many
..J. in .n ft tl In Pll.
The president linn nuhmlttod a
IGorernor Toole, or Montnna,
hose reslfinntlon, on account of 111
calth takes effect April 1, Ih In Los
It Is estimated that over $2,000,
)0 will havo been paid by Now York
ilrons of opera before tho present
tason ends In April.
The sennto coinmlttoo hnn np-
Russia Provides World-Wide System
of Secret tiervlco.
fit. PotorsburK, Kob. 25. Tlio skilful I
perfonnnnco of Uiu police in tho round I
ii. m. v..u h. i v.i i imnu ui JIKHierfl jinn
won prnleo throughout tho city, bearing
WJUiowH mi mo iiiorougnnoHH of tho
-rlcuy, February 20 i Tuesday, February 25
WllHlllllL'tflll Ifnll. !) l.nm, irin. 1tr..,.l..
B2h tai7,,.VS 'Vl nZT"1 ,n '-''"t-l Hectloof Al. leK.yBratio"rw tho chief bofoS
Tho Bocrot po loo uro Bpendlnn unllm ,lH,a ' ,IVU B( Krcatly IncreuHcd tho tho senate today. For nearly three
itod Htime In or nirlnu tlin (nrmri.iu percoutaKo of IriHanitv (hut Mm mui. twiut-a rw,.n nf ni,i,.i,,
Justlco nnd linvo drafted agenU of in u"lay l"'"d u bill authorlzliiK tho Aldrlch hill, Baying that he had, oxnerlonco who nro thor. .. .n, 0.XI.'.l!,"I1.t!,ro.H for 1,10 malnten- throuKh ex-Henntor Johch, of Arknn-
oushly familiar with tho bv-wnvn nf r ".;U1.UIH VU1 ln"o. Tho 5 sns, In 1900 proposed legislation
ur, ...r Tn . ' ''' " mo license moi
""' niiwuiiHW UIIU WHO Will in- ilPlrul
license monoyn col- sornowhat similar to tho bill under
frrvlimn n linn,nVMi . ..." "l,lB,,lu. ?"!- mcorponueo CO
,u,u: .lrw,,H 'r roau iMilldlng, schools and forenoon, which ho declared would
,i I. ' iVi. 1 7 ,",H ""wrou ui rp or tno insane has been found havo prevented tho recent panic had
of tho Incorporated consideration, but with essential dlf
UIU, iUn rollu iHlUOIIlg,
ilopartmont hnn onternd tho euro nf M.n i nufitwi lift
- . , , ""wvuu uxnuuiw . 'iwijui. uiu uuiniiiHiH. Mi ooen enacted into Jaw. owen re-
abroad, and haa ornftnitcd an oxtomivo' Consideration of tho Indian nppro-'celved closo attention from tho uena
BorviCo In all thocontoia whoro Ituwiian "r'atlon bill and a speech by Sinoot, tors and was frequently interrupted
pminranis coiiKrcKnte, particularly in " Ul""' 1,10 currency uiii, con-1 with questions, which led to spirited
Now York, I'arin and Hwlliorlarid. and Hllm(:(1 "e'.,rly 1,10 onUro t,mo ,n tho'debatc.
aro maklnK a upoclal onort to penotrato V.-A5 y' Tho Ind,an blH Wtt8 1 Tho Indlan -PPrPrlatlon bill ro-
witnin mo innermost councils of tho
Social Democratic and Social Revolu
tionist organlzatlona.
In oonnootion wltii tho latent plot the
men of tho soorct sorvlco wore alwo-
lutely truatod by comradea of tho rovo
WaBhlnBton, Fob. 28. Without a
dlHuontlng voice tho Iiouho early In
tho day, under a Hpcclal rule restored
to tho army appropriation bill tho
Provisions to lneronHn (ti
..ii-ii -.1- - .... .7 : . . . -: w '- "
iuuuiubib, who auenueKi tno moot niM commissioned olllCers and men and
hold in Finland, whoro tho final plan to Prohibit tho private employment
for tho assassination of Grand Dukn of ar,ny musicians for pay, both of
Nicholas Nichollavitoh and Judfto Teho
Klovltoff, minister of juatico, was club
orntod. Two hundred nlain clothes
which yesterday went out on points
of order.
Tho house took up an amendment
during a
bill was
coived consldoration
of tho day. Tho
Toller declared that Indian bills
havo in tho past boon put through
tho sonato loaded down with now
legislation that should never havo
been adopted.
yv, .Milium., jim i n uiuuien offered bv Kotdnr nt HIIumIu ,.,
rnon woro culled in by heads of tho DO-1 iirln Itur 1 r.nn n'nn .......
Il...tnnnrf....n , -T "vw.yuu lUl ju,llt Jllllli-
" " k protmo in- Olivers or tlio militia organizations of
Washington, Feb. 25 General de
bate on tho army appropriation bill
in tho house of representatives today
again furnished opportunity for frco
expression of opinion on the issues
of tho day. Garrett of Tennessee
and Hun of North Curolln nrralirnnd
ntructtonn as to what action should bo 'the several states and tho regular tno Republican party for Us policy
taken nnd apparently thoy arrested army. It provoked extended dobnte. I with regard to tho tariff, while
wmioni error the norBons involved. 'Jiun and Tawney lending In onnos - "ayes
TIiiih far tho polico havo failed to ox-,1'0";
me amenumcnt was altered so as
tract a confession from any of those ar
rested aa to their ldontity, but soveral
undoubtedly aro members of aristocrat
lo houses. It is cortain that numbers
of tho conspirators have managed to
ovado arrest, and a careful watch is bo
I nu kept for thesn.
to limit the amount to $1,000,000
and as modified was agreed to, on
division, GC to 48, but on tho vote
being taken by tellers It wus lost, 59
to CO.
Thursday, February 27.
Washington, Feb. 27. One of tho
most dramatic scenes in tho senate
was enacted today when Owon, of
Oklahoma, insisted, In tragls tones
and with face showing much emo
tion, that tho five civilized tribes of
Indians wero dead and that he, as a
member of the tribe of Cherokee In
dians, was not under tho control of
tho secretary of tho interior. Tho
to Blow Up Qovernment
Powder 8tores.
New York. Feb. 25. In a letter
signed "Hlack Hand" and addressed to
Commander llraunstrueter, in charge
of tho United StaU'B naval inagaxlno at event was rendered all tho more in-
lona island, tho threat has been rnado jtorestlng by the fact that Owen was
that the enormous stores of Bitiokolcss sharply engaged In controversy by
powder on the island will ho blown upCiirtlK, of Kansas, himself a Kaw In
uplesfl the married men discharged .dlan.
from omployment on tno Island Jnnu- , as the first time that two men
ary l, 1U08, bo pnt bnok to work at "
once, more aro s,uuu,ui)U pounds ol
smokolevfl powder and other oxplosivea
stored in tho numerous magazines.
ever locked horns ns senators in tho
senate chamber. Tho controversy
aroso in connection with the consid
eration of tho Inillnn lilll nnil wiih
Secret uorvlco men are working to nrecinltatod bv a motion on the nart
discover tno Identity of tlio writer of .of Owen to have the bill, bo amended
tho letter. Printed by hand, tho letter
was in I led at tho llaverstruw postothce
two wceka ago. It was as follows:
"If tho married men that wero dis
charged from lona island are not tnkon
back again at onco all tho magazines
on tho island will be blown up. The
writer dooa not fear death,
Uluck Hand."
On Jan nary 1 between 30 and 40
men, who had been employed on tho
Island, were discharged, owing to delay
in forwarding funds from Washington
to continuo work. This delay was
looked upon at the tlmo as temporary,
and it was Understood tho men would
bo taken back aa Boon as the monoy ar
rived. Among the men discharged, most of
whom were laborers, wero many Ital
ians. Since tho recolpt of the letter every
approach to tho island has been guard-
oops endued In tho Brownsville Vl .lay and night by marines, it is said,
Al In 1 1 tin A I f . 4 .
as to recognize the citizenship of five
civilized tribes of Indians by putting
the word "late" before this designa
tion, calling them tho "late five civ
ilized tribes."
After further debate, In which
Owen, Curtis, Clapp, McCumber and
Lodge participated, Owen'H proposi
tion to designate tho Indinns as tho
"lato five civilized tribes" was voted
down. Owen's voto was the only one
in Its support.
of California denounced tho
financial system of tho United States
as "patchwork," and the Aldrlch bill
as "falling far short of the remedial
legislation needed."
The only remarks pertinent to tho
army bill wero made by Parker of
Now Jersey, who spoke In favor of
tho proposition for Increased pay
for the officers and men, and Kus
terman of Wisconsin in support of
restoration of tho canteen.
Tho seven hours allowed for gen
eral debate on tho bill will expire to
morrow, when the measure will bo
read for amendment.
lot In August, 190G.
Hating been left an annuity of
2,500 a year ns long ns ho remains
i college and lives in a colleco dor-
pry, V. C. U. Kemp haB contrived
P remain at Columbia university,
lew lOrk. 27 uarn without irrnil-
Fonr mall clerks wero In lured in a
Nn wreck near Klovllla, Ga.
Work is about to begin in New York
n a buildinu fur tlin vfirlmiH Irlnli un.
New York hotel rlnrlm 1 in up nrimn.
fed a club under tho namo of tho
pm Eml1 Gf ,,irsch. ,n an address
Chicago, denounced Germnnv as a
eoaco t Ihu
1 - w w a V 11 VS J 14
Sixteen neinnnH worn inin t
" "l ll.jlllVU HIV
fonaly by tho derail ruont of a car on
e Memo railwuy at ono of Donvor'a
nofcmcnt parks.
MrB. YcrkiH. u'l.ln... ni ni..i,. w
..I . ...ww III Ulllkl It'O X.
. . I?a n,,a U) dovoto n portion cf
fr 110.0 O nnn ,. ui.., n' ..n.
hospital in Now York.
A mart (HhihImh,! nu ..i.i i.i.. i.i
Z7 , 111 ln 11,0 8fc- r-lH lolophono
;nice atid was only dlwjovered whon ho
-lAwi 10 ono of tlio girlH.
pi.. i i
. it , 8 W(3Ht ,,0lln,1 ocon travol
l IIS lowest fllili nt !!,,. II.
(Olir kl ii jnunuui. VIII1U,
123. linorH '"'vo Just arrived with
!"er cabins nractlenllv ..,
iBhonL1!10 18 m Krn,t ftn(l buainoas
""OnCflty in Atnurlm. tAil.... H... ,1
it In llf I " vwimjr Vllllll HIUIO
S in Wftflh nutnii'u !. I.. l i
ion ol Dr iP , V" l,,u. '"
rotk. nioArmur, oi now
nnvnl nmA..
nnd tho oivillnn omployos havo loen
kept under the strictest aurveillanco.
Inua island is about sovou miles south
of West Point.
Washington, Feb. 27. Represen
tative Llllcy, of Connecticut, today
Introduced a resolution calling on
tho secretary of the navy to Inform
tho house of representatives of tho
physical condition at the present
time of the various submarine tor
pedo boats owned by the United
States government, together with
full Information of reports relating
to the performance of each, subma
rine accidents thereto and repairs
thereon. Mr. Lllley said:
Monday, February 24.
Washington, Feb. 24. Ocean mail
subsidy and currency legislation were
both the subjects of speeches in tbe
senate today. Gallinger opened the
debate in favor of his bill for ocean
mail subsidy to build up the American
merchant marino, and was followed by
Depew, vwho strongly approved the
Simmons, of North Carolina, and
White, of Maryland, spoke in criticism
of the Aldricb currency bill, White
announcing that he would not voto for
any measure before the senate. An
hour was devoted to tho further consid
eration of tho bill to revise the criminal
Gallinger reviewed conditions udner
which the merohantm arlne of this
country is operating and cited manyad
vantagxes that he believed will accrue
to the commercial interests -of the
United States if better mail service to
South America and other points is established.
Washington, Feb. 24. Tbe unusual
spectacle of the committee on rules
being overruled by its chairman, the
speaker, on tho floor of the house, was
witnessed in that body today, much to
the discomfiture of Dalzel), a member
of the committee.
The army appropriation bill, carry
ing $85,007,600, was taken np. After
Hull, of Iowa, had explained its pro
visions, Slaydon, of Texas, criticised
"Min nnnFfnnn o ovlranarran r r9 fliA mil-
Death at Grade Crossing.
Snrlnir Valley. N. Y.. Feb. 25. A
foam nttL-rkiid nnlr of horses that tore such n Bhapo of dilapidation that nc
through tho streets early today, drag- jcoptnnco by the navy department has
ging with thorn a splintered wagon juut' refused.
"I am Informed that the dozen or i(nry establishment." while Holiday.
.... ..l...... n.Mn ..iinnl. n ttmt r tr I n ft '
ou niiuilllil inua i ui tiiuauu nuiu uiu
Holland Hdat Company by the Gov
ernment tire practically all sick,
broken and tied hp at wharves, out
of commission, and thnt tho Octopus
which outstripped its competitors In
tho trials off Newport InBt year, Is In
, A Frencl:
"etrlc x
The sal
, i.
ltCM : 1,1 s mvonteda wirolosa
S'lWIC nownr ui.ln.
. - 'V a will.
rioern";fI,n.,Btel 0onKOr'fl ChI
33 curio collection hits realized $20,
Janan duo -i .
bil.ii ' . "nw 'or
r-iuii in.
a laraor annro-
Tokio exposition In
IlUfisInn ..m ...
Icholas. 01 urflntA uuko
pire for a tlmnn..l I i. .
Can!, bUBlnCM d,8trlob of
nolo, bronuht to tho villago tho first
nowH of n grade crossing accident in
whloli nine mcmbora of its moHt prom
inent iamilios wero either killed nut
right or frightfully Injured. Four of
the party woro instantly killed, two
died whilo bolng removed to tho Hud
son county hospital at Hoboken N. J.,
and tho othor throo llo in a sorious
condition at thnt institution tonight.
Operate on Edison.
New York, Fob. 25. Thomas A.
Edison, tho invontor, isa patient at tlio
Manhattan hospital, whoro last night
ho undorwont nnoporation intended to
rolievo liim of troublo in tlio left car.
Tho operation, which was not consider
ed especially serlouB, was pniformod by
Dr. Arthur D. Doull, tno ear spociniist,
Wednesday, February 20.
Washington, Feb. 2G. There wore
two Hpeeches In criticism of tho Aid
rich currency bill in tho sonato to
day. Tho currency bill was, on motion
of Aldrlch, made tho unfinished bus
iness. Tho bill to revise tho criminal
laws of tho United States was passed
of Indiana, pleaded for increased
for the enlisted men of the army.
Other speeches were delivered by
Hamilton, of Iowa, who favored tariff
revision, and by Washburn, of Massa
chusetts, in favor of removing the re
striction of the Sherman, anti-trust law
regarding organizations of merchants
in certain cases.
Farmers Miy Make It Futuro Fuel of
the West.
liy Fred W. Lewi, Secretary Wnhtngton BlnU
Granite, Tutnwnter, Want).
Two years ngo tho Grange, assist
ed by some other organizations, went
to work to try and pass a law that
would nllow alcohol to bo manufac
tured and used for light and fuel,
without having to pay tho prohlbl
tl o revenue tax, that had been re
quired by tho government, bo as to
frco tho people of the country from
the tyranny of the Standard Oil CO.,
which haa gradunlly raised the price
of fuel oli from a low prlco to an
amount that is paying tho monopoly
extremely largo dividends, theroby
lovying an unreasonable tax on the
consumer of the products of petro
I After a long and hard fight ln
congress in which tho Standard Oil
' Company did their bdst to prevent
, tho passage of tho bill, wo conquered
and now a farmer, or several of them
J may erect a still, and make alcohol
In any quantities, tho same to bo de
natured, or poisoned, by officers ap
pointed by tho government, and may
then be used or sold to any one un
der a permit which may be obtained
from tho government.
It is now our duty lo get the ap
pliances for the uso of tho product
into general use, so that there will
be a demand for the alcohol, so that
there will bo distilleries installed all
over tho west, so as to uso tho waBto
products of our farms to make fuel
for our engines, stoves, both heating
and cooking, and to give us one of
the best lights that you ever saw.
I wish that it were possible for ms
to show tho lamp with its beautiful
light, so that you could realize the
value of it as a light producing fuel.
Wherever I have demonstrated tho
light, It has met with an enthusias
tic reception and It is only a ques
tion of letting people see the value
1 of de-natured alcohol, to insure a
. demand that will fill our land with
distilleries, making our own fuel out
of the small potatoes, sprouted
I wheat, small, and imperfect apples,
and fruit of other varieties, and in
fact, anything that is composed of
sugar or starch.
A corn-field, with its stalks filled
with sweetness, will make large
quantities of alcohol, and a small
amount of land will raise enough
, fuel to keep our homes well heated
I and lighted for tho year.
Another good quality of this al
cohol is that it is perfectly clean and
! healthful. There 1b no dust, smoke,
soot, or gaB, developed in the burn
ing of It for either light or heat,
and It does not vitiate the air in tho
, room, aB It contains oxygen, In Itself
' and does not have to use the oxygen
out of the air in the room, so much
as any other fuel.
There is no wick-trimming to be
done, aB the wick is never on fire,
and as far as smoke Is concerned,
the lamp chlmneyB will never need
any washing, bo the lamp3 are much
easier to take care of.
You can turn it off until there is a
very small light, and so makes a per
fect night lamp, as there is no gas,
as there is from a kerosene lamp,
to make the bed room a hot-bed of
There is another great boon to the
housewife in the alcohol flat-iron,
which will burn only about a cent's
worth of fuel, rather than ten or fif
teen cents worth as when you have
, to use a stove of any sort. You can
i tnko this flatiron into any room of
the house, out onto the porch, out
under a shade tree, or anywhere else
that you want to, as you have no
"string" attached to you as in the
electric iron, and you do not have to
travel back nnd forth between tho
Ironing board and the stove, as you
havo always had to do, nor do you
have to stand near a hot stove while
you are doing your ironing.
Write to me and I will tell you
how you may prpcuro these splendid
improvements, as the Grange is an
xious to get people to know of the
advantages to be derived from the
introduction of denatured alcohol
U. S, Supreme Court Upholds
Elklns Law.
Attempt to Play Off One Law Against
Another and Escape Penalties
Completely Foiled.
Saturday, February 22
Washington, Feb. 22. In the pres
ence of many senators and a large gath
i ering in the galeries, Senator Porter
McCumber, of North Dakota, today
read the farewell address of Washing
The Indian appropriation bill, which
was reported to tlio senate today, carries
$0,825,820, an increase of $1,610,123
after adoption of Culberson's nmond
........ 1 1 i .. .i... i .. ..t..i....
mum iiuimnziiiB uiu uiuuunui K'vuih t t , nr,nronr alions mniln bv
out of Information by government of-'veV, , ,1 nppropr ations mauo ny
. " " . . Mia Mill no If iifia noaoarl rtvr rlin hninn
Tho nomination of Louis A. Coolidgo,
of MassaohuBOtts, to be an assistant
secretary of tlio treasury, was ordered
roported favorably by tho senato com
mitoo on finance.
flclals affecting tho mnrket value of
products of tho soil, except upon
propor authority.
Tho Bonuto today adopted a reso
lution Introduced by Senntor Lodgo
requesting tho president to sond to
tho Honato correspondence with von
esuela In relation to ponding contro
Washington, Feb.
question enmo to the
22. Tho race
surface in the
ii.i ni..n.u in thn mliMln i vorfliea concerning allogod wrongs
i'"v . .innn 1 .1 A 111 i r In ii ii u In thnt rniintrV .' . ..... ...
car. Tho operation was seemingly nouso today wnen ileum, a in Damn.
' - i oiterou an amendment to tno uistrict oi
wholly Buocoasful and a prompt recov
ery is anticipated.
Repilr at Puget 8ound.
Seattlo, Feb. 25. jho Colorado and
tho Ponnsylvanln, armored cruiBorB of
tho first olaBB, arrlvod nt tho navy yard
today for dry docking and ropnlra. Tho
Colorado will bo oiiuppod with a new
main battery of four eight inch broeoh
loading rifles. Tho two vocboIs will bo
followed by eight othor warships which
will bo repaired hv April 2(1.
Main Wattir Pipe Oursts.
Paris, Feb. 25, Tlio main water
pipo of Paris, undor Tuilloriea street,
Imrat last ovonlmr and convortod tho
street Into a tonont. Tho water flooded
collars in various aldo stroots, extin
guishing fires and stopping tho dyna
mos In nt loaat ono largo hotel, putting
tho building in darkness.
Russia Backs Down.
Copenhagen, Fob, 25. It is under
stood In diplomatic olrolos that as a ro
suit o! pressure from othor powora Rus
sia haa abandoned her plan of fortify
ing the Aland islands and that an en
tente will toon be arranged.
Washington, Fob. 20. Tho climax
ln gonoral dobato on tho nrmy ap
propriation bill in tho houso enmo
today, whon Dnlzoll, Pennsylvania,
recognlzod as ono of rho foromost
protectionists of tho country, deliv
ered an oxhnustlvo spoech in dofonso
of tho republican pary and its pol
icies, In which hp uphold tho prin
ciple of tho projectvo tnrlff system
and said that undor it tho United
States had becomo tho groatest of
manufacturing nations.
Tho nrmy appropriation bill wna
road for umondment and Its consid
eration waB not concluded whon tho
houso adjourned.
May Have Salaries Now,
Washington, Feb. Sfl, -Renito Lo
gardn and Tablo Ocanqt ? 1 3 Leon, the
recontly appointed resident commls
alonors, who ha"o arrivod hore to rep
resent the Fhllippino islands in oon
cross, today vUltod tho senato commit-
V ., ', J ..,. l-ln- WUH 11 U1U1KH IllllUU UUUUBIlUriUa JITO
too on the Philippines and wore later tQ a rfttQ Qf Q hQ (,etor.
taken to tho ileor of tho Benato, whoro mnod by tno postmoBtor-gonoral nnd
thoy woro Intereatod observers, lhe tho socrotary of tho treasury. Tho
senate today psaod tho houso Joint res postal savings account for each por
olution authorising tho payment tf the son, firm or corporation is to bo Urn
commissioners' salary. i Itod to $500.
Columbia street railway traekago bill,
providing for "Jim Crow" cars. Ilef
lin declared that separato coaohos for
the whites and blacks had solved the
race problom In Alabama and ho ex
pressed tho opinion thnt such nn ar
rangement would solve it in Washington.
Tho amondment was defeated, 140 tos
The bill was passed. It provides
rnlversal transfers on tho basis of cash
fares or six tickets for 25 cents. It
also provides for street railway facilities
from all parts of Washington to the now
union station.
" PosfaTsavlngs Hank BilK
Washington, Fob. 27. Tho postal
savings bank bill, Introduced by Son
ntor Knox, provides that 2 per cent
Interest shnll bo pnld on nil doposlts,
and that these savings bo deposited
ln national banks in localities whoro
snvlngs aro accumulated. Tho na
tional unnkB mndo depositories nro
Agricultural Club Formed.
By J. II. Frandson, Department of Dairying, Idaho
Experiment station. Moscow.
A sudden Impetus was given the
agricultural Interests of tho Univer
sity of Idaho on the 19 of December,
1907 when the students of that de
partment organized an agricultural
club. It consists of students deeply
interested In agriculture, who are
doing all ln their power to build up
a strong agricultural collego in the
university. It Is with a keen sense
of tho needs of Idaho that tho move
ment is begun. Idaho is ono of tho
most rapidly growing states of the
union. Over 700,000 acres of land
havo been added within tho last year
or two to the grants covered by tho
Irrigation companies. This will fur
nish room for thousands of beautiful
homes in the near future. It is ob
vious that sciontlflc skill will be ln
demand under tho conditions
brought about by this extended sys
tem of Intensive fnrmlng.
A publication known as tho Idaho
Student Farmer will bo tho club's ;
main method of Interesting tho farm-1
ors of tho state ln tbo work of tho
agricultural collego, and It is hoped
by this method to got a great many
students from tho fnrms. It is prob
ably tho only student agricultural
pnpor published ln tho colleges of tho
northwest. Tho first and only num
ber of tho present echolnstlc year
will como out in a week or ton days.
The pcoplo of Idaho should re
spond with tho true spirit of an ener
getic commonwealth. Send In your
namo and address to tho Idaho Stu
dent Farmor, University of Idaho,
Moscow, and receive tho first couy
Washington, Feb. 25. One of tho
main contentions by which the rail
roads which gavo and the corpora
tions which received rebates hoped
to escapo punishment was swept
away today by a decision of tho
United States supremo court. This
decision vitally affects tho case un
der which the Standard Oil Co. was
fined $29,240,000 for the same point
was raised.
The case upon which the decision
was rendered was instituted in tho
United States District Court for tho
District of Minnesota, which court
fined the Great Northern railroad
$1,000 each for 15 violations of tho
first section of tho Elklns law.
Tho alleged offenses against tho
law were committed during the sum
mer of 1905, and consisted ln grant
ing concessions to the W. P. De
vearaux Company on its shipments
of oats and corn from Minnesota to
points In Washington. Tho com
pany admitted the concessions and
fought tho prosecution on the ground
that by amending the Elklns act so
as tq provide for punishment by im
prisonment rather than by fines the
Hepburn law had so modified the or
iginal law as to accomplish its re
peal and render punishment under it
impracticable. Today's decision was
announced by Justice White and af
firmed the finding of the District
Court and the United States Circuit
Court of Appeals.
Explosion Averted by Instant Obedi
ence to Hurried Signal.
San Francisco, Feb. 25. An act
of heroism performed by three blue
Jackets on the United States cruiser
Maryland during the recent target
practice held at Magdalena Bay, was
all that prevented a repetition of the
Georgia disaster off the Massachu
setts coast last year, when Lieuten
ant Goodrich, the son of Admiral
Goodrich, and 13 of his shipmates,
met death in the explosion of one of
the big guns.
It happened while the Maryland
was having her try at the navy rec
ord. After the second or third shot
from No. 4, one of the Maryland's
eight-inch guns, J. J. Donnelly, a
seaman, acting as first loader, dis
covered that two balls of fire were
spinning around within the screw
box. This fire should have gone out
of the muzzle of the gun but It had
failed to do so.
Without the loss of a moment
Donnelly hastily signalled J. C. King,
the hoisting man, to lower the am
munition car into the handling-room,
and King, with the assistance of J.
Green, the rammer man, compiled
with the former's request upon the
Instant. Twenty-five seconds elapsed
before the fire In the screw-box was
put out, but in that brief time a
great disaster was averted
Railroads Have Ten Days Before New
Law Takes Effect.
Los Angeles, Feb. 25. With less
than ten days until the new federal
law limiting the hours of labor of
certain railroad employes shall be
come effective, Los Angeles railway
officials are preparing as best they
can for the necessary changes which
must be made. Approximately 140
new telegraph operators will be re
quired In the territory governed by
Los Angeles general offices. Tho
Santa Fe will need the greater por
tion of these. If It keeps all its
offices open It will require 81 men on
its coast line in addition to its pres
ent force. There is a possibility that
it will not be nble to get that num
ber at once. If so, it will be neces
sary to cloBe a few offices all or a
part of the time until the additional
men can be found.
Santa Fa's Cry of Misery
Topeka, Feb. 25. On the Santa
Fo railroad 486 new operators will
bo required, the Gulf lines excepted,
to comply with the provisions of tho
federal nine-hour law, to go Into
effect March 4. About CO aro re
quired on the eastern grand divi
sion. The olllcinls do not know
whether they will be nble to get tho
requlslto number of new men or not.
Notices wero posted in the Santa
Fo shops at Newton today that em
ployes need not report for work till
Mondny, March 2. About 200 men
aro affected.
Mln cmiu nt.
One qunrt of chopped bollo.l leef, 2
quarts of chopped apples, 1 junt of ino
lames, 1 pint of sugar, 1 totU'Up of vine
gar or cider, 1 quart of chopped raisins
or currants, 2 tnblcspooufuM of cloves
and cinnamon, 1 nutmeg, 1 v'll of but
ter; cook until scalded tbruugh, seal
In glass Jars until wanted, o pack In
an earthen Jar nnd cover with melted
Black Hand Threats Terrorize.
Seattlo, Wash., Fob. 25. Black
Hand Society notices, sont through
tho mails and posted on doors and
fences, with tho object of frighten
ing Italians who havo offended tho
society In tho mining village of
Black Diamond, 25 miles from Se
attlo, reached a climax last Friday
night when J. Vltoro wns Bhot at
throo times while making his way
homo. Ono bullet pnssod through
his left arm and another cut his.
Fabulous Strike is Made
Rawhide, Nov., Feb. 25. What is
said to be tho most wondorful strike
In tho history of mining In Nevada
was made today on tho Happy Hooli
gan claim, Assays of the ore show
values as high ns $79,600 to tho ton.
Tho ground has beon purchased by
FJ. W, King, a bunker of Bozomnn,