The Umpqua weekly gazette. (Scottsburg, O.T. [Or.]) 1854-1855, April 28, 1855, Image 2

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l)c tUttklg (njcltc.
omen in HiNtii:iii:it's lttumtMis, kxt
door wi:sr i;nTmtiim norsR,
tfatiirdnylttoriilii;;, April US, 1M55.
For Delegates to Congress,
For Councilman,
For Prosecuting Attorney,
-. ' Umpqua County.
, For Representative,
For Auditor. W. II. SPENCER.
For Jndgo of Probate. P. C. PARKER.
For Commissioner. G. 11. VAXRIPER.
For Treasurer. W. W. WELLS.
. For Assessor XV. IIANNA.
For Coroner. JOS. I1EAZLZY.
For Surveyor. J. J. KELLOGG.
For Wrcc'kmaMer P. MACKIK-
Ileury Half, oq. ! oar autliorlml
jcnt lo receive subscriptions ami aJrtrtliltic lu
San r'r.vncisco. He will be found at bis office,
9C Battery street, comer Clay.
A Uoy Wanted.- A snwt. Intelligent
boy, between llio age of twelve and sateen,
wh i wlliN tu leurti tlie printing business, "ill
And a good situation at this office, If amplication
ii made coon.
Tlio Resurrection!
Tho recent attempt at tho resurrection
of "I, John P. Guines," from the political
obscurity into which ho had snnk, in tho
estimation of tho general government, and
also ol tho peoplo of Oregon, is otio of
those political farces that has frequently
been enacted by the whig party, since their
first organization ; and it requires but a
cursory view of tho present condition of
the whig-kno wnothing party in this Territory
to find their reasons ftfr this last Quixotic
move on their rotten old platform. Know
iug full well that defeat was certain that
an overwhelming majority of tho peoplo of
this Territory will speak In thunder-tones
In favor ol JO LANE, on the first .Mon
day in Juuo next, it becarno a mttter of
consultation among their leaders, of (not
who should bo the candidate for Delegate
with a prospect of victory,) but, uho should
run for defeat? It was necessary in order
to keep up tho appearance of an existing
branch (though small) of the whig party
in Oregon, to nominate some person, not
to oppose, but merely to be spoken ot as an
opposing candidato for Delegate to Con
grcss, and in order that tho name whig,
which includes all tho isms of tho day,
should not be entirely forgotten on the Pa
cific coast And, strange as it may seem,
even in this consultation or caucus, which
was held at Corvallis, on tho 17th inst., and
which was to decide who should bo the
tnan to bo beaten, thero were no less than
five who were aspiring for that position
Dryer, Stark, Chinn, Gaines and Henry.
After weighing tho matter carefully, it was
finally decided that tho load of condemna
tion which had been placed upon him by
tho united voico of his fellow-citizens, and
which his own conscience told him was
jutt, should bo attempted to bo rolled aside,
and hence tho effort at tho resurrection of
John P. Gainer, Gaines tho haughty, Guinea
the onco nmiable, Gaines tho usurper,
Gnines the brave, Gaines tho tool of tho
"Evil Genius," Gaines who kept tho peo
ple's money, which was donated for tho
purposo of building a State house, Gaines
tho "hero of Encamacion," Gaines who
was onco "I, John P. Gnines," but proved
unworthy of tho trubt, and in consequence
of that sank into, and now,
lastly, Gaines the whig-knownolhing can
didato fur Delegate to Congress. And this
is certainly "the unkindest cut of nil," that
after the people of Oregon, by repeated
public demonstration have decided that ho
is nelthei morally, nor mentally capacitated
for any public position, (Gnines was beaten
for constable, in Oiegou City, in 1852,)
and after hating been driven by public sen
timent into rurnl retirement and that sweet
tranquility, for which he is so happily adop
ted, constitutionally, and made- perfect by
eereral years experience that his quiet
repose should ha thus disturbed, and the
.manifold errors and iniquities of his earlier
years again arrayed beforo on iudignant
people, is not only extremely ungenerous,
but it is actually a species of torture' which
was hardly to bo expected uvon of tho big.
nted and prescriptive lenders of tho whig-know-nothing
party of Oregon.
I ho (tooplo recollect yet tho struggle for
their tights in tho c.tily history of tho Ter
ritory, when they were opposed by the
whig federal ollieers, of whom Gnines was
tho prime leader. Ho then assumed pro
rogntives and established precedents ns
strange na they were foreign to our liber
ties and incompatible- with tho true genius
of our republican institutions. Hut tho
people in their sovereign capacity spoke
aloud in tho Legislative halls and at public
meetings in till parts of the Territory, ngiilnst
the usurpations of Gaines & Co., and that
appeal was not only regarded and approv
ed of by tho general government, but it
tolled tho political death-knell of Gaines nt
that period and for all subsequent time, and
an attempt to resuscitate his fallen fortunes
Is certainly a piece ol folly that his true
friends would not seriously indulge in.
The County Ticket.
It will be .oen by proceedings which wo
nublish tn-dnv that the ilemnrrnrv nf ilit
count v have "made their nnmin.dnr.. fU
count V ollicers. Tho convention .. ll
attended, tnd tho utmost good feeling and
hannoiK prevailed. The delegates from
all parts of the county manifested a wil
lingness to withdraw all personal preferen
ces, in order' t lint men inLjht bo nominated
of unexceptionable character, and men who
would carry the entire strength of tho de
mocracy of tho county. Thu is certainly
very commendable, and it bespeaks thu
victory that is certain to perch on tho stan
dard of tho demncrncv if tlio democrats
come up to tho polls on tho first Monday
u Juno next.
In the nomination of Mr. J. M. Cozui,
for Representative, thoy hive a in vi whom
every honest intelligent citizen be bo whig
or democrat, who has the truo interests of
tho county at heart will say is tho
say is
proper man.
As an honest upright citizen, Mr. Under
wood probably may havo no superior in the
county, and far be it from us to find fault
with him or detract from his fair fame mere
ly becauso he is a political opponent, but
when the interests of tho county are at stake,
and as imiortant an officer as a Territori
al Representative to elect, we think it right
and proper, and imperative upon us, to lay
aside all personal and selfi.h considerations,
and discuss fairly tho merits of the differ-
ent candidates It is a great absurdity to
think of electing a man loan important of-'
fico merely becauso ho is "a good fellow;"
ho should havo some qualifications should
be thoroughly imbud with the progressive
spirit of the age one who will stand up for
his rights, though hu is opposed on all sides,
one who cannot be huneu fugled into tho
support of any and every measure. Mr.
Cozad. we aro satified has nil these impor
tant requisites, and is tho man that the peo
ple want to represent them in tho Lcgitlu
tivo Assembly. Ho carries with him the
impress of a life of usefulness and fidelity
to his country, in tho advocacy of liberal
snd just principles.
The'L'. Gen. Lano went to
.Mexico and too'c tho enemy.
Gen, Gaines went to Mexico and was
taken by tho enemy. Hut that is not nil;'
Gaines was taken prisoner by a negro Mox-
ican, at n timo when nil of his men wanted
to figh, and wero satisfied that they could
maKo ineir escape ; tnoy wisuea to no a
little fighting nt least beforo giving them
selves up to tli3so negro rufli ins. Gaines
would listen to nothing, however, but tu
submit to tho mercy of tho captors with
out firing n gun. Ho was taken to their
city and was permitted to have hU freedom
on his promising to not leave tho city.
They relied upon his honor, and ho was
treated as a prisoner of war, with all the
respect duo to his ruuk. Hut ( took
tho first opportunity to steal from tho city
nud make his exit, leaving his brave com
panions to encounter thu distrust that wo'd
be entertained ngniust them through thu
infidelity of their fnitldcCH and dishonored
lender; nud from this brave (?) movement
of his he is seeking to gain capital in tlio
presout cauvt3. .
Joint Coxvusnox. Tho Demoo ratio
Joint Convention which met nt Elktnn on
tho 25th inst., nominated Mr. II. D. O'Buv.
ant for Councilman, and R. E. Stuatto.v,
Esq., for Prosecuting Attorney. Coos
County was not repiesented.
03" Reader, will you subscribe for VoI.S?
Urul of Volume One, i
With this number closes thu llrst year's
existence) of tho "I'MruwA Wi:i:klv Gaz.
urn:." We have attempted to iitnku the pn.
per, during thisiu-rlod, t qualm llio oxpoetn
linns of tho generous puhliu with whom wo
Imvo had to deid.And It Ii truly gratify lug for
to us know that our humble eflurts Imvo been
appreciated, and that tho en Icrpttfu is tin
lunger questionable of success, but that our
subscription list Is daily Inerons'ng, and tho
reputation of our litllu sheet becoming tnoro
firmly founded aiming tho peoplo nf whoso
Interests it a'tnll ever ho n truthful advocate.
Wo deem it unnecessary to (Xteud these
icmarks any further at present, ns the
crowded state of our columns will nut pur
mit it. Sullico it it to tt-ty, that wo nru
willing to submit to the people ol" this pirt
of the Territory, who have a full knowledge
of our past course, whether or nut our ef
forts shall be sustained and encouraged tho
coining .v ear. Vo will nut publish another
paper fur two wet'ks, us we will h.ivo to
take that much time to mike thu contem
plated change in the size and appearance of
our s'leet:
l'". The Uu..quu River abounds with
!B B1 VB,,V "f ,1,u clmici',t '.
' nS ""'K"' ""''. '"'' tcuul.grcyll.ig,
lampereel, llounders. heriiiui. oV:c. W
wore shown some herring a fov days since,
by John Eudicnll Gardner, which bad been
caught in tlic Uinpqii i mid dried. They
nre equal in size and 11 tvor to herring caught
in other parts. Wo are assured by gentle
men who are ncquniuted with tho finding hu
tiucis tlmt the supply nf Hull in thu Unixpin
U rery hnuulillil, mid that persons could
ninku it very profitable by eug.iging in the
business hero.
05 The rnlificHliuii Meeting which was
held nt this place on Thursdav evening
list, was. iddressed, in an eloqumt innmier,
j "' Or. J. " Dkuw, and S. I". Ciiadwick,
j E(1- They showed up tho past history of
'Gen, Games in n maimer that convinced
every unprejudiced man prtsent that his
claims for public confidence were as
groundless, as is his presumption great in
forcing himself upon an intelligent people,
nt this time.
OCT Mr. J. E. Gardner will plonso ac
cept our thanks for a fine lot of fresh fih
We are also indebted to Mr. Craz, of the
"Globe Restaurant," for similar 'favors.
Jjnv wu bo permitted to iu.luhjo tho hone
thnt these gentlemen may live and prosper
Jn this world until the excrescent part of
their coronal region becomes white with
t,0 frosts of intuy w inters. There !
(KT Wo learn from reliablo men that the
citizens of Crescent City havo relinquished
all hopes of ever building a wagon rond to
tho interior, that the statements in the C. C.
Herald lu regard to tho rond, arc all gas.'
03" Ily n letter received from Jackson
ville we loam that Col. "PVault, and a man
by the name of Mason had a fight recently.
Mason stabbed T'Vnult, and it was suppo
sed he would not recover from the wound.
03" Through the kindness of M. F. Hot.
nnooK, Eiq , of this pi ice, who has just
returned from Crescent City, we ore placed
in possession of one wcek'n later papers
from California and tho All iiilic States.
03" The h iiniio Sum S3. L'unt. IVii-mi.
porf nr,Ivci, ,t Cwt ,J)ty ,,, lM.k
twe. 'j'lt, Success brought up machinery
f,)r tl0 rair0a, nt Coos. We are informed
'tuH.Bl0 is taking in a large cargo of coal,
nud will tail in a few days fur Sun Fran
03" Wo are indebted to C. P. Kimball,
of "Noisy carrier' publishing hall," nud to
J. W. Sullivan, Eoq.,01 San Francisco, fur
late papers nud publications by last mail.
A Quick Tiiir. Tho schooner "Loo
Chun," which sailed from this port on tho
7tli inst., arrived nt San I'rnucUco in '21
hours after leaving the mouth of thu Ump
qual FnoM Coos County. Tho following
extract wo;o fioin a communication u-.
ceiveil from Coos :
"Tho news of tho nomination of Gen.
Lank was received hero with n h".iity cheer
of threo tinuM three. Ho will get the sup.
port of the democrat of our county, nml
a majority of tho whigs will go for him.
Success attend him."
Another currr epondent writing from near
Poit Orford, says:
"I find tho people in high spirits nil thro
this county with regard to the mail m range,
inents carriui out by "Old Jo." Ilium
for him ! Wu will tell him what wo think
of him at tlio next election."
lttiiiquu County Domocrntlu Convcn
lion. Tho Convention unviuhlcil nt Ellilnu on
tlio Unlit .if ApiiUcWi, mid was iirganlii'i'
by tho election ol' (!. I) R IIOYI), Ties-
tiieiii, mill Unn'r. J. Lni, Seeretai-v.
eiiiimillltc nt Unci, wore appointed to
examine ciciloulinU aid to iiki'.-iImIii who
was 1'iililli'il tu represent llio ililleiont
duel. Tho Ciuumittco tcpoitcil it I'ul-
I'nm Seo'liburfi I'rrcturt.U. I). R.
. . ... r
nn.vii, Knlit. J, I.ulil, W'iii. M, Hair mid
Ileiij. Iliatmii,
mton. l)w,. W..U, W. W. Chip
man mid A, II. Kellogg.
t'miijmi. E. P. J)m-w.
Harm I'nVry. Win. Cliugan, niul Jon,
1 1 en i ley.
)oiri(r. A Ives.
fWixHirr W. 1 1 Mima niul R. II. Tiipp
Tho ii'jiort nf thot'iiiuiuitloo Wiismliipii'd
1 1 ui Uoiivi'iilimi llioii pmeuei'ili'il in iiiuii
iunlo candid ties I'ur County nlHcem, which
resulted a h follow
I'nr Ropivont,ilivo I M. Cozui.
For Sheiiir
I'nr Co. ('oiiiiint'iniii'r (. II Van Riper.
I 'or Auditor W. II. qucer.
I'nr Axsi-imor W, lliiniii.
For Treiismoi W. VV. W.-ll'
I'ur Surveyor J. J Ki 11'g.
I'nr t'liroiiei Jiih, llonzlev.
I'nr Wnckinimtei I. .Mncklo.
S. I'. Ch'idttiek iirule known tulhe Coo
Wliliiiu Hint ho ioteiiilril In ri'Mgii tlie (i tli.-L
nf I'rnliato Judto, wlii-rcupoii tlio t.'ooMii.
lion iiuiniiiated V. C. Purker for Pmhuti-
Tho Convention thou adjourned inci.
li. IJ. II. 1IOVI), I'ri-ki.t't
Ronr. J. Lion, Soe'v.
HntKioulluii .Tfrttllnc.
A rntillciilioii inociini; iifilu- IJ. oiopr.irv
look place In u, mi Tlnirilny
. yeidug, of which T. I). WINCH KS TKU.
Ei., wis clnni'it Clinniii.iii, and S S
Mann win made Srcritnry. Tin- mi-wing
was opeiie I by a f. w rein ?!( frmn i)r.i)r. w,
who slnlid tho nlijict of tho ineeliog; after
which u comiuitto of ihreu wero appiiiitid
lo drufi rosoluiioii, whieh cooist. d of Dr.
Drew. Iti-nj tmiii P.rallniu, nml G. I). R
ll'ivd, who report -d iho following rosnlu
lioii, which wi-r mloptiil:
Ituclecd, Tim this iiieelinghmilily np-
mvo in mo connte purmiiMl liy tin lA-iimcr
alio Territnii il ('(invonlloti ren-mlv Im-I.I ut
Snlem.-lh'it wefullv.tdohi ihoHiiiiitHiiil cu-
timeiit of the n-frfdil'i iih of tint ('unveil-
linn, nud pledge mr unni.immi mid ciithti-
nslie kuppoii to GEN". I. WE, iIk Demu
erotic nniniiiiMt for Dele" do lo ("oiil'ios.
Ilrtohed, Thit vvi- havo implicit conll
douce in iho nbility, integrity mid sound
Democracy f R. E. SnurroN. nml
llimn D O', llio nomio.-e of the
Joint Deuifii-r.tlio Convention of (li ciiun.
ties of Uuixpia, Douutua nod Coin, fur
Prosecuti.ig .Uloriiev, mill Coiinriliii ni.auil
that no rxorlioiiii hnll ! wanting mi our
pirt to oiMiiro llicir election.
Resulted, That vw will rhforfolly unite
lu tho Mipjiort ut all iho enndid.ilo recently
noiniiinled by fhu Democratic County Coii
ventioii for tint different Cnutily ollicor,
and that wu Vtill use nil hnunrtihl.i iiiimiih
In secure thu full success of the entire
Democratic ticket.
Tlio meeting was nddresnd nt length liv
J. W. Dm: w, nml S. I'. Ciimiwick. At
the churn nf Mr. Ciiadwick' remniks, he
introduced thu following resolution, which
was nt once adopted :
Kcsolreil, That tho Democracy of Ump
qua County, with ii fiiiu nliuico in lli-t'c
common nud clieiMn-il principles, and with
a mural courage quick -noil by iho danger), i K.iyl ,) in nn easy, self-poMi'Med manner,
which ii fo now threatening lli pniei-1 ftlu ' It ooiihliileil ofnrigiunl nrlirlos furnished by
Republic, ilu ut onco put nutli iheir tiniieil the scholnrn, in.l tiuap (uoty thotoaoh.
idiotHto urrort tho progicss of every iigeut , or, iii which ho pcrinuified the Aosdemy,
which has as its object tho hubverniuii of Jniid gave a !tort Imtoiy of tho lime and
llio priueiples of tho Cmi i'.utiuii of iln-ho oirouiinitiineei of its erection. Tho tlecU
Uiiilod Miiln: thai they legaiil the Cooi.ti- j ui.tliuii by the vintng inoit, lu tho evening,
tutiou as the sacred Pull iilium nf lln tights i W'nn ver.v creditable to them. With sum
nud libotty nf tho American peopl.'tho , of them it, perhaps, tho fiist time in
niul of the Union of llui hlntor vvliieb their lives, 1'ioy had ever atteiiijited "to
guarantees nliko fn'oib.ui of eh, (.(. ' kponlt in pu'ilin on thu at n go," Not to
di.ciia.iioi, mid religious Intention: toil "brenk down." under melt clrcunivtAncrs,
thoy roginl tho Cmn-liiirioii us tin- great
barrier liitwi-i-n Church nml .t iio. betueen
reugiuii nun pollutes, nun in, it it iiocmu.
tho Miprrmu arbiter of nil keels when il pro
claimed to every (ieuouiiuaiiou of worship
per, that "(.'ougiitim kIijiII hi iko no l.iw
resivetiiig thu ottithhuhmetit of religion or
piohibititig tho free exercise tlleio il": (hut
thoy therefore look upon thiinllotupt of iho
fuioi."ims" of tho liotir, to iiuilo bojtnri.
mis ns Biie.h with iho politics of Oregon, ns
being not only fm hidden by thu Coimlilu
lion, but Hint it is alio ik-Mruelivv of tin
peucofnl protion'ly of thoso prineiplen nf
Anieiicau liberty which, with thu cuutiu
ued blesniiigg of mi hnpailial PiovMouoo,
havo mtdo thu Amoiicmi (iovcrumout the
piido nf nil Iuvoih ol lihcity throughout tho
world; iho acknowledged home of tho op.
prehsetl of other climos, and thu admhed
religious tolernnt.
T. D. WINCHESTER, Cli'm'ii.
S. S. Mann, Soc'y.,
I'iiom Mi:xii:o. Advices from Mexico
to Feb. II) rcpresunt Santa Anna ns daily
hiring nud Alvarez as gaining ground. It is
fcaid that Sauln Anna Tiolds several htenm
era ready lo leceivu him on tho nppro.sch of
tho revolutionist. Santa Anna lias Kent,
what ho could of tho kcvpii niilliuiiH fioin
the United States out of tho coiinliy, m
gether with till his valuables, and has sold
throe millions yet to be paid to Mexico by
th United States.
i ' ' ' . I WtaesMSMSSMMSSMSt
CorrrniKiiiiU'iico of tint Weekly llusttc
I7iiipiini Aciulciur.
I)i:.u (lAKiirn::
On Friday, thi 13th or
April, I hail llio pleasure of itttmullttv; the
uonteily oxiiniinillnn nf lint nchnUis of
. . i ..........
llio I itipipi i Wwlouiy. Aft Inn lii'illiuunn
was mainly buill by llio contributions of tin
ciiUoiis nl'lhe Uiiim'h miIIov, mid as it Is
the otdy Aenilciiiy hi O'-'gon tilth of Ha.
, , I ilmilii mil Hint Miur leaders will bo
plui-id oitlt mi impiili'il account of Its
progress mi'l iiiinigeiu -nl.
I'lio Venili'iuv nl tiiiS"lit U under tb
siipotliitoinleueo nl'llic Rev. Air. Wilbiii, t
ulllMII, lllliro tllllll Hll V HIM' IIIMII, il O'MlltS
cxisteliei. Tim tenchflH n'o Mr J. M, 11.
niul Mm M.ny E Rom.I, lirntln-r nml lis
l"i. tiuito iiro'piMitiililoitilinlioml'iiiMiulf,
I'liiiiiN, nml in trillion w'eio ir..t..ii' itiiiing
llio day mid ti-iiiiig In x i 1 1 1 1-! -i Mi" vrcl
o. Am ory fiequoiilly liippi'iii. nniiy of
iho si hoi ilk win) lin'l ult'-iiil. 'I iIihiiiu th
fjre.itoi pndi in of u o ipi i'iw i'r.'ti t p,4-
r' li. iSolliini Ohii In- mi,' mioovitii to
tbo lonelier ut iiiipi- fli i' ' in tin- (irbol ir,
tl i'i tlii. prueiieo nf 1 1 ltI r . n n c!iolni
lif'io llio eloki nf Hu- linn. ( li.os nre
liinlii'ii up, nml tliogeuoioiM miii) o-i till nil
oliillon which llio iirugri-M of on- scholur
begvl In tin- tiiiini of atiotliiT ei'iei, or
tli. unlit; nml fxntnloiiioit lny , to which
bull, tonehor iiud p'i.l looked 'oinard as
llio liiirvi-Ht nflhi-ir joint lilmr, exlilbltsrc
Milts but pooily proportioned lo th1! real
mint ol'i iiloT.
I'riMii I obtorved of the condact of
tho ic!io-im liming th,. d,iy, I ihhik th
itiicitilinc nf tho n'lnml Is goml "Order Is
! II'mumi's Ilrhl iw," mid in tho srhool room
it N i'ii'iiii,il tu miccc" llnil ttiit hw sho'd
ln ohi-yeil. Ilv ilitciplirir, I do not mean
that ututo terror whieli reiu'in In silence
while tlio oyo or tho birch of llio teacher Is
npoiitli- K'; but rlher tlmt ey meth
oillcnl iii'iliiirr with which each scholar or
each elans perform bis or their psrt lu th
oxercis of tho sehool.
Thu oxorciua t'oimUti'd of nrthography,
reading, gi-ography, moitlnl nml practical
tiiilhtui'lio, lliiuk-keeping, llollili rim
mar, Natural Philosophy, Alg'bra, esuys,
deelnitntioii and vocal muric.
Most of Iho scholars txhibiti-d a fnr de
gree of profiiicory. Ofcour.o, all the boys
n"il gi.-N in n school urn seldom what It
cillrd "Miiart ;" ami tho Uiiiiiin Academy
is not an exception. Heriilr. their oppor
tuiolK's in pit life had rild'iitly been rery
dinuilir. All, however, neinud Imbued
with t dcxirr, to Micceed, mid n fa w had
ui'xle nil linmetits nt wliirli inoir teschtrs
nml p-irvutu uny urll grniifieil. I nru
nliuiMt louipttil In Iimiiiii one or two nf tb
I itter, but for fear of making distinction
tlmt may sielti tu others invidious, I shnll
refrain Thu oiol luiererilng part of th
exniuiustioi was tho "little unes." Thoy
wero n group of ihout n dozen little girls
nud boy, from four lo neveii joars nf ngn,
neatly dressed nml well lo-haved. They
ennio iipiin the stage nml recited llitlr uv
tilt po.-in., or, led by Mlis Royal, sang
sweet htllo songs, with such artless earnest.
iii-ss ns only belongs to children. Their
i'iwj wero never in their wty; but nccu
pi d tu Homo graceful nud easy porition, in
linriuony with tho Attitude of the body and
ll st-reino in which thoy wero engaged.
When tho little urchins chirped the chorus
of "Chiek-:i d dee," every face in th
room brightened and every eyo glistened.
Tho eiays nil showed some knnvvlodgo of
iho EnulMi I mgiiago, and the nrt nf so n
leoce ucikiiig. As might bo expected.thtir
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