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    Our Holdovers Must
We must make room for our new Fall Stock that
is en route, so now is the time to get bargains in
Light Weight Clothing, Wash Summer Goods,
Shirt Waists and Skirts.
Do not fail to taKe
as money saved is money earned and we can surely
save you money.
The People's Store
Dr. Cheadle Dentist.
Los Cabin Creams at Curriet's.
Miss Birdie Slocum of Portland is a
guest of relatives in this city.
Mrs. Ed Lorn: and little dmshter are
the guests of fiiends in Ashland.
Senator Robert A. Booth of Eugene,
passed through Saturday to Coles.
Mrs. A. Moser and daughter are en
joying their summer vacation at Seaside.
J. P. Johnson, dentist, Grave's build
ing. 49tf
Mrs. Howard, cf Keltopr, is visiting
her ster-iu-law, Mrs. Moe Parrott, of
this place.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Terrell and little ;
son are visiting with Mr Terrell s par
ents at Mehania.
If vou want grinding done, call at the j
Kosobarg Machine Shop, corner Wash
ing and Kane St.
Co-operative Dentistry Dr. W. II.
Darby, over P. O. Examinations free.
All work guaranteed. 4(5-tf
When bilious take Cliamberlain's
i it- n 1 1
siomacn ana i.tver laoiuis. ror taie j
by A. C. Marsters & Co. j
Dr. and Mrs. W. S. Hamilton have re- ,
turned home from a much enjoyed ont- j
ing in the vicinity of Peel. j
For Sale Fine Scotch Coolie pups, j
Prices reasonable. Enquire Jas. T. j
Dixox, Dixonville, Or. 57 4 t. i
If yon want to keep posted on county :
affairs, subscribe for the oldest paper in J
the county, the Plaindealek. i
The J. A. Pooler hop crop ( 1903) of 9S j
bales sold at Salem lately to Catlin fc ,
Linn for cents per pound.
R. F. Window, the jeweler, has re
turned to Roseburg after an enjoyable
visit at his old home at Sheridan.
Geo. R. Riddle and family of Grants
Pass, pasted through Saturday, for an
onting at Colestin. Ashland Tidings.
Miss Vera Bvars returned to her home
in Salem last Tuesday after a two j
months visit with relatives in this city.
House Furnishers
Now's the time to buy your Furniture,
Carpets and House Furnishings
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for J'DU
Now's the time when you cau enjoy solid comfort.
Our Superior Steel Constructed Couches, regular
$15.00, now $13.00. Good Serviceable Couch in
Plush Velvet for $7.50.
a range to use. They are far cooler than the old
kind. Two special beauties and no better sold; 4-hole
size for $30; 6-hole size, the popular size, sold most
places for $45, our price $35.
Now's the time you should visit our Crokery
Department. When you are through buyugyour
furniture you can go on buyiug the crockery for the
whole house.
We make a specialty of mail orders.
This is all the space we have, sn call and we will
be pleased to show you through.
The Wholesale and Retail
House Furnishers.
advantage of this
One Door
Dr. Cheadle Dentist.
If you want good work done, try the
Roseburg Machine Shop, corner Wash
ington and Kane St.
Co-operative Dentistry Dr. W. H.
Darby, over P. O. Examinations free.
All work guaranteed. 40-tf
For Sau 15 head of good young
horses, 9 to 1203 pounds each. Call at
S. M. Cobb's ranch or on A, D. Clink
city. 51
Another Chautauqua admirer, Miss
Elsie Benedict returned to her home in
Roseburg Saturdpy, says the Ashland
. Lfldybngs introduced into southern
Oregon orchards to destroy sacle are not
visible, but it is Iwlieved they are doing
their work well.
Conductor H. H. Gillette has been
assigned 10 a work train at Wolf Creek
and was joined by his wife and family
Monday evening.
D. U. Shambrook, the hustling life
insurance agent, was looking after busi
ness at Drain and other points in north
Douglas this week.
Jas. Fialer, of Portland, was in town
Tuesday on a short vacation. Mr.
Frater is employed in Schiller's Cigar
Store of that place.
Z. L. Dimmick anil daughter Vivian
of Oakland, and the latter's friend, Mis3
Mable Farmer, of Corvallis, drove over
from Oakland Tuesday.
The Roseburg orchestra will give a
social dance at the Armory Saturday
night. Good music and a pleasant time
assured. All are invited.
Mrs. J. W. Hamilton and daughter,
Miss Ruth, returned home from a
brief but pleasant visit with friends at
Glendale Tuesday evening.
Cheadle and Johnson, dentists, have
dissolved partnership and Dr. Johnson
has fitted up office rooms in the Grave's
building where we will be pleased to
see all old patrons; also all who wish up
to-date dentistry at reasonable prices.
Go Now
grand opportunity
South of P. O.
No trouble in keeping cool today.
New subscriptions are coming in live
ly to the Plaindealek.
To arms, Co. D. the Russians have
captured one of our merchant ships.
Eugene now has a startling lesson for
girls keeping bad company.
Jas Schaffer is just completing a
neat modern Cottace on Pine street in
the vicinity of the Christian church. i
Boys have legun to run off with the
circuses again. R.iys are as much given j
to "the mad chase after nleasure" as
their parents, iu these days.
Dr. Cheadie gives especial attention
to crown and bridge work. The latest
and most scientific methods in every
branch of dentistry at lowest prices. J27
C. E. Gaddis, the Roseburg and Med
ford creameryman, took hia departure
Monday for Crater Lake to enjoy a re
spite from the daily griud of business
Misses Rase and Abbie Parrott, of
this place and Mrs. Casey, of Dallas,
are visiting their brothers Jean and
Charles Parrott, at their ranch on East
Don't forget the Chatlin University
Jubilee singers at the M. E. church this
Thursday evening. Their singing is re- j
ceiving much fav rab!e notice from
t,e '
tate press.
Mrs. Jennings, sister of Mrs. W. B.
Singleton, left on Wednesday's local for
a short visit with friends at Riddle
from where she will go tohir home in
Grants Pass.
CO. White, of MyrUe Creek, was
transacting business in Roseburg Tues
day. He says the annual vacation time
being at hand renders business a little
quiet in his home town.
Louie Reizenstein, the reporter for
uie noseourg ueview, lett on Wtines-Ia.
day's local for Albany to be gone three
or lour days. In his absence Editor i
Wimberly is doing the local stunt.
Dr. H. L. Studlev, the Osteopathic
Physician is g lining popularity by his1
honest dealings and permanent cures
It will pay you to see him about your
case. Uuiceover the postofhee. J1A1
The editor of the Oakland Owl, D. E.
Vernon, accompanied by his wife and
daughter, Katie, and Mrs. Hurd, left
Tuesday for St. Louis where they will
attend the great exposition and then
isit with eastern relatives.
Before leaving for your summer out
ing order the Plaindealek to follow von.
It costa you no more while you are
away than it does at home. No trouble
to make the change in your address. It
is like getting two letters a week from
your friends.
The only place iu Roseburg where a
omplete line of Photo Supplies, practi
cal Cameras and Kodaks are carried by
man who thoroughly understands
the photo business, is at Graves' Art
Emporium, where you get free instruc
tions and use of dar.k room.
When a man reaches that stage where
he must take an "eye opener" when he
gets up, a "bracer" at 10 o'clock, an
'appetizer" before dinner, a "feeler"'
before ho goes to bed, it is time for some
member of his lodge to give him the
danger signal.
The Salem Daily Journal says, Rollie
D. Ramp has purchased the meat mar
ket of Miller & Hock, in this city, and
will run an up-to data market. He is
an experienced butcher and stock
buyer, and his many friends will be
glad to see him in business.
The Plaindealer job priming de
partment has been crowded with work
uunng me past weeK and some very
y ii a
artistic and up-to-date work is being
turned out. Give us a trial order and
bo convinced. Our prices are as pleae
ing as the quality of our work.
Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Toye were in this
city Monday evening enroute homo to
Marshfield. They were married Julv
12, 1004, at Napa, Calif., the bride being
Miss Olive Pearch, of this city. From
San Francisco they came by steamer to
Portland where tho doctor attended tho
A. O. U. W. grand loduo.
Mesdamea D s. West and Amata
Bradford and Misses Marie Jones and
Mae Fisher went to Oakland Tuesday to
participate in the installation of officers
in the Rebckah lodge at that place Tues
day evening. Miss Mario Jones acted
in the capacity of installing officer, she
being the district deputy president of
tho Rebekah order.
Attorney-General A. M. Crawford
joined his wife and eon, at tho Watson
place, 18 miles east of Roseburg Tues
day, to enjoy a brief vacation and rende
a lew opinions on the quality of the
mountain trout and venison which
abound in that locality. Tho Judge
was accompanied by Mr. C. Patton,a
young businoBS man of Salem.
Tho striken) uro atill heeling
A farm of -180 acres has been sold,
near Saxo Station, for f 10,000.
Miss Maud Rast, returned last night
from a mouths outing at Newport.
Mrs. A. E. Nichols of Nichols Station,
was visiting in Roseburg Wednesday
Dr. Lowe tho opticion left on this
mornings local for his homo in Lugene
Mrs. Chas. T. Curry, left Wednesday
night for her home in Now York, City
Rev. W. G. Miller, of Dillard, and
Row Jas Conner, of Wilbur, were in
Roseburg Wedneeday.
Mrs. J. T. Bridges and son Ralston,
left on this mornings local to visit Mrs
Bridges mother at Drain.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Ross King, of Yon
calla, are among tho recently arrived
guests at tho McClallen.
A. C. Hampton, who has spent tho
past two weeks in Roseburg, left on
Tuesday for his homo at Monmouth.
Mrs. Nation ought not to frequent sa
loons. When she goes something genor
all happens either to her or to to tho
Because she was snubbed by a variety
actress, Miss Hope Clayton, a local
actress at Astoria, drowned herself
E. J. Butrick and W. G. Farrar, left
on this mornings local for Pendleton,
whero they will ho employed for the
next three months.
H. S. French, left for Cottago Grove
this morning where ho will meet J. G.
Blake, General manager of the Postal
Telegraph Company.
Manager Wickham, of tho New Al
maden mine on Galice creek, was in
Roseburg Wednesday, having with him
some tine samples of rich oro taken out
Mrs. A. T. Steiner and Miss Lillian
Stanton, returned from their outings in
Coos County last night. The former
was at North Rend and the latter at
Fred Brown has returned home and
unfortunately was very little benefited
by his treatment for rluminitistn at the
Klamath Mot Springs where he has
been for sometime past.
Henry Ritzman, who went with Co.
1) of this place to the encampment at
American L.ike. hut who was taken to
the Hospital at Tacoma on account of
sickness, returned home last ni.-ht.
J. C Aiken and wife leave Friday for
I a tno months trip through Yellow Stone
j Park. 1 hey will go from here to Port-
land where they will stop for a few days,
from there they will go to visit a fister
of Mrs. Aiken, after which they
will join a jrty at Redlocks, Montana,
to go through the National Park
Asis:erof W. H. Pickthorn and her
husband and five children arrived at
1 this place Tuesday direct from Lon Ion.
England. The family's name is New
man and thev have come here with a
viou tn Irwvitint. iwirm'inoritli Tin.
pLA1N-DEA,XR trust8 lher wi ' ,MseJ
with their newly adopted home.
i Chas. H. Spaugh, formerly of Looking
' Glass, but now of Crook County, ar-
rived in Roseburg Wednesday, having
made the trip on horseback which oc
: cupied four days. He will remain here
until about Sept. 1st, looking after busi
! ness matters. He reports hav and
grain good crops in Crook County this
First Christian church, corner Pine
and Woodward street?, Geo C. Ritchey,
pastor. Preaching every Snnday at 11
m and S r. m. Morni
"The Pure Religion of Jesus." Eveninu-
iTV t4 VSlt .
'The name that Saves " Bi
ble school at 10 a. m. Junior and Sen
ior C E meetings at 7 p. m. Prayer
meeting each Wednesday evening at S
Messrs Rabat and Murphy took their
departure for Dutchman's Butte Wed
nesday morning on a hunting and fish
ing expedition. Game and fish are re
ported plentiful in that locality. Mr.
Rabat as armed with a 40 SJ caliber
Winchester, so if you hear a loud deto
nation from the South you will know
Mr. Kabat has located some big game
and has got into action.
Mention was made in the last issue of
the Plaindealek relative to the com
mitment to tho asylum f a prominent
merchant from Port Orford, regarding
which the Salem Statesman eavs: P. J.
Masterson, a native of Ireland, aged 45
years, and a merchant of Port Orford,
was received at tho insane asylum from
Curry county Saturday. His mental
alteration is supposed to be due to the
excessive use of alcoholic beverages.
J. A. Snell, representing the Whita-
ker & Ray Company publishers and
booksellers, of San Francisco, was in
Roseburg last week visiting with his
cousin, Miss Dollio Hefty He was ac
companied by Miss Hefty'a sister, Miss
Lura, of Drain, who after enjoying a
hrief visit at Myrtle Creek has returned
to this city to visit with friends. Mr.
Snell returned to San Francisco Satur
There are good reasons for believing
that home people aro buying less of
their goods away from home than ever
before. It is a good sign.So long as home
merchants deal fairly and sell goods at
reasonable profits it is the duty of homo
people to patronize them. On at least
half the orders given to the mail order
house the purchaser is fooled, if you buy
at home and there is anything wrong
with your purchaso you can have it
made right. Not so when you order
away from home.
Ray Moore and John Townsend have
joined the great majority of pleasure
seekers in tho mountain fastnesses here
abouts to enjoy a few days recreation
Upon therottirn of Mr. Moore ho will
relieve Operator Shcasgreon, who has
been employd in tho Western Union tel
egraph office transmitting telegraphic
dispatches to the Marshfield daily Mail
and the North Bond daily Post, those
papers having found this service too ex
pensive to continue longer, owing to
their limited field and patronnge.
A letter received by A. L. Kidder from
his son, Stanley L. Kiddor, who has
been in charge of tho Unitod States pos
Lai station at Cavite, Philippine Islands,
states that ho has been appointed postal
inspector for the islands, tho appoint
ment dating from Juno 15. Tho mauy
friends of this ostcomed young Rose
burger will bo gratified to learn of his
deserved promotion, as well as tho im
provement of his health, which has
wen very poor for some time past, but
which is now excellent.
Committed to the Asylum.
I DuCIos, a sheep raiser of Wilbur,
was brought before Judco Thompson
and Dr. Twitchell Tuesday and exam
ined as to his sanitv. Ho is a married
man with a largo family and a careful
examination and evidence submitted
disclosed tho fact that liu is a sensual
pervert and a dangerous man to bo at
large. lie was therefore committed to
tho asylum, it, however, being a ques
tion whether that institution or tho
penitentiary was tno proper place for
him. Ha has beou greatly anuoying
the people of his community, on one or
more occasions entering tho home of a
neighbor at night during tho absence of
the male members of the family,
and making himself obnoxious to the
female members of the household. It is
tated that his wife was not agree
able to tho commitment, but was
granted permission to disnose of all
of the personal nronortv of the familv
upon agreeing to leave the state, it be
ing her intention to iret her sensual
spouse out of the asylum on parole as
soon as possible.
Du Clos was taken to Salem Tuesday
night and turned over to the authorities
at the asylum by Sheriff H. T. McClallen.
The Claflin Jubilee Singers.
The people of the M. E. Church have
an interesting musical event in store for
the public in an engagement with the
Claflin University Jubilee Singers, of
Orangeburg, South Carolina, who will
give a program in tho church this Thurs
day evening July 28. This group of sin
gers it a quintet of young colored men,
who are said to be vocalists of usual
ability. We bespeak for them a liberal
patronage, assuring the musical public
that they will be amply paid for their
attendance, for the organization comee
to us with the highest recommendation
In the Justice Court.
A complaint was tiled in Justice of the
Peace, Jno. T. Long's court yesterday.
milled 4 State of Oregon va Walter
Criteser", the complaint being filed by
N . S. Jones. The crime charged in the
complaint was that of assault with a
angerous weapon. The assault was
made uikhi the person of W. S. Jones,
near West Furk on Julv 'J7, the weapon
used being a large rock.
The case will be called for trial Fri
day at 1 o'clock p. m., District Attorney
Geo. M. Brown, apptaring for the prose
cution and Attorney Dexter Rice for the
Constable H. C. Slocum went vester-
ilay to West Fork and returned with the
defendant. He will go again this even
ing for witnesses.
TUCKER At the familv residence in
South Salem, Oregon, Sunday even
ing, July 2 1001, Mrs. Rhoda Tucker,
aged 70 years.
Deceased was born in New York, and
came to Oregon several years a so.
Eight children are left, Palmer Tucker
and E. E Tucker, of Salem, Mary Wil
son and T. L. Tucker, of Blair. Neb..
Harriett Preiton and Harry Tucker, of
John Day, Oregon, Stephen Tucker, of
Seattle, and Ella Rently, of Myrtle
Creek, Ore.
SACKETT At the state asylum for the
insane, at Salem, Ore., July 25. 1WM,
Mrs. Mary Sackett, of Canyonville.
Mrs Sackett was committed to the
asylum from Douglas county in 1S90.
The unbalancing of her mind was caused
bv extreme depression due to the death
of her husband and two children.
DOWING At her home in Salem, Mon
day, July 25, 1901, Miss Mabel Down
ing, aged about 17 years.
Deceased was a cousin of Mrs. Fred
K. Gettina nee Sehlbredc of this citv
and was quite well known here having
visited relatives m this city several
PAINTER ROGERS At the home of
the bride's sister, Mrs. F. J. Reed in
Roseburg, Wednesday evening, July
27, 1004, Mr. J. L. Painter and Miss
Edna Rogers, Rev. E. Hicks otficiat
The wedding was a quiet and un-
ostentations affair, only a few relatives
and intimate friends being present. The
decorations were pink and green Roses
and Ivy. The bride was cowned in
white silk muhl, while the groom was
attired in conventional black.
The happy couple, after receiving con
gratulations, led the way to the dining
hall, where a dainty wedding supper
was served. The bride aud groom first
met at Dunsmuir, California, some time
ago, the groom being formerly of Pitts
burg, Penn., but is now located at Iger
na, California, where he holds the posi
tion of bookkeeper for a large lumber
company, ihebriucisa very estima
ble young lady, the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. E. L. Rogers, of Wardton, but dur
ing tho past four years she has resided
with her sister, Mrs. Reed. Mr. and
Mrs. Painter took their departure on
tho early Thursday morning train for
Igerna, where they will reside.
Tho Plaindealek joins their many
friends in wishing them a prosperour
and happy voyage through life.
COBB-PARKS In Portland, at the
parsonage of tho M. E. church. South.
Tuesday, July 20, 100 1, Thos. C. Cobb
ana .Miss bminn Parks, Rev. Mowery,
Tho groom is a prominent young man
of this city having rccontly been ap
pointed deputy county clerk. The bride
is a popular and accomplished young
lady who has taught school very suc-
cessliuty in tins county, hor home being
at Yoncalla, the family being formerly
of Minnesota. The happy couple have
a host of admiring friends in this county
who unite with tho Plaindkalep. in
wishing them health, happiness and
prosperity through life. 'Thoy will ro
side in Rosoburg.
flECKLEY To tho wife of I it 7. r
Beckley, at Oakland, July 1, HUM, a
ten pound boy.
Wfs$ Owing to the success of this venture we will continue the
HV) SamC ffer dU"ng thlS m0nth' Commencing July eighth we
wil1 issue "'lth everv cash Purchase a dated duplicate sale check
5 bating the amount of your purchase. At the end of the month
v a date wiU be selected and every person holding a check of that
ift&Zg date
'$r?l In
&f SpeCial iuducements in the Hues of Bargain Sales.
tfttS' Remember, your money back if you are lucky.
Latest Market Reports.
The local market quotations toJav are
as follows :
Wheat S5 cents.
Oatf-i35 AO cents.
Barley 50 cents.
Hay Loose, 8; biled f 12
Potatoes 2 cenw per lb.
Itutter Dairy, 20i; creamery, 27-
Egiri JO o-ms per dozen.
Chickens Mixed, Uc per ound.
Veal 5c, dreel
Beef Cows 8:ie: e twry. I1. nnf-
Heifers, 2c.
Hogs Fat, 4 ft, 4)c live ; dreal f';.
The principal features of the Portland
wholesale inirketa tod.iv are:
Poultry market slumps again
Kgg market on up grade.
Dressed meats now wanted.
Tomatoes and corn lower.
Peaches are comins azain.
Demand for expert Hour fair.
Wheat market is dull.
Butter has better to e.
Small falmon receipts continue.
Wheat 77 cents.
Oats 1.20 per cental.
Hay Clover t' ; timothy, $ 15.
Hops 2-1 cents.
Hogs Gross, 5Xc
Sheep 2.4
Beef Gross, 3,4c
Veal 7 cent?.
Egcs 21 cents.
Butter Creamery, 20c; dairv, 18c.
Chickens Mixed", 11c lb.
Fruits Apples l 00 1.50 per box ;
Burbank plums, f 1 00 per box; peaches,
early, 50 and 75 cent per box. Craw
fords 75c (S S-c per box; watermelon!,
B4 cents per lb; cantaloupes $1-00 per
doien; dried prunes, Italian! 3,4 i 4)$,
French, 34 ; dried apples 7c Sc per )b.
Shropshire Rams.
For Sale 15 thoroushbred Shropshire
Rams, fit for service in fall of 1904. W.
G. Hughes, Mont Alto Ranch, Glide,
Here is a case which the authorities
will do well to investigate. Almost im
mediately upon his return home from
Portland our supposedly worthy towns
man, Dave West, Lies himself to the
barber and instructs the knight of the
razor to remove the massive hirsute tc
pendage which for lo, these many years
has adorned his upper lip and has been
the admiration of numerous lady
friends. That Mr. West should make
such a sacrifice without cause or provo
cation is hardly reasonable to suppose
and the only conclusion we can reach is
that he seeks a disguise which by his
recent rash act is quit effective. Why?
May possible ever be vei'-l in deep,
dark mystery. Some friends now liken
his visage to that of tho talkative W. J.
B., others say he resembles a notab e
divine, but the Plaispsvler thinks he
looks like well the deuce.
J. L. Tooley of Cleveland, is hauling
wood to Roseburg, having cut consider
able for sale during the past season.
How About Your Summer Vacation?
Newport on the Yaquina Bay is the
deal seaside resort of the North Pacifie
Coast. Round trip tickets at greatly re
duced rates on sale from all Southrcn
Pacific points in Oregon, on and after
June 1st. Ask Agents for further in for
mation and a handsomely illustrated
souvenir booklet, or write to Edwin
Stone. Manager CAE R. R... A limn v
Ore., or W. E. Coman, G. P. A., S. P"
Co., Portland. 40 tf
Cor. Washington
and Main Streets
Mrs. Belle Collins
Don't try cheap cough medi
cines. Get the best, Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. What a
record it has, sixty years of
cures! Ask your doctor if
he doesn't use it for coughs,
colds, bronchitis, and all
throat and lung troubles.
I hr found tht Ayer'i Clierry l'octornl
lthe b meillclno l cn prtcrlbo rorhrou
cliltli, Innuenia, routht, and hunt colilt.
M. LODEMAN, M.U.. Ithc.N. Y.
All drngiiltu.
J. C. ATin CO.,
Correct any tendency to constipa
tion with small doses of Ayer's Puts.
liave tlieir money refunded.
rder t0 make this a more momentous event we will offer
MUlinery Reduced 1-3 to 1-2 in price
All Summer Dress Goods at Greatly Reduced Prices
Mitchell Farm Wagons
Road Wagons
Surreys3Biiggie3 , Hacks
Champion Binders, Mowers,
Reapers, Hay Rakes, Etc.
We can save -ou money on anything in the Wagon or
Implement line. Give us a chance to figure with
you and you won't 1 egret it.
J. F. Barker & CoM
Grocers, Phone 201
E. A. WOOD & CO, Props
Staple ane Fancy Groceries. Highest Price paid
for country produce. Fresh bread daily Your
Patronage is respectfully solicited.
Private Free Delivery to ill Parts of tke City
The open season for deer hunting will commenc July
15; and before buying your gun and ammunition you should
first call at the popular hardware store and consult
Goods and
Prices that Please
Hints to Housewives.
Half the battle in good cooking is to have good
And to get them promptly when you order them. Call up
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a beautiful browser rick black? Use
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