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    Working and Salting Sutter. On complaint, regarding merchant
carrying hign explosives in siock iu
After washing, the butter should be center of the city, it waB moved and car
removed from the churn in the granular ried that a committee bo appointed to
form, weighed and placed upon the look alter the matter. Referred to corn
worker ; it should bo Bpread evenly on mittee on ways and means. Petition in
the surface of the worker and salted to regard to putting a railing on the high
suit the taste of customers. The ten- sidewalk along the McClallen House
dency seems to favor fresher butter; property was referred to committee on
from 4 to 3-4 of an ounce of salt to the city improvements,
pound of butter will be about right. The On motion the treasurer was instruct
salt used should be the best obtainable, ed to call in $1,0CD worth of city war
and it should be sifted over the butter, rants.
and perhaps mixed in to some extent An ordinance In regard to bawdy
with the paddlo. After passing the houses in the city of Roseburg, was
twinn the butter nrftsented bv F. S. Micelli. and read for
should be turned and worked again un- the first time. Also presented an ordi
til the salt seems to be thoroughly nance asking that strong measures bo
worked in. It may then be put away taken in regard to the sanitary condition
to cool, and after several hours given of the city,
Administrator's Sale
the final working. The amount of work
ing required the second time is to be
determined by the appearance of the
butter. If the Bait is not all worked in
at first working, portions of the butter
will be of a lighter color than the rest;
it should be worked just enough to make
it all of uniform color. At first working
there is no way of telling positively
whether it is worked enough or not, as
the "mottles" or streaks will not show
for eeveral hours, hence the reason for
two workings. Great care should be
taken to not overwork it, as this will
spoil the grain, which consists simply
of the butter granules that we had in
the churn. When a piece of butter of
the right grain is broken or pulled apari
it should have the appearance of broken
cast iron; if worked too much it will
have a salvy, greasy appearance. Care
should bo taken to keep the .butter at
all times at a uniform temperature, as
it will then remain hard and firm until
Gilt-Edged nutter.
Of course, we all like it, and like the
good price it brings. The problem is to
produce it. What is known as bacillus
No. 41, 6ays a writer in the New York
Farmer, has been very successfully used
in a number of creameries for this pur
pose. It has been tested in cream good
and poor, fresh and stale, separated or
of Real Prop-
Notice is hereby given, that by virtue
of an order mado by the County Court
of Douglas County, State of Oregon, in
the matter of the estato of Thomas
Dunseath, deceased, on the 28th day
of September, 1903, and entered in tho
Probate Records of said Court on saw
day, directing and authorizing mo, tiio
under-signed administrator of tho saul
estate, to sell at either public or private
sale, as provided by law, the real prop
erty of, and belonging to the said estate,
to tho highest bidder, for cash in hand,
for the purpose of paying off the claims
against tho said estato and tho exponscs
of administration.
Now, therefore, by virtuo of said or
der, I will, on and after Saturday, Octo
ber 31st, 1003, at ono o'clock in tho af
ternoon of said day, proceed to sell and
offer for salo to the highest bidder,- for
cash in hand, the following described
real property owned by tho said estate
and described as follows, to-wit: Tho
EM of tho SW of Sec. 20, Township 32
Smith, nf Runra 5 West Willamette Me
ridian, in Douglas County, Oregon, con
taining 80 acres, more or less. .
Dated at Rosobure. Oregon, this 20th
day of September, A. D. 1903.
. E. Wilson,
Administrator of the estate of Thomas
Dunseath, Deceased.
First publication, Oct. 1st, 1903.
Write your FarmExperlcnce and Send
In 1902 the Southern Pacific Company
published a pamphlet entitled "Cali
fornia Industries". It contained princi
WmnA ) nrauucucu km, nesmonco,
i nono (nninniir.'i w-., i .,.,...
omco : Koora 11 Taylor A Wllso- Block
Examination Froo. Offloo houn 9 to VI a. m.
2 to & p. m. Uraduato Still College ol Osteopathy
In the matter of granting a gas Iran'
chiso to Z. C. Corbett, C. S. Jackson ap'
peared before the council, on behalf o(
Mr. Corbett. On motion tho franchise
was granted, but was disapproved by
the mayor for the following reasons:
First, it was not passed according to the
charter; second, on account of tho now
ly elected councilman not being familiar
with previous nrocecdinirs in recard to
said matter, the same should have been
taken under advisement before final ac
tion, in order to make themselves famil
iar with the terms of tho ordinance, and
third, that three years is granting too
much timo before action is taken to
show good faith on tho part of the par
ties receiving said franchise; fourth
that some deliberation should he taken
bv the council in onler to protect tho
interests of the city.
The following bills were read and ap
proved and the recorder instructed to .
draw warrants on the treasurer for tho pally the personal testimonies ol expert
same: Mrs. Belle Collins, meals for
Professional Cards.
AF. A A. M. Laurel Lodgo No. 13.
Holds reeular meetings on second
V onrlf nvrVi Wnrlnooln era tf am a1
month. O. P. Cosiiow, W. M.
N. T. Jkwitt, Secretary.
Court House
Dowu Stairs.
AO. U. W. Roseburg Lodgo No. 10.
Meets the second and fourth Mon-
rlnvD nf aunn mnn)i n ft 7 .OA n
In thd I. O. O. F. Hall. Members In
Hood ntandinor are invited to attend.
M.Tozikb M. W.
E. H. Lenox Recorder.
D. .8 Wkbt, Financier.
V FISHEtt, M. D.
Physician, Surgeon.
Office over P. O. Uobkhuku,
'Phono Main 691. OimioN.
Physciau & Surgeon.
Office Review Hid.
rnnnc. siain ai
Ron k una Ohkoon
Special attention given to Diseases ol tho No's
ana Turonl.
Office-Main HL, one door south o I City Hall
rnaus. main ati.
Revluw Building,
Telephone No. .
M. Cbawfobd a J. O. Watson
Attorneys at Law,
Rooms 1J.S. Batik Build.. ROSEBDRU, OH
CCr-Biulnca before the O S Land Office and
mining cases a specialty.
prisoners, $3.75; B. F. Tage, street
work, $11.00; Leona Mills Lumber Co.,
2C.3S ; D. J. Jarvis, marshal's salary,
stamps, and killing dogs, $61.25; Wm.
Dysert, wood, $12.50; II. L. Marsters,
record er'8 salary for October, $20.00;
H. C. Slocum, treasurer's salary for Oc
tober, $16.05; R. W. & L. Co., water for
October, $36.00. No further business
before tho council, it was ad-
raised bv eettin?. and in different class- coming
es of creameries, and the remit has been I jonrned
uniform. When added in the proper
way, there has been an improvement in Japan still keeps up her war prep
the quality of butter, though it will not orations. This is sensible from her
make a gilt-edged butter when it in not
or the
Tf aha VinQ fn firrnr.
nlWi.. ,,1. l,orw1ll Tn forr r-"" "
vuumu.-v (iivAi ij assays va,sv aa hv I . a It at If
the pleasant and desirable aroma and at all On the Manchunan
flavor of good butter are duo to the Korean issue this is a better time for
presence in the cream of certain kinds her to do it than a year hence or ten
of bacteria, but they are fewer in num- years hence will be. unless she can
ber than the other.
The object of ripening the cream be- j
fore churning is to develop those bacteria
and they are to be found in June cream,
while most liable to be absent in winter.
Considerable effort has been made to in
sure the certainty of having these bac-
teria always present, and for this object
what are known as butter cultures are
They perpetuate these organisms in
get allies in the interval. Russsia is
gaining strength in Manchuria steadi
ly. Her railroads are transporting
troops to that region. Japan cannot
be in a much better position a year
from now than she is in today, while
Russia in the twelve months will be
far more potent than she is now.
Time is on Russia's side, as the astute
enced cultivators, says the Pacific Home
stead. A short description of tho dif
ferent sections was given and following
this the testimonies of fruit growers,
dairymen, etc, etc., showing the number
of acres cultivated to oranges, grapes,
olives, alfalfa, etc, the co3t to cultivate
the yield per aero and price Uie products
were sold for. This wasono of tho most
practical pieces of literature that could
be put out. Mr. W. E. Coman, G. P. A.,
of tho Southern Pacific Company, has
written the agents of that company in
Oregon that it is the intention to get up
a similar publication for Oregon and
asks that all who are able to give the
results from their farms, dairies, fruit
orchards, berry patches, etc., in Oregon
write the results for publication in the
pamphlet. He says he wants only the
actual results under favoiablo conditions
tho same as can be accomplished by
any intelligent grower under normal
conditions ; Uiat is, he wants only honest
representations. Anv of our readers in
Oregon who will take the time to give
their experiences will be doing the com
pany a courtsey and the state justice-
You may send your statement to Mr
Soman, or to the Plainpeal vr and itwil
forwarded to him
ripened cream, and some of it is saved men wn0 gje at the head of affairs in
at each churning to be added to the
next. The souring is delayed, and the
ripening of the cream may continue
longer than usual, the flavor being
proved by the process.
Boiled Cider.
Japan know. This is why the little
nation is getting herself in shape to
ci.4. i i. : u.?
by Russia, if it should be committed.
It is said that President Roosevelt
is busy on his message to the extra
Some interesting figures in regard to session of Coneress. There is noth-
the advantages of boiling cider before jug jn that session, however, to neces-
pntting it on the market have been re- ritate a message which will require
peatedly quoted bv the agricultural pa- , ,. n ,. .,
pers,andyetarea surprise to most of mDch Preparation. Ordinarily, the
us. The Country Gentleman says: messages which go to special sessions
"Boiled dder is always a staple, worth of Congress are very much shorter
about $1 a gallon. Now a forty-five gal- than are those to the regular assem-
lon cau .01 sweet cioer worm win of bod nofc a
wood in the process, and other expenses
leaves at least a dozen dollars net on
each cask of sweet cider."
A contributor to Farm and Fireside
says.- "The suggestion is not bad, but
unfortunately comes a little late. Boiled
cider willkeep almost an indefinite
length of time, and surely it will sell if
properly put up and offered for sale. I
session in which the country has a
profound interest It differs very
widely in this respect trom the one
called by Lincoln in 1861, and like
wise from that'summoned by Clevc
land in 1893. Lincoln had a good
many things to think of and to say at
that time. Cleveland was bothered
might have made thirty or forty casks considerably, too, by the panic which
oiaaerwiousmaiangmoreuian nan ted the assemblage of Congress in
an effort, and with a good profit evapo-
ration pans, etc-could We produced tte samaQT of ten 1 In the
mvp.ral hnndrnri dollars worth of boiled United States at the present time
dder. It takes but very little time to I everything is serene, so far as re
make it, and far less room to store it gards the need of congressional ac-
uian vinegar, ana Dnngs iar more mon- ... ti.A nf wnvpm.
ey when sold. The idea will keep, how
ever, until the next apple year."
City Council Meets.
ber will be called on to deal with is
Cuban reciprocity. It is safe to say
that President Roosevelt could, in an
The common council of the city of hour's time, prepare a message which
Roseburg met in regular session last would be adequate lor the coming
1 w i j I rit - I
juuauay eiening ana lue luiiuwiiig wiu,seSS10n
transacted: The minutes of the last
meeting were read and approved.
The petition of citizens of the Hamil
ton addition asking permission to build
a six-foot sidewalk on Houck and Miller
streets was referred to the committee on
dty improvements. L. M. Parrott ap
peared and asked the coundl to put iu a
crosswalk on Bowen and Oak streets.
On motion it was referred to committee
on dty improvements.
B. W. Fenn appeared and asked the
coundl to recognize him as city survey
or and stated that if hiB request was
granted he would establish all the ini
tial points and furnish plats, maps and
field notes, all of which shall be indexed
and become the property of tho city.
Hie compensation he should receive
shall be left to the discretion of the
council. On motion it was refered to a
committee of three consisting of F G
Micelli, J H Sykes and C W Parks.
II. D. Graves appeared and asked that
the dty construct a crosswalk on Kane
and Lane streets. Referred to commit
tee on dty improvements.
S. K. Sykes appeared and stated that
Simon Lane and wife had dedicated a
portion of land, running north from
Douglas street. He asked that same be
accepted by the city as a street and tho
S. P. R. R. Co be notified to put in a
crosswalk at this street. Referred to
-committee of fire and water. Also asked
that away bo provided for the school
- children to get along the railroad track
on Douglas. street. Referred to commit
tee on city improvements.
A complaint in regard to a water
doset on the Davis property was referred
to the committee on health and police.
The committee appointed to examine
the sewer put in by Churchill & Wooley
on Sheridan street recommended that
the value of tho same was $33 and asked
that the recorder bo instructed, to draw
a warrant for .that amount in payment
for the same. On motion it was so ordered.
City Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that to all parties
holding dty warrants endorsed prior to
Dec 4, 1901, are requested to present
the same to the City Treasurer's office
for payment, as interest will cease thero
on after the date of this notice.
Dated Roseburg, Oregon, Nov. 3 1903
H. C. Slocum, Jr.
City Treasurer,
Roskiiuro, Oregon
Builne bcloro O.S. Land Offleuaiid I'robaU-
buMDeM a ineclaltT.
Ot&ce Abraham Bulldlni.
WU1 practice In all the Bute and Federal Court
OtDce In Uarka BIdK., KoscburR. Oregon.
A t torney-at-Law.
Soelety fAeetlnga.
I. O. ELKS. Ronebnrg Lodge No.
326. Holds rxitnlar cummunicr
tiona at I O. O. F. Hall on second
and fourth Thurmlaye of each month.
Ail members reqneeiod to attond regn
lurlv and all vinitinir brothers are cordi
ally invited to ttltend.
F. li. Waitic, ft. K.
Ror McClalltn, Hecretarv.
In tho Circuit Court ol of Oi K "
for Douxlaa County.
Molllo M. Boblton. Plaintiff.)
O. F. Boblaon. Defendant. )
To O. F. KoblaoD, tho abore named Defend
ant: In the name of the Stata of Oregon, you am
hereby lutnmoned and rconlred to appear and
aniwur the complaint filed agalnat you In
the above entitled court and cauae within ill
wecka from the data of the flrat publication nf
thla lUramoDi, and tf yon fall to appear mrl
anawer aa herein required, for want then-of.
the plaintiff will apply to aald court for I "
relief demanded In her complaint, wltl h i
for decree from laid court idUaolrln tic
marriage contract exutlnK between pUliiilir
and defendant, for the care and cuiUxly n'
tbe minor child, Brennan Koblton, that liu
mar returns h:r former name, Mollle M. Mc
clain, for her coata and dUbuncmenU. and
for auch other and further relief aa to tbo
court may acem meet with equity and good
Thliummoni fj publlnbed once a ink for
at lea t alx aucceralre weclu In the.l'i iiHDaiL
a, a eml-woekly newipapcr publUbed at
Boceburx, Oregon, by order of Hon. M I).
Thompson, County Judge of Douglaa County.
u re ami, raaue aukuii h, ixu.
Tbe nrat puoncauon oi urn tummona la on
the 2tth day of Antuat, 19U3.
U-7w Attorney for Plaintiff,
ooooooooooooooocxx3ooooooooooc3o sooocxxcaacooooooooA
7ll Oak St.,J.Opp.: Churchill & iWoolIey's
k Rambler
O.N. U., meets at Armory Hall nvery
F. It! Hamuk, Uupt
OF A. Conrt Donaa No. 32. For
ohWs of America. MetLs every
Tnnwlay evening in Native Sons'
Hall. Vieltinif hrothern always wulcome
Fuank Kknnkoy, R. C
E. H. Liwox. R. P.
E. V. Hoovrb, Physician.
0. O. F. Phlletartan Lodae No. 8
Meets in Odd Fellows' Temple, cor
ner Jackson and Cass street, on
satnnlay evening of each week. Mem
bore of the order in ifood standing are
invited to attend.
J. C. Twitchkll, N. Q.
N.T. Jkwktt, Secrttary.
of P. Alpha Lodge No. 47.
good standing are invited to attend.
Geo. E. Houck
S.V. RajipK. R. 8.
every Wednesday, in I. O. O.
Hall at 7:30 p. m. Mumlwrs
O. T. M. Protection Tent No. Ifi,
Holds its regular Reviews the
first and thin! Friday of each
month in the I. O. O. hall. Visiting
members in good standing are invited to
attend. uko. . 1'krhv, Com
E. E. I5loiwktt. Record Keeper.
aaaP inaUS
In the County Court of the Btato of Oreeon.
for Douelaa countr.
In tbo Matter of tha Eatate of
Tbomaa Uunaealn. ClUtlon.
Iieccaiaod. 1
To Thorn a Dnntcalh. father of decaed. and
all olbera legally Int-roted in aald Eatate,
In the name of the Stale of Oregon. You
are hereby cited and rrqulrel la appear In tho
County Court of the State of Orrgun. fo- tbe
County of Douglaa. In the courtroom thereof.
at Iloscburg, in ue Uounty 01 uougiaa, on
Monday, the 28th day of Sept., 1903.
at 10 o'olock In the forenoon of that day. then
and there to now cauae, 11 any you nave, wny
aa order for tbe aale of the real property be
longing to aald eatate. a prayed for In the peti
tion of E. E. Wflaon, tho admlnlitrator, to-wit:
The EUof 8WK -t aectlnnSO.Tp Si aooth. of
range & wcit, w. X In imugtaa county, ure
gon, and containing M uru. abontd not be
mie auLnormnr K. E. Wilson, me aimima-
tralorof tberatale of Tbomaa Dunncath. dc
craaol, to aell the afoieaaid real property, at
either public or pnraie aie, tor me purpose 01
paying ute inaebteaneta 01 loe eaiaw auu k-
lietlicoi wraiDumuoo.
Wltneaa the Hon. M D. Thompaon. Judge of
tbe County Court of the Htale of Orrgon. for
the County of Douglaa, with the Seal of ald
Court attl led thla 2Slh lay of Augutt, A. D.,
Attea': D. B, BIIAUBUOOK. Clerk.
xaU aZ7.
If It's a WHITE
The White
Is King
oma 1 and 2
wrrlew Building.
J A. BUCHANAN, Notary Pablic.
Collections a Specialty.
ILAC CIRCIJ5. No. A9, Women of
W'oodcraft. Meotn on 2nd and 4th
Friilaye of each montb at tbe Na
tive Sons, Hall. Visiting members in
?nod standing are invited to attend.
Dklla Jkwk t, (inardian Neighbor.
Missig OTgy, Secy.
Boom S
Hanteri Building.
RaiKUOltll. U
Attorney at Law
Coom 11.
Taylor A WUaon Block.
Land. Surveyor.
Office. Boom C. Taylor & VVllaon Block.
Mr. Man, you want facts. We are
going to give yon facts. As yon read
them over you will know they are facta
And we can prove they are facta.
It is a fact that McCormick Binders,
Mowers and Rakea are the standard by
which all others are guaged.
It is a fact, Racine Buggies, Hacks
and Road Wagons are far outstripping
our competitors' lines.
It is a fact that the Bain Wagon is the
most successful, durable and economical
wagon on the market.
It is a fact that the above are all in
cluded in the Big 3. You can find them
at S. K. Sykes', Roseburg, Ore.
A good 800 acre farm for sale five
miles from Myrtle Creek, 100 acres in
cultivation, balance hill, pasture and
timbered land. Small orchard, good
house, barn and other improvements
For price and terms apply to P. T. Mc-
Gee, Myrtle Creek, or D. S. K. Buick,
Roseburg, Oregon. 2-tf
Get your abstracts ol title from J. D
Hamilton. He has tbe only complete
set of abstract books in the county, tf
Roseburg Nurseries.
Very choice fruit trees, all leading
varieties. Spitzenberg and Yellow New
town Pippin apples a specialty. For
sale at very reasonable prices by Rose
burg Nurseries, H. Schroten, Roseburg
Oregon. 56tf
Piano Buyers.
You will notice that we do not have
to be continually strking out for a new
make of Pianos. The Necdham has been
our leader for 14 years and is today
leader among the high grade pianos of
the world. Some cheap pianos are made
high grade simply by getting a boost in
the OregonL-.n or some other leading
paper, through those big dealers who
think they can, and do make the major
ity of people believe it simply because
they say so. It doesn't take ink, boost
or high commissions to make a good
piano, but instead tho very best
mechanics, and the very best material
such aa are always used in Needbam
pianos. 2-tf
T. K. Richardson,
Roseburg and Cottage Grove, Oregon.
City and Mining Propert, Home
steads and Timber Claims Located,
the beat now vacant. No fees paid
until Filing accepted. Relinquish
ment bought and sold. ; : :
Stewart Land Co.,
is prepared to wait upon old.
and new customers and friends
with a full and complete
stock of
AH fresh and of the very best
quality. Teas aad coffees are
i specialties. Your patronage
L solicited. V
205 Jackson St., Roseburg .
Ricks! Surer Caaa
Fully GturanUaS
Vat mi by
mm m-i
EHwtritd Boakltt
os resnsat, abowtas
HisHev Esglaid
nates Co.
Roheborq, Obi
n. T. &!. Roeebors Hive No. 11.
Hold it rvcnlar review opnn the
nret ana llnril tnar.e at 2:39 n m
of each month in tbe Native Som' Hall.
Sistt-r of other Hives visiting in the citv
are coruiany invitee mattena our re-1
tipwe. Hatti Mobiax L. Co.
Jismk Rapj,R. K.
Fine Farm for Sale.
Smith' Dandruff Pomade
Stops itching scalp upon one applica
tion, three to Bix removes all dandruff
and will stop falling hair. Price 50c
For sale by Marsters Drug Co. mltf
New and Larger Building, New Presses'
New Stereotype Plant, New
and Modern Appliance in
every Department.
Notice for Publication.
Lan.l Office at Boaeburx. Oregon, September
is, 1901.
Notice la hereby ciren that the followin
namol attler baa filed nolle oc hla Intention
to make final proof in support oi bit claim, and
that aall proof will be made llore the Retrlv
ter and KecciTer, 0. 8. L. O. at Koaebarj. Ore
Con, on SoYcmber 7. 1903, rfz:
Darld Comtt'vk.
on Hd. X. No fcSW. lorlheNK8WK.Seci,T.
77 8.. R. 4 Weat-
II e name the lollowinc wltneaaea to prore
hla contlnuoua rraidence opon and enltlTa-
tlon oi aald land, tli: Tbeolore Uttrell. Elmer
Uttrcll, Georse Cox, and Volner Oden, all oi
lUMcburr, Oregon.
j. i. tsainau, tuiiur.
fc.. b Koeebnrs Chaptor No. 8
Holds their reeular meeting on the
firit and third Thuradars in each
nonth. YiBiiing members in rood
rtandtne are rMpeeuolly inviud to at
tend. Mas. Nan! Sraaotnt W. M..
Macdk Rxtr Secretary.
RKBEKAH6. Rows burg Rebekab
Lodire No. 41. I.O. O. F., moeta in
Odd Fellows' Tem pie oTerrTnew'a
erenine. Visiting sisters and brethren
Invited to attend.
DiM.i Drtowx, K. G.
Coba WiMBaarr. R. S.
Notice for Publication.
O. a Land Office, Rburr. Ore..
Jnue th. 1'.B
NoUea u harabr rtrcn that In eompllase
vtth tha Drortalona ol tha act of Conrrexa of
Juna t. IfJt, anUtlad "Xn act for the aala of
Umber laada la tea males oi uauiomia,urecn
Harada Aad Waahinirtoa Territory." aaextead
ad to all tha pnblU land atataa by act of Atjutt
Oacar Peterson,
ol Spokane, county oi Spokane, state of Wash-
in(trn, naa mis aay nira in uiis oare iu
aworo tUlement No-SCll,for the pure haw ol
the NEH of section No. 8, township 3 south, oi
racire west.
aad will of far proof toahowlhaxualaadaocfhi
la mora Taluabla far iu Umber or stona than
for irrlcnUortd porpoaea. and to establish hla
claim before tha Ef elite r and Bacalrcr of thla
tflca ol Boaabvr.Ortcoa.
on Wednesday, the lllh day of NoTember, 1301.
e names aa wimeare: Anareaw encason,
of riandren. rVnth Dakota. J. W. Gardner. W.
II. XcCrotaen, and Geo. Taylor, all of Boe
borc. Orecon.
Any and all persons ciaiminc aareneiy ue
abore described lands are requested to file
their rlalma In this ntace on or before said Ilia
day of November, 151.
4, 1. iwwu, ncsisicr.
White Famil' and .Tailoring
Rotary Sewing Machines.
Machines With Automatic Lift.
5. K. SYKES,
Modern Equipment, Through Pullman and Tourist Sleep-
r 1 o v Tr - r
lug ari anu oupero uimng var service.
eembly o. 105 meets every Satur
day evenme, at 8 o'clock in Kative
Sons Hall. teiting Artiaana cordially
inviieu to atienu.
Rkt. S A. Do co las, M. A.
Miss. Lbxa Baovrjf, Secretary.
Camp No. 125. Meets at the aid
Fellows' Hall, in Roeebnnr. ererr
6 ret and third Monday evening. Visit
ing neighbors always welcome.
N. T. JaWaTTT, C. C.
J. A. Bcchakam. Clerk.
I uuu fellow's iemnle.
W 1 .1 , FTM X
O. F.
Meets first
and third Thurslay evenings each
month. Visitors cordially invited.
J. B. Hamilton, C. P.
C Twrrcnaix. Scribe.
Notice for Publication.
O. 3. Land Office. Boseburj, Ore..
Jnnavs. 190J.
HoUea u hereby firsn that In compltanca
with tba crorlslons of tha act of Gonrresa of
Juoea,IS7&.anUUed"'Anaet for tha sale of
Umber lanas in ine Kales 01 uau:oraia,ure?va
Karada and Washlnrton TrritorT.aaextnd-
ed to all tha public bud stairs by act of Aofust
'Archibald K. Wadce.
of Walca. county of Cavalier, state of North
uaxota. nas tnia dar nira in mis omce nu
sworn statement o MS, lor the n Jt 01 sec
tion ."o. t. townanip s soum. 01 ranee s west.
aad will offer proof to show that tha land aocrht
la mora valuable for lta Umber or stona than
for agricultural purposea, and to estabUih hla
claim before tha Keclster aad Bacelrer oi thla
ulca of Boaabarr-Orezoa.
on Thursday, the lth day of November, 1901.
He names aa witDoeea: TComaa n aiice. u,
K. Lofthna. both of Park River. N. Dakota,
Hrrololl l'rom. ol Milton. N. iaoia. and tta
mus k. tUne. of Alexandria. Minn.
Anv and all nersona elalmlnt adversely the
above described lands are requested to file
th elr claims in this office on or before said inn
day of November, 190J,
J. 1. UBIDGS3, tircuier.
For rates, folders and 'ther
formation, address
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All current topic made plain In each Issue by
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ally for people who door do not read dally news
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I guarantee all my work and lie
up to tho guarantee.
R. F. WINSLOW JT!.er.agi
- b?UUU
Notice for Publication.
Kosrburz Oregon. June 23. 193U
Notice ta hereby riven that la comptlanca
with tha Drovlalons of the act of Concreaa of
Juna 3.178, entitled "An act for the aale of
umber lanas tn tbe siatea 01 lauiornla,uregon
Nevada .and Waahlnzton Territory." a extend
ed to all tha publle land stales by act of August
of Milton, county of Cavalier, state of North
Dakota, baa thla day filed la thldoQee his
sworn statementTNo. &tS, tor the purchae of
the UEJf of sec No. I.Tp south ot range
and will offer proof to show that the land sought
11 mora valuable tor ua umner or aione man
for agricultural purposes, and to establish hla
claim before the Register and Keeetvar ot this
of Ilea olKoeabarg.uregon.
on Fridav. tho ISlh dav ot December. 190X II
namea aa witnesses: 1 nomas n auce. 01 rara
Klver. North Dakota. Archibald K. Wadae,
1 Wale. North Dakota. Kasmns. M. Stone. Ale
andria. Minnesota, u. a. Loimus, rars; Kiver
.ortn liaaota.
Anv and all ncrsona clalmlnt adversely tlx
abovo described lands are requested to flic thei
claims In thla office on or before aald ISth day
I ol December,
Notice for Publication.
Roseburg. Ore.. Aug. 3. l'jrci
Notice la hereby given that In compllanoo
witn tne provisions 01 ine act 01 uongresa 01
June 3, 1878, entitled "An act for the aale of
Umber lands In the Slates of Callfornla.Oregon
Nevada .and Washington Territory." as extend
ed to all tha publle land slates by act of August
a. iwjt
of 8rarta. county nf Monioe. a to of Wisconsin
naa this day died In thla office bla sworn stato-
. VT tfOA .UA .. V. 1 . . ... I.
cast quarter (8EU) of ecctlon No 4. In town'
shin No 37. south of range No. 3 west
and will of fer proof to ahow that tha land sought
la more vaiuaDie ior 11a umoar or atone man
tor agricultural purpoaoa. and to establish hla
claim before tha Register and Kecalver of UUa
Ulca of Boasbars. uragoa.
on Tuesday tho l'Jthdayof January, 1904. lie
names aa witness: B Krakenberccr. Paul Gary,
both of RoKetmnr. Oregon : J. It. Kvarts. Prel.
Oregon; Welcome Hubbcll, Kparta, Wisconsin,
Anv and all twraona claiming advereelr the
aboye described lands are requested to file their
claims in mis omro on or Deiore tno aaiu inn
day ot January, 1901,
Leading Mnslc House of Southern
$25.00 Gold or si'.ver will buy a sood
Organ or make a paymont on ono of our
fino Pianos, prices ranging from $185.00
to $150.00. I havo decided to soli my
present stock regardless of cost or profit.
See or writo us at onco and secure
some ot theso bargains.
' T. K. Richardson.
Roseburg, Oregon.
Notice for Publication.
Roseburg. Ore. June 29. 1903.
rKottea ta hereby given that la compliance
with tha provisions of tha act ot Congress of
JuneS,IS78,enUtled"Anaet for tha sale ct
Umber lands tn the 8tatcs of California, Oregon
Nevada .and Waahincton Territory." as ax tend
ed to all tha publle land stmtaa by act ot August
a, wi
OLE E. LOFT 1108,
of Park River, county of Walsh, sUte ol North
Dakota, baa thla day nieti in tnisomcc mi
awom atatemcnt No. &137, ior tno pnrcnae
of tlio Ni 01 ine 01 tectiou .o. iu
township , south of rangu a 1
and will offer proof to ahow that uie lana sou gnt
ta more valuable for IU timber or atone than
for agricultural purposea, and to establish his
claim before tha Register and Receiver ot thla
office of aoaaburr.urtgon.
on Thursday, tho I9lh dav ol November. 1KB.
110 namea aa wiincsxvs: luumaa whuku, i
Park lilvcr. North Dakota. Archibald K Wadge
Wales. North DakoU, Kaamua M. Stone, Alex
andria. Ulnncaou, Brynlolf Prom, ot Milton
North Dakota.
Any and all persona clalmlngly adversely the
above described landa are requested to flip their
claims in mis omco on or oetore saia ivui uay
ol November, 1903.
J. 1.
Notice for Publication.
Roseburg. Oregon. July 19 190a.
Notice u hereby given that tn compltanca
witn tna provisions 01 ine act 01 uongrcxs 01
June 3, 1878, entitled "An act for the aale ot
timber lands tn the States of California, Oregon
Nevada .and Washlnstor Teiritorv." as extend
ed to all the publle land tUUs by act ol August
of Sparta, county ot Monroe, itato of Wisconsin
haa this day Died In th' omco hla aworn state
ment No. MSI, for tho purchase ot tho lota 9, 10,
10 ami is, 01 a!Ciion no 10, in townsaip o. w,
south ot range No Sweat
and will offer proof to show that the land sought
is mora valuablo tor It Umber or atone than
far agricultural purposra, and to establish his
ttlalm before tha Ragtstar and Receiver ot this
cuioa ot Rosaburf .Oregon.
on Tuesday the Uh
names aa wltneasea:
dav ot January. 1901.
jonn v. roaiiuca, oparti
Wisconsin, B. Krkenbetgor, Paul Gary, both
itoscMirg, uregnn,j.ti. avans.
l'ccl. Oreeon
Any and alt persons claiming adversely the
abovo described lands ait) requested to filo
their claims In this oftce on or before tho said
Jth day of January, 1901.
hrough Salt Lake City, Leadville, Pueblo, Colorado
Springs and Denver, and the Famous Rocky
Mountain Scenery by daylight
W. C. McBRlDE, Gca'I Agest,
134 Third Street, PorUxad. Oro.
Notice for Publication
United States Land Office.
Roseburg, Oregon. JsneS, 1902.
!oUeeia cerebr given that la coapUaaca
with the crovUlons of the act of Congress: of
Juaa 3. 1ST, entitled "An act for tha aala ol
timber lands la the Stales or California, oregoa
Sievada jaad n ashlngton Terntory. aaexteno-
ad to all tha pabUa land statta by act of Aogaat
otOshkosh, county ot Wlanebago, Slate o
wia.,nas this day Died in tais jooce his sworn
statement No. &tsO. for tbe purchase of the
E, S&i. RWli SKJf. 3EV SWJ4 of sec
tion 4 in Township i South, Range West,
and will of ler proof to show that tha land aought
Is mora valuable for its Umber or sum than
for agricultural porpoaea. and to eatabllsh hla
claim before the Register sad Receiver of this
office of Rossbarg. Oregon.
oi Monday, tbe Ath day ol September. 13
lie names aa witseoes: Roy Brennand.
I-Tank F. Koplllx, Marti a Raamuanen. aad
Uerman Ilartxhelm. ot Oshkoah. Wisconsin.
Anv and all Mrsona claiming adversely the
above de9cribd lands are mneated to die thel'
claims In this office on or before said SSth day of
September, 190J. jTaiuixiaTS
July ISp. Register.
Notice for Publication.
Roue bare. Ore- June 3. 190B.
Notice is hereby given tbat in compltaaca
with the provisions ot the act ot Congrrsa of
Junes, IKS, enUUcd "An act for the sale ol
timber lands In tha Statn of California. Orecon
Nevada. and Washington Territory," a extend
ed to all the publle land states by act ol August
a, l y.
of Fark River, county ot Walsh, state ot
North Dakota. ha this day Sled la thla omce
hla sworn statement No. &39, for the pur
chase ot the lots land 2.SV. NE of secunn
No. 4. township . south oi range 8 west
and will offer proof to ahow that the land sought
Is more valuable for It timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before the Register and Receiver nf this
allies of Roseburg. Oregon.
on Wednesday, the lsth day of November. 19T3L
He name as witnesses: rJrynioll rTora.ot un
ion. North Dakota, Archibald E. Wad re, ot
Wales. North DakoU. Rasmus U. Stone, of
Alexandria. Minn. O. E. Lfthus, ot laxk
River North Dakota.
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
above decribed lands are requested to file
their claims In this oScc on or before aald lMh
day of Nov. 1903.
J. 1. BK1UUC
Notice for Publication.
Cnited Rtates Land Q5.
Roseburg. Orecoa, June IS. lSOX.
NoUca u hers by gtvea m ta cceipUanea)
wlta the provisions of tha act ol Ccagress eg
Jane 3. 1S7S. eaUUed "Aa act for tha sale ol
tiaber lxadi la the StaUa erf Call!orU.OTega
Nevadaad Washington Territory." as extend
ad to all tha pa bile Uad states by act of Aagsat
ol Roseburg. Cooaty or OoagUx. State of Ore-
statement No. SSat. for the purchase ot tbe
oi section a, township 3 a. range i west
and will otter proof to ahow that tha laadaoogfe.
is mora valuable for lta Umber or stona thaa
for agrlcnltaral mrraea aad ta MtiMhN itm
claim before tha Register aad Receiver ol tkM
atace ol Sosabare. Oraroau
on Friday the 2a day ol September. 190X Da
names as witnesses: George Keed. IX. U
Stadley. Margaret J. Brjokes, D. P. Fisher, all
of Roseburg. Oregon.
Any ani au persons claiming adversely the
abovedescribed lands are requested to file their
claims In this of See on or before the 55th. dsy ol
September. 1903.
JnlylSp Redsta
Notice for Publication.
Roseburg. Ore.. June 'J9. 1903.
Notice is hereby given that la compliance
with the provisions ot the act of Congress ol
June S, ISTSj entitled "An act for the sale ol
Umber lands tn the States of California, Oregon
Nevada.and Washington Territory," aa extend
ed to all the public land states by act ot August
ot Alexandria, county of Douglas, atate
of Minnesota, has this day filed In this
office his sworn statement No. M3S, ft r the
purcha-o of the S' ,U 8W ol sco
lion No. 1 township 'f, south
is more valu
I ranges west.
and wlUotfcr proof to show that the land sought
able ior lta umber or sione tnan
for agricultural purposes, and to establish hla
claim betora the Register and Receiver of this
office of Roseburg, Oregon,
on Wednesday the ISta dav ot November, 1901.
He name as wltni-sses: Thomas Wadee, O. K.
Lolthna, both ot Park River, North Dakota.
Archibald K. U Wadge, ot Wales. North Dakota
Brynjolf Prom, ot Milton North Dakota.
Any and all persons claiming adversely tho
above described lauds arc requested to file their
rlalma In this ofnce on or before the saldlSlh
day oi November, 1S03.
Notice for Publication.
United States Land Office.
Roseburg. Oregon. Jane S. 1903.
NoUcs ts hereby given that In eomptlaaea
with tha provisions ot tha act ot Congress ol
June X, ICTj entitled "An act tor tha sale at
Umber lauds ta the States of California. Ot at ol
Nevada .and Washington Territory." as extand
ad to all tha poblla land tUtas by act ol August
4. USX
ot Oshkoah. R. D. Box 1S7. county ol Winne
bago. State ol Wiscooaln. has this day filed In
this office ber sworn statement No. 5379. for
the purchase of Uie SWU, SWJi NEK.
NWy SKi4 of Sec 2. Tp JS3,k4 W, and wlU
offer proof to ahow that the land sooght Is mora
valuable for Its Umber or atone than for arl.
cultural purposes, and to establish her claim to
said land before the Eegitter aad Receiver ot
this oftlre at Rosebanr. Orrson.
nn Monday Uie 2Stn day Jot September. 1903.
She names as witnesses: C D Clark. Martin
Kasmuen. Ue-maa Uaitxhetci. and Roy
Brennand. ol Oshkoah, Wcoala.
Any and all persons claiming adversely tha
abore described lands are requested to file UWr
claims tn this office on or before saMSth dsy
ol September. 1903. J.T. BRIDGES,
Jeiy ISp Register.
Notice for Publication.
United States Lead Office
Roeeborg. Oreeon. June II. 1903.
NoUee Is hereby given that ta compliance
with tha provisions ot the act ot Congress ot
June 3, IS?. cnttUed "Aa act for tha sale at
Umber landa ta tlx States ol Callforata, Oregon
Navada .aad Washington Territory," aa extend
ed to all the pubUe land stales by act ol Aogwat
ot Glide, county ot Dougbu. tte ot Oregon,
has thl day filed In thla office hla sworn state
ment. No. SSSJ, for the purchase of the lots S
and 4, SWJi NWVC NW SWJf. ot secUon
4, In township 2? south, of range 2 west,
and will otter proof to show that tna land sought
la more valuable for It Umber or atone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish hla
claim before tha Register aad Receiver ol tola
of flea ol Rossbarg, Oregon.
on Tuesday the S3J day of September, 1903.
no names as witnesses: u. l. sngiea.
Gardner. John Grvenman, and B J.
ail oi t-eei, urrgpn.
Notice for Publication.
Roseburg. Oregon. Oct. 1, 1903.
NoUca la hereby given that In compliance
with the provisions of the act ot Congrrsa ot
Junes, lS7S.enUtled "An act tor the aale ot
Umber lands tn the States ot Callfornla,OregoB
Nevada.and Washington Torrltory,"aa extend
ed to all the publle bind states by act ot August
ot Independence, county ot Polk, state ot Ore
gon, haa thla day filed In this office hla sworn
statement No. STCfi, for the purchase of the
South East quaitcr ot accUon No. 32, township
25 south, ot range 8 west
and will offer proof to ahow that the land sought
la more valuablo for Its Umber or atono thsa
for agricultural purposea, and to estahllah hla
claim before Uia Register and Receiver ol thla
office ot Roseburg, Oregon,
o i Thursday the 10th day of March. 1904. He
names as witnesses: R. Martin, M. Maitln, ot
Rmwnsvlllo, Oregon; Georgo Batcman, Fred
liatcmau, n' RoteDurg, Oregon.
Any and all persona claiming adversley the
abovo desciibcd lands vra miursted to file thtlr
claims tn thla office oa
ot March 1901,
or bcloro said 10th day
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
aveaeecrlbei lands are requested to file their
claims In tnia office oa or before said 22ad day
ot Sept. 1903.
Notice for Publication.
United States Land OOce,
Rosebune Orecon. Aug. 31. ism.
NoUca t hereby given that 1b com pi lane
with tha provisions ol tha act ot Congress ol
June J,lSTS,snUlled"Anaet for tha sale at
Prober landa In the States ot California. Oregon
Nevada.and Washington extend
ed to all lis pubilo land states by acs ol Auras
a, l9-f
Care ot O. M. Co- ol Portland, county ot
Mnllnomah, state ot Oregon, haa this day filed.
In this office ber sworn statement No. UTS tor
Uie purchase of the NK ot SecUon No.U1b
township No. 24 south, range No. s west
and will offer proof to show that the land sou ght
ta more valuable tor lta Umber or stone thaa
for agricultural purposes, and to establish hla
claim before Ute Register and Receiver ot thla
office ol Roseburg;, Oragoa.
on Friday, the 12U day ol February. 1983. Ue
names aa witnesses: vf. H. MrCrossen, J. W.
Gsidner, John Rogers, Frang F. Dolesby allot
Roseburg, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
abiT described lands are requested to file their
claims In this office on or before said Vila day
ot February. 190. J.T. BRIDGES,
Oct8 p .Ktgljler.