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Are cool and damp, and your good health will be protected in one of our
swell Overcoats; or perhaps you may prefer a Raiu coat We have either
in all the latest creations of the tailor's art.
Awaits your coming. You will find my store complete with good things
quality and price c nMdered. Guarantee back of every article we sell.
Better drop in.
The I eading
Store of
Rose burg
The People's Store
I nut - i of Mm various rharrhes bold
If rawing smrswia at tiyht o'clock, a
was snaoanced, tlu-y will bold I beta at
half pas) saVBB hcrealtt-r.
lJev. E. H. Hicks, the popular pastor
ol the Baptist cbnrcb, retaroed from
I the north today. Ijiwt Sunday ht
preached in iln First Baptist cbnrch of
Portland and it is rumored that hix Mr
vices an badly aanted up that way
Thin baa beast what hi pariaaaaaars
have I carol all along, for tln-y rSCOJpaisa
that he is a man of uiiumi.i1 ability ami
Diet any cbnrcb would lie fortunate in
getting him. However, it is said that
Mr. 1 In ks ill not leave Kosehnrir, at
least not while his vvmk here is m pros-
peroos, foi he is one of the ministers
who does not consider salary the first
I hing;, bat who wishes to go where he
will If of the greatest service to the
good cans.-. His friends outside the
cbnrch which be supplies, as well a
those in it. will be jrliitl to know that he
is piiii)j to remain ri;ht here, where he
se ms to le vary Beef el and successful.
Cannon s Book and
Stationery Store
Souvenir Post
Have Arrived
Set of Ten All Different
Cannons Book and
Stationery Store.
Here and there j
m cp n SVQSWQ wceVs J?-' - ' W v tr r - v o .v
MBsaasassjaarattne snaSbaninMaSt Mm
loll.tu iiic dates :
Oct. is Miss A'. ma Hern. in "IlinrM Hearts "
x.iv. 2 "Ttie s. lmtHTts nsnyneny c!ui.
3- '"Vli Uirls cave Ilome."
' 9- "IKim Thorn."
U-wk)Ge.r)!i llitrtsr Co.
SI -Hooligan's Troubles t o.
.'9-lla,i Hanaen '"o.
4Htf ,
shirtwaist 1
ie .repared to wait upon old
and new customers and friends
with a full and complete
stock of
All fresh and of the very beet
quality. Teas aad coffees are
specialties. Your patronage
305 Jackson St., Roseburg
P. J. Jo'mson, deadest, Qravd'a
New fall shirtwaists and
suit? at Joseph son's
Lnnch at Jennings' Bakery
New fall styles in ladies patent leather
shoes at Josephsnn's.
Contractor F. F. Patterson was oat to
the 'Continental minee some 12 nilee
from Myrtle Creek, the first of the week
planning to install a big 100-horee
power lioiler for that mine.
For Sale IS head of Angora i!".its
John I'oerner. Wanlton. Oregon.
Hot eoffeeant sin lwi;hesat Jenniaat
Bakery. 74 tf
J. T. Bryan, the jeweler, has been
i having more than his share of troubles.
First he bad rheumatism, then came an
attact of lum! ago and later a had case
.ofplurisy. Mr. Bryan can stand his
share, hut Fin h a combination wast
mum for him and he had to take to his
bed for a few davs.
For the bent ti of ont of town patrons
who were una!) e to take advantage of
our n ouster fair wek sa'e, we hereby
announce that lor the neit two weeks
we will coDtinae to sell all goods in
cluded in said sale at the incredible low
Dr. 11. L. Studley the Osteopathy
Physician cures acute and chronic
diseases, corrects de'ormaties and
removes foreign growths. Consultion
free. Phone or call for appointment.
Office in Abranam buildihe. tf
Yesterday F.rnest K. Lees and wife
purcha-ed tickets over the S". P. for
their home at Dayton, O., after having
spent some time visiting in this locality.
Tlmp t.vt.A.t til ruji.ta liora. I i .it I t .1... 1 . I
. v i piciuret ami an work in me uni'.tj iiue t
Regular tl:. and 12. values in lov's aii!v at Graves. Home Studio 11 JO
Miles Mclntyre, of C.inyonville, has
In-eii grantetl a patent for a fork for
If you have any metal, sheet iron or
pipe work to do call on Winnie liaddtS.
His work and prices are guaranteed to
please. t
Remember Sotaaday'a I ig loot ball
game out at Bone Pa'k. If you w int to
enjoy yourself, immeii-eiy, come ' t ut
and help "root" for the home team.
Men's heavy thick coats, blanket lined
with oilskin and robber interliainjr,
regular fJ.oO values. VThile they last,
1.75. At Josepbsou's.
Real the advertisement of K. A
Kruse. ahoat tine-hretl dogs. Mr.
Kruse is a old ami very smve-sful breed
er. He has stork thai is ail that is
claimed for it. He has takes) many
premiums and if you anything
along this lioe Ik- sine and drop him a
line, keaate yon in.-k.- any ;trtatige
sseate. Have Hr. I. we t are your head an I
eye ache with a p.tir of his sin. -glasses.
No humbug altoi.t this. Cos
suit him Oct. JOih nd Jlst
Many Roseburgers will noitce with
pleasure the success wl icb has attetidetl
tie i iTorts of. I. IVnht'lm, who wis at
one time asstviatetl with the manage
ment of the R i-e' urg Wolien M
whicii were swept a way in the fl
IfaaB, Mr. Ivnholm bad sesMCBunafed
in mercantile and baakiar, aver at Baa
don, and has made much money bj
dint of bald and untiring eft ate. Now
he is very weli T. The other day be
sold his store to ( . A I row bridge, and
he has purchased a fine. 110,0 I)
Rev. J. A. Townsend ami Mr. P
Benedick are home from the northern
part id the state, where they attended
lirst the meeting of the Southern Ore
' goti Presbytery, which waa bold in the
First Presbyterian church of Portland.
I and later the annual meeting of the
Synodal Oregon, which convened at
; l.a Grande. They report having had a
very delightful and interest. ng time at
1 both gatherings. While at l.atiramle
they were the guests of Mr. ami Mrs,
v harles Clements, former residents of
BoSSbTg. At the meeting of the Pres-'Co..
hytery Mr. Beue.lick was elected to rep- Bros
resent that body at the i.ext meeting of
I the Geaetal Assembly, which will le'
held at l'es Moines, Iow.t, during next'
By a strange ci -incidence two pastors,
Kev W. C. Renter of the Methodist
church an 1 Rev. ie. G Ritchey of the
Christian church, Imth had identically
the same themes for their last Sunday's
s-rmons. both morning ami evening.
Bat neither one knew that tl is was to
be the case as t h y bad m idea whit the
other was to take ink the sahject ttf his
Saturday evening Pator J. M Cole
of the Salem even,h Day Adeiiti-t
rtinrrh, will deliver hi' fine stern iptirtm
lecture on MCaaaiHal Fiji." at the S-v
enth Pay dven!it t hnn h in thi" city
The lecture i- I pnSf very highly of .tie!
a largo aodieace ooghi to greet Pastor
t" le. There will le a fnewill silver
fh ring at ihe close of the lecture.
Sunday Btararaai at II o'clock Mrs
iitie t'i.vs. Sal in ial ornjtaaisef of tl e
BT.C r V.. will s.-;.k at the Baptist
Lur b ; at S in the aftarauaji she will
talk at trie t'rea yterian church, ai.d
ia llm i mains, st Ibe Wotbadist church.
She is a tabiati it apeakx and all who
Baptnrkd a ilet-k ol cahIu from a i,ui -bier.
At night Mrs. t? raves will deliver
a g ispel-temperance address. Fpworth
League at 0:90 p. m. The public is cor
dially invited to these services.
The W. C. T. U'S. held their earlv
i meeting at the home of Mrs. I.ouis Bar
i zee. The follow ing otli era were elected :
I Pres., Mrs. F. H. Hicks ; cor sec, Mrs.
Emma Faulkner ; rec. sec., Mrs. Mary
I Palm ; treas., Mrs. Gertrude Bertram .
J Superintendents of the various depart
ments were also appointed, from whom '
j good results are expected. The meeting
was one of great interest ami the lunch j
, serveu ny .Mrs. I'.aree was line. All in
all it was a delightful occasion.
Word hiui la-en received from the
Bible School evangelist, J. P. ('order, of
the Christian church, that the Bible
school institute announced for this week
BS Iteginning Friday and holding over
Sunday, is postponed indefinitely.
At the Christ an church next Snaday
the serviced will lie as follows: Bible
school. 10 a. m.; Y. P. S. C. K. meeting
1:30 p in., union meeling Preaching
11 s. in ami 7:150 p. m. Morning theme:
"The Holy Spirit as Related to Chris
tians." Fvening sermon: "A Ixist
Boy.1 The puh. ic is mortt cordially in
vited to attend.
LA I I fit IT ft
HARVBY JONES, Proprietor
Kates $1.00 per day and upward
New Brick, New FurnLshinjrs,
Prompt Services. Opposite the
P. Depot flrounda .' .' ." .'
Ttje trfsJnjJ
i;rfl Oregon.
Rdeehurg Beer has a Reputation throub-
outtb? Charity fyr .
oi rrinr
and purity mytniylipalih
Brawed only from etfrA-feri tlaWy'
Special Brewed little Beer Our Specialty
Direct delivery to your residence Silff
piantities of one case or more. -J. .
I. J. NuTllldll & bftj
i i O V
. :inBrv
p r w m T
6irfectlMs, fruits
mi at
tways fresh
1 .ixnl dsrA'Jtah
SflfrtHrAl STv i fctAlbDfPOl
Buy your plows ami harrows of S. K.
Sykes. He has the best line to select
from. h f
For your guns, ammunitions ami
spertirajt goode eee s. K Bykeo. Mtl
Tin" farm-rs Real Fst.-te Ct.. have
sold the A. M Gallagher farm oa I'eer
Creek, to II. II. Fox from St. loais
K. K. Montgomery, of GhiadsUi. has
old through the I-aimers Real Fstate
40 acres of timlier laud to l.iuton
of Snohomish, Wash.
At the resi lence of Mr. Horace Mars
ters, in Rooeburg, on the ecening of
Oct IS, Rev. W. C. Reuter, c.tticiatii g,
Mr. Ii H Marsters to Miss Mary Paras,
I-th o this city. These young people i
have many friends in this city who will I
wi-h fnr then much happiness. Tiiev
will reside in Wmt Roseburg.
The Roseburg P aindea'er justly
kicks at the kcepit g of the l.antl t rtn e
rinsed at that place on the gronmt that
i' interfere with the rights ttf legit i
iiu'.e hoint steaders ami tbaibat claini
parrbasera. sTe ourselves hue bsoa
lie til v three years ge'ting a patent for
ear limber claim and haven't got it vet
h r that matter, and for no olher rea-ou
than that it is Iteing delayed by 'Uth
ppareti'Iy manslbrd for actions ol the
government as these Washington
Cooaty News
have Beiiicia llaaeaeh Rotary "-itle Hill
prices previously advertised. If you
hare not yet inspected our bargain
counters, we advise you to do so at once
Josephson a.
For photographs, viewing. Id pic-
, tures copied ami enlarged, Hash light
bear bet will Le srell paid lor going.
!'o M.n ike .ti-e' Mmetnrf Stii h a
ICIUMM trill tf preach, d at the M. E
church next um!av n orning. In the
sermon the pastor will relate how he
lifvi rsible Ihsc Plows and IVttible Ibsc's
B'ifflo Pitts Harrows, Ihsc Cutters,
Ban Wagons, Majestic aad Mnairrh
Malleable Iron BaSSMa, Be bat biscuits,
t'Ut tint prices Coyote wire ft nee by
the car load. S.i tf
The Time is Now, and
If you love your home, we can make it
to make home cheerful is hen-. Roseburg lias
ive display of home farnifthings as awaits your
arriving daily, tseanttful shotnne of all the
more pleasant. Everything
m-vt-r seen Sttch an extens
inspeetioa hero. New drmmIs
things ju
lot -t t li i if's i ii Fttmititrp
' arpets, Urapenes. Wonderful values await the eomen to tins bnsj store.
All the new things are here new Blankets (Juil's. Comforters fmm the
cheapest ctton blanket to the real and only standard, the Oregon Wool;
nothing nu earth so nice.
Bsri'll 'i7ir JrBpKassssBSal
JessBaauSBfllQflrr jn
We puarriTitfe any price we
mav quote to be as low as anv
in this state, for new goods,
notithstantiEj all job tay
read ihoat discounts ar.d ut
fAttk .We are here to sell
jt'-ik'-s, and will not be i nder.iold
if e- kcovr i:. We are the
leaders of !. jirices ;ndei3y
terms. We Iroy at the r-ry
lowest prict. We Luv for
strictly spot cash. We secure
the very best discounts there
are t be had. Purely, then,
we are in a position to do y-.u
some gotd. We hav added
srttne wooderfoiiy fft-l lines,
such as
Remember the grent demon
strati ri - f the MASOnC, at
our st'-re from the sixteenth to
the twenty-first of this month.
Hot caee antl bisKtiits str.ed
free. CaeM and enjoy tLe linch
on us.
The Best Line of House Furnishings in Southern Oregon
F) 2 a JC DJv, The House Furnishers
lbekale and R.ui! Bua5 rurnishcrs
residence in PortUnvI. At' er Miodiag
a short time in Baadnn. he wdl hair
for an exteudetl visit to his old home in
suits, comprising manv of the newest
and best garments in our entire clothing
stock, on sale while thev last for $ 10.
Sizes V2 to 19 years. At Josephson'e.
Good Business Openiug About $2,000
necessary to handle it, cash or negotia
ble paper. Good reason for selling. For
particui irs address Rox Roseburg.
Oregon. 83 tf
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Woodbury and
eon Francis, and M. G. iikius, who
have been visiting in Portland for the
past month, returned home Saturday,
Mr. J. Wilkins, of Roseburg, accompa
nied them and will visit here a uhoit
time. Klamath Falls Republican.
For the best ot everything in rainy
weather wear, at the most reasonable
prices, see 'oeephsou'e. We are head
quarters for rain-coats, rubbers, rubber
boots, oil and rubber clothing in fact
for everything nectssary to keep ou
warm and dry in wet weather.
Salesmen Wantel Cash advanced
weekly ; tood territory open ; outfit free.
Some are making $100.00 o $160.00 per
month. Why cot yon? Addrese:
Washington- Ncbseky Company,
77ti Toppet.ieh, Washington.
While chopping some wool, Tuesday
morning, H. H. rox, a recent arrival
from St. Louis, Mo., who recently pur
chased the Gallagher place, out on Deer j
Creek, had the misfortune to pretty
badly chop one of hie feet. He ie so
badly hurt as. to mceesitate hie laying up
for a while.
The Farmers Real Estate Co.. have
8-ld the Edward Pierce farm on Cow
Creek, east of Vileodale, to Samuel
Eakin and John Jackson, of Kansas,
and they will take possession at once,
and make a specialty of potatoes, cher
ries and berries.
J. E. Sawyers, lawyer and notary
public. Office up stairs in Douglas
County Bank Building. tf
apply at
Miil St. Phone
If you want cold h i rn ordoBraries
call at Jennings' Bakery. 71:f
J. S . amber, of Tehama. I a!., a! er
spending lti eis in that state Iihs
come here to locate, where irri:ati
Mr. W. C. Dublev, an expert piano not an absolute ne.t -s;tv ami to
inner of the Eiler's Piano Urstr. of , aw fro"i the malaria lever.
Portland, will be with us for one week. ' At Ieg0 , a MllllI1 flf
If yoor piano needs attention, leave ' Vacuum" and "Econoeajr? fruit jars
your orders with the Burr Vu-ic House, ujlj p, ,uil.k at Charahill Hardware Co
who will guarantae hie work. ! une-puart at M eent; and two quarts at
Walter Gagnon ha leen elected cap- W Wpaa-doaaa. J7tl
tain of the Roseburg High school foot Dr. Lowe, the well known oral pti
ball team and the boys are getting down cian is ,low ,le ifcCbdlesi H -use to
to some hard practice. Ben Wagner is
manager and H. Hilderburn is assistant
manager. The everage weight of the
team members is 140 and all are in good
trim for next Saturday's game at the
Rose Park, with the Drain team. Don't
miss that game, if you want to see some
fnn. It will be a sharp contest from
start to finish.
Have Dr. Lowe show you the new
Hurd Auction eye glrsses. No cork
screws or shell. Easy, comfortable and
economical and guaranteed against
breakage for 2 years.
remain ui.til Saturday Bight.
Since 1S77 we've l-een trea ing people
Stpiare. Joeephs.'ii's.
An examination of forest lapOTliEOM
has just been held in thi city, conduct
ed by Supt. Shiller, of Washingtoi..
Rangers liny Ingram, of Roseburg and
Henry Ireland, of Kt. Klamath, rarest
Assistant, A. K. Cahoon. Kosehnrg ; Mr.
ieo. W. King, M.- lford . Mr. W. A.
Holt, of Bremerton. Washington, clei k
of the Navy D -partment, to k examinations.
Dr. Lowe, the optician, has besa COSB
Marshal Jarvie is watching the streets in(, t() Kost.tjurg for over Hi years. A
and by applying fresh rock whenever pretty good record.
and wherever it is needed, he is keening : ... , . , ..,
. . , " . , A big mortgage for the sum of 1285,-
the city s thoroughfares in most excel-, . . , , ,
' , ! 000, bas just Iteen p.aced on record with
lent condition. ; CMaA, LU.rk. wiereby the rreaoa
Furnished rooms for rent at $.1 per Securities Co., id Cottage Grove, covers
month. Apply to 20 Rose street, slop .V.i minirg claims in the Bohemia Min
The Plaindea'er and tne New York '. district eosnprieiof J7 of the "Chan -
Tribune Farmer, both
the Plaindealer, to all
pay in advance, $2.
for the price of
subscribers w ho
Lady Maccabees, Attention!
A tun aiienuance ie requesteu at ine
regul r meeting Friday, Oct. 20, at 2 p.
in , as business of importance is to be
attended to. We will also celebrate the
anniversary of the order. A short pro
gram and lunch will be provided B
order of the Committee. 83 2t
A .- k
It Hits the Spot.
It Brings the Trade
The Whiskey that pleases all
Nothing Finer. Nothing Better.
MIKE JACOB & CO. Distillers, Cincinnati. Ohio
P. B. MATKEWES, Agent, Kosebnrj?. Oregon
If you want to buy a farm
If yon want furnished rooms
If yon want to buy a house
If you want to rent a house
jf you want to buiid a house
if you want to move a house
pion" gronp. M ol the "Musick" and U
of the Helena group. John W Wheeler
of Orange, Mass., is named as the mort
gagee. Tt e money, as stated in the in
strument is snbeased in rleaning up
some indebtedness and also in doing
more development work.
Fri.lay and Saturday Dr. Lowe, the
optician, will be at Ho'el Met lallen
Have bias test your eyes for glasses.
Fine Mohair suitings, full SO inches
wide, in black, brown, bine and green
the same tpiality that other stores ak
$1 or OOcts for at. our store only, 7'icts
the yard Josepbsou's
The Majestic Range demons! ration
at Rice and Rice's this week, was n
great big sncce-s. Many persons CTljnjorl
the free lunch and all were well pleased
While riding through a gate at his
father's place, out on Deer Creek, this
morning, Kav, tbe sixteeo-jraaf old soa
of John Hedgpeth, had the misfortune
o have his uhaparejos catch in the gate
and the horse taking fright, the VOQOS
man was badly thrown, resultfhg in
breaking bis left leg, just above the
ankle. He was brought to town ami
Dr. i. E. Boack set the injured member.
Card of Thanks
We wish to express our sincere antl
heartfelt thanks to our many friends
and kind neighbors for their kindness
and sympathy during the illness and
death of our darling little son, Llynn
and pray that the good l.orJ will bless
them all nd they may it least meet
him in Heaven.
T. A. Finiiley, Wife
Glide, Ore., Oct. 10, PJ05.
10c and 15c.
Department Store
Second floor
New Arrivals in
Our Art Department
N w Pillow Tops Con!
aii'l Ruffling, Mexican
Diawn - ork Squares
New Battenberg Braid,
Buttons, Thread, Etc.
Everything For Fancy Work
This Store Has Always Done Things Different From Others
The baying and selling f goods at this store is conducted on
plans that always save you money. This fall we are hetter
prepared than ever to meet and outdistance all competition.
Our immense stock of new goods, coupled with our magnifi
cent new building, and modern methods of doing business,
make it a pleasure to shop here. Come in and look around,
whether you waut to buy or not. We will take pleasure in
showing you our new home. We are pioud of it, and we want
vou to see it.
Wednesday. October Ihh,
We Open a New Department
Graniteware, Tinware and all
Kinds of Household Necessi- i
ties. Tills will be tor
sale, or v -xenon ge for our
outstanding Premium
Clothing 2nd Floor
Bach price we quote here represents an article of merit
at that price. When we say Suit or Overcoat for $10 or
if -Jo, we mean the BEST that can be sold at $10 or $20.
Price means nothing unless the Article has merit.
$o, $7.r.o, $io, $n, $12. $ir, $i;, $is, $20
$10, $11. $12. to $1S.
Why argue about a certainty? Apply this to
your hat buying, ami your new hat will be a
Gordon (soft or stiff). ( 'ne who has worn a
Gordon Hat knows that there is no better hat
made than a Gordon. Gordon Hats, $:!. We
sell them because they are the best hats.
Other makes at $1.00, L26, l.tSO. 2.00 and $2.50
Boy's and Children's
Clothing Second Floor.
Age S to 14
Suits $1.50, 2.00. 2.2T. 2.:0, :?.00. :?.."0. 4.00, I GO
5.00. 5.50 to tv.tXl
14 to 20 years.
$150, 5.00, 0.00, 7.1X1, 7.50, S.00. 9.00, 1O00, 11.00
12.00 up to 10.00.
House Furnishings.
We carry the Oregon City Woolen Mills Blankets'
All wool blankets $&50 to $10.00.
Cotton blankets GOeta to $2.50.
Filled with pure white cotton $1.00, 1.50, 2.00 2.2"-.
Hon Frame Curtains a large assortment $-1.00 to 7.00
Curtain nets, white or Arabian color 25, ;5, 10 and
50c ts per yard.
Curtain Swiss, 12J to 25cts.
Curtain Scrim 8 to ISeta.
Portiers, Couch Covers, Table Covers and ftrapcriaa
of all kinds.
Ladies' Coats and Suits 2nd Floor ;
New arrivals in this department almost daily by express. .
Nothing but the newest shown here. -lust arrived Saturday I
22 ladies' three-fourths antl full length Cuts, of the very
newest and best selling styles in the Fast.
Do You Want the Latest?
If vou do. come todav. Thev are selling fast.
FURS, For these Cool, Damp Days
A Fur Collar or Scarf is almost indispensable. We have
them a large line at popular prices. Neck scarfs as low
as $1.00. Others at $1.50, 2."0. &00, SjSO; etc.. up to $25. 1
Astrachan and Nearseal Jackets
New Wrappers, kimonas & Dressing Sacqnes
Nicely made and Trimmed. A
Neat Press at the price you
would have to pay for the ma
terial, alone. Ages, 5 to 14
$1.40 to $4.00
f run don't know PA I
Call on or address . . .
F F. p&tteiw
aid Buldsr