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for The Term ofHis Natural Life
On a certain" May the garden of
large red-brick bow-windowed mansion
called North-end House was the scene
of a domestic tragedy. Three persons
were the nctors in it. One was an oh
man, whose white hair and wrinkled face
gave token that he was at least sixty
years of age; Ho stood erect, in th
nttitudo of one surprised into sudden
passion, and held uplifted the heavy
ebon cane upon which lie was ordinarily
nccustomcd to lean. He was confronted
by a man of two-and-twenty, unusually
tall and athletic of figure, dressed in
rough seafaring clothes, and who held In
Jus arms, protecting her, n lady o
middle age. The face of the young man
"wore- an expression of astonishment
nnd the slight frame of the gray-haired
woman was convulsed with sobs.
These three peoplo were Sir Richard
Devine, his wife, and his only son Rich
nrd, who had returned from abroad that
"So, madam," said Sir Richard, in the
high-strung accent which in crises of
great mental agony are common' to the
nost self-restrained of ns, "you have
been for twenty years a living lie! For
twenty years you have cheated and
mocked me. For twenty years you have
laughed at nic for a credulous fool; and
now, because I dared to raise my hand
to that reckless boy, you admit it, nnd
glory in the confession!"
"Mother, clear mother!" cried the
young man. in a paroxysm of grief, "say
that you did not mean those words; you
said them but in anger! See, I am calm
uow, and he may strike me If he will."
Lady Devino shuddered, creeping
close, as though to hido herself in the
broad bosom of her son.
The old man continued: "I married
you, Ellinor Wade, for your beauty; you
married mo for my fortune. I was n
plebeian, a ship's carpenter! you were
well born, your father was a man of
fashion, the friend of prodigals. I was
rich. I had been knighted. I was in
favor at court, no wanted money and
he sold you. I paid tho price he asked,
but there was nothing of your cousin,
my lord Belinsis in the bond."
"Spare me. sir, 6paro me!" said Lady
Ellinor, faintly.
"Spare you! Ay, you have spared
me, have you not? Lookye," he cried
In sudden fury, "I am not to be fooled
so easily. Your family are proud. Col
Wade has other daughters. My lord
Bellasis, even now thinks to retrieve
his broken fortunes by marriage. To
morrow your father, your sisters, all the
world, shall know the story you have
told me."
"You will not do this!" burst out the
young man.
"Silence!" cried Sir Richard.
Lady Devine slipped through her son's
nrms, and fell on her knees at her hus
band's feet.
Do not do this, Richard. I have been
faithful to you for" two and twenty
years, l have borne nil the slights nnd
Insults you have heaped upon me. The
secret of my early love, the confession
that I never loved you, broke from me
when, in your rage, you threatened him.'
Sir Richard, who had turned to walk
nway, stopped suddenly, nnd his great
white eyebrows came, together in his
red face with a savage scowl. He
laughed, and in that laugh his fury
seemed to congeal into a cold and cruel
"You shall have your wish upon one
"What is it, sir?" she asked, rising,
but trembling with terror, as she stood
with drooping arms and widely opened
The old man looked at her for an in
Etnnt, and then said, slowly:
"That this disobedient son, who has
wrongfully squandered my money and
eaten my bread, shall pack! That he
keep himself from my sight, and never
set foot again In house of mine."
Richard Devino gently loosed the
orms that again clung around his neck,
Kissed tne pale face, and turned his
Ecarcely less pale toward the old man
"I owe you no duty," he said. "You
have always hated and reviled me.
When by your violence you drove me
from your house, you set spies to watch
me In the life I had chosen. I have
nothing in common with you. I have
long felt It. I accept the terms you
oner. 1 will go."
Sir Richard Devine laughed again. "I
nm glad to see you aro so well disposed
Listen now. To-night I send for Quaid
to alter my will. My sister's son, Man
( t
nee a? rere, snail ue ray neir in your
steau. 1 give you nothing. You leave
this house In an hour. Y6u change your
name; you never by word or deed make
claim on me or mine. I return in an
hour, madam; let mo find him gone."
Ho passed them, upright, as If un
borne by passion, strode down the gar
den with the vigor that anger lends,
and took tne road to i-ondoii.
"Richard," cried tho poor mother.
"Forgive me, my son! I have ruined
Richard Devine tossed his black hair
from his brow In sudden passion of love
nnd grief.
"Mother, dear mother, do not ween.
he said. "I nm not worthy of your
tears. Forgive! It Is I Impetuous and
ungrateful during all your years of sor
row who most need forgiveness. Let
mo sharp your burden that I may light
en it. Ho is just. It Is fitting that I
go. I can earn a name a namo that
I need ,not blush to bear nor you to
hear. I am strong. I can work. The
world Is wide. Farewell, my owu moth
er!" "Not yet, not yet! Ah! see, he has
taken tho Belsizo road. Oh, Richard!
pray heaven they may not meet."
"Tush! They will not meet. You are
pale, you faint!"
"A. terror of I know not what coming
ovll overpowers me. I tremble for the
future. Oh, Richard, Richard! forgive
me! pray for me!"
"Hush, dearest! Come, let me lead
you In. I will write. I will send you
news of me once, at least, ere I depart.
Bo, you are calmer, mother!"
Sir Richard Devine, knight, ship
builder, naval contractor and million
Ire, was the con of a Harwich boat,
Ml In nrouml your water tanks to
keep tlio water from rrccziiiK, Haw
dust Is a good nonconductor ot neat.
Much full plowing I"f Keen done--
thanks to tho splendid autumn wonth
(r. This moans a good start next
Two Tyn (IIhiuIcm.
It Is said by veterinarians that thorn
art) two tyix'M of glanders. " "on i
liifefllon taken plnco In tlio none and,
iim disease bedim thoro. It In most
easily Identified. It sometimes nap.
niranina iiou Trouwii. noun tlint glnndcrn enter a bronu 111 1110 ,
. a
Much of tho health of tho swiuo Bkn nmi tnrt a dlHoaso on any part
effect of quickening circulation of tho ponds upon tho cleanliness of t"n nf tho body. It Is then known aH farcy, I
blood, reason ranidlr In moments ot troinMis used for mvlll and ror inicu sound horso may contract ginudorn .
L- luilllllt. mill S.I Y 111 IL . . .: ... i ........ I I, I . . . .
ir i'.i i.i- ... danger: ami in tnat terrimo insmm, fn,ia ,st Vnrin kinds, w til tim onii- f .,,,,.., ..ffiK-teil nil innl Iiv nctuni )!!
....... ..i.i. .v.. 111! lllHIIIVll 1119 BIHllT IU . , i , ... e 1 ..I T1..I1.. I-""" - ... j . ...
a wealthy Bristol merchnnt, one An- , , C)?sc Ul0rc "l "u '' nary trough It Is almost Impossiuiu i nvU ntIcli as tlio two niilinniH running
thnnr l.rn ,-:.l l.i...i . bi, indium uuviuu mm minim.... i
Kllinor Wnde, tho eldest d
Col. Wotton Wnde, an uncle
riago of a remarkable scamp
lion Bellasis. At that time, what with
carpenter. Early left nn orphan with a
sister to support, he soon reduced his
sole aim in life to tho accumulation of
money. A shrewd man of business, a
thorough master of his trade, troubled
with no scruples of honor or of delicacy.
ho mndo money rapidly, and saved It
when made,
gcr. nis mind, bent upon ono hldeott9
cxnlanatlon of tho crime, did not sco
nnother obvious ono which had nlready
occurred to tho mind of tho landlord of
Tho Threo Spaniards.
"Heaven defend me!" cried Mr. Mog-
ford, scanning by Jhe palo light of tho
rlslnc moon thn features of the mur
dered man, "but It Is Lord Hellasls!
-Oh, you villain! Jem, bring him here',
p'r aps his lordship can recognise html
"It wns not I!" cried Richard Dovlne.
"My lord, say " Then ho stopped
abruptly, and belne forced on his knees
by his captors, remained staring at tho
dying mnn In sudden nnd ghamiy tear.
Those men In whom emotion has tlio
1 1 i i !,,... ittsitittttk ltnrA 14 IU) I H...I- ......... linn 'Pint tiitttii tin rim
nughtcr of the chances of Ids future fortune, ami . . . ,.V,m lwirmiL,.iv. Hero ' . ,,, .ilseaso bv oat-
hv tnnr. realized to tne tun ins persouni puru. - " - ,,-., v ' , : , , . ,,
ny mar- ,. . , . , ... ,., ,, i tn lmtiii nir tlio ordlnnry i,, vi n irmnrli from which a dlM-
ana tuuiuy, ... . .... . , t . i. ,.. im if mnv lw I , i,i,m tm
xno (iruiKers nt xno opaniarcia xmi i"i irougn 111 hui:ii 11 iiuiuuvi mni oaseo milium inm inui iunv i'wn
I . . 1 . ... vv.-il- .1 ... II.- mi.iiIi I . .... m
lucky speculations in tho funds nnd the siarieu 10 searcn ie iienm, nuu inm thoroughly cleansed, iiniiu iu or from uriiiKing irom n iiui-iiui ur
legitimate profit on his government con- "covered n fellow In rougli costume, wntorR (n)Ugh uhimI Ty a glandored
tracts, ho had accumulated a princely Jvho" t10"0" M'na wnknown to them, q nnlmnl. A public warorlng fountnln Ih
fortune, and could afford to llvo in h.n,st P wl";r1c' H n dnngorous affair wlioro ghmdom In
TL "r,le, hW The 'Kb of clrcZtantial evidence J . bo communicated by a hrunl. or comb.
be shaken off. nn.i flm nnw dmn- )i ,'n,1 enmeshed him.
made of his wealth was by purchasing cnno would linvo been easy. He
on his knighthood, tho rambling but fT" "j'1 t o cry, "I -am the
comtortnble house at Ilampstead, and
ostensibly retiring from nctivo business
His retirement was not a happy one,
ne was a stern fnther and a severe
master. His servants hated and his wife
feared him. His only son Richard ap
peared to Inherit his father's strong will
and imperious manner. Under careful
supervision nnd a just rulo ho might
hour ago es-
Ho would
son of
Sir lticliard Devine. Como with mo to
yonder house and I will provo to you
that I have just quit it," to placo his
innocenco beyond lmmedlato question.
That course of action wns Impossible
uow. Knowing Sir Richard ns ho did,
nnd believing, moreover, that In ids rag'
ing passion tlio old man had himself
met and murdered Lord Hellasls, he saw
havo been trnlded to mod; but loft tn himself In a position which would com
his own devices outside, nnd irnllnd l.v Pel him to sacrifice himself. Ho knelt,
the Iron yoke of parental discipline at stupefied, unable to speak or move.
home, he became reckless nnd tirodlirnl. Uome," cried Mogford, again; 'say,
The mother noor. timid Ellinor. who my lord, is this the villain?"
had been rude v torn from the lovo of oru ncuasis rallied nis tall ng senses,
nts glazing eyes stared Into Ills son s
It Ih equally an diingeroun to tiuuiklnd
nnd niont auliualn an to liornen. A
glnnderod horso should novor bo al
lowed to llvo longer than In neccHnary
to bo certain that lie linn tho dlncano.
riz,-i-j l 1 mwwm
I.'IK -First Knoll.t. ..
which Knlhtof sCTtl
burgesses ero m..?H
inm-Llma, Peru, founded un,
mid-Martin iMlhn '
well sermon at witfiH"1
lW7-Knrl of Surrc, Uheidei
W-AWllt of tl10 hh .
olj Antwerp.
Wortim Slonneo To .Sheep.
Professor Khaw, npeaklng of tho
Iohsch of Hhecp from wornin, nayn :
Tho veteran nlicep breeder, Qeorgo
a n. .ii nnu- (if I jvtliiL'ton. Nob., told mo
that if sheep could not b protoctotl j 1015 ArchbJjihop Uin bchttH
from Htonuicli and taiw wornm tliono , 1057 Attempted aiwomlnmu
pestn would booh overspread tho conn- well.
try. It Ih Indeed unfortunnto tlint they ( 1700 Rcnjnmln Franklin lorn,
cannot bo better protected from theno i7ioFri,.,. it,
- "vv-imoi
nor youth, her cousin. Lord Belinsis "'s glazing eyes stared into Ills son s " - .. t ,i,.uim.Mi-i i!iriinl(ii. Tlio lnut uonunn
. . . . ... . . . i t .,t. . i ii , i i i- i in inn UHiini iiiiinniT. oxceiu in u v i nn i.v. . i - -
rien to restrain .in., but tho headstrong tho Mr. Allen fed worm powdom to bin
ooy, tnougli ownlnc for his mother tlint I 1,13 ueau, raiseu u iceuie arm ns uiougn i i-iwu ..i... ........... . . , , . ., ,, .
strong love which is often a nart of such to point elsewhere, ami fell back dead, standard so that it will lit just to the lambs am! kept them off the panturen,
violent natures, proved intractable, and, 'u didn't murder him, you rob- edges of tho sides nnd nail fast, ns feeding lliem green niraua. ii in mj
after three years of parentnl feud, he bd llm," growled Mogford, "nnd you usual. Then cut n V pleco which will Judgment that In thin Instnnco they
would havo done jut an well without
the worm powdern, but these tuny bu
helpful when tho lnmbn aro not ho
confined. At tho MlnncHoln Experiment
Station liunhH confined Hum and fed
on various green foods nhowed no in
went off to the continent, to pursuo there s'ln'l sleeP nt Uow street to-night. Tom, u RmiBv .twp(.n thn Hides, but In-
the same reckless lifo which in London rllu 011 to meet tho pntrol, nnd tell him t0 , f IlnMill , i.B onti lmw, nr.
had offended Sir Richard. Sir Richard,
upon this, sent for Maurice Frere. his
sisters son, and bought for him a com
mission in a marching regiment, hinting
darkly of special favors to come. His
open preference for his nephew had gall
1 1--..- 1 -l .1.- 1 ..... il. fc
iu icaw huiii in ino uuiiriiuiiau linn . , , ... . . . , ,,,, ,.,
I've a passenger for tho coach! Bring rmi? slotH 011 oltllor Blt,c of H 0 tr0,,,:1,
him on. Jack! What is vour name. " tho inside, so that tlio pleco may
ch?" Ih) slipped In between the uprlglitn
Ho repented the rough question twlco forming tho slots. To make thin plan
before ids prisoner answered, but at more useful fasten n rinndlo to this V- (Mentions of the presence of wornin,
ed to tho quick his sensitivo wife, who length Richard Devine raised a pale shnnoil imrlHif wiilph will onnlile ono nlthouidi tho Inmlw "of tho Drovloun
i ..I . . I t ...1.1-1. 1 , -1 ...I 1 "I--H--T " - r.--
TOiurawwi wun some nenrt-pangs the "'co wn cn siern resolution nnu aireauy to 1ft u , t rcm1Iy wllcn it 8 ncason had Bdffered Hcvorely.
n....... iMuuioUmj ui uir miner vriiu .mvni.-u imu """"""p uuu ilrmlrrvl f,w.!i,in llm trmipli With Illltl
the niggardly economy of her husband, said. "Dawes Rufus Dawes." desired to clean tho trough. Ith t iim
Between the houses of novhi nn,i inn. Ills now lifo had becun nlrendv; for 0110 011(1 removed It In mi easy matter
descended Wotton Wade there had Iomr that night ono Rufus Dawes, charged thoroughly scour the rrough, because
been little love. Sir Richard felt that with murder and robbery, lav awake In nil of the cleansing water may bo
prison, waiting for the fortuno of tho swept out thoroughly. The Illustration
morrow. Rhmvs onoh ilntnll nt tlitu JrniiL-li 11I11I11
rwo other men waited as eagerly, ly so tlint nnv linndv man can build It.
une, .ur. Lionel uroiton; tne other, tho Indlnnnnolls News
the colonel despised him for a cltv
Knigut, and nnd heard that Lord Bella
sis and his friends had often lamented
the hard fortune which gave the beauty,
.llinor, to so sordid a bridegroom,
.Lord Bellasis visited at Sir Richard's
house during the first year of his cous
in's marriage; but upon the birth of tho
son ho affected a quarrel with the city
knight, nnd cursing him for a miserly
curmudgeon, departed, more desperate
ly at war with fortune than ever, for
nis old haunts. Ho was now n hard
ened, hopeless old man of sixty, bat
tered in health and ruined In pocket;
Cow Tu II Holder.
A very Ingenious device, the tnvon
tlon of n Washington farmer, Ih shown
In the Illustration. It primary object
In to ho bold n cow'h tail that tho nul
mat will be unable to switch It around
horseman who had appointment with
the murdered Lord Bellasis under tho
shadow of the fir-trees on Ilampstead
Heath. As for bir Richard Dovlne. ho
Klclil l'uiui.Ulii'ii Vnlue.
Tho field pumpkin contains, accord-
waited for no one, for upon reaching ,nB to tho noiilyse quoted by I-rofes-
his room he had fallen senseless In a lit 80r uenry, in ihh "tecas nnu i-eeuui!
of apoplexy.
(To bs continued.)
0.1 per cent of dry matter; dent corn,
81.9 Kr cent In fifty bushels of corn
there would be i!,800 iounds, nbout --
CO0 pounds of dry matter. In a ton of
but who, by dint of stays, hair-dyo and . 7TT ... . pumpkins there would lo 18S jwunds
mum vof fn,l , ,..tft. uii 10 oipix ic oiaio of ,irv ,nntr. Tlu.refnri. nn wi nmirn
o v. iu nnu un- i a i a - I .... .. v
daunted front Of the possessions of the m, n.-i. .f o, . it would require nbout fourteen tons
?.Xr,.2 W flr quality has been .liscovcred f Pun,n? to "','
d, and It-nfas"r Vare y "i S It ln Mountain serves to revive 'e dry matter of wrn contains
On the evening of tL 3d of May the Interest In tho development of that P'ote " . .7 carbohydrates
Lord Bellasis had been attending a newest of Idaho's resources, Bays tho ""d , J)nriH of .fnt M,11l'lylK tlie
fat by 2.4 to get Its cqulvnlent In car-
..v ' ' " J ISVSUa Ullll I
having resisted the importunities of his
companion, Mr. Lionel Crofton, who
wanted him to go on into town, he had
avowed his intention of striking across
Ilampstead to Belsize. "I have an an
pointment at the fir-trees on the Heath,"
ne said, "with a parson."
"A parson!"
"Well, ho Is only just ordained. I
. .1 kf ut Hamlin. xiniu t L'l ILM Ul i.Uill I,..,
hnv bo rntmrtmi nt vri,,a nnintu bohydratcs nnd adding thin result to
during Uie past few years, but those io cnrboliydratca, and then dividing
who control the locations as a rulo V 1 lH "rium";'U0
have boon unable tn ilovolnn thn nmn. irenung uie iry matter or the
ertles to a depth sunk-lent to demon- l'umPkl ln tl10 n'o wy. multiplying
strnte tho vniuo of their hnlillnfw fmm J'Lr ce"1 01 tt 'J A-i. niming to
a commercial point of view. The sur- tllu enrhobydrntes 0.8, dividing by tho to tho nnnoynnco of tho person milking
face has been scratched enough to In-
met him last year at Bath, on his vaca- dlcate Uie existence of bodies of coal,
tion from Cambridge, and he wns good
enough to loso some money to me."
"And now waits to pay It out of his
first curacy. I wish your lordship joy
with all my soul. Then wo must push
on, for it grows late."
usually of doubtful bituminous value,
still giving moderate satisfaction In
Uie limited local uses to which tlio
product has been put.
protein, 1 per cent, would give n ratio
of 1 to (1.5, a balanced ration In Itself
for shonts.
the cow. Although tills mnv seem to
bo a unique way to overcome this an
noyance, wo would suggest that It
would be much simpler to Hlmply cut
tho cow'h tali off. l'rovldonco oIivIoiih-
New Ilonietimile I'orife.
Tnkc the fan off an old hand corn
sheller; put In position ns hIiowii. Tnkn 'y provided a cow with a tall to keen
xnecoai round in -inunucr Mountain band wheel 18 Inchon ln diameter. I'ut m ,llLH "d other troublcmmio ItiHectn,
"Thanks, my dear sir, for the 'we,' Is said to have increased ln quality nnd on nhnft with end filed to lit 'grind- a'"1 lt In going to bo deprived of
but I must go alone, said Lord Bella- quantity with depth, having been do- stone crank. From end of fnn, nt point thlH ""-'""h of defense My having her
wllh'for nonTS5ofU las? iffi ZJtJ "? A ! ' 8 ?' "
mrkldoBMLBn"l g'S ela,mcd1t0 Bl,T 40 I'er cont xe(1 car- meter. B Is tho Hkeln out of nn old 11 ' J"t an well be effa-tlvoly done
night." lvoa 0 LU"t rnice wheel, with n Hinall pinto fitted removing it permaiiontly. Tho tie-
At half-nast nine Richard Devlnn nntt. 11,18 ueen usou lor omcKsmiuiing thoro In end: nlato Is full of hiiihII nimwnr. vice In exceedingly slmi.I... im.l It u-mii.i
ted his mother's house to begin the new and is fiala to Klve entire saUsfnction. Inch Iioles, which distribute tho draft 8eom "Iess for tho Inventor to patent
lifn 1. n 1 . .1 nl.An n n .1 .1 i I It llmQA Mntmn numn 1. ..1. .1 IM I If.
or a chain having hooks nt both endn.
mother's house to begin the new a"u 18 Bam 10 entire sausrnctlon. Inch holes, which distribute tho draft 8eom "Iess for tho Inventor to patent
had chosen, and so, drawn .to- these clnlms aro borne out nnd If evenly under lire. 0 Is a cut-off, fitted U aa yno could readily make one.
by that strange-fate of clrcum- Uie properties continue to improve wlUi with n cap on end, which catches all 'r,1 e' of tho tall Is caught In a
hlf ehachCoa hLeVCntS th08C tW de?'Cl0I,nl?nt' W,U con8U ! L,"l"' "Wei. In attach',! to u,! center
aTare!?r"J IT' Ie another highly Important factor
fTt.r;.'tri.r;C"i" :ul"B L In the future ot that section.
lift mst ts r It clinril rntnrnlnf- fmm tu luui nnuuiiuu
village. It was no part of his nlnn to Is most encouraging. It has passed tho
seek an Interview, nnd he would have experimental stage, having been do-
slunk past In tho gloom, but seeing him voloped to a point where Its superiority
uius muiie ruturiniig to a desolated as a fuel for general purposes has
home, the prodigal was tempted to ut- been clearly demonstrated and tho
0m f .ote I""? Lrr WV shown to be practically ,nex-
Sir Richard passed swiftly onwith body uaustlbI fiaBed by tho present and
bent forward as ono in the act of fii. prospective demand. Tho Pollard
mines uiero nave neon opened up sys
tematically ami arc yielding a largo
production. Teams nro hauling from
Uio mines continuously, the coal sell
Ing for $1.50 a ton. and. nccordlnn- to
tho Salmon Herald, tho consumers be
ing well satisfied
Tho fuel problem has developed into
whip stained nt the handle with blood, such a serious ono in this Stato Uiat
nnd an open pockethook. Richard took Uio coal developments will arouso tho
up tho book and read, in gold letters liveliest Interest. It Is only a mnttor
uu uiu ;our, j.uru jenasis, of ., lort , mo .....i, llm r..,,,,, ,,.
fPI. .. . t 1 . 1 I ------- " 4 VU14I
J.HO UllllUmi JUIIIIK IIIIUl JillUIL UOWn ll 1 - ... .
beside tho hodv nnd ratond It. 'Plin .bii " "ilium, 100, will 1)0
had i.epn frnrti.roii i, i,w i roacuod by a railroad. Tills will sum
seemed that life yet llncered. Over- u'ato development that It Is expected
come with horror for ho could not eventuate In tho opening up of
doubt but that his mothers worst fears vast deposits from which tho greater
had been realized Richard knelt there nortlon of western Trinlin nmi nxnin.,,
holding tfio man in his arms, waiting Oregon will bo supplied at prices far
until the murderer should have placed below those exacted nt Uio present
hour to his excited fancy before he saw
a light pass along tho front of the house
he had quit, and knew that Sir Richard
had safely reached his chamber. With
ing, and with eyes unconscious of sur
roundings, staring straight into the dis
tance. Half terarified nt this strango
appearance. Richard hurried onward.
and at a turn of the path stumbled upon
something which horribly accounted for
tho curious action of the old man. A
dead body lay upon Its face ln tho
heather, beside It was a heavy riding
Made llliu Jump,
"That old plug moves pesky fast
tlman Invo Tllrnm TT ,n,i
some bewildered Intention of summoning 7' " , Tt . y4.
aid he left the body, and mado toward ,rcn,k "Im of tho habit of stopping still
tho town. As he stepped out on tho ,n tno r(aat
path be heard voices, and presently somo "Why, I learned to mnlco n nolso
dozen men, ono of whom held a horse, Hko on nutomobllo and every tlmo ho
burst out upon him, and, with sudden slnckens I go 'toot-toot nnd 'ohiitr.
fury, seized and flung him to the ground, chug and ho starts off Hko a colt,"
At first the young man bo rudely as- '
sailed did not comprehend his own dan- Be self-confident, but not conceited.
Tlieso hookn are Hecured to thn cow'h
legs. What would hanncn If tho cow
should kick with one leg Is not men-
uoned, but might easily bo Biirinlncd,
I'lenty of wheat bran should Iki fed
to tho laying heun, as there Ih no food
better suited to their need during the
laying season.
Tlio poultry buslnesn Is a trado nn.1
must bo leariKMl. More than that, It
small clndern and ashes. Tho box In a trade not affected by strlkos or
around fire In 2 feet square, o Inchen lockouts, or liable X I o r$SZm
"', ' " " - iiw ; nroimii breed d hciiho. If y0H mvo a hnimn In
th n pack clay to top of box, leaving which water will ot ree Z n
a hollowing plnco arouna lluo end. Al- detwini i.m. Vi. '".to, do not
though very crude looking, ltZ &S, " SJ0
splendid work, with th n a hnmlv i..t i.. .
man has very little use for tho v! , S
. " i " "'" ui vuiuiiaio,
smith, leaving ilmny dollars at homo
tor ouier use. Another point Is flu.
snvlng of tlmo spent going and coming
iiuin mioj), uxennngo.
Turning Oorn i,,,,, HOi
For Itn valuo tlioro Ih no farm trn,i.
net that can bo carried 1.000 to amn
miles so cheaply and so Hafoly as wool.
a inn ot wool is worth $7B0, at n
I'liiniiliiur tho (Jurili-ii
Dccldo upon what In requlml In tin.
garden and securo tho seeds early. C0tH Pound, or ?r00 at i!! cents A
Ilf'L'llinCPU nil II fnt.... .1.1 .... . I tnn nf I . ' "
" nuuiiiu hci out " '" in wuriu anout SJ115 and
fruit trees as soon ns it can bo done. cor al,0"t Tlio freight Is about
... in ..I uiu lauuviiuon or rrults and 1110 H,,l" tor eacn, and is thus twenty,
vegetables that tho youngor inombofn five times more for corn tlmii
of tho family delight, nnd when they TlllH ,fl worth considering, and flhows
becomo Interested In such they will how "1"cl hotter It Is to turn corn Into
maw uium uiiuruHi in genornl furmlng w01 l,inn 10 B0" It
It la tho routlno of tho farm thnt ii
disliked. When tho farm work wn.n, Many stove to Ciuimii..
moro varied It Ih then less monntnn Flares Just Issued at Ottawn ,n
-'.UUU. , , ., . . .v.,,
- iuiu vi o iniiniurniinn ntn nnn.t
limha ton nlnoo t.n.. u.u Wuru irOtU the Dlllteil
1720 Famous South Sta Bny,vi
3710 Ratio of Falkirk.
1705 Rtninp act pniwcd br J
rarlianicnt. j
177-"No Stamp" flajraWtfJ
IIIUUlll, .1. J,
1777 llnttlo of KlnR.lirMp.x.T.
178S Connecticut ratified costUtsi
IH 1 110 I'lllllMl HlBlM.
178!) Charles IV. declared linrrf
1700 Lafayette Hiinnortfd ilow
titles and surrendered bli owi
1701 Vermont adonted tct!tni
the United Bute. TblrtittU
Inst State.
1703 First balloon fmcemloa la Ci
btntes made nt I'lillaWjilt
170fl Remains of Columbai
from Kt. Domlnso to Hiriu
10O1 Dr. Jenner Unit dlire4
nation would prevent imillj
lSO.V-Tnllor of New York Citj
orgiuilrcd nrt tradei
1800 Capo of Good Hoj Ululj!
1800 Amorlcnn Concn'M pawrf
enforcing the embargo.
1810 Diocesan court annulW
of Bonaparte and the
181 Defeat of Gen. Wlncltiftr
River Itnlnln.
lSI.T Hnttlo of New Orleani.,..:
Hpaln liwued edict agaiast
1820 Peru evacuated ly tb S
18'JO Revolt BKBlnut Sjaln bj
of the Blnrk KnKle" In Cut
1830 President's meicwce nvki
Orleans from Wniliinston la I
ouo-hnlf day, breaklnj
siwed rcconU.
1830 Treat v of neace and cox
signed by rnlted State au h
1838 Coldest day In a centur.
18-10 IVnny iwstngo In Great
went Into oiwratlon.
18-18 Thirty killed In exploilM n
steamboat Blue Iiwto oo w
18.0 First siilp pinced In UnlieJ
drydock at Ilrofiklyn navy p
I8M Ship Taylcuerc lost on Irol
370 perished.
18.1 Two railroad lirUgM ' TA
destroyed by a tnou ot www
1805-Orcat parade of the WP.
In Now York City.
8flO-I5lBhty jK-rsona killed h j
Inpso of tho I'emberton cm
wi.vv, -
...... - TI..II Willi V
nnllrmiiro o( aeceil
. t.ia Ml
1803-Gcn. Fitz Jodo
and dismissed from service
1807 Indians troublewme ui
a trnmiH ordered to i P1
1870 U. S. steamer Oneida ic
i...... . 1I0 norlslicd.
Iiiiiuii , i"- .
1871-Klng WIHInm of PJ?
claimed Emperor o Germ.
nian exnen ""
1873-NapoIoon III. dled-187-1-Slaineso
twins died
rounty, North Caroliu.
1881-Egyptlnn obeliHk l.t
mnnent iwBltlon In "lwu
xr..... V.ii-k.
1 883-1 Innd.urg Ainerlcnn tfjj
i.. wwii Ken: 8M ..
" . nnllol M,J"
r..,n ,i,.i rntrd nt J'M.
N notyeven Mw-JftM
r'ninmhus off ii'lu
1885 Seventeen lives
lost U hn
Hovcniecii !- -, tltfi,
ImTnno hosidtnUJ h g J
Avalanche In 1'lcdmoDtl " VI
nloslon near nw .jfc
t Innil OU IW '-AuJ
Mnnv ves lot I" "
':, ":t the wet. ,
1887-Ilonry M. 1n,e ,w. !
..., t ml ei o ' e
SUtlK 011 '
nnrlHtll'd. . . .lt Cf
..... . . . i. muvi
1880-Jall nttacke.1 w -
Texas ! six m - " . rte.
- - it t n rvu