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    'Got Even With the Widow.
;"It took-mo a solid week to think it
, but I did it," said the summer girl.
!I paid the widow up for all she had
Ter done or expected to do. I'm stay
Jlig wken I'm not called home this way
to entertain country cousins, who will
legist oa coming to Washington in hot
ireather at a place up on the sound.
Ot course, there aren't many men there,
tied when one does happen along the
widow reaches out and grabs him. I'm
iet dtft overmen, but a summer land
Mapelsn't complete without a few, and
aoomplexioned-doctored widow has a
iight'to monopolize them when the sup
jfly is so much less than the demand.
I'm opposed to monopolies and I set out
to turn the widow from the evil of her
way e'as .soon, aa I arrived.
"I marked out one dancing man as
say share of the loot and began to pre
pare lor war. The widow danced with
t&at man and walked with him and
talked with him and held hands in the
corner of the gallery, and try as hard as
Lmight I couldn't get a chance to fire a
hostile shot. .Bathing up there is a sort
of a side line. We don't make a blow
mg horn of it. We just sneak off and
take to the water when the tide's in.
There's no .parade about it. The widow
aid that she couldn't bear this way
people have of sitting around on benches
is bathing suits, and as soon as I heard
her I knew what made her feel that
"I took to her trail, however, and one
day a very hot day when the man
was busy writing letters, I asked her if
she didn't want to take my brand-new
bathing suit and go in for a dip. Sba
said s&e'd enjoy it, though as she didn't
as a rule care for sea bathing she hadn't
brought a suit. Now, a woman without
a bathing suit in her luggage well, I
knew then I had the widow's range and
could -rout her ioree, foot and dragoons.
She 'went off to the sheltered cove,
'where the bathhouse is, and as soon as I
was sure she was in the water I hunted
up the man and 'asked if he didn't want
to go and. .800 the widow swim. Of
coarse he did, and he said he'd wonder
ed all along why she didn't go in bath
ing. "We went down and sat right smack
in front of the bathhouse. The widow
was out in the water paddling around
and when. she saw me the look she gave
me made ice crystals form all over the
eel grass. She tried to get as to go back
to the hotel and get her comb that she'd
.forgotten, bat I told her she could use
the one I had in the bathhouse. She
Tried well she tried every way she
could think of to get us to go away, but
I was bound I'd sit there till that widow
came out of the water, and I sat as if I'd
been nailed down. I knew she couldn't
stay in the water forever, because the
tide goes out there and you'd have to be
a clam to hide, when that happens. She
stuck it out till "you could hear her teeth
chattering half a block offhand then she
came in.
"We made way for her to en'.er the
bathhouse, and as soon as the man got
one good look at her my bathing suit
wasa'little too short for her I knew
the widow was a has-been. Stunning
looking she was in full dress, but in a
bathing suit she was simply paralyzing.
If a mosquito had lit on one of her knees
he'd have had to use the long distance
phone to let his wife on the other knee
Oraow what- had become of him. She
was the bowleggedest widow in nine
states." Seattle Post.
Taken with Cramps.
. v"ffn. Kirmse, a member of the bridge
gang working near Littleport was taken
suddenly ill Thursday night with cramps
and a kind of cholera. His case was so
severe that he had to have the members
of the crew wait upon him and Mr. Gil
ford was called and consulted. He told
tiwBKi he had a medicine in the form of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy that he thought would
help him out and accordingly several
.,dp30i were-administered with the result
.that the fellow was able to be around
next day. The incident speaks quite
Ykialr of .Mr. Gifford's medicines. El
tfder.Uowa, Argus.
This' remedy never fails. Keep it in
Tour home, it may save life. For sale
by A. C? Marsters & Co.
YSi SUp Calves to California.
J. N. Burgess, the Eastern Oregon
cattleman, whose cattle to the number
of several hundred head the government
inspector-condemned and would not al
low to be shipped out of the state on ac
count of "scabbiea" as recently told
about in the Plaindealeb has decided
to tfp the calves and ship them to Cali
fornia. The cows will be driven across
th"5mbnn tains to Mr. Burgess' ranch in
Eastern Oregon.
t, Call for Bids
Sealed kids'.- will be received for the
keeping of the following ferries at the
i beftemDer term oi tne uouniy iourt,
towit,- on the 9th day of September
! 1904 at 1 o'clock p. m. :
Smlth'fl Ferry, Dimmick's Lone Hock
Terry and J. A. Sawyer's Ferry, bids to
Bands will be required of the successful
bidder. The Court reserves the right to
eject any and all bids.
87 tf County Judge.
Laying New Sewer.
Cottage Geove, Aug. 19. Mummey
l Bros.frEugene, who have the contract
i for pslting'in the sewer system here, are
4 making good headway. They haTe been
I s atwork but two weeksand at the close of
this week they will have the job half
completed. The length of the sewer
main is 5800 feet. The contract price
for this system complete is $12,150.
A Snap.
For sale, 10 acres, near Roseburg,
mostly choice garden ground, good
buildings and very desirably situated.
Afiply Box 533j Roseburg, Ore. sl2p
Niklce teVPiroperty Owners.
All fwepetiy owners having sidewalks
outHf repair- along their premises are
hereby notified that unless they are
pst-ta good condition within ten days
from the date of this notice, the city
- "Vill Tepalr the same and assess costs
thereof, tojtbe property. By order of
1 1535. V, J. U&vib, City Marshal,
Lewis and Clark Souvenir Dollars.
A Washington dispatch has the follow
ing in regard to the Lewis and Clark
souvenir dollars:
Unless the people of Oregon are will
ing to put sentiment aside they will
have to wait indefinitely for the first is
sue of the Lewis and Clark souvenir dol
lars, which were promised by Septem
ber 1. Dies for stamping these coins
have been completed, and the Philadel
phia mint is ready to go ahead with the
coining, under tne instructions issueu
by Director of the Mint Roberts, at the
request of Senator Mitchell, these coins
must be made of Oregon gold. Herein
lies the cause of delay. Up to date,
though all the Oregon gold deposited at
Boise and San Francisco has been
shipped to Philadelphia, there is on
hand only $15,C00 worth of gold. Be
fore proceeding with the coining the
mint officials believe they should have
available at least $100,000 in gold.
This status of affairs has been ex
plained to the authorities of the expo
sition, and until their reply is received
nothing will be done looking to striking
the first lot of the LewiB and Clark dol
lars. If they are willing that other gold
shall be used, the mint authorities as
sert that the coins can be completed and
ready for shipment in two or three
It will require a very nice adjustment
of mint machinery to turn out the Lew
is and Clark dollars, not only because of
their diminutive size, hut because of the
fast that the coin will bear the head of
Lewis on one side and the head of Clark
on the other. It is rare that coins are
stamped with beads on both sides.
Stamping such coins requires careful
manipulation and adjustment to pro
duce perfect results.
A Satisfactory Gtan-up.
The final clean-up was made at the
Olmstead & Co. mine formerly the
Sturgis mine on Forest creek last
week, and it was an eminently satis
factory one. Some $10,000 worth of the
yellow metal was taken out. This, with
the spring clean-up, which amounted to
about $5,000, makes the total yield of
the mine for the year foot up to $15,000.
The mine is one of the best pieces of
property in Southern Oregon, and the
owners are naturally well pleased with
the result of their first season. Med
ford Mail.
Fairbanks Family's Big Reunion.
D ed iiam., Mass., Aug. 20 From all
over the world descendants of Jonathan
Fairbanks, founder of one of the oldest
families in America, have assembled
here for their third annual reunion
The family association numbers thou
sands of members, prominent among
them being Senator Charles W. Fair
banks, the Republican candidate for
vice-president, and Secretary Victor A,
The reunion, which will last several
days, is being held at the historic Fair
banks homestead, which was built of
timbers brought over by the original
Fairbanks settler from England, in 1633
Crop Placed at 245,000 Bales.
North Yakima, Wash., August 20
Fred Alter, representing Louis
Lachmund & Co., of Salem, Ore., and
Paul R. G. Horst, of New York City,
have just returned from a tour of in
spection of the hopyards of New York
State. He went there to make an
estimate of the hop crop for the year
1904. He has also made an estimate
of the crop, by bale, of the Pacific
Coast, with the following results:
Oregon 9o,ooo
California 55,ooo
Washington 4o,ooo
New York 60,000
Total 245,ooo
These estimates are based on fig
ures gathered by close inspection of
the various districts and represent
the hop production of the United
States for the year. Mr. Alter pre
dicts that there will be 17,ooo bales
in Yakima county this year, an in
crease of 2ooo bales over the 1903
crop, leaving only 23,ooo bales for
the rest of the state. The crop in
New York will be better than usual
on account of the good season.
City Marshal's Notice.
All parties are hereby notified that
the gutters along the street in front of
all business houses must be kept free
from garbage by order ot the Uity Uoun
cil made Aug. 11, 1904.
al5-2t D. J. Jarvis, City Marshal
Notice for Publication.
. . it n .v.. r 1 . . r inn 1
Notice li hereby Riven that the following
named settler nai a lea notice o nit intention
tn make final rjroof In sUDDort of hla claim and
that said proof will be made oelore BegUter
and Receiver n. 8. land office at BofeDnrg,
Oregon, on Saturday, October lot, 1901, viz:
of Roseburg, Oregon, H. . No. 10557 for the
lot 3, Sec 32. $X N W& NE N WJ. 8ec 33, T W
B, it 4 wen.
He namei the following witnesses to prove
hla rnntlnnnun residence UDon and cultivation
of said land, viz: Robert L McLaughlin, David
W Hunter, Oeorte A. Bonebrake, Guy M In-
AW J. T. JJBIDCJK8, Keghter.
Reduced Round Trip Rates Account
World's Fair? St Louis.
First class tickets on salo May, 11, 12,
13, June, 10, 17, 18, July 1, 2, 3, Aug, 8,
9, 10, Sept, 5. 6. 7, Oct, 3, 4, 5,. Hose-
buri: to St Louis, and return, k00'! 90
days with stop over privlliges, at rates
rangeing from $75.45 to $82 50 according
to route chosen. Passengers wHl have
privilige of starting on any date which
enable them to reach destination within
ten davs from the sale date.
Inquire of Agent Soutliurn Pacifle
Company, Roseburg. f b
Men Wanted at Alca.
Men wanted for mill and yard work
at Alca, Oregon. Apply to mill super
intendent, Pacific Timber Co.
Sick Headache.
"tor several years niv wife was
troubled with what physicians railed
sick headache of a very severe character.
She doctored with seovral eminent phy
sicians and at a great expense, only to
grow worse until she was unable to do
any kind of work. About a oar ago she
began taking Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver lablets and today weighs
more than she ever did before aud is
real well," says Air. Geo. E. Wright of
New London, New York. For sale by
A. C. Marsters & Co.
Cholera Infantum.
This disease has lost its terrors since
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy came into general
use. The uuif-irm success which at'
tends the use of this remedy in all cases
of Ifowtil complaints in his children has
made it a favorite wherever its value
has become known. For salo by A. C.
Marsters & Co.
Notice is hereby given that the Board
of Equalization of Douglas County, Ore
ijon, will meet in the office of the Coun
ty Clerk of said county, in the court
house, in the city of Rosebuiv, Oregon,
on Monday, August 29th, 190, at H
o'clock a. m., and will continue in ces
sion until Saturday, Sept. 3d, 1904, at 5
o clock p. m., to publicly examine the
assessment rolls, and correct all errors
in valuation, description or qualities of
land, lots or other property. Now,
therefore, all parties who may be ag
grieved by eason of valuation, descrip
tion or otheiwise as to their assessment,
will take notice of the meeting of the
Board of Equalization at the time and
place as above stated, and make their
complaint to the said Board of Equaliza
tion. Otherwise their assessment will
stand as made by the assessor.
George W. Stalet, Assessor,
Douglas County, Oregon.
Dated Monday, Aug 1st, 1904. til-4w
Sheriff's Sale.
In the Orcnit Ourtof the State of Oregon
fur tueccuntrof Multnomah.
Rotbcblld Bros., a cor-"l
potation I
B. F. Shambroc t. I
Notice la heriijy given that by virtue of an
execution, duly iaaued out of the above named
court aud cause on the eihdar of Augnit, 1901.
upon a judgement and decree duly rendered
and entered in aald court and UiUN on the 5th
day of August. 1304, in favor of the above
named plaintiff and arainst the above named
defendant. B. F. Shambrook. lor the sum of
I&41.21 with interest at the rate of 6 per cent
per annum from the 9th day of May, 1901. and
the further sum of fSCO.GO with interest therroa
at the rate of 8 per cent per annum from the
loth day of February, 1904, and the further rum
of S0 attorney lee., and the further ram of
J3s.1T aos a and disbursements and the
costs and expenses of and uptn this writ
of execution commanding me to mate sale of
a'l the right, title and Interest said defendant,
B. F. Shambrook had in and to the following
described real property on the 13th day of May.
1904, or since has had, to wit:
The Wm Churchill donation land claim No.
Ifi. situated in sections 25 and 38, township 23
sontn, ranee 7 west, containing zujw acres;
The J. A. Cole donation I.nd claim No. 45 in
sections' and 26, 35 and 3G, township 25 south.
range, west, containing ssibi acres; Tne Geo
Leeper donation land claim, No. 40, in sections
25 and 26. to nshl d 25 south, rang. 7 wett. con
taining 160.S5 acie; The frac'lon.l SE ofSEV
of section 26 and the fractional E',"! N! nu
tne fractional n r.ji oi tne ot; section so. town
ship 25 south, range 7 west, containing 3i.0i
acres, all in Douglas county, Oregon, contain
ing in the aggregate S34 acres more or les. To
be excented therefrom the tracts heretofnr
sold to J. h and B. F. Shambrook, Mary Mc-
Kecnnie,. n m Kamp, m urimtn, ana inurcD
Cemeter" and School District, the said tracts
heretofore conveyed, aggregating 41 acres, more
or lets, leaving in tne aggregate ;w acrvs more
or less. Also thtt part of Wm Cadwalder do
nation land claim No- 37 in section 24 and 25
townshlD2o south, range west in Douelas
county. Oregon, containing 1;0 acres more or
less. Also iota 7 ana s oioce m in ttoseourg,
Douelas county, Oregon, attached in said act
ion on the 13th daj of May, ISM.
Now therefore I will on
Saturday the 10th dav of September 1904
at one o'clock p. m. at the front door of the
county court bouse in the city o( Roseburr,
Douglas county. State of Oregon, sell at public
auction. suDject to redemption, to tne nigncst
bidder for U. S. Gold Coin, cash in hand, the
above described real property and all the right,
title and Interest the said deiendant had there
in on the date of said attachment, to wit: the
13th day of May, 1904, or since has had therein
to satialy said writ of execution, and all ac
cruii g costs.
First publication Aug. II, 1904.
Sheriff of Douglas county, Oregon.
Notice of Guardian Sale.
Notice Is hereby given that by virtue and In
pursuance of an order of license of the County
Court of Douglas County, Oregon, duly made
and entered therein on the tlrst day of July,
1W4, In the ma'terof guardianship of the per
son and estate of (.'. . Langdon, a minor: the
undersigned, duly appointed, qualified and
acting Guardian of the sai l minor, will on Sat
urday, the 27th dav of August, 1901, at the front
dojr of the Court Bouse in Roseburg, Douglan
Coan y, Oregon, at the hour of 1 o'clock p. m.
of aald day, offer for sale and sell at a I'ubl'c
Auction to the highest and best bidder for cash
in hand all the rivht, title and interest of said
minor C. K. Langdon In and to the following
described real property to-wit:
TheWH of the and the WJJ of the
NWJi of bectlon 18, Township 23 South of Range
7 West of Willamette Meridian, in Douglas
County, Oregon.
Dated this 26 day of July. A. D. 1901.
Guardian of the Person and Estate of C. E.
Langdon. J2S-A25
In the Circuit Court or the State of Oregon
for the county of Douglas.
Samuel P. Parmly, Sr. and
Samuel P. Parmly, J r. I
Plalntl ffa
v .
wauon a. winsiow, i.mian
M. Wlnslow, bis wife; John
W. Sweet and Fannie E.
Sweet, his wife; The State
I and Hoard and The Ameri
can Nfckle Mfnlng Com
pany, a corporation.
To Watson A. Wlnslow, Lillian M. Wlnslow,
John W. Sweet, Fannie E. Sweet, and tbo
American Nlckle Mining Company, a cotpora
tlon defendants:
In the name of the Blatc of Oregon, you and
each of you are hereby required to appear and
ansv-cr the complaint filed against you in the
above entitled suit within kIx .tccks from and
after the date of the first publlca'ion of this
summons, the samn being the time prescribed
in the order for publication, and if you fall so
toaparand answer for want thereof, the
plalntifl's will apply to the court for the relief
demanded In the complaint, a succinct state
ment of which is that there is duo and owing
to the plaintiff on the note and trust deed ilc
scriledlnlhe compla nt the numol f 13.743.47
with interest thereon from November l-t, 1903,
at tbo rate of six per cent; for the foreclosure
of it id trust deed and sale ot llio premises
therein described in the manner provided by
law; that the proceeds of said fale b. applied
to ti e payment of the costs and espenscs of
foreclosure and salo vtiih reasonable attorney's
fee and then to plaintiffs' demand and tbo
balance If any to whomsoever may be lawfully
entitled thereto and that defendants and each
of them be forever barred of all right, tltlo and
interest and equity of redemption in the
premises descrioed In the complaint or any
part hereof.
Tb! summons Is published by order of tbo
Hon J W. Hamilton, Judge of the Circuit
Court of the State nf Oregon for the 2nd Judi
cial District, dated July 27th 1901. The date of
the first publication of this summons Is July 28,
63 CBAwroBD & Watson,
Attorneys for Plaintiffs.
Professional Cards.
Uoutt Home
Down Stairs.
JQK. V. II. DARBY, I). M. 1).
Oflico in the Abraham Building
(Over the t'oatofficc In tlio jlllce here
tofore occupied by Dr. J. R, Chapman
Roseburg, Oregon
Physciau &. Surgeou.
nmce Review ilia.
Phone. Matu31
Review Building, TeUpho'ne No 021
Rooms 8 and 9 KOSEBI'ttii o.tKii.r.
M. Crawford d J. O. Watson
Attorneys at Law,
Rooms 1 A J. Bauk Build.. ROSEBURH, H.
S7Buslncu before tha D S Ltnd Office in
mining cases a specialty.
Wll' practice in all the State anJ Federal Coaru
umce in Marks' Bldi;., Roseburg, Orugon.
Bank Building
J. A. BrciuNis I. L. Gbe.vimek
Rooms 1 and 1
Marsters Building ROSEBURG, OREGON
Osteopathic Phj'sician
Cures chronie dlreaes, orrwtn defonnaties
and removes forvicn gmwth Acute deae.
alto respond readily to the treatment.
CoitMtittatloii Kree
I'leaH? arrange for appointment by phone
Office over the l'ot Ufllce l'h ne No. Mil H. D. liraves place. Phone No. l't
Notary Public
Marsters Iiu'ilding
OflKLAfiD, : : OREGON.
Society Meetings.
AF. A. A. 31. Lanrrl Lodge Ko. 13.
ilsld reicular mee:ini:on snri
and f nrih WwlrelKvs ol hrtI.
month. J. T. 1'eiixies. vv. M
N. T. Jbwstt, Secretary.
Br. O. ELKS. RoPebnrK Lodge No.
3'.'6. Holds regular coramoaica-
tione at I O. O. F. Hsll oa econd
rjd fourth Thursdays of each rtiontli.
All tnenibers requeEied to attend resn
larh and all vipitiuc brothers are cordi
4lly invited to attend.
F. B. Waitk, R. K.
Ror McClallks, Jiecretarv.
O.N. G , tne-ta st Armorj Hall tvry
Ihurway evening, nt 8 o'clock.
F. B. Hamux, Capt
10. O. F. Phtletarian Lodge No. S.
Meets in Odd Fellow' Temple, cor
8 ner Jackson and Cass streetB, nn
satnrda evuning of each week Mem
ben- of the order in good standing ore
invited to attend.
J. C. TwrrcuKix, N G.
N.T. Jkwktt, SecreUry.
1 of P. Alpha Lodpe No 47. Meot
n HVArv WlMlnuBilar in X f f P
Hall a'. 7:3(1 p. m. Members in
oou eianainp are invited to attend.
Geo. W. Kimball, C. C.
Elmer Wimbehly, K. of R. & S.
LILAC CIRCLE. No. 40, Women of
Woodcraft. Meotn on 2nd and 4th
Thursdays of each month at the I.
O. O. F. Hall. VidtibK niembere in
good standing arn InvittM tn a'tend.
Minnie Jouea, Guardian Neiglibor.
Bell Morian, Secretary.
Second and Fourth Thursdays.
f E. 8. Rosebnre Cbaptnr No. 8
II Holds their rozolar meeting on the
first and third Thursdays In each
noDtb. Visiting morobers In (rood
Handing aro respectlnllv Invited to at
ond. Maudo Hast, W. M.
Rcgina Rast, Secretary.
Vf Camr No. 125. Meets at the Odd
1 " Fellows' Hall, in Rosebnre. evorr
first and third Monday overling. Visit
ing neighbors alwavi welcome.
D. P. Fisher. C. C
J. A. Buchanan, Clerk.
sembly No. 105, meets second and
fourth Saturdavs of each mnntli in
Native Sons' hall. Visiting members
win receivo a cordial welcome.
A. C. Marsters, M. A.
Minnie Jones, Secretary.
Notice to the Public.
United Stales Land Office.
Rosebuic. Oregon. July 15. 1'joi.
To Whom It may coucern.
No ice is nerjuy given mat mo Oregon and
Cal furnla Ral road Company I-hh flleil In this
office a list of lanas situated in ine townships
described below, and has applied for a patent
for said lands; that the list is open to tho pub
lic lor lnpection and n copy thereof by des
crlptlie subdivisions has been posted In a con
venient place In this office, for tho Inspection
of all person Interested and tho pub tc general
ly. South of B&ie Lino and west of W. M. All
of sec 31, tp 81 g r'Jw.
Wllhin the next sixty days following tho
date of tills notice, protes's ortonteB'e against
tho claim of the company to any tmcl or sub
division within any section or part of section,
described In the list, on the ground that tho
same Is m ire valuable for mineral lima for
agricultural purposes, will be received nnd
noted for report to the General Land Office at
Washington, D. C.
R- ghter.
J 18 1 26 Receiver.
Notice to the Public.
United States Ijind Office,
ltoneburg, Oregon, July 5, 1901,
To Whom it May Concern:
Notice 1 hereby given that the Orceou and
CitllfoinlH KnUron'l company haft Hied In this
otlli'U n lint of liinils sltunted In the townships
described below, and has u ( 1 lel for a piifnt
inrpniu inuux; imii me list is open to mo puu
Uo lor liiFpi'Ctlou mid a copy thereof b? ile
ncrlnllve miIhIIvikIoiih hax been potted In a con
venient nlncc !u this nlfice. for the Insnectlou
of nil persons intercMcd and the public general-
Houth ot IIum) l.lue and West of Willamette
.Meridian. SWJJ NVl.NW!i 8W. Sec 2. T
36. It 7; all Stc 1, T It 9; all Sec 3, T 31, R 9;
KllSco&,T3!, K9;all8t-c7.T U. R 9; ail sec 9T
31 R U, nil See II l 31 R 9; VXi NKU Eli dy'A, W
4 Sec 13, T 31, R 9; all Sec 15, Tp 31, Tl 9; all
Sec 17. I 31, K 9; all See 19, T 31, It 9, all Sec 21 ,
T31. R9; allie 23,T31, R 9: all Sec25,T31, R
9, allfcr27. T3I, R9; all Sec 29, I XI, R 9; all
,-co S3 T 31' R 9; all Sec 35, T 31 R 9. all
Se-1 T 31, it 10; all Sit- 3, T 31. R 10; all Sec 5,
T31. It 10; all Sec 7. T 8! R10; nil Sec 9, T 31,
It in: all SfC 11 T3I. It 10; all Sec 13, T 31, R
10; nil Sec 15. I 31 It 10; all Sec P.T 31, R 10:
all Sec 19. T 31. R10; all Sec 21. T 31, It K; all
Scc23,TJl. R10; all See i'., T 31, K 10; all bee
27, T 31, R 10; all See 29, T M , R 10, all Sec 31, T
31, R 10; MllSecXI.T .1, R 10. a 1 Sec 35.T3I, R
Sin til of lla0 Line and K at of Willamette
Meridian. All Stc ft. T 2.'. It 1 ; all Sc 7. T ,
It l; s t,WJ, l Kill; ainl ef
17. T 12. It 1 : all Sec 19. T J2. il 1.
Within the next sixty days following the
dale of this notice, protest or comesU against
the rlnim of tn- to any tract or sub
division within any section, or part of sec
tion ilcM-rittcd lt the list, ou the
ground that the same ! more valu
able for mineral than 'or ncrlc'iltural purposes
will be received and noted for report Wi the
ucueiiti ianu umce m iiiiii;inn. ill..
J7bl5 J. T HKIIKiErf. Register.
J. 11 BOOTH, Receiver.
Notice for Publication.
I'nliod Stales Land Office,
Ro).eburg. Oregon June V. I'M.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congren of
Junes, la.. entitled "An act for the sale of
timber lands In the States of Callfornla.Oregon
Nevada. and Washington Territory." as extend
ed to all the public land stales by act of August
, INK.
of Rcebiinr, county of Doutlat . state of Ore
gon, has this day niol 111 tnli omce his swoin
Matemeut No. ftSt'i. lor the pu-cliae of the fcU
n!. n!j ue!4 of section Na. 21 In tpNo.26, s.
r mi. y ,
and n 111 olfer proof to show thai th land sought
Is more valuable for Its tlrber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, aud to establish hla
claim before the Register and Receiver of Ihll
atuce of Roseburg.Ortgon.
on Friday, the 9th dav of Septembers, 1901. He
nameiai witnev: . narics mora, mnn inom
RciM-biirs, Ore: William Stelner, Edward Von
I'fl. oi Cleveland. Ore.
Any and all nerons elalmlne advcrselv the
above deocrlbed lands arerequtstrd to file their
claims in tnis nmce on or ueiore sam 'Jin aay oi
tf piemwr. ivui. J 1. uniuuts.
Ju 30-iS-pd Register.
Notice for Publication.
United States Land Office.
Roteb-irg. On-gon. June 11. l'.H
Notice is hereby given that In compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
Junes. is,, entitled "An t for the sale ot
timber lands in the States of California. Orertm
Nevada. and Washington Territory." asextend
d to all the public land states by act of August
t, IKZ.
of Roeban;. couqtr of Douslas. statoof Ore
con. bat this day file J in this office his sworn
statement N-, IX!, for the purchase of thei','
or,, n-. Be-4 oi let-lion 7o. in tp .o. jb, s
No. 9 w.
ana will offer proof toshow that the land sought
Is more valuable for it timber or stone than
tor agricultural purposes, and to establish hla
claim before the Register and Receiver of thla
stiiios of RoMburg, Oregon.
on Friday, the 9a day ot September. 1904. He
names as wltnestet: Charles Thorn. John
Th iBi. Roeburc, Ore; Wi Ham Sterner. Edward
Von ' f Cleveland. Ore
Any and all perwns claiming adversely the
above described lands are rttjurtted to file
meir ciaiets in tnu omce ou or oeiore saia vtn
day of ptember, 1901.
Jn ?0-Sa pd Register.
Notice of Street Improvement.
Aueumettt for the Improvement of Kane
Notice Is hereby given thai the Common
Coufcoll oi Km burg. Oregon, at a meeting held
lBctnuayoi iH.y ii. nrciarea tne ase
ment by Orilmanee No !l for the Innrovesaent
ol Kane street, beinc "An ordinance levvint
asea.ment for the improvement nf Kane
Hivei'' tn Ko-bnrr. Oregon. u:on each bit.
part of 1 t and parcel of land, which are
specially uetieuieu, iomii ioiiows to-ivii:
I f
I'rwent Owner
5 I?
31. Josephs -n KU
1 A pt2
140 (41 20
foj MrG
9V 24 70
SO 20 N)
SO 23 SO
M 20 W
SO 2- 6-1
2tt 79 30
io.' as 52
mural lo-ue Mi
!. A. F. A A. M
P II. A,dhnfl-
Jme Millltea...
K Williams ...
L H. and W. S
Hamilton. . ..
P. W. Cairoll
Catholic Church.
B C. Agee. .. .
A C. A ReUcea J.
Msrstcra . ...
C W l'.rls
Epbcopal Church
F A. vict ab
Wm. F.GIUam .
A. O Row. ...
O. N. stlclney...
Moore (". Uregorj
llMrl Alir.h.m
pl 4
pi 4
S 40
2!) M
20 SO
10 40
10 40
23 CO
20 61
15 OS
31 32
23 ST,
21 Ofi
49 92
49 W
33 SO
16 12
20 10
20 SO
IS 20
31 20
26 26
26 26
19 fO
24 70
F. H. App!bo0 J
j7 S
i. iiaiaiiion .
N. Rice
f. W. Hamilton -J.
W Hamilton...
H C.Mncnm
Anna R.Churchill
Helen G Smick .
John C. Aiken ..
pi J
E. Benedick ..
Adella Itadley
J. K. Rarvcr
II. I. Marsters
H.D Graves
lea Rice. ..
R. O. flint
4 A It 3
31 A H
31 A X
31 A B
31 A B
ilra. K. Howard.. -
Total 43
A statement of aforef aid assessment has been
entered In the docket of City Liens, and tsnow
uu ami payaoie at tne omce oi me city
Ticai liter. In lawful money of the Culled
states, and If not paid within twenty days
Imm the date of this notice such proceedings
will be taken for th collection of the same as
are provided by the charter of the the city of
ivvtmiif;, urcg'iu.
The above assessment will bear Interest ten
naj s alter the nrst puhllotlon of this not're.
Haled this 13th day ol August. 1904.
(sFAL) 11. L MARaTERS,
hecorder of the city of Roseburg, Ore
Notice of Publication.
I'nltcd States Land Office.
Ilowburg. Or. July 11, 1904.
Notice is hereby given that In compliance
with the provisions of the act ot Congress of
June 3, IS.8, entitled "An act for the salo ot
timber lands In the Plates of Callfornla,Orcgon
Nevada .and Washlnstbii Territory," asextend
ed to all the public laud slates by act ot August
. 1892.
of R' seburg. county of Douglas, state of Ore
gon, nas tnu nay men in tuts omce nis sworn
statement No. Ktos, lor the purcl ase of the lot
1, noli nU. n'j neVi of sec ro IS, tp 2f s, r9
and will offer proof to show that tho land sought
ts mora valuable for Its timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish hli
clalni before the Register and Receiver of thla
offtce of Roseburz. Oreeon.
ou Friday the 14 ua; ot October, 1904 He names
as vltneos: John O. Vcaascn. Charles Thorn,
Warren Bcatty and I). M. Martin all of Rose
burg. uio.
Any and all persons clatmlng advcrselv the
above described lands are requested to fllo their
claims In this oflico on or before said 14th day
oi ucoocr, I'.vi. J. i. uiiiuufs.
J 21-s 29 p Register.
Notice for Publication.
U 8. Land OHlr-n.
Roseburg, Oregon July 23, 1901
Notice is hereby given that In compliance
with tho provisions of the act of Congress of
June 3, 1878. entitled "An act for the salo ot
timber lands in the States of Callfonila.Oregon
Nevada, and Washington Territory," aiextend
ed to all the nubile land states by act ot August
nf Sulphur 8prlng. county ot Donglas. State of
Oregon, has thli day Hied In this office hi
gworn statement No. 6330. for tho purchase of
mo ixjis a, j, n, nun nr.;i rtivj-i oi eection
No. 6, Township V8 South of Range 3 West,
and wll. " fer iiroof toshow that tho land sought
Is more jl..ii' Ie lor Its limber or stono than
for agri 'til' iral purposes, and to establish his
claim boiuru tho Register aud Receiver of this
office of Roseburg, Oregon.
on Thins 'ny, tho 2 'Hi day of October, 1904,
Ho mines as witnesses: Warren Beatty,
Gcoriris Turner ami Harry Slctihens. of Rose-
bur i. Oregon, and James il. Sedorj, of Sulphur
Springs, Oregon v
A i y and all persons claiming adversely tho
above described lat.ds are requested to IIlo
their claims In this ofllcw on or he torn said 20th
day ot OOtober, 1904. J.T. BUIDUK3,
at-p iiegisier.
Notice for Publication
United States Land Office,
Roseburg Oregon, fulv 1, 1901.
Notlca la heralir rlran that 1n
with the provisions of tha act of Congrrss of
June 8, 1878. entitled "An act for the sale of
.imoer lands in the States of California, Ortgon
Nevada .and WaahlnrtAn Tvrrltnrv t nil-
d to all th publlo land staUs by act of August
of Elbw, county ol Plen-e Mate nl Wah-
ingtoii, nag iiusaay tiled lu this oalcu bis
sw.tii statement No. 6270, for the purchase of
WU EU of section 26. tp 2Mb. of ranee H win
and will olfer proof to show that the land sought
Is more valuable for Its Umber or stone than
lor agricultural purposes, ana to establish hla
tlalm before the ReirliUirand knrlr nf thl.
title of RoMburr. Oregon.
Thursday tho 12 day of Hjptemlxir. 1901. He
names ai witnesses: jonn Jtogers. Jnnu Ularic
an it Jicuro.en oi itoseburg, ure., Jonn
B. Green of Roy, Wash.
Anr and all nersons claiming advp-telr the
above descrtb lands are requested to file their
claims in tins omce on or oeinre tne sain -zza
day of Sept. 1904. J.T. BRIDGES,
Jiiszip Ke.Ister.
Notice for Publication.
United States Land Office
Roscburir. Oiemn. JiumW. 10U4.
N'lilce Is herebv elren that In ramullanre
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June 3. iTS, entitled ai act for the sale ot
timber l-nd In tlicStates of California Oreuon.
Nevail and Wastiingtou TerrllorV asexteude.1
to an me public laud slates by act of Anust 4
of Roseburg, county of Douglas, state of Ore
gon, nas mis nay nieu in this nnilce his sworn
statement ofCSCi. for the Mirchase of the KWI-.
of Section No 4, Township l'; 8, Range .1 wot
and will offer proof to show that the land sought
la more vaiuaoie lor lis iimoer or sione man
for agricultural nurno-et. and to establish his
claim before the Register and Receive' of thla
omce olRoaeburg.uregon.
on Wednesday the 21st day of Sentemher. 1304
one names as witnesnvs.- jonn cvaru. K
Eva ts of Pel. Ore., II Krakenberger. of Ro-e
bnrg. Ore.. H A Cooler, ol Kert'V. Ore.
Any and all tK-nons clalmlnir adverselr the
above described lands are renntsud to file tbelr
claims in in soniceon or oeioro said zui day of
eepu.iwi. j. i. uniifita
Jnp Reguter,
Notice foi Publication.
DnltedStates Land Office.
Roebunr. Oregon July 1. 1901
Nolle u hereby given that In compliance
with the nrovUlons of the act of Commas of
JnneS, 1S78, entitled "An act for the sals of
Umber lands In the States of California. Orezoo
b'Tada,and Washington Territory," as extend-
sa to ail ins pucus lasa states Dy act oi August
a, usn.
of Roy, county of Rearce. state of
ahtnglon has this day GIel in this office hla
sworn Ha'ement No for the purchase of
iiic .c;-i ui rc? i, i p 3 o. n a west
and will offer proof toshow 'hattbelandsought
la more valuable for Its timber or stene than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before the Register and Kecelrtr ot this
ffloa of Roseburg. Oregon.
on fhnrtday theilnd day ot September, KOI
lie names as witnesses- Joan tuwen. jonn
Clark. W H McC rotten of Roaebnrg, Oregon,
Morris G Hill, of Elbe, Wash.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to file tbelr
claims In this oCice on or before ta!d2indday
oisepi 1WJU J.T. Hill ixir.-i,
Jllp !gler.
Notice for Publication.
"nited SUtes Land Office.
Roseburg. Oregon, july 7, IftH.
Notice is bereiiy given that in compllaaca
with the provisions of the act ot Congress of
Junes, identified "An act for the sale of
Umber lands In the stales o! Californla.Oregon
Nevada .and Washington Territory." aseitesd-
d to all the public land statu by act of August
cf Roseburg. cunnty ol Ikmg'as, state of
Oiegon. has this ay bled in .his orn-e bis
.worn statement No CrT for the curchase of
the S, of NEt. and Lots 1 and 1 of see
Uon 4. lownship t tooth, range 3 west,
and will offer proof to show that the land songht
U more valnabla for 11a timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before tea Register and Receiver of this
elite ot Boa burg, dragon,
on Monday, the loth day of Octobe 19H. He
names as witnesses: S W.TnrnelL Wm. Dar
nell. I'resa Turaell. H. J Robinctle. all of Peel .
Douglas county, Oregon.
An v and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to file the r
claims In this oSceon or bfclore tak- 10th day
of Oct. 1904. I.T. BRIDGES
-Jullp Regiuer.
Sheriff's Sale.
In IbeClrcult Coart of the State ot Oregon,
for the County ct Multnomah.
Allen A Lewis ITalnUff 1
vs I
Mrs II T Burr. Defendant. )
By virtue ol a writ of execution dn'y itued
oat of and under the seal of the aUivc enUtled
eonrt in the above cnUUrd action, to me di
rected and dated thelttbdsyof Ja:y, HOI, up
on a Judgment recdercd and entered in said
court oa the 9lh day nf Jnly, 1901 In favor of
Allen A Lewis and aga!ut aald Mr- ft T Ittirr
for the sum of four hundred ihinj-one dollars
and seveniy three wnu (fUl-73) with Interest
th reon at the rate of eight per cent per annum
from the Sth day of Dec. El ber. 19U. and the
further sum of tventv-tilne dollar, and twenty
cents (ISb)cols and disbursements and the
ens s and disbursements of and npoa this writ
of execution, commanding me to a ike sale ot
the following docribed premises, to-wit:
The -iulheat qnsiter (SE) ot section twenty-six
(S5) in lownship twenty f.t)) ab of
nuiice eUht (S) west nt the Willamette Meridian
in Donglas county. Slate ot Orexon. at'ached
In said action on the 6tn day of April. 1904
Now therefore In compliance with the com
mands of said writ, 1 will, on
Thursday, the 35 day of August, 1904,
at t.u (10) o'clwk a m at the front dor of the
County Couit House In the city ot Rosebarg.
Douglas county, State of Oregon, sell at public
arction. subject to redemption, to the higatst
bidder for U S. gold coin cash In band,
the above described real propertv and all the
right, tide and Interest the said defendant bad
therein on the dateot sad attach ent, lowit:
the Sih day ol April, 1'aM. or since has bad
therein to satisfy said writ of execution and all
accrung costs. H.T. McfLALLEN.
Sheriff ot Douglas county, Oregon. jii
Sheriff's Sale.
Ia tbe!Circnlt Court of the State of Oregon
for the County ot Multnomah.
Allen A Lewis, Plaintiff)
vs I
II T Burr. Defendant )
By virtue of a writ of cxecu'fon duly Issued
out of and nnder the seal of th- above entitled
court in the above entitled action, to me di
rected and dated tho 13ih day of Jnly, 1904. up
on a judgment rendered and entered In said
conn on the 9th day ot July, 19H, In favor ot
Aliens Lewis and against .aid U. T Burr for
the sum of three liuudredelghly-slx dollars and
thirty-tour cents with Interest thereon
at the rate of S per cent ner annum from the
30th day of Dec ember 1903, and the further
snm of twcn'y-nlne dollars and twenty cents
(129.20) costs and disbursements and li e itl
and disbursements nl and np-m this writ of
execuUon, commanding me to make sale ot the
ollotvlng descrlltd premisrs to-wlt:
The Sortheat quarter (SE4') section tw n-ly-tno
fil) m towushli twenty (JO) south nf
range eight (8) est of the WUIanie'td Meridan
In Douglas county. Slate of Oregon, attachtd
In said action ou the Mh day of April. 19M.
Now therefore In compliance with the com
mands of said writ. I will n
Thursday, the 25 day of August, i904
at ten (to) o'clock a m at the ftnnt door of the
County Court House In th city of Rowburg,
in Douglas county State of Oregon, sell at pub
lie auction, subject tn redemption, to the high
est bidder, for united Slates gdd coin cash in
hand, the above demerit el real property and
nil the right, Utle an I Interest the st!d defend
ant had therein on tho dale of said attachment,
to-wlt, the 8th day ot April, 1901, or since has
had therein to satisfy said wilt of execution
and all accruing costs.
n. T. McCI.AI.LEN.
Shcrlffof Douglas county, Oregon. J 25
Public Sale.
Tho Janioa Beasloy heira will offer at
public sale at Looking Glass, Oregon, to
the hijjheat bidder, on Thursday, Aug
ust 25, 1004, at 10:30 o'clock a. m., the
following real estate: The nJa of swKC
and aw of ewKj, and nw,lX of eoiX of
sec 7, tp 23 e, r 7 west, containing 100.27
acres. This includes about 45 acres of
bottom and bench land suitable for cul
tivation, with atroam of never-failing
water running through the same; also
two never-failing springs. Two small
orchards of apples and pears, and largo
blackberry patch, all laden with fruit.
Sulphur spring on the place. Balance
of land covered with brus'i and timber,
some of latter being suitable for saw
mill purpose. This is a good stock ranch.
The fencing was recently repaired.
About eight tons of hay in barn. Four-
room box house. Place is located on
Uooa bay stago road between Looking
Glass and Reston. Titlo perfect. Terms
cash or its equivalent on llio date of
transfer of deed and title. 0-22
Men Wanted.
To cut cord wood at Glondale. Good
Fir tirabor to work in. Price paid, $1.75
per cord. Apply to W. F. Minard,
Glendalo, Oro. tf
Hints to Housewives.
Half the battle in good cooking is to have good
And to get them promptly when you order them. Call up
Phone No. 181 for good goods and good service.
n TW E- r .
fl n sk- sa
a Ml I I
Ho! for St. Louis and the World's Fair
Nature's Art Gallery of the Kockies in addition to the at- J
tractions at St. Louis. This can onlv be done by coinz or
returning via the "SCENIC LINK OF THE WORLD."
Write for illustrated booklet of Colorado's famotis sights and resorts
W. C. JlcBRIDE, General Agent,
124 Third Street PORTLAND OREGON
We will pa' the highest cash price for Hides,
green or dry, Pelts ,goat skins, furs, iron
brass, copper, lead, zinc, rubber boots & shoes
Have some splendid bargains in second band Fnnitare
Are You Going to St Louis?
If so Purchase your Ticket via the
Choice of Routes going or returning, via
St. Paul, Denver, Colorado Springs
or Pueblo
For Rates Call ou pour Local Agent
Dates of Sale: June 16-17-1S July 1-2-3
Aug; S-9-10 Sept. 5-6-7 Oct. 3-5-5.
For further information and Sleeping Car Reservations
Call on or Address
a. h. Mcdonald
140 Third st, Portland, Ore. Gen'l Agent,
Lumber & Buildi
At a Sacrifice
Read Our Cash Prices
Rough Lumber. $S.oo
Sized Lumder $S.oo
1 x 12 Common s 2 s
Shiplap $10.00
1x6 Flooriug $10.00
Aud all other LUMBER in proportion.
Lumber Yards near Depot
By J. J. KENNEY, Pres.
Of every descriytion. Farms and Min
eral lantla. Uregon, Washington and
Title (Juarantee&Loan Co.
I. D. Hamilton,
D C IUmiltom,
Socy. and Trcaa
Odce In the Court House. Haro the only coa
pleto aet o abi tract booka In DousUn Count
Abttracu and Certificate ot Title turnlhdo
UougUacoantrUnd and mining claim. I a
alto a complete aotot Tracing of all townin
plata la tho Roaoburs. Oregon, D. 8. I-ana m
met. Will make blue Drlnt cnnlr-i of anv tnn
H. Little,
Reliable crown and bridge work, J.
P. Johnson, dentist. Grave's b'ld'g. 49 tf
Ms as s .
rtin m in linn
. zr.
at pri mm
Abstract of Title to Deeded Land.
Papers prepared for filing on GoTern
ment Land.
Bine Prints of Township Maps showing
all vacantLands.
Architect, Abstracter.
Plans and Estimates for all Build
ings. Special designs for Of f ice Fixtures
Office in now Bank Building. 'Phone 415
is prepared to wait upon old ?
nnri nflvinatnmar.nil fYfanr?
with a full and complete
stock of
All fresh and of the very beet
qualitv. Teas aad coffees are
specialties, lour patronage
x 305 Jackson St., Rweburg