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Roseburg, Oregon
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No. 27
Some Very Pertinent and Timely Suggestions By
a Good Roads Enthusiast Road
Building Machinery Needed.
E.litor Piain dealer: As tho question
of getting beltrr roads is the forethought
of nearly sill il,e jieople of the state of
Oregon, ple:isi-allow me space for a few
pointers in : hit direction.
To make more permanent roads we
must have suiffbiimt machinery and tools
f necessary t e onomically make roads.
To try ami make a road without the
proper roa 1 in ichinery is to waste time
and money, aad the most expensive
method for r. .i i making in other words,
You can make is much road iuone week
v ith up-to d:i:e machinery and too Is a
yti can in a month without the p oper
ni.: linery, and even then you c. .11 not
obi i in the same results becauso you can
u ) make an even and solid roadbed
without yru h.ive both graders and roll
ers for that pf pose It will be money
saved to the c unty in the purchase of
proper machinery and in my opinion in
less than two years this machinery will
lay for itself. We need two steam road
roli. rs, two or three new rock crushers,
: nd at least three of the best road gr.ul--re.
)ti my opinion the top dressing of a
road or stref t iould be crushed rock,
and after men course should be Iboo
I oughlv raaVi with a steam roller. A
road or street so const ructed is the
cheapest an 1 most lasting.
If we are ever to Ik' able to accumu-
i late a sinking fund and decrease our in
debtedness, both in city and county, we
i must commence more permanent work
on these Ml J other lines, or else taxa
tion will n "lu rally increase in place of
: decrease.
This spring Oregon has never shown
more of its natural splendor than at the
' present true. The winter has leen fav-
' orable to crop and farming and a large
yield is as.-ured. We will have thous-
i ands of visitors to the coast this season,
coming to see the Iewig and Clark fair,
and the DMat country. Let us then set
our cleaning machinery into motion ; let
ns our roads, yards, streets, walks
I orchards and our farms look their best
This can all be accomplished with a lit
tle extra . ffort. Let us do a little extra
road work and get at it early and by the
middle of. June let all ruts and bad
places be ti.led and smoothed up. In so
doing it i 1 give a g.iod impression to
, the visitor and Oregon will reap lasting
benefit from this little extra effort on
our part. A St uscribek.
Portland April 2.-The important F. B Waite ha attached Major Kin
question of ail mission rates to the I.-wis stni.t in iui juim
and Clark Exposition was settled yesUr-
Co., amounting to shares out of
.r murumj; .t a epeciai meeung oi w.e : w un,;er a judgment for f23.('
execuuve committee. The situation . and lWs aTnonnting t0 7tio renderet
was thoroughly gone over, and at the 1 Rpftins, , lv,t , ine Raiwav Co., in
conclusion of the meeting the; following the cilvnn ,.ourt on Feb ;i 1905 &pri,
were announced by Secretary Henry E. ! 10th is ,,atftset for the eaie.
Reed: Commutation ticket containing j Tn .... :. ia n,M.nrp tn w
two gentlemen' fight. L. D. Kinney
l and F. BL Waite are now engaged in a
13t entrance cards $20.
Commutation book of 50 tickets, $12.
50 Gene-al admission tickets, 50 cents
strenuous battle for control of the Belt
Line proposition. It is a diamond cut
I diamond and every legilimate legal ad-
self respect Marshtield
1 he commn'ation svstem will eive vis- vantage is !eing taken ; yet the tight is
Mors an opportunity of seeing the Fair W conducted along the line of
IS? times for a trifle more than 15 cents '-enttemauiy
for paeh (intr inrti rr .VI tim..e trvr t-r - i -'tail.
actly 25 cents for each admission.
These rs:es are regarded as unusally
liberal and will do much to stimuplate
For a fceak Digestion.
medicine can replace
food but
i Chamlierlain's Stomach and Liver Tab-
Immediately after the committee's an- j lets will help you to digest your food. It
nonncement was made the tickets were is not the quantity of food taken that
placed on sale, and orders are now being I giv s strength and vigor to the system,
received at the headquarters of the ad-, but the amount digested and assimilat
mission department. The holder of one el. If troubled with a weak digestion,
of these term tickets will be photo-' don't fail to give these Tablets a trial,
irraphed on tl e ticket and it will be non- Thonsin Is h rve been l?uetited by their
transferable. use. Th-y only cost a quarter. For
It is thought probable that local pat- sale bv A. C. Ylarsters & Co
rrn.age on Ebeae commutation tickets will 1
lie heavy, as the reduction is consider Keep your bowels regular by the use
able and there are thousands of resi- of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
dents of the city who wll att.nd-the Fair Tablets. There is nothing better. For
at least 50 times. : sale bv A. C. Marsters.
Adjntant-Uaneral W. E. Finxer is in
receipt of a sample "New Springfield"
rifle of the pattern that is to lie usetl by
the I'nited States Army. The National
(iuard, as auxiliary to the regular ser
vice, will also be equipped with this
gun. At present only the West Point
Cadets have been furnished with it.
Experts consider the new weapon a
decided improvement over the Krag-
Jorgenson in about every respect, the
features being its almost perfect balance
insuring better marksmanship and its
greater range, fully five more grains of
powder being used than is contained in
the 30 30s of the K rags. The caliber is
the same with both arms.
Great Crowd of Portlanders Bid Soldier Boys
God Speed Passage on the Trans
port Buford.
Eugene, April 1. Professor F. S. Har-
oun, erstwhile principal of the Eugene
Business College, who has been in the
county jail for several days, being un
able before today to secure $250 bonds,
having been bound over for obtaining
money under false pretenses, was today
released, a cash bond having been de
posited with Judge Wintermerier of the
justice court. It is not known who the
person or persons are that furnished the
Collet Sold
J. H. Ulass, of this city, and Professor
W. J. Hooker, of Brownsville, today
purchased Haroun'i college from L.
Bilveu and C. M. Kissinger, who have
Portland, April 1 Amid tho cheers
of a throng that packed the wharves,
docks and buildings of the water front ;
the blasts to a score of sirens ; the Mut
tering of a veritable sea of hats and
handkerchiefs ; the farewell calls of sol
diers and civilians, that to some will be
the last farewell . some tears and the
throb of patriotic inspiration in the
breasts of all who beheld the spectacle,
the Nineteenth United States Infantry,
in the halo of today's noon, drifted
away from Greenwich dock on board
the Government transport Buford and
westward toward the East, the brine
and the Philippines.
It was the climax, and really the re
gretful and painful climax, to a broad
half day of military glory in metropoli
tan Portland. It marked the passing
from the waters of Oregon of a regiment
that has been a part of Portland for an
era of peace succeeding the turbulent
tunes in the tropic islands, and although
the Fourteenth Infantry, almost Port
land and Vancouver's own regiment, is
soon to take its place, there was a mel
ancholy cast to the whole inspiring dem
onstration, for many of those who left
today will remain forever in the soil of
the new possessions. And some fast
friendship were broken off perforce by
the distance that now must intervene.
Eugene, March 29. -O. W. Hard, the
Florence capitalist, arrived in Eugene
this morning from San Francisco, where
' he has been (or several days on business
. connected with his extensive shipping
and sawmill interests.
Mr. Hurd says that he expects to
tart his big sawmill at Florence in oper
ation within a very short time for the
spring and summer run. He said that
all the other mills on the lower river
would be in operation soon.
With these four big mills running in
full blast, things will be lively on the
lower Siuslaw this summer. Two of the
mills are at Acme and two at Florence.
Supreme Effort Being Put Forth to Find Some
Irregularities in Securing Timber Lands
on Part of Booth, Kelly Company.
had control of it since Haronn's impris- j
onment. Meesrs Glass and Hooker an- !
nounce that classes will be resumed as 1
soon as they can straighten up the af-
fairs of the institution.
Severe Test of Wireboand Gun.
The Brown segmental wirebound gun, t
undergoing an endurance teet at the,
Sandy Hook proving grounds, eclipsed
all prev'ous records in withstanding
great pressure on March 4. Seven shots
were tired, six with a 'S-jound charge of ,
smokeless powder, and one with a naif
hound heavier charge, 100-pound pro
jectiles being used. The average pres
sure in the chamber was 42,721 pounds
to the inch. The gnn at one charge
withstood a pressure of 44,420 pounds to
the square inch, and it is expected to
bear even more enormous pressure. A
muzzel velocity of 3,275 feet a second
was attained during the course of these
gun tests.
A parson is always the best man at a
wedding. He gets the coin and takes no
Washington, March 31. Following a
; visit to President Roosevelt today, the
I French ambassador, Jusserand, said
j there was no immediate prospect of
peace between Russia and Japan. He
said both combatants appeared bent on
' continuing hostilities to a more satisfac
' torv adjustment of their differences.
I Washington, March 31. A report
emanating from St. Petersburg that
President Roosevelt had been asked to
mediate between Russia and Japan was
officially denied at the White Honse
this afternoon.
A special I'nited States marshal
has been in Eugene, Cottage Grove
and vicinity during the past week or
two serving subpoenas upon different
persons to appear as witnesses before
the Federal grand jury which recon
venes at Portland today, April 3rd.
Among those subpoenaed are At
torney L E. Bean and Banker Darwin
Bristow of Eugene, and Banker Her
bert Eakin, of Cottage Grove.
It is not known what kind of testi
mony is expected of these gentlemen,
but it is said to be in the timber
fraud cases and rumor has it that
some surprises will be sprung by the
grand jury. It is thought a number
of local citizens may be indicted for
implication in the land frauds.
A supreme effort is being put forth
by the government detectives and
prosecutors to in somewise implicate
the Booth-Kelly Lumber Co., in the
land frauds and they are therefore in
vestigating most minutely the man
i ner in which every acre of their tim
I ber holdings were secured. It will be
: gratifying when this investigation is
over which is completely demoralizing
j timber and lumber operations in
Western Oregon and making invest
ments in new milling and lumbering
plants as well as timber, by Eastern
capital, impossible. Western Oregon
development is practically at a stand
still and will continue to be as long
as these "investigations" are in progress.
i When a man is in trouble two-thirds
j of his alleged friends are willing to help
I h:m stay in it.
The County Assessor Enters Upon His Multiplied Duties Ladened With "Don't Bend" Blanks.
- J
'Holding Up" An kmutfr 'Rural Tu Payer.
Salem, March SI Pale of countenance
and with eyes downcast, his whole bear
ing showing that he was suffering the
deepest grief and dejection for the crime
which be has committed against human
ity and the penalty which he will have
to suffer in consequence, Frank Uugliel
mo, the Italian murder, was received at
the penitentiary last evening and there
placed in solitary confinement, with a
ath watch over him, to await the day
of his doom, which is fixed by the court
on Friaav, May 5. 1905. He was
brought up from Portland by Deputy
Hheriff Harry Moreland, on the even
ing local, and taken directly to the
penitentiary. He was securely man
acled and did not 'cause his custodian
any trouble upon the trip up.
Guglielmo, who must suffer death up
on the gallows at the prison for the
cold-blooded murder of hit sweetheart.
Miss Freda Guarascia, in Portland, in
June, 1904, because she refused his
proffered affections ami offer of mar
riage, presents an entirely different as
pect to Harry Kgbert, who occupied the
same cell before him and was hanged
for the murder of the Baker county of
ficers who attempted to arrest him for
horsestealing. Where the latter bore
himself bravely throughout hit impris
onment in the penitentiary and walked
upon the scaffold to meet his doom with
faltering but steady step, the latter
shows abject terror out of the very
gleam of his eye, when be looks up,
which is not very often, and it is doubt
ful if he will be able to walk to the
scaffold when the time comes for the
Salem, March SO After having ser
ved six long, weary years behind prison
walls for a crime which he never com
mitted steps are now being taken to
secure the pardon of Albert A. Johnson
who is now serving a sixteen-year sen
tence for rape, having been convicted of
the crime and received his sentence in
liberty. The statue of limitation for
perjury expires in three years, and as it
has been six years since the crime was
committed, no action at law can be
maintained against the girl who,
although a minor at the time, gave false
evidence upon the witness stand which
sent an innocent man to the peniten-
Jackeon county in December, 1899. He j tiary.
was charged and convicted of having
committed crime of jrape upon an In
dian girl by the name of (trace Allen,
who appeared as prosecuting witness
against him, and it now develops,
through the affidavit of the girl herself,
that he not only is, innocent of hav
ing committed the crime, but that he
never attempted to commit such crime
upon her person.
Johnstefe, who is now bent with age
and physical infirmity, has been endur
ing his prosecution almost uncomplain
ingly every since his incarceration, and,
despite the fact that he is over sixty
years of age and is compelled to live in
shame and disgrace the balance of his
natural life, he has no resources at law,
for the statue of limitations has run the
crime of perjury .which was committed
against him. He can but be thankful
that the sin has been discovered even at
this late dav which will give him his
Read the Plaindealer for all the News
According to a statement made in the
application for the pardon, it appears
that the mother of the girl is charged
with the responsibility of the charge be
ing brought against Johnston and that
it was she who forced the girl to appear
upon the stand and testify against him,
thus securing his conviction. It is al
leges that the action was prompted by
the ill-will which the mother is said to
have borne against Johnston. The girl
was asked to sign an affidavit retting
forth that her mother was responsible
for her action in the case, but the girl
would not sign the affidavit until
that part which implicated her mother
was erated from the document, thus
showing a disposition to avoid compli
eating her mother in the case in any
manner or form.
Salem. Ap-il 1. Two years and ten- Portland, March 31. For three weeks
months ago. on the morning of Jane 9, pst Clarence McDaniel, a brother of
I90--', is the date upon which Convict the convict, and Thomas Bloomer, his
Harry Tracy and David Merrill made , brother-in-law, of Albany, have been
their sensational and desperate escape 1 moving every force and indaence to pre
from the Oregon penitentiary by means j pare B showing that will stir the
of rifles brought in to them by confed- emotions of executive clemency. Never,
era tea upon the outside. This bloody j perhaps, in the history of Oregon, has
affair coat the lives of three of the trust- guch a plea for the pardon of anr man
ed guards, Frank Ferreli, B. T. Tiffany ' been presented to a Governor as that
and 8. R. T. Jones, who were ruthlessly J which will go before Chamberlain at
and unexpectedly shot down upon their ! Salem tomorrow or the first of next
posts by the murderous convict in mak- j week. McDaniel was sentenced to 15
ing their escape. 1 years in prison.
Today both of the men who were re- petition signed by eight of the jory
sponsible for Tracy and Merrill getting men WDo during the long and sextaa
the guns and ammunition with which Uonai trial that stirr! Portland for
to execute their deadly work are behind j three weeks, with letters from some of
prison bars and will be brought face to them: letters from no lees than 30
face with the charge of murder in the
first degree for the part they took in the
notorious and cold-blooded affair.
These men are Harry Wright and
Charles Monte, both with several aliases,
and the former is doing a three year
sentence in the Walla Walla prison for
grand larceny, while the latter is con
fined in the Oregon prison, with a six
year sent ence to serve for burglary.
The officers of county have been
working upon the case for several
months and have finally arrived at the
point where they feel certain they have
conclusive evidence with which to con
vict the two convicts, and the case will
be brought before the state grand jury,
which will convene in this city on next
If it is a billions attack take Cham
trlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets and
prominent and well-known aniens of
Portland, including the Coroner who
presided at the inquest over the remains
of the dead girl, and hundreds of signa
tures of people in all walks of life, will
go to the Governor asking, hiss that
Frank McDaniel, who for four years has
paid the penalty of manslaughter in
prison stripes, be allowed to return to
the free open air. Whatever the facts
a to the gilt of innocence of the prin
cipal in this celebrated case, it is evi
dent that there are influence at work
for bis freedom.
McDaniel is reported to be in failing
health. He is said to have fallen off in
weight until he is a mere skeleton of
his former self. He has been in the pen
itentiary for four years, and works io
the laundary connected with that penal
institution. He was for two years an
inmate of the County Jail peastiag an
appeal of his case to the Supreme Court.
He was convicted of the charge of
ritch in one of
mnnforinir Mias Clara
a o,uick cure is certain, ror saie by A. j Portland's parks, where the body was
0, Marsters A Co. tf I discovered.
Portland, March 30. Henry W. Mil
ler, under indictment for connection
with the land frauds, was brought to
Portland yesterday from San Francisco
in charge of Deputy United States Mar
shal Richard De Lancie and Deputy
Sheriff J. E. Sullivan. He appeared be
fore Judge Bellinger for arraignment
yesterday forenoon, and was given until
next Tuesday to plead. In default of
bail he was committed to the County
Jail. Miller was a few years ago elected
Justice of the Peace for the Roseburg
district on the 1 democratic ticket.
The Bank of Heaven.
Merely Mislaid.
bykes A Carroll have moved their
plumbing shop from the old Flook
building on Main street to No. 219 Jack
son street, the building formerly oc
cupied by F. E. Hands Cigar Store, and
are prepared to handle anything in the
plumbing and tinning line. Phone No
1261. tf
"Doctor," said the man who several
weeks before had been operated on for
appendicitis, "I'm all right except for
a heavy feeling in the pit of my stom
ache and a slight metallic rattling when
I walk."
"There!" exclaimed the M. D., slap
ping his thigh. "I knew that case of
surgical instruments would turn up
eventually. Will you pay me fur them
and keep them, or shall I remove them?
The cost will be about the same.
Coming, Coming
Essig & Snyder's big scenic prodnc
tion of "Ten Night in a Kar-Room" a
grand revival of the greatest temper
perance drama the world has ever
Carrying a superb band and grand
augmented orchestra of 10 people, all
special scenery and a first-class acting
company of ladies and geutlemen, it ia
evident nothing has been left undone
to make this the grandest triumph of
all modern drama. Free band concert
at noon each day, displaying more
wealth and grandeur than ever before
attempted at any other opera house
sliow. One night, Wednesday evening,
April 5. Tickets on sale at Bell's Candy
store at 25, H5, 50 and 76 cents.
Whatever good a person contributes
to any good cause is what he has left.
The happiest one is the one who makes
other happy. The best man i the one
who cloes the most good. A pauper
may have a larger bank account in
Heaven than a Creeos or a Rockefeller.
A man may count hi gold by millions
and have a prisoner' sonl Oh, for a
people rich in motives, pure and grand,
who make conditions better by remov
ing the causes of vice and placing its
votaries on a higher plain.
Who removes abject poverty by giving
its serfs legitimate employment. This
golden age is more than gold nietalic
based on dollars and cents. It reaches far
beyond this sphere and pierces -pace into
the vaults of Heaven. Space nor time
can intervene between your treasure
there and you.
Socially we are a mutual compact.
Roseburg, Ore., L.C.Hill.
Special sales by Stearns A- Chenowith
Oakland and Yoncalla, White and other
sewing machines $15.00 and up; water
pipe; wire, plain and barbed; cut and
wire nails ; the only guaranteed black
smith coal ; two carload Page woven
wire fence, the only tempered wire fence
for sale. n3 tf
KauolUhed 183 taeorporalad MSI
Capital Stock
B l A . Vtoe JTeudent.
J. HENRY Boon H, caabier.