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    Oakland Owl Hoots.
School district No. 1, Oakland, has
levied a seven mill tax, to pay current
Miss Mattic Howard, who has boon
visitins her Bister, Mrs. W. C. Under
wood, has returned to Galapooia.
Lower Calapooia school district has
levied a ton mill tax, to pay for building
and equipping tho uew school house.
J J. Brown, of Rice Hill, was in the
city Wednesday. He has a fine assort
ment of lumber for sale at the Thomp
son mill site on his farm.
C. D Smith, has been elected a di
rector of Calapooia school district to fill
the unexpired term of C. A. McNabb,
who has moved out of tho district.
J. P. Huelis. of Wilbur, has returnod
from California. He has left at this of
fice a cross between a lemon and pome
granite. This hybrid was secured at
Marysville, and is 5Js inches long and
9l2 inches in circumference The fruit
is prized very highly, as it cost Mr.
Hughs atout f50. This amount repre
sents his expense account and it is not
likely he will return.
Twice within a year an Oakland 14
year old boy has been fined by the city
recorder, and rather than allow him to
remain in jail his mother has worked
early and late to pay his flues. Most
mothers would do the same thing. Such
maternal devotion is natural. As some
16 year old boys work and Eupport fami
lies, a great many people in Oakland
think this young hoodlum should at
Jeast earn enough to pay his fines.
D. W. Dake, returned to the Cooper &
Dake saw mill on the Upper Calapooia
the first of the week. Mr. Dake reports
many improvements at the mill and im
mediate vicinity. Good roads five rods
wide, have been built from Mrs. Orfit's
farm and from the Upper Calapooia
school house to the mill. About 200,000
feet of logs are on hand, and there is
about 75,000 feet of lumber in the yard.
Extensive repairs have been made
throughout the mill. The new machin
ery is of the latest patterns, including a
planer emery wheels, cut-off paw, jig saw
and turning lathe.
Toes jay morning four Oakland boys
were arraigned before the city recorder
and fined for disturbing the Japanese
section hands a few days ago. The two
elder boys were fined $7 each and the
younger fo and costs. The recorder of
fered to give some wholesome advice,
but fears the effort was like casting
pearls before swine. This is the second
time the elder boys have been before
the recorder, and this official naturally
feels that if they are again arrested the
state or the Southern Pacific should
tane them in hand. The Dublic is will
ing to make allowance for mischievous
pranks occasionally, but when boys
from 13 to 15 are eternally mixed up in
some mischief it is time parents took
the reins of government in hand. For a
boy to be in jail twice within a year is
not an eviable record. The two younger
boys perhaps were not guilty of inten
tional wrong, but like old dog Tray,
were caught in bad company and were
compelled to pay the penalty. It is
hoped and expected they will learn a
lesson from experience. The boys were
put in the city jail, but during the dav
their fines were paid.
Velvet Gowns With Two Bodice,
llcnovatlng Old Sleeves.
Although dress Is still costly, a wo
man If she uses common sense need not
buy so many costumes as formerly.
For instance, take the velvet calling
costume. This can have n second bod
Ice made to wear with the one fiklrt In
the shape of an evenlug blouse made
With transparent neck and flowing- chif
fon or real lace sleeves. For day wear
with this same costume there can be a
blouse waist unllned and trimmed with
embroidery applique.
Wide belts of morre are very smart
just now, and one can be made to dc
duty with several costumes. They are
mmlo on n boned foundation, with
small rosettes and a fancy buckle.
Fancy stoics in flchu shape renovate
many an old fashioned costume. They
ally you doirt believe a cousin of J.
Plerpont Morgan Is going to peflule
Junk, do you? It's simply a bet."
But the fun of the Joke Is tlmt tlio
holder of n Junk license under the law
A Direct Lino
to Chicago and all points cast; Louis
ville, Memphis, Now Orleans, and all
points south.
See that vour ticket reads via tho IL
must make a weekly report to police i LIK0IS CENT UAL It. K. Thoroughly
ln-ndqunrtcrs of all hla purchases and
business, whether ho does any or not.
Tho prospect of making n weekly trip
to police headquarters is more than
Coolldge bargained for.
"Don't forget to say that Coolldge la
a strong canuicuuc ror uesi urcsseu
man of the class," said one of his club-
uintes to tho reporter at the St Elmo
club. "Don't fall to mention that he is
tho only man who ever took four girls
to the Yale Junior promenade."
Chief of rolice Wrlnn of New Haven
was asked If Coolldge would be com
pelled to make a report to his ofllec of
all his dealings In Junk and secondhand
articles. "Certainly, yes," was tho re
ply. "This young man has seen lit to
launch out as n junk dealer. Way
should wo bend tho law to suit his pur-
Dose? We shall reaulre n strict ac
counting of all business done."
When Coolldge heard of this he was
so worked up that he paid a visit to
Chief Wrlnn nt police headquarters and
asked to have his license revoked.
"No, sir," promptly declared tho
chief. "That license was Issued for
one year, sir. You fellows can't make
n monkey of me. You may coino here
weekly and report until further uotlce."
A twinkle In the eye of the chief
lends to the belief that he will not bo
as strict In the enforcement of the law
as appears.
modern trains connect with all trans
continental lines at St. Paul and Oma
If your friends aro coming west let us
know and wo will quoto thorn direct tho
specially low rates now in effect from
all eastern points.
iny information as to rates, routes,
etc., cheerfully given on aphlication.
Commercial Agent,
14-2 Third St., Portland, Ore.
J. C. Lind6oy,
T. F. & P. A.,
142 Third St. .'Portland, Ore.
P. B. Thompson,
F. & P. A.,'
Room 1, Colman Cldg., Seattle,
Wash. 84tf
are made in all sorts of combinations
and present an excellent opportunity
for the utilizing of remnants. They
are mostly trimmed with tiny ruchlngs
of chiffon and taffeta or narrow bands
of minlCand sable.
The large chiffon undersleeves are
also prime factors In the renovating of
an old dress, for tight sleeves may bo
cut short and widened by the addition
of bands or figurlngs of velvet.
Skirts are much fuller around the
feet, and the additional width Is some
times gained by setting in fancy pieces
in the way of trimming.
The picture shows a gown of gun
metal broadcloth trimmed with black
and white embroidery.
County Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all parties
holding county warrants endorsed prior
to and including May 4, 1901, aro re
quested to present the same at the
County Treasurer's ofiico for payment as
interest will cease thereon aftor the date
of this notice
Dated Itoseburg, Douglas County,
Oregon, Oct. 22, 1903.
Geo. W. Dimmick,
81-St County Treasurer.
Notice for Publication.
Roseburg Oregon, June 29. 190),
Notice it hereby given that In compliance
with tho provisions of the act of (Vinrr nf
Juno 8, J878, entitled "An act (or the sale of
tlrabor lands in the States of California, Oregon
Nevada ,and Washington Territory," aj extend
ed to all the public land ttatei by act of Angus!
of Milton, county of Cavalier, state of North
Dakota, has this day filed in thlejofflco his
sworn hiatcmcnClNo. 6t'J, for tho purchase of
tho HKli Of. SCC. lio. 4.TD 23. south of ranee
8 west,
and will offer proof to show that the land sought
li moro valuable for its timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish hit
claim 'jefore tho Register and Kocelver of this
office uf Roseburg, Oregon.
on Frl.tay, tho 18tli day of December, 1003. He
names as witnesses: i nomas waage, of l ark
River. Kortb. Dakota. Archibald K. Wadre.
Wales, North Dskota. ttHsmus, M. Stone, Alex
andria. Minnesota, O. E. Lolthui, Park River
.North Dakota,
Any and all persons claiming adversely tho
above divert bed lands are requested to file their
claims in this office on ox before said lsth day
of December, 1003.
Hard Linen of the Players Who En
tertain Theater Crowds.
In the vnudevllle houses where con
tinuous performances are given Christ
mas dav strikes terror to the most
time hardened dramatic soul.
The doors open anywhere between
0:30 and 10:30 a. m. and close at about
midnight. The hendllners play their
customary two turns, but those lower
In the dramatic scale play "on de
mand," generally about four times. If
an act Is particularly weak, it Is used
to "chase" out the audience In plain
English, to tire it into leaving the
house and making room for the line
waiting In the lobby.
The low salaried vaudeville actor,
therefore, eschews any Christmas din
ner aud hies himself to the nearest
quick lunch counter, there to feast on
turkey sandwiches, execrable coiico
and pie as heavy as his spirits. By
the time he has done his last turn on
the stage he Is more ready for bed than
for the festive board.
To the unsuccessful actor Christmas
Is likely to bring that blessing of the
Itialto, a "turkey date."
Scattered within easy access of New
York are numerous small cities.
At 20 cents per quart. W H. Mur
dock Cevelaud, Ore. 85-2mp
Notice for Publication.
Rosebunc. Ore., June 29, 1903.
Notice is hereby given that In compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
Junes, 1878, entitled "An act for the sale of
timber lands in the States of Callfornia.Oregon
Nevada .and Washington Territory," aaazUnd
ed to all tha publlo land states by act of August
of Park River, countr of Walsh. cUto of North
Dakota, has this day Sled in this office his
sworn statement No. 5137, for the purchase
of the NK of the N of section No. 10.
township -i, south of range 8 west
and will offer proof to show that theland sought
is more valuablo for Its timber or atono than
tor agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before the Register and Receiver of this
olflce of Roseburg. Oregon,
on Thursday, the 19th dav ol November. 1903.
lie names as wit news: Thomas Wadse. of
Park Kiver.Nnrth Dakota, ArcMbald E Wadge!
Wales, north Daicota. Kasmua u. bione, aier
nndrla, Minnesota, Brynjolf Prom, of Milton1
North Dakota.
Anv and all persons claiminelr adversely the
above described lands are requested to file their
claims in this onice on or bciore saia istn a ay
of November, lstn.
Notice by publica
tion, of summons
Is The Cibcuit Court Or The Sr.m: Of
Ouboox For Douglas Couxtv.
Sarah E. Seiver 1
Georce V. Seiver.
Defendant. J
To George W. Seiver tho above named
In the name of the state of Oregon.
You are required toappearand answer
tho complaints tiled against you in the
above entitled suit and court on or bo
fore tho ISth day January, 1904, and i
you failato appear and answer said com
plaint gainst you as hereby required
and within the said time, plaintiff will
apply to tho court for the relief demand
ed in her complaint, to-wit:
For a decree dissolving tho marriage
contract now existing between the plain
tiff and defendant.
This summons is published by order
of the lion. J. V. Hamilton, judge of
tno "na Judicial District ol Oregon
which order is dated November 16,1'J03.
and the time prescribed in tho said order
for publication of this summons is once
a week for six consecutive weeks preced-
Soslety pieetlngs.
AF. & A. M. Laurel Lodge No. 13.
Holds regular meetings on second
anrl f n.tti WJ a A naartotra if on nVi
month. O. P. Cosnow, W. M.
N. T, Jbwxtt, Secretary.
P. 0. ELK8. Roseburg Lodge No.
326. Holds reirnlar commnnlm.
tiona at I. 0. 0. F. Hall on second
and fourth Thursdays of -each month.
All members requested to attend reiin-
larlv and all vieitidg brothers are cordi
ally invited to attend.
F. B. Waits, K. K.
Ror McClalutn, Secretary.
O.N. G., meets nt Armory Hall every
Tlinrflrlntr avanlnn at O. a'mIaoV
F. B. Hamlim, Oapt.
OF A. Court Donulae No. 32, For
esters of America. Meets every
Tnenday eveninc in Native Sons'
Hall. Vieitinebrotherhsl ways welcome.
r bank Kennedy, B. C
E.H Lenox, K.e.
v.. v.iioovKK, rtivRitlan.
10. U. F. 1'hlletarwn Lodge No. 8
MrtfitH in Odd Fi.llnwV Tt.mn1n. Mir.
" ner Jack son and Oaa Btrttn. nn
Saturday evening oi each week. Mem-
oera oi me oriter in kooi standing arg
invited toatten:!.
J. C. TwnciiBix, N. Q.
N.T.Jkwett, oooreUrj.
of P. Alpha Lodge No. 47. Meets
svery Wednesday, la I. O. O. F
Hal) a'. 7:30 i. m. Members in
good tftanding are invited to attend.
Geo. E. Hocck.
S.V.RampK.R. 8.
Notice for Publication.
Rosebnnr, Ore.. June 3. 1903.
Notlcou hereby given that In compliance
t;tn ice provisions oi in act oi mngreia oi
June 1, 1S7S, entitled "An act for the sale of
Umber lands In tho States of California, Oregon
Nevada .and Waihlnitton Terri to it." aaazUnd-
ed to all the public land staUa by act oi August
of Alexandria, county of Douglas, slate
of Minnesota, has this day Qietl in this
odce Lis sworn statement No. MS, for the
ourchae of the SU NWif, NK BWK of sec
tion No. 11. township Ti, south of range S west,
and will off er proof to show that the land soofht
la more valuable for its Umber or stone than
for agricultural purpowa. and to establish his
claim tfore the Register and Receiver of this
office ol Rosebura;, Oregon,
on Wednesday, the ltlti dav of November. 1901.
He naraei ax witarates: Thomas Wader. O. E.
fx!thns, both of Park River, North Dakota,
Archibald E. L. Wadge, of Wales, North Dakota
itnrcjol! Prom, of Mlltoa North Dakota.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lauds aro requested to file their
tUlrni In this office on or before the said IStb
day ol November, VXO.
O.T. M. Protection Tent No. 15.
Holds its regular Reviews the
first and third Friday of each
month in the I. O. O. hall. Visiting
members in good standing are invited to
attend. Geo. W. Perm-, Com.
E. E. Blodoett, Record Keeper.
711 Osk St., Opr- Church!!! & Woolfey's
IS KlflG
White family At.ti Tailor
ing Rotory Sewing Mach
ines. Machines with
ILAO CIRCLE. No. 49, Women of
Woodcraft, Meets on 2nd and 4th
Fridays of each month at the I.
O. O. F.; Hall. Visiting members in
good standing are invitod to attend.
Deixa Jeweit, Guardian Neighbor.
ilixxiK Lrrsv, fcecj.
S O. T. M. Kweburg Hive No. 11.
noiao ia restaur rf views apon me
first ai d third Friil v. a at 2 :39 v m
of each muntb :n tiif Native Eons' Hall.
Bisters of otfir-r Hivt s visiting in the city
are cordial! invited toaitend oar re
JsseiB Kapp.R. K.
or. i intr the ISth dav of January,
more properly speaking, towns, where j the date of the first publication there-
B.,n ra Lvov rome. Of these the ' for0 18 lhe IOth -Y LLr-
u. i.i.hvii.Nuyuu.
SDOtted Velvet Flaab He-rived.
Heavy Lace to Match Gowna.
Ecru, cream and string colored lace
Is embroidered with black spots to give
it character. The most popnlar trim
mings are those which can be divided
into narta to be used as tabs, scrolls
and irregular motifs.
Spotted velvets make smart tea
gowns and blonses or form charming
home and visiting gowns for the dainty
To be smart a woman's costume
should be as far as possible or one
Ifct EtstiMle West.
Our 1904, 100 Pace Catalog and Seed
Planter's Guide is by far the finest and
most complete catalog we ever issued.
It has been carelulty re-wiitteu, con
tains over four hundred illustrations
and is brimful of reliable and valuable I
information. Fifty-five paces are de-
voted to the best vegetable, flower.
twelve pages to trees, eosi-s ad flower- I
tsg PLAXT3, four pages to bee sdtpies,
ten p?ges to ixccbatoss beoodebs, boxe
cutters and podltry sdpplies. fourteen
pases to SFHAT PUMPS, febtiuzsrs, gar
den aj?d farm tools, etc. etc.
The above edition of catalogs cost
over $5,000. You get a copy free by
wri ting. Ask for book No. 173.
Portland, Oregon.
January McCIure's.
ifwl rIioavs never come. Of these the
catchpenny manager keeps a list, andj
on quick notice he scours Broadway j
for cheap, unengageu uiicui. iroui
which he organizes his company, re
hearses it hastily in some playhouse
conveniently Idle at the time, rushes
some cheap printing upon the poor, un
suspecting town and lands there
bright and early Christmas morning.
The population, show hungry, wel
comes the holiday diversion and packs
the town halL matinee and night.
The nctora are thus assured of a
good Christmas dinner and supper and
a percentage of the box otBce receipts.
Usually these are divided according to
the Importance of the roles played by
the actors. This will tide them over
until New Year's day, which brings an
other "turkey date."
Many an actor now featured
Attorney for Plaintifi.
Notice for Publication.
Broadway has played his share oi
'turkev dates." One in particular tells
how, with live associates, he put on
"The Clemenceau Case," not abashed
that the cast railed for no less than
twelve capable nctors, and was quite
radiant over the returns of "one Christ
mas dinner with trimmings'' and $125
to be divided among the actors. Wash
ington Tost.
Rotebanr. Ore., Jane 9, 1933.
Notice la bcretj- civen ttiat In compUaaea
with the provltlona of tfce act of Omgreu of
June S. ifTS, entitled "An act for tho tale of
timber landt In tfce Stale of Cdl.'ornla. Oregon
Nevada .and Waihlngton Territorj." aaextnI
d to all lh public land ttatea tr act of Anput
of l'ri River, coaatjr of Walth lUte of
North DakoU, hat tbli day filed in Ihix oScc
bia rrrrn atalenicnt o. lor tie pur
chase oi toe ou i ana a && d rccuon
No. A, loxntnip 2S. south of ranee 6 west
and will offer proof to their that the land oncht
li rcrv TaJuaMe for iu timber or (lone than
for agricultural r-arpoCJ. and to eitabllih Ml
d b-j- : tLa Kritterand Receivir at thll
cilice of Rotebanr.Orezoa.
on Yi edne!av. the ISth dav of November. 19TX.
i He namre a wltitnfet: Ilrvnloll Ptikb. of Hi!
in ale. North nakdta. R&tmut if. Stune. a:
oa I Alexandria. Minn , O. K. Lifthss. of l'ark
Notice for Publication.
Rotccrarc, Orecon. Oct. 1. 19J3.
Notice li he rebv riven that in coaiJianea
with the proTiiloni of the act of Concm' 01
June S. It., enUtled "An act for the tale of
timber landi In the State of cauiornia,urfoa
Km vaJa .and Wathlneton Terrltorr." a extend
ed to all tha publlo land Hale by act ol AnM
ol lnderxniace,oantj'of Polk, iiate of Ore-
mn. ini iiar niea m mi uan ai nrora
utem-nl No. iTfco. for the pnrehaae of the
Soath Eat anailcr of tectlon o. XL lowaihlp
Si touts, ol rane a weal
and will offer proof to ahow that the land aon(hI
U moro valuable for lu Umber or ttona than
for agricultural pnrpoae. and to catablUh hit
claim before the EertlUr and Receiver cf thVj
oiUoa ol RoMbcrr. Orecoa.
nnThsrstlirthe tilth l!ar of Uarch. 1S0C He
natneaaa witnetsrt: u. iiaruo. j. jtrun. oi
Brownsville. Urvcon: oeorcc uateman, tna
n!rrrn. ci' Rowonrz. Oregon.
Anr and all peraon ciaiminc aavemeri lae
above described landt are ri-qnested to file their
claim In thli oSca on or before eald 10th day
ol March 1SOL
j. t. UKiwca
OctTp RcgUler.
River North Dakota.
Asr and all penon claiming advcroely the
above iecnDt una arereqnesiea in nit
their claim in thit oBee on or before aaid lsth
dayolilov. 19W.
Thebiggist thing certainly, in the
January McClure'e is the article of Carl
Schurz, "Can the South Solve the Negro
Question? ' It is absolutely masterly
in elevation of thought and vigor of
treatment; and will awaken discussion,
much of which is boune to be vehement.
Keck And Beck with this article in polit
ical and social significance is the second
chapter of Part Two of Hiss TarbelFs
"History of the Standard Oil Company"
taking up "The Fight for the Pipe
Lines." The other articles comprise
n eofA W Eolker's pleasing "Zoo'
animal stories, "The Wild-Animal Sur
geon and 'Hib Patients," and & stirring
account of "Tunneling Oat of the Libby
Prison," by James Wells, one of the sur
vivors of this darine cnic
Of fiction, there is to Euit &3?rybody.
Henry Wallace Philips begins his new
"Bed Saunders" service by a rollicking
accouat of the blo?somtu out of th
Saunder Jianch. lhereisa tale ol a
highwayman in the good old English
times stage coaches, by Eden Phillpotts,
with the suggestive title of "A Pickaxe,
and a Spade;" a tragic and compeling
story of Manila. "The Failure," by Jas.
Hopper: and a whimsical tale of love
routine mathematics. "The Tree of a
Thousand Leaves," by Alice Brown.
The January HcClure cover is to be
remarked. It is by Jessie Wilcox Smith
and one of the most beautiful child
drawings, certainly, ever made.
shade. Gun metal gray, for Instance,
Is worn with squirrels, and sables bar
monlze beautifully with brown cloth.
Plush will be used In many ways
and beaver plush is greatly In demand
for smart millinery.
The new chiffon velvet makes Ideal
velvet gowns because it Is so light In
weight. It Is very expensive and there
fore not likely to become common.
Very heavy lace of the Paraguay or
cluny type Is used both on costumes
and on millinery, and it is dyed to
match the material.
Lace hats in brown or black have a
velvet border to match and are trim
med with velvet and 6teel ornament
and large plumes.
Trained skirts are no longer modlah,
but smart gowns have long skirts,
with- the length falling mostly round
the back and sides and the front cer
tainly an inch longer than Is actually
required. Walking skirts are quite dis
tinct In style and have nn all round
appearance, but only for country wear
do they perfectly clear the ground.
Burnt orange appears on many cos
tumes of brown, and It la especially
suited to this color.
The Illustration shows a black and
white chiffon waist trimmed with Jet,
, !
A Stranse Custom at Schoolboy sad
"Barring out" was one of the Christ
mas customs greatly in vogue in Eng
land three centuries ago. It Is a cus
tom that obtains not only In England,
but to some extent in our own country,
to this day. although It Is not particu
larly a Christmas custom In our coun
try. "Barring out" was the keeping of
the teacher or master out of the school
house until he yielded to such terms
as the boys of his school chose to dic
tate. If the boys were able to keep the
teacher out of the schoolhouse for
three days and nights he was bound by
all the laws of the custom to como
to terms with the boys and to grant
them all that they demanded In tho
way of half holidays and abbreviated
lesson hours apd extended recesses.
If, on the other hand, the teacher out
witted the boys nnd regained posses
sion of the schoolroom, tho chagrined
pupils were bound to submit to such
terms as he chose to dictate. As these
terms usually included the severe
trouncing of all the boys having any
thing to do with the barring out of the
teacher, tho boys were on the alert to
keep him from defeating them. Moro
than one Christmas time of rejoicing
has been turned Into a time of weeping
nnd walling on the part of boys whom
some barred out teacher baa defeated.
Leslie's Weekly.
Be Qu!ck.
Not a minute should be lost when a
child shows symptoms of croup. Cham-
berlain'83ough Remedy given as eoon
as the child becomes hoarse, or even af
ter the croupy cough appears, will pre
vent the attack. It never fails, nnd is
pleasant and safe to take. For ealo by
A C. Marsters& Co.
For Sale Cheap.
245 acres stock or dairy ranch 2
miles coutheast of HyrllePoint, Oregon.
Fine new house, good out buildings.
Will sell with or without stock and fur
niture. Havo good object for selling.
For particulars address
Carl Pressly,
.Myrtle Point, Ore.
A Relative of J. P. Morgan
Korcl Football Bet.
George Green Coolldge, member of
the class of 1004, Sheffield Scientific
school, Yale university, who hails from
East Orange, N. J., where hla father, a
cousin of J. Plerpont Morgan, Is a
wealthy business man, recently took
out a license nt police headquarters to
buy, sell and peddle Junk, rags and old
bottles In a pushcart, says a New Lla
ven special dispatch to the New York
World. Coolldge, who refused to state
his reasons, also took out a bootblack's
license for his friend and classmate, F.
E. Johnson, Jr., also of East Orange.
Coolldge was not at the fashionable
St Elmo clubhouse when a reporter
called. Johnson declared that ho knew
nothing about the bootblack's license,
lie said that he and Coolldge had a
wager on tfle Harvard-Yale football
game, Coolldge betting that Harvard
would score. If she did not he agreed
to purchase a pushcart license at a cost
of ?2.
"Coolidge evidently intended to turn
the Joke on me by getting me a license
to black boots," declared Johnson. "Jte
A Laundry List For Christmas.
For u laundry list obtain a delicate
book slate with two or three leaves and
bound In cloth. From embroidery lin
en cut n piece sufficiently large to face
the front nnd back and with a margin
a quarter of an Inch wide all around.
On one-half of the piece mark tho
words "Laundry List" within a framo
at the middle, and to decorate the re
mainder of the pleco draw a conven
tlonal flower design.
When the work Is finished, apply the
linen to tho slate and cover with glue
by turning the edges over and making
them fast to the Inside on a narrow
edge of tho cloth binding that Is usual
lv left between the edge of the slate
part and the binding.
At the top hinge corner attach a ring
with bow and ribbons, by means of
which It ran be hung In a convenient
place, nnd at tho knot tie a piece of
string half a yard long, to the end of
which n pencil may be attached.
The solution which the New York
chemist has discovered to remove the
beard will evidently not bo popular
with barbers nor with women who
use their husbands' razors for ripping
seams or paring coins.
According to the statement of tho
United States treasurer, the circulat
ing medium has reached $29.00 for
each of us. These look n good deal like
bargain counter figures.
Notice for Publication.
Rotebanr. Oreson. Julv23 1KB.
Notice li herein- riven that In eomclianea
with the provident of the act of Congreai cf
Jnne S. entitled "An art for the tala of
Umber landt In the Elatea of California. Oreroa
Nevada .and Waihln tlo- Ti rltorv." a extend
ed to all the public land, itatet bj act of Accost
of Sparta, conntj ol Monroe, state of Wltcostln
nas mil aav uieu in ura omcc nit iworn tiaie
meat Nn. MM. lor the pnrchan of the lot 9. 10.
IS and 15, of section No. 10, In town'hlp No. 77,
sou in oi range ro a west
and will offer proof to thow that theland fought
u more valunble lor lu Umber or stone than
for agricultural purpotet, and to establish nil
claim before the Register and Receiver of thli
Ulc ol Roaetxirs, ortron.
on Tncsdav the 5th dav of January. 1501. He
names aa witnesses- John C. rirjattock. Eparta.
WiMontin, B. Kriarnboixer, Faal Gary, both of
Rosebnrz. Ortcon. J. H. ErarU. Peel. Orczon.
Any and all persons clalmlnz adversely the
above described land are requested to nle
their claims In this offce on or before tho sid
sth day ol January, IV01.
Reg liter.
Notice for Publication.
Dulled States Land Office
Roseburg. Oregon, Oct. a, 1903
Notice Is hereby given that In compliance
who ui provisions oi me act oi ingrez
June J. )S,8. entitled "An art for tha ule
timber lands in the States of California, Oregon
Navada.and Washington Terri to nr." aiextend-
ed to all th publlo land stales by act of August
nf Minneapolis, countr of Hcnuenln. state o
Minnesota, nu wis aav mea in mis o trice nu
swom stalemrnt No. 5SI. for the pu chac of
wo annin cist qaaricrci section no, it, town
snip.: souin, ranges west
and will offer proof to show that the land sought
la moro valuable for It Umber or stono than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish hla
claim before the Register and Receiver of thU
office of Koeebunr. ureron,
on Monday, tho 2ilh day of March, IftM He
names aa witnesses: Charles Thorn, John
Thorn, of Roscbarg; John Becker, Frank Long,
of Cleveland. Ore.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to file their
claims in this offlco on or bcinro tho said blh
day of March, 1901. J. T. BRIDGE.
Notice for Publication.
Borcburg Ore., Sept lu, 1905.
f-ottce is hereby given that in compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
Juno 3, 18TS. entitled "An act for tho sale of
iimucr lanes in me states of Callfornla.Orcgon
lievada.and WashliiETtim TWriinrv nnvtnnH
Od to all the public land states by act of August
of Roscbtirg, county of Douglas, has this day
mmi iu mis uuice ma Btvuru aiaicmcui no. txtjy,
for the purchase of the nw of sec 'it In tp No
20 south, range No. 8 west
and will offer proof to show that tho land sought
is more vaiuaoie ior us umDor or siono man
tor agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before the Register and Kocelver of this
off ice of Roteburg, Oregon,
on Tuesday, the 23rd day of February, 1901.
no names as witnesses; vv.u. ucurosisn, j
W, Gardner, John Rogers aud John Henderson
allot Rojebnnr Ore..
Any and all persons claiming adversely tho
above described lands ore requested to file their
claims in this office on or beforu said 2Jrd day of
rcuruary, iw. j. i. uuiuw,b,
d 7 p Register,
Marshals Notice.
All parties owning dogs in tho city
l'mits of Roseburg, Oregon, who will
como to the City Hall and pay their li
cense between this dato and Feb. 1st
may havo them for ono dollar each
After that $2.50 will bo charged for each
license, and there will bo a dog catcher
in tho field. Take warning as this is
your last notice.
All licenso tags must bo attached to
collar of dog, otherwise they will bo
taken up. D. J. J.utvis,
2-7t City Marshal.
Notice for Publication,
Doited Statci Land OSes,
Rnacbarz Oregon. AUf.SI. 170X.
Notice Is hereby clven that In compliance.
with the provisions of tha act of Cocgms of
June . 1STS. enUtled "An act for the tale ol
.lnber lands Is tha States of California. Orfon
Nevada .and Washington Terrltorr." as extend
ed to all the publlo land states by act ot Acrust
Cre ot O. M. Co ot Portland, county of
Multnomah, slate of Orrcon. haa this day filed
In this office her sworn statement No. iSTSfor
the Durchaao of tho NE?i ofSecUon fo.3l in
lownsnioo. . sou in. nuiEe -u. o mm
and wul oiler prooi to snow mat me iana sought
is more valuable for Its umber or stone man
for agricultural purpose, and to establish hla
claim before the Register and Receiver of tall
of lice of RoMbnrx. Orezoa.
on Friday, the liih day of February, 1503. He
nmmeias witnesaci: . u. xcirosscn. J. n
Gardner, John Rogcn, Franc T. Dolesby all ol
KOftcourg. Oregon.
Ast and all Kertons cLalralnc adversely the
above described lands are requested to nte mei
claims In this ofSce on or before said 12th day
of February, 1S03. j.t bbiuub,
Oct 8 p Register.
Notice for Publication.
Rosebura Ore . Sebt. -1903.
Notice u herebv clven that In compliance
with the provisions of tho act of Congress ot
Junes, IKS, enUtled "An art for the sale of
timber lands In the States of Callfornla.OrcKon
Nevada .and Washington Terri tory," as extend
ed to all tho publlo land stales by act ot August
4, liVi.
of Portland, countr of Multnomah, state ol Ore-
. has mis day hied In this omcc nu sworn
statement Nn. for the purchase of the nw
uf K-cUon no. 31 in tp a, sonin, ot rango xo.
and will offer proof to show that theland sought
It more valuable for lu Umber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before the Register and Receiver ot this
office nf Kosabtire.Oreron.
on Tucsdar the luth day of February. 19M. He
.1.1. ik' tr r.. ....... r V
Ga-dncr. of Roseburg, Ore., John Rogers, Flank
V. Portland. Ore.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
bove described lands are requested to ale their
alms in this offlco on or oeiorc aaiaiomaay
February, 1901. J. T. niuuumi.
p Register.
Sheriffs Sale.
In the Circuit Court ot the slate of Oregon
for Douglas County,
O. A, Hchlbrcdc,!
Plaintiff, I
R. E. Smith, I
Defendant, f
Notice is hereby given that by virtrtc of an
oxecuUon and order ot sale duly toned out of
the ahnvti named court aud ranse. on tho 23d
day of October. 1903, upon a judgment and de
cree duir tendered and entered in said court.
on the lhh day of October. 1903, by foreclosure
of a morlgaga in favor ot the above named
ntninttff. n! aralnst tho above named defend
ant. and onalnst tho hereinafter mentioned
aud di cribed mortgage property for the sum
ot f lttt.43, with Interest thereon at the rale of
10 per cent ror anum from the 13th day ot
October, U03, and for the further sum of 125.
Attorney's fee with Interest tbcieon at the
rate of G per cent per annm from the 13th day
of October, 1903, and tho further sum oISU.40
cost and disbursements.
Now, Therefore I will on Saturday, December
19, 1903, at one o'clock p. m. ot said day, at the
Court House frontdoor, In Roseburg, Douglas
(Vinntv. Oregon, sell at publlo auction to the
highest bidder, for cash fit hand, all the right,
title and lntccst which the said defendant had
on the 10th day ot January, 191. or at any
time thereafter In or to the following des
cribed premises, to-wit:
Rnntli half of self of SCO 31. in to of 39
south, rango 6 west ot tho Willamette Meri
dian In Douglas County, Oregon, containing
n mm nflanil. tncMher with the tenements.
hnilttmpnt and annurtenancoa thereunto
lclonging or In anywiso apperUlnlni, and will
apply the proceeds of such sole, first to the pay- tho emta and disbursement! ot
inin and ni this snlt. including said attorney'
fees; to the patmcnt of the said sum of Ut&
due plaintiff with Interest thereon at the rate
of 10 per cent per annum from the 13m day
nrortnbcr. 1903. and the over Plus If any.
merer, pay over to R, E. Smllb, as by order
of raid court In said execution to mo directed
and delivered, commanding mo to sell said
above described real property In the manner
provided by law.
Date of llrst publication Not. 19, 1S03.
85 "w thcrlff of Donglas County, Oregon,
Dr. II. L. Studlcy, tho Osteopath, is
now treating several patients at Dillard
Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from
7 to Hi o!clock A. M. Those desiring
n permanent euro should tako advan
tngo of the opportunity at onco,
Modern Equipment, Through Pullman and Tourist Sleep
ing Cars and buperb Dining Car Service.
E. 8. Rttcr? CUptor So. 8
Holds Unor ren!ar meeting on the
first and third Thirsdavg in each
nonth. Visiting members in cood
lUndinz ere respectfully invitod to at
tend. Mrs. Kaxxix Snuacr W. II.,
Maude Rat .Secretary.
For ratei, folders and ether
formation, addrera
RUBEH-iKS. Boeeborg Rebekah
Lodge No. 41. 1.0. O. F., mwta In
Odd Fellows' Temple eTery Tuesday
evening. Visiting Bisters and brethren
invited to attend.
Deixa Brows, N. G.
Cora Wucberlt. R. S.
1 1 Bombly No. 105 meets every Satur-
day evening, at 8 o'clock In atrve
Sons HalL Vuiting Artisans cordially
invited to attend.
Rev. S A. Docglas, M. A.
Miss. I.vt.a Baovrx, Secretary.
Camp No. 125. Uaib at the Odd
Fellows' Hall, in Rftwburg. every
first and third Monday evening. Visit
ing neighbors always welcome.
Zt. i. Jewctt, U. U.
J. A. BrcoAXAX, Clerk.
1 1 Odd Fellow's Ttrnple. Meets first
and third Thursday evenings each
month. Visitors cordLulv invited.
J. 11. ILuoltox, C. P.
J. C. Twrramx, Scribe.
Professional Cards.
Cures disease, br srlenlUe manlimlaUoa
thesrby removing tho cause or aarlsUnc nature
. . .
to penoim ner run, uons.
Consultation free.
Oihco over the Post Office
Femalo diseases a speciality.
Court Hons
V FISHER, if. D.
Physician, Surgeon.
Office over P. O. Kosebueq,
'Phone Main 50 1 . Orbgox.
Abraham blk
ove Post Offlco
Roseburg, Ore.
Physcian & Surgeon.
rjQce Review Rid.
Phono, Main Si
Review Building,
Telephone Mo. i.
M. Crawford a J. 0. Watson
Attorneys at Law,
Boosu IAS, Bank Build., R03IBORQ, OB
JBjsTnualneas before the tl S Land OSes acr
ninlrrc case a specialty.
RosKnu&a, Orxoom
Rnalne before D.8. Land Offlco and Probate
, buflneu a specialty.
Offlco Abraham Building,
Will pracUoe in all the State and Federal Courts
Office in Marts' Mia., ttoseourg, urexon.
oni 1 and t
vr!ew Building.
J A. BUCHANAN, Notary Pablic,
Collections a Specialty.
Room 8
Marsters BulUlac.
Land Surveyor.
Offlco, Boom 6. Tajlor A Wilson Block.
Dill iiiyfirf' a tt-S
- . w cat lis sis W-i
Through Salt Lake City, Leadville, Pueblo, Colorado
Springs and Denver, and the Famous Rocky
Mountain Scenery by daylight
W. C. McBRlDE, Cca'I Agent,
13-4 Third Street, Portland, Ore
$222. TTl
CX. TDOsa SOrst Ctat
ffj TsUj Gaaatirtd
Lin Txuistr
QU Caatxsied Badriet
jEL eaieuBBst. srsrtzc
I lh 1 arlTltllilEBgliild
lb mA G9'
SV f? Wiaersrj,Css.
Go to
iIf h wnnnmiFF
Baths in Connection.
For a Prompt and First-dasa
ShaTe or Hair-cut. Compe
tent Workmen, Clean Tow
els, Tools ai wars in shape.
Sbop on Jackson St. x
City and Mining Pro port 7, Home
steada and Timber Claims Located,
tho best now vaunt. No lees paid
until Filing accepted. Relinquish
ments bocght and sold. ; : :
Stewart Land Co.,
feoa i Tajfir & WBsw Mock
Notice for Publication.
Ecsebcre . Ore, An?, x. VXC
Xcllca Is hereby girts la la ecapUaaes
tin proTlrioaa of tie act ot Osaxreae ot
iBsS.urS.ectiUe3'aaaft for ti uia of
- asseriasdsia uesuuicl Ca2L'oraU.Orezca
SrradaadKsjMng-oj Territory." saexxcad
1 d to all tha pablls load (tolas by act cf-laza
o! Eparta. eoanrr of Xonroe. (tar of Wlseonaia
n tbis dT aiij la tills o2Soe bis nrora (tate-
, cent !a 50. for the pareaaw ol the sontb-
ta tows-
Icr ajpicuHaral pprporcm, ad to extoblUa afe
alsln btfor tta EtglsUr asd BoeolTM ef tJkss
mea of SosssbBrz. Crracaa.
(oaTceslayihelshdayof Jaaoary. 1904. He
names a wltoess: B Srakeaberrer. Paal Gary
J both of Roarcttrz. Oretna; J. H. Emvt. Peel.
tnmn; neeoosss UQDoeu. sparta. wtsooona.
Aoy aad all persons rlaiialny ad Tersely the
abare described lacda are mniMUd tn 1 t!,!r
elalos In talaoSceoaor before the saldlSh
day of Jaanary. 1301.
Your Watch!
When was it cleaned and oiled?
Is it running liko it otiht to? If
13 not, it would be welljto have it exn
laminedj I will look it over carefully
land tell yon iuat wncro tno troubte ul
and what it will cost to repair it.
f I guarantee all my work and live!
up to tho guarantee.
R.F.WINS10W Jcg.d
Notice for Publication.
Called Stales Land OSee.
. Ecxcbanr, Qrcroa, Joae I. 1SCX
Koueali heraby Elreaths la eoapUaae
with the rrorlalcnaotth act of Ooazreia of
June S, 137S, tatlUfd "Aa act for the sale ot
ttaber laadi la the States of California, Oregon
NeTada And Washington Territory." as ixtend
od to all th public laai atatas by act of Aozart
of Eosebarr. County ot Oooxlaa. Sute oi Ore
coa, has ihli day 2lrd la IhU ,or3ce his sarora
statesiest Ko. for the purchase ot th
NEJiot section Moircihip 3d. raaje 4 west
and will c!!8r proof to show that the land sonait
Is moraTalnatlo for Its timber or straa than
tor agricultural pnrpoaea. aad to eatahUah hla
claim before thelteglster aad Kecarrer of tUa
fOco of Boaebors, Oretca.
oa Friday the Stthdaynt JaanarrlSOL Ha
names aa witness: Gnore Keed, H. t.
Stutlley. Mares ret I. Erootes D. P. Fisher, all
of Koscbnrg. Oregon.
Any and all persons elaitalae; odrerjely the
above described lands ore reooested to file thcii
clalrcs la this of See oa or before tho 23th day ol
January. 19CM.
JulyKp Ecgister
H. Little,
Oakland, - -
is proD&rod to wait upon old
and new customers and friends
with a tall and complete
stock of
111 finals anrl nf VlP )wRt
ail iivau mum va v e
f quality. Teas aad coffoeaare
i Bpecialtles. Your patronage
i 203 Jackson St., Roseburg
Notice for Publication.
United States Land OSee.
Bosebcr?. Oregon. iscs.
Notice la hereby tfren that la comprtaaee
with tha proTlalons of the act ot ConIeai of
June S, 1STS, eatltled "Aa act tor the sale at
timber lands la the State 0! California. Oregon
Nevada .and Washington Territory aa axtead
d to all the pubUe land state br set ot Anrwl
a. 1S33.
ot Portland, county of Sfultaomah, state- ot
Oregoa. has this day filed la this office his
sworn statement So. 3671, tor the purchase ot
tho SEK of section Xo.341n township No. 25
south of range Ko. S west
and will offer proof to show that the land sonsh t
Is more raluable for lu Umber or atone thin
for agricultural purposes, aad to establish his
claim before the Register aad Receiver ot this
olflce of Boeeburr, Ore son.
on Friday, the 12ta day ot February, 1903. Ho
names aa witnesses: Minnie Harris. Portland.
Ore., V. IK McCroateu. J. W. Gardner, John
Sogers of Roeeburg, Orecoc.
Any and all persona clatml&s adrcricly tho
above described leads are requested to file
their claims la this office on or before the sold
12th day ot February, 1W3.
Oct Bp Register.
Notice for Publication.
United State Land Ofire,
Roseburg, Oregon. Oct. 20, 1968.
Kctlce u hereby given that In corapUaneo
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June 3, 1S7S, entitled An act for the sale of
timber lands In the States of Call fo rata. Oregoa
he Tad a, and Washington Territory, as extend
ed to all the public land states by act ot Aragats
ot Seattle, county of King, suteot Washlngtoa.
has this day riled In this oCSco his swom state
ment No (WH, for the piirchaso ot the lots t, S,
l. andthesw ofnejotseo So. 2, tp2Ss,of
r Sweat
and will offer Tiroof to ahow that thelaadaonxht
la moro valuabla for lis timber or stone than
tor agricultural purposes, and to establish hla
claim before the Register aad Receiver ot this
Uarch. 1M. Ho
names as wltnesaea; Chaa Thorn. John Thorn
o! Roeeburg, Oregon; John Becker, Fiona
Long, ol Cleveland, Oregon.
A&yandallpero.B claiming odvorsallytho
bove described lands are requested to file their
claims In this offico on or before aaid 29th day
of March, lm. J.T. BB1DQK3
Nov 3S Segtito.
offlco of Roseburg. Oregon.
Tueaday, tne Ui day of